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Lost Season Premiere Chat Thread
2009-01-21 16:02
by Jon Weisman

No spoliers! If it hasn't aired on the West Coast, don't talk about it. That includes scenes from upcoming episodes. Otherwise, enjoy!

Comments (83)
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2009-01-21 16:24:44
1.   fanerman
We have to go back!
2009-01-21 16:58:11
2.   Kevin Lewis
I don't know if I can stay awake the whole time. My ability to stay up has changed drastically with the new baby.
2009-01-21 17:01:47
3.   Marty
Is the first hour at 8 pacific some sort of recap?
2009-01-21 17:03:52
4.   BlueCrew Bruin
3 Yep.
2009-01-21 17:37:44
5.   underdog
Heard from a friend that the show is just going to get more science fiction-y from here on out, and that it would be difficult or impossible for a new viewer to start watching Season 5 and have any idea of what is going on.

More time travelin', paradoxical fun for the whole family! Can't wait.

2009-01-21 17:58:13
6.   ibleedbloo
5 That info came from an interview from the producers which can be read here Be careful on this site as it contains spoilers.

I will be having a small Lost get together tonight. We will be having Dharma Pizza, Dharma Ranch Dressing, and Dharma Soda (I have the labels printed for the full effect). If anyone is in Riverside and wants to join the fun let me know. BYODB

2009-01-21 18:17:51
7.   Eric Stephen
Very nice on the Dharma food & drinks. I may steal that idea.

I'm bringing stuffed mushrooms to a friends house for a Lost party. I'm off! Happy Losting, everybody.

2009-01-21 18:21:57
8.   fanerman
7 Print Dharma labels for the stuffed mushrooms
2009-01-21 18:23:09
9.   LU Dodger
holy crap, lost has just gone to a new level of insanity
2009-01-21 18:23:49
10.   LU Dodger
can't wait to talk about it with left-coasters
2009-01-21 19:25:41
11.   El Lay Dave
6 I had a friend who is a nephew of Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult. Neither of his parents looked like people who would have a brother that was a rock star, nor a sister who could be married to one. Well, they probably looked like Buck does today.

And that is as close as I can come to contributing to a Lost topic.

2009-01-21 19:41:31
12.   jasonungar07
9 Even that seems like a spoiler!! This kid can't wait. Although he will till about 9:30 or so in order to fast forward thru the commercials..
2009-01-21 20:02:19
13.   LU Dodger

the episode has just ended and my mind is numb

2009-01-21 20:40:42
14.   oshea2002
Wow, I wish I was on the West Coast to discuss, I have many questions after those two hours.
2009-01-21 20:49:47
15.   LU Dodger

I know, I'm waiting too.

2009-01-21 20:59:26
16.   trainwreck
IT's TIME!!!
2009-01-21 21:02:13
17.   jtrichey
Awesome way to start the season. Lost rarely disappoints.

As for 5 does somebody expect to jump into this show 5 seasons into it? :)

2009-01-21 21:02:53
18.   fanerman
It's here!
2009-01-21 21:13:23
19.   trainwreck
Ask Eric Stephen.
2009-01-21 21:30:56
20.   trainwreck
That is a really unsafe way to stack your knives in the dishwasher.
2009-01-21 21:34:13
21.   LU Dodger
On Jimmy Kimmel tonight, Jimmy substituted himself for Ben in a Ben/Hurley dialogue.

Pretty hilarious

2009-01-21 21:40:31
22.   KG16
Is no one watching? I'm about 10 minutes behind, at least until the commercial break.
2009-01-21 21:43:05
23.   trainwreck
I believe everyone is watching and not talking about it.

I use the commercial breaks as...well, breaks.

2009-01-21 21:47:04
24.   LU Dodger
where is the west-coast feed currently at?

what is happening now?

2009-01-21 21:54:22
25.   trainwreck
Desmond just said they are going to Oxford and I guess the episode ended (quite early too).
2009-01-21 21:56:15
26.   KG16
25 - 2 hour episode tonight.
2009-01-21 21:56:47
27.   trainwreck
Yeah, I know, but first episode ended at 9:53.
2009-01-21 21:57:38
28.   KG16
that just means the second episode will be 1:07 long.
2009-01-21 21:57:58
29.   LU Dodger
Any thoughts on the Anna Lucia cameo?

I for one, was pleased;)

2009-01-21 22:02:46
30.   KG16
wait, who said hi?
2009-01-21 22:04:03
31.   trainwreck
I really should not have refreshed, because you jumped the gun a little haha. But no problem, I knew she was going to show up at some point this season.

She looked kinda younger and even better looking.

2009-01-21 22:05:16
32.   trainwreck
Libby, the woman Hurley liked and Michael killed along with Ana Lucia.
2009-01-21 22:41:35
33.   KG16
shouldn't the Hunt for the B-36 be on the Discovery Channel rather than on the 11 o'clock news?
2009-01-21 22:43:38
34.   underdog
For a moment I'd thought Jack and Ben were staying at the No Country for Old Men Motel.
2009-01-21 22:45:05
35.   underdog
Well Ana Lucia just fits in with all the other dead people Hurley's been seeing, right? Or... are they dead? Dah. Dah. DaHHHHH!

Just like Locke is dead. In the now.

2009-01-21 22:47:51
36.   trainwreck
Had same exact thought.
2009-01-21 22:50:50
37.   KG16
anyone watch Life on Mars? was it any good?

and sweet, Nathan Fillion got a show.

2009-01-21 22:58:38
38.   KG16
ok, someone remind me who the old lady is?
2009-01-21 22:58:58
39.   trainwreck
I was a person that had to catch up on Lost, so it really sucks having to wait a week for each episode.
2009-01-21 22:59:35
40.   trainwreck
One that made sure Desmond did not marry Penny. She sold him the engagement ring.
2009-01-21 23:00:07
41.   trainwreck
Well, the one that tried to tell Desmond how he could not marry Penny.
2009-01-21 23:02:26
42.   LU Dodger
40 41

The producers of the show have alluded that the old lady is a sort of "time police" that aids in making sure the time flow stays correct or something

2009-01-21 23:02:34
43.   trainwreck
Awww, Top Chef is not done till 11:15. I almost made a huge blunder.
2009-01-21 23:08:55
44.   Bob Timmermann
The episode was quite dark.


Lots of night scenes.

Poor Neil, once people start forgetting what your name is on "Lost", you're doomed.

2009-01-21 23:14:17
45.   underdog
So, yeah, I remember the lady seen at the end, as pointed out above, but clearly we don't really know who she is yet. Maybe she's the keymaster. Where's Rick Moranis?

I also think Cheech needs to grow his moustache back.

Other than that, a great episode, very exciting. Even if I occasionally felt like I not only needed a map but a degree in quantum physics to keep track of everything.

2009-01-21 23:16:42
46.   trainwreck
I will always remember that guy from his Got Milk ad.

Aaron Burr!

2009-01-21 23:16:57
47.   LU Dodger

ok now, Frogurt's death by fire arrow was the best part of the show. I may be incorrect, but the very essence of Frogurt's character was something of a running joke with the producers.

2009-01-21 23:18:10
48.   trainwreck
You should check out the film "Last Life in the Universe." Great and complicated manipulation of time.
2009-01-21 23:25:46
49.   LU Dodger
So are the time lapses (into the past, then into the future) getting larger?

Or is time continually going back into the past?

Or does anyone know?

2009-01-21 23:26:52
50.   trainwreck
It appears they are going farther back each time they go back.
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2009-01-21 23:27:32
51.   trainwreck
The island shifts from future to past and seems to be going really far into the past.
2009-01-21 23:28:02
52.   trainwreck
Have not gotten an idea how far they are going into future since Richard Alpert can travel through time and always remains the same.
2009-01-21 23:28:14
53.   underdog
46 I was totally thinking that each time I saw him. He was also in "Twister" but I still think of the peanut butter mouth/milk ad. And he got his comeuppance in this one!
2009-01-21 23:29:40
54.   ibleedbloo
Things heard at my house tonight that have already been mentioned in this thread: "Not a good way to put knives in the dishwasher", "Ana Lucia looks good", "Cheech needs a mustache", "Aaron Burr".

I'm not quite sure I understand all of the details on time travel yet, but my early guess is the group that had Sawyer and Juliette where Russo's people.

2009-01-21 23:32:04
55.   underdog
48 - The Thai film? I've been wanting to rent that. Didn't realize it was a time traveling film though -- Or is it subtle?
2009-01-21 23:32:25
56.   LU Dodger
I think it seemed like the people that Locke killed were Dharma people, and that the group is near the time period where Faraday goes into the Dharma Orchid station.

I think that the old wooden ship is about to get explained soon

2009-01-21 23:35:42
57.   trainwreck
Yes, that film. In my top 3 of my favorite films.

Not time travel, but the film will constantly switch from flashbacks, to manipulated flashbacks, and even a flash forward. And they do not make it obvious, so you have to figure it out yourself.

2009-01-21 23:36:51
58.   trainwreck
Time to brag, but I was the person in my class to spot the flash-forward in the film.
2009-01-21 23:41:43
59.   underdog
Nice. I bumped it up to the top of my GC queue.


Now, remind me again, the flaming arrow attack, that had happened to them once before right? I had this feeling of deja vu but maybe that was just me.

2009-01-21 23:42:06
60.   ibleedbloo
56 They were not in regulation Dharma gear.
2009-01-21 23:44:59
61.   Bob Timmermann
And didn't they have vague French accents?
2009-01-21 23:48:25
62.   trainwreck
Sounds more South African.
2009-01-21 23:50:36
63.   Bob Timmermann
The French lady had a Croatian accent, so who's to say?
2009-01-21 23:51:59
64.   trainwreck
I just wanted to make a Flight of the Conchords joke.
2009-01-21 23:53:35
65.   trainwreck
It is funny how American actors really suck at doing other accents, but English (and other countries) can master our accents so easily.

I guess our accents are bottom of the barrel. Which makes southern accents a Rule 1 violation.

2009-01-21 23:56:02
66.   trainwreck
Unless it is a Cajun accent.

Those are cool.

2009-01-22 00:20:47
67.   Eric Stephen
For the record, I did not watch the first two seasons of Lost but since everyone was talking about it I decided to jump on in. Since I already had joined 24 in progress (start of Season 5), I thought of doing the same with Lost but based on what everyone said I had to start Lost from the beginning. I was caught up by the time season 3 started.

As for tonight's episode, the big stand out was of course the "Aaron Burr," whose weirdish features seem to have doomed him to that singular identification.

2009-01-22 00:24:44
68.   trainwreck
To make you feel better, I did not start watching Lost until the last half of season 3. I would see episodes randomly in college, while on the Yoda, and be completely confused because of the backstory.
2009-01-22 06:42:03
69.   Marty
38 She's either Cagney, or Lacey.
2009-01-22 07:20:26
70.   JoeyP
Lost seasons 1-3 are much better than last season, and the beginning of this year.

Seems like the series has taken a turn for the worst. I think what made Lost enjoyable were the realistic back stories of the characters.

Now, its basically a sci-fi series..

The Michelle Rodriguez cameo last night saved the episode from being completely boring, non-sensical, and disappointing (especially considering it was the season premiere).

2009-01-22 07:23:02
71.   JoeyP
Locke's line of "When am I"...was pretty clever though.
2009-01-22 07:42:39
72.   CanuckDodger
70 -- No, Season 4 is the best out of the the first four seasons, and last night's episodes (two episodes were shown, they were just stitched together by ABC) were outstanding, and for the very reason you object to: Lost has always been a science fiction show, but for the first three seasons it was seemingly trying to hide its real nature. One of the first season writers, David Fury, even quit the show saying ABC put pressure on the producers to make them downplay the fantastical elements of the story, all to accommodate the average, unimaginative television viewer.
2009-01-22 07:44:21
73.   jtrichey
70 I respectfully disagree. Season 3 was figuratively "lost" for a time because the producers did not have an ending date and felt like they had to throw in epsisodes just to keep the show going. Once the end date came about, the show returned to a much more focused show. How long could the show have gone on just showing back stories anyway? Didn't it have to make this turn at some point?

Anyway, I didn't think this year's premiere was nonsensical and certainly not boring.

2009-01-22 07:47:10
74.   Bob Timmermann
Was the explosion during Dr. Marvin Candle's taping the reason why that orientation tape has a splice in it?
2009-01-22 07:54:36
75.   JoeyP
How long could the show have gone on just showing back stories anyway?

Thats a good point and one of the reasons why it was going to be hard to sustain what they had for seasons 1-3. I'm sure people can like Lost for different reasons, but I really enjoyed the back stories and even flash long as they kept the surreal science fiction element to a minimum (never a fan of the smoke monster in seasons 1-3)...Seems like its morphing into a much more sci fi based show with the time travel, moving the island..Be interesting how that plays in the ratings.

2009-01-22 08:29:50
76.   oshea2002
I've watched Lost since the beginning, I've was a bit disappointed with last night's premiere, although of course the ending was great.
2009-01-22 10:17:59
77.   fanerman
I think the old lady is supposed to be this character:

2009-01-22 14:57:08
78.   For The Turnstiles
So is the old lady (apparently her name is Ms. Hawking) going to turn out to be Faraday's mother?
2009-01-22 15:23:44
79.   ibleedbloo
78 That was my first thought, but I wouldn't put it past the writers of trying to make it seem that way and then we find out we were totally wrong.
2009-01-22 19:18:27
80.   Jon Weisman
I love the character stories most of all, and I've liked every season of Lost, and I liked last night's episodes.
2009-01-22 21:13:32
81.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
I think the fourth season was incredible, largely because they played with time in the narrative unlike they had in the three prior seasons.

I also thought last night's episodes were very exciting, though most of that was the waiting for them to finally be here, and the reveal of Daniel being back in time was a great way to start.

"Aaron Burr"? I missed that. What's everyone talking about?

2009-01-22 21:38:07
82.   jtrichey
81 The actor playing Neal "Frogurt" was in a commercial several years back. It was one of the first (if not the very 1st) "Got Milk" commercials. He is listening to the radio and eating a peanut butter sandwich with nothing to drink. The radio asks a question about who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. This guy knows the answer and calls the station but when he mumbles the answer Aaron Burr with his peanut butter mouth, the DJ cannot understand him and does not accept his answer. Got Milk?
2009-01-22 21:40:24
83.   jtrichey
Actually the funny part now besides the screaming of "Uhh-win Brrr" is as soon as the question is asked, the camera pans around this guys room and shows all this memorabilia for the Hamilton-Burr duel.
Man, why haven't I replaced that commercial in my head with some more useful info?

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