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Personal Injuries
2004-02-24 20:20
by Jon Weisman

Something still mystifies me about what happened with Shawn Green in 2003.

Whose decision was it to keep Green's injury a secret most of last season?

If you ask Ross Newhan of the Times, the decision rested only with Dan Evans - an evil, malicious Dan Evans at that:

Green stayed in the lineup despite the injury and became the focal point of criticism for the club's offense until The Times revealed in early September the reason for his struggle.

The since-deposed Evans, who had allowed Green to absorb a summer of criticism by not revealing the injury, opted to protect his turf by trying to say that the injury had not altered Green's swing even as Green was saying it had. Asked if he is bitter at having had his integrity maligned, at basically being called a liar, Green said:

"I guess you could say I was fine with it in the sense that I understood what was behind it. With the contract and the years I've had, there's high demands on me. That's part of the job description. If you play with an injury, you play and live with it, and I try not to let my ego get so big that I worry about what people are saying.

"At the same time, I don't think it's realistic for someone to get in another person's shoes and try to say how that person is feeling. Dan had his reasons and so be it. I've turned the page on that."

If the criticism that Green absorbed last season was such a problem for Green, why was it bad for Evans to disclose the injury? How was it that Evans "allowed Green to absorb a summer of criticism?" Am I supposed to believe that Green would have liked his injury made public early on, but Evans stood in the way?

It doesn't track for me.

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