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Still a Nightmare
2004-05-07 11:12
by Jon Weisman

A man was shot and killed during a fight outside Wrigley Field after a game Thursday.

I have exchanged a couple of e-mails with the sister of Marc Antenorcruz, who was killed in the Dodger Stadium parking lot September 19. Suffice it to say, the tragedy has not left the family - they are living with it every day, acutely.

This is a portion of what Antneorcruz's sister wrote me most recently.

Dealing with that night has been a nightmare for all of us. We have not been the same since that evening and I know now that our lives will always have this disruption of sadness. Attending court and listening to how my family is referred to as “The 187 of Dodger Stadium” kills me even more. We are strong though and I know the love for my brother will keep us living life as if he were here today. ...

While dealing with the concern of my family’s well-being after the funeral, I wanted to speak with the Commissioner of Baseball to express my concern on the Stadium’s safety, but I was focused on capturing my brother’s killer. Three weeks after my brother’s death, the Red Sox and Yankees had a huge falling out. Watching the game and seeing Don Zimmer attack Pedro Martinez, I then realized that this is one of the reasons why fans are so aggressive. I then took the time to submit a letter to Bud Selig, the owners of the Dodgers, S.F. Giants, N.Y. Yankees, Red Sox, their managers, and Diana Roemer (San Gabriel Valley Tribune). All of them responded except the Yankees. I wanted to express to them that, in a child’s eyes, these players are role models - "heroes" - and children learn from them. My brother was a die hard fan of Barry Bonds. In his words, "Barry is a legend." And my brother was right. Barry Bonds just broke a home run record … which one? I don’t remember…….. I’m a Dodger fan. I just laugh inside and tell my brother again, your legend hit another home run.

Now that we have clarified our emotions, I pray that this incident will not repeat itself at any sporting event. We have a long road ahead of us with court. When court finally comes to an end, my family and I will be able to remember the happy moments about my brother and put that night behind us. I miss my brother, Mr. Weisman. He was a wonderful person.

She wrote this on Wednesday.

There's nothing with these two incidents at or around baseball games that doesn't hold anywhere in the world. Life is too precious for this to happen.

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