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Jackson's Latest Trial
2004-05-31 21:15
by Jon Weisman

With the news that Wilson Alvarez has requested to return to the bullpen (a reaction, if not an overreaction, to the latest wear and tear on his body), Edwin Jackson will pitch Wednesday in Los Angeles with every opportunity to join the Dodger rotation.

Reportedly, Jackson will return to AAA Las Vegas the next day no matter what, because the Dodgers have two approaching off days Thursday and Monday that eliminate the need for a fifth starter, and Hideo Nomo will return from the disabled list next week. But the Dodgers understand that Jose Lima's eight innings of shutout ball Satuday were probably a fluke, or at least reflective of the opponent (Arizona) - and that Brian Falkenborg is a direction no compass wants to point to.

Unlike the offseason, there is no coronation-in-advance for Jackson, which is a relief. He isn't being set up to fail - he's once again a young kid hoping to make the leap, like he was in September. My prediction, however, is that facing Milwaukee in Dodger Stadium will be kinder to his numbers than pitching in offense-heavy Las Vegas has been, even against minor league batters.

If you think the Dodger pitching is a jumble right now, consider what could happen in a couple of weeks with Jackson and a healthy Nomo, Alvarez and Paul Shuey. They'll have 13 legitimate candidates for the staff.

Starters (5): Perez, Weaver, Ishii, Nomo, Jackson
Bullpen (8): Gagne, Mota, Martin, Alvarez, Dreifort, Shuey, Lima, Sanchez
Falkenborgs (1): Falkenborg

With options like these, the Dodgers really have no excuse for using Nomo before he is ready. If he returns from his fingernail injury still showing signs of fatigue, he should simply be given more time off. According to the Times, Nomo threw better in a bullpen session Sunday than he has all season, but what does that prove?

Update: Tony Jackson of the Daily News reports that Paul Shuey is overhauling his mechanics because his injured thumb continues to prevent him from throwing a curveball, a process that will delay his activation.

Jackson writes that Shuey is working on two pitches he has never used in his long major league career, a slider and a chanegup. Quite a dramatic change for Shuey; it appears his freak injury from Spring Training is even more serious than it appeared and will ruin most, if not all, of his 2004 season.

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