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Notes and Quotes
2004-06-10 08:18
by Jon Weisman

  • Parity: It's not just in the National League West - it's in the entire league. Only three out of 16 teams are on a 90-win pace, with the Reds and Cardinals topping out at 93. The Dodgers begin the day at 87; the Padres are at 89. Last season, there were only three 90-win teams, but two of them won 100.

  • Though Adrian Beltre looks better, he isn't actually any healthier, according to Tony Jackson of the Daily News. "As for the fact he isn't falling down while fielding grounders anymore," Jackson writes, "Beltre said that is simply the result of getting accustomed to the pain, but that the pain is as intense as ever."

  • Expectant (or already a?) father Kurt Helin of Arrive in the Third, Leave After Seven captures a Boston Herald article reporting that Dodger owner Frank McCourt may develop rather than sell his 24-acre South Boston Seaport land. "McCourt also downplayed the idea that he is under pressure to sell his land to pay off a key loan in his $430 million Dodgers buy," writes Scott Van Voorhis of the Herald. "Real estate documents reviewed by the Herald show that McCourt pledged his land in exchange for a loan from News Corp., the Dodgers' previous owner. But he said he could pay off his News Corp. loan with other revenue, including cash from investors he is recruiting in Los Angeles to join him as limited Dodgers partners."

  • Interesting little side note in Ben Bolch's Angels Report in the Times today that no doubt affects the Dodgers and other teams as well. "Two of the Angels' top draft picks will not be allowed to play in the minor league system this summer," Bolch reports. "The federal government has informed major league officials that no new work visas will be issued to foreign-born players this summer, so the Angels cannot place eighth-round pick Freddy Sandoval (Tijuana) or ninth-round pick Hainley Statia (Curacao) in rookie ball."

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