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Freddy Garcia Talk (P.S.: Odalis Will Be a Free Agent Too)
2004-06-14 14:08
by Jon Weisman

Dodger Thoughts reader Brian had ESPN's Peter Gammons answer a question in his chat today. Note the apparent contradiction in how Peter addresses the possibility of a Freddy Garcia trade (bold mine).

Brian G. (L.A.): Peter, As a Dodger fan I'm anxious to see how DePodesta manuevers at the deadline. Do you think he'll splurge on Delgado/Sweeney or do you see him holding his cards for 2005?

Peter Gammons: First, what the Dodgers need is starting pitching. Right now it's spotty, to be kind. If they can get Delgado just for cash, that's fine. I think they will get into the Freddy Garcia sweepstakes because there really isn't any other good starting pitching out there.

* * *

Eric Storrs, CT: Word is that Schilling might go on the DL with an ankle injury for 2-4 weeks. What do you think the Sox chances of catching the Yankees will be if this happens? Do you see them making a move to grab possibly Garcia or another starting pitcher?

Peter Gammons: They won't know until the weekend whether Schilling will be on the DL for about a month. They have tried to get in on Garcia but the Mariners right now are not willing to trade him. That probably would necessitate bringing up Abe Alvarez or Chris Smith from AA. Catching the Yankees is an unfortunate obsession of New Englanders, fed by ownership playing to paranoia. The Yankees have their own problems with Brown and Mussina.

Is this a contradiction, or an implication that the Mariners will only trade Garcia to a National League team?

For what it's worth, Garcia was splendid in 2001 (3.05 ERA) but fairly mediocre in 2002 and 2003, with ERAs of 4.39 and 4.52 pitching for Seattle in a pitcher's park. This season, the 28-year-old Garcia has lowered his ERA to 3.20 and improved his strikeouts per nine innings to 7.04.

Garcia is scheduled to become a free agent at the end of the season, so that also has to factor into what you'd give up for him. I'm still not convinced that the solution to the Dodgers starting pitching problems isn't in the organization already.

By the way, in case you weren't aware - especially amid all the talk of this being Adrian Beltre's free agency year - 2004 is also the year that Odalis Perez, currently the ace of the Dodger rotation, can roam the economic countryside.

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