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Pictures From Vero Beach
2004-09-10 09:39
by Jon Weisman

Vero Beach Dodgers general manager Trevor Gooby had a nice, simple first week of September planned:

1) Host Vero Beach Dodger playoff games
2) Get married
3) Honeymoon in Jamaica

As you can imagine, a bit of inclement weather down in Florida has disrupted Gooby's schedule. But he's staying positive.

"We are doing okay," Gooby wrote in an e-mail today. "Dodgertown took a beating, but we will be ready for Spring Training (70,000 homes are still without power in Indian River County). Our playoff games were moved to Clearwater, and due to the long layoff (seven days without a game), we couldn't shake the rust and lost two games to the Cubs. Instructional League is still on and begins on September 20."

Gooby passed along the following photos of Holman Stadium.

"We need to get a new scoreboard, replace the lights and do lots of work on the trees," he said. "Hopefully, Ivan is a Dodger fan and will stay out in the Gulf."




"To make matters worse, I was supposed to get hitched on the 4th," Gooby added. "Some luck I have. Now it's for tomorrow and then we are still scheduled to go on a cruise ... guess where?? Jamaica! Looks like we may be re-charting our course."

Hang in there, Trevor. We send you, and all of the Vero Beach Dodgers, our best thoughts.

As a P.S., Gooby said he enjoyed this season's Paul Lo Duca strikeouts vs. Adrian Beltre walks competition on Dodger Thoughts, and volunteered that he was in a contest of his own.

"My buddy and I have a contest going, which I proposed in Spring Training. Who would hit more home runs? Izzy or the Dodgers pitching staff. So far, I'm losing. It's 3-2 and I need a little bit more Lima time."

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