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Spring Training Open Chat: March 10
by Jon Weisman

At least one person asked on another thread why Jeff Weaver might start the season in the rotation ahead of Derek Lowe, or at least why I put Weaver ahead of Lowe. Here's my response:

1) I think it's more customary for a returning pitcher to get the Opening Day start over a new acquisition, unless that new acquisition is phenomenal - like a Randy Johnson.

2) It puts pressure on a new acquisition that maybe he doesn't need right away.

3) Jeff Weaver had a better season than Derek Lowe last year

4) It doesn't matter anyway. They'll all pitch by the second game.

If Lowe just looks like he's ready to roll, sure, give him the Opening Day start. But while Lowe has had some peak moments in his career, he would by no means be the obvious choice to start Opening Day.

* * *

In other topics - sometimes outside consultants hurt more than they help, but this isn't a bad idea for the Dodgers. From Tony Jackson in the Daily News:

Dodgers officials and a local consulting firm downplayed the club's recent hiring of the firm for what is being termed "communications consulting," saying the move has nothing to do with the handling of public relations for the McCourts.

The locally-based firm, Sitrick and Company, offers crisis management among its services, but Allan Mayer, the firm's managing director, said the firm will not be providing it to the Dodgers.

Lon Rosen, the Dodgers chief marketing officer, reiterated that claim, saying, "This is not for crisis management. We just thought it was in our best interests to hire a company like this one to help with strategic communications, both internal and external."

Jackson also has some less-than-sterling reviews of Norihiro Nakamura's swing.

Dodgers hitting coach Tim Wallach said Wednesday he hasn't seen enough of Norihiro Nakamura, who reported to spring training last week, to thoroughly evaluate him as a hitter. Wallach has seen enough, however, to make a rather obvious prediction about the veteran third baseman's swing.

"It'll probably have to be shortened at some point," Wallach said.

2005-03-10 10:50:22
1.   FirstMohican
Any updates on the Dodgers/BoSox game? Have the Dodgers managed a run yet?
2005-03-10 11:06:25
2.   Colorado Blue
No... it's 0 - 0, bottom of the third. This spring is eerily reminiscent of the 2003 season (I dind't take Jon's pledge, but I probably should). Of course, I don't know who's in the line-up. I think Lowe is pitching.
2005-03-10 11:10:18
3.   Colorado Blue
Oops... Erickson got the start; sorry. It's now 1 - 0 Boston, bottom of the 4th. Manny tagged Erickson for a homerun.
2005-03-10 11:14:58
4.   DXMachina
I live in New England, so I get to watch Manny all year long. I don't care what Steiner and Monday say. Manny is possibly the worst outfielder in the major leagues. Balls bounce out of his glove as though it was made of cast iron, and he just doesn't pay attention out there. Repko was totally right to run on him.

Even a blind squirrel finds the nut once in awhile.

2005-03-10 11:50:36
5.   Berkeley Doug
2-1 Dodgers in the 6th. It looks like Erickson is having another strong outing.
2005-03-10 12:12:15
6.   bigcpa
I was googling for a good place on the web to buy pop-tarts and I ended up here. Guess I'll join the discussion.

Erickson/Jackson looked great today through 7 innings. I think Erickson went 4ip with 5k, 1bb allowing only a solo HR to Ramirez. Jackson had 1k, 4bb but didn't allow a run through 3. Valentin hit a 2-run HR for all the scoring.

2005-03-10 12:41:57
7.   DXMachina
Jackson got into a little jam in the 8th, but Sanchez got out of it. Jackson's line was 3.1, no runs, no hits, and a bunch of walks.
2005-03-10 12:58:59
8.   Daniel
Does anyone have a subscription to MLB's gameday audio? It sounds like it's worth the 15 bucks for the year. Is it?
2005-03-10 13:02:29
9.   Berkeley Doug
I would highly recommend MLB gameday audio. As a resident of Northern CA, $15 is well worth the enjoyment of being able to listen to the local LA broadcast of Dodger games.
2005-03-10 14:10:07
10.   DXMachina
I have it, too. We folks back east can't listen to the Dodgers without it. It seems to work pretty well.
2005-03-10 14:29:18
11.   Jim Hitchcock
So, we won today, right? I'd rather have you guys tell me than ESPN, for some reason...
2005-03-10 15:25:24
12.   Jim Hitchcock
Had to laugh when reading today's Dodger Report
at the Times...about the players and coaches grumbling about the three hour bus ride to play
Tampa Bay.

How soon they forget the minor leagues.

2005-03-10 15:29:28
13.   Colorado Blue
I feel the same way Jim... I doubt you could find any useful information on ESPN about a game where the Dodgers defeat the BoSox. However, had the BoSox won, I'm sure the main headliner on ESPN's MLB homepage would have been something like: "Boston Continues to Look Sharp As It Warms Up In Defense of World Championship"... Geez, I'm cynical. Ok, ok; it would have been second fiddle to the "Steroid Scandal".
2005-03-10 16:53:14
14.   FirstMohican
You're certainly not suggesting that ESPN has any sort of bias that favors east coast teams, are you?
2005-03-11 07:54:09
15.   Colorado Blue
FM: I most certainly am not... if the Dodgers happen to win it all this year I'm greatly looking forward to the ESPN stories on why the other teams imploded and the Dodgers simply took advantage of it with their "inferior, but highly motivated group of players".
2005-03-11 11:02:13
16.   Jim Hitchcock
Shades of Bob Costas...
2005-03-11 15:09:07
17.   JJoeScott
I'm a PR professional by trade.

Sitrick & Co. generally ONLY does crisis communications, er, issues management. But the fact that they are looking outside the organization is an acknowledgement that, to be blunt, there are no PR professionals in the organization. Steve Brener and Derrick Hall are laughing in their easy chairs right now ...

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