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And a One and a Two and a ...
by Jon Weisman

1) Dodger Thoughts has a seat at the Baseball Analysts roundtable on the National League West, along with hosts Rich Lederer and Bryan Smith and fellow guest John Perricone of Only Baseball Matters. You'll be disappointed with my prediction, but I offer it with not much conviction and the right to reconsider before Opening Day. And yes, I did pick the Diamondbacks in 2004.

2) On the heels of the television appearance by Will Carroll on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Jay Jaffe of The Futility Infielder hits the national airwaves at 9 a.m. to discuss steroids on MSNBC's Connected Coast to Coast.

3) Lots of happy pitching candidates for the Dodger roster. So, what are the park effects of Holman Stadium and the rest of the Grapefruit League, anyway? (Seriously, don't answer that.)

4) Vin Scully is on the air ... !

5) This is one of those "I'll believe it when I see it" stories, but Barry Bonds might make April his personal Spring Training and not play on consecutive days until May. Five of the Dodgers' first eight games are against the Giants, with two coming after off days. That would mean Bonds would be in the lineup April 5, 7 and 12, but not April 6 or 13.

6) The first local telecast of the year will be Sunday, on Fox Sports West 2 at 10 a.m., with Scully calling the entire game.

2005-03-16 08:17:42
1.   Marty
Nice work on Baseball Analysts Jon. I think San Diego scares me more than Frisco. The Giants would be favorites in my mind if they were younger over all. I'm thinking they have a huge amount of DL time. The Dodgers will be fun to root for because I think they have lots of potential, but who knows if they will realize it. Can't wait for the start.
2005-03-16 10:41:47
2.   JJoeScott
Ah ... the sounds of Scully. Best of all, it's been 40 minutes now since I last heard Rick Monday's voice.

Makes me glad I spent the $14.95 on the MLB streaming package.

2005-03-16 10:54:00
3.   Im So Blue
End of 3 innings, it's Baltimore 3, Dodgers 0. Alas, and the end of Vinny's stint on the radio for today.
2005-03-16 10:59:02
4.   FirstMohican
I agree that the Giants are the favorites to win the division. Ignoring any stats or simulations, look at their team last year and what it did. Now look at the aquisitions vs. the loses.

Any info as to who pitched, who gave up the runs (solo HR's i'm assuming)?

2005-03-16 11:06:31
5.   CoffeeCake
So, I clicked on the Vin Scully link and read the OC Register article you linked to, all about how McCourt plans to make money off of the reconfiguration of the stadium & addition of more choice seats.

I gotta ask. When is something going to be done about the exposed rebar and other signs of decrepitude on the upper levels?

2005-03-16 11:48:39
6.   Im So Blue
Weaver completed 6 innings giving up one run in each of the first 3 innings. In the 5th, Valentin smacked a 2-run homer, Bradley & Nakamura each hit solo homers in the 6th.

Dodgers 4, Orioles 3, at the end of 6.

2005-03-16 12:33:37
7.   Im So Blue
Dodgers win, 7-5.
Weaver went 6 innings, giving up 3 runs on 8 hits, 1 K, 1 BB.
All Dodger runs scored on homers by Valentin, Bradley, Nakamura, Mike Edwards.

Cody Ross suffered a knee injury on a play at the plate and was carted off. Doesn't look good.

2005-03-16 12:36:02
8.   FirstMohican
I heard Bradley's HR was a bomb.
2005-03-16 12:44:18
9.   Jim Hitchcock
Thanks for the scores, ISB.

The bats, the bats...

2005-03-16 14:46:05
10.   ltroyce
Hello to Jon!

I'm an American living in Cairns, Qld, Australia and have been on this blog for over 18 months. Large Dodger fan since 1958! Enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!

Regards from downunder!

Lance Royce

2005-03-16 15:04:52
11.   dodgerkid7
Sure hope Izturis' lack of hitting this spring at least makes Tracy contemplate dropping him out of the leadoff spot. Tracy wasn't shy about dropping Shawn Green in the lineup when he struggled, so perhaps there's hope.

First-time poster. Thanks for the hard work jon and thanks everyone for the fun conversations. Been reading for a few months now.

2005-03-16 18:35:30
12.   Dodgers88

Et tu Brute? The Giants win the West? I think old age and defense will be the downfall of SF. The steroid mess, father time, and injuries will finally catch up with Bonds. And without him, they are done. I do agree with you that the race will be close; however, my heart says last year was the beginning of the Dodgers becoming regulars in post season play.

2005-03-16 23:38:08
13.   Nolan
Jon! The Giants! C'mon. Look, I realize one might easily accuse me of bias but, in my most rational moments, I see no chance of the Giants winning more than 85 games. First, no team that old has ever won anything, let alone a division. Where else do I need to go here? Their lineup could easily have less production than ours at first, short, center, second and right. Maybe even third. Their pitching is not even close to as good as ours...Plus, their potential for injury is enormous and then where do they go? Any injury to Bonds (who, based on the Runs Created formula accounted for 25% of their offense last year) ends the season for them. The Giants are a huge house of cards...Now, we've got some health questions in our rotation but we've got great depth with Ishii, Alvarez, Erickson and Jackson each potential #5s. Even if we needed two of them in the rotation at once, we are in decent shape. No, we are the class of this division. The team to worry about is SD...
2005-03-17 10:07:01
14.   fanerman91
I agree 100% Nolan.

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