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Spring Training Open Chat: March 17
by Jon Weisman

Oh yeah - baseball!

2005-03-17 11:47:28
1.   Icaros
Go Dodgers!
2005-03-17 12:05:23
2.   DXMachina
R.I.P. Dick "The Monster" Radatz. Not a Dodger, but he was one of the first power relievers back in the mid-sixties for the Sox. He was also one of the largest men I've ever met.
2005-03-17 14:30:55
3.   Michael G
More and more players are getting released. Anybody know what happens to a young player (somebody like Thurston) after he is released? Does he become a free agent? Are the chances good that he will be picked up by another club?
2005-03-17 15:38:45
4.   Icaros
Seeing as how Thurston was placed on waivers (along with Chin-Feng Chen) a couple weeks back and not one team bothered to claim him, it looks like Joey Ballgame is preparing for another year in Sin City, unless someone like Willy Aybar or Delwyn Young takes his place.
2005-03-17 15:48:33
5.   Icaros
Good news on Jayson Werth and Cody Ross. Bad news for those hoping to see Russell Martin starting at catcher this year (wasn't ever going to happen).

2005-03-17 19:13:47
6.   bokonon42
What's the deal with the Dodgers' TV deal for this year? FSN2 isn't really only going to show one game all year, right? KCOP is slated to show two of the Freeway Series games; are they going to be the local home for Dodger Baseball this year? The Angels? When will tv dates be announced?

2005-03-17 19:34:31
7.   Jim Hitchcock
Another article on (announcing this Sunday's game broadcast) said that a `regular season schedule' is forthcoming.
2005-03-17 21:19:53
8.   Im So Blue
The article referenced above by Jim:

is technically a Dodgers Press Release. Notice that it refers to the "Freeway Series at Dodger Stadium against the Angels of Anaheim."

2005-03-17 21:37:14
9.   Jim Hitchcock
Thank's, Im So Blue. I was just being lazy (even though I have Tinyurl on my toolbar!).

Kept checking back all morning to see if you'd posted today's scores yet...only to find out we'd been rained out again!

2005-03-18 09:47:55
10.   molokai
Just a quick question for all you serious fans. Since 1970 I can remember listening to Dodger ST games during the daytime. When I became an adult I continued to listen to the games at work. This was probably asked last year but I wasn't aware of Dodger Thoughts at the time. How many people who used to listen to the ST games in the morning bother to listen to the replay at night? I know I don't. Once I see the box score I lose all interest in hearing something that already happened.
2005-03-18 11:49:19
11.   Jim Hitchcock
Totally with you, Molokai. One nice part if spring training WAS listening to the games at work during the day...not to mention having all Sunday games televised. I wonder if this Sunday's telecast will be the only one until the Freeway Series?
2005-03-21 00:10:18
12.   bokonon42
The LA Times is reporting that KCOP 13 will carry 25 games (but not which 25) and that FSN West 2 will carry 125. I wonder how they pick which twelve not to show.,1,5916949.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-mlb-dodger

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