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More Knee Surgery for Bonds
by Jon Weisman

From The Associated Press:

Barry Bonds underwent a second operation on his right knee Thursday morning, a setback that could complicate his hopes of being ready for Opening Day.

While the San Francisco Giants offered no timetable for the slugger's return, it took the seven-time NL MVP more time than expected to recover from the original surgery on the knee Jan. 31.

The Giants said in a statement that Bonds had arthroscopic surgery to repair tears in the knee. The operation was performed in the Bay Area by Art Ting, the same doctor who performed Bonds' earlier surgery.

Bonds, 40, has "experienced periods of swelling in his knee following an incident when he accidentally hit his knee on a table at SBC Park Feb. 4. Neither rest nor his current rehabilitation program has helped alleviate the periodic swelling," the Giants said in a release.

2005-03-17 10:21:30
1.   Southern Yankee
If the knee keeps Barry out we may never have to face the tough decisions about any record breaking performances , i.e did he or didn't he won't even matter!
2005-03-17 10:22:09
2.   Marty
The Giants are officially done
2005-03-17 10:40:42
3.   checkityahla
I wonder if this has anything to do with the hearing going on today! To change the discussion of about steriods with Bonds and now that he had surgery today. It already seems to be working! Geez I hope he gets well! Otherwise what will baseball do if the Homerun record is never broken by a cheat like Bonds. Bonds get better, a divisional title only means something if the Dodgers kick your ass! We don't want to beat all those other old men, just you! Bonds on behalf of the other 55,999 people at dodger stadium "Ssssteriooooddddsssss" and ocassionaly "Barry Sucks" mixed in with a little "Baaallllcccccoooo"
2005-03-17 11:29:50
4.   Icaros
I know it's a sign of weakness and immaturity to gloat at another's misfortune, no matter how much that person may or may not deserve said misfortune, but it's just so damn hard to take the high road in a situation like this.

That being said, I doubt we've seen the last of Mr. Bonds.

2005-03-17 11:36:32
5.   scareduck
Icaros -- of course you're right. Just ask any villain in the 007 movies...

Jon: since you turned off comments regarding the Juice/steroids thread, I couldn't resist observing that this Baseball Toaster thingy has resulted in strange breadfellows...

2005-03-17 11:44:08
6.   Jon Weisman
It has, indeed:)

I just thought it would be best if all the steroid comments went on Will's page, since he is covering it so well, and I'm not covering it at all.

That being said, the other Dodger Thoughts comment areas are supremely lonely today...

2005-03-17 12:43:11
7.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants are not done. Bonds is not done. The Giants will be competitive all year. Unless we find out that Bonds is going to miss the whole season, the Giants will be in it.

Those who dismiss the Giants' chances this year are whistling in the dark.

Although to be honest, I have no idea what that metaphor really means.

2005-03-17 12:59:26
8.   Robert Fiore
Boy, I bet he could go for some of that BALCO cream right now . . .

Since the possibility they're talking about is missing opening day as opposed to missing a chunk of a season, I would imagine the surgery isn't very serious, wouldn't you?

2005-03-17 13:06:57
9.   Marty
It's maybe just wishful thinking on my part, but it's my gut feeling that they are going to pay a big price for not going younger, sooner and this is the first installment.
2005-03-17 13:37:30
10.   Linkmeister
"the other Dodger Thoughts comment areas are supremely lonely today..."

Um, Jon? There's a whole bunch of NCAA basketball on the tube, and a concomitant about of (shhh) money on the table.

2005-03-17 13:38:11
11.   Linkmeister
Er, amount. Preview is your friend, preview is your friend.
2005-03-17 13:46:47
12.   Jon Weisman
That's why I set up the March Madness Chat Room - I'm nothing if not accomodating...although I'd better stop before I start to sound too desperate :)
2005-03-17 14:06:34
13.   Icaros
I tried to get things going on the Spring Training Open Chat, Jon.

I wrote, "Go Dodgers!"

Keep your chin up, kid.

2005-03-17 14:12:29
14.   Jon Weisman
I noticed. Thanks, Icaros. It's all appreciated.
2005-03-17 14:46:37
15.   dzzrtRatt
Things are quiet on this site because everything is going according to the Master DePo Plan. The only real surprise is Scott Erikson, and I'm still not convinced it's for real.

There's not much to say during a rainy spring when Derek Lowe is pitching well, Jose Valentin is hitting home runs, Jeff Kent is catching the ball, and I have no idea whether Choi is playing well or not. Anyway, I never think to listen to KFWB at 8 p.m. April come she will, and then I'll start getting my dander up.

Meanwhile, to those who say the Giants are done, I think they're right, not because Bonds is done--he'll be back. But because a team this old and injury prone cannot prevail, and the Giants have no depth. Who will they play in right with Bonds out-Pedro Feliz? Today's news was inevitable and will be repeated all season--a veteran goes down, a mediocrity replaces him.

2005-03-17 15:22:04
16.   Jon Weisman
"Today's news was inevitable and will be repeated all season--a veteran goes down, a mediocrity replaces him."

What's funny is that the media for the most part will ignore even the possibility of what Ratt just described. They'll jump on DePodesta the moment Drew misses a game, but they'll give Sabean all kinds of rope even as one fogey after another has to miss playing time.

2005-03-17 16:39:18
17.   Bob Timmermann
I would bet that Brian Sabean returns phone calls from reporters a lot faster than Paul DePodesta. That's a big edge in the PR war. Look at how much a guy like Jim Bowden is idolized in the press. And what has he ever accomplished?
2005-03-17 17:00:56
18.   Doug N
Bob T;
Bad news about "whistling in the dark." Turns out you made a Sigmund Freud reference:

Sigmund Freud, in 'The Problem of Anxiety' (1925): 'When the wayfarer whistles in the dark, he may be disavowing his timidity, but he does not see any the more clearer for doing so.' I guess it sort of means, maintaing one's optimism when a more defeatist countenance would be appropriate.

My natural instincts are telling me to make all sorts of Freudian cracks, but it just seems too easy; someone else should fill in though.

2005-03-17 17:40:37
19.   gvette
Of course, we're all assuming that a)Bonds will be out at least through May, and b) that the Giants will play poorly in his absence. Of course, the Giants started last year pretty poorly, and still came within a blown ninth inning of probably forcing a playoff for the Division.

Jon, besides the obvious basketball (betting pool)fever, maybe the relative silence of posters is due to your treachery in picking the Giants to win on the Baseball Analysts site. Were you overcome at the thought of Gordon Biersch garlic fries, or held hostage in some other manner (forced to watch the chase scene through SF from Bullitt again and again; forced to listen to the entire catalog of "Dick's Picks" Grateful Dead concert tapes ad nauseum)?

Lastly, would Timmerman be better off under a Freudian analysis if he used an alternative cliche and whistled past a graveyard, as opposed to whistling in the dark?

2005-03-17 18:29:52
20.   popup
Picking the Giants to win the NL West. Say it ain't so Jon, say it ain't so. Actually, I think the Padres will finish ahead of San Francisco.
2005-03-17 18:32:48
21.   Bob Timmermann
Isn't whistling past the graveyard just an offshoot of whistling in the dark?

Perhaps I do need a Freudian analysis. I seem to be the only male who envies one of his own uniquely male body parts.

2005-03-17 18:49:55
22.   Strike4
I don't expect Bonds will get too many get well soon cards even from his own teammates. Of course, they may be assuming he will zip out of rehab as quickly as he left their last ballgame last season. What other superstar has been so surly to his own team? From a pure fan standpoint, I can only shake my head at how his teams could have performed if he'd been a team player and inspirer. As a Dodger blueblood, I certainly don't regret it.
2005-03-17 18:53:10
23.   Doug N
RE: Analysis

The more troubling analyst is the Nietzschean; male body parts become very assertive and yet lonely & riddled with syphilis.

If DePo were to have an analyst, what kind would/should it be? (Nobody say Ayn Rand, please!)

2005-03-17 18:55:17
24.   Jim Hitchcock
"I seem to be the only male who envies one of his own uniquely male body parts".

Aye, there's a lot to be said for prominent Adam's apples.

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