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by Jon Weisman

With a couple weeks of exhibition play left, Jason Repko is the favorite to win the Jim and Dearie Mulvey Award as the top Dodger rookie in Spring Training. (Norihiro Nakamura is actually running second, with Russell Martin a strong third.)

Last year's Mulvey honoree, James Loney, will probably offer sober congratulations to the winner. Loney is 1 for 10 this month.

One day after a rainout, the Dodgers have their last scheduled off day of the month (on a Friday, oddly). Just intrasquad action today.

2005-03-18 12:58:40
1.   everett
so to continue the "who will be the last man on the team" conversation ...

will any of jason repko, nakamura or russel martin be on the opening day roster? or is that already a foregone conclusion?


2005-03-18 13:12:34
2.   Jim Hitchcock
Russell Martin was sent to minor league camp yesterday and is expected to start the season at Doulble A. The other two are making a pretty good case for themselves (as was Martin), aren't they?
2005-03-18 13:18:26
3.   Jon Weisman
Martin was sent down yesterday, but we may see him midseason.

There's one open spot on the roster if no one goes on the DL. Potentially, Penny and Werth could open up two more spots.

I would say Nakamura has the best guarantee of the 25th spot, any number of the reliever candidates (Lopez, Venafro, Brooks, Carlyle, Houlton) would take the Penny spot, and Repko would take the Werth spot. Mike Edwards would be a dark horse.

If Perez, Gagne or some other pitcher isn't quite ready, then add another pitcher to the team.

For a recap of the candidates, go here:

Don't rule out a trade, either.

2005-03-18 13:25:14
4.   everett
this is a bit off topic, but anyone know when kfwb does dodger coverage? only during and after the game?

this is all I found on kfwb's website...{8996915C-BB79-496A-A534-F88983C2853E}&groupName=KFWB%20Dodgers%20News&siteGUID={3B62BF55-4A93-48E6-A45D-6A495DC423AD}

anyone else really annoyed that they can't find anyone talking about the dodgers on their morning and evening commute? kfwb doesn't even mention the fact that they're the "home of the dodgers" ... and I have to listen to ESPN's 710 affiliate do entire shows dedicated to the LAAoA ... ack.


2005-03-18 15:07:02
5.   Rick
What's the point of keeping Saenz if Nakamura makes the roster?
2005-03-18 15:17:19
6.   Jon Weisman
1) Nakamura is unproven.

2) Saenz did a nice job off the bench last year.

3) With third base unsettled, the more options there, the better.

If someone comes along and beats Saenz out, fair enough. But there's no one obviously better than him for a reserve role.

2005-03-18 15:50:59
7.   everett
There's some complaints on the 6-4-2 blog ( that cubs fans are pissed about losing a player to the rule 5 draft to KC Royals who's posting a 3.60 era in spring training ...

anyone happen to know how the bevy of players the dodgers lost to the rule 5 draft are doing in other organizations? anyone feel like looking it up?

i better get back to work...


2005-03-18 16:19:13
8.   everett
Pick Player, Pos. Selected by Selected from
4. @Marcos Carvajal, rhp Brewers Dodgers
5. Matt Merricks, lhp Rockies Dodgers
7. Shane Victorino, of Phillies Dodgers
10. D.J. Houlton, rhp Dodgers Astros
@Sold to Rockies for $75,000.

@Marcos Carvajal
5 games
7.0 innings
6.43 ERA
7.0 9 5 5 1 1 5 7

Matt Merricks
1 inning 2 hits, ERA 0

Shane Victorino .321 slugging, .179 hitting
S Victorino 13 28 3 5 1 0 1 1 9 0 0 0 1 0 .321 .179

DJ Houlton
3.12 ERA, 8.2 innings
D Houlton 0 0 3.12 3 1 0 0 0 8.2 7 3 3 1 0 1 6

i guess we'll be seeing most of our players back... DJ Houlton definitely does not look too shabby :)

2005-03-18 17:34:02
9.   william
There's talk we're trading Ishii for Jason Phillips.

2005-03-18 19:45:11
10.   Tom Meagher
I'd pay the $25K to get Merricks and/or Carvajal back no question, but I'm actually not convinced Victorino's even worth that. That was just not a loss, in my book.
2005-03-18 21:16:03
11.   Jon Weisman
Agree with Tom on Carvajal, and I'll take his word on Merricks.
2005-03-18 23:50:34
12.   Tom Meagher
Merricks is a lefty acquired last season for Tom Martin. He was a reasonable Rule 5 pick, I guess, but he's just too far from being major league ready.

His control is decent, and his HR rates have been solid. He's never had spectacular K rates, but they've all been decent. He's old enough that he might not have much of a future as a starter, but if he continues to improve he might slot in as a decent back of the rotation guy in his pre-arb years.

I understand that his fastball is underwhelming, and there's nothing particularly deceptive about his delivery. Still, his control is good enough that he could be a useful reliever, and he's not a prototpical LOOGY.

2005-03-19 03:01:57
13.   Limey
Didn't Merricks just get rated as a top 20 prospect by Sickels? I can't find the link to his new site now to check.
2005-03-19 14:06:50
14.   Tom Meagher

Were he returned to the Dodgers, he'd be in Sickels' 20-25 range for their system.

2005-03-19 14:43:26
15.   Ben P
Back to the Nakamura discussion: While I understand that Saenz is a proven commodity who did a nice job last year, he is a below-average 1B, whereas Nakamura seems capable of providing good defense at both 1B and 3B. So if his offense is serviceable I think he's more valuable to have on the roster than Saenz. Perez is completely unproven and Valentin could hit .220 again, so it seems smart to have another 3B on the roster.
2005-03-19 17:03:20
16.   Jon Weisman
I still don't know why you're choosing between Nakamura and Saenz. There's room for both. But as far as bench players go ... you've got this big unknown of "if his offense is servicable" that you're dancing past regarding Nakamura. The fact is, we have no way of knowing if his offense is serviceable at this point. (Tell me you haven't decided it is legit based on the last seven days of Spring Training.)

Coming off the bench, offense is going to be more important that defense. Saenz is a below-average defensive third baseman but you can put him there on a temporary basis. I'd rather go with the known quantity in Saenz and start Nakamura in the minors if I had to. But the Dodgers probably won't have to.

2005-03-19 18:48:06
17.   Ben P
You're right, we don't necessarily need to choose between Nakamura and Saenz. But if there's a random injury elsewehere on the roster it might be better to carry an extra pitcher or outfielder rather than two backup corner infielders. I also wonder if the equation would change at all if the Jason Phillips trade goes through, since he also plays 1B (though his offense might be worse than any of our other options there).

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