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Spring Training + National Anthem Singers Open Chat
by Jon Weisman

Talk about the Dodgers at will, with topics not limited to:

Who is your dream Dodger Stadium Opening Day National Anthem singer?

For me, it's Sam Cooke.

(FYI, Mrs. Lima jokes have passed their expiration date.)

2005-03-22 10:35:01
1.   Vishal
uh, i am.

i'm planning to submit my audition for the dodgers' "american anthem contest" before the deadline this week.

2005-03-22 10:41:47
2.   Michael G
Carl Lewis. Here is a sample:
2005-03-22 10:46:35
3.   Ben H

Mrs. Erickson?

Anyone watching the game who can post an update?

2005-03-22 10:49:02
4.   Jon Weisman
Ben -

Checking the clock ... we'll allow it.

2005-03-22 11:02:38
5.   CoffeeCake
Well, Jon, your singer has passed his expiration date...
2005-03-22 11:02:59
6.   Paul B
OT to the extent there is a topic but...

Did people see the Gammons article from yesterday:

Among other juicy tidbits was this:

"Giants owner Peter Magowan believes his team has four players Feliz, Deivi Cruz, Tucker and Yorvit Torrealba "Who could start for many other teams. For us, depth is extremely important because we play so many games, which requires recovery, and all our travel.""

Not counting the ludicrous quote from McGowan (what, the Giant play more games and do more traveling than the rest of the division?), the comment on that collection of players is hilarious. Okay, so an owner's not going to come out and say, "Yeah, we're screwed." But four guys who could start for other teams? With the exception of Torrealba, these guys are the epitome of journeymen--good enough to hang around for a while, but below league average (at least as far as OPS goes). Torrealba would probably fit into that category as well, except he's only 26.

So, sorry Pete, but you're screwed without Bonds.

2005-03-22 11:07:39
7.   Paul B
Not to get too conspiracy theory-ish but:

Check out this recent article on Bonds' post-surgery news conference:

Isn't a little weird how it seems like Bonds is talking about the effects of the steroids scandal (i.e. being mentally drained, etc.) when he's supposedly sidelined because of his knee? I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into this. Either way, this story sure makes it sound major. Possibly season (and career?) ending...

2005-03-22 11:09:21
8.   Jon Weisman
Sam's immortal.

I still think the key to the Giants is not their position players, who are oh-so-old, but their pitching depth, which isn't so old and seems to match up well with any NL West team. Despite their aging defense, I don't think the Giants will need to score a great many runs to win.

Still willing to listen to people tell me why I'm wrong. I don't predict the Giants will win the NL West with any great conviction, and I do reserve the right to change before Opening Day. Just give me something more than how my prediction is a betrayal of Dodger loyalty, because that's not what predictions are about.

2005-03-22 11:11:18
9.   Icaros
Kristoffer Garm Rygg

If anyone reading this site has any idea who this is, I'll be more than impressed.

2005-03-22 11:15:17
10.   alex 7
Your prediction is a betrayal of Dodger loyalty. But I think you're right, we've all learned to never count the Giants out. They, along with the Padres, seem to pitch well against us regardless of the talent level on the ballclubs, so you know they're going to be good enough to at least hang around till their annual September surge.
2005-03-22 11:28:55
11.   Doug N

But my number one national anthem choice would have to be Tim Armstrong. Like Icaros, I realize my choice will go unnoticed, but maybe I'm just being cynical.

2005-03-22 11:31:58
12.   molokai
I think Carlos Delgado would make an excellent National Anthem singer.
2005-03-22 11:37:24
13.   blue horseshoe
Bonds out? that 85.5 win line in Vegas is about to move up!
2005-03-22 11:37:44
14.   dzzrtRatt
Jon, my only problem with your prediction is that the Giants' pitching is still really an unknown. Schmidt is obviously a proven star, and Lowry may have established himself. But banking on the other three starters emerging as stalwart enough to overcome the ravages of age among the Giants' starting 8 is a speculative bet. If the Giants finished first, I would not be shocked, but it would depend on Bonds coming back, no one else spending much time on the DL, and Foppert and Lowry becoming the next Mulder and Hudson. It could happen. It's about as likely as J.D. Drew having another 2004-type season, Choi emerging as a 30-homer guy, the 3B platoon working out, and complete health for Penny, Perez and Gagne.

I find the NL West almost impossible to predict this year. All five teams are drawing to inside straights. But I say the odds favor Dodgers/Padres/Giants/Rockies/Snakes being the final standings.

2005-03-22 11:37:47
15.   scanderbeg
First time speaking up, here (he said in slight embarassment)

Tim Armstrong from Rancid? My choices would be between Otis Redding, Johnny Cash (pure Americana), and Tom Waits (my favorite artist). Johnny Cash would probably be the best for opening day, actually.

2005-03-22 11:40:42
16.   dzzrtRatt
Oh yeah, the singer: How about Joe Cocker? Levi Stubbs? Joni Mitchell (with the orchestra she used on "Travelogue")? Solomon Burke?
2005-03-22 11:40:51
17.   Eric Enders
While I agree with the sentiment, Jon, methinks Sam's singing might be slightly impaired by the bullet lodged in his lung...

Me, I wouldn't really pick anybody, since the National Anthem, well -- it sucks. Not trying to start a political war here; I just think it's a terrible song, musically speaking.

But what I wouldn't give to hear Bruce starting off the seventh inning stretch with "Take Me Out to the Ballgame..." accompanied by himself on guitar and Nancy Bea on the organ.

2005-03-22 11:47:40
18.   Eric Enders
Also, I'm listening to my first Charley Steiner Dodger game today. All I can say is... it's March 22 and he's already reached the maximum allowable number of "Encarnacion" mispronuncuations per season. I'm glad the guy doesn't play for us anymore or I'd be tearing my hair out from now until October.
2005-03-22 11:49:10
19.   brendan glynn
Bing Crosby together with David Bowie is my choice to sing the anthem.

Everyone has to catch the Barry Bonds interview on espnnews. very strange. He couldn't sound more depressed

2005-03-22 11:50:56
20.   Eric Enders
Right now I'm listening to the Steiner-Lyons Cliffs Notes on the Bonds interview, which is, if anything, even weirder.

Also, if Bing Crosby and David Bowie had a child, would he be named David Crosby?

2005-03-22 11:52:43
21.   dzzrtRatt
I thought of another one, and since she's on a book tour, she might do it: Renee Fleming.
2005-03-22 11:52:48
22.   FirstMohican
Carlos Delgado singing the National Anthem?

Standing in front of 50k fans, his Marlins hat on, getting a little feedback from the mic, not saying a word.

2005-03-22 11:55:04
23.   Eric Enders
Make that sitting in front of a mike... he never said he wouldn't sing, just that he wouldn't stand.
2005-03-22 11:55:38
24.   Icaros
Doug N,

As promised, I am quite impressed.

Are you an actual fan, or do you just know your Norwegians?

2005-03-22 11:57:44
25.   FirstMohican
"You wanted me to jump off the bridge." -Bonds

No, we wanted to push you off.


Bonds out for the season would be nothing short of an absolute disaster for the Giants. There's no way they come close to finishing near the top without Bonds.

2005-03-22 12:05:02
26.   Jon Weisman
If Wayne Kirby and Kirby Puckett had a child, would his name be Wayne Puckett?

Well, sure, Bonds out for the season would be a huge problem for San Francisco. In response to Ratt's #14 comment, I've said all along that I think the division has so many question marks that predictions are almost pointless. But I've been asked to make them at a couple of places, so I figured I should at least explain my logic. I haven't ruled out the Dodgers winning by any stretch.

2005-03-22 12:06:04
27.   Ben P
Even if the Giants' pitching comes through (and I have my doubts), I just don't see how they'll score enough runs to win more than 85 games. They have exactly two good offensive players -- Bonds and Alou -- and both are old and obviously injury-prone. Their success seems dependent on freakishly good years by the likes of Snow, Alfonso and Grissom and I just don't see that happening.

Quickly on another topic: TJ Simers was painful again today. He may well be right that the Dodgers are ripping off young fans, but his columns are so snarky and misleading that it's hard to tell what's really going on.

2005-03-22 12:07:52
28.   Jon Weisman
I now see where this talk about Bonds is coming from.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) -- Leaning his head on a crutch and repeatedly saying he was tired, Barry Bonds said he might miss the entire season following his latest knee surgery.

"Right now I'm just going to try to rehab myself to get back to, I don't know, hopefully next season, hopefully the middle of the season. I don't know. Right now I'm just going to take things slow," he said Tuesday after meeting with San Francisco Giants trainer Stan Conte for 1 1/2 hours.

"I'm 40 years old, not 20, 30."

2005-03-22 12:26:55
29.   Jon Weisman
New thread dedicated to Bonds coming ...
2005-03-22 12:31:48
30.   scareduck
A bunch I'd like to see:

- Queen Latifah (real presence)
- Bruce Springsteen
- Tom Waits
- Joe Cocker (because there's not enough mumblers on this list)
- Jeanette Napolitano
- Gwen Stefani

I know, for the most part it dates me; so sad.

2005-03-22 12:35:54
31.   Icaros

Isn't that spelled Johnette, the singer from Concrete Blonde, right?

I had an ex who worshipped her, so we saw her play the HOB on Sunset in '98.

2005-03-22 12:48:08
32.   Jacob L
I'm actually not kidding when I say that when Manilow sang on Opening Day a few years ago, that was a dream come true.

Shouldn't the ideal opening day singer be from L.A.? How about Brian Wilson? Exene and John Doe? Or if we can reach beyond the grave, as several have suggested, Barry White?

Also, if I can redirect somewhat, here's my list of biggest celebs I have seen do the anthem at Dodger Stadium:
Sammy Davis, Jr. (top that)
Doc Severinson
Toni Tenille
Barry Williams? (name might be wrong, but Greg from Brady Bunch)
Carole King

2005-03-22 12:54:08
33.   brendan glynn
"Also, if Bing Crosby and David Bowie had a child, would he be named David Crosby? "

Eric, I'm sure Bing would insist the baby had his surname. Bing was a traditionalist.

2005-03-22 12:55:23
34.   Eric Enders
There's also the fact that Bing Bowie sounds like a pornstar name...
2005-03-22 13:12:35
35.   brendan glynn
Bada Bing Bowie. That would work.
2005-03-22 13:27:21
36.   Marty
John Doe
D. Boon
Richard Hell
2005-03-22 14:30:04
37.   Jon Weisman
Odalis Perez had a 26-pitch Spring Training debut today.
2005-03-22 14:51:27
38.   Jim Hitchcock
Leon Russell. Or Dr. John. Maybe I just need some gumbo.
2005-03-22 15:04:08
39.   Eric L
I wouldn't mind seeing someone like Alecia Keys do the anthem. I don't like the music on her albums much (just not my taste), but she seems to have a great voice..

And if we are calling people from beyond the dead, why not Marvin Gaye?

2005-03-22 15:11:04
40.   Jim Hitchcock
...or maybe Joe Cocker AND John Belushi...
2005-03-22 15:17:42
41.   Eric Enders
"And if we are calling people from beyond the dead, why not..."

Jimi Hendrix?

Actually, among living humans, probably the nicest version I've heard was Jose Feliciano's at the 1968 World Series:



2005-03-22 15:59:30
42.   Vishal
wow, that was indeed the nicest rendition i've heard as well. feliciano makes it sound like a decent song actually. almost all national anthems are pretty musically bad, though, but it's kind of by design i think.
2005-03-22 17:00:18
43.   Chris H
No votes for Ashlee Simpson?
2005-03-22 17:44:58
44.   Bob Timmermann
You can't like Jose Feliciano's version unless you're a hippie! Get a haircut, support your country.

I believe Feliciano was invited to sing at Tiger Stadium during the World Series by none other than Ernie Harwell.

2005-03-22 18:24:43
45.   Doug N
I heard "Disguised Masters" when I was studying in Budapest, which led to some further exposure to Jester Records, and the such. While I will graciously accept your anonymous praise, I should admit that I only know the name, and do not own a single track.

Yes, Rancid. i've always wanted to see them do the Anthem; and not in a Hendrix protest kind of way, or a Rosanne satire kind, but just because they're my favorite band.

2005-03-23 07:09:41
46.   Felton
Frank Drebin would be my pick
2005-03-24 07:28:38
47.   Alex Belth
I'd vote for Louis Armstrong playing the anthem on the horn. For my money, I've always liked the Marvin Gaye version from the 1983 NBA All-Star Game.

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