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Freeway Series Open Chat: April 1
2005-04-01 15:26
by Jon Weisman

So, who gets to see Joel Guzman in person tonight?

Update: No time for me to comment on it, but once again Bob Keisser of the Long Beach Press-Telegram established himself as one of the more open-minded columnists in town with this piece Tuesday.

A few of you might also be interested in this article by Keona Gardner, describing how money was spent in Vero Beach, including Dodgertown, in the aftermath of that area's hurricanes last year.

2005-04-01 15:43:45
1.   scareduck
2005-04-01 15:47:38
2.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, not me. But if Ihad been going to the game, I would probably have missed this gem of a listing on DirecTV:

"MLB Preseason BaseBall" "Los Angeles Dodgers @
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" From Angel Stadium of Anaheim in Anaheim, Calif.


2005-04-01 16:04:42
3.   bigcpa
I just scored some of the them there baseline seats for Sunday on the cheap! Please tell me Guzman gets a few ab's. I'll bring my camera.
2005-04-01 16:07:52
4.   Jim Hitchcock
The newly added seats? Lucky dawg!
2005-04-01 16:11:06
5.   FirstMohican
Not me. Apparently the two Los Angeles teams are playing in Anaheim. Hmmmmm... Looks like I'll have to watch it on T.V.
2005-04-01 16:12:03
6.   bigcpa
Got some aisle 37's for $30 each! I'll be the second tush to sit in them.
2005-04-01 16:17:50
7.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, in that case, change `newly added' to newly annointed'...
2005-04-01 17:03:08
8.   Chris H
I thought Keisser's column was pretty solid, but I heard him on McDonnell/Douglas earlier in the week and he hates Depo. He predicted that the Dodgers would struggle to win 70 games without Ishii and Green. It was very strange.
2005-04-01 17:22:31
9.   gvette
My reaction is the same as #8. Dodger hating McDonnell gleefully discussed Keisser's article as an open attack on DePo.

When interviewed, Keisser didn't say anything to dispel that opinion. Unfortunately, when the only other sportsradio option is Hacksaw, its either 710 or nothing.

Arte Moreno is sure getting his moneys worth with all the Angel promotion and propaganda constantly coming out of 710.

2005-04-01 17:29:40
10.   bigcpa
There is a clue in that column that Keisser doesn't really get it. He calls Finley vs. Drew a wash with the exception of age/durability. Hello? You'd think he'd pick up on a walk rate differnce of 9% vs. 18% and the huge OPS spread.
2005-04-01 17:33:12
11.   bigcpa
And what's the deal with Joe McDonnell anyway? He seems intelligent to me, but every time he brings up the Dodgers he sounds like a 13 year old having a tantrum. What was he saying when Evans acquired Tyler Houston to jump start the offense and signed Encarnacion? What was he saying after they won the West? I cannot even fathom what he would say if we won 95 games this year.
2005-04-01 18:09:39
12.   gvette
McDonnell, and the other old guard of the LA Sports Media are eerily reminiscent of the Robert Duvall character, Max Mercy, in "The Natural". Self appointed,self promoting, and self important "Guardians of the Game", resistant to all change.

It's probably just a happy coincidence that Big Joe, longtime fixture in the Dodger Press Box, but apparently bitter since supposedly being passed over by Peter O'Malley for a radio job is now such a voracious Angel fan, while working for the Angels radio flagship station.

2005-04-01 19:41:02
13.   Jonathan
I've never seen a crouch behind the plate quite like Phillips' before. Is that the "low target" everyone has been talking about?

Also, the Angels' play-by-play dude just said Gagne is on the DL for the start of the season due to a slight shoulder sprain.

2005-04-01 19:44:25
14.   Jim Hitchcock

Wait, wait...JD Drew!!

2005-04-01 20:07:40
15.   Jonathan
Elbow, rather.
2005-04-01 20:12:34
16.   biff pocoroba
Yep. Elbow. has the story at:

2005-04-01 20:22:44
17.   Jim Hitchcock
Hmmm. Elbow ligament sprain. Brought on by altered mechanics?
2005-04-01 20:36:00
18.   bokonon42
You're kidding about the Keisser piece, right? Not only does he seem to not get it, I'm not convinced he understands the pythagorean theorem. And the below, is the lamest sentence I've read all day:

"[Pythagoras] was also persecuted out of his home in Greece and lived the rest of his life in semi-exile in the Italian city of Lucania, which if you pinch-hit a T for an A gets you the anagram 'Lunatic.' "

2005-04-01 20:40:43
19.   Jon Weisman
New Gagne thread above.
2005-04-01 20:43:27
20.   Jon Weisman
As far as Keisser goes, I'm not saying he is giving DePodesta an endorsement, but his column actually does outline some of the bases for DePodesta's decisions.
2005-04-01 21:09:31
21.   bokonon42
I can't believe there's only one out.
2005-04-01 21:13:38
22.   Jim Hitchcock
Whooowee! Ugly.
2005-04-01 22:17:28
23.   molokai
Good thing Bako is a strong defensive catcher:)

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