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Payroll Update
2005-04-04 16:15
by Jon Weisman

With the Opening Day roster determined, I've updated the Estimated Dodger Payroll chart on the sidebar. Some notes:

1) Always remember that it says estimated. Corrections welcomed.

2) As of right now, the Dodgers have more than $30 million in salary going to players not on the 25-man roster - and that factors in a potential insurance refund in the Darren Dreifort case. Of course, that $30 million should reduce as most of the stars heal.

3) As of right now, the entire bullpen is earning less than $3 million.

4) I've budgeted $1 million to cover potential incentives - this is just a wild guess on my part. Open to suggestions.

2005-04-04 16:37:48
1.   Jonathan
Ken Gurnick said yesterday:
"Of the $100 million payroll, the Dodgers are paying $14 million in salaries to other teams' players (Juan Encarnacion, Shawn Green, Kazuhisa Ishii and Tom Martin)"

Everyone knows about the $10M going to AZ with Green. I'm pretty sure the Dodgers are responsible only for deferred '05 salary and part of possible '06 and '07 salaries for Ishii... so none this year. I have no idea how much they are sending to the Braves and Marlins for Martin and Encarnacion. Anybody have that info?

2005-04-04 16:40:27
2.   FR Fan
Way back when the Dodgers lost Beltre, I promised that if the opening day players' combined salary was $100m, I would eat crow.

Well, I'm crow free! Anyway, looking forward to the season, I'll be at Opening day and at least one other game in the opening series against the hated ones. I can't say I'm super excited about the Dodgers opening day roster, but I'm true blue and very excited for the season-- and also looking forward to checking out the new on-the-field seats!

2005-04-04 16:46:03
3.   Jon Ericson
$2.5 million seems like a lot to work with between now and the trading deadline. That's one Milton Bradley or Cesar Izturis. Maybe an Odalis Perez if they stretched the payroll a bit.
2005-04-04 16:50:20
4.   Sam NYC
Can you trade a player on the DL?
Could the Dodgers trade Dreifort and a couple prospects to KC for Sweeney? I keep having this ridiculous nightmare that Hee Seop Choi is our first baseman ...
2005-04-04 17:18:38
5.   Jacob L
Well I suppose they could trade Dreifort and prospects for Sweeney. The issue is that Dreifort @ 5 mill and perpetually on the dl doesn't help KC, or anybody else with a good player, to get the deal done. He's our problem. Or put another way, a deal with Dreifort and 2 prospects could probably be done with 1 prospect without Dreifort (assuming both prospects are very good).

I, personally, will let the Hee Seop comment slide, though, I don't expect it to go untouched.

2005-04-04 17:24:34
6.   Jon Weisman
I'm almost sure you can't trade disabled players. In any event, are you kidding or just dreaming? Any two prospects that would make acquiring Dreifort worthwhile for KC would have to be gold.

And the difference between Sweeney and Choi is not going to be that great.

2005-04-04 17:28:31
7.   Bob Timmermann
You can trade disabled players from sources I read last year. It's usually not done, but there is no explicit prohibition against it.
2005-04-04 17:58:11
8.   the OZ
Typically, DL players are traded as PTBNL's since a GM doesn't want his local paper to write that he traded for someone that was hurt. It's done, but not explicitly.

Also, isn't Odalis Perez making more than $3M this year? His new contract is 3-$24, and I'd be surprized if it is that heavily backloaded.

Also, isn't it amazingly hard to find detailed player contract information on the web? There's got be be an official source somewhere, right?

2005-04-04 18:09:05
9.   LetsGoDodgers
Sam in NYC, are you trying to compile the All-DL team? Why not trade away some prospects to get Slammin' Sammy and Juan Gone to flank JD Drew in the outfield, the trainer's room, and inevitably the Kerlan-Jobe clinic?

FWIW, $2.5M in "cash" at the trading deadline is worth closer to $5M in pro-rated contract value.

2005-04-04 18:13:36
10.   bigcpa
I sat in the new baseline seats yesterday- just past the Dodger dugout. See photos attached. I think they did a great job integrating the new seats. I was in row 10 of 11 with Field Box A right behind. I moved down to the front row for the 9th to watch Guzman's walkoff homer that wasn't.

2005-04-04 18:33:04
11.   Jon Ericson
In my defense, I said "between now and the trading deadline". ;-)
2005-04-04 19:32:15
12.   Landonkk
Is it fair to assume an $8 - $9 million insurance payout on Dreifort?

From what I have read, it will be minimal if anything at all. If you have more info on it, I'd like to read more about it.

BTW - Perez $3 million for 2005 is correct.

2005-04-04 19:56:17
13.   Rainman
I've been reading Dodger Thoughts for a while, but I've finally gotten signed up to post...

Just had one thing to offer. Everybody should know by now that the team fielded on Tuesday will certainly NOT be identical to a contender on August 1st.

If nothing else, DePo has shown that he's going to do what it takes to address needs as they become apparent. That's a drastic change from past years where we've sat on deficiencies that have cost us titles. While my emotional ties were tested this offseason, I very much like the approach that DePo has taken, and believe that we're MUCH better positioned in the long run than we've been for many years. Having the kind of payroll flexibility he's created almost guarantees he'll make the necessary moves in July if the team is in contention. If not, he'll continue to build toward long-term stability and position the team to take over a very weak division for the next few years.

Looking forward to another season of Dodger baseball!

2005-04-04 20:04:02
14.   Suffering Bruin
Today's fact of Choi, SB's favorite player, 2005:

The ten most similar players to Hee-Seop, according to are...

Wayne Belardi (974)
Hal Breeden (968)
Gary Gray (964)
Joe Vitiello (964)
Jack Graham (962)
Jeff Liefer (957)
Bobby Mitchell (957)
Joe Lis (956)
Dave Hostetler (955)
Len Matuszek (955)

Choi hasn't had a long career so none of these scores is particularly high. He has at least a twenty point edge in OBP on every player listed. Some of these players have OBP's under .300. Go figure...

2005-04-04 20:05:22
15.   Suffering Bruin
And no, Icaros, to my knowledge not one of those guys were born near nuclear power plants. :)
2005-04-04 20:12:57
16.   A E LUTHER
Echoing Rainman's sentiments:

In today's market having a "flexible" payroll is key. Certainly DePo will make moves as needed. I also like the fact the guys who have a good spring can still make the squad (Repko). I like this team. They literally have "no names". My wife mentioned that the other night while we were watching the game, and I mentioned to her that the idea of no names on the uni's enforces the "team concept". She replied, "i guess that means that I'll have to by a program".

My reaction: How much are the programs this year? I'll probably need one too....

2005-04-04 21:37:38
17.   Icaros
I'm letting the joke go...slowly.
2005-04-04 21:47:59
18.   Jim Hitchcock
Too late...Nuke Boy is ingrained in our conciousness.
2005-04-04 23:42:00
19.   Linkmeister
Bobby Mitchell? The halfback/receiver from the Redskins in the 60s?

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