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April 6 Open Chat: Group Hug
2005-04-06 15:21
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

Pretty tense 24 hours in the comments for Dodger Thoughts, and noone feel more responsible for that than me do. (I typo to lighten the mood.) From the moment I make my original post, through any comment that gets made on the site, I feel it's my job to keep things both interesting and fun. It's clear that some people didn't feel they were getting fair treatment, and I don't want anyone to feel that way.

Even more sadly, I signed on this morning with the specific goal of keeping things light after the Opening Day loss - hence the silly Angels intro and the feeble joke in the middle - but others in the comments did a much better job than me of moderating the discussion. I hope to do better and keep this a place where people feel comfortable in expressing themselves, regardless of their viewpoints. Nobody knows everything.

More to do with the disappointment people felt after Tuesday's game, I was reminded this morning of the confrontation on the mound in The Bad News Bears between Vic Morrow and Brandon Cruz, the father-son coach-pitcher combo for the Yankees. That moment where everyone on either side feels that things have gotten way too serious. You can include this among analogies that don't quite work, but as passionate as we get, let's not forget that at the end of the day, rather than gloat or mope about the final result, it's best to end the day by tossing cans of beer to the kids.

So let's have ourselves a game, let's get happy and sad, let's agree and disagree, and let's have some fun.

As Alex 7 said, "Group hug." And, as Steve Martin says:

Steve: And now, let's recite the nonconformist's oath! I promise to be different.

Audience: I promise to be different.

Steve: I promise to be unique.

Audience: I promise to be unique.

Steve: I promise not to repeat things other people say.

Audience: (murmurs)

Steve: Good!

Comments (422)
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2005-04-06 15:40:13
1.   Jim Tracy
So, do we get to see Jason Repko bat 2nd tonight?
2005-04-06 15:41:07
2.   Neil
Much love Jon. Take it easy on yourself.
2005-04-06 15:43:55
3.   Eric L

Are you condoning underage drinking?

I never thought I would see that on DT..

Seriously, good post.

2005-04-06 15:44:26
4.   dan reines
re: #1

we should be asking YOU that question.

2005-04-06 15:47:48
5.   tomb

In case you need reminding Jon, yours is the best, friendliest, and most even dodgers coverge around. Imagine Plaschke trying to mediate a discussion... Most of the time that is true of the posts here as well. And your jokes this morning made me laugh out loud-- I actually had to come up with a quick excuse for the outburst to ameliorate my boss. But the point is-- dodgerthoughts rocks the block.

2005-04-06 15:48:52
6.   Jim Tracy
Do I think Repko should bat 2nd? Yes I do.
2005-04-06 15:50:03
7.   Bob Timmermann
I never knew that Brandon Cruz was in that movie.

Wow. I'm stunned. How could I not know that?

2005-04-06 15:50:27
8.   Jim Tracy
re: #4

how would i know? i'm not depodesta. i only change pitchers after the 5th inning if a lefty follows a righty or vice versa.

2005-04-06 15:50:52
9.   Jon Weisman
Check this out:

2005-04-06 15:52:17
10.   Jon Weisman
Bob, I should have added to that paragraph, "People let me tell you about my best friend ..."
2005-04-06 15:54:23
11.   Bob Timmermann
TJ Simers pointed out Tracy's 120-83 record in 1-run games. It's evidence that the Dodgers are best equipped to winning tight games. Which could be somewhat true since for much of that Gagne saved a fair number of 1-run leads.

But 120-83 is a .591 winning percentage. But it also means that in all other games, Tracy has a .533 (I forgot the last digit, sorry). He's .549 in all games (not counting yesterday).

So, when the game isn't close does that mean Tracy isn't a very good manager?

2005-04-06 15:57:53
12.   brendan glynn
Posted this in the thread below at #106(but who reads that far besides Jon and Bob?) I think it applies to the positive spin for game # 2.

I was going to jump out a window at the start of last season. On paper that team was a piece of crap and then they followed up with the worst spring training I've ever seen.

The 2004 team cured me of my (premature) hand wringing and teeth grinding, especially over one day.

I just thought back to how I felt a year ago and today doesn't seem so bad. Not sure how long it will last but it's working so far.

2005-04-06 15:58:46
13.   DodgerJoe
we're sitting feeling bad for ourselves with losing 4-2 to the best pitcher in the NL, but it does seem the A's have it worse (so far) in looking at that link.

BTW, has MLB released the steroid suspensions for the Florida Spring Training teams?

2005-04-06 16:01:14
14.   jasonungar05
As I mentioned in post number 8 in the morning thread:

Game 2 can't come soon enough!

Thanks again for the site John.

Go Blue.

2005-04-06 16:01:31
15.   Jim Tracy

In my opinion (or should I say IMO to sound cooler), the Dodger team strength has been it's bullpen pitching under Tracy, which makes them a good team when the game is close. So, if a game is 1-1, or 2-2 after f innings, I would say the Dodgers are 60-40 favorites to win (or 59.1%).

Also, the lower percentage in non-close games is a sign that our offense has not been great the last 3-4 years. Therefore, we are that much less likely to blow out another team and win big. I'm actually surprised that the Dodgers are above .500 in non-one run games. I wonder if the Dodgers are below .500 in games decided by more than two runs. Anyone?

2005-04-06 16:02:38
16.   Jim Tracy
after 5 innings, not f innings. I should have previewed comment before saving.
2005-04-06 16:03:43
17.   Sam NYC
If you want to see overreaction, I wish you guys could have seen the Yankees fans' reaction after today's defeat. Rivera blows two straight saves to open the season and people are ready to retire him. I heard one guy say "We need to go get Gagne." I laughed but then began to panic -- when Yankees fans start saying crap like that, they end up with the guy.
2005-04-06 16:05:36
18.   Eric L
Yeah, I can hear some Yankee fan calling up sports talk and saying..

"How about we trade Tony Womack and Ruben Sierra to the Dodgers for Eric Gagne"

2005-04-06 16:06:38
19.   Bob Timmermann
Our Jim Tracy isn't quite like Baseball Primer's Larry Bowa. I love it when "Larry Bowa" posts there.
2005-04-06 16:09:27
20.   Jerry
I'm late in joining the discussion, but here's my perspective:

We may have a weakness to replace at third base, judging by yesterday's performance.

Judging by yesterday's performance, we may also have a very good starter.

Given the talent distribution in the majors, wouldn't you rather have a weakness at third base than at the top of your rotation? DePodesta can find a solid third base replacement a lot easier.

So, basically, I'm not worried at all.

2005-04-06 16:10:36
21.   Suffering Bruin
I was at work today... what did I miss?

Seriously, it's hard not to feel a little frustrated when Tim Brown joins the Plaschkers to denounce the Dodger performance after just one game. I second the notion put forth many that game 2 can't come soon enough.


Today's fact of Choi, SB's favorite player, 2005:

The San Francisco Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins seems to be doing his all to drum up the Dodger/Giant rivalry. Here's a sampling...

"You laughed at the Los Angeles Dodgers throughout the offseason and even Tuesday morning, when you saw the starting lineups: Ricky Ledee in left field, Jason Phillips catching and Hee Seop Choi the most miscast No. 2 hitter in the history of baseball."

Because the last thing you want in a number two hitter is someone with a high OBP.

2005-04-06 16:11:20
22.   Smirk
I'm still hugging.
2005-04-06 16:11:27
23.   Bob Timmermann
I would have been shocked if the Dodgers record in games not decided by 1 run was under .500. Very few teams have a huge difference in the long term in winning percentage between 1-run games and other games.

1-run game records have been shown to have little predictive value. Games decided by 2 or more runs tend to be more predictive. The best teams will blow out their opponents and rarely be blown out.

Except for last year's Yankees. They took some pastings last year, yet still had a very good record.

2005-04-06 16:13:18
24.   Sam NYC
I'm taking bets on Choi's vaunted OBP this season. The over/under is .310. I'll start it out with calling the under.
2005-04-06 16:14:12
25.   Sam NYC

I'm sorry, but SB started it. :)

2005-04-06 16:14:19
26.   dan reines
not sure that cash bets are a good idea on jon's family-friendly site. how about just for vaunting rights?
2005-04-06 16:14:43
27.   Sam NYC
Still hugging though.
2005-04-06 16:15:29
28.   Jim Tracy

Is Larry Bowa more interesting than I am? Well color me stunned. And now that Jim Riggleman is gone, who is going to wake me up so I can go fight with the umpire unconvincingly over a meaningless call so that it appears that I care?

2005-04-06 16:15:35
29.   Eric L
Seeing that his career OBP is .370, I'll gladly take the over. The only time he has posted a lower OBP was in 2002 in only 50 ABs.
2005-04-06 16:16:50
30.   Eric L

Larry is more interesting than you because on BTF, he is a drunk that likes to swear alot.

At least he is a funny drunk.

2005-04-06 16:17:57
31.   Bob Timmermann
Alex Cora batted second for Cleveland today. He went 2 for 5.

Brian Jordan is batting second for Atlanta today.

Cristian Guzman is batting second for Washington.

Ken Griffey is batting second for Cincinnati.

Those all unusual #2 hitters for various reasons.

Griffey is the most sensible choice. Cora was playing shortstop today for Cleveland.

2005-04-06 16:18:21
32.   Jim Tracy

I'll take the over. I actually think Choi will have a decent year. And he will have an even better year in 2006. He's only 26, right?

2005-04-06 16:18:25
33.   Smirk
I'm with Eric. Gimme the over.
2005-04-06 16:18:41
34.   Bob Timmermann
Bushmills, Jim. You need a bottle of Bushmills.
2005-04-06 16:19:36
35.   Jim Tracy

I can swear a little bit, gosh darn it. Y'all can go to heck.

2005-04-06 16:21:59
36.   Smirk
Mmm. Bushmills.
2005-04-06 16:22:03
37.   Howard Fox
From what I hear, the over/under in vegas on the Dodgers this year is 82 wins.
2005-04-06 16:22:03
38.   Jim Tracy
:) I do need some bushmills. Especially if the Dodgers lose tonight. I'll be like Bob Uecker (drunk and in a wifebeater) in Major League when the Indians suck.
2005-04-06 16:24:54
39.   Suffering Bruin
Hugging right back, Sam.

I've got a bet with my best friend that Choi in full-time play will have an OPS above .800. He's smiling pretty broadly today because he knows that Choi is target number one for the anti-Moneyball crowd.

2005-04-06 16:25:18
40.   Jim Hitchcock
Would take quite a bit of Bushmills to induce me into a group hug...can't we just shake hands
and sing Kumbaya?
2005-04-06 16:27:36
41.   Howard Fox
Choi will be back on the bench by June at the latest. The experiment will not last long.

Kent to first, Perez to second.

Valentin will get a little more latitude, but not much. Nakamura will be back before you know it.

2005-04-06 16:29:48
42.   Icaros
Care to tell us when World War III starts, Howard? I need to make vacation plans.
2005-04-06 16:31:18
43.   Howard Fox
You don't want to hear my answer on that one
2005-04-06 16:32:38
44.   Sam NYC

As a fellow Bruin, I appreciate your hug.

You need to get more in touch with your feminine side. Join the hug and perhaps we can help you touch your feminine side.

2005-04-06 16:36:51
45.   Jim Hitchcock
But would you still respect me in the morning?
2005-04-06 16:37:29
46.   Icaros
Well, Howard, I wish you'd reconsider. I've been wanting to see Switzerland for some time now and would like to know the best time to visit.
2005-04-06 16:37:46
47.   Sam NYC
No, of course not
2005-04-06 16:38:05
48.   Icaros
Maybe the North Pole would be even safer, though.
2005-04-06 16:43:00
49.   Howard Fox
You probably should book your trip sooner than later.
2005-04-06 16:43:29
50.   Howard Fox
Just remember that Bush is traveling a road paved with good intentions.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-06 16:43:31
51.   GoBears
Howard, if you think Choi will deserve to ride pine by June, then I think you're wrong. If you think that Tracy will bench him despite his hitting well, then if I were DePo, I'd fire Tracy for that. That'd finish the team makeover. I'll take the over on the Choi OBP of .310 and the over on 82 wins.
2005-04-06 16:43:46
52.   Icaros
I hope no baseball games get cancelled.
2005-04-06 16:45:42
53.   Howard Fox
None will be cancelled, but the defense will look as if they were.
2005-04-06 16:46:45
54.   GoBears
SamNYC: Love the report about New Yorkers panicking over MoRivera. But we needn't worry about losing Gagne for junk. Not because DePo's too smart for that, but because after the Randy Johnson/Shawn Green/Javy Vasquez debacle, the Yankees said they'd never do business with teh Dodgers again. So even if DePo were dumb enough, the Yanks wouldn't do it as a matter of principle. So they've got that going for them...which is nice.
2005-04-06 16:47:18
55.   Howard Fox
they'll go over the 82 unless any one of Gagne, Penny or Werth don't make it back...
2005-04-06 16:48:11
56.   Howard Fox
to get Gagne, the Yankees will forget making that statement
2005-04-06 16:48:33
57.   Jim Tracy
Do I think that the Yankees have principles? No I do not.
2005-04-06 16:49:07
58.   Jon Weisman
World War III? Boy, the dominoes from the Dodgers' late delivery of Howard's tickets continue to topple.
2005-04-06 16:49:59
59.   Icaros
Well, I'm sure that, just like the last World War, many of baseball's star players will leave their teams to join the fight.

If I stay in the country, maybe I can get a start or two at second base for the Dodgers.

2005-04-06 16:50:13
60.   Howard Fox
Jon, you have no idea
2005-04-06 16:50:21
61.   Sam NYC
"I'd put Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin in my outfield if it would win me some ballgames"

-- Billy Martin

He didn't say that because he was drunk, he said that because he's a Yankee. That's how the Yankees think. If "Damn Yankees" ended appropriately, the GM of the Yankees would say, "He made a deal with the Devil? He must be GREAT!" and then they'd sign him and become devil-worshippers.

2005-04-06 16:50:48
62.   Bob Timmermann
It was Randy Levine who said that he would never deal with the Dodgers again. He is the Yankee executive in charge of making outrageous statements. I'm sure Brian Cashman would make a deal with the Dodgers if the situation came up.

Randy Levine was the guy who wanted the Devil Rays to forfeit games because they didn't fly through a potential hurricane to get to New York.

Randy Levine is the Waylon Smithers to Steinbrenner's Monty Burns.

2005-04-06 16:52:06
63.   Icaros
Jon, maybe if the Dodgers had used Dominoes, Howard's tickets would have been delivered on time, and piping hot.
2005-04-06 16:52:56
64.   GoBears
"they'll go over the 82 unless any one of Gagne, Penny or Werth don't make it back... "

Any one? Don't make it back? First, I like all 3 guys, but I think all 3 are replaceable. Obviously nobody would close as well as Gagne, but they'd have to be a LOT worse (in my mind) for the team to lose half its games. Losing Gagne doesn't mean that EVERY save opportunity is blown (or even a lot of them).

And other than Penny, whose injury is weird and obviously somewhat mysterious, why would we worry that these guys won't make it back at all? Even if Werth and Gagne miss half a season each, is that enough to generate a below-.500 record? I don't think so. Partly because the team is pretty deep and can mix and match pretty well.

2005-04-06 16:53:22
65.   Howard Fox
they were hot, right off the presses...
2005-04-06 16:56:22
66.   Sam NYC
BTW, a little more news from NYC

Time Warner and Cablevision are fighting again so the Mets are not being televised. So, on the channel that normally plays the Mets games, there is a blank screen with audio of the Mets radio broadcast. In response, Cablevision, who owns the Mets, has bought radio ad time trashing Time Warner.

Meanwhile, nobody really seems to care either way.

2005-04-06 16:57:14
67.   Howard Fox
you have more faith than I do...I see this and maybe 2006 as well as transition years, even though no one will tell us that...
2005-04-06 16:59:19
68.   Icaros
In today's world of instability, isn't every year, for everyone, a year of transition?
2005-04-06 17:00:09
69.   GoBears
Saith the BobT: "I'm sure Brian Cashman would make a deal with the Dodgers if the situation came up."

I'm sure he would too. I was just joshin'.

2005-04-06 17:00:11
70.   Sam NYC
You made a haiku!
2005-04-06 17:00:22
71.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are the betting favorite for tonight's game. -200 for the Dodgers, +170 for the Giants.
2005-04-06 17:01:10
72.   wkk
- Jon, your site and its commentors have renewed my interest in baseball and the Dodgers. That we are all passionate is a good thing!
- The Catfish Stew posting is blank, what up?
- IMO may be cool, but IMHO is cooler.
- I look forward to SB's daily fact of Choi.
- I'll take the over on Choi's OBP, I just hope Tracy gives Choi a chance.
- Speaking of Uecker, his character in Major League mentions how the first at bat gives an indication of how the season will go. I've never correlated Dodger first at bats with season finishes, but I remember Sax's lead off home run in '88, and they lost that first game too. Maybe Izturis gives us an indication of things to come!
2005-04-06 17:01:21
73.   Jim Tracy
Would you rather have Bradley or Gutierrez in CF... right now? How about by the end of the year?
2005-04-06 17:03:03
74.   Jerry
Bradley. Bradley.
2005-04-06 17:04:07
75.   Jim Hitchcock
The #1 bestest reason I prefer baseball over football? In football, you cannot say `Don't worry, champ...we'll get 'em tomorrow'.
2005-04-06 17:04:39
76.   Howard Fox
I, for one, happen to be a big fan of Bradley. I see him as very talented, and having a competitive spirit that many other Dodgers could use a little more of. I also think his "anger management issues" are a lot over blown.

Now if I don't get my tickets soon, I'll go Bradley on them....

2005-04-06 17:05:31
77.   GoBears

I agree that this year and next year are of the transitional variety. That's why I'm not predicting a pennant or a championship. But what I think is remarkable about all these moves is that while the team seems much more secure (and better) a few years out, it also seems better in 2005 than in 2004. The short run was not sacrificed for the medium run. No good prospects were given up, and some were added. Look again at Fourth Outfielder's "holistic" assessment of the DePo trade moves, and it's hard to argue that the team got worse overall, even before we see if Guzman, Jackson, et al. pan out.

2005-04-06 17:06:59
78.   Jim Hitchcock
Sorry, Howard...we saw what your presence at the Freeway series accomplished.
2005-04-06 17:08:08
79.   Rick
The reason everyone is so crazed is because of what a big offseason this was for us, especially after claiming the NL West after so many years of nothing. That said, I want the Dodgers to win as much as the next guy, and I feel confident with DePo running the show.

I'll take the over on Choi.

2005-04-06 17:09:38
80.   Jon Weisman
In 86 minutes since the first comment, a total of 78 comments. Crazy. We're almost at comment-a-minute territory. It's like the Hank (R.I.P.) and Bo Show.
2005-04-06 17:09:48
81.   GoBears
"Now if I don't get my tickets soon, I'll go Bradley on them..."

Good one. Isn't (or wasn't) a Bradley a big military vehicle? A tank or APC or somepin'? Cuz Howard's joke made me think that there's a Method to Milton's Madness (ahem). He "goes Bradley" every so often in the pursuit of a new nickname. Sounds crazy, but if your parents were cruel enough to name you Milton Bradley, wouldn't you take desperate measures to change the referent?

2005-04-06 17:11:40
82.   Marty
Still huggin it over here boss...
2005-04-06 17:12:43
83.   Howard Fox
GoB, I agree for the most part with you. After seeing some of the youngsters, I have mixed feelings on their ultimate abilities. Most of you are students of statistics, while I, interestingly enough, am not when it comes to baseball.

I like the looks of Loney and Perez, but don't have that warm and fuzzy feeling about Guzman. I don't see him making it.

An interesting aside, I remember a story about DePodesta...with all the talk about computers and nerd, etc etc, he is at a minor league game evaluating players along with other scouts...they are all talking about prospects being 5 tools this and 5 tools that while they are striking out and making errors. His comments then were that while numbers and stats were critical, they were not the end all.

2005-04-06 17:14:02
84.   Bob Timmermann
I'm typing this comment left-handed.
2005-04-06 17:14:06
85.   Howard Fox
What's wrong with the name Milton Bradley?

signed, Joyce Brother's brother, Parker.

2005-04-06 17:15:20
86.   Jim Hitchcock
Just think, Jon...It's kinda like having 40 or so rabid Dodger fans in your living room waiting for the game to start.
2005-04-06 17:15:51
87.   Howard Fox
"I'll take the over on Choi."

You mean Choi is over?

2005-04-06 17:16:22
88.   Howard Fox
We may be frothing at the mouth, but we aren't rabid.
2005-04-06 17:18:06
89.   Bob Timmermann
If we were rabid, I would be afraid that Atticus Finch would have to shoot us.
2005-04-06 17:21:07
90.   Jim Tracy
Have I ever been accused of being rabid? I certainly have not. Darn!
2005-04-06 17:27:25
91.   Jim Tracy
Jeol Guzman not making it?!?!?!?! That's like saying Edwin Jackson is NOT the next Dwight Gooden.
2005-04-06 17:35:50
92.   Icaros
How does one pronounce "Jeol"? I thought he was Dominican; is he actually one of Choi's countrymen?
2005-04-06 17:40:50
93.   Jim Tracy
What do I know? I only pencil in the last names.
2005-04-06 17:42:17
94.   Howard Fox
2005-04-06 17:48:42
95.   Sam NYC
"Right-hander Brad Penny could be on pace to make his first start April 19 at Milwaukee, but his recovery from a biceps nerve injury has been so deliberate that nobody is making any promises."

Translated: Remember the other twenty times we lied and said Penny was okay, you can believe us now. Kinda. Sorta. Not really.

2005-04-06 17:53:53
96.   Linkmeister
Howard, I think it's Jo-El.

Don't mind me, I'm the guy in the corner with the sackcloth and ashes.

161 games to go, right?

2005-04-06 17:54:33
97.   Jim Tracy
I hate this... I was actually happy that we were getting Penny even thought LoDuca was one of my favortie players. Our rotation is so dependant on Penny being healthy, it's scary!
2005-04-06 17:55:02
98.   Jim Tracy
sorry, i've got typing issues today.
2005-04-06 17:57:55
99.   Vishal
the bradley is an armored fighting vehicle. i think it's named after the general omar bradley.
2005-04-06 17:59:54
100.   GoBears
Wow, 100 comments!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-06 18:04:16
101.   Jim Hitchcock
Do comments about the number of comments count?
2005-04-06 18:07:17
102.   Marty
Haven't seen any Bonds news lately. How's the rehab/detox going I wonder?
2005-04-06 18:07:27
103.   Jim Tracy
i think we had 5-6 comments about bushmill. i don't think we are being picky.
2005-04-06 18:12:17
104.   Marty
If anyone's up for some torture, ESPN2 is doing the Dodger-Giant game too.
2005-04-06 18:16:50
105.   Jim Tracy
I think Joe Morgan injected steroids into his brain.
2005-04-06 18:23:18
106.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, that's weird. FSW2 and ESPN? They'll probably blank out ESPN in L.A.
2005-04-06 18:26:39
107.   Jim Hitchcock
Another wow. Brad Wilkerson of the Nats (too late to change the name to the Solons?) hit for the cycle today.
2005-04-06 18:31:42
108.   Jim Tracy
hasn't he done this before?
2005-04-06 18:32:22
109.   Colorado Blue
Comment #62: "Randy Levine is the Waylon Smithers to Steinbrenner's Monty Burns."

No Bob, I've made it quite clear that DePo is the Smithers to McCourt's Burns... just ask one of the guys at ESPN. If you can't get through, then I suggest you contact Hee Sop's agent.

2005-04-06 18:35:18
110.   Jim Tracy
yahoo sports shows LA's lineup as


I'm really interested to see how the Valentin switch hitting goes. He is supposed to suck from the right side of the plate. Also, it'll be interesting to see if Repko can start the season like he ended spring training. And I am really disappointed that Tracy will use Choi in a platoon with Saenz. Stupid stupid stupid. Give him some time, see how he does.

2005-04-06 18:36:01
111.   Jim Tracy
btw, wilkerson has hit for the cycle before. this is the 2nd time in his career.
2005-04-06 18:39:44
112.   Marty
Has anyone else done it twice?
2005-04-06 18:42:18
113.   Jim Tracy
Three people have done it three times
2005-04-06 18:43:27
114.   Jim Hitchcock
Agree about Saenz. Is Choi going to our first baseman, or what? Or is the plan going to evolve into platooning half the infield?
2005-04-06 18:44:57
115.   alex 7
what an odd stat line Wilkerson had last year. 32 HRs and only 67 rbis, a whopping 152 strikeouts but also 106 walks. A leadoff Jim-Thome?
2005-04-06 18:46:14
116.   alex 7
You would think Choi could get some good hacks in against a lefty that only throws 85 mph.
2005-04-06 18:51:42
117.   Jim Tracy
Yeah it's frustrating. Choi is a perfect example of where DePo and Tracy will clash. After all the talk about Choi modifying his swing, getting some home runs, etc., etc. He's going to sit against lefties? And Saenz? So much for infield defense.
2005-04-06 18:57:14
118.   KAYVMON
So, im sitting here trying to study for my labor economics test and I just can't do it (Im blaming it on the fact that I know the dodger game is starting soon) Anyways I decide to do reading for my collective bargaining class so I can be productive in another way but all this chapter is talking about is sports and about three pages in, the author mentions the Dodgers. In it, it says the Dodgers in 2001 had the third highest payroll (suprisingly at $109 million only $800,000 less than the Yankees) and that the average player on the Dodgers earned in excess of $4 million. Looking back, its kind of hard to be made at Depo for giving Lowe that contract.
2005-04-06 18:57:41
119.   KAYVMON
sorry, MAD
2005-04-06 18:58:25
120.   Marty
I agree. Unless Saenz has a .750 avg against Dumbo, I like Saenz much more when he's on the bench.
2005-04-06 19:03:19
121.   Steve
But Valentin's in the lineup!
2005-04-06 19:06:14
122.   Bob Timmermann
Chris Speier and John Olerud are two guys who have hit for the cycle twice.

And yet no Dodger has done since 1970 I believe. It was Wes Parker.

A few years back, Sheffield needed just a single to hit for the cycle in Colorado and Julian Tavarez hit him with a pitch and knocked him out of the game.

2005-04-06 19:06:37
123.   GoBears
I don't mind platooning per se. I agree that Choi will never get better against lefties if he never gets to face them. So from a player-development standpoint (and he IS still young), it seems dumb. Especially when Valentin's platoon split is huge, and he's in there. But if they're going to platoon 2 or 3 guys, they need a longer bench when late-game pitching changes make starting lineups obsolete. Why carry 12 pitchers, (including 2 LOOGYs, right?) when you PLAN to use 11-12 hitters per game - leaving only the backup catcher in reserve? I generally think that 12 pitchers is too many, but especially when you want to use a lot of platoons.
2005-04-06 19:12:35
124.   GoBears
Kinda garbled my thoughts there. All of the SABR stuff about the Valentin signing was that this was a good pickup for the Dodgers (money notwithstanding) provided he was never allowed to face LH pitching. He has had a long career to prove that he can't hit southpaws, and rakes northpaws. Choi has a platoon split, but with too few ABs against lefties to know if it's really real. Plus, again, he's young. He can still improve. Valentin MUST be platooned. Choi should play every day unless he proves he can't do it. If Choi gets the day off because Tracy is afraid to play Saenz (another good hitter if only in a platoon) at 3rd base but is willing to play him at first, then we return to the question of whether you'd rather have a Valentin-Nakamura platoon or a Saenz-Choi one.
2005-04-06 19:14:16
125.   Sam DC
Saw on that Jose Valentin has hit for the cycle.

My wife would like to know if anyone has ever hit for the cycle in order.

2005-04-06 19:14:19
126.   Linkmeister
What was really strange about the lineup FSNW2 showed on the screen was that it listed Saenz as the DH, with no first baseman in the batting order at all. Had me scratching my head a bit.
2005-04-06 19:15:47
127.   Jim Hitchcock
The Dodgers have never stated it, but I don't think the 12 pitcher situation is going to last forever. Think it will change as Penny and Gagne return, once they get a better picture of the bullpen, and the desire to bring Nakamura back.
2005-04-06 19:20:36
128.   Jim Tracy
13 players have hit for the cycle in order (1B, 2B, 3B, HR) including Brad Wilkerson and Jose Valentin of all people.
2005-04-06 19:20:37
129.   the OZ
On a chilly night in San Francisco, Moises Alou isn't wearing batting gloves OR long sleeves.

Think he pees on his arms, too, to toughen them up against the cold seaside air?

2005-04-06 19:20:55
130.   Tommy Naccarato
Finley would have caught that ball to center.....
2005-04-06 19:21:16
131.   Jim Tracy
I agree.. I'd rather have Nakamura than Saenz on the 25 man roster. Plus, can Nakamura play 1st at all?
2005-04-06 19:22:30
132.   corey
I'm not reading 130 posts.

Is anyone else dealing with the volume issues on FSN? The commercials are about 50 decibals higher than the game. Very annoying.

2005-04-06 19:23:25
133.   Sam DC
Thanks Jim (#128). My wife now understands why you've got the reins of our club.
2005-04-06 19:25:07
134.   Bob Timmermann
When Jose Valentin hit for the cycle (4/27/2000)
Singled in the 1st inning
Doubled in the 2nd inning
Tripled in the 3rd inning
Homered in the 7th inning

He had a strikeout in between.

2005-04-06 19:28:00
135.   Dr Love
Kent was out on that, but hey, I'll take it.

Kuiper/Krukow on the other hand, I don't think I can take much more of this. Meat.

2005-04-06 19:28:52
136.   Jim Hitchcock
Nakamura played a few innings at first in ST. Believe it was Saenz' FB mitt he had to borrow.

Thattaway Phillips!

2005-04-06 19:28:55
137.   Marty
Lo Duca would have hit that pitch out
2005-04-06 19:29:49
138.   Sam DC
Well, if Phillips hits for the cycle tonight, he won't be doing so in order.
2005-04-06 19:30:16
139.   Bob Timmermann
I'm surprised Olmedo can run 270 feet.
2005-04-06 19:32:37
140.   corey
Any ESPN Insiders here? Please post Buster Olney's brilliant story: "One game into the season, Buster Olney says the Dodgers have big problem"
2005-04-06 19:32:53
141.   Jim Hitchcock
Run, Forrest, run!
2005-04-06 19:37:27
142.   Jim Tracy
Cora would have thrown him out and then saved a falling baby in the third row. Kent sucks!!!
2005-04-06 19:39:15
143.   Tommy Naccarato
my first positive post of the new season (and of the year!)

It felt good seeing these guys score two runs against these bastard Giants!

Jon, the group hug worked!

2005-04-06 19:39:40
144.   Jim Hitchcock
That's the way to inspire the team, Mr. Tracy!
2005-04-06 19:39:51
145.   Tommy Naccarato
Great DP!
2005-04-06 19:40:31
146.   Bob Timmermann
Olney's story is nothing you haven't heard before.

"The Dodgers made a lot of changes... The defense isn't as good.... Jose Valentin made an error."

It was like a Plaschke column except with less histrionics and self-righteousness.

2005-04-06 19:40:34
147.   Vishal
for the record, jameson is much better than bushmills.
2005-04-06 19:40:56
148.   Vishal
NICE throw by drew!!
2005-04-06 19:41:04
149.   Bob Timmermann
The defense stinks this inning! Stinks!
2005-04-06 19:41:04
150.   Marty
nice peg J.D.!!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-04-06 19:41:07
151.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, what a throw!
2005-04-06 19:41:31
152.   Tommy Naccarato
2005-04-06 19:42:01
153.   Marty
I'm a bourbon man. Love that Bookers...
2005-04-06 19:43:17
154.   Dr Love
They should have left their gloves in the dugout!
2005-04-06 19:43:45
155.   Vishal
haha, vinny is now talking up the dodger defense. i love that man.
2005-04-06 19:45:48
156.   Jim Hitchcock
"...J.T. Snow, who was actually melting on the way to second base...". No what you mean, Vishal.
2005-04-06 19:48:12
157.   A E LUTHER
Green would not have made that play that Drew made,saw it on the replay.
2005-04-06 19:48:31
158.   Jim Hitchcock
Know what you mean...
2005-04-06 19:51:42
159.   A E LUTHER
O. Cabrera just fanned on a groung ball up the middle. Izzy is best SS in "L.A."

BTW can't stand acronym "LAD".

2005-04-06 19:51:46
160.   kngoworld
ESPN Gamecast must have made many improvements over the offseason, very quick updates. Last year cbssportsline was the quickest but now espn blows them away.
2005-04-06 19:55:53
161.   Vishal
choi would've made that throw.
2005-04-06 19:56:31
162.   GoBears
I also like that the ballpark takes roughly the shape of the actual park on the new-and-improved GameCast. The goofy dimensions of SBC (or, as I call it, "The Big Splash" - corporate names annoy me) are there in all their glory.
2005-04-06 19:57:21
163.   Bob Timmermann
The Gameday has that feature also.
2005-04-06 19:57:24
164.   Jim Hitchcock
Choi wouldn't have had to jump for that throw.
2005-04-06 19:57:59
165.   A E LUTHER
Corner defense: Shaaaaky! Out of the inning.
2005-04-06 19:59:30
166.   Mark
As much as I can be bitter on here, I still think it's the best Dodgers site out there, bar none.

And... was that Valentin making a Beltre-like grab?

2005-04-06 20:00:06
167.   kngoworld
bye bye Vinny!
2005-04-06 20:01:02
168.   LAT
Dualing third basemen!
2005-04-06 20:02:20
169.   Mark
fwiw the ESPN GameCast is precisely 2 pitches behind realtime.
2005-04-06 20:02:52
170.   A E LUTHER
Is that Gagne(specs) batting?
2005-04-06 20:03:39
171.   Suffering Bruin
Just got back from work (again). What's going on in the game? I can't see with all the hugging in front of me...
2005-04-06 20:04:03
172.   Dr Love
"Is that Gagne(specs) batting?"

Phillips. DePo should aquire ARod to round out Team Goggle.

2005-04-06 20:04:56
173.   GoBears
I just got home. I get Vinnie all game on TV. Lucky me. Although he just finished the inning by dropping the gem that Kirk Reuter's hometown is a cancer cluster, due to toxic water. Nice thought, Vin - what the heck?!
2005-04-06 20:05:55
174.   A E LUTHER
"Goggle" -Heads

Phillips will turn out to be a steal.

2005-04-06 20:06:57
175.   GoBears
One thing odd about teh GameCast, tho, is that they include the DL'd players in the list of bullpen and bench. If you didn't know better, you'd think they were available (and that the team has a 29-man roster). Minor problem, since of course we know all. But an odd goof-up.
2005-04-06 20:07:32
176.   Mark
Odalis Ishii?
2005-04-06 20:10:31
177.   A E LUTHER
Rueter's birthplace:

Centralia, IL

2005-04-06 20:11:10
178.   GoBears
Wow, Alfonzo looks like he's swinging the bat a lot more comfortably than the last few years. Maybe his back is finally healthy. The Jints could certainly use some production from him.
2005-04-06 20:11:56
179.   GoBears
HA! Feliz stops at 2nd. Don't want JD to embarrass them again.
2005-04-06 20:12:40
180.   Dr Love
I honestly wonder, did Marquis Grissom look 40 the day he was born?
2005-04-06 20:13:27
181.   A E LUTHER
How old are the GNATS?
2005-04-06 20:15:08
182.   kngoworld
ESPN gamecast does not show the name of player on first base.
2005-04-06 20:15:10
183.   A E LUTHER
Marquis Grissom was the first player I took in my roto draft.

In 1980 something.

2005-04-06 20:16:10
184.   Bob Timmermann
Marquis comes from a big family so it might have been a while before Mom and Dad had a chance to check on him. Big as in 10+ brothers and sisters.

I've been to Centralia, IL.

No one else needs to.

2005-04-06 20:17:12
185.   A E LUTHER
Marquis Grissom was the first player I took in my roto draft.

In 1980 something.

2005-04-06 20:17:59
186.   GoBears
Is this the start of a riddle, A E?
2005-04-06 20:19:14
187.   A E LUTHER
1st base open? Make Snow beat you.
2005-04-06 20:20:15
188.   LAT
Watching that hurt my nuts.
2005-04-06 20:20:21
189.   LAT
Watching that hurt my nuts.
2005-04-06 20:21:01
190.   A E LUTHER
2005-04-06 20:17:59
# 186.  by GoBears

Is this the start of a riddle, A E?

Oops, sorry.

2005-04-06 20:22:23
191.   Eric L
I thought that stupid chicken sign was only for when Barry was intentionally walked..

Mike Freaking Matheny doesn't deserve to have the first chicken of the year hung (or hanged) in his honor...

2005-04-06 20:23:20
192.   Dr Love
"I thought that stupid chicken sign was only for when Barry was intentionally walked"

Well, they are Giants fans...

2005-04-06 20:23:42
193.   bokonon42
Why don't they, instead of intentionally walking guys (four pitches), just hit them (one pitch)? He wouldn't have to throw hard, but it would be quicker, and a lot more fun for the rest of us.
2005-04-06 20:24:40
194.   Eric L
Sorry.. forgot that Giants' fans were inolved...

Silly me!

2005-04-06 20:25:15
195.   LAT
good idea. especially where OP is on such a strict pitch count.
2005-04-06 20:25:20
196.   Jim Hitchcock
In SF rubber chickens have a clause in their contract about full employment.
2005-04-06 20:26:34
197.   Dr Love
Jim Tracy did realize it was MIKE MATHENY at bat, right?
2005-04-06 20:27:50
198.   bokonon42
Barry Bonds would've caught that.
2005-04-06 20:28:56
199.   Bob Timmermann
Bobby Shantz would have made that play.
2005-04-06 20:29:23
200.   Dr Love
The vaunted Giants defense strikes again.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-04-06 20:29:35
201.   Jim Tracy
I did realize it was Matheny... but we needed a rubber chicken up
2005-04-06 20:31:45
202.   GoBears
OK, OK, so you have the pitcher bunt. But why have the leadoff guy do it, with no outs in the 5th? Play for only one run, and that's the most you'll get. Look, JT: if Cesar is good enough to bat leadoff (he isn't) then he's good enough to let hit against a mediocre pitcher with a RISP. Grrrrrrrr...........
2005-04-06 20:32:23
203.   Dr Love
I know that's not the real Jim Tracy, because the real Jim Tracy would have said "Did I know that Matheny was up? Yes I did."
2005-04-06 20:33:10
204.   Ben P
For those of you also watching on ESPN2, what was Joe Morgan talking about on that Rueter play? Of course it was an error. He actually argued that Rueter's throw into centerfield should have been scored a hit. For every one perceptive comment Morgan makes he seems to make two baffling ones.
2005-04-06 20:33:11
205.   Jim Hitchcock
"Barry Bonds would've caught that."

From left field?

2005-04-06 20:34:16
206.   bokonon42
JT: If the rubber chicken was right handed, would you sub him in for J.D. Drew?
2005-04-06 20:34:46
207.   bokonon42
Barry plays all fields
2005-04-06 20:34:50
208.   LAT
Remember THAT is who we traded Beltre for!
2005-04-06 20:36:56
209.   Steve
2005-04-06 20:41:21
210.   Vishal
gagne getting ejected for yelling from the dugout is great. who says we have no heart and soul??
2005-04-06 20:42:27
211.   Ben P
Even when he's injured, Gagne is still helping the team. He's an inspiration.
2005-04-06 20:44:29
212.   Sam DC
Izturis would've turned that double. Oh wait, that was Izturis.
2005-04-06 20:45:14
213.   Mark
That discussion went like:

"Aw, that pitch was a strike. That's bs."

"Are you arguing with me?"

"Who are you talking to, me? Come on, that was a strike."

"You're outta here!"

"I'm on the DL."

"You're outta here!"

(Tracy walks to the field)

"You know he's on the DL, right?"

"I don't care! He can't undermine my authoritah!"

"Heh, alright, I'll have him set up the deli tray..."

2005-04-06 20:45:31
214.   Sam DC
Really, I know that joke is going to get old, I just keep waiting. Yet still, it does not seem old.
2005-04-06 20:46:56
215.   Mark
Oh, and btw: Ed Montague would have called that a strike.
2005-04-06 20:48:47
216.   Jim Hitchcock
It's become tradition, Sam.
2005-04-06 20:48:53
217.   kngoworld
2005-04-06 20:49:09
218.   Vishal
haha, kent's body must be inhabited by the ghost of alex cora tonight!! that's the only explanation, right mr. plaschke?
2005-04-06 20:51:08
219.   Mark
Beltre would have made that play against Kent.
2005-04-06 20:52:28
220.   Rainman
No question about it, Joe Morgan is certainly the most biased and ignorant announcer of all national analysts. I'm not sure what Bob Costas was smoking when he said that Morgan knows "more about baseball than any man alive", but I find his comments generally without insight, forced, and overly simple. Plus, he couldn't possibly be any more biased toward SF. How many times has he mentioned that he lives in SF tonight? And this is one of his least biased broadcasts, because he doesn't have Barry to gush over incessantly as other action occurs on the field. If I could sync up the audio from with the TV broadcast, I'd be grateful to listen to Monday and Downing to keep from having to hear Morgan.
2005-04-06 20:52:53
221.   Mark
(Do I dare say, "Candlestick Park would have knocked that triple down"? Do I dare risk making the cliche old and abused?)
2005-04-06 20:52:57
222.   LAT
The scorer is being very kind to the Dodgers.
2005-04-06 20:53:13
223.   kngoworld
Would all three of our center fielders make that catch?
2005-04-06 20:53:17
224.   Jim Hitchcock
Kent runs pretty good for an old guy, though his chug is not nearly as comical as Eric Karros'.
2005-04-06 20:53:20
225.   Jon Weisman
In my opinion, the play that Alfonso didn't make (ruled a hit) was an easier play than Valentin's play Tuesday. Slower ground ball, on his glove side, no baserunners to worry about. What do you think?
2005-04-06 20:53:29
226.   Vishal
i really like kent's smarts as a baserunner.
2005-04-06 20:54:06
227.   Jim Hitchcock
Should have been an error.
2005-04-06 20:54:48
228.   Bob Timmermann
We are only answering questions tonight that are either posed in Jim Tracy fashion or in the form of "The Dodger Stadium official scorer would have called that a hit..."
2005-04-06 20:55:14
229.   Steve
Cora would have had to stop at third on that double.
2005-04-06 20:57:46
230.   Vishal
why is grabowski batting for valentin?! if tracy was gonna sub, at least put in a righty like perez or something.

btw, i agree that alfonzo's botched play was easier and more routine than valentin's yesterday.

2005-04-06 20:58:32
231.   Mark
Grabowski for Valentin? Who is going to play 3rd? The Aflac duck?

Oh lord. Tracy's going for the triple switch.

2005-04-06 20:58:33
232.   Jon Weisman
Has there been a coup at Dodger Thoughts? It appears so. Are the inmates running the asylum? Salutations, President #24601.
2005-04-06 20:59:03
233.   Vishal
oh, nevermind.
2005-04-06 20:59:50
234.   Steve
San Francisco official scorer is from the Bay Area, and therefore slow. No other explanation.

Valentin decided to hit righty against the lefty. Huh.

2005-04-06 21:00:53
235.   Vishal
GONE! haha, i guess he can switch-hit.
2005-04-06 21:00:58
236.   the OZ
Beltre would've hit a grand slam.
2005-04-06 21:01:14
237.   Jim Hitchcock
Take back everything I said about Saenz and Valentin tonight.
2005-04-06 21:01:21
238.   Mark
Beltre would have hit that one five feet further.
2005-04-06 21:01:45
239.   Rainman
Beltre would have hit that one 395 instead of just a wimpy 380. Crazy moneyballers.
2005-04-06 21:02:08
240.   the OZ
your joke was funnier, Mark.

Slower, but funnier.

2005-04-06 21:02:21
241.   Steve
I've got my mojo back!
2005-04-06 21:02:35
242.   kngoworld
What happened to Perez's pitch count?
2005-04-06 21:03:03
243.   Rainman
I wonder if Plaschke will write a column about the awful defense displayed by SF tonight, particularly Alfonso...
2005-04-06 21:03:28
244.   Mark
Eh, I dunno, the extra couple of improbable runs certainly beats a couple of feet, no?

On preview: Valentin would have bobbled that... nevermind.

2005-04-06 21:03:40
245.   Bob Timmermann
Perez may come out, but since the Dodgers had a 6-run lead and no one on base why waste a pinch hitter?
2005-04-06 21:04:57
246.   Rainman
Token Bonds smoke-blowing by Morgan... typical.
2005-04-06 21:05:02
247.   Mark
Okay, is it me, or does Repko look like a younger, thinner, taller LoDuca? Uncanny.
2005-04-06 21:05:32
248.   Vishal
interesting. take what vinny just said and compare it to what gammons refers to as billy beane's "credo":
2005-04-06 21:05:51
249.   Rainman
2005-04-06 21:05:52
250.   Ben P
Anyone else surprised they let Odalis hit? He's at 86 pitches. For some reason I thought he was on a pitch count tonight.

Go Repko.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-04-06 21:06:47
251.   LAT
Nice to see Repko get his first hit. Nice to the Giant bullpen pick up right where it left off in 2004.
2005-04-06 21:06:58
252.   Mark
2005-04-06 21:08:15
253.   kngoworld
There is your plaschke article.
2005-04-06 21:08:51
254.   Steve
BBQ! Yum.
2005-04-06 21:08:59
255.   Tommy Naccarato
Its always great to see the Dodger's kick the Giants heinie.
2005-04-06 21:09:01
256.   Ben P
The Repko-LoDuca comparison is interesting. We won't know for sure until we X-ray the kid and see how large his heart is. We also need to check for guts, and "grit."
2005-04-06 21:09:06
257.   Sam DC
I've tried several times to get a response out of this crowd with a Sandlot reference. You see, my now-4 year old has made me watch it somewhere on the order of 50-60 times, so it flits into my mind alot. Which is OK by me; it's just a wonderful flick, full of all the good things of life, baseball, kiddom. Anyhow, does anyone out there in addition to me see any fleeting resemblance between Jose Valentin and the adult Benjamin Franklin Rodrigues of "The Jet Steals Home" fame? Not a "you must be his brother" match, but more of a "calls him to mind" kind of thing.
2005-04-06 21:09:26
258.   Rainman
LA Times headline tomorrow: "Bad Baserunning Bane of Bums' Existence"
2005-04-06 21:09:27
259.   Bob Timmermann
If you're using following online, I'm sure your webcast has ground to a halt.

Izturis missed third and was called out on appeal.

Those apps can't handle that very well.

2005-04-06 21:09:35
260.   bokonon42
Wouldn't have happened if Lassorda was still coaching third.
2005-04-06 21:12:28
261.   Tommy Naccarato
Judging from the replay, the ump nor the 3rd baseman or shortstop were looking at the base. They were looking at the ball coming-in from the corner of the outfield.

I wonder how they figured it out?

2005-04-06 21:12:42
262.   Icaros
Assuming the Mota-less bullpen doesn't blow a six-run lead, will the LA Times even mention tonight's Dodger game?
2005-04-06 21:13:51
263.   Ben P
They called it because Izturis lunged for the base and appeared to land awkwardly. The only camera angle I saw was inconclusive. Neither Izzy nor Tracy argued at all, though.
2005-04-06 21:14:43
264.   Rainman
OK, Morgan is now reminiscing OPENLY about being a big Giants fan... how can ESPN believe this guy can provide unbiased commentary in an LA-SF game???
2005-04-06 21:16:20
265.   Tommy Naccarato
How many times last year, especially in that last week did Marquis Grissom hit into double plays agaisnt the Dodgers?
2005-04-06 21:17:25
266.   Jon Weisman
A second angle from home plate showed that Izturis did miss the bag.
2005-04-06 21:17:58
267.   Steve
Let Morgan talk about being a Giants fan. It will keep him from talking about the Dodger defense or Moneyball.
2005-04-06 21:18:10
268.   Icaros
I don't know, but I remember him hitting into quite a few as a Dodger.
2005-04-06 21:18:13
269.   LAT
At least Izzy touched 2nd for the out.
2005-04-06 21:20:04
270.   Rainman

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Joe Morgan, relative to his objectivity and open bias toward the Giants, and in particular, Barry. Typically media organizations try to avoid conflicts of interest when they're obvious, but the combination of Morgan's bias with Jon Miller's position befuddle me when it comes to that crew being assigned to Giants games against LA (I know Miller isn't doing this game, but has done plenty on Sun. nite). Any thoughts on this?

2005-04-06 21:21:06
271.   Tommy Naccarato
Jon, That was the angle I was looking at when I noticed no one on that side of th field were really looking. Maybe it was the catcher, but even then, how can the 3rd base ump make that call that he was out? He wasn't even looking?
2005-04-06 21:22:12
272.   Mark
Rainman, homer broadcasting happens all the time.

- Rex Hudler
- Bob Brenley (pre-managerial career)
- The Hawk
- Harry Carey

etc etc

2005-04-06 21:22:41
273.   Tommy Naccarato
Joe Morgan is just like FOX News-He believes his own rhetoric! :) (Of course then again, so do I!:) )
2005-04-06 21:25:07
274.   Tommy Naccarato
I've learned a lot of things from Dodger Thoughts. One of them is that most of you had the Giants bullpen figured out long ago!
2005-04-06 21:25:09
275.   LAT
OP got more run support tonight than he did all last year. With Ishi gone the Dodger hitters are spreading the wealth. Hopefully this is the start of a trend
2005-04-06 21:25:22
276.   Ben P
I think it's safe to say that the conflict of interest rules in sports announcing are a lot more lax than they are in other media realms. Remember, Bill Walton is regularly allowed to call games in which his own son is playing, no matter how weird it is to hear him call his kid "Walton" instead of "Luke."
2005-04-06 21:25:30
277.   Rainman
Mark, I certainly know the homers are there on the TEAM broadcasts, but it seems to me that that's rather unprecendented on NATIONAL broadcasts. ESPN is not affiliated with a team, and the ones you mentioned are all local cable broadcasters. I'd expect the local guys to be biased, but it's just amazing to me that ESPN would allow someone so openly biased to continue to do Giants games. They're supposed to appeal to the general public, not just Bay Area folks.
2005-04-06 21:25:32
278.   Icaros
By the way, Moises Alou doesn't get through two games before leaving with a calf injury.

Let's hope it's not too serious (I'll let you be the judge of my sincerity).

2005-04-06 21:25:39
279.   Mark
Save it for the rubber game, boys...
2005-04-06 21:27:02
280.   Steve
And the best organization in Los Angeles gives up a two run home run to Hidalgo. Looks like the Angels might have trouble scoring runs this year. Might want to get Steve Henson down there to investigate.
2005-04-06 21:27:53
281.   Mark
Sure, I hear you about ESPN, but that's why Joe Morgan got hired, because of his career and his bias. If all people ever wanted to listen to was complete objectivity, ex-ballplayers would never get hired. ESPN hired Morgan specifically for those stories that he tells, and his love for the team that he used to play for. It makes for more interesting television in a game that has suddenly turned very, very uninteresting.
2005-04-06 21:28:39
282.   Jon Weisman
#270 -

Short answer is I'm against it.

2005-04-06 21:29:19
283.   Icaros
Uh-oh, without K-Rod pitching in the eighth, the Angels just gave up the lead.

Should not have weakened that bullpen by allowing Percy to get away.

2005-04-06 21:29:51
284.   A E LUTHER
What kind of carom was that?????
2005-04-06 21:30:22
285.   Jim Hitchcock
Boy, way to take the wind out of the Giant's sails...
2005-04-06 21:30:22
286.   Rainman
I hear what you're saying, but I'm not sure listening to Joe Morgan is more interesting than watching paint dry or grass grow. It's like pulling teeth to listen to this clown.
2005-04-06 21:31:07
287.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Who was that in the LA bullpen sucking on a lollipop?
2005-04-06 21:31:17
288.   Bob Timmermann
Living in the Bay Area in 1987-88 and I can tell you that people up there hated the fact that Vin called the NLCS in 1987 and the World Series in 1988. Nobody up there thought he was objective.

Evaluations of objectivity are always subjective.

2005-04-06 21:31:47
289.   Jerry
What a great way to come back after yesterday. Especially Valentin.
2005-04-06 21:32:21
290.   Tommy Naccarato
Is there anyway you can get FOX Sports West 2 w/Vinnie?
2005-04-06 21:32:57
291.   Mark
I'd take Joe Morgan over Tim McCarver any day.
2005-04-06 21:35:25
292.   Icaros

Would you say that Jim Tracy has managed tonight's game well? He is out of his element, you know.

2005-04-06 21:35:35
293.   Marty
OMG, this team is projecting to exactly 500 ball.
2005-04-06 21:36:38
294.   Marty
Jon, can your new software handle this type of traffic?
2005-04-06 21:36:58
295.   Bob Timmermann
You could opt for the Extra Innings package or if they are available.
2005-04-06 21:36:58
296.   Dennis Cozzalio
Valentin homers for three, hits a triple, and Alfonso bobbles two routine balls, one for an error. Score at the seventh-inning stretch, 10-1 Dodgers. I'd like to dedicate this game to Bill Plaschke... And I don't know if anyone mentioned this earlier (I'm just checking in now), but I took Vin's mention of how to properly look at a baseball season earlier in the broadcast--paraphrased crudely, the first two months are for finding out what you've got, the second two months are for fixing the problems you find, and the final two are for pouring it on-- as an indirect, though pointed response to those of Plaschke's ilk, including fans, who were ready to pack it in after yesterday's game. One and two-thirds down, 160 and a third to go... As my two-year-daughter has taken to saying, "Baseball! Beautiful!"
2005-04-06 21:37:27
297.   Rainman
Whew... that's like choosing death by drowning as opposed to strangling.

I hear you, though. Good points. I'm just saying that a complete lack of objectivity combined with a lack of interesting contribution to a broadcast makes for a bad combination. Case in point, I remember a few years ago listening to Morgan espouse on and on and on and on about Raul Mondesi becoming one of the elite players in baseball because he'd become so patient at the plate, and would NEVER swing at bad pitches anymore. Of course, Raul promptly came up and waved pitifully at three of the worst pitches you've ever seen.

2005-04-06 21:37:35
298.   Steve
Duane Kuiper is claiming that his real name is Duaner. They pronounced it Dwan-ee.
2005-04-06 21:37:42
299.   Icaros
Who will be the first ever 300th poster?

The tension is mounting.

2005-04-06 21:37:51
300.   Mark
Plaschke just got his headline.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-04-06 21:38:20
301.   Jerry
Raise your hand if you want to see Steve Schmoll pitch.
2005-04-06 21:38:26
302.   Bob Timmermann
Has Jim Tracy been able to manage well tonight? I think he has. Has the offense put some good things together tonight? Yes it has. Were you pleased by Jose Valentin? Very much. What about his error? That was a tough play. What about Jeff Kent? I think he is a great, great player.
2005-04-06 21:38:32
303.   Rainman
WOW... heckuva play by Kent. Cora would've.... uh.... I give up.
2005-04-06 21:38:36
304.   Steve
I think we'll be fine with Jeff Kent. For crying out loud.
2005-04-06 21:38:39
305.   Benaiah
me? Go blue, hopefully this will help assuage any fears about our beloved blue?
2005-04-06 21:38:41
306.   Aug C
Yes Jeff
2005-04-06 21:38:43
307.   kngoworld
Here it comes!!!
2005-04-06 21:39:23
308.   Jim Hitchcock
This is Jon's blog on steroids.
2005-04-06 21:39:55
309.   Icaros
Do I think Mark deserved that honor after a winter of humbuggery?

It's hard to say.

2005-04-06 21:40:26
310.   A E LUTHER
Least favorite "Homer" national announcers:
1. Joe Morgan (who's probably upset that Kent is a Dodger)
2. Skip "Cocktail Hour" Karay
3. Joe Buck/Tim McCarver (Card's)
4. Hawk Harrelson
5. Steve Lyons (not a homer in the truest sense, just don't like his "style".)
2005-04-06 21:40:37
311.   Steve
Do I want to see Steve Schmoll pitch? Yes, I do. Will I see Steve Schmoll pitch? Well, we'll have to see.
2005-04-06 21:41:21
312.   Mark
Dodgerkid would have gotten to post 300 3 seconds earlier.


2005-04-06 21:42:39
313.   Bob Timmermann
Tim McCarver doesn't work for the Cardinals. And I don't think he ever has. Now if you heard Mike Shannon, there's a homer.

He's also utterly incomprehensible, but he's beloved in St. Louis because he's from there and the people of St. Louis are pretty high on the provincial scale.

2005-04-06 21:42:42
314.   Rainman
Oh good grief... it's all about Bonds, Joe... nothing else matters.
2005-04-06 21:42:44
315.   Marty
I'm a Times employee, and tend to defend our writers (proud of the pulitzers, hate the remote management), but I can't defend Plaschke, plus there will be no Plaschke tomorrow (mainly cuz he only writes 2-3 times a week) and Simers will blow it off. I like this team, and the direction it's going.
2005-04-06 21:42:46
316.   sactofan
Whats the record for # of comments? I don't recall seeing this many even during Beltregate. This is all without the benefit of double posts.
2005-04-06 21:42:50
317.   Jerry
Hey, Repko's having a nice debut.
2005-04-06 21:42:54
318.   sactofan
Whats the record for # of comments? I don't recall seeing this many even during Beltregate. This is all without the benefit of double posts.
2005-04-06 21:43:37
319.   Steve
Blue wants this game over with.
2005-04-06 21:44:50
320.   Icaros
That had to be a joke, right sacto?
2005-04-06 21:46:10
321.   Rainman
One think to consider... this whole "chemistry" thing that you're hearing all about in the early going? That comes from 10-1 victories over key rivals, when the guys are able to loosen up and enjoy the game. We'll be fine - remember that it's a long-term plan, and we're better positioned now for several years of front-running in this division than we've been in many, many years.
2005-04-06 21:46:34
322.   Vishal
more comments here than even on a typical athletics nation thread, it's amazing.

this isn't very important, but i thought even though olmedo bobbled it, he still got control in time to get the out. valentin didn't deserve that error.

2005-04-06 21:46:40
323.   Icaros
The Dodgers could win the World Series and those two hacks would conveniently be "off duty".
2005-04-06 21:46:59
324.   Jim Hitchcock
That was a pretty funny slip there, sactofan.
The previous record was set yesterday at 226.
2005-04-06 21:47:09
325.   A E LUTHER

"Tim McCarver doesn't work for the Cardinals."

My mistake. Maybe it just seems like he does with all his Gibby references. Bob Gibson that is.

2005-04-06 21:48:40
326.   Steve
Bloggers: Always on Duty.
2005-04-06 21:49:11
327.   Steve
Good call, Jerry.
2005-04-06 21:49:57
328.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Kent can pick it, can't he?
2005-04-06 21:50:16
329.   Marty
Vin is great, as usual. Emphasizing Kent's defense
2005-04-06 21:50:18
330.   Icaros
Bloggers: Socially Active People
2005-04-06 21:50:40
331.   Icaros
Bloggers: Socially Active People (SAPs)
2005-04-06 21:51:31
332.   Icaros
My first double-post, sort of.
2005-04-06 21:52:12
333.   Jim Hitchcock
Was taht guy in the crowd shot drinking a bottled beer?

O.K., Valentin...hit a double.

2005-04-06 21:52:31
334.   Steve
That too. But with a wife and three kids, "socially active" isn't personally high on my list.

Meanwhile, over on the other Fox Sports West, 8 million dollar man Orlando Cabrera pops out with the bases loaded for the Best Organization in The City of Angels Angels of Anaheim.

2005-04-06 21:52:42
335.   Jerry
Schmoll-Brazoban-Gagne rolls right off the tongue. :)
2005-04-06 21:53:36
336.   Rainman
I have to say, fellas, I've only been posting here for a couple of days (been reading for a few months), and I'm glad to find a site where rational, open-minded Dodger fans are present, and not just to complain about every little thing. Looking forward to a great year, and to discussing it with all of you. Great site, Jon - I appreciate the connection. Not too many outlets for a Dodger fanatic in the great state of Alabama.
2005-04-06 21:53:58
337.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think St. Louisans like McCarver a lot. Joe Buck is pretty bad when he's doing a St. Louis broadcast for the local market. He loves to tell you how wondeful Cardinal fans are.

It's odd how McCarver never seems to mention any other Cardnal pitcher. He never says "Yeah, Nelson Briles was great. So was Curt Simmons."

It's like the 1960s Cardinals were Bob Gibson and apparently no other pitchers.

2005-04-06 21:54:23
338.   Icaros
Orlando Cabrera pops out to catcher with the bases loaded.

I won't even make the joke about the number of grand slams Eckstein hit in 2002.

2005-04-06 21:54:37
339.   Jon Weisman
I'd like to note here, as is in the case in pretty much every major league park in a game like this, the number of Giants fans that have left early.
2005-04-06 21:56:16
340.   Jon Weisman
Uh - not a catch, anyone?
2005-04-06 21:56:31
341.   Bob Timmermann
Way to play the carom there, Torcato.
2005-04-06 21:56:32
342.   Steve
Torcato dropped the ball. That's funny. And was that really foul?
2005-04-06 21:56:38
343.   Rainman
No question. Safe.
2005-04-06 21:56:43
344.   Mark
"and not just to complain about every little thing."

Rainman, just wait until Gagne gets traded at the break.

On preview: if the ball hits the wall, isn't it in play, as in can't be caught?

2005-04-06 21:57:38
345.   Bob Timmermann
And Jose Valentin could have hit for the cycle if he had gotten another chance!
2005-04-06 21:58:12
346.   Nolan
Saenz got robbed. No doubt about it.
2005-04-06 21:58:43
347.   Steve
I've watched that Phillips foul ball about eight times now, and it looked awfully fair to me. Is there something about the camera angle? It disappears behind the foul pole.
2005-04-06 21:58:46
348.   Rainman
Beltre would have inspired the earlier hitters to get on base so he could have hit for the cycle.
2005-04-06 21:58:57
349.   Icaros
Not gonna happen Mark, Gagne's arm injury will keep him on the shelf all season.

See, I can play too.

2005-04-06 21:59:29
350.   A E LUTHER
Do they still give those silly pins to Giants fans who stay extra innings or was that a C'Stick thing?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-04-06 22:00:32
351.   Mark
Beltre would have gotten the extra-great player of the game award.
2005-04-06 22:00:33
352.   Jon Weisman
Has Repko outfielded for the cycle?
2005-04-06 22:00:38
353.   Steve
Fair ball. I can't see how that was a foul ball.
2005-04-06 22:02:13
354.   A E LUTHER
Who through back that $200.00 glove?
2005-04-06 22:03:16
355.   Bob Timmermann
I think Grabowski's glove landed where some groundskeepers sit.
2005-04-06 22:03:49
356.   A E LUTHER
"Threw" back, it's been a long day...
2005-04-06 22:03:56
357.   Marty
Wills would have made that play
2005-04-06 22:05:44
358.   Nolan
Is it me or did Brazoban put on some weight? He looks pretty hefty...
2005-04-06 22:05:49
359.   joekings
Yhency is only pitching this badly because we have a huge lead right? If it was a save situation he would be mowing them down right?
2005-04-06 22:06:16
360.   A E LUTHER
"I think Grabowski's glove landed where some groundskeepers sit."

Right about where the ball landed.

2005-04-06 22:06:21
361.   Vishal
they're playing the dodger stadium home run song at SBC park during the mound conference... what's the name of that song, does anyone know??
2005-04-06 22:06:25
362.   Rainman
According to Morgan, Gagne had to pitch more than normal because of the LoDuca trade... I guess that explains why he pitched the EXACT same number of innings as the previous two seasons.
2005-04-06 22:07:20
363.   Steve
I hope we don't need that Phillips home run. :)
2005-04-06 22:08:07
364.   joekings
The song is kerkraft 4000 by Zombie Nation.
2005-04-06 22:08:18
365.   Steve
See what happens when Morgan's not telling Giants stories? I'm telling you, root for the Giants stories.
2005-04-06 22:10:03
366.   Owen
That'll do, Yhency.
2005-04-06 22:10:19
367.   Bob Timmermann
Time for Our New Buddy!
2005-04-06 22:10:25
368.   Jason Watts
Looks like Valentin might get another chance at that double...
2005-04-06 22:10:34
369.   A E LUTHER

Not to give to much credit to Morgan, but he could have been referring to those games that Gagne came in to to get four,five or six outs.

I think he(Gagne) did that on a few occasions last season after the Mota trade.

2005-04-06 22:13:01
370.   A E LUTHER
Super Vlad???

Are they still owned by Disney?

2005-04-06 22:13:19
371.   adg
Right now, on my gameday, Repko is manning not one, not two, but all three outfield positions while Brazoban makes a mess. This is what being versatile is all about.

Way to go, Repko!

2005-04-06 22:13:36
372.   Vishal
thank you, joekings
2005-04-06 22:13:56
373.   Tommy Naccarato
Sit down Tucker!
2005-04-06 22:15:21
374.   Jim Hitchcock
Well. That went well.
2005-04-06 22:15:29
375.   Bob Timmermann
Now we're tied for second with San Diego, San Francisco and Colorado!
2005-04-06 22:15:34
376.   Rainman
Ballgame. Morgan can go home and sit in his Barry Shrine now. Let's get a win tomorrow, men!
2005-04-06 22:16:17
377.   Steve
Now flip over to FSW 1, where Vlad is swinging freely against some guy named Bukvich.

A little too freely.

2005-04-06 22:16:31
378.   A E LUTHER
Rubber Game!
2005-04-06 22:16:44
379.   Tommy Naccarato
what do you guys think was wrong with Brhazoban (sp--no typo)
2005-04-06 22:17:23
380.   joekings
You're welcome Vishal, I had to get it last year after hearing it so much at the stadium. I'm sorry to admit that I also went out and got the song that they play during the hat shuffle.
2005-04-06 22:19:07
381.   A E LUTHER
Now that was a good group hug!
2005-04-06 22:20:09
382.   Bob Timmermann
I think Brazoban may just need to go back to AAA for a couple of weeks and regain some confidence blowing fast balls past overmatched hitters there.

Tom Meagher wasn't high on him IIRC.

2005-04-06 22:21:14
383.   Steve
Seems like you wouldn't throw anything that would either 1) hurt you physically or 2) give away your specific plan for pitching to certain people. Just throw it down the middle. Sometimes when you do that, it gets hit.
2005-04-06 22:22:53
384.   Jon Weisman
How about Odalis getting a decision in his first game!
2005-04-06 22:24:12
385.   Steve
And Steve Schmoll! And Jon's Buddy...Carlyle! That was a nasty third strike to Tucker. Even the Giants announcers were impressed.
2005-04-06 22:24:37
386.   kirk gibson
so...this is my first post since Jon moved his site and I couldn't remember my login from the old site so my new name is kirk gibson. I'm an L.A. transplant to the bay area. good game tonight...too bad Yhency couldn't mow them down but such is life. good win. and Jon, I'm amazed at the number of posts on this site compared to the last one!!!
2005-04-06 22:26:05
387.   Bob Timmermann
I think Jon has also been helped by the balky servers of Baseball Primer.

And its takeover by Mets fans.

2005-04-06 22:30:41
388.   Mark
Well, crap, the Diamondbacks' magic number is down to 160.
2005-04-06 22:32:27
389.   Steve
You watch these non-Cordero stiffs that teams like the Rangers bring in, and you wonder what not having a bullpen is REALLY like.
2005-04-06 22:36:25
390.   Vishal
"non-cordero stiffs"?

texas had one of the best pens in the majors last year; is it that different this year?

2005-04-06 22:38:50
391.   Steve
Francisco is hurt. I've seen Doug Brocail (1.1 IP, 3 BB), Ron Mahay (.1 IP, 1 BB), Cordero, and then somebody named Bukvich, who has now thrown nine straight balls to start the 11th Inning.

I am no expert on the Rangers or their bullpen. I just know that if the leadoff hitter is Orlando Cabrera, you better not walk him on four pitches.

2005-04-06 22:39:36
392.   Steve
Hey look at that! A free out! Thanks, Angels!
2005-04-06 22:41:20
393.   Rick
What a difference a day makes. :)

I'm not gonna read through all 392 posts (LOL), but damn that felt good!

2005-04-06 22:44:36
394.   bigcpa
Sweet game... couple thoughts. After all the UZR talk this offseason, Jeff Kent can flat out field his position. What a shame that Valentin bounced that throw late. His performance tonight was such an eff-yoo to the haters. And the Izturis throwing error was a cheapie. He still has that double-pump tick. The 2 errors on the board really obscure a great defensive effort by the team tonight.

Once again Reuter tiptoes through the minefield with minimal damage. Hate that guy!

2005-04-06 22:45:38
395.   Suffering Bruin
394 posts. That's a helluva group hug.
2005-04-06 22:49:23
396.   Jerry
Just a great night, even with Brazoban looking a little off. Schmoll looks pretty nasty, so that should equal less pressure for Brazoban. Lowe and Perez have given us 2 solid starts, and the newcomers have all contributed except the proven one (Drew). Phillips could be a solid contributor and Kent can still flat out play. I could really grow to like this team.
2005-04-06 22:50:20
397.   Steve
That's strange. That's the third time I've heard the home crowd boo the best phone-call returning organization in Los Angeles.
2005-04-06 22:50:22
398.   Jon T
(1) Undoubtedly an observation made many times before: Duaner Sanchez wants to be Eric Gagne - from his filthy hat, to his goggles, to his facial hair, even to his delivery.

(2) The umps this game were terrible. They got Izzy missing 3rd, but not much else (Kent safe at second, the Torcato catch, Kent called out on that double play, the Valentin error, Gagne getting tossed).

(3) Odalis gets run support; who saw that coming?

(4) Schmoll looked good; so did Buddy Carlyle. I didn't realize that these guys don't have great K/BB numbers, and neither does Sanchez; interesting for DePo to build a bullpen like that, don't you think?

2005-04-06 22:50:57
399.   bigcpa
Oh and get this from the Sportsline WIRE game story...

"The Dodgers are expected to struggle to score runs with their reconfigured lineup this season, but the defending NL West champions had little trouble against Kirk Rueter and the Giants' bullpen."

Just amazing how this opinion evolves into fact. Olney says yesterday that "conventional wisdom is that the Dodgers are a mess." Meanwhile Diamond Mind projects the Dodgers offense at #5 in the NL. The chasm is wider than ever.

2005-04-06 22:51:07
400.   dan reines
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-04-06 22:51:35
401.   Jon T
Schmoll looked good, but man, is he ever herky-jerky. It's almost hard to watch; I can't imagine trying to hit him.
2005-04-06 22:52:34
402.   Jim Hitchcock
Yep, yep, yep on Kent. Kevin Kennedy said after the broadcast that "sure, you lose some range with Kent at second over Cora..." Didn't the stats disprove that.

And I gotta say, that grin of relief Valentin displayed rounding first after his dinger really tugged at my heart. Rootin' for the guy bigtime, now.

2005-04-06 22:52:53
403.   Steve
Don't forget Phillips home run! That was fair!
2005-04-06 23:58:18
404.   Steve
I broke DT.
2005-04-07 00:01:08
405.   Jon Weisman
Nope - it was a network problem.
2005-04-07 00:02:54
406.   NPB
Definitely in a better mood tonight than I was last night. I think DePo is essentially right about the malleability of middle relief. Carlyle and Schmoll showed that tonight. Brazoban looked flat-out nervous. I still think this team looks a little creaky around the edges, and it doesn't have the personality of last year's team, but I like what I've seen out of the rotation, don't like Kent personally but know he can both field and hit, and I thought the Phillips trade was a coup.

I also wouldn't get too excited about busting out against the Giants bullpen, which looks really bad this year.

Aw, who the heck cares what i think?

2005-04-07 00:13:46
407.   Jim Hitchcock
Were the away games covered in the Times last year by AP, as opposed to staff writers?
2005-04-07 00:27:36
408.   Jon Weisman
Jim, they only put up the AP story as a placeholder until they are ready to publish their beat story on the web.
2005-04-07 00:50:29
409.   Jim Hitchcock
Thanks. Jon. Heck of a night for Dodger Thoughts.

We're gonna have to kick around the idea of a group game (minus the hug)...

2005-04-07 00:52:55
410.   hawaiidodgersfan
I can sleep well tonight! Anybody else out there have insomnia when the Dodgers lose?
2005-04-07 01:16:31
411.   jasonungar05
Game 3 can't come soon enough now too.
2005-04-07 01:43:26
412.   BMny
What joy! I couldn't think straight after Game 1. Not so much by the loss, but from the big 'I told you so' bullets from DePo's critics whizzing by my head.

Sleep well, all.

2005-04-07 02:06:52
413.   bokonon42
May be a stupid question, but what is Mariano Rivera doing wearing 42? Wasn't that retired by every MLB team? For Jackie Robinson, right?
2005-04-07 02:09:29
414.   bokonon42
I was right: stupid question. There was a grandfather clause.
2005-04-07 02:32:44
415.   bokonon42
Jose Lima wore 42, after it was universally retired, before coming to the Dodgers. I guess they weren't down with the grandfather clause.
2005-04-07 04:44:35
416.   Jim Hitchcock
The SF Chronicle titled their reportage of last nights game `Fright Night'. Worth a read:

2005-04-07 04:56:32
417.   Albert in Hong Kong
who else is wearing 42 nowadays besides rivera? i cant think of any off the top of my head =p
2005-04-07 09:02:13
418.   dan reines
jon, a little advice: try to be a little more controversial. the sign of a popular blog is an active comments section, and a little controversy might just do the trick.
2005-04-07 09:54:52
419.   Jacob L
I have absolutely nothing to add, having not seen 1 pitch of Dodger baseball live this year. (Work on Tues., lamaze class on Wed.) Pregnancy's going great, thanks for asking. I'm also way behind on my DT reading, so I don't really know what the hubbub was yesterday, though I can guess.

I just didn't want to be left out of the longest running DT comments ever. Go Dodgers!

2005-04-07 10:00:14
420.   Mr Customer
Not that I'm counting, but our old friend Kaz is down two runs without allowing a hit in the first inning.
2005-04-07 10:19:44
421.   walbers
youse guys are all knuckleheads and I love ya! big group hug....
go blue....rgds, Will (not Carroll)
2005-04-07 11:09:10
422.   LetsGoDodgers
It was nice to see Valentin bounce back; would have been even nicer to see him get that last AB in the 9th and try for the cycle.

Watching Saenz play defense hurt my eyes. Hopefully he is one of the cogs in the 25-piece machine that gets replaced soon.

What mattered most to me was watching them score runs late in the game. Vin's astute observations about their bats going to sleep in the middle of a game needs to be rectified if this team plans on winning the division.

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