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April 9 Open Chat: Erickson's Travels
2005-04-09 17:02
by Jon Weisman

Scott Erickson's pitching log since 2002, courtesy of Baseball Musings.

Tonight's Game

Hee Seop Choi is batting second; Paul Bako eighth. The Dodgers have no hitters in their lineup batting between .000 and .294; they have two hitters batting between .000 and .467.

Comments (343)
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2005-04-09 17:17:14
1.   Mush
On baseball-reference, the pitcher most similar to Scott Erickson for his career is Tim Belcher. May Erickson be as good to the Dodgers as Tim once was...
2005-04-09 17:42:49
2.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think a 2005 Scott Erickson is much like a 1989 Tim Belcher. He's more like the version that fought Chan Ho Park.
2005-04-09 17:52:11
3.   Sam NYC
Why does Erickson not have 2003 stats? Was he injured? What was the injury?
2005-04-09 17:57:00
4.   Suffering Bruin
1989, Tim Belcher led all of baseball with eight shutouts. I saw three of 'em and thought he was a future Hall of Famer. He didn't get there but your right, Mush, he did fine as a Dodger.

Unfortunatley, I think most young fans will remember him getting into it with Chan-Ho Park.


Today's fact of Choi, SB's favorite player, 2005:

Okay, the last two sucked but this one is pretty interesting, I think...

Only eight South Koreans have ever played Major League baseball. Four of them are active and three of them-- Byung-Hyun Kim, Jae-Weong Seo and Hee-Seop Choi—came from the same high school.

All attended Kwangjui Jeil High and all played for the same coach, Sae-Hwan Heo. They were together for just one season, 1995.

"Back then, Kim and Seo were our top pitchers and Choi played first base and batted fourth even though he was a freshman. They played well, but who knew I was coaching three major leaguers-to-be!" Heo said in amazement.

Heo has said Kim was for the most part very shy with occasional outbursts of extroversion that could get him in trouble (Heo commented on this after Kim flipped the bird to Boston fans). Seo was the opposite—he had no problem expressing his feelings as evidenced by his demanding a trade from the Mets last season.

"The three players had one thing in common," said Heo. "They really worked hard. As a coach, I didn't have to motivate them. The only thing I had to do was just to watch them grow and improve."

Heo might be a little modest. He convinced Choi that he was better off with a bat in his hands instead being a pitcher, and he persuaded Kim to go from sidearm pitching to submarine. Seo was a natural pitcher from the moment he stepped on the field.

I have yet to find out how the 1995 team did. When I do find out, I'll let y'all know.

(most of the above came from this link:

2005-04-09 17:58:30
5.   Bob Timmermann
No game for me tonight. I'm off to enjoy some fine Polish cuisine at L.A.'s leading Polish restaurant.
2005-04-09 18:01:16
6.   Colorado Blue
"...and he persuaded Kim to go from sidearm pitching to submarine."

My late LL coach is slapping Sae-Hwan Heo from high above...

2005-04-09 18:03:53
7.   Sam NYC
Joe Morgan: I'm under the impression that the Dodgers are going to struggle to score runs, but I'm also under the impression that their pitchers won't be able to shut other teams down. I don't think they will be able to defend their NL West title -- I've picked them to finish third -- at best -- in their division. I have real doubts about the Dodgers talent this year.

I HATE THIS MAN! He should be prevented from commenting on the LADs. He doesn't even give a reason for why he thinks this. The extent of his baseball analysis is essentially "They got no hitting, they got no pitching, they stink." Thanks, Joe. Is that why they outscored the SF #$@%*s 18-8?

2005-04-09 18:04:05
8.   Colorado Blue
BTW: what a sigh of relief that Byung-Hyun Kim is not a Dodger. I couldn't afford enough Pepto.
2005-04-09 18:04:13
9.   Suffering Bruin
And where, pray tell, would that be Bob? Seriously, the wife and I have an anniversary coming up.
2005-04-09 18:09:43
10.   Colorado Blue
Sam NYC: Don't get too upset with Morgan; remember he's been annointed the most intuitive baseball analyst there is by, er, uh, some moron(s)... that kinda of glorification tends to go to one's head. He says what he wants and if he's right at the end-of-the-day he'll let you know. If he's wrong, well, nobody will remember in October.
2005-04-09 18:13:35
11.   Sam NYC
Compare Morgan's analysis to this:

Jerry Crasnick: I'm not sold on the Dodgers just yet. Gagne is a little achy, there are questions about Choi at first, questions about the infield defense and whether the lineup can score runs consistently, and Penny still has to prove he can stay healthy. But Weaver's outing certainly was a great sign. I don't see anybody running away in that division, so it might come down to which GM can make the big trade deadline move.

I think that's a fair assessment. No?

2005-04-09 18:14:58
12.   Colorado Blue
BTW Sam NYC: I used to watch games on ESPN and even tune-in to BB Tonight, but I found the pre- and post-game analysis on DT much more objective. This is my sole-source for Dodger analysis and my blood pressure is the better for it.
2005-04-09 18:15:47
13.   Suffering Bruin
Yes, fair assessment by Jerry.

I remain amazed that the smartest player I ever saw, Joe Morgan, is perhaps the industry's dumbest broadcaster. And that's saying a lot.

2005-04-09 18:20:42
14.   Sam NYC

I agree. Generally I don't go crazy if the LADs don't go far. I actually like the Sysiphean battle and so did my mom when she was a Dodger fan in Brooklyn. But sometimes I want the LADs to win the World Series SOLELY to shut them up.

2005-04-09 18:26:49
15.   Colorado Blue
RE: post #11.

Was he then sold on some other NL West team before the season began or is this considered his pre-season analysis?

It's early, anybody could win the division... who cares what any talking-head thinks at this point?

2005-04-09 18:29:29
16.   Colorado Blue
"I actually like the Sysiphean battle..."

Ok, my lack-of-culture is showing... I have no idea what that means.

No matter, I'm outta here, almost time for the game.

2005-04-09 18:43:59
17.   Marty
SB, There are two Polish restaurants that I'm aware of in L.A. One is Warszawa (sp?) in or close to Santa Monica. I've not eaten there. The other is Polka in Highland Park/Atwater. On York by the 2 freeway. I've been there and its excellent. Great food, good value, real kitschy. The pierogis are wonderful. If they have the breaded pork cutlet, get it. Its really good.
2005-04-09 18:48:24
18.   Marty
Go Kent! That's why walks are great.
2005-04-09 18:49:05
19.   Mr Customer
I'm getting a man-crush on JK
2005-04-09 18:56:20
20.   Mr Customer
Re: #7

Just think, he might have been the Dodgers' manager a few years back!

Thank God for that twist of fate

2005-04-09 18:58:39
21.   Suffering Bruin
Sisyphus is from Greek mythology. He was condemned by the Gods to the underworld where he would eternally roll a large stone up a hill, only to have it fall down again. Homer saw him as a wise man and, like Prometheus, was punished for trying to pass on too much wisdom to his fellow mortals. More frequently he'll be referred to as a highwayman who would murder travellers, deceive the Gods and basically acted like a guy who would eventually get what he deserved.
2005-04-09 19:04:54
22.   Borchard504
How long can Bako last, batting like that?

Great squeeze by Erickson. Don't see that to often, going from second to third.

I am in heaven sitting here in Cincinnati, listening and watching Vinnie, on

2005-04-09 19:11:25
23.   Sam NYC
I heard that Choi's pressing because of the huge Korean population in L.A. I hope that's the case because there's no other reason for him to go so far downhill. Unless, that is, I'm right about pitchers adjusting to him and his bat speed holding him back.
2005-04-09 19:12:00
24.   Langhorne
Vin says that last night after Valentin found out he wasn't starting he asked Mota to go with him to the cages for some extra BP. Jose told Manny that he might get a chance to win the game and he wanted to be ready. You gotta like that.
2005-04-09 19:13:50
25.   Sam NYC
Today's Fact of Choi, Sam NYC's least favorite player:

40% of the pitchers that Choi has homered off of in his career are no longer pitching in the major leagues.

2005-04-09 19:15:11
26.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Wallach needs to set Choi aside and tell him to relax. He looks like he's really pressing right now.

I'm a big believer in Choi, but I'm also happy to know that if it doesn't work out, we can put Kent at 1B and A. Perez at 2B.

Ledee just made a nice running catch on a hard-hit ball by Glaus. Glaus looks very good so far, except for yesterday's error.


2005-04-09 19:20:55
27.   Suffering Bruin
On one channel of TiVo, the sis-in-law is watching a replay of the Charles/Camilla wedding. On the other channel of TiVo, the wife is taping 'Design on a Dime'.

I can't watch the game because of it.

Sisyphus had it good, IMHO.

2005-04-09 19:21:25
28.   Vishal
erickson's sinker doesn't seem to be sinking very well
2005-04-09 19:22:12
29.   Suffering Bruin
I do see from Gamecast that the ball seems to be carrying just fine in the Phoenix air.
2005-04-09 19:24:39
30.   Borchard504
Suffering Bruin - Who is the boss in that house?
2005-04-09 19:26:35
31.   Suffering Bruin
Gamecast has Milton Bradley with an Expos cap.
2005-04-09 19:28:23
32.   MSarg29
We could of knocked Vazquez out of the game and opened this thing up. Frustrating. Hopefully the 3 AZ runs dont help him get his sea legs.
2005-04-09 19:28:25
33.   Dodgerkid
I hate Scott Erickson with the heat of a thousand suns. Spring training stats mean absolutely nothing, yet they are followed religiously by this team.
2005-04-09 19:29:29
34.   Suffering Bruin
Borchard, today it's the guests who drove two hours from Bakersfield for my son's birthday party tomorrow.

And if you replied that that is no excuse, I'm not sure you'd be wrong. :)

2005-04-09 19:33:36
35.   Linkmeister
SB, I once flew from Hawai'i to Pasadena for a birthday party (frequent flier miles covered it); I wasn't the boss at that one. ;)
2005-04-09 19:37:27
36.   MSarg29
Greenie always hit the ball well in this park.

Erickson isnt fooling anyone. Yuck

2005-04-09 19:38:23
37.   Suffering Bruin
Somewhere, Bill Plaschke is smiling very, very broadly.
2005-04-09 19:38:54
38.   fanerman91
Ouch. This is getting ugly.

#33 Dodgerkid, exactly what are you referring to? Romano lit it up last Spring and we sent him packing.

2005-04-09 19:40:17
39.   Aug C
As long as Green doesn't take our $36 million pitcher deep tomorrow...
2005-04-09 19:46:40
40.   MSarg29
Vazquez is getting into a rhythem. Though Ledee, Bako, and Erickson isnt exactly murderers row.
2005-04-09 19:50:17
41.   Borchard504
Vasquez did look good that half inning. That is what happens if you don't beat'em when they're down.

E - Izturis?

Who will be coming in to replace Erickson? It's only a matter of time.

2005-04-09 19:51:50
42.   MSarg29
We cant give up anymore runs. They now have a shot to blow us out of the game.
2005-04-09 19:54:20
43.   Suffering Bruin
On the plus side, until walking Counsell, Erickson had not walked a batter.


2005-04-09 19:58:43
44.   MSarg29
Nice catch by Ledee. I had visions of that ball falling in between Ledee, Valentin, Izturis.
2005-04-09 19:59:30
45.   MSarg29
Jeez, JD has defective wood.
2005-04-09 20:03:30
46.   Gatinho
First post ever... So who gets a hit first, Hee Sop or Jonathon David?
2005-04-09 20:06:16
47.   MSarg29
Finally putting Erickson out of his misery.

Just 3 innings ago it looked like we had the chance for a laugher.

2005-04-09 20:06:24
48.   Vishal
that glaus is a monster.
2005-04-09 20:07:21
49.   MSarg29
I think JD does. Hee sop has enough trouble making contact.
2005-04-09 20:07:38
50.   Marty
I'm guessing the Erickson experiment will be over after the next start if he stinks it up like today. Hopefully someone can take up the slack before Penny. I'm thinking mid-May for him.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-09 20:11:44
51.   Gatinho
Edwin Jackson?
2005-04-09 20:14:31
52.   MSarg29
I remember when our bullpen was the best in the game. We have a ton of injuries to the staff, but this crew has not thrown well at all.
2005-04-09 20:15:57
53.   Marty
Jackson in a perfect world, but I have no confidence in him anymore (but more than Erickson!)
2005-04-09 20:17:44
54.   MSarg29
bring back Fernando!
2005-04-09 20:17:45
55.   william
where can i buy a JD Drew jersey? i want a dodgers jersey with the number 7 on it, without his name (like the real one). i'd prefer authentic, but will settle for a replica. it's been hard to find!
2005-04-09 20:20:08
56.   MSarg29
Vazquez getting down on himself. Lets take advantage.
2005-04-09 20:22:33
57.   MSarg29
Looks like we might take advantage.
2005-04-09 20:26:16
58.   MSarg29
Nice stroke Ricky! We needed that. Aren't you glad we dont have Vazquez?

He lost his composure after that walk.

2005-04-09 20:27:57
59.   Jerry
Something happened to Vazquez after the 2004 All-Star game and he hasn't been the same pitcher since. So odd, considering how good he was.
2005-04-09 20:29:00
60.   MSarg29
Thought Grabs had that one.
2005-04-09 20:32:20
61.   MSarg29
I agree Jerry. He really looks lost out there. I really think he's done. I know he's young, but he is really struggling.
2005-04-09 20:36:55
62.   MSarg29
Leadoff walk by Carlyle. Almost the worst thing he can do. Lets hope he has found an out pitch since last night.
2005-04-09 20:42:53
63.   MSarg29
Dodged some bullets that inning.
2005-04-09 20:47:24
64.   Vishal
sigh. choi's hand flying off the bat as he swings... tim wallach, where are you?!
2005-04-09 20:55:43
65.   MSarg29
i dont think we can blame Wallach for Choi's struggles. I think the league has caught up w/ him. Pounding him in w/ fastballs and throwing curves early in the count.
2005-04-09 20:57:11
66.   Midwest Blue
That JD guy is going to be real good sometime this summer, I can feel it. Worth every Penny of Beltre money so far.
2005-04-09 21:03:25
67.   MSarg29
Depo is real lucky that Kent and Valentin are picking us up. Because Choi and Drew are killing us.
2005-04-09 21:04:57
68.   Jerry
i don't think it's luck; the idea is to have above-average players at every position to avoid being dependant on one or two players. This is by design.
2005-04-09 21:07:51
69.   Charlie Hustler
Well, if Erickson doesn't last, at least Hideo Nomo is available:

Today's line - 6 1 1 1 2 4 1.50

I don't believe it either!

2005-04-09 21:10:56
70.   timely2base
"Depo is real lucky that Kent and Valentin are picking us up. Because Choi and Drew are killing us. "

It'll go the other way at some point during the season. It's special when everyone is hitting at the same time, but it's rare. I wouldn't consider it luck when some guys in the line-up are producing and some aren't. That's baseball.

We'll see about Choi, but barring injury, Drew will have a solid year, and if they can win when he's not giving anything, that speaks well for when he gets hot. I felt the same way about the Yankees last year when Jeter started so horribly.

2005-04-09 21:11:57
71.   MSarg29
I understand Jerry. But they are both very hot right now. This not typical performance. If they were struggling as well, people would be pretty irate.
2005-04-09 21:12:10
72.   Midwest Blue
How many more games does the Choi experiment last before he's benched permanently in favor of Kent / Perez?
2005-04-09 21:14:19
73.   MSarg29
very professional at bat for saenz. Fighting him off.
2005-04-09 21:17:25
74.   MSarg29
Great job Izzy.
2005-04-09 21:18:47
75.   MSarg29
Choi finally does something. Boy that kid Bruney lost his composure. He and Vazquez should take a class or something.
2005-04-09 21:20:00
76.   al bundy
I was just going to say, Choi can stay on the roster if he gets a hit now. Alright, Hee Sop!

I like this Carlyle kid. He's got a nice looking delivery and he works quickly.

2005-04-09 21:21:34
77.   Vishal
can i say i jumped for choi at his first RBI? :)
2005-04-09 21:25:05
78.   timely2base
"Well, if Erickson doesn't last, at least Hideo Nomo is available:

Today's line - 6 1 1 1 2 4 1.50

I don't believe it either!"

Please sign somebody Japanese, or at least call up Nak. I'm in Tokyo and we used to get 2-3 Dodger games a week on TV with Nomo and Ishii making their starts. If Nak can become a regular, I'll be grinning ear to ear.

2005-04-09 21:25:52
79.   Midwest Blue
Hey MSarg29, looks like you were wrong: Choi got the hit before JD.
2005-04-09 21:28:03
80.   MSarg29
blue, I'm happy I was wrong. we needed it.
2005-04-09 21:29:47
81.   Midwest Blue
Yeah, but I bet the bookies would have given 100-1 odds on that scenario before the season started.
2005-04-09 21:30:37
82.   Midwest Blue
2005-04-09 21:31:06
83.   MSarg29
Yes!!! Amazing Catch Bradley!!!!

Defense really saved Sanchez's but.

2005-04-09 21:31:17
84.   A E LUTHER
Bradley is the cornerstone of the OF, and BTW good decsion to have him not Drew play center.
2005-04-09 21:31:33
85.   Jim Hitchcock
Really hoping to see a little emotion out of Bradley...
2005-04-09 21:32:09
86.   Vishal
re #65:

it's true that the league has probably targeted choi's weaknesses, but i think the fact that he has them in the first place is probably due to his bad form, not due to any inherent inability. i'm no batting coach, but i think he's got some area for improvement.

by the way: how about that milton bradley. :)

2005-04-09 21:32:37
87.   Ryan Jerz
I'm "watching" the game on MLB Gameday (the graphical little app they have) and it appears that Drew is hitting the ball far, just for outs. This has been the past three games or so. Can anyone confirm. If so, it seems like it's a matter of time before he explodes.
2005-04-09 21:33:13
88.   al bundy
timely - if you can afford $80 US, you can watch the games on the net. I'm in the UK and that's what I do. Works great. Resolution could be better but can't complain.
2005-04-09 21:34:20
89.   A E LUTHER
The sign of a good ballplayer is that he makes great defensive plays when he strugles with the bat.

Drew has made at least two outstanding defensive plays, and typically has a "cool" April at the plate.

Be patient....

2005-04-09 21:34:23
90.   MSarg29
I second that Luther.
2005-04-09 21:34:35
91.   Aug C
Ryan, the last flyout was pretty deep..

Does anyone know if Drew "is allowed to" make diving catches in the OF? Did anyone see him make one last year?

2005-04-09 21:35:05
92.   Midwest Blue
Off the subject: How about those Mets 0-5 start? DePo looking wise.
2005-04-09 21:36:30
93.   A E LUTHER
Green coming up....
2005-04-09 21:37:14
94.   Midwest Blue
Boy, you take Kent, Valentin and Ledee away and we could be 1-4. DePo looking wise (again).
2005-04-09 21:37:51
95.   MSarg29
midwest i dont understand you comment about the mets and Depo.
2005-04-09 21:39:57
96.   A E LUTHER

"Does anyone know if Drew "is allowed to" make diving catches in the OF? Did anyone see him make one last year?"

One of the reasons that Drew was going to play center was so that he would not have to play the corners fences in the OF so as to not injure his knee(s?) Well, so much for that. He's playing RF, and Bradley was the one making the diving, difficult catch.

2005-04-09 21:41:10
97.   A E LUTHER
That was the most emotion at the plate that I've ever seen Green have.

Are the umps widening the strike zone?

2005-04-09 21:41:29
98.   Sam DC
Those were two terrifying, amazing catches by Bradley. Wow.

To continue Sam's tour of former Dodger doings. Today, the Nationals beat the Marlins 3-2 in extra innings. Paul LoDuca had a chance to win it in the bottom of the Ninth when, with the game tied, he hit a long long shot that sure looked to everyone like a homer. PLD thought it was a homer; he started trotting and pointing to the crowd. But it dinged into the wall and, because he wasn't running it out, PLD ended up at first where he was stranded.

The oddest thing is the quote from National's intense outfielder Jose Guillen (nee LAAngels intense outfielder Jose Guillen). Here are the opening grafs of tomorrow's article about the game:

Ryan Church backed up to the left field wall in the bottom of the ninth Saturday night at Dolphins Stadium, watching the liner sail over his head. "Please don't disappear," he said to himself. At that moment, Florida Marlins catcher Paul LoDuca put his finger up, pointing toward his teammates and the crowd beyond. "I thought I got it," Lo Duca said afterward.

Instead, the ball thumped off the top of the scoreboard "maybe four inches" from going out, Church said. Instead of the game-winning home run, it was the longest single of this young season. So in the top of the 10th, when Washington Nationals right fielder Jose Guillen stepped to the plate, he had a distinction to make. "Lo Duca is Lo Duca," Guillen said. "Guillen is Guillen."

"Lo Duca is Lo Duca, Guillen is Guillen." ??

(can someone tell me how to italicize comment text . . . thx . . . s)

2005-04-09 21:41:57
99.   Midwest Blue
Mets spend big money and have nothing to show for it yet. DePo penny-piches and we're at 4-1 (cross-fingers).
2005-04-09 21:42:44
100.   Midwest Blue
I knew it, I shouldn't have said anything.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-09 21:42:47
101.   BMny
Right down the pipe! Oh man...
2005-04-09 21:42:53
102.   Jim Hitchcock
Uh oh. Squeeze time.
2005-04-09 21:44:12
103.   Jim Hitchcock
Or not/
2005-04-09 21:44:41
104.   A E LUTHER
2005-04-09 21:44:48
105.   Aug C
I'm sorry to be a party pooper, but that was Milton's fault for turning that from a double into a triple. If he hadn't gotten greedy and simply played the carom off the wall instead of thinking he could jump 10 feet in the air...
2005-04-09 21:46:01
106.   Midwest Blue
Sure would be nice to have a lock-down reliever available right now.
2005-04-09 21:46:30
107.   Suffering Bruin
Well that bites.
2005-04-09 21:46:48
108.   MSarg29
this is why Gagne is so important.
2005-04-09 21:47:24
109.   A E LUTHER
The BOB monster?
2005-04-09 21:47:53
110.   MSarg29
thank you Chris Snyder.
2005-04-09 21:48:48
111.   blue tacos
crap, just when i thought Brazoban was going to get his 2nd save. havent watched a game yet since i'm stuck in boston without tv. who are these guys in our bullpen? wunch, carlyle, houlton- i only know these guys by photo on gamecast and transactions line. anyway, i got a Robinson throwback from mitchell and ness- sweeeeeettttttt.....
2005-04-09 21:49:01
112.   cdbavg400
So who's going to pitch the rest of the game now? Cararra maybe?
2005-04-09 21:50:08
113.   Vishal
i think yhency needs a third pitch maybe.
2005-04-09 21:51:11
114.   cdbavg400
2005-04-09 21:51:13
115.   Vishal
this would be a great time for repko's first dodger HR
2005-04-09 21:52:39
116.   MSarg29
Nice play by Green.
2005-04-09 21:52:45
117.   Sam DC
R E P K o . . . (exhale)

(and I don't have the heart to do a post-Dodger update on Jose Lime, but it wouldn't be too pretty).

2005-04-09 21:54:12
118.   Midwest Blue
We're getting into the heart of the order. I don't like it.
2005-04-09 21:54:49
119.   SuperFimple
Why is Brazoban hitting?
2005-04-09 21:55:13
120.   Suffering Bruin
FWIW, I think Steiner is doing a terrific job.
2005-04-09 21:55:36
121.   Midwest Blue
Does Yhency have to start every batter with a first-pitch ball?!?
2005-04-09 21:56:32
122.   Suffering Bruin
119 - Perez is last bench player left and he is gimpy.
2005-04-09 21:57:17
123.   Midwest Blue
My bad, delay in MLB.Com. But it does seem like he's thowing way too many balls.
2005-04-09 21:57:18
124.   al bundy
I wonder if there's a plan b for a closer until Gagne gets back.
2005-04-09 21:58:01
125.   BMny
I think Yhency needs to avoid the plate on a 0-2 count
2005-04-09 21:58:35
126.   Sam DC
Some small props to tracey for the Weaver pinch-run thing. At the time I thought it was sort of smart, maybe a little too cute, maybe a little fun for Weaver on an off day. Seems pretty valuable now.
2005-04-09 21:59:40
127.   A E LUTHER
FWIW, I think Steiner is doing a terrific job.


I prefer one man crews for baseball. Not sure what Monday adds to the broadcast.

I enjoyed Steiner on the national b'casts.

2005-04-09 21:59:42
128.   Suffering Bruin
Schmoll, Carrara and Wunsch are left in the pen. Wunsch said before the game he's probably not available. Carrara is coming of the injury. Schmoll got the win last night but only after what he gave up to get it, if you know what I mean.

........ and now we got trouble.

2005-04-09 21:59:57
129.   Sam DC
Quite nitty, but I actually meant to have a quetion mark after the first sentence of #126.

Oh, and aaaarrrrgh. first and third with one out.

2005-04-09 22:00:26
130.   Midwest Blue
Time to pull Braz...
2005-04-09 22:00:30
131.   MSarg29
F..... I thought that was a double play ball off the bat.
2005-04-09 22:00:49
132.   Vishal
bahhhhh, i want to disown yhency. how'd he get so hittable all of a sudden?
2005-04-09 22:01:23
133.   A E LUTHER
2005-04-09 21:57:18
# 124.  by al bundy

I wonder if there's a plan b for a closer until Gagne gets back.

Yes-his name is Mota and he plays in Florida.

2005-04-09 22:01:28
134.   Suffering Bruin
Midwest, who do you want to bring in?
2005-04-09 22:02:04
135.   cdbavg400
I like that IW to gonzo. He's won too many games in the past.
2005-04-09 22:02:27
136.   Sam DC
I never like the intentional walk load the bases thing. Do you really gain that much re going to any base in exchange for adding onthe walk in a run pressure?

And hurryng to get to Glaus just seems crazy.

2005-04-09 22:03:17
137.   blue tacos
guess who might be the last out today- green
2005-04-09 22:03:36
138.   Midwest Blue
I say Carrara. He said he was ready, injury or not.
2005-04-09 22:04:20
139.   cdbavg400
the walk allows a DP ball at any base.....even though you might be right about the walk thing....
2005-04-09 22:04:34
140.   Midwest Blue
GReat, he's about to walk in the loss.
2005-04-09 22:04:47
141.   Suffering Bruin
Now this is good... one more, Braz...
2005-04-09 22:05:12
142.   Jim Tracy
wow what a pitch
2005-04-09 22:05:24
143.   Suffering Bruin

Oh, Midwest, I didn't get that last post... what were you saying? :)

2005-04-09 22:05:28
144.   cdbavg400
BIG K! one more to go.....and then we can get to the 11th..
2005-04-09 22:05:43
145.   Sam DC
135 -- hadn't seen your post when I wrote mine and I see that point. I guess its not so much hurrying to Glaus as getting Grees instead of Gonzo, since you need two outs.

GOT HIM! (Glaus)

2005-04-09 22:06:05
146.   MSarg29
all they needed was a it again Braz
2005-04-09 22:06:05
147.   Im So Blue
Time for Green to hit a weak grounder to the right side...
2005-04-09 22:06:07
148.   Suffering Bruin
Not that this is over, of course...
2005-04-09 22:06:14
149.   Vishal
and it comes down to shawn green.
2005-04-09 22:07:04
150.   Suffering Bruin
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-04-09 22:07:19
151.   Aug C
2005-04-09 22:07:31
152.   A E LUTHER

Back 2 back k's looking...hmmmm.

2005-04-09 22:07:31
153.   cdbavg400
Big breaths now.....big breaths...
2005-04-09 22:07:33
154.   Vishal
2005-04-09 22:07:34
155.   Midwest Blue
YEAHHHH!!! Goodbye to the old Dodgers (Green) hello to the new (er, Braz?)
2005-04-09 22:07:41
156.   blue tacos
oh yeah!!!!! dodged a bullet... just wondering, is there a time delay with gamecast?
2005-04-09 22:08:02
157.   bokonon42
Yhency don't need no stinking curveball.
2005-04-09 22:08:29
158.   MSarg29
though that wasnt pretty.....that's why I like power arms in the pen.
2005-04-09 22:08:29
159.   Suffering Bruin
This is the kind of game that sends a pitcher to new heights.

Even if that's not entirely true, it's nice to think so... Great pitching.

2005-04-09 22:09:02
160.   Jim Tracy
As the Dodger stadium stereos used to say when Green came up to bat, "woo-hoo"
2005-04-09 22:09:16
161.   Midwest Blue
Any chance JD would grace us with a homer for his first hit?
2005-04-09 22:09:18
162.   joekings
Good to know Green hasn't changed much from last year. Ok maybe a bit, this year he actually argues when he takes the call strike three.
2005-04-09 22:09:55
163.   atg12
Bet Plasche had his pen all ready.
2005-04-09 22:10:12
164.   Jim Tracy
at least we know Braz can throw strikes when he wants. when it was 3-1 to glaus, most relievers would end up walking him or throwing tentatively over the plate
2005-04-09 22:10:26
165.   A E LUTHER
Plan B is Y.B.
2005-04-09 22:10:35
166.   cdbavg400
2005-04-09 22:10:44
167.   Jim Tracy
JD Drew gets GW hit
2005-04-09 22:10:47
168.   Suffering Bruin
Steiner and Monday are having some great moments on the radio, by the by. It is by far the best I've ever heard Rick Monday.

Steiner is really terrific. Granting it's a great game but his call of the triple was wonderful.

Hail Cesar!

2005-04-09 22:11:05
169.   Vishal
time for choi's first game-winning homer.
2005-04-09 22:11:06
170.   A E LUTHER
There's your starting All-Star SS for the NL.
2005-04-09 22:11:09
171.   Aug C
As long as the Dodgers are paying $10 million to Green to fail to win it for the D-backs, can Choi make DePo look even smarter?
2005-04-09 22:11:20
172.   MSarg29
run Izzy, run
2005-04-09 22:11:20
173.   SuperFimple
Yhency should stick to fastballs on the plate!
2005-04-09 22:11:25
174.   Steve
#163 -- I was just going to say that Plaschke had to rip up his lead.
2005-04-09 22:11:28
175.   Vishal
or a sac fly works too.
2005-04-09 22:11:29
176.   fanerman91
Bold prediction... Choi earns his Dodger blue tonight.
2005-04-09 22:11:38
177.   Midwest Blue
C'mon Choi, make it a long fly sac out!
2005-04-09 22:12:12
178.   A E LUTHER
Suffering Bruing:

Maybe less Monday is more Monday.

2005-04-09 22:12:15
179.   MSarg29
and climb the ladder.
2005-04-09 22:12:19
180.   joekings
J.D. with the chance to be the hero.
2005-04-09 22:12:19
181.   cdbavg400
Drew's time to come up big.
2005-04-09 22:12:20
182.   Suffering Bruin
OK, JD...
2005-04-09 22:12:45
183.   fanerman91
Okay. Bold prediction... Drew earns his Dodger blue right now.
2005-04-09 22:12:51
184.   Vishal
haha he walked. how fitting.
2005-04-09 22:12:52
185.   Suffering Bruin
Luther: I think you've got it exactly right.
2005-04-09 22:13:07
186.   MSarg29
i think its time for jd's first hit.
2005-04-09 22:13:12
187.   A E LUTHER
Come on Drew!
2005-04-09 22:13:14
188.   cdbavg400
it seems he always 0-2...
2005-04-09 22:13:17
189.   BMny
Choi didn't even get a chance to be a hero.

Better to be smart and not swing at garbage.

2005-04-09 22:14:32
190.   cdbavg400
phew.......that was close
2005-04-09 22:14:38
191.   Suffering Bruin
Was he safe??
2005-04-09 22:14:41
192.   SuperFimple
Is that a hit or a FC?
2005-04-09 22:14:54
193.   fanerman91
What just happened?
2005-04-09 22:14:59
194.   joekings
Never tagged him!
2005-04-09 22:15:09
195.   Midwest Blue
Yes!! ANd it counts!!!
2005-04-09 22:15:16
196.   Suffering Bruin
This is the man I want up.
2005-04-09 22:15:19
197.   Aug C
Kent winning it will do as well
2005-04-09 22:15:34
198.   joekings
FC, still no hit for Drew.
2005-04-09 22:15:36
199.   Jim Hitchcock
Who would you rather have up?
2005-04-09 22:15:37
200.   Sam NYC
Fielder's choice
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-04-09 22:15:42
201.   Suffering Bruin
We've got this...
2005-04-09 22:15:47
202.   MSarg29
Boy this game is crazy. That was close at third.
2005-04-09 22:15:53
203.   fanerman91
What happened with Drew? Fielder's choice? Why would they have to apply a tag?
2005-04-09 22:16:02
204.   Suffering Bruin
2005-04-09 22:16:11
205.   MSarg29
clear them all Kent!
2005-04-09 22:16:14
206.   cdbavg400
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!!!!!
2005-04-09 22:16:17
207.   joekings
I love Kent!
2005-04-09 22:16:23
208.   Jim Tracy
yeah, I like Kent.. he'll soon be forgiven for being an ex-Giant
2005-04-09 22:16:36
209.   SuperFimple
It sure has been a fun year so far.
2005-04-09 22:16:45
210.   A E LUTHER
There's your starting All-Star 2B for the NL. Anyone miss Cora?
2005-04-09 22:16:49
211.   fanerman91
I LOVE KENT TOO! I don't even know what happened. I'm just assuming from all the great responses than Kent just knocked in some go-ahead runs.
2005-04-09 22:17:00
212.   Vishal
wait, did izzy score? i got kicked off the telvision and i'm watching it on gamechannel. it says bases loaded and nobody out. how is that a FC? did they throw home but izzy stayed?
2005-04-09 22:17:15
213.   Steve
2005-04-09 22:17:16
214.   joekings
Drew hit it up the middle, Clayton picked it up and tried to get Cesar going back to third. The ump rightly called him safe.
2005-04-09 22:17:17
215.   Jim Hitchcock
Man, has Kent ever had a better start?
2005-04-09 22:17:26
216.   Suffering Bruin

And come on home, my man. Come one home...

Thanks, Milton!

2005-04-09 22:17:29
217.   BMny
I love this team I love this team! Oh Cardiac Kids!
2005-04-09 22:17:32
218.   Sam DC
Fanerman91 -- Drew hit it sharply to short; clayton smothered it. He threw back to third behind Izzy -- who had broken towards home -- who was called safe at the bag, although it was really close and Melvin came out to meekly argue.

And what just happened while I was typing was a bases clearing double by JK.

2005-04-09 22:17:36
219.   bokonon42
There still aren't any outs.
2005-04-09 22:17:47
220.   MSarg29
bradley continues the party.
2005-04-09 22:18:11
221.   cdbavg400
This pitcher for AZ is just bad......
2005-04-09 22:18:20
222.   Vishal
still not clear on what happened with drew. but woo!!!!
2005-04-09 22:18:25
223.   fanerman91
I'll be the first to say it...

Cora woulda hit a grand slam. In a 17-pitch at-bat no less.

2005-04-09 22:18:46
224.   blue tacos
worth staying up until 1am staring at nothing but gamecast. i think i'm the only one celebrating in my apt building.
2005-04-09 22:18:59
225.   Im So Blue
Drew hit a grounder to short. Izzy started towards home but Clayton threw to 3rd (instead of 1st). Izzy beat the tag, and everyone was safe.
2005-04-09 22:19:08
226.   Vishal
okay, i'm clear now. thanks guys!

this team is awesome.

2005-04-09 22:19:27
227.   Sam DC
Beltre never would've gotten doubled there. I'm gonna Bill Plashke.
2005-04-09 22:19:51
228.   SuperFimple
I'm sure I'm the only one celebrating in my apartment building too.
2005-04-09 22:19:53
229.   MSarg29
Is it wrong for me to be upset that Valentin hit into a double play? I should just be happy w/ what we've seen.


2005-04-09 22:20:35
230.   A E LUTHER
The LAA have "Super -Vlad", we have Jeff "Clark" Kent
2005-04-09 22:20:43
231.   fanerman91
Thanks Im So Blue.
2005-04-09 22:20:44
232.   joekings
With a 4 run lead do you leave Yhency in for one more???
2005-04-09 22:20:45
233.   Sam DC
re 227 -- call Bill Plashke . . .
2005-04-09 22:21:03
234.   Midwest Blue
We've got a 4-run lead. We blow that to the Snakes and we deserve to lose.
2005-04-09 22:21:09
235.   Steve
Plaschke's going to write about the Angels tomorrow! I get a day off! Hooray!
2005-04-09 22:21:26
236.   MSarg29
Taco, Im pretty sure I'm the only one celebrating in my apt in Wash Dc.
2005-04-09 22:21:46
237.   Midwest Blue
Put Carrera in. Braz has thorwn too many pitches.
2005-04-09 22:21:55
238.   Jeromy
Wow. What a game. It might be worth buying a copy of this on This team never quits.
2005-04-09 22:22:12
239.   Suffering Bruin
Dear Bill Plaschke,

Let me put this in language even you can understand.

Alex Cora is not remotely comparable to Jeff Kent.

Not. Remotely. Comparable.

Are you still with us, Bill? Are you still pining for for the days of yore? The days when the Dodgers went over a decade without winning a playoff game?

Yes, it's still early. But you wrote off this team after their first game.

Watch a few more games, Bill. You might be missing something special.

(The previous post was in 'Plaschke' style for his own comprehension).

2005-04-09 22:22:36
240.   Midwest Blue
And almost no one is up in the Midwest rooting for the Blue...and I have to be awake in 4.5 hours.
2005-04-09 22:23:20
241.   blue tacos
time for plashke to rewrite his article.
2005-04-09 22:24:08
242.   cdbavg400
Let's hope Carrara doesn't tear anything here....
2005-04-09 22:24:25
243.   Bob Timmermann
I'm back. Did I miss anything?

Actually, I listened to the bottom of the 10th and most of the top of the 11th on the radio.

From Polka. Man, those pierogis were good. I'd kill people to get those.

So the first round of the Scott Erickson Experiment didn't go well?

2005-04-09 22:25:40
244.   Steve
Does Buster Olney on ESPN remind anyone else of Buster on Arrested Development? Just wondering.
2005-04-09 22:25:44
245.   Midwest Blue
Two to go.
2005-04-09 22:26:17
246.   A E LUTHER
Where did all the D'back fans go?
2005-04-09 22:26:23
247.   blue tacos
i just moved from la to boston past winter and i want one of these parades they just had here in downtown la too. id travel back to see that.
2005-04-09 22:27:10
248.   Jim Hitchcock
Explain pierogis, when you get a chance...
2005-04-09 22:27:23
249.   Aug C
Karros would have gotten that
2005-04-09 22:28:15
250.   timely2base
How about the chemistry on this team?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-04-09 22:28:28
251.   cdbavg400
# 249. by Aug C
Karros would have gotten that

HAHA! He wasn't '92 ROY for nothing.

2005-04-09 22:28:50
252.   cdbavg400
2005-04-09 22:29:05
253.   joekings
Please tell me 4 runs is going to be enough.
2005-04-09 22:29:42
254.   Midwest Blue
We still have three runs to play with..
2005-04-09 22:30:00
255.   MSarg29
Bradley cant reach it. Carrera making it interesting. This isnt over yet.
2005-04-09 22:30:05
256.   cdbavg400
Carrera isn't looking too good.
2005-04-09 22:30:23
257.   SuperFimple
This is beginning to remind me of a little league game. Maybe the D-Backs WILL win 13-12. Hope not.
2005-04-09 22:30:43
258.   A E LUTHER
The string broke and the balloon is loose?

Only Vin.

2005-04-09 22:30:44
259.   Vishal
pierogi is like a polish meat dumpling, if i understand it correctly...
2005-04-09 22:31:31
260.   Midwest Blue
# 257, don't jinx it like I did a while ago.
2005-04-09 22:31:36
261.   MSarg29
Id trade outs for runs right now.
2005-04-09 22:32:09
262.   A E LUTHER
"This is beginning to remind me of a little league game. Maybe the D-Backs WILL win 13-12. Hope not."

(or a major league game)

2005-04-09 22:32:33
263.   joekings
oh oh
2005-04-09 22:32:54
264.   cdbavg400
Our bullpen's ERA must be something like 20.00
2005-04-09 22:32:55
265.   Midwest Blue
Okay, two runs to play with (oh boy)
2005-04-09 22:32:57
266.   Jim Hitchcock
Okay. Fun's fun...but enough.
2005-04-09 22:33:28
267.   Im So Blue
Oh no, it's Schmoll!
2005-04-09 22:33:32
268.   Vishal
can we bring in derek lowe to finish the inning??
2005-04-09 22:33:32
269.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, Steve Schmoll! Our savior.

Pierogis are indeed dumplings. Mine were potato and cheese.

2005-04-09 22:33:32
270.   MSarg29
God damnit Carrera.
2005-04-09 22:33:55
271.   joekings
maybe he should have left Yhency in.
2005-04-09 22:34:01
272.   Jeromy
Schmoll to the rescue!
2005-04-09 22:34:36
273.   blue tacos
who else do we have besides carrara, quick we need some super glue to apply to cracks before it falls apart!
2005-04-09 22:34:49
274.   Midwest Blue
Damn that 15-day DL. I swear I can see Gagne storming the field, ripping the ball from Carrara and saving the game on one leg.
2005-04-09 22:34:59
275.   BMny
That hammie can't be helping him. Jesus!!! Why did Tracy put a gimp in the game?
2005-04-09 22:35:19
276.   A E LUTHER
29 hits combined.
2005-04-09 22:35:39
277.   bigcpa
Hi guys!
Normally I'm on a big Tivo lag but I'm live tonight. Can we reenact that group hug right now? I'm dying here.
2005-04-09 22:35:57
278.   cdbavg400
And if Schmoll doesn't work, we still have Wunsch!!!
2005-04-09 22:36:08
279.   Midwest Blue
If we get back to the G-men we're hosed.
2005-04-09 22:36:10
280.   Aug C
The BOB is scaring me... do I put Lowe on my fantasy bench for tomorrow?
2005-04-09 22:37:02
281.   cdbavg400
I hope you don't need to, Aug C. We need Lowe to pitch deep into the game again.
2005-04-09 22:37:14
282.   A E LUTHER
Quick! Who's more twisted?

Counsell or Schmoll?

2005-04-09 22:37:27
283.   MSarg29
This bullpen is filled w/ arsonists.
2005-04-09 22:37:50
284.   cdbavg400
2005-04-09 22:37:55
285.   joekings
This can't be happening.
2005-04-09 22:38:02
286.   fanerman91
Oh DEAR. Hurry and get back Wilson Alvarez and Eric Gagne. We NEEEEEED you.
2005-04-09 22:38:15
287.   Sam NYC
This is really frustrating now. Winning run at the plate.
2005-04-09 22:38:18
288.   Jim Hitchcock
Don't know, bigcpa...we're all a little tense right now. Might lead to broken bones.
2005-04-09 22:38:44
289.   Midwest Blue
I don't pray, but it's time to ask real nicely for DP ball. Pretty please.
2005-04-09 22:38:47
290.   cdbavg400
2005-04-09 22:38:48
291.   Steve
I guess I'm back on call. I so wanted a day off.
2005-04-09 22:38:48
292.   A E LUTHER
Double play!!!!!
2005-04-09 22:39:00
293.   Bob Timmermann
Yea, we love Schmoll. His name is almost like Smoltz!
2005-04-09 22:39:00
294.   joekings
Never had a doubt!
2005-04-09 22:39:02
295.   MSarg29
I cant belive we held on.
2005-04-09 22:39:06
296.   Suffering Bruin

Anybody else like it?

2005-04-09 22:39:08
297.   Jim Hitchcock
Okay. Better now.
2005-04-09 22:39:14
298.   Im So Blue
I was just about to say, "Time for a double play..." Whew!
2005-04-09 22:39:42
299.   Suffering Bruin
Thank you, Midwest Blue. Thank you!
2005-04-09 22:39:43
300.   Jerry
Someone get me to an emergency room, now.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-04-09 22:40:02
301.   Steve
2005-04-09 22:40:17
302.   Midwest Blue
I called it. And I'll predict 9 innings for Lowe tomorrow, too. I'm going to bed. PHEW!!
2005-04-09 22:40:29
303.   jasonungar05
im getting too old for this shit
2005-04-09 22:40:32
304.   joekings
I think I'm going to have to refill my oxygen bottle.
2005-04-09 22:40:53
305.   A E LUTHER
2/3 from the GNATS
2/2 from the DBACKS=
Successful road trip
2005-04-09 22:40:59
306.   Sam DC
g'night gracie.
2005-04-09 22:41:14
307.   Im So Blue
As Vinny said, "Good night everybody...and somehow the Dodgers win it."
2005-04-09 22:42:17
308.   MSarg29
could you imagine if we lost that one. That would of really hurt.
2005-04-09 22:44:14
309.   Jeromy
If only Choi and Drew could add to the firepower this team has. Kent has been a stud for five games, and I'm impressed with the middle to the bottom of the lineup. Guys like Bradley, Phillips, Ledee, and Valetin are playing very well. DePodesta is a genius! Now if someone could put out the fire in the bullpen . . .
2005-04-09 22:44:42
310.   blue tacos
shmoll's picture on gamecast looks like its been photoshopped. he needs a new picturet too.
2005-04-09 22:45:13
311.   joekings
Alvarez and Gagne can't come back fast enough.
2005-04-09 22:46:12
312.   A E LUTHER
Game summary:
1. Great catch(s) by Bradley
2. Is Penny ready yet?
3. Weaver can run but can't slide.
4. Izzy/Kent(.526) better than Izzy/Cora
5. Bradley a spokesperson?! Better attitude!!
2005-04-09 22:55:14
313.   Steve
Every win we steal with Gagne, Alvarez, Penny et al on the DL is huge. Especially in a bandbox like Arizona. Right now the offense, led by The Man Who Wished He Was Alex Cora, is picking up the pitching. It will be the other way around before the end of this season.
2005-04-09 22:55:50
314.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I watched this at home where I don't have broadband. It was amusing to look at all the comments and remembering the crazy ups-and-downs. I nearly had a heart attack from relief when Schmoll got the DP. Crazy, crazy, crazy. But a win's a win.

Someone else pointed out that this is already a successful road trip. Better yet, we pulled out two wins from our two weakest starters. With Lowe vs. Ortiz, I like our chances later today (I watched this on the east coast).

The pen is pitching like a gasoline-soaked rag doll held together by masking tape right now, but hopefully the kids will begin to settle in.


2005-04-09 22:58:02
315.   bigcpa
"I'm under the impression that the Dodgers are going to struggle to score runs...
I've picked them to finish third -- at best -- in their division. I have real doubts about the Dodgers talent this year."

Joe Morgan, 4/8/05 chat

I'm actually paying for this as a premium service.

2005-04-09 23:00:29
316.   Sam NYC
Does anyone know when Gagne and Alvarez are supposed to come back?
2005-04-09 23:01:31
317.   MSarg29
Good comments Wayne. I'm in Wash DC myself
2005-04-09 23:07:08
318.   Linkmeister
My mother, who's only occasionally a baseball fan, was on the edge of her seat for the last two innings. I was too, but that's SOP for me. It was starting to look like that awful Phillies game about fifteen years ago when they got something like nine runs in the top of the ninth and beat the Dodgers 13-12 or thereabouts.

Get well, Gagne!

2005-04-09 23:08:21
319.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Hey Sarg, I should be going to sleep right now, but I'm still a bit too keyed up. I need a little more time to get my heart rate down. Good thing it's the weekend.


2005-04-09 23:10:33
320.   Steve
Linkmeister, are you talking about the game where newly-minted Phillie Jose Offerman had something like six errors in the inning? Now there was a Dodger team that needed defensive help.
2005-04-09 23:12:35
321.   timely2base
Got to like the big innings (from the boys in blue at least). Patience pays off.

Dodgers get 8 walks today. 5 of those guys score (actually 4, but one gets replaced in a fielder's choice) and one of the walks is an RBI.

Drew walks in the first. Comes in on Kent's home run.

Izturis walks home a run in the second.

Kent walks in the sixth, comes in on Ledee's double.

Kent walks in the seventh, stranded.

Valentin walks to start eighth...out in a fielder's choice...Ledee reaches safely. Saenz walks (Weaver pinch runs). Ledee scores on Izturis single. Weaver scores on Choi single.

11th inning, Choi walks with one on. Scores (along with Izturis and Drew) on Kent's double. Repko walks...stranded.

Arizona got more big hits than the Blue, they just didn't have as many guys on base when the hits came.

Some folks (amazingly, some professional sportwriters), continue to think too much is made out of walks and OBP. They'll have to come around sometime, but I hope the Dodgers can take advantage of that kind of ignorance in the short run.

2005-04-09 23:18:25
322.   Linkmeister
Steve, I don't remember the details. Out here it was on at 4:00pm on ESPN and I got home from work around 6:30, turned it on to find the Dodgers up by some humongous margin, and watched in horror as they blew the whole thing. I'm sure it's on Retrosheet, but I wouldn't know how to start searching for it.
2005-04-09 23:26:14
323.   Eric L
Here is the dreaded Phillies game from 8/21/90. I think it was a night game at Dodger Stadium (I know they were at home). From what I remember (I was 13 at the time), I fell asleep listening to the game. The Dodgers had a huge lead and I think I felt confident enough to give in to the sleep monster. I was quite shocked when I woke up to find out they had lost.

2005-04-09 23:30:32
324.   bigcpa
Not to quibble in the afterglow, but can anyone explain why Tracy is not double-switching this series? He brought Wunsch into the 6th yesterday and oddly let him bat for himself to kill the 7th in a 4-2 game. Why not stick Valentin in the game for Saenz with Estes out anyway?

Today he uses 20 players and the pitcher stayed in the 9 hole the entire game notably with Yhency batting in the 10th.

So many thoughts on the game- I'll offer 3 notes...
1) How can you walk Counsell twice in the leadoff spot. Gag!
2) Yhency did not pitch Tony Clark well in the 9th. He threw him 4 fastballs at 96/97 until Clark finally timed it. At 2-2 Clark was looking fastball all the way and a slider would have fanned him easily.
3) How can anyone think that Bradley is not an amazing presence on this team? How many people misconstrued his outbursts as anti-team? Kent/Bradley are like smelling salt under the nose of this team that was sorely needed from '95-03.

2005-04-09 23:31:59
325.   Icaros
I was 14 at the time of that Phillies game, and I watched the entire thing on TV.

I threw such a huge fit, I think my mother has still not forgiven me for it.

2005-04-09 23:33:12
326.   Linkmeister
Eric, that has to be it, since I was able to see it after work (we're two-three hours behind the Coast, depending on Standard or Daylight Savings). Oh my goodness. That recap brings it all back. As Kurtz said, "The horror. The horror."
2005-04-09 23:34:36
327.   Jerry
The story that may be slipping underneath everyone's radar is Bradley's play these past five games. It certainly seems like he's improved his approach and is on his way to having a better year than he did in 2004. If this happens, the 3-4-5 meat of our lineup should be very fun to watch.
2005-04-09 23:36:29
328.   Sam NYC
I remember that Phillies game ... they were so far ahead that Lasorda took Gibson, Murray and the entire starting line-up out of the game. So when the Dodgers had their last at-bats, it was left to Sharperson, Gwynn and Dempsey to try to pull it out.

The worst part about that game was that it was one of about 7 games they absolutely blew in August and September ... and then finished just 5 games back of the Reds

2005-04-09 23:47:50
329.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I think this is the year Milt will start to fully reach his potential--an excellent defensive CF who hits around .300 along with 30 HR and 100 RBI. Maybe an ejection here and there, but I'm optimistic he can avoid any serious explosions.


2005-04-10 01:23:44
330.   Nolan
The key to Erickson's line tonight was 0 ks. His k/9 has been very low his entire career and basically holds the key to why he will not last the year (or maybe even the month) in our rotation - too many hitters put too many balls in play against him. I hope, of course, that he becomes the Lima of this year's team but there is literally nothing in his recent past to suggest that he is going to be able to contribute meaningfully.
2005-04-10 01:52:29
331.   fanerman91
How long til Alvares comes back? According to the Henson piece on the Times, seems like 2, 2 1/2 weeks. I couldn't really tell though. It depends on how long the 3 or 4 relief appearances take.

They say Gagne 'will not even play catch until "he is completely asymptomatic."' I'd gladly take a couple blown saves rather than see Gagne rush through things again.

Once Penny comes back, we should be in better shape. Dessens back in the bullpen will provide more relief help.

If we can last til our pitchers start coming back we should be in good shape.

2005-04-10 03:02:27
332.   ryu
We're tied with Atlanta and the ChiSox for the best record in MLB!! Yay!
2005-04-10 04:38:04
333.   Langhorne
I've got to tell you all, I had to go to work at about 8:30pm PDT. I got off just before 3am. I heard the final score on the radio and checked the box score when I got home. But it was great to follow the progression of the game through all your comments. Almost as much fun as listening to Vin call it. Thanks to all of you.
This is starting to feel like last year. Loose the opener and win the next four. It's like deja vu all over again. I know they say that pennants aren't won in April but seeing as all but two of our games this month are against teams in our division it would be nice to start strong. If I remember last year we finished April five games ahead of S.F. That made a huge difference. Good night and thanks again.
2005-04-10 06:44:47
334.   Suffering Bruin
Oh what a beautiful morning! If there were corn growing in LA, it would be as high as an elephants eye...

Only 333 comments? We must be losing interest! :)

2005-04-10 09:20:47
335.   Colorado Blue
Good morning all... man, what a game! Stayed up for the entire thing and downed some Pepto when Schmoll took the mound.

RE: "Oh what a beautiful morning! If there were corn growing in LA, it would be as high as an elephants eye...".
Sunday morning in Denver; a spring blizzard has ensued, there is a foot of snow on the ground with no end in sight... but the corn still grows tall!

I was particularly pleased with Yhency's 10th inning... between Glaus and Green I just knew for sure the game was over for the Dodgers... YB must be feeling like a million bucks. Ok, at least $325K anyway.

2005-04-10 09:23:27
336.   Jon T
335 the day after:

Even Plaschke has to give this team and DePo their due at this point.

Does anybody else think it might be a good idea to move Choi down to the 7-hole, hit Bradley second, and let Drew turn things around in the 6-spot (behind Valentin)? Seems like most of our rallies are coming from the bottom of the order; maybe flipping it around a little and getting Bradley on in front of Kent would be even better... though I'm certainly not going to argue with a 4-1 start.

2005-04-10 09:39:46
337.   gvette
Probably one of the worst game reports I've ever read in the Times today by Steve Henson.

In a game featuring lead changes, great fielding plays, and clutch hitting, Henson spends nearly a third of the the story regurgitating Erickson's last five years in the Majors.

Reads like he had the game story already written in case Erickson failed, and merely padded the story with beginning and ending facts about the actual game. Disgraceful.

Maybe GM had a point when they pulled their ads from the Times.

2005-04-10 09:51:22
338.   Suffering Bruin
Gvette, you have a point but I wouldn't be too hard on Henson. I have no doubt that he did start writing during the game because when I was in the box, all of the beat guys did the same thing. They had to--they all had deadlines.

So, you start off with a theme that you think will be dominant, pray to all that is holy that the game won't end too close to deadline. You'll find as a rule that the coverage of day games is far superior to night games. You'll also find that the quotes guys get from the night games that run long were actually taken before the game.

It's a tough job. I'm sure with more time to write, Henson would've changed the theme of the game and concentrated on the play-by-play over Erickson's struggles. But I wouldn't be too critical of Henson because he and Brown seem to be the last sane voices writing about baseball at the LAT. When Brown isn't waving the red and white pom-poms, that is... :)

2005-04-10 10:24:18
339.   Eric Enders
I had to miss the game, but TiVoed it for later watching... I started watching it at 1:30 a.m., not knowing the result, and needless to say stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. But the missed sleep was SO worth it! One of the better games in recent memory.

And reading the above 330+ posts this morning was pretty cool too.

2005-04-10 10:27:39
340.   gvette

Sorry I can't be as forgiving of the Times and Henson as you are. FOUR paragraphs of Erickson's stats from as far back as 2000 as filler is just lazy.

By comparison, Tony Jackson of the Star News/Daily News, working under the same time constraints wrote a coherent, complete report of the game, without relying on a preordained "agenda".

2005-04-10 10:38:27
341.   Eric Enders
I agree that it was an extremely lazy game report by Henson. But in his (nominal) defense, the game did last four-plus hours and he was probably close to hitting deadline when it finished.
2005-04-10 11:26:17
342.   Nolan
Jon T - I half-agree. I think, until Werth comes back, Bradley should be hitting #2. This would be my lineup:


2005-04-10 11:45:39
343.   Vishal
woah, this is so weird. i am pretty sure i was was actually AT that phillies game in 1990. the uncle of my dad's boss worked for the phillies, and so we were able to get first row seats. i could rest my 9-year-old legs on top of the phillies' dugout. it was awesome. the game was depressing, though. and it lasted till almost midnight, i believe, because of all the scoring.

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