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Pitchers to Pursue
2004-11-09 10:35
by Jon Weisman

Here's a peek at 28 pitchers available on the free-agent market. Though it leaves off such players like hometown loyalist Roger Clemens and reclamation projects like Hideo Nomo and Shane Reynolds, and of course doesn't consider players available in trade, it still should give you a good idea of what's out there.

SNLVAR is a Baseball Prospectus statistic that measures the team wins the pitcher provides in comparison to a replacement-level pitcher, accounting for the quality of the batters faced by the pitcher.

Wilson AlvarezL34120.2109311024.031.1Still a top swingman
Kris BensonR30200.1202611344.282.9This guy was a primo July trade target?
Paul ByrdR33114.112319793.941.8Has his good moments and his injured ones
Matt ClementR30181155771903.683.2Good numbers, still underrated
Shawn EstesL312022231051175.84-0.1Somehow survived Colorado, somehow only 31
O. HernandezR3584.27336843.302.9Best-looking potential bargain?
Al LeiterL39173.2138971173.214.6Better version of Ishii: high walks but low hits
Cory LidleR32211.1224611264.901.3Durable in '04 that's about it
Jon LieberR34176.2216181024.332.6Improved as season went on in comeback
Jose LimaR32170.117834934.072.7You're paying for spirit and magic, here.
Esteban LoaizaR32183217711175.701.5Probably not salvagable
Derek LoweR31182.2224711055.420.7Postseason success obscures truly lousy year
Pedro MartinezR33217193612273.905.5Still freaking good if not great, asking for moon
Kevin MillwoodR29141155511254.850.5Recovery potential, will poor 2004 lower price?
Eric MiltonL29201196751614.751.4Also gets Ks, but pricy and hittable (43 HR)
Matt MorrisR30202205561314.721.8Inconsistent
Russ OrtizR30204.21971121434.133.9Long overrated, people may be catching on
Carl PavanoR28222.1212491393.005.6Control good, Ks average. Too hip a choice?
Odalis PerezL27196.1180441283.255.0Stats similar to Pavano's
Brad RadkeR32219.2229261433.486.9Best season of 10-year career
Glendon RuschL30129.212733903.472.1Hmm an older Odalis or younger Alvarez?
Ismael ValdezR3117020249675.190.2Cue the talkshows if he signs. Ug-lee K numbers
Ron VilloneL3411710264864.080.4Reliever who could spot start
David WellsL41195.2203201013.734.2Wily and wooly - great control gets him by
Woody WilliamsR38189.2193581314.182.4Another oldie but somewhat goodie
Paul WilsonR31183.2192631174.362.6Mediocre
Jamey WrightR2978.28245414.121.6Decent season in pitcher's park possible
Jaret WrightR28186.1168701593.284.1Another Leo Mazzone success great comeback

Here are, in alphabetical order, the best-looking targets:

Top targets, regardless of salary
Matt Clement
Jon Lieber
Pedro Martinez
Carl Pavano
Odalis Perez
Brad Radke
Woody Williams
Jaret Wright

Top bargain candidates
Wilson Alvarez
Orlando Hernandez
Glendon Rusch

There really isn't enough pitching to go around, is there?

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