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April 10 Open Chat: E-Ticket Rides
2005-04-10 09:58
by Jon Weisman

Today's Game

Pinball wizardry for the Dodgers in Arizona the past two nights. Spinout city. Wow.

Remember: Don't get too wrapped up in the bullpen struggles to date. When Brad Penny, Eric Gagne and Wilson Alvarez return and the pitching staff returns to 11 men, the bottom four relievers will go onto the taxi squad.

Comments (259)
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2005-04-10 10:14:03
1.   Jerry
So who's first in line to go? Erickson, Houlton, Wunsch, Carlyle?
2005-04-10 10:17:28
2.   Jon Weisman
Schmoll, based on age and options.
2005-04-10 10:36:32
3.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Anyone have an inkling of when Gagne will return? I assume he'll have to start over from scratch with regards to building up arm strength, so I at least would be happy with him coming back by June 1. Does that sound too conservative to anyone? Too optimistic, gawd forbid?

Even with that, though, I think we have enough pen depth to get by. Both Wilson and Dessens' return to the pen after Penny comes back will immediately bolster the relief corps. As it shakes out, I think Brazoban will close with Gio and Wilson sharing setup-man duties. Dessens will fill Gio's old slot for the seventh inning. Duaner and Houlton can share general middle relief duties and Wunsch will continue as the situational lefty.

Another long-term problem is who gets cut if and when we go to an 11-man staff. If Nakamura continues to tear it up at Vegas, who will give up his roster slot? I would think Houlton, even though I'd hate to lose the Rule V pick. If Houlton starts to pitch well consistently, I would also be willing to trade Duaner for prospects, who didn't really impress me yesterday, and who should have decent value.


2005-04-10 10:39:13
4.   Woody
I was obviously disappointed in Scott Erickson's performance based on what I saw of him in spring training, but one performance shouldn't doom him at this point, I hope.

I have virtually no confidence in any of the current bullpen including the three holdovers from last year. YB may have redeemed himself psychologically with the two big strikeouts in what could have been a loss. I was watching Eric Gagne playing with the ball and catcher's mitt in the BP and agonizing over his absence. It would be nice to have an update on how his elbow feels and when he might start rehab.

You mentioned the other day that Cesar Izturis has been having lapses of concentration, which you feel will be rectified. His baserunner blunder in that 8th (?) inning go-ahead rally killed what might have been another scoring opportunity which could have avoided the extra-inning theatrics. I don't mean to be critcal of a guy who does so much for our team, but I guess he needs to focus more. I'm kind of surprise since he has matured before my eyes over the last couple of years.

Never thought I'd love Jeff Kent, but so far he's been tons more than I expected. I have a feeling that when J.D. finally breaks out of his funk it will be earth-shattering.

I like Milton Bradley, but he seems like the type of guy who is kind of scary even when he's just being exhuberant. If he was your buddy, he'd run up to greet you, and give you a bear-hug which might break several ribs. Beautiful plays, however, and I feel he has certainly earned the right to be the center fielder.

Let's go for the SWEEP!

2005-04-10 10:40:47
5.   Jerry
While Dessens is off to a nice start this year, don't count on him for anything more than average relief performance.

Normally I'd advocate that Alvarez be slotted as the #5 starter, but the way our bullpen looks, I think I like him relieving, at least until Gagne comes back. If we send Wunsch down, then Alvarez would be our only lefty in the bullpen, right?

2005-04-10 10:47:47
6.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I doubt Wilson can stand the strain of starting. He belongs in the pen.

Elmer's numbers are much better as a reliever. I actually prefer him in middle relief to Sanchez. I've thought for a while that Duaner is over-rated, and at least Dessens can spot-start on occasion.

If Erickson ends up tanking, how about Houlton starting? It might work, if the kid can be more consistent.


2005-04-10 10:51:01
7.   Eric Enders
I agree with Jon that Schmoll will be the first one demoted, though Carlyle has the weakest track record of the bunch and is the likeliest to completely suck.

I don't think Wunsch should be grouped with the rest of those guys; he has an extremely impressive track record in both the major and minor leagues. I'll be shocked if he's not on the major league team all season.

2005-04-10 11:02:45
8.   tjshere
I know, I's still very early, but I'm wondering about Choi. Tracy demonstrated last year that he doesn't have much faith in, nor patience with, Choi. If he continues to flounder, how long will Tracy stick with him this year and how much pressure from above is he getting to do so?

I love this blog, btw. Youse guys are a lot smarter than Dodger Talk callers. Hehehehe.

2005-04-10 11:03:48
9.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: Wunsch, we also need to remember that Trace likes to use situational lefties, which is another point in Wunsch's favor. OTOH, Wunsch has said he doesn't want to be constantly trotted out there, which was Tracy's MO with Tom Martin. But I do believe that Wunsch will stick with the team, which if he's healthy I have no problems with.


2005-04-10 11:05:57
10.   Eric Enders
"You mentioned the other day that Cesar Izturis has been having lapses of concentration, which you feel will be rectified. His baserunner blunder in that 8th (?) inning go-ahead rally killed what might have been another scoring opportunity which could have avoided the extra-inning theatrics."

Wow. Just wow. I think we were watching two different games. Cesar Izturis has been awful in the field, last night included. But in last night's game he also made two ingenious baserunning plays, without which the Dodgers lose the game. And the "blunder" you mention was one of them.

If you look at the replay, Weaver was dead meat at the plate unless the throw is cut off. Seeing that, Cesar tried to advance, hoping Arizona would stupidly cut off the throw and allow Weaver to score. Which, of course, is exactly what they did. As soon as the throw was cut off, Cesar stopped in his tracks, forcing Arizona to run him down and allowing Weaver enough time to touch the plate with the go-ahead run.

Then in the 11th, there was the play in which Arizona failed to get an out on Drew's routine grounder because they tried to catch Izturis off third. The ball beat Izzy by quite a bit, but he faked out Glaus with a hand deke and avoided the tag. Bases loaded.

2005-04-10 11:07:06
11.   Linkmeister
Wunsch has a major league track record? I never heard of him until this week!

Alas, no Dodgers on the tv today out here.

2005-04-10 11:09:05
12.   Eric Enders
Linkmeister, check out Wunsch's record here:

Three excellent MLB seasons, one bad one. And an excellent 2004 in AAA as well.

2005-04-10 11:10:35
13.   Linkmeister
Yeah, I just looked. 31 years old, too. As a sentimentalist, I want the old guy to stick with the big club. ;)
2005-04-10 11:31:24
14.   Benaiah

Looks like Nakamura is coming up for A Perez, so that means we can keep all 12 relievers for a bit longer.

2005-04-10 11:31:56
15.   Benaiah
Make that all 12 pitchers.
2005-04-10 11:35:29
16.   Benaiah
Also we are going to need one more start by Dessens and Erickson according to

The next time a fifth starter spot comes up would be April 19, but that is virtually out of the question for Penny, who would probably need two or three game appearances before the Dodgers would bring him to the Major Leagues.

2005-04-10 11:40:38
17.   kngoworld
Don't mean to take away any attention from my beloved Dodgers, but there is a huge strikeout dual going on in Atlanta. Smoltz has 14 and Martinez has 8, if anyone is interested.
2005-04-10 11:44:22
18.   Bob Timmermann
How did Perez hurt his hamstring? That would imply that he's been playing much.

So is Nakamura the backup at shortstop? If so, stay well, Cesar, stay well.

15 Ks now for Smoltz

2005-04-10 11:52:40
19.   Eric Enders
Judging by their uniforms today, the Braves apparently have tryouts with Ringling Bros. scheduled for after the game.
2005-04-10 11:55:34
20.   Bob Timmermann
I guess that since I've lived in Southern California and had experience with a lot of high strikeout performances (Koufax was before my time, but I was around for Ryan, Ramon Martinez, and Hideo Nomo's big K totals), that the Braves alltime franchise record for Ks in a game is 17 and no one has done that since the 1890s.
2005-04-10 11:59:33
21.   Eric Enders
And nobody will touch it today, either. Smoltz implodes in the 8th.
2005-04-10 12:02:14
22.   Bob Timmermann
And 17 will remain the Braves record as Smoltz gave up a 2-run homer to Beltran in the 8th and has left the game trailing 2-1.

And Pat Burrell has hit another home run and has driven in 15 runs the first week of the season and I have a feeling that he will be the first NL Player of the Week unless Jeff Kent can go crazy again today.

And Tom Martin gives up a home run to make it 3-1 Mets.

2005-04-10 12:02:33
23.   Sam DC
In Florida, Paul LD breaks up a 0-0 tie in the bottom of the 7th with a two-out, two-run pinch hit double (then gets caught in a rundown going for three to end the inning).
2005-04-10 12:24:34
24.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Bob, I believe Valentin would be Izzy's primary backup. As far as I can tell, the only position A. Perez seems to be able to play with any reasonable effectiveness is 2B. Although IIRC he was a SS before last season, defense definitely doesn't look like his strength.

I wonder if they decided to be extra cautious with A. Perez's hamstring injury, which didn't seem all that serious, in order to free up a space for Nakamura. Our short-handed bench might have also played a role in the decision.


2005-04-10 12:29:44
25.   Bob Timmermann
And Nakamura already hit 2 HRs in his first 3 games with Las Vegas. However they were hit in Colorado Springs.
2005-04-10 12:42:20
26.   Bob Timmermann
Pedro was definitely dealing today for the Mets. CG 2-hitter against the Braves. 9 Ks, 1 BB and he retired the last 16 in a row.
2005-04-10 12:52:25
27.   Woody
Good point Eric. I was only marginally watching the game by that time CST and didn't notice that getting in the rundown was the reason Weaver was able to score with that bizarre slide. Obviously, you as a baseball writing pro, see a lot more than I do as "emotional" fan. Forgive my inattentiveness I am a big man of "Little C".
2005-04-10 12:56:44
28.   Eric Enders
I don't see more than anyone else, believe me. And I'm an "emotional fan" too. I just happened to be impressed by that particular play.

It was really the cutoff, moreso than the rundown, that allowed Weaver to score. If the throw goes through, Weaver's a dead man.

2005-04-10 13:07:59
29.   kngoworld
No Milton Bradley in todays lineup. Anyone with any insight?
2005-04-10 13:08:41
30.   tjshere
You think Weaver would have been out even with that tremendous slide?
2005-04-10 13:10:48
31.   Bob Timmermann
Probably just being given a rest from having to run all over the place last night.
2005-04-10 13:12:45
32.   kngoworld
Well lets hope nothing serious is wrong with Milton as we watch Drew have a go at center.
2005-04-10 13:16:11
33.   Linkmeister
All I'm getting today is Angels-Royals on Fox. I expect frequent updates from you folks.
2005-04-10 13:21:49
34.   Vishal

my thoughts exactly on izzy's baserunning last night. i thought weaver was going to be nailed for sure.

2005-04-10 13:30:23
35.   Eric Enders
Re Nomo, this is from today's Contra Costa Times:

In the end, Chavez summed up the evening best when asked to describe Devil Rays starter Hideo Nomo's night.

"(He had) nothing," [Eric] Chavez said. "Probably the worst stuff I've ever seen. The guy throws 83-84 (mph). Come on! He was like (Baltimore's) Rodrigo (Lopez)—very mediocre stuff. You think that we could get 20 hits off a guy like that. That's the way it is in baseball. Sometimes it's hard to explain."

2005-04-10 13:42:57
36.   Woody
Hope MB didn't hurt himself spiking the ball after that fabulous tumbling catch last night.
2005-04-10 13:43:36
37.   Bob Timmermann
So perhaps Nomo is moving on to become a right-handed Kirk Rueter.
2005-04-10 13:44:25
38.   Jerry
Norihiro Nakamura has been called up because of Antonio Perez's hamstring
2005-04-10 13:48:29
39.   Tripon
...J.D. Drew can't buy a hit. First the fielder's choice yesterday, and now that error. Oh man, I don't know if I should cry or laugh.
2005-04-10 13:48:58
40.   Bob Timmermann
So when is Vin going to figure out that was Repko and not Izturis running there?
2005-04-10 13:59:49
41.   jasonungar05
Vin think Itzturis is leading off the second.

is Bradley not playing for a reason?

2005-04-10 14:03:14
42.   Rick A
Tracy is giving him a day off for rest.
2005-04-10 14:04:55
43.   jasonungar05
with all these injuries i just wasnt sure! I thought he hurt himself getting all fired up last night!

cool. go blue

2005-04-10 14:05:32
44.   Rick A
So far AZ hasn't looked very good. Improved from last year, sure. But that isn't saying much. Their hitting is vastly improved, but their pitching so far has proved combustible. And they seem to lack focus on defense.
2005-04-10 14:05:52
45.   Jerry
Dave Ross just hit a 2-run single for the Pirates. Frickin' DePodesta!!!!!
2005-04-10 14:07:40
46.   Rick A
#42 on KFWB Tracy said that Milton had a fair amount of rough and tumble plays last night, so they're holding him out today to rest him. He should be pretty well rested for Tuesday at the Ravine I would think.
2005-04-10 14:10:33
47.   Rick A
I seem to remember someone mentioning the hot and cold nature of our lineup in yesterday's comments. I've got to say that even the guys in the lineup who are not hitting at present have really been working the count, and ratcheting up the opposition's pitch counts. I like that.
2005-04-10 14:10:42
48.   Berkeley Doug
Damn that Glaus!!!
2005-04-10 14:11:02
49.   Vishal
glaus is gonna hit 60+ this year if he doesn't get hurt.
2005-04-10 14:11:03
50.   Rick A
Nope, nothing wrong with Glaus's shoulder at all.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-10 14:11:15
51.   kngoworld
#45, I hope your joking. Sorta hard to tell over the internet.
2005-04-10 14:12:24
52.   Jerry
Glaus is an absolute monster--that was a good pitch by Lowe he hit. Too bad he can't stay healthy for long stretches of time.

#51--Yeah, it was a poor attempt at humor. :)

2005-04-10 14:17:34
53.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres are starting Tim Redding, aka the Erickson of Petco.
2005-04-10 14:19:40
54.   fanerman91
Quick question...

How has Drew done in the past at the start of seasons? Has he always been a slow starter?

2005-04-10 14:24:00
55.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder if Vin is looking at the schedule right. The Dodgers don't finish at home with the Pirates. The Pirates are in for the last weekend at home. Then the DBacks come in. The Dodgers finish at San Diego.

The Rockies are the NL West team that finishes up outside the division. They play the last week on the road at Atlanta and New York.

2005-04-10 14:26:05
56.   Bob Timmermann
In 2004 Drew put up a 938 OPS in April.

His OPS is 881 in April for his career.

2005-04-10 14:27:27
57.   fanerman91
That's only slightly below his career averages. Hmm. Well, he's bound to start hitting soon.
2005-04-10 14:31:15
58.   fanerman91
Counsell hit a sac fly, bringing in McCracken. 2-1 D-Backs.
2005-04-10 14:32:07
59.   fanerman91
Drew still can't buy a hit. 3 straight posts by me?
2005-04-10 14:32:12
60.   Bob Timmermann
Yet somehow no one seems too upset about Drew. But Valentin gets a lot of heat, along with the new second baseman, Not Alex Cora.

Kent is having his name legally changed to that.

2005-04-10 14:38:25
61.   Berkeley Doug
Or perhaps Kent should get some porn star name to go with his porn star mustache?
2005-04-10 14:41:32
62.   Bob Timmermann
With Glaus's strikeout, I will pose this question.

Who holds the LA Dodgers record for strikeouts (by a batter) in a single season? I'm looking at the list of LA Dodgers records and I think this one is more likely to fall than others.

2005-04-10 14:41:37
63.   Eric Enders
Kent's porn star name is Franklin Crawford. (His former address, Minute Maid Park, is on Crawford Ave.)

Mine is Edward Edgerock.

2005-04-10 14:43:42
64.   Jerry
The Lowe Report: Through 4 innings, 8 ground balls (including McCracken's grounder-double), 3 fly balls (including Glaus' shot), 3 K's, 0 BB.
2005-04-10 14:46:43
65.   fanerman91
Our offense has to break through sometime. It's Russ Ortiz...
2005-04-10 14:48:23
66.   Ghost of Alex Cora
Dodgers record for batter K's in a season is the immortal Billy Grabarkewitz with 149 in 1970.
2005-04-10 14:49:13
67.   Rick A
Ortiz walks Choi. According to MLB Gameday, none of those pitches was close. Can anyone tell me if Ortiz is starting to lose command of his pitches?
2005-04-10 14:49:51
68.   Jerry
Ball 4 wasn't close at all. First pitch to Izturis is a ball. He looks like typical Russ Ortiz.
2005-04-10 14:50:06
69.   Eric Enders
I suppose this is a good time to admit that Charlie Steiner isn't as awful as I feared he would be. He engaged in atrocious, annoying homerism while with the Yankees, but that appears to be gone. I wonder if somebody on the Dodgers said something? Or maybe the Yankees just encourage their announcers to be that way.
2005-04-10 14:51:15
70.   Rick A
Someone call it...

Will Ortiz walk a run in, or will Drew break out of his slump?

2005-04-10 14:51:58
71.   Jeromy
I sign up for Direct TV, buy MLB Extra Innings and am home all day to chill in front of the game. They aren't showing it. Only local KCOP. I used to love Gamecast. Now I'm going nuts watching it.
2005-04-10 14:52:17
72.   Jerry
The one thing that bugged me about Steiner last night (though I generally liked him) was that he would mention it if any player had a Yankee connection.

Izturis swung at Ball 4.

2005-04-10 14:52:40
73.   Ghost of Alex Cora
Gee, you don't think Big Stein would encourage homerism for his beloved Yankees, would ya?

Izturis swung at Ball 4

2005-04-10 14:52:43
74.   fanerman91
One of Steiner's best attributes is that he takes away some of Monday's time. That seems to have made Monday better (so I hear). As someone said before, "Less Monday is more Monday."
2005-04-10 14:53:25
75.   fanerman91
Come on Repko!
2005-04-10 14:54:00
76.   DodgerfaninNY
I'm never sure why Rick Monday and Ross Porter are/were so vilified in LA. You should try lisening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman for an inning or two on the Yankee broadcasts. Excruciating. Michael Kay is no better. Steiner has never sounded so good as he does with Monday. I guess it's tough being held up to the Scully Standard. I'm really beginning to warm up to this 2005 edition of the Dodgers. They're gritty.
2005-04-10 14:54:24
77.   Jeromy
This would be a perfect time for Drew to hit his first LA HR!
2005-04-10 14:54:29
78.   Ghost of Alex Cora
Bases loaded for JD. Now would be a good time
2005-04-10 14:54:44
79.   fanerman91
To quote Plashke, "Indeed."
2005-04-10 14:55:29
80.   Bob Timmermann
Correct about Grabby.

In 1976, Bill Buckner played in 154 games and struck out just 26 times.

2005-04-10 14:55:38
81.   Jerry
He keeps swinging at the first pitch. With Ortiz throwing like that, why bring the bat off your shoulder?
2005-04-10 14:55:53
82.   Jeromy
First pitch swinging when a pitcher is having control problems! You think Wallach will pull Drew aside on that one?
2005-04-10 14:55:56
83.   fanerman91
2005-04-10 14:57:54
84.   Rick A
Someone tell me Lowe isn't catching "Ortiz disease".
2005-04-10 14:58:25
85.   fernandomania
He isn't.
2005-04-10 14:58:29
86.   Jerry
He's not--another groundball. Typical Lowe.
2005-04-10 14:59:02
87.   Ghost of Alex Cora
Izzy with another error!!!
2005-04-10 15:00:18
88.   Eric Enders
And the Cesar-Izturis-as-Jose-Offerman show continues. At what point should we start worrying?
2005-04-10 15:01:03
89.   Jerry
Izzy wouldn't have done that if Lima was on the mound. Frickin' DePodesta!!!
2005-04-10 15:04:18
90.   Bob Timmermann
I figure that the only logical thing to do is move Izturis to third and put Valentin at short.

Everybody will be happy with that won't they?

2005-04-10 15:05:01
91.   Jeromy
You can't walk the 8-hole hitter! Make him put it in play!
2005-04-10 15:06:55
92.   Jeromy
Ugh. What happened? Did Valentin boot it?
2005-04-10 15:07:58
93.   Mark
$36 million, down the drain...
2005-04-10 15:08:07
94.   Bob Timmermann
Line drive off of Lowe. Time for a new pitcher.
2005-04-10 15:08:54
95.   Eric Enders
Pack your bags, Edwin Jackson.


2005-04-10 15:09:11
96.   Jerry
I'm sure our bullpen is well-rested and ready to finish the job.
2005-04-10 15:09:49
97.   Vishal
well, lowe made him put it in play....
2005-04-10 15:09:55
98.   Bob Timmermann
Not a good day for the expensive free agent pitchers. Carl Pavano took a line drive off the head today in New York today. But he seems to be OK.
2005-04-10 15:10:24
99.   bokonon42
Valentin did boot it, though. He could've doubled off any of the base runners if he'd just made that catch. Doesn't solve Lowe going down, but at least they'd be out of the inning.
2005-04-10 15:11:11
100.   Jeromy
This is what gamecast says:

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe left the game due to an injured neck/shoulder.

Was the line drive off that area of his body?

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-10 15:12:10
101.   Mark
Back of his pitching arm, below the shoulder, above the elbow..
2005-04-10 15:12:56
102.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh

Just bloody wonderful. I hope it's just a bad bruise on his elbow.

From my own purely selfish perspective, Lowe was also pitching for my fantasy team. sigh . . .


2005-04-10 15:12:59
103.   Bob Timmermann
You think Valentin was supposed to catch a ricochet line drive off the pitcher?

It's hard to anticipate a play like that.

2005-04-10 15:13:52
104.   Jerry
I think you're wrong, #99
2005-04-10 15:13:55
105.   Sam NYC
That looked right off the elbow to me. God, please don't let it be broken ... he could be out for the year.
2005-04-10 15:14:04
106.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Was it above the elbow? Not directly on it? That sounds somewhat better.


2005-04-10 15:15:21
107.   bokonon42
Wrong about the end of the inning, or wrong that Valentin should have gotten it?
2005-04-10 15:16:55
108.   Jerry
Wrong that Valentin should have caught it.

Houlton just blew away Clayton.

2005-04-10 15:16:55
109.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think Valentin could have been expected to field that ricochet. If he had caught it, it would have been a matter of luck.
2005-04-10 15:17:13
110.   Rick A
2 down. Come on DJ.
2005-04-10 15:18:26
111.   bokonon42
I'm glad it's a moot point, now. But it sure looked to me like Valentin could have, and should have made the catch. And it looked like a sure thing double play, to just about any base.
2005-04-10 15:18:41
112.   Rick A
That could have gotten worse.
Aside from Lowe of course.
2005-04-10 15:18:44
113.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Man, oh, man--I'm hearing the radio call and it sounds really, really bad. A visible imprint from the ball, Lowe collapsing in agony.

At least Houlton got out of the inning. We can still win this game--it's Ortiz after all--but the last thing we need is for Lowe to go on the DL.


2005-04-10 15:19:57
114.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Worse yet for Lowe, he was supposed to go get his ring tomorrow at Fenway. If he's really hurt, he might miss the ceremony. Talk about bad luck...


2005-04-10 15:20:11
115.   Jerry
Lowe fell to the ground after a while. Vin pointed out that Tracy was mouthing "elbow" but the video makes it seem that it hit him on the bicep above the elbow. Hopefully just a bruise, like what happened to Zack Greinke earlier this week.
2005-04-10 15:21:57
116.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Steiner says it went off Lowe "right off the point of his right elbow."

Kent just hit a single. Come on guys--win one for the comrade who just went down.


2005-04-10 15:22:43
117.   Sam NYC
The way Lowe was holding his arm as he left the field didn't look good, like it was dead. Either it was off the elbow and it's really serious (i.e. done for the year) or it hit his funny bone real hard and deadened the nerve. If it's the latter, it's not as serious.
2005-04-10 15:22:51
118.   Jerry
It'd be nice to have Bradley's bat right about now.
2005-04-10 15:23:27
119.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Thanks for the look, Jerry. Maybe Steiner didn't see it clearly?

Anyone TIVOing this? Argghhhhh--I'm irritated MLB Extra Innings didn't carry the game. I feel quite literally blind.


2005-04-10 15:24:12
120.   Jerry
They showed 2 or 3 video angles and you can't tell clearly from any angle. Hopefully Steiner saw it wrong. We'll find out soon I guess.
2005-04-10 15:24:40
121.   Bob Timmermann
I think taking a line drive off the arm is going to initially make your arm hurt like (insert favorite expletive here). Regardless as a pitcher, you're not going to feel better soon enough to do anything and it's your moneymaker, so you need to go get it checked out.
2005-04-10 15:24:53
122.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
sigh At least we've got a rally going. I guess we'll just have to wait for the X-Ray.


2005-04-10 15:25:27
123.   Rick A
Grabowski looks pretty good at the plate so far this season. A little aloof in the field but he's usually a situational hitter.
2005-04-10 15:25:49
124.   Langhorne
That'll leave a mark. I propose that from now on all high priced free agent pitchers skip their second start with the Dodgers.
2005-04-10 15:25:50
125.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Tks Jerry for the clarification.


2005-04-10 15:26:05
126.   Dello
Kent had two chances to test Green's arm. I'd like to see more agressive baserunning. Three hits and no runs yet.
2005-04-10 15:26:36
127.   Rick A
Call it folks...
I'll ask again, does Ortiz walk in a run before Drew gets a hit?
2005-04-10 15:26:40
128.   Jerry
Ortiz looks terrible.

I can feel it now, Tracy is going to have Houlton bat for himself.

2005-04-10 15:27:36
129.   Rick A
Ortiz gives another free pass.
2005-04-10 15:27:50
130.   Bob Timmermann
Ortiz was complaining about the strike zone as he left. I don't see what his complaints were about.

He was missing by a lot.

I think an injured Lowe may still be worth more than a healthy Ortiz.

2005-04-10 15:27:56
131.   Sam NYC

A bruise is one thing. He could miss just one start if that. But if there's nerve damage or structural damage of any kind, it could be months.

2005-04-10 15:28:16
132.   bokonon42
Speaking of luck, is DePo the most unlucky GM in history? Trades for Penny, gets one and a quarter starts out of him. Signs Lowe, gets one and a half starts out of him. Drew's lucky a bus hasn't fallen on him yet.
2005-04-10 15:28:40
133.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I'd think we'd have to let Houlton bat. The bullpen's pretty worn out, and we've got a ways to go.


2005-04-10 15:29:41
134.   Mark
FSN just showed a closeup of the stitches being imprinted directly on Lowe's elbow. There's no way he's back before the All-Star break.
2005-04-10 15:29:51
135.   Rick A
If Tracy pinch-hits someone for Houlton, who comes out for the bottom of the 6th?
2005-04-10 15:29:58
136.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Come on, Big Choi! Give us some breathing room!
2005-04-10 15:30:48
137.   Jerry
Bradley's batting for Houlton.
2005-04-10 15:30:50
138.   Bob Timmermann
Since we don't have MRI machines at home, we will just have to wait for the crack Dodger medical staff to make a diagnosis.

I would think that since the ball ricocheted off of Lowe instead of just falling to the ground, he might be better off.

2005-04-10 15:32:11
139.   Nolan
In the 2004 season, the average team scored 2.2 runs in situations in which they had the bases loaded and no outs. I'd like to take those 2.2 right about now...
2005-04-10 15:33:27
140.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Choi pops up. Bradley GIDP.

I'm disconsolate.

And heaven knows how we'll get enough innings out of the pen to keep this close with Houlton no longer available.


2005-04-10 15:34:24
141.   Bob Timmermann
It's amazing that Ortiz can actually end up as the winning pitcher.

I think he has a pact with Satan.

2005-04-10 15:35:42
142.   DL04
That was brutal.
2005-04-10 15:37:09
143.   Rick A
Am I reading this correctly?
Wunsch struck out Glaus?
2005-04-10 15:37:33
144.   Jerry
Yeah, with a beautiful curve.
2005-04-10 15:37:36
145.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Wunsch is in. My guess is that Duaner will come in for the seventh and Schmoll for the eighth. If we're still alive for the ninth, Carrara. Hopefull it'll be a save opp.

We're still only down one run!

Still no word on Lowe. I assume they can do an x-ray by the end of the game, but an MRI might need to wait for a day or so.


2005-04-10 15:38:27
146.   Bob Timmermann
I have a feeling Lowe won't be flying to Boston to get his World Series ring now.
2005-04-10 15:38:48
147.   Rick A
Aw crap.
2005-04-10 15:39:21
148.   weatherman
too much optimism!
2005-04-10 15:39:56
149.   Dello
I still think Green made a fine first baseman last year. Oh yah, we believe in Choi.
2005-04-10 15:41:13
150.   DL04
Lowe was tempting fate by scheduling that Boston trip. Last year was last year, it's time to focus on your new team. Let the Red Sox mail you the ring, Derek.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-04-10 15:45:06
151.   Mark
Lowe, Penny, Alvarez, Dreifort, and Gagne. That's a pretty formidable rotation, no?
2005-04-10 15:46:20
152.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Come on DL--Lowe wasn't going to even miss a day with the team. He was going to be back by the home opener with tomorrow off.

Wait and see now, I guess...


2005-04-10 15:46:35
153.   Jerry
Billingsley for ROY!
2005-04-10 15:48:53
154.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Now Izzy has a hit.... It would've been better before, but we can get a new rally going. It'd be nice if Drew breaks out this inning.


2005-04-10 15:49:50
155.   Mark
2005-04-10 15:49:56
156.   Jerry
2005-04-10 15:50:00
157.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Steiner just said Wunsch will stay in the game.
2005-04-10 15:50:05
158.   Aug C
2005-04-10 15:50:09
159.   Bob Timmermann
It was bound to happen that somebody named Jason would do something good for the Dodgers today.
2005-04-10 15:50:24
160.   Rick A
Repko for Mayor!
2005-04-10 15:50:44
161.   bokonon42
How many more runs do you expect they need to actually win this game? Three?
2005-04-10 15:50:47
162.   weatherman
2005-04-10 15:51:06
163.   DL04
I know he wasn't going to miss a day. But the Baseball Gawds have no sense of humor about these things. Derek signed with another team. He's still entitled to his ring, but not the ring ceremony. He can get his hardware via UPS.

And let's hope the Baseball Gawds didn't just smite him.

2005-04-10 15:51:12
164.   Mark
Jerry, your extra exclamation point /almost/ makes up for my 6-second head start.

Can Repko play 1st?

2005-04-10 15:51:23
165.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Repko gets some revenge for being robbed yesterday, and at just the right time.


2005-04-10 15:52:15
166.   Jeromy
Some say that the Dodger bullpen is suspect right now. How about the D'Backs bullpen? I think Melvin will have an ulcer before the year's over--if he doesn't have one already.
2005-04-10 15:54:10
167.   KAYVMON
Repko for ROY? That did not look like a pitch that is easy to hit out. Isn't Repko the five-tool type of player that the ESPN guys are always talking about?
2005-04-10 15:54:26
168.   Aug C
If I were a superstitious man, I would believe DL04, because Pedro REFUSED HIS WS RING OUTRIGHT. He didn't even want it mailed to him. And look what he did today.

But I'm not superstitious, so it's just a fun fact, not a rule for how ballplayers should go about their business.

2005-04-10 15:54:43
169.   Jeromy
Pop the corks on the champagne. Drew gets a base hit!
2005-04-10 15:54:54
170.   A E LUTHER
Drew will tear it up on the homestand....
2005-04-10 15:55:13
171.   Tripon
Finally! Although, J.D. Drew's hit seems anti-climatic.
2005-04-10 15:55:15
172.   Jerry
I think if the Lowe and Werth injuries are as bad as they look, we're going to need a couple of ROY candidates to contribute this year.
2005-04-10 15:56:34
173.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Stupid Green robs Kent of a double. Arghhhh.....


2005-04-10 15:57:06
174.   Rick A
I don't believe I've heard Repko described as a 5-tooler by anyone, he's always described as a chemistry/hustle guy. He's the new Roberts/Lo Duca!
2005-04-10 15:58:49
175.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
If Lowe is really out for the year, I'd like to give Ketchner, Billingsley, and Houlton the opportunity to start. Maybe Jackson if he gets in a good groove at AAA.


2005-04-10 15:59:22
176.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, there goes Repko's firstborn...just give hin the damn ball!
2005-04-10 16:00:07
177.   Jerry
Jackson doesn't have many options left. Looks like DePodesta might have to keep his word and deal some of those prospects for a starter.
2005-04-10 16:00:54
178.   Jim Hitchcock
Drew's not out for the year, WWSH...I state emphatically!
2005-04-10 16:02:47
179.   tjshere
Are all D`back fans a-holes, or just the ones who caught Repko's bomb?
2005-04-10 16:03:35
180.   Mark
God, what greedy fans. Just give Repko his ball, you fat losers. Quit trying to spin it into something that you don't deserve.
2005-04-10 16:03:46
181.   A E LUTHER
Edwin Jackson needs more seasoning, and the prospects may need to be moved, but Depo won't pull the trigger...yet.
2005-04-10 16:04:10
182.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Groan Wunsch in for a 2nd inning. At least the Snakes bullpen is even worse.

BTW, Jim, I hope you're right!

Still no word on Lowe. Not sure if that means anything.


2005-04-10 16:04:11
183.   Jerry
X-Rays are negative!!!!
2005-04-10 16:04:13
184.   tjshere
Day to day for Lowe!! No break! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!
2005-04-10 16:04:45
185.   Jim Hitchcock
For all we know, that could be LAT. No, no, that doesn't look like his daughter.

X-ray negative...

2005-04-10 16:06:44
186.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
X-rays are negative!! Where'd you hear that. I'm listening to Steiner and Monday off the net and haven't heard anything. Did Vin say they were negative????
2005-04-10 16:07:59
187.   Bob Timmermann
Vin said the X-rays are negative.

Then again he also told us that Izturis scored the first run for the Dodgers today.

2005-04-10 16:08:02
188.   Jerry
From the mouth of Vin.
2005-04-10 16:09:20
189.   Jim Hitchcock
I badly dislocated my elbow four years didn't tingle when Lowe was hit.
2005-04-10 16:09:34
190.   Berkeley Doug
Whew.........Seems to be good news on Lowe. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
2005-04-10 16:12:06
191.   Rick A
For a second, Gameday had Koplove pitching to Gonzo.
2005-04-10 16:13:23
192.   Mark
"Just a bit outside..."
2005-04-10 16:13:26
193.   Jerry
Nakamura on deck
2005-04-10 16:13:51
194.   Rick A
Who's a jigga what?
2005-04-10 16:14:02
195.   tjshere
Nokamura on deck. I'm anxious to see him.
2005-04-10 16:14:41
196.   A E LUTHER
Anyone taping/tivo'g the Masters?
2005-04-10 16:14:55
197.   Rick A
If mono is "the kissing disease", what would you call the widespread lack of control in the D'backs pen?
2005-04-10 16:15:45
198.   Jim Hitchcock
Welcome to the show, Nori Nakamura!
2005-04-10 16:16:12
199.   Rick A
LOL @ # 192.
2005-04-10 16:16:36
200.   Bob Timmermann
Going to extra innings in Augusta.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-04-10 16:16:42
201.   A E LUTHER
Nakahoma Nakamura
2005-04-10 16:17:13
202.   weatherman
Nori is a big guy.
2005-04-10 16:18:42
203.   weatherman
Weird swing...
2005-04-10 16:18:48
204.   Mark
Will the Diamondbacks fans demand the ball?
2005-04-10 16:18:59
205.   tjshere
At least Nori got his ball back.
2005-04-10 16:19:22
206.   Jim Hitchcock
Guess it's good he didn't hit it into the stands...
2005-04-10 16:19:27
207.   A E LUTHER
Sign of thngs to come.
2005-04-10 16:19:39
208.   Aug C
FYI... Masters has gone to playoff between Tiger and DiMarco
2005-04-10 16:20:07
209.   weatherman
How many guys get hits in their very first major league at bats I wonder?
2005-04-10 16:20:59
210.   Bob Timmermann
While most Japanese are smaller than North Americans, the guys who make it to the big leagues are usually fairly big. Especially the pitchers. Hideo Nomo is a big guy. Sasaki is a big guy. Hideki Matsui is not a little person.
2005-04-10 16:21:16
211.   T Money
I think I'm coming down with an acute case of Nakamura fever. The big gut, the freaky stance, this guy has "favorite player of the year" potential.

If he'd just shave the beard part of the goatee, leaving himself with a sculpted Valentin-esque mustache, there'd be no doubt.

2005-04-10 16:22:13
212.   Berkeley Doug
Come on Repko!
2005-04-10 16:22:14
213.   Mark
Vin reports the Dbacks fans still haven't returned Repko's ball. What a class act. They should get ejected for their greed.
2005-04-10 16:22:38
214.   Rick A
Hideki Irabu looked like Baby Huey
2005-04-10 16:22:57
215.   A E LUTHER
Maybe someday they can look back and say they got Repko's first HR. Oh brother, they'll probably it on E-Bay like they did with Gonzalez' gum.
2005-04-10 16:25:22
216.   A E LUTHER
probably sell it on E-bay, that is.
2005-04-10 16:26:01
217.   Bob Timmermann
Specualting in Jason Repko futures is not a ticket to financial success.
2005-04-10 16:26:34
218.   A E LUTHER
Sun going down at Augusta....
2005-04-10 16:27:11
219.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Harrumph. Had to mute the game when my mother called. I was hoping we'd have the lead when I came back to the game.


2005-04-10 16:28:17
220.   A E LUTHER
C'mon make it 3 K's!
2005-04-10 16:29:26
221.   A E LUTHER
Green up again with the game on the line...
2005-04-10 16:29:58
222.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Irabu had an American GI father, which may have explained his heft.

He finally retired from baseball this year. Injuries were the official reason, but he had other issues to deal with.

2005-04-10 16:31:45
223.   A E LUTHER
Was that a fixed camera?
2005-04-10 16:32:41
224.   A E LUTHER
Double play time!
2005-04-10 16:34:11
225.   Rick A
Yes, tell Duaner the scouting report reads to pitch to Shawn "GIDP" Green, not walk him.
2005-04-10 16:34:40
226.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Come on Sanchez! I think you're over-rated. Prove me wrong!
2005-04-10 16:36:01
227.   A E LUTHER
The Dodger will come back...
2005-04-10 16:37:18
228.   Bob Timmermann
It's up to Sanchez to get out of this mess. And he shows no indication of doing so.
2005-04-10 16:38:05
229.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Sanchez is falling apart. Bases loaded. 1 out. Dreadful outing yesterday. This does not inspire confidence.


2005-04-10 16:38:55
230.   Bob Timmermann
Thank you Alex Cintron!
2005-04-10 16:40:19
231.   Rick A
A little luck comes in handy, eh?
2005-04-10 16:41:50
232.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Well, it could've been worse. Hopefully we can conjure up more ninth-inning magic.


2005-04-10 16:42:21
233.   Rick A
Thats 2 for Drew. Keep'em coming!
2005-04-10 16:42:40
234.   Jim Hitchcock
C'mon Jose!
2005-04-10 16:44:12
235.   Bob Timmermann
So what is the pitching coach saying to Lyon.

"Remember this guy? He hit a home run off of you."

2005-04-10 16:45:13
236.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Hopefully we can put poor Lyon in even more misery.


2005-04-10 16:50:20
237.   tjshere
Damn that 6th inning!
2005-04-10 16:52:40
238.   Bob Timmermann
It's weird that Vin keeps harping on the fact that the Dodgers have never swept a 3-game series in Arizona.

Last year the Dodgers swept a four game series in Arizona.

The Dodgers have never swept a four game series from San Diego in L.A., but they have done it in San Diego.

Oh well, waste not, want not.

There was a lot of wastage today.

2005-04-10 16:53:05
239.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Oh well, we can't win 'em all. All the men left on base were frustrating, but they can't always play the hero. I am getting more and more worried about Choi, though.

Let's hope Lowe really is alright. I'm still worried that they'll later discover something more serious in an MRI in the near future.


2005-04-10 16:56:18
240.   weatherman
Lots of good things happened today, despite the loss.

Cesar had as good a day as a lead-off man can have.
Drew got two hits.
We got to see Nori (I was very impressed. He will be a lot of fun to watch this year. Maybe he can play first?).
Repko got his first homer in the bigs.

I'll let y'all list all the negatives.

2005-04-10 16:58:09
241.   Suffering Bruin
Wayne, I agree with you. As part of the Hee-Seop Choi marching band and chowder society (or whatever that Scullyism is), it's not so much that Choi is struggling, it's the way he is struggling.

Choi is constantly getting jammed. Koplove, I think, threw a sidearm pitch and jammed him on the flyout. He doesn't seem to be adjusting, he's not hitting the ball hard...

It's not like the Dodgers don't have options. My "fact of Choi" might be very short-lived.

2005-04-10 16:59:55
242.   Suffering Bruin
By the by, did you catch the Scully story on Nori?

Guys are on the bus and a stretch limo about the size of the Gadsden purchase pulls alongside. The players are understandably curious and who pops out of the window but Nakamura. The guys cracked up.

I think he'll be here for awhile.

2005-04-10 17:01:41
243.   Bob Timmermann
I think that with fearsome lefty Kirk Rueter starting Tuesday, Choi won't be getting the start.

Will it be Saenz at first or Nakamura? Probably Saenz because he seems to hit well against Rueter.

2005-04-10 17:04:11
244.   Suffering Bruin

Long-term, though, it's interesting to speculate if Choi falters. Who's on first? I suppose time will tell but Nakamura is very intriguing.

2005-04-10 17:16:28
245.   Smirk
I hope Lowe is ok. But seeing Lowe injured today got me thinking about Penny's injury last season. He threw a pitch, winced and grabbed his arm. Colborn came out to look at it, and they had him throw another pitch, which seemed to really hurt Penny, even more than the original pitch. I remember at the time thinking that it was strange and even dangerous to have him throw a second pitch to test his obviously damaged arm. I wonder how many months that second pitch added to his rehab.
2005-04-10 17:23:12
246.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think Lowe has any type of injury as unusual as Penny's. He just hurts a lot. I would think his return will depend upon when he feels well enough.

If Lowe is flying to Boston tonight, I assume he will have a heating pad with him.

2005-04-10 17:32:47
247.   Smirk
How lame was that couple negotiating for Repko's ball?

I agree, Bob, the injury was quite different. Any word on Alvarez?

2005-04-10 17:59:18
248.   Bob Timmermann
We can all take a rest tomorrow and gear up for the home opener Tuesday.

Tuesday would have been my grandmother's 101st birthday (she passed away a few weeks before she turned 97). She was born in St. Louis and was a Cardinals fan, but switched when she moved out to L.A. in 1960.

It was nice to talk to my grandmother who could compare second basemen to Rogers Hornsby.

2005-04-10 18:00:29
249.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Hey Bruin, I notice you hanging around Choi Central also. All hope isn't lost yet, and I'm sure his leash hasn't totally run out yet. Hopefully he can get something going against Tomko at home.

In a worst-case scenario of Choi tanking, I think the options are either Kent full-time at 1B with Perez as a regular, or Nakamura as a de facto regular and Perez/Valentin in a rotating platoon--i.e. the infield against RHP is Valentin-3B, Kent-2B, Nakamura-1B and against LHP Nakamura-3B, Perez-2B, Kent 1B. This would be comparable to last season's short-lived rotating platoon of Green, Werth, and Choi. It also takes into account Perez's inability to play 3B.

And don't forget, what was his name, the Mexican League player who crushed the ball in ST, Oscar Robles, especially if Perez is out for an extended period of time.


2005-04-10 18:09:55
250.   Bob Timmermann
If you check now, you can buy Opening Day seats. I guess they are releasing some of the seats they were holding back for late season ticket purchases.

They were section 59 of the Blue however.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-04-10 18:11:42
251.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob, paternal or maternal Grandma?

I worked with a lady for years who used to work a drugstore counter a block from Fenway. Loved the DiMaggios, hated Ted Williams (her words: "He was a bastard").

2005-04-10 18:19:07
252.   gvette
After week one, every Dodger fan here on this site should be very happy;

1)This time last week after the Freeway series who knew what this team could do;

2)You can't win them all on the road. The Dodgers will gladly take a .667 winning percentage on all their road trips;

3)The Dodgers were in all six games, and could have easily won them all;

4)The team can hit well, can field well enough, has three solid starters (hope Lowe is ok), and the bullpen will straighten out when Gagne comes back.

All in all, a good first week for the Blue.

2005-04-10 20:49:02
253.   Vishal
i thin it's a little early to be seriously worried about choi. he's still worth more to us than probably any other team, so i doubt he's going to be traded.

and anyway, despite being jammed a lot, he still got decent wood on a few pitches. he lined a couple really hard but just foul(turned on them, which seems good for choi, considering the rap on him is a slow bat), and hit one to the warning track. i thought he looked a lot better today than the other day. and he made a couple of good defensive plays. he'll come around. [fingers crossed]

2005-04-10 21:32:07
254.   Bob Timmermann
It's my maternal grandmother. She married into the Hitchcocks.
2005-04-10 22:32:33
255.   Strike4
"Very happy" about the first week is stretching it, but of course there are a bunch of results beyond expectation. Goods -- Weaver; Phillips; Kent; team surprisingly tenacious; and the Giants really stink right now. Bads -- Lowe injury; slow/delayed recoveries for Werth, Gagne and Penny; Choi looking even more lost than last year; Glaus in our division. Playing at home this week should really warm up the Dodger offense.
2005-04-10 22:39:08
256.   Jerry
The Dodgers have scored 42 runs in 6 games--second most in the bigs (Phils have scored 43). I doubt we can expect much more from the offense.
2005-04-10 23:30:29
257.   Jim Hitchcock
Lowe has really got to work on that DP deflection. Sooo glad he's O.K.
2005-04-11 00:56:30
258.   Eric Enders
Another Lame-O game story from the Times this morning. If you're going to do a whole article about Derek Lowe, well and good, but it shouldn't replace the game story.
2005-04-12 21:58:44
259.   bokonon42
Vindication! A couple days late and from a dubious source: "Frankly, Jose Valentin should have caught the deflection and doubled up Quinton McCracken at second, but maybe he was distracted by his pitcher getting smoked in the arm." -Dodger Blues

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