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The Martin Chronicles
2005-04-15 15:15
by Jon Weisman

In November 2003, the Dodgers signed reliever Tom Martin to a two-year, $3.3-million contract.

In July 2004, the Dodgers traded the underperforming Martin to Atlanta for minor-league pitcher Matt Merricks, saving themselves more than half of the salary commitment.

Today, Atlanta released Martin after he allowed six hits, two walks and five runs in 2 1/3 innings to start 2005.

Merricks, a Rule 5 draft pick by Colorado, is on the disabled list, but according to Fox Sports, the Rockies will send him back to the Dodgers once he is activated. Colorado has another former Dodger minor league pitcher, Marcos Carvajal, on its active roster.

Earlier this week, Atlanta claimed Dodger minor league relief pitcher Frank Brooks on waivers.

And so it goes in Relief Pitcher Land ...

* * *

In the couple of minutes I took to put together the above, I found the following quote by Atlanta manager Bobby Cox, reacting to the Dodgers' major trades last July.

"The Dodgers are putting all kinds of pieces together there real quick," Cox told The Asssociated Press. "Believe me, they know what they're doing."

2005-04-15 15:43:00
1.   aloofman
While I think that Bobby Cox is a very good manager, IIRC he also thought the world of both Ismael Valdes and Darren Dreifort.
2005-04-15 16:20:19
2.   Sam NYC
Been out of the country ... what did i miss?

I've said this before but it seems like the conversation will keep cropping up as the season progresses, but I think the decisions that DePo made boil down to two:

1) Trade Loduca
2) Don't re-sign Beltre

1. was going to draw ire and 2. wasn't really his ultimate choice. And depending how you feel about those moves tempers how you look at the others, either with jaundiced eyes or rose-colored glasses. The truth is probably going to be somewhere in between, where some moves work and others don't.

Glad to see Choi hit a home run. I've never wanted to be wrong more ...

Off-subject but: Heard the LADs are wearing Brooklyn uniforms tonight to celebrate Jackie Robinson ... any thoughts here on this idea: As the team's only current African-American, Bradley gets the honor of wearing number 42 tonight.

2005-04-15 16:37:05
3.   Mr Customer

Jackie was TWICE the man Milton Bradley is!

Oh, wait...

(no offense, Milton)

2005-04-15 16:46:57
4.   Langhorne
I think all the Dodgers should wear #42 tonight.
2005-04-15 17:18:06
5.   Robert Fiore
Sort of like the baseball equivalent of penny stocks, isn't it?
2005-04-15 17:26:37
6.   DougS
Sam NYC makes a point about Beltre and his free agency that I've always felt it was important to remember, namely that DePodesta was not the only actor in the play. IIRC, Jon raised the possibility that the time that Beltre had made a mistake by not re-signing, and I think it was a mistake from his POV. Sure, Seattle offered him more $ and he gets a ballpark that will pump up his power numbers a bit. But the Dodgers offered him more years, the second-largest media market in which to exercise his talent and gain lucrative endorsements, a team that was being tooled for extended success, and he had a cartload of goodwill built up among the fan base. And it sounds like Boras didn't even give the Dodgers the chance to top Seattle's offer. Hmph.

Langhorne: Coool idea. I dig it. :-)

2005-04-15 17:36:39
7.   Jim Tracy
Despite the pumped up numbers, Beltre will not come close to his numbers last year. This year's predictions for Beltre... .289/.344/.750 and 33 HR and 94 RBIs. Anyone else?
2005-04-18 10:44:58
8.   everett
anyone have the link to the bobby cox quote? kinda strange, i see some sort of hotspot over "the following quote", but it doesn't look like a link...


2005-04-18 12:32:27
9.   everett
found it by viewing the HTML source...
looks like it was some sort of broken html issue...
a href+ instead of a href=

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