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April 15 Open Chat: Jackie Robinson Day
2005-04-15 16:19
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

I would have loved to have written something to commemorate the Jackie Robinson celebration tonight, but I didn't have the time to do it justice. I'm finding now I regret not making the time.

* * *

For your pregame entertainment horror, you can keep track of Hideo Nomo making his second start of the season for Tampa Bay, at Boston.

Comments (217)
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2005-04-15 16:36:17
1.   mountainmover
One of the most important things one needs to know about Jackie Robinson is that when he was traded to the Giants, he decided to retire rather than play for them. Now, that is a man of amazing character!
2005-04-15 16:39:33
2.   Jerry
Well, Dave Ross just hit a 2-run homer off of Carlos Zambrano. Ward singled ahead of him to get on base.
2005-04-15 16:44:22
3.   Jon Weisman
So Ross is now 6 for 16 with two homers and a couple doubles? Nice.
2005-04-15 16:46:08
4.   Sam NYC
I put this on the last thread but apparently we switched, so once again:

Heard the LADs are wearing Brooklyn uniforms tonight to celebrate Jackie Robinson ... any thoughts here on this idea: As the team's only current African-American, Bradley gets the honor of wearing number 42 tonight.
2005-04-15 17:01:45
5.   Mr Customer

Nomo just served up a slam to Ortiz in Boston. 7 spot in the second (so far)

Shikata Gai Na

2005-04-15 17:02:17
6.   Jon Ericson
I'm not really entertained by Nomo today. It's like reading about a train wreck.
2005-04-15 17:02:49
7.   Mr Customer
"Shikata na gai", I mean

friggin' lysdexia.

2005-04-15 17:06:39
8.   Bob Timmermann
Nomo has given up just 3 hits.

But he's walked 5.

In 2 innings.

2005-04-15 17:10:38
9.   Langhorne
Here's a Jackie Robinson note for you. He actually broke two color lines. In 1965 he was hired by ABC, becoming the first black announcer on a national network baseball broadcast.
2005-04-15 17:13:36
10.   Bob Timmermann
I helped Rachel Robinson in the library once. She is into genealogy. Very nice lady.

She goes on my wall of celebrities I've helped at the library:
Justine Bateman
Weird Al Yankovic
Charles Fleischer
Kevin Tighe
Richard Edson
J.J. Johnston
Samantha Mathis

2005-04-15 17:20:01
11.   molokai
Can't wait to get to the game tonight and take some pictures of Milton wearing the Jackie Robinson jersey. Jon I hope you still give Jackie an effort as I'm sure I echo all DT posters in saying that while we probably skipped over the Plaschke article, we would give yours our attention. Just take your laptop to the game, let your wife drive and while your sitting in the parking lot for two hours after the game, kick out one of your special columns. Better yet, use your Ipod and dictate your column while the game is going on. Should be lots of inspiration at the game. Jackie Robinson is and will be forever my favorite Dodger and he was my choice to go back in time and watch him in 1947 when asked what single player would you have liked to see play.

David Ross is on fire. I'm glad he's making a go of it and it is even better that he is doing it far away and not for any of our competitors. Depo gets lots of criticism but the way he goes out of his way to help players he no longer has a use for is going to help in the long run with veteran players. Dave Roberts should send him a thank you every day, as should Tanyon Sturtze.
He couldn't have found a better spot for Ross to revive his career.

2005-04-15 17:21:59
12.   Dodgerkid
Why did we sign Bako at all? I know Ross was terrible in the spring, but Depodesta of all people knows those stats count for nothing. Why didn't we keep Ross?
2005-04-15 17:24:10
13.   Jon Weisman
Although Bako has had a couple key hits himself early this season, I was also in favor of keeping Ross over him. But people love that lefty (Bako)-righty thing.
2005-04-15 17:24:58
14.   Mr Customer
Also in the news, Ol' Jose Lima is down by five to Detroit after the top of the first.
2005-04-15 17:32:14
15.   Mark
"I know Ross was terrible in the spring,"

...and last fall, and last summer, and last spring...

2005-04-15 17:32:22
16.   molokai
Maybe Depo kept Bako because he's a one year vet who will be gone next year when Navarro or Martin push their way up. Ross would have just stagnated here playing behind Philips and may not have ever gotten into the groove he's currently experiencing.
2005-04-15 17:34:34
17.   molokai
Lima time doesn't look like it is going to fly in KC. Maybe he sold his soul last October and is now paying the price. Given the joy he gave all of us for that one game maybe Dodger fans can paypal him and help him buy back his soul:)
2005-04-15 17:36:17
18.   Mark
Anyone watching the Twins / Indians game? I'm watching the Gamecast, and man, Santana looks strong. He's thrown two bad pitches in the game so far.
2005-04-15 17:36:32
19.   Mr Customer
Well, since we hadn't aquired JP when Bako came on board, he was looked at as a last-resort insurance policy.

It's certainly a lot easier to sell Ross' contract because of his age, and past performance, whereas a GM should know what to expect if they pick up Bako.

I feel better for David now that he gets a chance to start, and he's away from the insane baggage that he inherited at the trade deadline last year.

Who could say if he'd have the same good fortune if he was still our backup catcher?

The lack of offense from Bako will be pretty minimal, considering he'll play every 5 or 6 games to spell for JP.

Meanwhile, I'm all for Ross enjoying a career rennaisance, unless he moves back to the NL west, where it would be preferred that he resume his previous level of suck.

2005-04-15 17:37:37
20.   gvette
Ross hit his 2nd HR of the game against the Cubs.
2005-04-15 17:37:53
21.   Jim Tracy
Do I think, with a little help, Nomo can be a Cy Young pitcher? Absolutely.
2005-04-15 17:38:19
22.   bigcpa
Ross just hit ANOTHER BOMB off Zambrano. Unreal.
2005-04-15 17:39:43
23.   Jim Tracy
Dave Ross is Babe Ruth
2005-04-15 17:40:13
24.   Mark
Ladies and gentlemen, open the steroid investigation...
2005-04-15 17:40:26
25.   Jim Tracy
I think Ross is showing that Depo Was a genius at the trading deadline last year for trading LoDuca instead of him.
2005-04-15 17:43:35
26.   Jim Tracy
Ben Sheets just signed with the Brewers for 38.5 million for 4 years. I like Lowe a lot, but come on, I can't believe Lowe is getting the same money as Sheets. Am I the only one who thinks that Sheets signed for way below market. Even Pavano got 40 mill for 4 years.
2005-04-15 17:57:35
27.   Langhorne
I understand that the Dodgers are honoring the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series championship by wearing the throwback jerseys. My question is will anyone notice? The caps may be different but the uniforms look identical with the exception that in '55 the home and away jerseys both read 'Dodgers'. At least they look the same in "Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century". And I will restate by belief that every Dodger player and coach should be wearing #42 tonight.
2005-04-15 17:57:41
28.   bigcpa
Sheets was already signed for $6M this year. He has 3 arbitration years before he hits free agency. Arbitration tends to underpay 3rd/4th year guys. He probably would have gotten 6/8/10/12 in normal course with the 4th being FA. So he did well for himself.

Rich Harden at 4yrs/$9M has to be an even better deal. Hopefully we'll sign Billingsley to that deal after 2 seasons.

2005-04-15 17:59:47
29.   alex 7
Yeah, that seems like a very below-market contract, which is why we shouldn't compare it to Lowe's. I'm guessing Sheets really wanted to stay in Milwaukee.
2005-04-15 18:01:35
30.   alex 7
Wow, I didn't know Sheets was still 3 years away from free agency. His name has been in trade rumors for so long it seemed he'd been around for thee or four years himself.

Must have been thinking of Kris Benson for some reason. (and no, that reason is not his wife.)

2005-04-15 18:02:11
31.   Some Guy in San Diego
Total tangent here.... Listening to the morons on am1090 (Padres Station) rip on Depodesta. Calling him "Google Boy" and other nonsense, talking about "sometimes you gotta use instinct".... ugh. Yeah, Depo puts in a formula and only let Logan White draft guys who fit his numerical profile, right?? Oh, wait.. that's wrong.
And who the hell are Padres people ripping on the Dodgers? The Pads told everyone the would be able to bolster the payroll with Petco Park money.. hasn't happened, and their farm system stinks!!!! Ugh, I had to rant... Go Blue!
P.S. Good for David Ross, but he had enough of a shot here.
2005-04-15 18:02:53
32.   Jim Tracy
Yeah I had no idea either. I guess it makes sense then. Just feels like he's been around forever.
2005-04-15 18:03:19
33.   bigcpa
It's time for ROSS vs. ZAMBRANO III !!
2005-04-15 18:03:45
34.   Jerry
Speaking of Billingsley, how has he pitched so far this year? Sure wish we had some DT folks on location to give us reports.
2005-04-15 18:03:58
35.   Jim Tracy
Yeah, we should listen to the Padres. They obviously know what they are doing. Look at how much they've won.
2005-04-15 18:05:02
36.   bigcpa
Dusty panicked and pulled Zambrano! He's summoned a specialist to deal with Ross.
2005-04-15 18:05:52
37.   Mark
Wow, looking through the official rules, I'm rather surprised to see that there's nothing against every player wearing the same number.


2005-04-15 18:06:20
38.   bigcpa
D. Ross reached on bunt single to third, B. Hill to third.
2005-04-15 18:06:46
39.   Mark
"He's summoned a specialist to deal with Ross."

Oh dear lord, the end times are upon us...

2005-04-15 18:07:04
40.   Jim Tracy
good play by ross
2005-04-15 18:10:18
41.   bigcpa
David Ross #29 | Catcher
.444 / .526 / 1.167
2005-04-15 18:13:36
42.   Jim Tracy
is anyone following the seattle/sox game?
2005-04-15 18:18:14
43.   Mark
Looks like the Fish are getting a little bit of their own medicine.
2005-04-15 18:20:34
44.   Jim Tracy
Great, all we'll hear about the Mets game on ESPN is how they have no no-hitters in their history, but countless one-hitters.
2005-04-15 18:28:40
45.   Mark
Pavano just melted down in Baltimore. The Boss will not be pleased.
2005-04-15 18:29:37
46.   bigcpa
Weren't we supposed to get Heilman as a throw-in in the Ishii deal??

8ip, 1h, 0er, 7k, 2bb

2005-04-15 18:34:51
47.   gvette
Of all of the ex Dodgers out there, who would have thought that Dave Ross (.444) would be outhitting Beltre (.250) and Finley (.176).

Please see my comments on another thread about Dave Ross' hitting signaling the coming Apocalypse. Save yourselves why you still can.

2005-04-15 18:36:38
48.   gvette
That should read;

Save yourselves while you still can.

This whole Dave Ross hitting thing has me really nervous.

2005-04-15 18:44:52
49.   Mark
Man, the Rockies stink.
2005-04-15 18:52:28
50.   Bob Timmermann
The Rockies are really, really bad.

But remember in 2003 when the Dodgers would travel to Coors and still not be able to score much?

First three games there that year, they lost 7-3, 6-0, 12-5. The next series went 7-6, 5-3, before winning 9-3.

The Dodgers did sweep the last 2003 series at Coors and even scored 10 runs in one game!

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-15 19:01:17
51.   Bob Timmermann
Turned on Channel 13 looking for the game. Forgot that Friday games are starting at 7:40.

Time to browse Extra Innings. Hmm, Orioles vs. Yankees is on. O's lead 8-1 in the 8th.

2005-04-15 19:15:05
52.   LetsGoDodgers
I hope Ross has a monster season. Not to show up DePo, but because he always struck me as a guy with talent that couldn't put it all together at the major-league level. Maybe being traded to an abysmal team was the kind of motivation he needed all along.
2005-04-15 19:30:46
53.   Identity Crisis
#34 Jerry

Billingsley has pitched in 2 games so far this season. In 7 innings he has given up 4 hits, 2 runs, 4 walks, and 9 strike outs. His ERA is 2.57 right now.

I've listened to a couple the Jacksonville Sun's games over the internet. That team has a ton of our big prospects (Joel Guzman, James Loney, Russell Martin, Delwyn Young, Jonathan Broxton, and Billingsley). I wish I could catch that team in person!

2005-04-15 19:34:20
54.   Jerry
Could you remind me of the link to access those broadcasts? It might be helpful if there were a permanent link in the sidebar (hint, hint :) ).
2005-04-15 19:36:13
55.   Jerry
#53 -- BTW, thanks for the info. Sounds like Billingsley's still on track to be a great big league pitcher.
2005-04-15 19:47:19
56.   Albert in Hong Kong
a nice quick three ground outs to start the game
2005-04-15 19:48:05
57.   Jerry
Not a bad way to recover from that elbow scare: nine pitches, three groundballs.
2005-04-15 19:50:01
58.   dodgergirl
opposite field hit goooo cezar
2005-04-15 19:51:00
59.   Bob Timmermann
Way to work the count there Hee Seop!

You weren't up long enough for us to cheer you on!

2005-04-15 19:53:04
60.   Vishal
i work at a facility adjacent to the coliseum, and yesterday there was a ceremony to commemorate a bronze plaque for jackie robinson. i didn't know anything about it beforehand, but my boss went, and she came back and told me she met don newcombe and jamie mccourt and vin scully. sigh. he was right next door!! i coulda met vinny and i had no idea until it was too late. i was so sad.
2005-04-15 19:55:02
61.   LAT
here is the Hee Sop fact for the day:

He sucks!

2005-04-15 19:57:15
62.   Langhorne
I don't want to rain on the Dodgers parade but Jackie Robinson never wore a uniform that read "Brooklyn". As I understand it the Dodgers will wear these uniforms several times this year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Brooklyn Dodgers championship. The '55 Dodgers didn't wear these jerseys either. The Dodgers wore "Brooklyn" on their home and road jerseys from 1934-1937 but the script was in red. From 1939-1945 they wore "Brooklyn" on their road jerseys. After that the city they played in didn't appear on their uniform until 1958 when it read "Los Angeles". Again, all this comes from the book 'Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century'. I'm all for honoring Robinson but it seems silly to do so with a uniform he never wore. Or maybe I'm just picking nits.
2005-04-15 19:59:03
63.   Jerry
Lowe only threw eight pitches that inning.
2005-04-15 19:59:28
64.   Mark
It's broccoli and radishes for Hee Seop tonight.
2005-04-15 20:02:11
65.   Bob Timmermann
"The Dressed to the Nines" database from the Hall of Fame agrees with you. Nary a Brooklyn on Dodger uniforms from 1947 to 1956.

1955 uniforms had the traditional Dodgers script with the red numeral on the front at home.
The road unis were gray without a front numeral.

2005-04-15 20:05:42
66.   Jim Hitchcock
Vishal, that's a shame. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

Phillipsis gonna get a hit.

2005-04-15 20:05:57
67.   Jim Hitchcock
Vishal, that's a shame. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

Phillips is gonna get a hit.

2005-04-15 20:06:54
68.   Jim Hitchcock
Whoops. The second post canceled out the first.
2005-04-15 20:08:39
69.   Mark
Kevin Brown would have gotten a double out of that ball.
2005-04-15 20:09:58
70.   Steve
Who says our pitchers are 14th in the NL in hitting?
2005-04-15 20:14:18
71.   LAT
Nice play by Valintine.
2005-04-15 20:16:43
72.   Bob Timmermann
So Woody Williams wanted to bat in the World Series instead of the DH? Of course last year, Williams had an OPS of 446 while the extra player who got the start, So Taguchi (he started in LF while Reggie Sanders DHed) was at 756.

By saying this, Williams will hit a home run.

2005-04-15 20:17:47
73.   Mark
You were close, Bob.
2005-04-15 20:19:09
74.   Daniel B
I hadnt realized how fast Lowe worked. Geeze. Vin barely has enough time to get the count out.
2005-04-15 20:21:41
75.   Albert in Hong Kong
thanks thanks for lagging my
2005-04-15 20:27:20
76.   Daniel B
A Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Back and Gone.

At a boy kent!!!

2005-04-15 20:27:22
77.   Jeromy
One thing I can't stand on a strikeout is when the player takes all three strikes without even offering one hack. Yes, walks are great. We've all established that, but Drew didn't even get the bat off his shoulder.
2005-04-15 20:28:05
78.   Jeromy
I'd say Kent has the green light on 3-0
2005-04-15 20:28:25
79.   Steve
Alex Cora would have healed polio with that home run.
2005-04-15 20:29:20
80.   Steve
I'm enjoying this thoroughly, and I can't even see it.
2005-04-15 20:29:26
81.   Jim Hitchcock
Serving notice, you think?
2005-04-15 20:30:36
82.   Steve
This is Cesar's team. No one forget that.
2005-04-15 20:32:51
83.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Some may call it overkill. I call it a wise investment.
I have MLBEI, but tonight's game isn't on. (SD is a black hole when it comes to EI coverage. I pity their fans.) But I also have MLB.TV - which is carrying the game.
2005-04-15 20:32:58
84.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-04-15 20:33:00
85.   mad reefer
Beltre would have gone back-to-back-to-back
2005-04-15 20:33:03
86.   Gatinho
Speaking of uniforms, the official description of the color of the Padres unis is appropriately "sand".
2005-04-15 20:37:15
87.   Steve
Gold Star, I envy you with Steve Phillips for DePodesta-level envy. I have EI, but it appears to be the devil incarnated in modern times.
2005-04-15 20:37:21
88.   Langhorne
"On his 27th birthday Milton Bradley blows out all the candles."
-Vin Scully-
2005-04-15 20:37:50
89.   Albert in Hong Kong
Lowe is coming along very nicely today.
2005-04-15 20:38:46
90.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I have EI, but it appears to be the devil incarnated in modern times.
Tomorrow's game is the only one of the the three-game set to be on EI. Bah.
2005-04-15 20:38:49
91.   Jeromy
In response to #83, I have MLB extra innings, and they are showing just about every game tonight--except the Dodgers and Padres. Anyone know why that is? Do they just randomly pick one or two games and drop them? Or are there some contractual issues where extra innings can't show them all?
2005-04-15 20:38:56
92.   Bob Timmermann
Blame the Padres for your EI pain. They have a screwy cable contract.

But would you really want to be watching this game with Matt Vasgersian calling the action?

The Dodgers are only going to be on Channel 13 25 times this year.

2005-04-15 20:39:44
93.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Lowe: 4 IP, 52 pitches. Efficient.
2005-04-15 20:40:51
94.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I remember Vasgersian doing the Phoenix Suns pregame studio show.
He's had a rocket ride to the middle.
2005-04-15 20:41:09
95.   Jerry
The Lowe Report through 4 innings: 52 pitches, 32 strikes, 7 ground balls, 3 fly balls, 2 K's, 1 BB.
2005-04-15 20:41:38
96.   Steve
I'm stuck watching Mike Scioscia let Bengie Molina swing away on 3-0 counts. It's miserable. I swear on Tim Brown's head that if I cared one whit about the Angels, it would have been Fire Mike Scioscia instead.
2005-04-15 20:42:09
97.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Check that; I have Vasgersian confused for someone else.
2005-04-15 20:44:20
98.   Albert in Hong Kong
I've seen those new Dodgers commercial at least 20 times now. Still gives me the chills, they are a much better upgrade to the bobblehead dolls last season.
2005-04-15 20:46:01
99.   Im So Blue
Re #91: As I understand it, when the games are on Ch 13 in LA, they won't be on EI. EI will have the Dodger games when they're on FSN2.
2005-04-15 20:46:14
100.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Vin just called it "University of Cal, at Berkeley."
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-15 20:46:48
101.   Ben P
Hey Gold Star, both tomorrow's and Sunday's games are on Extra Innings. So tonight's is the only one that's not on.
2005-04-15 20:47:27
102.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Lowe is a magnet for baseballs.
2005-04-15 20:48:11
103.   Bob Timmermann
Vasgersian worked for the Brewers before coming out to San Diego. NBC used him for Olympic softball and baseball. He also did USC basketball for FSN. And you know how many people tune in to USC basketball games.

Vasgersian is a USC alum and he fancies himself as quite a hip guy. But he just comes off as annoying. Which makes him ideal for the Padres.

2005-04-15 20:48:36
104.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
By gum, Sunday's games is on EI.
Thank you, Mr. P.
2005-04-15 20:49:23
105.   Daniel B

I tune in for USC basketball Games.


2005-04-15 20:50:03
106.   Bob Timmermann
I can't check the Extra Innings schedule because the website for it crashes my browser.
2005-04-15 20:51:11
107.   Jim Hitchcock
Would that be a Mac attack?
2005-04-15 20:51:40
108.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Try that, Bob.
2005-04-15 20:51:56
109.   Bob Timmermann
I watch USC basketball games at times too. The Trojans don't play too many nonconference games at home because who wants to go play in the Sports Arena before a crowd of 3,000 people and a giant black curtain.
2005-04-15 20:53:18
110.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks that link works. I don't have DirectTV, but I can just change the numbers in my head.
2005-04-15 20:54:36
111.   Daniel B
No Sports team in the last 4 years has caused me more aingst and frustration than the USC Men's Basketball team. I just cant stop watching them though. I'll watch the few games that are on TV and listen to the rest on the radio.
2005-04-15 21:00:45
112.   Jerry
Remind me how this Padres team is supposed to score runs again?
2005-04-15 21:00:57
113.   Bob Timmermann
Daniel, You need to go over to Heritage Hall RIGHT NOW and introduce yourself to Tim Floyd. He needs to meet you.
2005-04-15 21:03:37
114.   Daniel B
I don't know if this is just a hot streak, but Bradley looks like hes become a much more mature hitter.
2005-04-15 21:03:54
115.   Albert in Hong Kong
Former UCLA guy on the DL. That's why.
2005-04-15 21:04:18
116.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres can use the crafy Dave Roberts to manufacture runs from the top of the order and then wait for the big sluggers like Nevin, Giles and Klesko hit them out.

Or tonight they can hit a lot of grounders.

I've noticed that the Dodgers have ad boards for Disneyland this year. I'm really losing track of which team plays in which city now.

2005-04-15 21:06:54
117.   Jorge
I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the fantastic bench DePodesta has created. Not even Plashke can bash him for it. Look at it! It's so goddam versitile and cheap. IT maybe his finest work yet.


2005-04-15 21:08:28
118.   Albert in Hong Kong
"Anaheim Dodgers" doesnt sound too good huh Bob
2005-04-15 21:08:36
119.   Nathaniel
For the record, Bradly is wearing his regular 21. Vin Scully mentioned that Bradly had wanted number 42 when he first came to the Dodgers but was denied since it is Jackie Robinson's retired number. Bradly instead chose 21 because he said if he could be half the player Jackie Robinson was he would be a good ballplayer.
2005-04-15 21:09:18
120.   Jim Hitchcock
Man. The Chipmunks meet Slim Whitman!
2005-04-15 21:12:23
121.   A E LUTHER
Bradley is impressing me so far. I believe he has a love for the game, and it's history. I saw a piece last year where he was on camera holding Ruth's bat and he was "speechless".

Disney is everywhere.

2005-04-15 21:13:21
122.   A E LUTHER
I though that was the C'munks, what was that?
2005-04-15 21:14:29
123.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-04-15 21:15:50
124.   alex 7
grand slam time for DLowe. His buddy Ortiz already did it.
2005-04-15 21:16:12
125.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Chipmunks? What, that "I'm so lonely" bit?
2005-04-15 21:16:43
126.   A E LUTHER
Was he forced or did Burroughs have to tag him, it looked like his foot came off the bag.
2005-04-15 21:17:09
127.   Ben P
Just looking at the April schedule, 13 of the remaining 14 Dodger games this month are on Extra Innings. Not bad at all.
2005-04-15 21:17:23
128.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Why do I have a hard time believing Cesar himself selected "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes as his at-bat music?
2005-04-15 21:18:08
129.   alex 7
I'll take one. Lowe's the leading RBI guy for the night.
2005-04-15 21:21:03
130.   Albert in Hong Kong
Wow, nice big swings by Klesko. Lowe is smokin'
2005-04-15 21:21:29
131.   Bob Timmermann
Klesko and Nevin looked overmatched there. They looked Choi-like.
2005-04-15 21:21:44
132.   Jerry
I wonder if Lowe's feeling comfortable pitching at Dodger Stadium.
2005-04-15 21:21:49
133.   fanbaze
Los Angeles Dodgers of Glendale
2005-04-15 21:23:45
134.   Bob Timmermann
That's a tough error for Valentin there. Hernandez scorched that ball.
2005-04-15 21:23:48
135.   Daniel B
1) That throw is impossible. Where does Izzy get the arm strength?

2) That was not an error.

2005-04-15 21:24:29
136.   Albert in Hong Kong
How many errors does Valentin have for the season? lost count.
2005-04-15 21:25:01
137.   Steve
Oh oh. Who's keeping score? Somebody with an agenda.
2005-04-15 21:25:41
138.   A E LUTHER
"I wonder if Lowe's feeling comfortable pitching at Dodger Stadium."

Probably a lot more comfortable than at "the BOB".

2005-04-15 21:26:08
139.   Jerry
Didn't look like an error to me either.

I don't care how much we're paying Lowe if he pitches like this at home.

2005-04-15 21:26:51
140.   alex 7
another one pitch AB for Choi.
2005-04-15 21:27:07
141.   A E LUTHER
I'm still waiting for Drew to bust out...
2005-04-15 21:27:18
142.   Vishal
hahah steve. maybe bill plaschke is the official scorer.

man, if lowe keeps this kinda pitching and hitting up, he just might be worth that $36 million after all.

2005-04-15 21:29:21
143.   A E LUTHER
"Free Ride" on a BB? Way too much noise.
2005-04-15 21:30:27
144.   Steve
Drew is going to hit .210/.365
2005-04-15 21:33:47
145.   In Enemy Country
That is the most ridiculous prediction I've ever heard. I hope you're kidding.
2005-04-15 21:36:32
146.   Bob Timmermann
In 2003, Mark Bellhorn hit .221/.353

I hope Drew is a little better than that.

2005-04-15 21:37:57
147.   Steve
I am in a festive mood.
2005-04-15 21:38:24
148.   Daniel B
Wow Bob.

That mark Bellhorn reference came out of absolutely nowhere.

2005-04-15 21:39:32
149.   Bob Timmermann
I was trying to think of someone who had a line like that and Bellhorn immediately came to mind.

The guy struck out 177 times last year.

2005-04-15 21:40:02
150.   A E LUTHER
Tight strike zone...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-04-15 21:40:25
151.   Jerry
Sheesh those two pitches were phenomenal.
2005-04-15 21:42:53
152.   A E LUTHER
Lowe has completed a total of two games in his career.
2005-04-15 21:43:33
153.   Bob Timmermann
And one of those was a no-hitter against the D-AAAs.
2005-04-15 21:45:40
154.   Steve
Valentin doesn't happen to be hitting righty against Hammond, does he? Those watching?
2005-04-15 21:45:59
155.   alex 7
Stick Bradley in the 2 or 3 hole or keep things as they are during a winning streak?
2005-04-15 21:46:03
156.   Jerry
Nope, lefty.
2005-04-15 21:50:09
157.   Daniel B
Geeze. Lowe's stuff is absolutely filthy tonight.
2005-04-15 21:51:21
158.   A E LUTHER
What sore arm?
2005-04-15 21:51:45
159.   T Money
Okay, I know it's a very small sample size, but do the 2005 Padres remind anyone else of the 2003 Dodgers?

Tonight, at least, it's like they didn't even have a hope of scoring runs.

2005-04-15 21:51:49
160.   Daniel B
Beltre would have gotten it there on the fly.
2005-04-15 21:52:33
161.   Bob Timmermann
Valentin said he would bat lefty against soft-tossing lefties. He would bat righty against hard-throwers.
2005-04-15 21:52:34
162.   Nathaniel
2005-04-15 21:52:35
163.   A E LUTHER
Valentin just made a great play to ensure the complete game shutout!

Three hitter!

2005-04-15 21:52:43
164.   Daniel B
What a game. Only 2 well hit balls for the Padres and one was by their pitcher. great Game D-Lowe!!
2005-04-15 21:52:53
165.   alex 7
Nice to have these last two calming, normal, 2hr 10min games after the exhausting first week.
2005-04-15 21:53:01
166.   bokonon42
I don't care what anybody says, Valentin can't field. That throw to first. . .bounced!
2005-04-15 21:53:33
167.   Steve
Well now, wasn't that special?
2005-04-15 21:53:43
168.   mad reefer
like the ratio: 17 ground outs - 5 fly - 5 Ks
2005-04-15 21:53:53
169.   T Money
God, I just hope Plaschke's watching every SECOND of these games. And Steve Phillips too. Oh, and Joe Morgan!

I hate them all so much, it scares me.

2005-04-15 21:55:09
170.   alex 7
1 through 4 hitters for us went 2-15. I'll repeat how big of a welcome it is to have quality hitters in the lower third of the lineup.
2005-04-15 21:57:20
171.   Jim Hitchcock
Nine games in, five games over .500...yowser!
2005-04-15 21:58:17
172.   Nolan
That's Dodger Baseball baby!

Great game!

2005-04-15 21:59:18
173.   Ben P
I am 100 percent sure that Drew will come around, but for now it might make sense to flip him and Bradley in the lineup. Though I guess there's an argument to be made that Bradley's playing so well he should stay exactly where he is. As Crash Davis says, "Never f--- with a winning streak."
2005-04-15 21:59:24
174.   Steve
You are right alex. It just doesn't seem like we give up innings any more, unless Kelly Wunsch is leading off. These guys can get on base and give us a lot of chances to score runs. They don't all work out, of course, but the more chances means the more successes.
2005-04-15 22:00:26
175.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have the best record in the majors at 7-2. The Twins and White Sox are both 7-3.

The best records are in the weakest divisions.

2005-04-15 22:03:13
176.   Jon Weisman
Team ERA is down to a respectable 4.00 now. Early bedtime, everyone!
2005-04-15 22:04:12
177.   Bob Timmermann
But it's a Friday, can't we stay up?
2005-04-15 22:06:51
178.   Jon Weisman
Do what you want - just keep the noise down ...
2005-04-15 22:10:07
179.   Eric Enders
Great picture:
2005-04-15 22:12:35
180.   Steve
How many times do the Giants get to play Colorado this year? Like 200?
2005-04-15 22:18:39
181.   Ben P
From the AP recap:

The Dodgers have won seven of their first nine games. It's their best start since 1983, when they opened 7-2 and won a division title. They haven't started a season better than this since 1981, when they were 8-1 after nine games and went on to win the World Series.

2005-04-15 22:35:30
182.   Bob Timmermann
After this weekend, the Giants and Rockies play again in May. Then not again until August and September.
2005-04-15 22:41:53
183.   DougS
Lowe was almost Hershiser-like tonight. A game like that feels goood.

Did anyone else watching the game on UPN notice a low (not Lowe) pulsing noise in the background? I thought it might have been something going on in my neighborhood, but I didn't hear it during the commercials, or when I hit the mute button just out of curiosity. Or on other channels. Weird....

2005-04-15 22:44:18
184.   Jerry
T.J. Simers is the latest to take up the important cause of dissatisfied season ticketholders with money coming out their ears.
2005-04-15 22:51:47
185.   LetsGoDodgers
Some observations...

Not a fan of Jose Valentin's baseball skills by any stretch of the imagination, but he got hosed by the official scorer. Especially considering it's a home game.

Great to see Lowe give the bullpen a night off. I missed part of the game, though. What's up with Lowe's lip? Did he catch something from Lima's locker???

Drew is going to need a Ruthian stretch to get his hitting stats up to where they are expected to be. If he can end the season north of .270/.360/.520, I'll be delirious.

2005-04-15 23:46:28
186.   dzzrtRatt has a video clip of a great play by Adrian Beltre, a backhand grab of a hard hit ball down the line, which he turns into a double play.
2005-04-15 23:58:13
187.   Identity Crisis
Jerry, sorry I didn't respond earlier. I can not comment during games since my TV is in a seperate room (I need to rectify that). Anyway, go to this website and click the link on the left side of the page to listen to the game. Most games seem to come on around 4-5pm pacific.

I think you might be able to hear Las Vegas games at this website
I have yet to try it out though.

2005-04-15 23:59:35
188.   Identity Crisis
Err...the link for the Jax Sun online broadcast is actually on the right side =/
2005-04-16 00:18:01
189.   Linkmeister
For the sake of your sanity, do not look at the LOB in the box score. Oh, heck, I'll tellya: 18. 18? Izzie had 5 by himself.
2005-04-16 00:30:08
190.   bokonon42
There were only six total men left on base at the end of innings. Are you counting LOB for every AB? Is that new?
2005-04-16 00:42:59
191.   Robert Fiore
Jackie Robinson notwithstanding, my visceral reaction to the throwback uniforms is, Brooklyn my eye.

It would be Brooklyn my something else, but I don't know if that fits under Dodger Thoughts decorum.

2005-04-16 00:46:07
192.   Linkmeister
I got that off the Gameday box (linked in Jon's main post). bokonon, I hope you're right. I wonder how they're calculating that thing, if you are correct. It looked really strange.
2005-04-16 00:47:38
193.   aloofman
RE #185:

Drew doesn't NEED to get his total season stats up to any certain level. He just needs to hit for the rest of the season. At the end of the year we can look at the season stats and ponder them, but DURING the season, we only need to worry about how the team hits from here on out.

And I still maintain that there's no better time for one of the top hitters to slump than during a winning streak. It's when the team isn't playing well that they'll need some big hits to stop the bleeding.

2005-04-16 01:14:16
194.   timely2base
"Drew is going to need a Ruthian stretch to get his hitting stats up to where they are expected to be. If he can end the season north of .270/.360/.520, I'll be delirious. "

Let's not get carried away. We're nine games in. If Drew were to have one week like Kent did to open the season (and you have to expect he'll get hot like that at least once...heck, you have to figure Jason Phillips will get hot for a short stretch like that), he'd be up around .300.

A nine day slump is really not that big a deal...I'm just glad the Dodgers have been able to win in spite of it (check Jeter's month long slump to open the season last year...he ended up alright.) Heck, if he went 4-4 tomorrow he'd raise his batting average by 100 points. It's early enough in the season where you could go away for a week and come back to find Drew up among the leaders in home runs. But like aloofman, I just hope he performs at his regular standard here on out, whether or not he makes up for the poor start.

2005-04-16 01:19:08
195.   Eric L
I'm all for honoring Robinson but it seems silly to do so with a uniform he never wore. Or maybe I'm just picking nits.


I don't disagree with you Lang.. at the game tonight, I told my brother that the Dodgers never wore a home uniform that was even close to the throwbacks.

For the most part (with a few modifications), the home uniforms that the Dodgers wear haven't really changed much over the years. They kind of have to invent throwbacks I guess.

On other topics, I've decided that getting to the games late has nothing to do with time. The game started later tonight and there was still a bunch of late people.

Also, sitting amongst the season ticket holders is very peaceful (can't think of another word). I don't think I heard the "f-word" the whole game. In comparison, I sat amongst the rowdies in the pavilion on Tuesday and I'm not sure that I would have been able to count all the curses I heard. Not that I am against cursing (I really have a foul mouth), but it does bug me that people still do that stuff when other people are around.

2005-04-16 01:25:56
196.   Eric L
If it makes you feel any better, I cherry picked some stats from 2004 regarding Drew..

From May 16 - May 25 last year, he had a stretch where he went 6 for 35. Slightly better than he is doing right now, but somehow he still ended up at .305/.436/.569. In other words, don't worry (yet). Everyone goes through bad stretches.

2005-04-16 01:35:07
197.   bokonon42
Eight hits plus three walks minus four runs minus one double play is six. I see what you're saying about the ESPN box score. Can't find any explanation, but unless LOB means something different, they're double counting, i.e. a runner who reaches with no outs but doesn't score or get doubled off, or CS counts as three LOB? Seems screwy.

Is there some grand unifying Moneyball theory of LOB? Is it a matter of luck? Actually, couldn't one expect higher LOB since there would be fewer fancy LOB reduction strategies?

2005-04-16 01:37:56
198.   Jim Hitchcock
"The game started later tonight and there was still a bunch of late people."

Four years ago me and a buddy had field level seats next to the Dodger bullpen. A constant flow of people in the aisle made viewing the game impossible, so we went roving. It was a Friday night game, so we managed to get ourselves displaced twice the first couple of innings, before finding some seats 6 rows down from the top of the section, above the visiting dugout.

And there we sat until the top of the seventh, when the actual seatholders showed up. Weirdly enough, by some other friends of mine...

2005-04-16 01:47:17
199.   GoBears
A couple late-night comments. First, the high LOB total is because they do double and triple count. The total is the sum of each hitter's personal LOB. So, yeah, if the bases are loaded with 0 outs, and they're all stranded, then each of the 3 out-makers left 3 on base. Total of 9 even tho it was only 3 guys stranded. It's a dumb stat. One of those "we count it because we can" that doesn't really deserve to be counted.

Anyway, comment #2. This is just a blurb from the 4/10/05 entry at the blog. The guy, an A's fan, was just offering his take on Kent's defense. Thought a disinterested view might be interesting:

"Back to Jeff Kent: I'm not really aware of Kent's defensive reputation in the mainstream community. I'd guess that people who haven't seen him play or who don't know the numbers would look at his size and his hitting ability and figure that he's a butcher, a guy who only plays there so he can give his team offensive value. Of course, they couldn't be further from the truth. Kent has a career Rate of 100 at second, which is dragged down by three pretty bad years with the Mets early in his career. It looks to me like some infield coach in Cleveland or San Francisco got ahold of him and turned him into a good defensive infielder. It's not quite an Eric Chavez-style turnaround, but he went from Rates of 86, 92, and 92 with the Mets to 104, 96, 99, 106, 113, 104, 97, and 108 in his last eight seasons. No, he's not always above average, and he had only one really great year, but he's gone from a guy you might want to consider moving to first base to someone who at worst will provide an average presence at second. He's actually a case where the eyes match up with the numbers, too. He doesn't look like he does an outstanding job out there (no cannon for an arm, no otherworldly range), but he looks very smooth and in control all the time, and you really start to notice that he gets to balls. Even when he's ranging into right field and throwing off balance to first base, the throw is on the money, not rushed, and makes the out."

2005-04-16 01:56:52
200.   In Enemy Country
Who cares about LOB? We're 7-2!!! All is good in enemy country. I went to an 80's party tonight and wore a satin Dodgers, Lasorda style jacket, and you better believe I had the collar popped. Nobody said nothing, because they coudn't. If this pitching continues, we're gonna be a factor in October.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-04-16 02:14:12
201.   In Enemy Country
And Aloofman had it right. JD Drew could have gone 0 for 30 with 30 Ks, as long as we're 7-2 it doesn't matter.
2005-04-16 03:14:39
202.   GoBears
Well, obviously, only the wins and losses matter for games already finished. But it's fair and prudent to look beneath the final outcomes for clues as to the relative balance of good luck and good talent. If Drew were 0-30 with 30 Ks, those stats per se no longer matter, but do they signify something that might make winning less likely in the future? For example, what if he's hurt? Then when Kent comes back to Earth, we can't count on Drew to pick up the slack. If it's just an anomalously bad start, and not any sign of long-term problems, then no big deal.

Or perhaps I'm missing the point. Perhaps IEC (#200-201) completely understands this, but forced Jints fans to buy him a lot of drinks at this 80s party, as he shouted "SCOREBOARD, SUCKAHS!"

In my own view, obviously we won't win 7 of every 9 games this year, but I think this is a good team. Like I said even before Spring Training, I'll be really surprised if the Dodgers don't win the West, but I'm not making any predictions about the playoffs.

2005-04-16 03:36:37
203.   Jim Hitchcock
And the fact that we're doing it without Penny,
Gagne, and Werth is encouraging...maybe we'll avoid the late May and June swoons this year.
2005-04-16 04:34:14
204.   Langhorne
I don't know how they looked in person but on t.v. the Brooklyn uniforms looked kind of cheap. They weren't the stitched lettering like the regular jerseys. It looked like a lame silkscreen. I thought that even if they weren't historically acurate they'd look good. I was wrong. They looked very not 1947 0r 1955. Not that I was around then but I've seen pictures.
Still, the only thing I regret about Jackie Robinson Day is that the Giants weren't playing at home. I understand that every game had some sort of tribute to him and I would love to see them have to do that at SBC. I'm sure Giant fans appreciate everything Jackie did on and off the field but I'm also sure that deep in their hearts (Do Giant fans have hearts?) they hate paying any sort of tribute to a Dodger. I know they hate displaying his number in their park. In a way it's a tribute to Jackie's legacy. If they hate him it's because he was a Dodger and for no other reason. It's a beautiful thing that we can hate people, not for their race, but for their team affiliation. God bless America.
2005-04-16 08:11:06
205.   Bob Timmermann
They weren't made of flannel either, but I think the players appreciated that.

Maybe if there were 100% cotton.....

2005-04-16 11:34:06
206.   Linkmeister
I don't want the double-knits of the 70s to come back, but can you imagine playing in flannel uniforms in Washington or St. Louis in August (I use those two cities because I've been both places in that month)? You look at old photos and wonder how they threw, swung, or did anything but drip.

Oh, and thanks for the explanation of that off-the-wall LOB stat. I didn't count the hits+walks to check it, but it sure looked weird.

2005-04-16 12:15:54
207.   Eric L
I liked the comments in the Simers article from the concerned parents of a 6 year old about the "Giants Suck" chant.

I hate using the "two-wrongs" argument, but I've heard far worse at Dodger Stadium, especially when I'm amongst the upstanding citizens in the pavilion. As far as derogatory chants go, the "(insert team name here) Sucks" chant is pretty tame.

I also liked how the commenter said that Nancy B. was encouraging this behaviour. Last time I checked, that little ditty is played at a lot of ballparks and was never meant to induce a "Giants Suck" chant.

And lastly, concerned parents, if you think Anaheim of Los Angeles is above that sort of behaviour, I suggest you go to a Yankees or Red Sox series.

2005-04-16 12:22:49
208.   Woody
I know we are supposed to "hate" the Giants. But guys, this is a sport not a war. My best childhood friend, Alan, was a avid Giants fan. The two Willies, Orlando C. and Juan Marichal were his heroes. Alan died at 29 from Type I diabetes. Most of you weren't even around in the New York days when there was a rabid interborough rivalry which might have approximated hate, based on class war. How can we ever HATE a sports team, considering all the real hate there is in this shitty world? Grow up.
2005-04-16 12:28:18
209.   Identity Crisis

"Cotton breathes, you see, it's much softer. Imagine playing games and your team is five degrees cooler than the other team. Don't you think that would be an advantage? They're cooler, they're more comfortable...they're happier - they're gonna play better."

2005-04-16 12:35:16
210.   Eric L

You can still "hate" a team and realize that it is just a game.

As a matter of fact, if you keep it in perspective, hating a sports team isn't that big of a deal. If you get to the point where you are fighting with people, than you have a problem.

I can dislike the Giants but still respect them (if that makes sense).

2005-04-16 13:35:06
211.   molokai
I'd rather be chanting positive comments on my team then derogatory comments on other teams. Never cared for the "#### Sucks" chant. It is unimaginative and lowclass. I expect the same fans who chant "#### Sucks" also boo their own players instead of supporting them.
2005-04-16 14:10:02
212.   Bob Timmermann
I think booing at Dodger games is sharply on the increase.

But I think that is a trend in sports overall. The increase in salaries is creating a much bigger gulf between the fans and players and the fans are expecting prodigious production out of every player each time.

Especially if they've had six beers already.

2005-04-16 14:18:39
213.   Eric L
re #211:

I agree with you. I'd rather cheer for my favorite team than put down the other team. You are correct in saying that the "#### Sucks" chant is lame. I've also heard more than my fair share of "f-you Barry" when he hasn't been injured. That doesn't take too many brain cells either. If you are gonna rag on a player, at least come up with something better than that. Most 15 year old kids have a more diverse vocabulary.

I'm in the camp that doesn't understand booing your own guys either. I hated seeing people boo Shawn Green last year and turn around and cheer him in his next AB if he did something well.

2005-04-16 14:35:46
214.   Identity Crisis
I too don't care for booing the home team. Unless you think the player is dogging it. When I see a player make half-### plays then I don't really care if the player gets booed.
2005-04-16 14:46:02
215.   Bob Timmermann
Jon's piece last year on why fans shouldn't boo Nomo or Green was one of his best and Ross Porter read it verbatim on the air on the pregame show, crediting Jon and the site.
2005-04-16 15:22:51
216.   bokonon42
I never booed Nomo or Green, but I remember sitting in the RF pavillion chanting "Daaaaaa-rryl, Daaaaaaa-rryl". I was twelve at the time, but I'm not sure I wouldn't do it again. Chanting anybody sucks is lame, and sure there are worse things said, but it's still lame. But Daaaaaaa-rryl; I don't know, still makes me smile.
2005-04-16 15:55:41
217.   Steve
I wasn't booing Nomo. I was booing Jim Tracy for pitching Nomo.

I also like "Larrrrr-yyyyy when Chipper Jones comes to the plate.

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