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April 17 Open Chat: Knock on Wood
2005-04-17 11:50
by Jon Weisman

Today's Game

For your pregame reading: "Home Runs to Remember" by Rich Lederer on Baseball Analysts.

Comments (152)
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2005-04-17 12:45:18
1.   Eric Enders

In 2003, Steve Schmoll graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Biological Resources Engineering, about 40 of which are given by the University each year. Courses required for this degree include:

MATH 246: Differential Equations for Scientists & Engineers
MECH ENGINEERING 232: Thermodynamics
CIV ENGINEERING 305: Basic Fluid Mechanics
MATH 241: Calculus III
BIO. RESOURCES ENGINEERING 422: Water Resources Engineering
BIO. RESOURCES ENGINEERING 456: Biomedical Instrumentation
ENGLISH 393: Technical Writing
BIO. RESOURCES ENGINEERING 482: Dynamic Biological Systems

Schmoll was named to the Atlantic Coast Conference's Athletic Honor Roll (which recognizes athletes with at least a 3.0 GPA) in 2000, 2001, and 2003. Schmoll graduated in 2003 with an overall GPA of 3.66, but decided to put off medical school until after his baseball career.

"Basic Fluid Mechanics" – See, who ever said schoolwork can't help you in baseball?

2005-04-17 12:55:43
2.   Vishal
and you guys wanted to make him gilligan. tsk, tsk.
2005-04-17 12:56:56
3.   Bob Timmermann
Choi gets to bat second against Tim Redding today. And Phillips gets the day off with Bako batting 8th. Ledee starting in left again.

The Padres are having Blum lead off and playing 3rd with Jesse Garcia at shortstop batting 8th.

The Dodgers 2-3 hitters are a combined 8 for 60 with 1 HR. Choi and Drew do have 12 walks between them.

2005-04-17 13:01:49
4.   Jerry
I'm not sure I understand Tracy's benching of Phillips today. Bako started on Wednesday the 13th, no game on Thursday, and Phillips started on Friday and Saturday. Is Tracy abiding by some sort of no-three-consecutive-starts rule for Phillips?
2005-04-17 13:02:55
5.   Bob Timmermann
Probably just the usual day game after a night game rest. Hernandez is starting again for the Padres. I'm not sure the Padres offense can afford having the backup catcher play.

And I don't even know who that is.

2005-04-17 13:03:22
6.   Jerry
Re #4, I guess it's a day game right after a night game, so Phillips might be tired.
2005-04-17 13:05:43
7.   Bob Timmermann
Bako adds more speed to the lineup.
I have a feeling that if Repko raced Philips around the bases, Repko might lap Phillips.
2005-04-17 13:13:41
8.   Bob Timmermann
The geographic confusion continues

Vin Scully "Weaver knows the ups and downs of baseball. He was 13-13 last year. That's an E-ride at Disneyland."

2005-04-17 13:20:45
9.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Actually, I thought for a moment Vin was referring to Disneyland's address: 1313 N. Harbor Blvd.
2005-04-17 13:22:21
10.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
They practice that in spring training.
2005-04-17 13:24:50
11.   Bob Timmermann
So when they practice that, do they give the third basemen flak jackets?
2005-04-17 13:27:57
12.   fanerman91
Choi flies out to right on his first time up. Looks like a first pitch fly-out. I'm not sure. I'm game-casting. sigh
2005-04-17 13:28:21
13.   Linkmeister
Yeah, Bob, the special ones made of the same material as SuperBalls.
2005-04-17 13:28:36
14.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It's not called the "hot corner" for nothing.
2005-04-17 13:29:57
15.   fanerman91
Drew fouls out to third. In this case, there weren't enough seats added.
2005-04-17 13:30:18
16.   Bob Timmermann
8 for 62 for the Chew combination. Sounds better than Droi.

Say Bill Plaschke will be speaking at the LA Times Festival of Books this coming Saturday at UCLA if you want to go out and chew the fat with him. He will be on a panel with Frank Deford. Deford is out flacking his new book (or is flakking?) about Mathewson and McGraw, which hasn't received good reviews so far.

2005-04-17 13:33:39
17.   LAT
"Its not fishing, you don't throw the little ones back." There will never be another one like Vin!!!
2005-04-17 13:35:15
18.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I've heard Vin's Xavier Cugat story more than a few times. Still makes me chuckle.
2005-04-17 13:35:53
19.   Steve
This is Cesar's team.
2005-04-17 13:36:20
20.   Bob Timmermann
I remember Vin telling that joke about Xavier Cugat and his initials back when he had an afternoon variety show and had to give a monologue.

Anyone else remember that show?

Anyone remember the sitcom that Vin was the narrator for?

2005-04-17 13:36:25
21.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Is Cesar trying to have his Gold Glove taken back?
2005-04-17 13:36:39
22.   Vishal
hahah, that band leader story's got to be at least 40 years old, right?
2005-04-17 13:39:13
23.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Weaver is overthrowing.
2005-04-17 13:40:00
24.   Vishal
weaver's dancing on the edge of getting hammered again, it feels like.
2005-04-17 13:40:33
25.   Steve
Thank goodness 8 and 9 were coming up. Jesse Garcia had a particularly ugly little at-bat.
2005-04-17 13:41:58
26.   Bob Timmermann
Xavier Cugat used to be married to Charo. And he was one of the people caught up in the quiz show scandals of the 1950s.

Go figure.

I will not be starting a daily Xavier Cugat factoid.

2005-04-17 13:44:42
27.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"Kent hits 'em awfully hard," says Vin.
Other than that, Kent has nothing on Alex Cora...
2005-04-17 13:48:55
28.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Weaver got that corner when he pitched to Redding.
2005-04-17 13:49:59
29.   Bob Timmermann
Cora was 2 for 3 with a walk today. And then Jose Hernandez batted for him and got a hit too.
2005-04-17 13:52:07
30.   The Saul
Ledee will come through.
I believe in you one-eyed Willy!
sorry, Goonies flashback.
2005-04-17 13:52:47
31.   LAT
Tivo-ed that play in slo-mo. It was a good call. Nevin took his foot off the bag when he cought the ball.
2005-04-17 13:53:19
32.   GoBears
Nice "safe" call at 1st base there. The throw definitely beat Valentin, but Redding wasn't touching the base, and his backwards tap with his right foot was late. Here's another difference from Vin. He didn't even think to ask whether it was the right call. Most announcers would talk about that for 2 innings, and say something about how we should "remember that play, because it could be the difference in the game."
2005-04-17 13:54:52
33.   GoBears
Bako up with a man on. David Ross would hit a 3-run HR here.
2005-04-17 13:56:15
34.   fanbaze
Vin: "Bako doing well hitting .286. They don't expect hit to hit THAT well all year."
2005-04-17 13:56:28
35.   fanbaze
2005-04-17 13:57:51
36.   GoBears
That WAS a surprise - Valentin's steal. Yeah, he's in scoring position, but why risk starting the next inning with the 8-9 batters? Weird. Ended up not mattering at all (as is the case with most stolen bases). He must have done that on his own.
2005-04-17 14:02:19
37.   GoBears
That Bako AB raises a question. We keep stats on offensive performance in general, and with runners in scoring position. Which was that? The count was 3-2 before there was a RISP, but the out was made that way. Is that an AB with RISP for Bako, or does the AB have to start that way? Probably the former, not that it matters much...
2005-04-17 14:02:30
38.   Jerry
Someone in the Rockies organization thought it would be a good idea to have Byung-Hyun Kim pitch at Coors.
2005-04-17 14:06:24
39.   LAT
Tivo again: Izzy was safe.
2005-04-17 14:09:13
40.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, that's what it looked like on the last slo-mo the broadcast showed.
2005-04-17 14:09:17
41.   LAT
Sorry Vin, not everything is forgiven with a HR against the Giants. Hee Sop Sucks can't even advance a runner.
2005-04-17 14:09:47
42.   Steve
Izzy = safe. Umpire pre-judged the call.

It's missing 3-1 pitches like Choi just did that make me wonder if this just isn't going to work.

2005-04-17 14:10:09
43.   GoBears
Obviously, I'm no hitting coach, but I wonder if having Choi stand farther from the plate might help. The pitch he has trouble with is up and in. If that pitch were a ball (because "in" would be off the plate), he'd stop swinging at it. He's so big, that I think he'd still have no trouble covering the plate. As I said, I don't know anything, and it might mess with his strike-zone judgment, but it seems that when the hole in your swing IS in the strike zone, you should be willing to try something radical.
2005-04-17 14:10:10
44.   LAT
OK, JD Suck can't either.
2005-04-17 14:12:57
45.   LAT
Bears, your kidding right? Choi and "strike-zone judgment" in the same sentence. That's an oxymoron
2005-04-17 14:14:26
46.   Steve
The 3-1 pitch was not up and in though either. It was a knee high fastball he should have been sitting on given the count.

I don't know. It's a mystery.

2005-04-17 14:19:23
47.   GoBears
You're wrong, LAT. Choi walks a lot. His career OBP is far above his BA. He knows the strike zone. The problem is that there's one strike (up and in) that he can't hit. Big guy, big strike zone.
2005-04-17 14:21:50
48.   Steve
I love Jeff Kent.
2005-04-17 14:22:38
49.   Steve
I love Milton Bradley.
2005-04-17 14:22:53
50.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
One good shot deserves another.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-17 14:23:13
51.   Jerry
Seems like Kent thinks it's 2000.

And Bradley. Wow.

2005-04-17 14:28:05
52.   Steve
It did not appear to me that Bradley even got all of it.
2005-04-17 14:31:27
53.   The Saul
When Kent came up I thought, "He's going yard"
Then I had the same thought for Bradley.

Not that I'm claiming to be clairvoyant or anything, but I AM starting to have higher expectations about this club than I had on opening day.

Kent looks like gold.
Milton looks he might bust out this year.

2005-04-17 14:34:43
54.   GoBears
Wow, the Dodgers benefitted from all 6'5" of Choi on that Valentin throw. Nice play.
2005-04-17 14:37:26
55.   GoBears
Weaver should be batting 8th.
2005-04-17 14:38:02
I love pitchers that can hit. Weaver running makes me laugh.
2005-04-17 14:38:13
57.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Weaver just needs a triple and homer for the cycle.
2005-04-17 14:39:47
58.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Izzy's batting average iz coming back to earth.
2005-04-17 14:40:01
59.   LAT
How bad would the Giants record be if they hadn't played 6 of thier first 10 games against the powerhouse Rocks?
2005-04-17 14:41:38
60.   Jim Hitchcock
Think steak for dinner tonight, Hee Sop
2005-04-17 14:42:10
61.   Vishal
that was a nasty curveball.
2005-04-17 14:42:13
62.   Steve
2005-04-17 14:43:20
63.   LAT
How long deos this experiment last. I though he was supposed to at least have a good eye. That was an awful pitch for strike 3.
2005-04-17 14:44:25
64.   Steve
Worry not about J.D. Drew.
2005-04-17 14:44:29
65.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Welcome to Los Angeles, J.D.!
2005-04-17 14:44:45
66.   Nolan
2005-04-17 14:44:52
67.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, I feel better!
2005-04-17 14:45:09
That looked easy for him. I have a feeling well be seeing that a lot in the future.
2005-04-17 14:45:19
69.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Choi has until June to get it going.
2005-04-17 14:46:35
70.   Jerry
Love Kent's reaction to that 3rd "strike."
2005-04-17 14:47:04
71.   Marty
The plate umpire's strike zone seems a little weird today.
2005-04-17 14:48:27
72.   GoBears
Redding has a great curveball. He K'd Izturis and Choi on the same pitch, and just got Kent on 3 straight curveballs. Of the 5 curves, only the last one to Kent ended up in the zone. But they all started there. Sure, on TV, it looks like a pitch way out of the zone, but it looks like a strike when they decide to swing. When hitters miss curveballs, especially overhand curves, they ALWAYS look bad.
2005-04-17 14:52:01
73.   Marty
Kevin Brown got tagged for 6 runs in 6 innings today as Baltimore sweeps. Steinbrenner will probably have him clipped.
2005-04-17 14:53:08
74.   Jerry
That Yankee bullpen has problems too, even though it's not "done on the cheap."
2005-04-17 14:53:41
75.   LAT
Bottom 9, 8-6, 2 on for Rocks, 2 outs
2005-04-17 14:53:53
76.   LAT
Never mind
2005-04-17 14:54:57
77.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Yankees are 4-8, with four straight losses.
Couldn't happen to a better bunch.
Early-season abberation, or has the bill come due on George's "Win now" philosophy?
2005-04-17 14:55:44
78.   Jerry
Jaime Jarrin is panicking as his broadcast partner trots out on the field to pitch for the Pads.
2005-04-17 14:56:43
79.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Redding's Game Score: 40.
2005-04-17 15:00:47
80.   Steve
It's probably time to stop worrying about how many runs we're going to score, and how we can start giving some to the United Way for charitable purposes.
2005-04-17 15:01:34
81.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Vin's loves a well-executed rundown.
2005-04-17 15:03:50
82.   Marty
And I hate those run-downs. It seems to happen all the time when someone is scoring. Is it a bad decision that is constantly made, or is it something like trying to make them take the attention off of the scoring runner?
2005-04-17 15:05:27
83.   GoBears
re: #81. Well, honestly, who doesn't?
2005-04-17 15:05:53
84.   Jim Hitchcock
In this case I'd say a bad decision by Ledee, as the ball wasn't cut off.
2005-04-17 15:08:10
85.   Jim Hitchcock
I'm liking this episode of `Leave it to Weaver' better than last weeks.
2005-04-17 15:08:18
86.   cdbavg400
one more inning out of weaver?
2005-04-17 15:08:48
87.   GoBears
For Weaver, 91 pitches thru 7. One more inning?
2005-04-17 15:09:22
88.   GoBears
Excellent point, #86!
2005-04-17 15:09:52
89.   fanbaze
Steiner should not open his mouth about player histories... Nady became the starting CF when Dave Roberts was placed on the DL. Eric Young only got a start when Nady had Strep Throat and he got hurt in the first inning of that game.

Earlier Charlie said that Ramon Hernandez began hitting well when he came to the National league but Hernandez was an all-star catcher his last year in Oakland because he had a terrific year at the plate.

2005-04-17 15:10:21
90.   Langhorne
Fernando and Mike Fetters had a baby and they named him Dennys Reyes.
2005-04-17 15:11:35
91.   cdbavg400
Does anyone know the pitching matchups for the next series in Milwaukee?
2005-04-17 15:11:58
92.   fanbaze
A hit for Choi!
2005-04-17 15:12:33
93.   Langhorne
Choi can hit when they underhand it.
2005-04-17 15:14:05
94.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Weaver may have another two innings left in him.
Pitches by innings: 16, 20, 7, 13, 12, 13, 10.
2005-04-17 15:14:24
95.   Marty
Vin just warned us about the Milwaukee clubhouse. Apparently you may catch flesh-eating disease or Ebola.
2005-04-17 15:15:17
96.   Vishal
you know, i think i agree with whoever suggested that choi should back off the plate a little, or maybe open up his stance a bit so he can hit that inside fastball. the top half of his body is hanging over the inside corner; it's not surprising that it's tough for him to come around on pitches that are almost directly under his face.
2005-04-17 15:20:21
97.   GoBears
Hey Vishal,


2005-04-17 15:20:41
98.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, complete game time...Two in three days!
2005-04-17 15:20:45
99.   Marty
Cora would have caught that with his teeth
2005-04-17 15:22:51
100.   GoBears
Weaver has now thrown 104 pitches. The weather is no factor (another bee-yoo-tee-ful day in LA, about 75 with a nice breeze). I'd let him go for the shutout.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-17 15:24:14
101.   Jim Hitchcock
If he waved that glove after each pitch, he'd get a lot of strike outs.
2005-04-17 15:28:16
102.   Vishal
haha, go bears, indeed.

speaking of which, there are a few playing in today's game... nady, blum, and kent. did i miss any?

2005-04-17 15:29:42
103.   GoBears
I think that's all of them, Vishal. Might be all of them in the majors, actually.
2005-04-17 15:33:26
104.   GoBears
re:#103. ESPN's player page has a search function that allows one to search by college. Oddly, Cal (or "Berkeley" or "UC Berkeley") is not on the list. Doofs.
2005-04-17 15:35:38
105.   KAYVMON
Re #71,
Monday: Perez vs. Capuano
Tuesday: Dessens vs. Glover
2005-04-17 15:36:14
106.   T Money
The Dodgers with a 9-2 record? A sweep of the Padres? Cy Young-quality starts from Odalis, Lowe and Weaver? Jeff Kent playing like he's found the Fountain of Youth? The Yankees stinking? If I'm dreaming, don't pinch me.

Of course, the only thing that could make this more of a dream is if a scantily clad Juliette Binoche was watching the games with me. And let's face it, that just ain't gonna happen.

2005-04-17 15:36:35
107.   fanbaze
Ryan Dreese went to Cal too.
2005-04-17 15:37:07
108.   Marty
Paper's tomorrow: Tracy burning out starters
2005-04-17 15:37:29
109.   Vishal
and let's not forget giants reliever tyler walker, much as we might want to.
2005-04-17 15:37:36
110.   DXMachina
Yes! The Dodgers have already matched their total complete game output for 2004 This is nice.
2005-04-17 15:37:51
111.   Jim Hitchcock
(do you believe?)
2005-04-17 15:38:02
112.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Weaver's Game Score: 83.
Boy, this team looks dangerous.
2005-04-17 15:38:40
113.   fanbaze
For Cal in the minors are moneyball catcher John Baker, Arizona prospect Conor Jackson and Kansas City catching "prospect" Mike Tonis.
2005-04-17 15:40:49
114.   Jim Hitchcock
Time to stock up on beer and bratwurst.
2005-04-17 15:47:25
115.   GoBears
re #114. WHich, as fate would have it, is exactly what I just ate for a late lunch whilst watching the game. Burp.

Anyone seen Plaschke lately?

2005-04-17 15:49:16
116.   Langhorne

Nice home stand.

2005-04-17 15:58:04
117.   Vishal
yeah, gobears. he was in the paper today... something about how noble the laker coach is. i wonder why failure and futility is so appealing to mr. plaschke?
2005-04-17 16:15:30
118.   Steve
I can't believe how full of crap Harold Reynolds is.
2005-04-17 16:21:14
119.   Tripon
I don't know, at least Gammons and Berman know what the Dodgers are doing. But yes, they seemed they had to pry out praise from Reynolds , and Kruk with a crowbar before they said anything positive about the Dodgers.
2005-04-17 16:22:23
120.   bigcpa
I just saw that too- eesh. "I have to give DePodesta some credit... they're winning because of the players he picked up" etc. But he wraps it up with "I hope they keep it going or I'm gonna be back on him again."

What does that mean? He thinks they made great pickups but once they cool off they were lousy moves? This is the quality analysis we get from a world class sports network.

2005-04-17 16:32:08
121.   Steve
Well, he was in the front ranks of the Alex Cora brigade, and now he's Mr. "We all knew Jeff Kent could produce?" Bull. It's so obvious now, he has to say such things to avoid the complete embarrassment that people like Plaschke and Brown (and the 86% of Dodger fans who wanted Alex Cora...that's right...Alex return) are already suffering.
2005-04-17 17:06:48
122.   Spageticus
Kent and Bradley seem to have struck up a fast partnership / friendship. They make a great pair. Nuts to all those who said they would be the Bums' source of friction.
2005-04-17 17:31:14
123.   jeongers
What's frustrating about a show like Baseball Tonight is that I wish they'd have a competent analyst to go along with guys like Reynolds and Kruk. Each of the guys has a role; I think Reynolds is actually pretty charismatic and although his analysis may be off, he's entertaining and knows some of the technique that goes into playing. Kruk appeals to the people who love ball players with tons of pine tar on their helmet. Gammons is there for the dish. I just wish they had someone to balance out the panel.
2005-04-17 17:55:47
124.   Spageticus
Whatever happened to Dave Campbell? That guy was solid. Valentine was OK too. Didn't Ravech defend the Dodgers a year or two ago? Am I dreaming this?
2005-04-17 18:12:56
125.   Suffering Bruin
What is torture? It's working your part-time during an afternoon game where

a) the Dodgers continue to pway gweat (as my young nephew would say) and...

b) once again, the comments on DT are stellar. Take a group bow, one and all. I taped the game but re-reading the comments I actually miss being at the desktop while listening to radio.

Anywho, I missed doing the infamous...


And once again, it has to be short for time's sake (my turn to cook dinner).

Five somewhat trivial yet somewhat interesting things about our hero:

1. Like J.D. Drew, he didn't start playing baseball until he was twelve. An uncle who noticed that Hee-Seop was growing like seaweed also knew the local little league coach in Chun-Nam.

2. He is apparently an excellent basketball player.

3. His parents were not big on providing soft drinks so like any young man denied in his youth, Hee-Seop came to America and got addicted to Mountain Dew. He drank so much before one game he got dehydrated and, no joke, had to be hospitalized for fluid replenishment.

4. You know by now Choi refuses to use an interpreter. The last season he had one was also his best, at Single A Lansing. He hit .321 with 18 homers, 70 RBI--in 290 ABs. He also had 50 walks. He had an OPS of 1.032. Hmmmmmm....

5. I knew that Choi has called Leon Lee about once a week since Lee signed him to the Cubs. I did not know that Choi refers to Lee as his "American grandfather."

The second I found out more about Lee's legal situation, I will let you all know. Whether it's a tragic or pathetic story, I don't know but judging from Lee's past and his exemplary behavior in Japan, the former would seem to be the case.

2005-04-17 18:26:19
126.   Icaros
Mountain Dew=Green Kryptonite

Feel free to replace "Mountain Dew" with "High Fastball, Up and In" if you must be negative and hurtful towards our young Korean visitor.

(I still believe in you, Hee-Seop).

2005-04-17 18:32:27
127.   Spageticus
Sorry SB, what is real torture is working in Arkansas and having to catch games on XM and gameday. The closest professional teams are the Rangers and the Royals. Fortunately the Bums will be in KC in June. This is like living in a living nightmare.
2005-04-17 18:49:21
128.   Mark
"2. He is apparently an excellent basketball player."

Say, I wonder if Chris Mihm can play 1b...

2005-04-17 19:16:21
129.   Adam M
Mountain Dew put Choi in the hospital? Really?

Was he admitted Code Red?

Thank you...I'm here all week, folks.

2005-04-17 19:32:33
130.   LAT
I bet Chris Mimm could hit better.
2005-04-17 19:56:33
131.   jeongers
Conversely, Choi could probably play center better.
2005-04-17 20:15:15
132.   Some Guy in San Diego
I would just like to say about post #129... outstanding! Remembe to tip your bartender and waitresses.
2005-04-17 20:39:12
133.   Eric L
A few days ago, I decided that Buster Olney was #2 on my list of "bad" columnists. I read one of his recent entries on his ESPN blog (though, it doesn't feel very blogish).

Long story short, someone asked him about the Dodgers and he said if they continue to play well, he'll look like a dope. I have no doubt in my mind that Olney is a dope, but it is nice to see him state the he could have been wrong.

In honor of Buster, he is no longer #2 on my bad columnists list. It isn't because he said anything nice about the Dodgers (he didn't), it's just because he can admit to maybe being wrong, unlike someone at the Times.

2005-04-17 23:13:32
134.   timely2base
"In honor of Buster, he is no longer #2 on my bad columnists list. It isn't because he said anything nice about the Dodgers (he didn't), it's just because he can admit to maybe being wrong, unlike someone at the Times."

The sad thing to me is that these guys can go off on Depo (or any GM or manager or whoever) for months on end, and when they are proven wrong, really they just need to say, "Ooops, I was wrong", make a self-defacing joke, and be on their way.

I wouldn't mind the guys at the Times so much if they had one, clear-thinking voice there to balance things out. How much of a treat would it be if the Times had a sabermetrically inclined reporter covering baseball? That guy, I'm sure, would have some truly interesting criticism of Depo from time to time. And there could be some nice back and forth between that writer and the current guys. As it is, I know what I'm going to get everytime I read the Times sports page, which is why I only go there these days if I'm directed there from a more interesting site for information and analysis like this one.

2005-04-18 00:17:34
135.   Bob Timmermann
Monday's game at Milwaukee and Wednesday's at San Diego are going to be carried by FSN2, but they won't appear on FSN2 because they conflict with the last two Clippers telecasts of the year.

The LA Times says they're supposed to be farmed out to another channel on your cable system, but be prepared to do some browsing.

Ironically, if you live outside of LA and get the MLB Extra Innings package, it will be very to get the game.

As far as I can tell, I think my Cable System (Time-Warner) is just going to NOT black out the game on Extra Innings as they would normally do. None of the other channels are listed as carrying the game.

Perhaps I will have to wait a day to hear what the team of Steiner and Lyons sounds like on TV.

2005-04-18 00:23:47
136.   Jim Hitchcock
I was just trying to figure this out myself. Tried logging on to DirecTV, but the system is down.
2005-04-18 07:15:27
137.   Colorado Blue
RE: #135. According to DishNetwork's MLBEI schedule the Monday and Tuesday Brewers games will be on; Wednesday's SD game will not... maybe ESPN2 will carry the Wednesday game; unless of course it conflicts with an exciting East coast matchup or the Midgets playing anyone. You can't get enough shots of Barry on the bench whilst Joe Morgan is kissing Bond's hindquarters.
2005-04-18 07:22:57
138.   Colorado Blue
Sorry it took so long to get back... I had to take the ubiquitous "Where will the Yankees finish this season?" poll on ESPN.

Wednesday's ESPN2 matchup is listed as LAAofA vs. Cleveland Indians... another evening I'll be able to get to some chores done around the house; like replacing the grout in the shower and scrubbing the toilet after my 5 year-old boy is finished using it...

2005-04-18 07:24:51
139.   Colorado Blue
... of course, Alex Cora could've scrubbed the toilet AND watched the game...
2005-04-18 07:34:12
140.   Eric Enders
Good luck getting Extra Innings to not black out Dodger games. Around here they black out all games involving "local" teams, regardless of whether they are on other stations or not. For example, no station where I live carries Mets games, but we still get Mets games blacked out on EI anyway.
2005-04-18 07:34:39
141.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"if you live outside of LA and get the MLB Extra Innings package, it will be very to get the game."
I live outside of LA.
I get the MLB Extra Innings package.
But Bob, it will be very what to get the game? Easy? Hard? Fun?
I need closure here!
2005-04-18 07:40:24
142.   Bob Timmermann
I left the adjective out just to increase the tension.

I believe that the game might show up on your local public access channel. But they might have to break in to show a rotating ad for a local tire store.

2005-04-18 07:44:56
143.   Bob Timmermann
The Daily News has slightly more detail, but just slightly:
Cox, Time Warner, DirecTV and Dish Network are scheduled to show the games on alternate channels; viewers should contact their programming provider for channel listings.
2005-04-18 08:35:25
144.   gcrl
two thoughts about the games this past weekend, both thanks to the extra innings package.

first, the 1978 team was the first team i really remember, and so garvey was (and still is) my favorite player. in fact, the gcrl name stands for garvey cey russell lopes. so, imagine my surprise/horror when i saw number 6 at first base for the dodgers. granted it was jason grabowski, but still. i believe that garvey's number was not used until jolbert cabrera wore it a couple of years ago. anyway, my point is that it is weird to see numbers 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 18 being used by regulars (and erickson and bako) when for years it seemed that many of these numbers were possibly "off limits", or maybe it seemed that way because i didn't catch too many games in person or on the worldwide leader. i do recall mitch webster wearing number 20 for a while, before it was retired, and i know about dave roberts and number 30. any thoughts?

i'll save my second observation for later.

2005-04-18 08:39:57
145.   Im So Blue
For those of you on Time Warner Cable, the games tonight and Wednesday will be on Channel 698.

I used their Live Chat Support to ask -- much better than calling on the phone. BTW, the game info also appears on the digital cable program guide -- program name is "Dodgers vs Brewers".

2005-04-18 08:47:26
146.   Bob Timmermann
Was that going to hold true for all Time Warner systems?

My system doesn't even have a channel 698.
I have ones much higher than that. For me the Extra Innings broadcasts are 831-840.

2005-04-18 08:49:23
147.   Chris H
For Cox cable the game is going to be on channel 3.
2005-04-18 08:51:34
148.   Im So Blue
I'm in the South Bay. On the program guide, Channel 698 is TWCSP - Special Program. Our Extra Innings channels are the same as yours, 831-840.
2005-04-18 08:55:24
149.   Bob Timmermann
The funny thing about this is that the two Clippers game that FSN2 will be showing are going to get atrocious ratings.

Wednesday the Clippers finish up at New Orleans. Someone would need to give me a large check to watch that one. But to each his own.

It will be interesting next year to see who will get priority on Channel 9: the Lakers or the Dodgers.

2005-04-18 09:37:40
150.   FirstMohican
Judging from last night's post-game interview with Kobe (wearing a Dodgers cap), he's pulling for the Dodgers to get priority.
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2005-04-18 09:42:19
151.   Adam M
re: #134

timely2base: actually, some papers have started doing the same thing. Well, one: the Seattle P-I gave a weekly feature to Derek Zumsteg ("DMZ") of, even though the USSM has been pretty harsh on the Seattle papers' M's coverage the last few years. Of course, the P-I's also had a Mariners weblog of its own for the last 3 years, so it may be slightly more progressive than the LAT.

2005-04-18 09:59:01
152.   Sam DC
Question: This sentence is from a Yankees doom and gloom piece that's up on "The offense is batting just .207 with runners in scoring position, and the team ranks last in the American League in runners left on base with 106." Is it correct to say that they rank "last" with 106 LOB, or would it be more accurate to say that they rank "first"?

Genuinely asking here; I can see both sides.

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