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It Had To Be Said
2005-04-20 09:02
by Jon Weisman

"In my initial approach to the ball, I underestimated the velocity on the Milwaukee terrain. Therefore, I was rendered defenseless to field the aforementioned ball."

- Milton (four home runs in his past three games) Bradley, describing a fielding play, April 19, 2005

* * *

Dodger reliever Steve Schmoll's diving catch of a suicide squeeze bunt in the bottom of the eighth inning - spectacular.

* * *

Glad it wasn't me who wanted to cut Olmedo Saenz in Spring Training. In 21 plate appearances, eight hits (four for extra bases), five walks and eight outs.

For the second time in a week, the Dodgers had eight different players score in their comeback victory Tuesday, and their pinch hitters almost hit for the cycle: single by Jason Phillips, double by Saenz and home run by Jason Grabowski. Jason Repko and Norihiro Nakamura each came up with a shot at the triple but couldn't deliver.

* * *

Ex-Dodger update: Victor Diaz, included in the package of players that the Dodgers sent to the New York Mets in 2003 for Jeromy Burnitz, hit two home runs in New York's rout of Philadelphia on Tuesday. Diaz now has six home runs and a .972 OPS in 95 career plate appearances in the majors. You might recall he hit a home run late last September that crippled the Chicago Cubs' playoff hopes.

Hideo Nomo went and beat Randy Johnson in the Bronx, just like he did in Arizona two years ago. In his 302nd start, Nomo pitched on three days rest for the first time in his career - the most starts a pitcher has ever made before doing so.

And Pedro Astacio done shut out Oakland for eight innings, lowering his ERA to 1.64 in 22 innings. The A's have had some odd troubles against older pitchers this season.

The activation of catcher Humberto Cota by Pittsburgh didn't cost Dave Ross his slot on the roster, even though Ross, who started the season 8 for 19 with three homers, is now 0 for his last 10. Benito Santiago replaced Cota on the 15-day disabled list. Cota was named the starter over Ross, however. By the way - same guy?

* * *

No local television for tonight's game in San Diego apparently, either on Channel 13, Fox Sports West 2 or ESPN.

* * *

How does it feel to be 11-2 when so many said you'd fall on your face? Let's check in with Senior Baseball Analyst Bruce Springsteen:

Well, I had the carburetor, baby, cleaned and checked
With her line blown out she's hummin' like a turbojet
Propped her up in the backyard on concrete blocks
For a new clutch plate and a new set of shocks
Took her down to the carwash, check the plugs and point
Well, I'm goin' out tonight. I'm gonna rock that joint ...

Comments (147)
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2005-04-20 09:36:55
1.   Eric Enders
I was in attendance at that game at Shea last year when Victor Diaz broke the Cubs' back.

I heartily recommend Son Volt's cover version of the Springsteen song quoted above for those who haven't heard it.

One of the L.A. papers this morning (forget which) reported that tonight's game would be available on other, random cable stations instead of FSW2, much like the game the other day. (The game is not on Extra Innings.)

You know it's the end of the world when:
- Hideo Nomo beats Randy Johnson.
- Kaz Ishii beats Roger Clemens (sort of).

2005-04-20 09:39:36
2.   Ben P
Bob Oates weighed in today with a DePodesta column that managed to be both complimentary and snotty at the same time. While praising his work so far, Oates also suggests that DePo made all his moves this offseason because his "laptop" told him to.
2005-04-20 09:44:22
3.   Eric Enders
More observations from senior baseball analyst Bruce Springsteen:

"Now don't try for a home run, baby
If you can get the job done with a hit
Remember, a quitter never wins
And a winner never quits"

"I got this fever burnin' in my soul
So let's take the good times as they go
And I'll meet you further on up the road"

2005-04-20 09:47:30
4.   Jon Weisman
I recommend recent columns by Steve Dilbeck and Jim Alexander in the Daily News and Press-Enterprise over that Oates column.


2005-04-20 09:48:26
5.   Jon Weisman
That first excerpt, Eric, is perhaps from my least favorite song of his. I call it "The Unapologetic Cliche Song."
2005-04-20 09:48:29
6.   dzzrtRatt
In the Cox Cable area, tonight's game will again be on KCOX, Channel 12, according to the Daily Breeze.

I hate knocking Bob Oates, because he is a peerless football writer. But his column on DePodesta makes him sound like a grumpy old man in a bad sitcom. "What is that darned thing you got your head in, boy? Some kinda fancy corn-pooter?"

2005-04-20 10:04:22
7.   Eric Enders
Um, did Jim Alexander break Dodger Thoughts, or is that only showing up on my screen?
2005-04-20 10:06:10
8.   Eric Enders
Funny, Jon, in my opinion the worst Springsteen song is the other one that mentions baseball: "The Angel."

I'm not really a fan of the unapologetic cliche song either, though.

2005-04-20 10:11:01
9.   Dr Love
Um, did Jim Alexander break Dodger Thoughts, or is that only showing up on my screen?

My DT is broken too. This is the second or third time this has happened.

2005-04-20 10:13:09
10.   Steve
I gave that Oates article what (for me) qualifies as a pass. I think I missed the boat.
2005-04-20 10:14:35
11.   Bob Timmermann
Bob Oates just writes on the LA Times website. He only shows up in the print edition on rare occasions (like a story about old Super Bowls).

More than a few times when someone has posted a link toward the top of a thread, I've found a big gap in the comments. But it seems to heal itself as more comments get added.

2005-04-20 10:14:54
12.   Berkeley Doug
As for Bradley's quote, didn't he mention he was an intellectual the other day.

"I'm an intellectual, at least I'd like to think so." - Milton Bradley

2005-04-20 10:15:17
13.   Eric L
Both of the columns that you posted were pretty good Jon.

I liked Alexander's snide remark at the end about the previous administration(s) unwillingness to make bold moves during the season for a playoff push.

Dilbeck's column seemed pretty even handed. It's nice to see writers in the LA area actually try to understand what DePo was trying to do. I'm not sure if either of them would be writing complimentary articles without the fast start, but it's still better than hearing Simers say "They are still a crummy team, blah, blah".

From the other thread, it seems like taking pre-orders for the Ghame Over shirts would be the way to go. That way, no one is stuck paying out a chunk of cash and left with more shirts than they know what to do with. I propose that if there are pre-orders and extra money left over at the end, that it should be sent Jon's way.

2005-04-20 10:20:27
14.   Bob Timmermann
I believe I'm entitled to a cut as well, but I think any proceeds from the T-shirts should go to the Dominican Republic Institute Against the Propagation of Weird First Names.
2005-04-20 10:28:27
15.   Eric Enders
Since some people probably won't slog through all 500+ comments in the other thread, let me repost the T-shirt information:

First, the design:

Using CafePress is not an option because they don't have the printing capabilities to put white ink on a gray shirt.

I've used before and they make good quality shirts relatively cheaply and quickly. If we order 50 shirts, they will cost around $8 each. (About $1.50 more if we were to add "" or any other writing on the back.)

I'd be willing to handle getting the shirts printed, but don't have time to handle the distribution. If somebody else volunteers to do that part, we can do it. People can pay easily through Paypal and all you'd have to do is mail the shirts out.

I have no interest whatsoever in any leftover money... Jon and Bob can arm-wrassle over that if they want.


2005-04-20 10:37:04
16.   bigcpa
The t-shirt design is amazing- who did the artwork? I say dodgerthoughts on the back is mandatory. Put me down for a couple.
2005-04-20 10:37:27
17.   Jon Weisman
Does the normal "Game Over" design have a period at the end?
2005-04-20 10:38:15
18.   Eric Enders
I did the artwork, if you can call it that. Basically it just involved moving a mouse around for a couple of hours.
2005-04-20 10:38:48
19.   Berkeley Doug
Put me down for a shirt and absolutely has to be on the shirt (presuming Jon is ok with it).
2005-04-20 10:38:53
20.   Eric Enders
Does the normal "Game Over" design have a period at the end?

Yeah, it does. I had my Gagne T next to me while I was working.

2005-04-20 10:42:42
21.   gvette
"God help Springsteen when they decide he's no longer God...Right now his fans are happy.
He's told them about being drunk,and chasing girls, and cars and everything, and that's about the level they enjoy. But when he gets down to facing his own success and growing older and having to produce it again and again, they'll turn on him,and I hope he survives it."

John Lennon, Rolling Stone interview 1980

2005-04-20 10:45:51
22.   Eric Enders
The last interview John Lennon ever gave was to RKO Radio just hours before his death. When asked what his favorite song was, he replied:

"Bruce Springsteen's 'Hungry Heart,' which I think is a great record, to me, is the same kind of period sound as '[Just Like] Starting Over.' ... It's a Fifties song made with an Eighties approach."

2005-04-20 10:47:16
23.   Jon Weisman
It's fine and dandy for me if you want to put Dodger Thoughts on the back - assuming there's no legal issue over the design that I'm going to get wrapped up in. But just speaking for me, I don't want this to be the definitive Dodger Thoughts T-shirt - I'd still like to do something else for that. Gagne, after all, will hopefully be back to being the Game Over guy by the end of next month, with Yhency returning to being Eheighth Ihnning Ohver guy.
2005-04-20 10:48:50
24.   Berkeley Doug

But then we just come up with another T-shirt saying Eheighth Ihnning Ohver guy.

2005-04-20 10:50:33
25.   Marty
Put me down for a shirt. X-large I'm sorry to say.
2005-04-20 10:54:07
26.   Icaros
At $8, I'll take two shirts. Will we be able to get the full spectrum of sizes?

Medium is my preference.

2005-04-20 10:54:28
27.   Eric Enders
assuming there's no legal issue over the design that I'm going to get wrapped up in.

Yeah, I thought about that too. As long as we're keeping it among friends, you shouldn't have any trouble. But I suppose there is a non-zero chance that the Dodgers could get their hands on a shirt and do something silly -- using the Dodger logo could technically be considered a copyright violation. (The rest of the design is just a parody of a well-known logo; those are perfectly legal.)

Of course, ultimately, Jon, it'll have to be your decision whether to include the "Dodger Thoughts" name or not.

2005-04-20 10:55:31
28.   Colorado Blue
I'm in for 2 "Ghame Over." shirts... I'll gladly pay a surcharge to support DT and the distribution costs.

Eric. E:
"Does the normal "Game Over" design have a period at the end?
Yeah, it does. I had my Gagne T next to me while I was working."

Is the "normal" 'Game Over' of your creation as well? I wouldn't mind getting a couple of those as well.

2005-04-20 10:56:18
29.   gcrl
i'm in for a shirt. xl, please.
2005-04-20 10:56:48
30.   Eric Enders
Is the "normal" 'Game Over' of your creation as well? I wouldn't mind getting a couple of those as well.

Don't I wish! But alas, no.

2005-04-20 10:57:02
31.   Colorado Blue
P.S. Definitely must have dodgerthoughts in some form on the back.
2005-04-20 11:00:31
32.   the OZ
It's worth mentioning that a "Dodger Thoughts" on the back of the shirt will be a bit more expensive than a one-sided print. While it is likely that no one will care, it's also worth mentioning that none of us has a right to use the official Dodgers logo on the shirt.

Could we kill two birds with one stone by putting "Dodger Thoughts" in place of the official logo on the shirt's front?

And since we're discussing shirt designs, I thought I'd share the design for the "Free Milton" t-shirts that my friends and I wore to DS after his suspension last September...

2005-04-20 11:03:35
33.   Clive Clements
The Ghame Over shirt is excellent. I'd definitely pick up one...maybe two. And I agree that it'd really up the cool factor if there was some dodgerthoughts mention on it.
2005-04-20 11:06:58
34.   Colorado Blue
A little diversion...
I've noticed that although the Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball and with the best record, I can find little-to-no enthusiasm yet in the MSM.
It's all about the Marlin's complete games, George's tirade, Bond's progress, etc. And then, oh, by the way, the Dodgers managed to win again yesterday.

Not that I'm mad about it or anything because we all ready knew how the MSM felt, but I am a bit surprised it is still "swept under the rug".

I guess the next Big Deal will be when they eventually lose... sad.

2005-04-20 11:07:20
35.   Berkeley Doug
How about a "Hail Ceasar" T-shirt as well?
2005-04-20 11:08:16
36.   Jon Weisman
Don't want to be perceived as the parade-rainer - just trying to cover all the bases on this.

So anyway, I also have a spiritual concern - do any of you think this could somehow be perceived as an endorsement of Brazoban over Gagne? I'm being paranoid, right?

I'd be up for replacing the Dodger logo with Dodger Thoughts - seems safer.

2005-04-20 11:11:53
37.   Colorado Blue
Just as I express my disappointment with the MSM, I get an e-mail from MLB Insider with the Headline:
Do-it-all Dodgers jump out to best record in Majors
Derek Lowe and the Dodgers, who celebrated Jackie Robinson Day by wearing uniforms that said "Brooklyn" on the front, have bolted from the gate, silencing their critics by winning 10 of their first 12 games and taking early command of the NL West. Complete Story »
2005-04-20 11:14:38
38.   Berkeley Doug
Replacing the Dodger logo with Dodger Thoughts does seem like a good idea. If Dodger Thoughts is put on the T-shirt then I suggest it should be as "". OK it may look a little weird, but it may drive more traffic to the site which I suppose could cause more problems like the Milton Bradley HR outage yesterday, but then the extra proceeds from the T-shirt sales can be given to Jon to increase the server capacity or whatever you do to allow a site to handle more traffic.

I think you may be a bit paranoid Jon. Preferring Brazoban over Gagne would be like preferring Cora over Kent and only a crazy, deluded personn would so that.

2005-04-20 11:14:50
39.   Icaros
If Gagne asks, we'll explain the joke to him.
2005-04-20 11:19:56
40.   Colorado Blue
#36: So anyway, I also have a spiritual concern - do any of you think this could somehow be perceived as an endorsement of Brazoban over Gagne? I'm being paranoid, right?

That was my first thought as well, but I dismissed it immediately because I thought the new shirt was really cool!
Seriously though, I believe you are being a bit paranoid Jon... we all want Gagne back; what better than to have both guys in our bullpen?

Does anyone have Yhency's mailing address? Maybe we could send him a courtesy T.

2005-04-20 11:20:48
41.   Jon Weisman
The outage yesterday wasn't really related to traffic:

2005-04-20 11:21:55
42.   Jerry
I'm in for an XL shirt as well.

No spiritual concerns here. After all, we want the game to be over in the eighth inning anyway, don't we? If Schmoll could be a lights-out seventh inning guy, I'd be all over a GAME SCHMOVER shirt. :)

2005-04-20 11:22:49
43.   Jon Weisman
Okay, perhaps I'm paranoid on that one point.

But the idea of using an image and slogan that we may not have rights to, in order to promote the website, still makes me nervous. Who wants to play lawyer?

2005-04-20 11:24:57
44.   chumsferd
Put me down for a medium as well.

We should send one to Yhency and Gagne and see what they think.

2005-04-20 11:25:24
45.   bigcpa
I agree we can lose the Dodger logo on the front. But I think should appear on the back. You'll get more impressions at the yard that way. I'll cover 1b Loge.
2005-04-20 11:27:52
46.   brendan glynn
DT should be on the Ghame Over shirt but it should just be small and on the front. There really should be a DT shirt all it's own along with a cool logo. That toaster popping up a baseball doesn't cut it. I'd buy numerous Ghame Over shirts and any DT merchandise (no mouse-pad I have a laptop)

Let's commission eric to come up with a DT logo. Not necessarily a whole shirt theme but just the words Dodger thoughts. Maybe interlocking D & T like LA somehow.

2005-04-20 11:28:06
47.   Woody
That play by Schmoll was the best defensive play I've seen by a pitcher in recent memory. I know he's the guy with the most options, but does he really have to be the one to go down?

I'm stunned to say the least at the 11-2 start, comebacks, and performances of too many guys to even list. I'm just waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way, but its fun for the present. Those '55 Dodgers started something like 22-2 didn't they?

2005-04-20 11:34:30
48.   Owen
Put me down for a medium. Sounds like you'll easily clear 50 units.
2005-04-20 11:39:19
49.   patsweetpat
The design is awesome. I would like to be down for two (2) "GHAME OVER" shirts... one XL, and one Large.

Regarding the legal fears, does anyone know if the interlocking "LA" on the cap is a trademarked symbol? If so, perhaps it could be replaced with an interlocking "DT".

If not, then never mind.

Anyway, to repeat: me, shirts, two, yay!

2005-04-20 11:39:35
50.   DepoBall
Please put me down for a medium. Love the design Eric. And make sure the final price shoots some $ Jon's way.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-20 11:40:21
51.   brendan glynn
there is no way schmoll goes down until gagne is back(or at least he shouldn't). I think we might have someone pull a mysterious hammy before then.
2005-04-20 11:41:19
52.   Linkmeister
I'll take one of the GHAME Over Shirts in a Large.

Here's a sample of a shirt a Hawai'i msg board I'm on/in designed.

I'd buy a DT shirt that was something like that.

2005-04-20 11:41:45
53.   bigcpa
And hey people, GHAME OVER still applies in the 8th. We were 70-2 or so leading after 7 last year.
2005-04-20 11:42:14
54.   Eric Enders
Alternative shirt design:

2005-04-20 11:45:15
55.   Icaros
2005-04-20 11:45:40
56.   Bob Timmermann
The 1955 Dodgers did indeed start 22-2, they lost two games in the middle of that stretch at Ebbets Field to the Giants, both by 1 run. They didn't cool off until August.

Did Pee Wee Reese bat leadoff in 1955? If he did, how did he end up leading the NL in GIDP that year? He had to have been lower down in the lineup.

2005-04-20 11:47:57
57.   brendan glynn
Eric that is great. do you think you could make the D & T bigger than the rest. Also have them off setting? (I know I am picky. The D & T bigger and Bolder than the rest of the worlds and the T a space or two past the D.
2005-04-20 11:49:28
58.   Bob Timmermann
Answering my own question, Reese was batting 2nd in 1955. Jim Gilliam was the leadoff hitter most of the season.

That explains the GIDPs

2005-04-20 11:50:11
59.   brendan glynn
that should read words not worlds
2005-04-20 11:51:36
60.   Eric Enders
...although Dodger Thoughts is arguably bigger than all the other worlds.
2005-04-20 11:52:12
61.   brendan glynn
I'll take 2 large and 2 XL (if we are ordering now)
2005-04-20 11:57:11
62.   Neil
I'll want at least 3 if this ends up happening. Great job on the logo Eric.
2005-04-20 11:57:41
63.   gvette
Really don't mean to rain on everyone's T- shirt parade; BUT

1)The Dodgers own the trademark for the phrase "Game Over", they would probably view it as an infringement of that copyright and their intellectual property even if spelled the way it is proposed;

2)The Dodgers also own the trademark rights for commercial use of the LA cap logo, as depicted on Yhency;

3)Yhency, and the Dodgers, have rights to the use of his likeness if used for commercial purposes.

Put it this way, without authorizations, and legal clearances, you run the the same legal risks as vendors selling concert t-shirts near a venue.

If not for all that, put me down for a large.

2005-04-20 11:57:53
64.   brendan glynn
Jon, I just sent you my subscription fee to you via Paypal. Keep up the Great work. I can only imagine what you(we) could accomplish if this was your full time job(passion)

(True eric. DT is a world all its own. How about DT circling the earth as a logo? that would be cool)

2005-04-20 12:02:55
65.   brendan glynn
Man if I had any kind of artistic talent, i'd be dangerous. dangerous I tell ya.
2005-04-20 12:03:38
66.   Eric Enders
That's been brought up several times. Our position (or mine, anyway) is that this is not a commercial venture. It's friends getting t-shirts made for each other at cost. Nobody's making any money off anything. And parodies of well-known designs are not legally considered copyright infringement anyhow.

The only thing the Dodgers could complain about would be the "LA" cap. But in practical terms, there's no way in the world that they would sue over the design posted in #54. And even in the extraordinarily unlikely case that they decided to do that, they'd send a cease-and-desist letter first.

2005-04-20 12:03:59
67.   Jon Weisman
Thanks, Brendan - just sent you an e-mail.

#63 captures my concerns.

2005-04-20 12:09:45
68.   Jon Weisman
In other words, much as I want to be a part of this, I'm afraid that putting DT on the shirt makes it a commercial venture.
2005-04-20 12:09:46
69.   Eric Enders
Basically, it's up to you. Nobody else's opinion means jack.

If you want the Dodger Thoughts name used as depicted in #54, great.

If not, we can go with the original design -- no "Dodger Thoughts" -- and as the designer, I would assume the legal risk. Which I am more than willing to do, as I believe the risk is infinitesimal anyway.

Let us know which you prefer.

(And of course, unless somebody agrees to help me mail the shirts out, there'll be no shirts anyway. This is the third call for a volunteer.)

2005-04-20 12:11:44
70.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It must've been in another thread, but to answer Plaschke's statement that the Dodgers are winning lots of 8-7 games, he should - but won't - note the team's MLB-leading run differential of +37. You don't achieve that through close games.
2005-04-20 12:20:45
71.   Underbruin
For those who are worried about seemingly endorsing Brazoban over Gagne -

Front: The Brazoban image, with GHAME.
Back: A similar Gagne image (though it'd have to be different than the exact official shirt =P) with OVER and

Too expensive and too dangerously close to copyright infringement, but still, it'd look damn cool AND cover both players. :)

2005-04-20 12:22:42
72.   bigcpa
The Dodgers 3 shutouts are 2nd best in the majors to Florida. Their DER is also 2nd in the majors to Florida. "They must have left their gloves in the dugout!"
2005-04-20 12:23:16
73.   brendan glynn
Got it, Jon. thank you.

I'll help mail the shirts out. send all the shirts to me if you want and then I'll mail them out. guess we will figure out shipping later. maybe charge a little extra each shirt so were able to send one to Hong Kong(if need be)

I'd rather not handle any $$ but can if needed

2005-04-20 12:25:42
74.   dzzrtRatt
Turns out that the Bradley quote is somewhat misleading. Here is what he really said before the Times cleaned it up for him:

"Dans mon approche initiale à la boule, j'ai sous-estimé la vitesse sur le terrain de Milwaukee. Par conséquent, j'ai été rendu sans défense au champ la boule mentionnée ci-dessus."

2005-04-20 12:27:21
75.   Eric Enders
Thanks, brendan. It's much appreciated. Can you send me an e-mail? -- enders((at))
2005-04-20 12:27:52
76.   brendan glynn
If we do this at cost and at a limited number we should be fine.(according to a friend of mine who is an attorney but not in intellectual property, he is contract law) take that advice for what it cost me(free).
2005-04-20 12:29:30
77.   JD in Milan
awesome guys ... i'd be proud to wear my ghame over shirt in Italy this summer. I'm in for two XLs.
2005-04-20 12:32:42
78.   bigcpa
If we decide to go with a diverse product line I'd like to offer this concept:

2005-04-20 12:34:44
79.   brendan glynn
eric, e-mail sent
2005-04-20 12:36:37
80.   brendan glynn
bigcpa. That is awesome
2005-04-20 12:40:17
81.   kegtron
Put me down for one XL please.
2005-04-20 12:41:59
82.   Jacob L

That's hilarious. Now if someone will just do "Operation, the Wacky Dodgers game, from Milton Bradley . . .

2005-04-20 12:43:30
83.   adg
Theres another article about DePodesta in the StarTribune. The topic is DePo's reaction to criticism he received due to his deals. (Registration is Required, but you can use BugMeNot.)
2005-04-20 12:43:47
84.   Jon Weisman
Brief Bonds/Giants update in new thread above.
2005-04-20 12:44:43
85.   Chris H
I'll take a medium.

Love the mock Home Depot too. Nice work bigcpa.

Who will be the first to come up with a Rand inspired parody?

2005-04-20 12:47:05
86.   bigcpa
On a side note, regarding public opinion... the odds on the Dodgers to win the west are now +110. I'm in at +350. Cha-ching.
2005-04-20 12:47:07
87.   chumsferd
Nice bigcpa.

I heart the Team Depo concept.

2005-04-20 12:54:06
88.   everett

geocities says you've run out of bandwidth for the hour :P ...


2005-04-20 12:56:16
89.   Bob Timmermann
I'm no trademark law expert, but one of the big things in trademark law is creating a "likelihood of confusion", which is what you could get.

A parody T-shirt would fly, but not one endorsing another product.

2005-04-20 13:00:36
90.   Sam DC
Jon -- you've created a monster. Seriously; every time I turn the computer off for 2 hours there's 100 plus new posts.


I love GHAME OVER (TM). The T-Shirt is awesome. That said, and for what little it's worth, it seems to me that even though the risks here are very very low, they do exist, at the very least on the level of complicating or mucking up relations with the Dodgers at a time when enhancing those relations seems valuable to us all. And while Jon clearly doesn't want to frump all over a fun idea, it seems to me that the risks here -- small though they are -- run to him in a totally different way than they do to anyone else. If I were in his shoes, I'd be inclined to pretty risk averse in this area. And all that said, I get the sense from the thread above that what a lot of people really want is a cool Dodger Thoughts item of some sort. So my personal vote -- not that I have one -- would be for the collective to ramp up that marketing department and get a worry-free Dodger Thoughts item on the market pronto. That way, we'll all have something to wear when McCourt hosts his first Dodger Thoughts at the Stadium.

(And of course, if I'm voted down, I'll take a large.)

2005-04-20 13:00:51
91.   bigcpa
Updated TEAM DEPO link...
2005-04-20 13:01:33
92.   Sam DC
. . . his first Dodger Thoughts Appreciation Day at the Stadium . . .
2005-04-20 13:04:28
93.   Eric Enders
#90: Great post. I would also be more risk averse if I were in Jon's shoes than if I were in my own.

What I'll likely do is host the ordering page on my own site; it'll officially have nothing to do with Dodger Thoughts unless Jon wants it to.

2005-04-20 13:18:48
94.   ROC
#1: FYI, tonight's game IS on MLB Extra Innings...specifically Ch. 747 for DirecTV folks. I've learned not to trust their website listings (it has other errors today, including two concurrent games on the same channel).

Thanks to KCOP's "withdrawal", here in Scottsdale I'll only miss 4 games this year on TV (4/15 was the first). That's a new record and a very busy TiVo.

2005-04-20 13:19:00
95.   Sushirabbit
I'm up for the T-shirt, too. X-Large times 2. You guys are hilarious. I love the Team Depot, also.
2005-04-20 13:22:25
96.   bigcpa
Cafepress comes out to $18 with shipping and $19.56 for California residents. I'll order one and see how it comes out.

My attorneys say no problem with the Team Depo concept as long as it's not used on an orange apron.

2005-04-20 13:26:38
97.   Vishal
hahahah bigcpa, that's great.
2005-04-20 13:31:42
98.   Identity Crisis
Well, if the the worse case scenario came to pass (Dodgers filing a law suit) at least you would end up getting a Plaschke article out of it. :)
2005-04-20 13:32:40
99.   bigcpa
Wow rules. $8 each and free delivery. I better take a show of hands too. We should consolidate distribution somehow.
2005-04-20 13:37:50
100.   Eric L
Someone just needs to come up with a quick order form and host it. Shouldn't be too hard.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-20 13:41:26
101.   Jon Weisman
Okay - unless someone can convince me that I'm not taking a risk with the Ghame Over shirt, I'm gonna sadly opt out of it. So take that as a "No." Sorry about that.

Definitely want to get an original Dodger Thoughts shirt going. Alex Ciepley of Cub Town has offered to design a logo, and Tommy Nacarrato (whom I'm sure is happy to be wrong about the Dodgers for at least these two weeks) has worked on a logo in the past as well. But if any of you folks want to take the lead and offer up an idea or ideas, that'd be great.

2005-04-20 13:42:36
102.   Icaros
I'm in for Home DePo at around that price, big, size Medium.
2005-04-20 13:43:24
103.   Rick
Awesome design Eric -- I'll take a medium.
2005-04-20 13:44:06
104.   Icaros
Yeah, where is he, anyway?

Bring me the head of Tommy Nacarrato! :-)

2005-04-20 13:44:24
105.   Rick
LOL just saw Home DePo -- I love it. Glad to take one of those two -- in orange of course! :)
2005-04-20 13:44:55
106.   Rick
uh ... two=too LOL.
2005-04-20 13:45:47
107.   Icaros
And I'd like to speak with the infamous DodgerLawyer at some point, as well.
2005-04-20 13:55:01
108.   frankenspock
"Just as I express my disappointment with the MSM, I get an e-mail from MLB Insider with the Headline: Do-it-all Dodgers jump out to best record in Majors"

You might want to fire up that disappointment valve again. Just caught Rome Is Burning, where Rome, some guy from the Detroit Free Press and the Blind Date guy all agree that, since they had already previously agreed that DePo clearly didn't know what he was doing, the Dodgers' hot start is obviously some kind of illusion somehow. Detroit Freep Guy: "It's way too early to say whether this is a good team," and Rome agrees that letting Beltre go was a "bad idea" (bad DePo, no donut.) Milton Bradley also takes a slapdown for being a .262 career hitter.

And the best one: since the Dodgers play in the "second worst division in baseball," it's credit to them they're 11-2 since "they should be doing this anyway."

Almost threw the remote through the TV on that last one.

Hi all. First post. Great board you've got going here.

2005-04-20 13:59:29
109.   Bob Timmermann
Is the AL Central supposed to be the worst division in baseball then? The White Sox are off to a 10-4 start.
2005-04-20 14:02:25
110.   bigcpa

Please email me at with your name, email, size and quantity. Once I see how many we're at I'll email all of you with final cost, shipping and payment info.

Again the image is linked here:

It'll be a white Hanes beefy-T with NO mention of Dodger Thoughts.

2005-04-20 14:06:49
111.   Jon Weisman
This is my official statement that Dodger Thoughts is not associated with the sale of T-shirts discussed on this thread, and the site and I take no responsibility for them, nor promote them.

- Jon Weisman

2005-04-20 14:10:00
112.   frankenspock
Yes, they called the AL Central the worst division. Because, you know, one team jumping out and beating the tar out of every other team in one division automatically implies "bad division" instead of "superior team at the top".

I personally don't see how much more relentlessly mediocre you can get than the AL West, but that's just me I guess.

Jim Rome: Celebrating Mediocrity Since, Oh, Forever.

Now I feel compelled to go deal with Sandberg's latest column and I'm afraid.

2005-04-20 14:12:50
113.   tomA

thanks for renewing my passion for the bums. i just sent a very small portion of my bush tax cut to you via paypal. keep on keeping on.

2005-04-20 14:14:07
114.   DepoBall
Actually, it's a fair criticism that the NL-west is weak. What bugs me is that it wouldn't matter if it was the best division in baseball; it's not on the right coast as far as sports media is concerned
2005-04-20 14:16:29
115.   DepoBall
The fact that its too early in the season is also true, yet that is never brought up when Bosox or the Yankee$ are featured - every 5 minutes on sportscenter
2005-04-20 14:29:19
116.   jasonungar05
a cool shirt to me would be: we talk hard about all 27 outs at
2005-04-20 14:33:02
117.   frankenspock
MLM faith restored: Plaschke just took a full-on beatdown from everybody else on the atrocious Around the Horn. He even got muted when he started in on the LoDuca trade again.
2005-04-20 14:34:58
118.   frankenspock
Er, MSM, as in Mainstream Media. I don't know what multi-level marketing has to do with anything.
2005-04-20 14:43:37
119.   Icaros
Thanks for the Around the Horn update, spock. It was on the TV where I just had lunch, but there was no audio.

Care to provide any more specific "beatdown" details? I know it means nothing, but it's so fun to hear Billy P getting it thrown back in his smug face.

2005-04-20 14:54:23
120.   Eric Enders
OK folks, I'm officially ready to take orders for the Ghame Over shirts. Time to put your money where your mouth is! Instructions and an ordering link can be found at this page:

(And yes, you still need to place an order even if you already specified how many shirts you want earlier in this thread.)

2005-04-20 14:55:14
121.   Eric Enders
As an addendum to the above post, orders must be placed by midnight tomorrow so I know how many shirts to order.
2005-04-20 14:55:36
122.   frankenspock
It was the "Buy or Sell" segment. Plashcke went first, "sold" the Dodgers and launched into his typical anti-DePodesta stuff. Then the other guys jumped in on him. Mariotti said something like "This is why everyone in LA hates you, Plaschke." Cowlishaw pointed out that he had picked the Dodgers to win their division and they've only confirmed why so far. The Plaschke came back, got half of the name "LoDuca" out of his mouth before Stat Boy hit the mute button while Plaschke sat there shaking his head with an awful grimace on his face.

It was highly amusing.

2005-04-20 15:00:15
123.   Eric L

Any idea if the shirts run small? I'm one of those border line xl/xxl guys.

2005-04-20 15:01:36
124.   DodgerJoe
I would love a Ghame Over shirt.
Mark me down for 2 lareges.
2005-04-20 15:02:19
125.   Uncle Miltie
Someone needs to make a "Little Cesar" or "Got Milt?" shirt.
2005-04-20 15:06:41
126.   Marty
Enders, I just ordered a shirt. Thanks for the effort.
2005-04-20 15:08:08
127.   DodgerAce
Does anyone know if tonight's game will be broadcast on Charter Cable system? I'm in Riverside. Tried to call Charter, but they're clueless. I searched for it the other night but came up empty.
2005-04-20 15:09:52
128.   Marty
I have Charter also, and I agree, they are clueless. I tried their web site and it can't even tell me my local office number. I just go into an infinite loop.
2005-04-20 15:14:30
129.   Eric Enders
Eric L,
This is what the T-shirt company says:

"Product Description: Pre-shrunk. Taped neck and shoulders. Double needle stitching throughout garment. (Sport Grey is 90% cotton 10% polyester.)

Comments: Generous fit. High quality, heavyweight t-shirt at a very good price. Best selling imprintable t-shirt in America."

2005-04-20 15:37:11
130.   Rick
Try channel 101.
2005-04-20 15:45:38
131.   joekings
I'll join the chorus, I'm on Comcast and can't find any information as to what channel it will be on. Last year had a page listing what channels it would be on in the different sattelite and cable providers but I can't seem to find that this year.
2005-04-20 15:58:03
132.   Improbable88
I'm in a band and my best friend owns a screen press and does all the t-shirts for the band. I think the shirt idea is superb and I think I can cut a deal to destroy those others, though the shipping would be comprable. As far as legal issues are concerned, most shirts sold outside Dodger Stadium aren't licsensed, so it's not an issue for us. And printing ont he back won't cost extra. Somebody in charge e-mail me, and we can get it in the works.
2005-04-20 15:59:14
133.   Bob Timmermann
"It's been my lifelong dream to inspire a t-shirt!"

"No, it isn't your lifelong dream was to eat the world's biggest sandwich and you did back in 1993!"

2005-04-20 16:02:22
134.   Berkeley Doug
Thanks Eric. Just put in my order for a L and paid for it with my Dodger MC.
2005-04-20 16:05:29
135.   patsweetpat
Just bought 2 "GHAME OVER" shirts, and emailed cpa with my request for a "TEAM DEPO" shirt.

*Eric and cpa, thanks for your awesome creativity.
*Jon, though I know you have absolutely nada to do with this endeavor, thanks for creating a site where awesome people congregate.


2005-04-20 16:07:16
136.   Improbable88
alsa, it appears I'm too late. If someone wants to get that "Hail Cesar" thing rolling, or some clever Milton Bradley shirt, hit me up.
2005-04-20 16:11:21
137.   Jon Weisman
D'oh, Bob!
2005-04-20 16:38:41
138.   Langhorne
Jon, my first thought for a DT image was the Rodin sculpture The Thinker wearing a Dodger jersey and cap, bat leaning against his leg, glove on the ground at his feat. I think it would reflect the cultured, high brow, quality of the posters here.
2005-04-20 16:40:57
139.   Langhorne
I should point out that I have no artistic talent so someone else would have to design it. I'm an idea man.
2005-04-20 16:43:11
140.   Langhorne
And in #138 that should be "feet". Idea men aren't concerned with spelling.
2005-04-20 16:58:15
141.   Steve

It seems like, in the interest of comity and good feelings, that we should give an amnesty to those momentarily lost in the Plaschke fog over the off-season. It happens to all of us.

2005-04-20 17:25:57
142.   Icaros
Agreed, Steve. If Carla Tortelli can show restraint, I can too.
2005-04-20 18:04:09
143.   Vishal
i bought a shirt. thanks for making and distributing them, guys!
2005-04-20 18:16:39
144.   Denezin
Got my Yhency (L). Can't wait to wear it around DC hoping to run into Sam DC or other fans around the capital.
2005-04-20 18:55:29
145.   Linkmeister
Denezin, you may get lynched by all the new Nationals fans (if they're half as rabid as Redskins fans used to be).
2005-04-20 19:01:19
146.   Sam DC
Re #145 -- So far, it's not a 'skins crowd, but it's an enthusiastic and very thoroughly "W" branded crowd out at RFK. It will be interesting to see what it's like rooting for the Dodgers out there this August. Especially with Bonds batting clean up and all (see thread above).
2005-04-22 16:11:35
147.   Denezin
I've been to two Nats games in my LA cap so far, no incidents. You're right about the plethora of W (and DC caps). W caps much nicer in my opinion. Am I correct that the DC hats were the original tentative design until the W hats came out?

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