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Swimming with Scully
2005-04-21 09:47
by Jon Weisman

I mean, come on. That's quite a trip.

2005-04-21 09:54:02
1.   gvette
Why the heck couldn't my dad have been a sportswriter?
2005-04-21 10:07:20
2.   Eric Enders
If Jon were trying to drive up traffic from search engines, he would have titled this entry "TOPLESS PHOTOS OF VIN SCULLY INSIDE!"


2005-04-21 10:18:26
3.   Suffering Bruin
The writing about the Dodgers combined with a 12-2 record has made my baseball life very rich. I have never had more fun following my team or this sport.

Terrific article, Jon. Thanks for the link.

2005-04-21 10:21:59
4.   Berkeley Doug
Thanks Jon, it was a wonderful article.

Today in Dodger history:

2000 - In Cincinnati, the Dodger/Reds game is delayed for 27 minutes due to the umpires' equipment being accidentally been shipped to New York. Replacement gear is secured from a downtown store but due to heavy traffic a police escort is needed to get the goods to Cinergy Field.

2005-04-21 10:56:33
5.   Jon Weisman
Nuts, Eric has all the good ideas.
2005-04-21 11:51:01
6.   JSN
Maybe I should wait until the game thread but those are usually busy with game talk. What does everyone think about the Padres honoring Caminiti at tonights game? I have mixed feelings on the subject...
2005-04-21 12:18:02
7.   Eric Enders
JSN, I think it's a terrific idea, actually, for basically the reasons cited by John Moores in this article:

I tend to think that too many people equate drug addiction with immorality, anyway. There are many, many things that go on every day that are more reprehensible, yet are also more accepted.


2005-04-21 12:43:14
8.   Tommy Naccarato
I can't begin to tell you how many dreams I had as a kid of being able to wear a Dodger uniform while on the field with the team.

I wreeked with envy as a kid when seeing others my age get to be bat boys!

What a team, what a history!

Tom, I'm completely envious!

2005-04-21 12:47:43
9.   Landonkk

I didn't get a chance to say hey in the last post. Just wanted to let you know that there is another Die Hard, blue bleeding, Dodger Thoughts reading Dodger fan in Santa Barbara. It's good to know that there was somebody else freaking out last night when Cox Cable cut to the news in the bottom of the 10th.

2005-04-21 12:50:37
10.   Eric Enders
Hey, it's a Tommy N appearance!
2005-04-21 12:54:25
11.   Jim Hitchcock
And I thought I was lucky to have gotten Lefebvre's autograph when he lived in Westchester. Sheesh!
2005-04-21 13:51:19
12.   JSN
Yea Landonkk, I just about died. If it had turned out badly I would have gone nuts.

Thanks for pointing out that article Eric.

I tend to agree with you and the article but I was curious to hear what other people thought.

2005-04-21 13:51:39
13.   Sushirabbit
Yeah, that's great stuff. Also, wanted to mention that today was really my first time to branch out on the toaster... went looking for Garciaparra updates, because I turned on that game at the exact moment that it happened. My son kept saying "What happen Daddy?" never a fun thing explaining pain.

Anyway, they had me at "Does anybody want a peanut".... a quote my wife says for me now.

2005-04-21 13:52:12
14.   Sushirabbit
er... Cub Town is where I went..
2005-04-21 14:05:13
15.   Tommy Naccarato
I know, I know!

Just not enough time these days. And yes, I'm having my crow well done! :)

2005-04-21 15:08:46
16.   Borchard504
Suffering Bruin - Any luck getting TV access lately :)?

Great pic of Vin - No 'big timing' in the man. May the Dodgers buck conventional wisdom tonight and win another on the road.

2005-04-21 15:20:33
17.   bigcpa
Anyone here follow LHP Derek Thompson at AA Jacksonville? Guy is lights out this year...

- 25yrs old
- acq from Cubs, 2002 Rule 5
- missed '03 with elbow surgery
- 3 starts in 2005: 25k, 6bb

K/9 rate
2002- 5.5
2004- 7.6
2005- 13.2

2005-04-21 15:25:52
18.   Bob Timmermann
The photo of Master Lederer leaning over looking at the Dodger Stadium field is rather artful.
2005-04-21 16:21:49
19.   Eric Enders
I believe Derek Thompson was actually acquired from Cleveland, if I'm not mistaken. We were able to keep him in the Rule V draft by hiding him on the major league DL all year, which really should be against the rules, but hey, I'm not complaining. I think he could be a decent replacement for Dessens/Erickson at some point.
2005-04-21 17:11:56
20.   Rich Lederer
Bob - The photo of Tom peering out over the edge of the press box was taken at Busch Stadium (nee Sportsman's Park) while he was on that road trip.
2005-04-21 17:25:40
21.   Jon Weisman
We didn't hide Thompson. He had TJ surgery or something equally serious. It's not like the Dodgers kept him there with a hangnail.
2005-04-21 17:47:37
22.   Eric Enders
Yeah, "hide" was perhaps the wrong verb to use.

But it seems to me that the intended catch regarding the Rule V draft is that if you want to keep the guy, you have to pay the penalty of having a non-major-league-ready player on your ML team all year. And we didn't have to pay that penalty.

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