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April 22 Open Chat: Star Wars, Starring Choibako
2005-04-22 15:40
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

A double play between the Dodgers' first baseman and catcher would cause gum cancer worries: Choi tobako.

Hee Seop Choi gets consecutive starts at first base, batting second. Ricky Ledee bats seventh in left field, and Paul Bako bats eighth at catcher. Bako will catch Jeff Weaver again after being behind the plate for Weaver's shutout Sunday.

Weaver has faced 28 major league teams in his pitching career. The only ones he hasn't faced: the Dodgers and the Rockies.

Shortstop Clint Barmes of Colorado is batting .448 with four home runs and a 1.224 OPS.

* * *

Jim Baker on the Dodgers and Rockies in today's Baseball Prospectus:

How far apart are these teams right now? Consider that the Dodgers are averaging nearly as many runs at home as are the Rockies, despite one of the biggest gaps in park effects of any two teams. The extreme nature of their respective parks has given us predictable results since the Rox came to be in '93. They've outscored the Dodgers at home at a 1.6:1 clip since their inception, the high-water mark coming in 1996 when they scored more than twice as many runs in Coors Field as Los Angeles did at Dodger Stadium. This year? The Rox hold just a 10% edge in run-scoring at home vs. the Dodgers' tally.

* * *

The Chicago White Sox, playing at Kansas City tonight, are one-half game behind the Dodgers for baseball's best record. Anyone giving the Sox their 15 minutes of fame?

Comments (131)
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2005-04-22 16:43:26
1.   the OZ
It's good that Ledee is getting the start in left field - we don't want to ask too much of a Wookie like Wepko this early in the season...
2005-04-22 16:48:20
2.   Langhorne
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Moment

After starting the season 10-0 the Dodgers lost their first game of the season on this day in 1955. They lost to the Giants 5-4 at Ebbets Field. The tying run failed to score on a suicide squeeze when Don Zimmer was thrown out at the plate.

2005-04-22 16:53:50
3.   adg
Weaver has not faced the newly named Nationals either, but that's nit-picking anyway.
2005-04-22 16:55:20
4.   Bob Timmermann
The Gameday app says it's 44 degrees tonight in Denver.

I wouldn't want to be facing a big league pitcher throwing a pitch in on my fists in that weather.

2005-04-22 17:05:17
5.   Sam DC
Choi tobako -- that's pretty good.

On the "spending too much time looking at this blog" front, I culled the boks mentioned/recommended in last night's thread. Here's the list if you're interested . . .

Baseball books recommended or mentioned by Dodger Thoughts readers (April 21, 2005)
note -- some of these were liked, some less so, search the April 21 game thread for more info.

Voices of the Game
Boys of Summer
I Never Had it Made
Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy
Baseball Before We Knew It
National Pastime: How Americans Play Baseball and the Rest of the World Plays Soccer
Game Time
The Last Great Season
Rampersand's Jackie Robinson: A Biography
A Whole Different Ball Game
Stolen Season
Willie's Time (warning Giants-related)
Nice Guys Finish Last
Nine Innings
The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract
The Great American Novel
The Natural
True Blue
The Glory of Their Times
My 30 Years in Dodger Blue
Prophet of the Sandlots (spoiler alert -- if you read the thread on this there's a surprise ending giveaway)

2005-04-22 17:14:28
6.   Flax
Let's hope the boys in blue can right the ship tonight. I'm hating this slump.

RE: 5. Is Moneyball a must? Good stuff?

2005-04-22 17:17:14
7.   Blue in SF
Cement wall enemy no. 1 Mr. Kevin Brown is getting shelled again in NY.

Why does this make me so happy?

On the other hand, the hot hitting and prospects of one Victor Diaz make me very unhappy....

2005-04-22 17:24:44
8.   chumsferd
Moneyball is a must. If only to have an informed opinion on the whole Moneyball thing. Half the people argue all day about it yet have never read the book.

I also highly recommend:

Men At Work by George Will

I think this may be the best baseball book I've ever read.

I'd also recommend

The Numbers Game by Alan schwartz

It's about the evolution of stats in baseball. very interesting stuff.

2005-04-22 17:28:04
9.   Eric Enders
There's a somewhat obscure book called "Invincible Summer" by Dave D'Antonio that I'd recommend.

And of course, every self-respecting baseball fan should read "The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading, and Bubble Gum Book."

2005-04-22 17:29:42
10.   Eric L
More book recommendations:

The Lords of the Realm
Veeck as in Wreck

2005-04-22 17:34:20
11.   Sam DC
I seem to recall that some crank wrote a slow-roller called Ballparks: Then and Now. Hard to tell what it's about, though.
2005-04-22 17:35:09
12.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
No Vin on the Digital Cable Extra Innings feed (I'm in CT)--I have to be content with the Colorado broadcasting crew.


2005-04-22 17:37:29
13.   Flax
Thanks for the book recs, Eric, Eric and chumsferd. I'm not really a stats person, more a human interest person, or front office/clubhouse politics person, or current state of the game person. Really, I just love good writing. (I know it's hard to tell from this post, but I make my living as a freelance writer and journalist.)

Having said all that, it seems Moneyball would be right up my alley. Plus, as a longtime Dodger fan and already a HUGE fan, who wouldn't be, of the "new" Dodgers, I should really read Moneyball for DePo backstory.

Now, on with the game!

2005-04-22 17:43:29
14.   Eric L
Flax -

If you are into the front office type of stuff, both of the books I recommended would be up your alley.

In different ways, both of the books show the politics involved with the owners throughout the years. "The Lords" is more in depth and has quite a bit to do with labor relations.

"Veeck" is more about Bill Veeck (obviously) and it shows some of the crap he had to deal with because he was a bit of a rebel.

2005-04-22 17:44:14
15.   Sam DC
Flax -- Haven't read it, but Lord of the Sandlot was discussed in yesterday's thread, and sounds like a great read. It's about an old time Phillies -- I think -- scout
2005-04-22 17:44:43
16.   Linkmeister
I looked up "You Know Me, Al" by Ring Lardner and found a few more besides that one:

# Bang the Drum Slowly by Mark Harris (which I've read)
# The Celebrant by Eric Rolfe Greenberg (I know nothing)
# The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings by William Brashler (I've read this)

For juveniles, the John R Tunis books are very good ("The Kid from Tompkinsville", etc.)

2005-04-22 17:45:33
17.   bigcpa
Add to that book list "The Lords of the Realm" John Helyar (co-author of "Barbarians at the Gate")... great read.
2005-04-22 17:56:09
18.   LetsGoDodgers
RE: #5

Sam, you might also want to read "Shoeless Joe" by W.P. Kinsella. He wrote other fictional baseball books, but this one was his best IMO.

2005-04-22 17:57:38
19.   LetsGoDodgers
I can't wait to see the defensive gem that Bradley's going to turn in tonight. It was truly disappointing to see his best efforts go for naught last night.
2005-04-22 17:59:45
20.   Linkmeister
Oh, for heaven's sake. Kinsella's book reminded me of "Eight Men Out," about the Black Sox. I think the author is Asinov, which I always want to confuse with Asimov. About the only subject Isaac Asimov never wrote about was sports.
2005-04-22 18:04:48
21.   Eric L
I don't know how "Field of Dreams" was anything like "Eight Men Out", except for having Shoeless Joe and other Black Sox in the book.
2005-04-22 18:06:12
22.   Linkmeister
See #18.
2005-04-22 18:07:10
23.   Eric L
Yeah, "Shoeless Joe" is what "Field of Dreams" was based on.
2005-04-22 18:08:23
24.   DL04
Here's another vote for "The Numbers Game." Great book about the history of statistics.
2005-04-22 18:08:31
25.   Sam DC
so -- was there a play at the plate on that (dratted) run?
2005-04-22 18:10:53
26.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-04-22 18:13:32
27.   Strike4
Shockingly not mentioned so far... "Ball Four." Also my nickname inspiration. Who knows how accurate it was, but reads as a great take on inside the ballplayer' mind.
2005-04-22 18:15:29
28.   Albert in Hong Kong
I liked "True Blue." But that's probably because I'm a young fan; im sure most you guys know everything that is mentioned in that book.
2005-04-22 18:17:04
29.   Albert in Hong Kong
wow, Choi got a hit!
2005-04-22 18:17:35
30.   Albert in Hong Kong
still doenst justify having him AND Bako starting in the same game
2005-04-22 18:18:19
31.   Dr Love
I liked "True Blue." But that's probably because I'm a young fan; im sure most you guys know everything that is mentioned in that book.

Agreed. I mentioned this book yesterday... lots of good quotes. You're right in that it's probably better for a younger fan, but I'd venture that there is a good deal of info in there that older fans would be interested in.

2005-04-22 18:18:40
32.   tibbar
Wow Choi and Drew get back to back hits!
2005-04-22 18:19:21
33.   tibbar
Wow Choi and Drew get back to back hits!
2005-04-22 18:19:55
34.   Albert in Hong Kong
If Valentin fielded for the other team, we would be leading.
2005-04-22 18:19:56
35.   tibbar
sorry for the repeat post.
2005-04-22 18:20:27
36.   Dr Love
still doenst justify having him AND Bako starting in the same game

If Weaver pitches better with Bako behind the plate, then by all means let's have Bako be his personal catcher.

2005-04-22 18:20:47
37.   Eric L
Of course, Relaford can't hit, so it's a moot point...
2005-04-22 18:24:05
38.   Albert in Hong Kong
so much for the 'Weaver pitching better with Bako behind the plate' theory

but it is coors field. anything can happen there

2005-04-22 18:24:26
39.   tibbar
This is getting ugly early.
2005-04-22 18:24:40
40.   Formerly R
I'm reading "Numbers Game" now. Good stuff. It's surprising to find out how statistically advanced Branch Rickey was back in the 40s.

Unrelated note: who wants to keep track of how many times Vin references the fact that the Dodgers got into Denver at 4:00 this morning? Just watching intermittently since the start of the game, I've counted three versions of this story.

Oops, four, he just mentioned it again on the heels of Hawpe's home run.

2005-04-22 18:24:49
41.   Jim Hitchcock
Looks like we have some work ahead of us...
2005-04-22 18:25:29
42.   Dr Love
Desi Relaford? Ouch. I remember when he was with the Phils and they cut him before he could set the record for errors.
2005-04-22 18:25:47
43.   Albert in Hong Kong
weaver's game log for ERs allowed:


2005-04-22 18:26:28
44.   tibbar
I wish I could hear Vin. Got to love trying to watch in Japan.
2005-04-22 18:26:57
45.   Albert in Hong Kong
that was almost an inside-the-park. not good
2005-04-22 18:27:22
46.   Dr Love
I see The Dude From Puddle of Mudd, aka Bad Jeff Weaver is pitching. Let's hope this isn't an every other game thing.
2005-04-22 18:27:50
47.   Albert in Hong Kong
yea, has colorado feeds, commentators complained about Weaver walking across the field too slowly when Jennings was already ready.
2005-04-22 18:28:25
48.   Dr Love
*weaver's game log for ERs allowed:


I should have read that before I posted.

2005-04-22 18:29:55
49.   Albert in Hong Kong
it's the new trend for Weaver 2005

look for another shutout from Weaver when the Rockies come into town next weekend

2005-04-22 18:31:16
50.   Dr Love
The Chicago White Sox, playing at Kansas City tonight, are one-half game behind the Dodgers for baseball's best record. Anyone giving the Sox their 15 minutes of fame?

The media tried but Ozzie Guillen cursed them out for it.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-22 18:33:28
51.   Albert in Hong Kong
That last swing by Valentin was as slow as Choi's.
2005-04-22 18:33:35
52.   Dr Love
These Rockies announcers clearly don't pay much attention to other teams. First they say the Dodgers will change their defense after this game and the last, and now they say that the Indians signed Aaron Boone in the offseason.
2005-04-22 18:33:57
53.   tibbar
Does Jennings seem to have the Dodgers off balance?
2005-04-22 18:36:15
54.   Sam DC
C'mon Weaves, after walking Jennings don't you sort of owe him one?
2005-04-22 18:37:53
55.   Albert in Hong Kong
Man, if you guys watched that, Weaver was walking and didn't even drop the bat on the way to 1st. Man.
2005-04-22 18:38:57
56.   jff123
I'm a completely ADD reader these days and am still finding "Moneyball" fascinating. The author is very good writer and the book really draws you in. It is out in paperback now. Another interesting book on baseball statistics is "The Numbers Game" by Alan Schwarz.

My husband, who is coaching my son's LL team is enjoying "The Dodger Way to Play Baseball" by Al Campanis. I think that I bought it at Dodger Stadium ages ago (before the incident with Campanis) because I liked the cartoon on the front.

2005-04-22 18:39:09
57.   Eric L
Is there something wrong with that Albert?
2005-04-22 18:41:48
58.   Jim Hitchcock
Hah! The game turns around, now.
2005-04-22 18:42:50
59.   Langhorne
Nice gun, Bako.
2005-04-22 18:43:47
60.   Dr Love
I'm a completely ADD reader these days and am still finding "Moneyball" fascinating. The author is very good writer and the book really draws you in. It is out in paperback now.

The paperback edition is great, because Lewis fires back at the people who trashed the book. He called sportswriters the "Women's Auxillery" to the Good Ol Boys club, openly trashed Tracy Ringolsby, Richard Griffith, Joe Morgan and others. It's great. And it's not venemous, it's very well written. If you own the hardcover, next time you're in a bookstore read the addition.

2005-04-22 18:45:09
61.   Borchard504
Agree about those CR announcers. It is barely worth paying for MLBTV if I can't listen to Vin and the rest of the guys. Deliberating that point...
2005-04-22 18:45:57
62.   Sam DC
Victor Diaz 0-2 with a walk against the Nationals tonight. Glavine 2-hit them through 7, Mets now up 3-1 in the bottom of the eighth.
2005-04-22 18:46:15
63.   Albert in Hong Kong
hmm. can we still catch up?
2005-04-22 18:47:45
64.   Albert in Hong Kong
i just thought that weaver was showing signs that he's already given up on his efforts this game.
2005-04-22 18:50:23
65.   Eric L
I understand what you are saying Albert. Most players don't run out a comeback like that to the pitcher, especially pitchers. The chances of an error are pretty small
2005-04-22 18:50:25
66.   Dr Love
2005-04-22 18:50:35
67.   regfairfield
Pitchers should focus on pitching, not focusing on the one in ten thousand chance they might botch a routine play.
2005-04-22 18:50:51
68.   Langhorne
Am I saying it isn't over until the other team gets 27 outs? That's exactly what I'm saying.
2005-04-22 18:52:19
69.   Albert in Hong Kong
one week with two come-from-behind wins when they were down 0-6. possible, improbable.
2005-04-22 18:54:01
70.   jff123
"The paperback edition is great, because Lewis fires back at the people who trashed the book." (don't have time to figure out that fancy bold quote stuff yet).

I must admit that I was prejudiced against it until I started reading it. Now I'm fascinated.

Haven't given up on this game yet....but why didn't Weaver fly in early?

2005-04-22 18:55:28
71.   Albert in Hong Kong
thanks Choi Hee Seop. we actually thought something was going here.
2005-04-22 19:00:33
72.   Bob Timmermann
This looks like one of those games where the grounds crew is going to have to drag the warning track between innings.
2005-04-22 19:01:28
73.   Vishal
if any other dodger had hit into a double play, i bet we would've been spared the sarcastic comment. even ichiro hits into them. tonight was the first one choi has hit into all year. you must have a serious axe to grind, albert.
2005-04-22 19:03:30
74.   Dr Love
How do you wait until it's 7-0 to pull your starter? Tracy is cashing in some chips tonight.
2005-04-22 19:05:14
75.   Eric L
If it were anywhere but Colorado, I can understand where you are coming from. The bullpen is probably gonna get chewed up this weekend. I think that Tracy was gonna push Weaver as far as possible, without regard for the score.
2005-04-22 19:06:16
76.   Jim Hitchcock
The Tale of Two Weavers...
2005-04-22 19:06:58
77.   Albert in Hong Kong
maybe i've spent too much time at dodgerblues. i'll refrain from criticizing every small problem now.
2005-04-22 19:07:15
78.   Dr Love
Coors Field or no Coors Field, you can't let the runs pile up like that. Weaver was getting hammered, at some point you have to pull the plug and give your team a chance to come back. 7-0 is past that point.
2005-04-22 19:07:35
79.   DXMachina
Weavers game scores this season:
73, 6, 83, 7.
2005-04-22 19:10:25
80.   jff123
has anybody heard Vinny comment on the broken bats this year?
2005-04-22 19:10:42
81.   DXMachina
You can't criticize Choi for hitting into a double play. You can criticize him for looking a grand total of 4 pitches in three at bats, especially when he's batting in the two hole because he's supposed to be a patient hitter.
2005-04-22 19:13:02
82.   Vishal
...and the rockie hit parade just continues on unabated.
2005-04-22 19:13:33
83.   Tommy Naccarato
What a disaster.

Well, there's always tomorrow!

2005-04-22 19:16:18
84.   DXMachina
Oops. Spoke too soon. Weaver's game score for tonight's game is actually 3, not 7. I forgot he was still responsible for a runner.
2005-04-22 19:17:41
85.   Albert in Hong Kong
15 hits for the Rockies in 5 innings. 8 hits for the Dodgers in 6 isnt bad, and 7/9 of starters all have hits. Just a lot of RISP opps lost.

What's the temperature in Coors?

2005-04-22 19:19:19
86.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it was in the mid 40s when the game started.

It may be too cold for Penny to start Sunday.

Regression to the mean stinks!

2005-04-22 19:19:49
87.   Steve
I can't watch (blacked out in the heart of baseball territory -- Provo, Utah), but this strikes me as the result of a team that is on the last legs of a fairly hardcore road trip -- two two-game series (particularly from Mil. to SD) then a three game after you get to town at 4 AM is going to tax you. Eight hits, but all singles? That has to be fatigue. Tracy left Weaver in too long (as usual), but now that this game's over, I'd make Carlyle pitch until his arm fell off.
2005-04-22 19:19:53
88.   DXMachina
Four batters, eight pitches that inning. The Dodgers have eight hits and two walks, and Jennings has still only thrown 78 pitches so far.
2005-04-22 19:21:12
89.   Steve
Or have Grabowski pitch two innings.
2005-04-22 19:25:54
90.   brendan glynn
I just hope they get up off the mat and score a few runs. Gain some momentum for tomorrow.

I guess you could see this result coming. Dodgers hot, Jennings due to win, travel schedule etc.

2005-04-22 19:29:12
91.   the OZ
Scholl's still young, throws sidearm, and gets a lot of ground balls. It's very early in his career to think this way, but I'm curious to see what people think about stretching him out into becoming a starter in the future?

Submariners are generally considered to put less stress on their arm while pitching, right? Is the same true for sidearmers?

2005-04-22 19:29:50
92.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 90

I'd also be happy if the Dodgers score a few runs for some momentum to carry into tomorrow. The Rockies were due to catch a few breaks, while we were due to have a few go against us--throw in the fact that this is the tail-end of the road trip and the fact that the Rox play much better at home and here we stand down 9 zip.

With the way the weather is turning out, it looks we really will get Houlton as the starter on Sunday.


2005-04-22 19:31:10
93.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Arghhh--not a good AB for Choi. At least he stayed out of the DP.
2005-04-22 19:33:17
94.   Jim Hitchcock
Was thinking the same thing, OZ. Hate watching sidearmers, but Schmoll has had consistently good command.
2005-04-22 19:33:33
95.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona leads San Diego 3-0 in the 3rd at the BOB.
The Brewers lead the Giants 2-0 in the 2nd on a HR from Spivey.
2005-04-22 19:34:04
96.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
It looks like the ChSox will soon have the best record in the bigs. ....
2005-04-22 19:35:13
97.   brendan glynn
am DC

I did mention Jim Bouton's "Ball Four" in yesterday's comment. I think that book is a great read for the inside look at that era of baseball. Before the players became "out of touch with the common man" or filthy rich. The first book to break the code of silence of what when on during a mlb season. Seems quaint now but it was earth shattering when it was released.

My pet peeve is the dodgers having a Triple A squad in Vegas or Albuquerque(which I have posted many times). Makes no sense to have such a disparity when you could put a team anywhere.

2005-04-22 19:35:26
98.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
If you go to the homepage, there's an article about Bonds showing up with crutches. It sounds like he's had a setback, although the Giants are mum about what exactly happenned. Barry supposedly will issue a statement tomorrow.


2005-04-22 19:38:46
99.   Jim Hitchcock
Bonds made a statement forbidding anyone but him commenting on his status.
2005-04-22 19:38:54
100.   Midwest Blue
Valentin shifted to his normal position now. How many combinations can Tracy come up with?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-22 19:41:00
101.   Bob Timmermann
This was on about Dessens:

Pitcher Elmer Dessens has been diagnosed with a Bennett's lesion, a mineralization of the glenoid labral cavity in the lower back of the shoulder.

I hate when that happens to me.

2005-04-22 19:41:25
102.   Dr Love
Finally, a run.
2005-04-22 19:41:53
103.   Midwest Blue
Woo-hoo! No shut out today!!
2005-04-22 19:42:36
104.   Albert in Hong Kong
Nicely done. I'm at least glad we won't lose this game without scoring a run off Jennings.
2005-04-22 19:42:47
105.   DXMachina
"Pitcher Elmer Dessens has been diagnosed with a Bennett's lesion, a mineralization of the glenoid labral cavity in the lower back of the shoulder."

The who with the what now?

2005-04-22 19:44:13
106.   Jim Hitchcock
Re # 101: Reminds me of the Joe Walsh song, `Turn To Stone'.
2005-04-22 19:46:42
107.   Bob Timmermann
I think I pieced Elmer's injury together from some medical dictionaries online.

He's got a lesion (aka injury), which is a mineral buildup (like calcium) in a part of his shoulder. So he didn't tear anything (like a rotator cuff or labrum). He's just got an owie.

2005-04-22 19:46:50
108.   Midwest Blue
Who's going to pitch now, Wunch or Carrara?
2005-04-22 19:47:53
109.   Dr Love
Re # 101: Reminds me of the Joe Walsh song, `Turn To Stone'.

This game is reminding me of "Rocky Mountain Way" for all the wrong reasons.

2005-04-22 19:50:06
110.   Jim Hitchcock
Miles goes miles before he sleeps.
2005-04-22 19:53:57
111.   Midwest Blue
As long as Tracy is giving selected guys some rest, how about putting Saenz at first and shifting Choi to second to give Kent a rest. Lousy move defensively, but it sure would be entertaining!
2005-04-22 19:54:57
112.   Midwest Blue
Oh well, I guess it's too late for that idea.
2005-04-22 19:56:55
113.   Dr Love
As long as Tracy is giving selected guys some rest, how about putting Saenz at first and shifting Choi to second to give Kent a rest. Lousy move defensively, but it sure would be entertaining!

Repko played SS when he was younger, let's have a Repko/Choi middle IF.

2005-04-22 19:57:09
114.   GoBears
The amazing thing about this game is that it has featured 10 runs and 26 hits, but it's going to end in 2 hours! Or did I screw up the math? It started at 6pm PDT, right? Oh wait, 5:30. OK, 2.5 hours. Still, that's pretty fast. 3 DPs, only one mid-inning pitching change, and fast ABs.
2005-04-22 19:57:45
115.   Midwest Blue
I can't believe Jennings is going to get a complete game win.
2005-04-22 19:59:33
116.   Midwest Blue
Only 115 posts tonight. I think the trip is getting to all of us.
2005-04-22 19:59:53
117.   Jim Hitchcock
It's on account of the thinner air allowing the balls to move faster, GoBears :)
2005-04-22 20:00:12
118.   Dr Love
Two in a row, Plaschke's gonna have a field day. Since it's the weekend and he won't be making 183 TV appearances he'll have the time.
2005-04-22 20:01:12
119.   Dr Love
Only 115 posts tonight. I think the trip is getting to all of us.

Well, it is Friday.

2005-04-22 20:01:14
120.   joekings
Like Vin said, you can give the win tonight to the schedule maker.
2005-04-22 20:06:06
121.   Albert in Hong Kong
Hats off to a great pitching performance by Jennings.

Plaschke's definitely gonna have some crude comments about this game.

2005-04-22 20:14:20
122.   Bob Timmermann
Why I go from Milwaukee to San Diego to Denver all the time?
2005-04-22 21:41:36
123.   DodgerJoe
Vin Scully is do you make a team go from MIL to SD to CO. The worst thing about it is that there was no day game in SD.

Now they are saying Penny might not start on Sunday with the weather in CO. Might there be a little too much pressure on him starting at home on Monday night?

2005-04-22 22:34:38
124.   DougS
Of course, Vin also said later that fatigue is no excuse when you're a professional, but both statements are right in their own way. Weaver got his pitches up, and that's what happens when a pitcher is tired (of course, he got his pitches up in the home opener, too, and he shouldn't have been tired then). And the hitters weren't going as deep in the count as is their habit. Some of that is Jennings' doing, no doubt, and some of it could be the umpiring, but they just seemed less focused tonight.
2005-04-22 22:43:53
125.   Strike4
Not used to hearing Vin harp on an excuse so much. This trip schedule wasn't exactly a secret. If it was such a big deal, why wasn't Weaver sent to Denver early to rest up? He can't be the only pinch runner on the team.
2005-04-23 00:03:27
126.   Identity Crisis
If anyone wants to listen....Billingsley will be pitching tomorrow at 4pm pacific. You can listen to the game on (the link is on the right side of the page)
2005-04-23 00:25:40
127.   Vishal
i never heard the explanation for why penny can't pitch in cold weather. anyone care to tell me what the deal is?
2005-04-23 10:27:20
128.   Tommy Naccarato
The schedule seems like a bizarre one this year. When was the last time when played two successive two game series? (Why do I know someone is going to say it happened just last year? I don't remember it.)
2005-04-23 10:47:20
129.   fanerman91
Tommy - It was just last year.

Just kidding. I have no idea but I do find it strange as well.

2005-04-23 11:24:32
130.   Bob Timmermann
In the past the two game series would appear around the All-Star break.

There's always one NL Central team that the Dodgers play with 4 games in one city and 2 in the other.

And after Sunday the Dodgers go right back home for three with Arizona and then get a day off at home Thursday before the Rox and Nats come in.

2005-04-23 12:50:16
131.   gubaru
MLB switched scheduling companies for this season and the new company has apparently decided to secure next year's contract by drawing up the worst schedule I can remember. There were some problems with last year's schedule but all these two-game series are much worse, IMO.

Here's the article about the change.

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