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April 23 Open Chat: When We Last Left Shawn Chacon ...
2005-04-23 14:35
by Jon Weisman

... he was making magical moments.

Now, Chacon is back in the starting rotation, where many people think he belongs.

Tonight's Game

* * *

Quite a pitchers' duel in St. Louis today: Mark Mulder, with a 101-pitch, 10-inning, 2:42 shutout, beats Roger Clemens, who got a no decision despite lowering his ERA to 0.32 on the season.

Meanwhile, Chan Ho Park throws 122 pitches in 6 2/3 innings, allowing three hits, walking five and striking out six, and lassos the Yankees in a 10-2 Texas Ranger romp. Woodrow Call would have been proudd.

Comments (133)
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2005-04-23 14:56:55
1.   Bob Timmermann
Low 60s right now in Denver, but the temp will drop.

Tomorrow's HIGH is supposed to be 50 with showers. So I think Sunday will be the D.J. Houlton Show.

2005-04-23 15:37:25
2.   dzzrtRatt
Augh. That 9/28/04 line score reminds of how close LA came to blowing the division last fall. But for a few crappy relievers.... If there was ever a division winner in need of a makeover, it was the 2004 Dodgers.
2005-04-23 15:43:10
3.   Bob Timmermann
That was not Milton Bradley's favorite game.
2005-04-23 16:11:05
4.   bigcpa
*Last chance- Act now!*

Thanks to some free pub from Rob over at 6-4-2, I've extended the window to order TEAM DEPO shirts. Can we get to 50?

2005-04-23 16:25:32
5.   joekings
I'd like to order a team depo t-shirt one but I can't see the picture of the shirt when I got to that URL.
2005-04-23 16:26:30
6.   Marty
Just ordered one Big. Thanks
2005-04-23 16:28:34
7.   joekings
Ok I see it now, didn't show up in Firefox, had to view it through I.E.
2005-04-23 16:30:15
8.   Bob Timmermann
The Opening Day lineup gets another go at it:
Perez (except it was Lowe on Opening Day)

And for the Rox

2005-04-23 16:31:23
9.   bigcpa
That's odd- it's just a plain ol' jpg.
2005-04-23 16:35:47
10.   Marty
I couldn't see it in my firefox browser either. It shows up as a broken link. But I'd seen it earlier on my work computer.
2005-04-23 16:44:14
11.   Eric Enders

Dodger announcers are fond of saying that Steve Schmoll didn't pick up pitching until he reached the University of Maryland. However, in his senior season at Magruder High School in Rockville, Maryland, Schmoll batted .397 as a catcher and posted a 0.68 ERA as his team's closer. Despite these statistics, Schmoll did not receive an invitation of any kind to play college baseball, not even junior college or walk-on offers.

2005-04-23 16:47:46
12.   Bob Timmermann
When I flipped past ESPN2, they had a montage of NY Jets fans who would go to the NFL Draft and openly weep over whom their team selected.

Can you picture even the most hardcore baseball fan doing that? We might all discuss whom the Dodgers draft, but would we ever listen in to the MLB draft and act that way?

2005-04-23 16:54:27
13.   Marty
Hey, nobody in the starting lineup under the Mendoza line, nice. Barnes and Miles on the Rocks are ripping the ball too. Who are those guys, I'd never heard of them. Not that I pay much attention to Colorado.
2005-04-23 16:56:12
14.   Bob Timmermann
Bar*m*es, not Barnes. And it's two syllables.

Barmes is considered one of Colorado's better young players.

2005-04-23 16:57:38
15.   Jae
I'm looking foward to Shawn Chacon... The most exciting man in baseball.
2005-04-23 16:58:12
16.   Marty
These 49 year old eyes have trouble telling an "n" from an "m"...thankee :-)
2005-04-23 17:03:39
17.   Ryan Jerz
Big CPA,

You have a backward slash I think in the link to that image. If you control-click, or right-click for PC people, you can copy the link, make the slashes appear correctly, and firefox will show the image.

2005-04-23 17:04:35
18.   Albert in Hong Kong
you can see the picture of the 'team depo' tee on internet explorer, doesnt work on firefox. it's a pretty cool shirt too

game is under way soon, let's go dodgers

2005-04-23 17:07:48
19.   Flax
This Dodger diehard's thought for the day is: Hurry back, Werth.

Does anyone else feel the same way? I know we all are hotly anticipating seeing Eric Gagne return to the ninth inning, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Werth again in the second slot.

The thought of this day-to-day lineup: Izturis, Werth, Drew, Kent, Bradley, Valentin, Choi (? - Is this the Choi-related result of Werth's return?), Phillips instills a lot of confidence.

Does anyone know the current status of Werth?

Now on with the game!

2005-04-23 17:10:38
20.   Albert in Hong Kong
It looks pretty warm. What's the temp., and chances of Penny tomororw?
2005-04-23 17:12:41
21.   Bob Timmermann
See Comment #1 about the weather.
2005-04-23 17:14:48
22.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-04-23 17:15:17
23.   Dr Love
Way to backup Choi.
2005-04-23 17:15:43
24.   Jim Hitchcock
Double Whoops.
2005-04-23 17:15:48
25.   Dr Love
OMG. The Women's Auxillary is going to have a field day with this. No pun intended.
2005-04-23 17:16:03
26.   Albert in Hong Kong
Whoops #2
2005-04-23 17:16:06
27.   GoBears
Last night's game took less than 2.5 hours, despite 10 runs and 26 hits. Just watching Perez on this first batter, we can already tell that this game will take longer - unless Perez exits early.

Jeez, 2 in a row that Odalis hasn't covered 1st! Get your fat butt over there!

2005-04-23 17:18:41
28.   Flax
In play, run-scoring play.





2005-04-23 17:19:17
29.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-04-23 17:19:22
30.   GoBears
3-0, no outs. Wait, weren't we looking FORWARD to facing this team?!
2005-04-23 17:20:26
31.   GoBears
Hey, the sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up!
2005-04-23 17:20:27
32.   Woody
Tonight - bottom of first - Choi and Perez.
Larry and Curly or Moe and Curly or Moe and Larry?
2005-04-23 17:20:44
33.   Flax
The Rockies are unstoppable.
2005-04-23 17:20:59
Great catch by Bradley, made it look easy, everyone else looks lackadasical. A fine line.
2005-04-23 17:21:41
35.   Jim Hitchcock
If Odalis is Moe, he needs to slap himself.
2005-04-23 17:23:53
36.   Albert in Hong Kong
Good catch by Drew too. We're lucky the score isnt something like 0-6 with 0 outs.
2005-04-23 17:23:55
37.   the OZ
Well, two outs, both at the warning track. Great.

I think we'll need about 11 runs to win.

2005-04-23 17:24:02
38.   DL04
Man, I hate this ballpark.
2005-04-23 17:24:18
39.   GoBears
You know, Choi did boot that first ball, but it wouldn't have mattered, because Odalis didn't cover the bag, and Choi was way too far from the bag to get there ahead of the runner. On the bunt, Choi got it cleanly, but again, Odalis was late.
2005-04-23 17:25:11
40.   Steve
Dear Major League Baseball:

I'm sorry for all the bad things I said about you. Thank you for blacking me out this weekend.



2005-04-23 17:25:53
41.   Albert in Hong Kong
Three loooonnng flyballs to end the inning. How long will Odalis last this game?
2005-04-23 17:27:21
42.   DL04
Four run, four hits, three warning-track outs, and one error (shoulda been two).

God bless Coors.

2005-04-23 17:28:07
43.   Jim Hitchcock
Dusty has oxygen in the dugout. Apparently Tracy has nitrous.
2005-04-23 17:28:17
44.   Albert in Hong Kong
"I think Odalis could use some oxygen, maybe mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."
2005-04-23 17:28:24
45.   Flax
This ballpark hurts my feelings.
2005-04-23 17:28:32
46.   Fearing Blue
RE: #38
I agree. Our breaking ball pitchers do not do well at altitude.
2005-04-23 17:33:09
47.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-04-23 17:33:28
48.   GoBears
That's GOTTA hurt.
2005-04-23 17:35:36
49.   Jim Hitchcock
And the Rockies catcher was just administered helium.
2005-04-23 17:36:46
50.   bigcpa
OK Firefox people- try this:

You say front slash, I back slash...

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-23 17:39:16
51.   the OZ
Oh, Vin -

After Barmes' double in the 2nd:

"I don't know what Odalis is throwing, but the Rockies do and they're all over it,"

2005-04-23 17:39:21
52.   Marty
They may need the mercy rule tonight.
2005-04-23 17:41:01
53.   Albert in Hong Kong
The end.
2005-04-23 17:41:49
Next time we play here, we might think of starting the sinkerball pitchers.
2005-04-23 17:42:06
55.   DL04
Odalis is throwing BP tonight. And likely no Penny tomorrow, according to Vin.

This has all the makings of a crappy weekend.

2005-04-23 17:42:18
56.   Marty
Odalis threw his hands up like he did late last year. I wonder if they'll leave him in to eat up innings no matter the score.
2005-04-23 17:43:07
57.   Marty
Weaver is a sinkerballer and it didn't do him much good.
2005-04-23 17:43:33
58.   Linkmeister
I'm stuck watching Braves-Phillies. It's very hard to remember not to hate the Braves, since they're no longer in the same division as the Dodgers.

Odalis doesn't seem to have it tonight, judging from the comments.

2005-04-23 17:43:59
59.   Jim Hitchcock
The Rockies are fortunate it's gonna be a rainout tomorrow :)
2005-04-23 17:46:07
60.   Marty
The way things are going, I look for Odalis to try to steal here.
2005-04-23 17:46:52
61.   Midwest Blue
If Dodgers don't score at leat three runs in the next two innings, I say let Odalis go 115 pitches no matter what.
2005-04-23 17:48:59
62.   Tommy Naccarato
I got in a bit late and for the second day in a row, I'm gifted with being shocked with the score.

I want to go find a rock to hide under!

Way to Choi!

2005-04-23 17:50:30
63.   Marty
So Midwest, you're saying let him go 4 innings? :)
2005-04-23 17:54:05
64.   Albert in Hong Kong

let's do this little by little

2005-04-23 17:54:24
65.   Jim Hitchcock
Okay, okay...I'm willing to do the wave, if it would help.
2005-04-23 17:54:50
66.   GoBears
Geez, I hate Coors Field games. Makes Nomo's no-hitter several years ago that much more amazing. It's like freakin' pinball out there.
2005-04-23 17:57:35
67.   Tommy Naccarato
I think the Dodgers are going to get back into this game. I really do.
2005-04-23 17:59:13
68.   Tommy Naccarato
Go Bears,
And that Nomo No-No was against a lot more talent-stacked team.
2005-04-23 18:03:22
69.   GoBears
FC 5-6-5 - just like they drew it up.
2005-04-23 18:06:46
70.   Art H Tracy
HOORAY!!! - After 3 we're ahead on the pitch count!!!
2005-04-23 18:07:45
71.   GoBears
Thanks for the free out, Rox. Why would anyone EVER sacrifice in Coors Field? Even if it is the pitcher? And especially the way Perez is pitching...
2005-04-23 18:12:38
72.   GoBears
and now we sacrifice. I think Vinnie is wrong about this. Why ever give away an out here? Unless it's the 9th and you're tied?
2005-04-23 18:13:16
73.   Art H Tracy
We're playin' for 1!
2005-04-23 18:18:57
74.   Midwest Blue
51 pitches to start the 5th. I think Perez has at least two more innings in him.

BTW: Forgot to mention that Rockies announcers showed their intelligence a couple of innings ago by guessing that Chan Ho Park was from East LA. Orale Choi.

2005-04-23 18:19:51
75.   GoBears
Nice play by Choi, on both ends. More than makes up for the 1st inning (because, again, I think those were Perez's fault).
2005-04-23 18:22:12
76.   the OZ
Two scoreless innings now. Are the Rockies' arms just tired from all the hitting, or were Odalis' early troubles from a lack of focus or concentration?
2005-04-23 18:38:48
Epitome of why the Dodgers are good this year: professional hitting.
2005-04-23 18:39:08
78.   GoBears
Nice recovery by Ledee. Took two bad swings, then stuck with it and got a bloop single.
2005-04-23 18:39:30
79.   Tommy Naccarato
I predict Phillips will pull it out of the park 7-7 Dodger vs. Rockies.
2005-04-23 18:40:16
80.   GoBears
If Phillips gets on, we GOTTA hit for Odalis, right?
2005-04-23 18:40:47
81.   GoBears
Uh, apparently not.
2005-04-23 18:41:14
why are we not pinch hitting here?
2005-04-23 18:41:29
83.   Tommy Naccarato
O.K. then, would you believe Odlais pulling it out of the park??? :)
2005-04-23 18:42:30
84.   GoBears
He whacked it - but at someone. I guess a PH couldn't have been expected to do much more than that.
2005-04-23 18:42:31
2005-04-23 18:42:40
86.   the OZ
Odalis had better pitch two more scoreless innings...
2005-04-23 18:43:11
87.   Tommy Naccarato
O.K. then would you believe Brook Shields pitching a Nissan?
2005-04-23 18:44:31
88.   Steve
I think that just cancelled Fire Jim Tracy's name change. In fact, I'm sure it did.
2005-04-23 18:49:23
89.   Jim Hitchcock
Seeing as how she's under contract to Ford, I rather doubt it, Tommy.
2005-04-23 18:52:03
90.   Steve
Our manager is a Class A Idiot.
2005-04-23 18:58:58
91.   GoBears
Wow - Little Cesar walked! That's an upset.
2005-04-23 19:00:25
92.   Tommy Naccarato
Ford, Nissan, Desoto, whatever....
2005-04-23 19:03:01
93.   Fearing Blue
Thank you Barmes. I appreciate you giving a little back after all the BP our pitchers have been throwing you.
2005-04-23 19:05:03
94.   joekings
what happened to our patient hitters..
2005-04-23 19:18:24
95.   weatherman
Schmolley, schmolley schmolley.
2005-04-23 19:26:27
96.   joekings
how do you greenlight grabowski on 3-1?
2005-04-23 19:27:44
97.   Daniel Zappala
I'm not even sure why Grabowski is on the roster.
2005-04-23 19:29:16
98.   Steve
Nice to see Tracy figuring out the whole "pinch hit for the pitcher" concept just in time to replace the guy who actually could get three scoreless outs. Maybe he figured that as long as he was obligated to use Grabowski, per Little League rules that require two appearances a week, sending Perez up there wasn't such a bad option.
2005-04-23 19:30:35
99.   Steve
He's on the roster to sit on the bench and cheer while Odalis Perez goes up with the bases loaded.
2005-04-23 19:36:08
100.   GoBears
Ugh. Tracy is now going to replace Choi with Nakamura. Is Saenz hurt? He's a better hitter, and with more power than Nori.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-23 19:37:37
101.   GoBears
YEAH, that worked...
2005-04-23 19:37:58
102.   Steve
He's getting the most out of his players, and putting them in position to succeed. Don't you get the memos?
2005-04-23 19:40:14
103.   Daniel Zappala
What we need is a good 3-run home run.
2005-04-23 19:40:54
104.   GoBears
heck, even a mediocre 3-run hr would be ok
2005-04-23 19:48:53
105.   Steve
Is Valentin OK?

I hope Scott Erickson is available to pinch hit here.

2005-04-23 19:49:22
106.   GoBears
Looks like a broken wrist. Not good.
2005-04-23 19:49:24
107.   bokonon42
What's the record for pinch-runner appearances by a pitcher in a single season?
2005-04-23 19:51:50
108.   Steve
Call up Guzman.
2005-04-23 19:53:17
109.   Fearing Blue
So, if it is a broken wrist, then do you let Nakamura become the starting 3B? Would you call up Flores from AAA or Robles from the Mexican League? It's also important to realize that if Valentin goes down, we have no real backup options at 2B or SS (at least until Perez comes off the DL). This could get real messy.
2005-04-23 19:55:24
110.   Fearing Blue
Does anyone know what positions Robles is capable of playing? Flores is 2B / SS, right?
2005-04-23 19:55:32
111.   Daniel Zappala
get Robles and drop Grabowski. Play Nakamura at third.
2005-04-23 19:55:59
112.   joekings
i guess we couldn't go the whole season without some frustration. i think that's the last goog look we're going to get at this game.
2005-04-23 19:56:25
113.   Daniel Zappala
Get Robles, drop Grabowski. Have Nakamura play third.
2005-04-23 19:58:47
114.   Daniel Zappala
I've seen him listed as playing 2B, 3B, and he also played SS for the Dodgers in spring training.
2005-04-23 19:59:03
115.   Jose Habib
Does Robles have a contract with the Dodgers? Could another team just sign him out of the Mexican league?
2005-04-23 20:00:28
116.   Steve
Drop Grabowski, carry 14 pitchers. That way we have plenty of them to hit with runners in scoring position.
2005-04-23 20:01:00
117.   Fearing Blue
Daniel, you have a lot more faith in Nakamura than I do. He sure has looked bad against a big-league fastball on TV.

If Valentin did break his wrist, let's send him to Werth's homeopathic guy ASAP.

2005-04-23 20:02:50
118.   Midwest Blue
Not to mention pitchers to pinch-run.
2005-04-23 20:08:01
119.   bigcpa
Vinny offered some comic relief there- pronouncing Barmes two different ways only seconds apart...

Carrara comes in to face wunderkind Clint BARMZ. BAR-MIS is 3-for-4 tonight...

2005-04-23 20:09:49
120.   Midwest Blue
Snowcones for everybody!
2005-04-23 20:18:00
121.   Steve
Sure glad Tracy batted for Choi back in the seventh.
2005-04-23 20:18:07
122.   Daniel Zappala
I just don't see any option other than playing Nakamura!
2005-04-23 20:20:15
123.   Daniel Zappala
OK, Nakamura swung at the first place. He goes back down to AAA.
2005-04-23 20:20:27
124.   Daniel Zappala
Excuse me, first pitch.
2005-04-23 20:21:50
125.   Steve
Too bad we didn't have Odalis available to bat for Jeff Kent there.
2005-04-23 20:23:43
126.   DL04
10 hits last night, and only one run. 16 men left on base tonight.

I thought our offense was looking suspiciously efficient during those first 14 games. The last two nights have been the law of averages catching up to us.

2005-04-23 20:25:27
127.   Midwest Blue
I've had it with the Far East experiment. Send both Choi and Nakamura down.

I sure hope Valentin's owie is just a bruise that will go away in a coupole of games.

2005-04-23 20:26:57
128.   Fearing Blue
I usually hold of on second-guessing Tracy, but I think he certainly deserves an assist for this loss. Not pinch-hitting for Perez was surprising to say the least. Somebody also needs to revoke Nakamura's pinch-hitting privileges.

Dodgers Team LOB: 16
Rockies Team LOB: 6

Well, it certainly seems like we've lost one we should have won. I guess it balances out some of the others.

2005-04-23 20:34:45
129.   Fearing Blue
Maybe the Dodgers can wrest Polanco from the Phillies? He would be a good platoon-mate for Valentin at 3B, whenever Valentin gets back. Additionally, he can play second base and could spell Kent occassionally. For as long as Valentin ends up being out, he would certainly be much better than any replacement player the Dodgers have available. I wonder what type of offer it would take to get him, considering that the Phillies didn't really seem like they wanted to resign him.
2005-04-23 22:21:06
130.   Rick
Have you guys forgotten about Antonio Perez that quickly?
2005-04-24 00:22:30
131.   22 Gallons
4/22 Game Retrospective

Disclaimer: This posting comes by way of a 6-pack of Red Hook IPA, and after putting in 20 hrs in the law shop in the past 2 days, when I'm supposed to have Saturday's off...

I listened to tonight's game on XM and started wondering if announceers are becoming conscious to the fact that they are no longer a "local" broadcast. Their games are being transmitted across the entire U.S., if not the entire globe. In between pitches they were reviewing the Broncos' draft picks. Anywho, I found that worth mentioning only because of the disconnect of Broncos news being fed to a Dodgers fan in LBC when he's least expecting it.

Charlie Steiner is starting to grow on me. I've learned not to blame him for what happened to Ross.

Nori is going to be solid at 3B in replacing Valentin. Platooning is not his forte, the guy was a gold glover & silver slugger in Japan. The only way he's going to raise his performance is to play on a daily basis. How much you wanna bet our errors committed will reduce? But, there's no arguing that Valentin is The Man in the clutch.

Choi is a real disappointment, and I was routing for him too. Seeems like MLB pitching has figured out his weaknesses and are exploiting them to no end. What other options do we have at 1B? I wouldn't mind seeing Grabawski given more tries at 1B. Choi is stuck in a proverbial Catch 22. He hasn't figured out how hit lefties, yet Tracy won't give him the opportunity to try. Maybe he would be best served by a trip to Vegas. That way he could play daily against righties and lefties.

Did anyone see yesterday's Plaschke Apologetics? City of Blue coming to a bookstore near you.

2005-04-24 02:40:23
132.   GoBears
Sportsline and ESPN report that X-rays on Valentin were negative.

I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would think, based on performance so far, that Nakamura is a better bet than Choi. Nakamura has 18 ABs, Choi 41. Choi has a longer track record, in which he's been a very good hitter and walk machine. Nakamura has a great track record in Japanese baseball, but that's like AAA-level competition. Nakamura plays 3rd well (by all accounts) and 1st base poorly, so far. Choi plays 1b well, but that's all. Choi is still young - only 26. Nakamura is 31. Finally, if we're going to worry that Choi's swing is too long and looping to handle inside heat, what do we say about Nakamura, who starts his swing in the on-deck circle? If it were me, I'd keep Choi, order Tracy to consider him the starter, with only occasional days off, and ship Nori back to Vegas in favor of someone who can back up the middle infield, at least until Antonio Perez is back. That's assuming that Valentin is back soon. If this is all they have to work with, then either Nori or Saenz will have to play 3rd, in which case, call up Flores or somesuch until Valentin is OK to start again.

2005-04-24 10:12:06
133.   Vishal
here, for all you choi doubters (midwest blue, 22 gallons, tony jackson, et al.), here is choi's line for the past week:

6/18, .333 AVG/.400 OBP/.444 SLG

(.844 OPS for those of you who don't like to add)

that's not setting the world on fire or anything, but considering choi's slow start, it's certainly a trend in the right direction. a couple of homers in the next week would be good to see. choi looks a lot more confident at the plate now that he's getting some hits to fall.

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