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The Dodgers and O'Malley, Day-by-Day
2005-01-04 14:50
by Jon Weisman

A few years back, Bill James put out a Page-a-Day calendar that was about the best and most interesting I had ever seen in that highly respected medium. Walter O'Malley - The Official Website has announced its own day-by-day calendar, and while the site is keeping its version online, it comes the closest (at least for Dodger fans) to duplicating the uniqueness of the King James calendar.

Let's catch up with some samples from the year to date:

January 1:

1958: A float called “The Big League” sponsored by the City of Los Angeles and representing Major League Baseball’s arrival to the Southland is included for the first time in the parade. Guests of Los Angeles County Supervisor Warren Dorn, the O’Malley family later attends the Rose Bowl game, sitting with current New York Yankee Manager Casey Stengel, as Ohio State defeats Oregon, 10-7. Stengel was also a former Brooklyn Dodger player and manager.

January 2:

1948: The Board of Directors, including Vice President and General Counsel Walter O’Malley, of the Brooklyn Dodgers execute an agreement to purchase the franchise rights, players and equipment for Brooklyn in the All-America Football Conference, with home games to be played at Ebbets Field. O’Malley also submitted a frequency modulation application for radio coverage of the football games.

January 3:

1962: Sportswriter Frank Finch of the Los Angeles Times, comments in The All-Sports News about his biggest thrill for 1961: "Outdrawing Walter O’Malley on the last card in a poker game in the Dodgertown (Vero Beach, Florida) press room was an unforgettable moment, but I guess my biggest thrill on the sports beat in 1961 came when Roger Maris hit his sixty-first home run." Finch’s statement concluded, "O'Malley won the next five hands."

January 4:

1955: Walter O’Malley writes a letter to broadcaster Vincent Scully stating, "John Johns (advertising agency executive) told me a few minutes ago that all negotiations with you, Connie (Desmond), and Andre (Baruch) have been completed and I am now free to resume ordinary social amenities. Why not come in some day and we will go to lunch, and at a later date, I have asked Connie to have you three join me also."

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