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.000 My Hero
2005-01-19 09:43
by Jon Weisman

It doesn't rank quite as high as "Greatest Golfer Never to Win a Major," but the chance of Chin-Feng Chen becoming the "Greatest Dodger Never to Get a Hit" could just lip out of the cup.

The Dodgers designated Chen for assignment January 13, meaning that they had 10 days to trade or release him. This might be the end of his Dodger career, though if he clears waivers, he can return to Las Vegas, and the Dodgers can purchase his contract if they so desire.

In three seasons of play with the major league club, Chen has compiled 14 at bats without getting a hit - tied for fourth all-time among the franchise's 184 career .000 hitters. First is second baseman Harry Redmond, whose entire major-league career consisted of 19 hitless at-bats with the Dodgers between September 7 and September 14, 1909 - the day after his 22nd birthday.

On the upside, Redmond did have a sacrifice hit, and he fielded 29 of 33 chances successfully.

Here is the illustrious group, courtesy of Lee Sinins' Sabermetric Encyclopedia.

Dodger .000 hitters
19 at-bats: Harry Redmond
18: Turk Farrell
15: John Tudor
14: Chin-Feng Chen, Johnny Hopp, Dennys Reyes
11: George Stallings
10: Dave Sax
9: John Douglas, Elmer Steele, Nig Fuller, Carmen Mauro, Ted Power
8: Mace Brown, Paul Richards, Bert Cunningham, Snooks Dowd
7: Joey Eischen, Lindsay Deal, Mike Garman, Terry Mulholland, Wally Millies, Horace Allen, Frank McManus, Jay Howell, Ed Palmquist, Terry Wells
6: Dick Calmus, Dennis Springer, Carlos Diaz, Gene Snyder, John Gaddy, Dick Smith, Johnny Enzmann, Pedro Martinez, Buck Marrow, Ray Moore, Luis Lopez
5: Ray Lamb, Ken Rowe, Joe Tepsic, Sweetbreads Bailey, Alan Mills, Scott Radinsky, Lance Rautzhan, Stan Wall
4: Brad Gulden, Bill Schenck, Oscar Roettger, Lefty Hopper, Tom Sunkel, George Culver, Tom Fitzsimmons, Don Crow, Ron Negray, Ralph Mauriello, Onan Masaoka, Walt Miller, Ed Albosta, Rick Wilkins, Hoyt Wilhelm, Stuart Pederson, Brad Penny
3: Rene Valdez, Andy Rush, F.C. Hansford, Tony Giuliani, Bonnie Hollingsworth, Sergio Robles, Brad Havens, Phil Haugstad, Chris Haughey, Enzo Hernandez, Greg Smith, Jack Smith, Phil Gallivan, Fay Thomas, Sam Fletcher, Chuck Templeton, John Cummings, Pembroke Finlayson, Lady Baldwin, Chappie McFarland, Pete Wojey, Al McBean, Earl Mattingly, Whitey Ock, Jim Bruske, Hank Aguirre, Chink Zachary, Matt Young, Pat McGlothin, Joe Koukalik, John Kelleher, Bill Leard, Jack Billingham
2: Ed Chandler, Paul Schreiber, Kid Carsey, Ray Hathaway, Brad Clontz, Rudy Seanez, Jean-Pierre Roy, Bob Darnell, Clancy Smyres, John Duffie, Don Stanhouse, Balvino Galvez, George Crable, Wes Ferrell, Ray Searage, Earl Naylor, Lave Winham, Dan McFarlan, Rodney Myers, Rube Yarrison, Victor Alvarez, Ed McLane, Todd Worrell, Glenn Mickens, Steve Rachunok, Juan Marichal, George Pfister, Jim Korwan, Pedro Borbon Jr., Ed Pipgras, Bill Brennan, Matt Broderick, Jerry Hurley, Jesse Orosco, Mike Maddux, Charlie Loudenslager, Abe Kruger, Frank Lankford
1: Mike Harkey, Bert Hamric, Jack Ryan, Luther Roy, Kent Greenfield, Jackie Collum, Bill Hall, George Dockins, Bert Hogg, Rich Rodas, Harry Harper, Lafayette Henion, Greg Shanahan, Lee Rogers, Jim Romano, Ed VandeBerg, Artie Dede, Butch Davis, Dick Egan, Chuck Connors, Eddie Solomon, Jerry Stephenson, Ricky Horton, Charlie Fuchs, Dwain Sloat, Dick Teed, Sean Maloney, Jim Winford, Tex Wilson, Sandy McDougal, Tom Martin, Rod Miller, Adam Melhuse, Scott Mullen, Mike Munoz, Noe Munoz, Eric Weaver, Gary Wayne, Boots Poffenberger, Lu Blue, Pat Perry, Roy Jarvis, Possum Whitted, Phil Page, Larry White, Barney White, Tommy Lasorda, Hal Peck, Frank Lamanske,Yhency Brazoban

Best names: Snooks Dowd, Sweetbreads Bailey, Pembroke Finlayson, Lady Baldwin, Chappie McFarland, Whitey Ock, Possum Whitted.

Tommy Lasorda had one hit in his career - with the Kansas City A's in 1956 - topping Walter Alston.

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