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April 29 Open Chat: Ks
2005-04-29 16:08
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

For your pregame entertainment:

Mark Mulder vs. Tim Hudson, 4:35 p.m.

(Catfish Stew is live-blogging the game.)

Greg Maddux vs. Roger Clemens, 5:05 p.m.

* * *

Anyone notice that Giovanni Carrara struck out five batters Wednesday? He and Steve Schmoll combined to get six of the final eight outs of the game with strikeouts.

The Gagne-free bullpen (which will be Gagne-free for two games more than we thought with his "violating a penalty" ... sort of the opposite of an outstanding achievement in the field of excellence) got credit this morning in the Times. Another stat Ben Bolch could have pointed to in praising the pen was strikeouts.

Overall, the Dodger pitching staff is striking out an unimpressive 5.12 batters per nine innings. But don't blame the relievers, who are at 6.72.

9.72 Yhency Brazoban
9.00 D.J. Houlton
8.68 Giovanni Carrara
7.45 Buddy Carlyle
5.87 Kelly Wunsch
5.40 Duaner Sanchez
2.45 Steve Schmoll

Frankly, it still surprises me that Carlyle has enjoyed less success than Schmoll so far this year. But, I digress. The starters are at 4.27:

7.20 Brad Penny
6.11 Derek Lowe
4.37 Odalis Perez
4.15 Jeff Weaver
1.80 Scott Erickson
1.00 Elmer Dessens

Penny's return will help, and Weaver should improve. But Perez has been on a downward trend for a couple of years now, while Lowe's figure is his highest since 2001.

* * *

Softball players, here's your chance for Hollywood fame, fortune and fiber.

Comments (195)
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2005-04-29 16:37:33
1.   scanderbeg
I agree with you about Buddy Carlyle. I still hold out that he will be a solid middle reliever.

By the way, what's the time table on a return from Wilson Alvarez? I know he pitched a minor league assigments the other day. If I remember correctly, his K/9 is not too bad. Certainly better than Schmoll (who I expect to leave before Carlyle upon Alvarez' arrival).

2005-04-29 16:40:56
2.   Jim Hitchcock
I think Schmoll has made a pretty good case for himself over Carlyle.

Man, the Cards have a scary lineup. Except for Cedeno, who is scary in a whole different way.

2005-04-29 16:45:18
3.   Jon Weisman
Oh, don't get me wrong, Jim - Schmoll has definitely looked better. I'm just surprised.

I think Alvarez is coming soon. If he has no bad aftereffects of throwing 60 pitches with Vegas the other night, he's ready.

2005-04-29 16:46:19
4.   Jon Weisman
Three runs off Hudson with one out in the first ...
2005-04-29 16:51:00
5.   Jim Hitchcock
Hudson took that one out of the Schmoll playbook :)
2005-04-29 17:00:36
6.   Dodgerkid
I think Bill James said that if a pitcher is below 3.5 K/9, he's having health issues, and his ERA if good is the result of luck.
2005-04-29 17:04:15
7.   Fearing Blue
Just a minor note on Schmoll. His BABIP is currently sitting at a way-too-pretty .156. The Dodgers team average is around .284, so some regression towards the mean is likely. Since he's not striking many people out (only 3 in 11 IP), this could be trouble for him. I'm leaning towards sending Schmoll down once Gagne returns.

On the other hand, Carlyle's BABIP is .240, so his numbers aren't inflated by having a lot of hits fall in. He should definitely go down when Alvarez returns in a few days.

2005-04-29 17:05:36
8.   Bob Timmermann
I noticed Carrara struck out 5.

I was there and I have a scorebook!

2005-04-29 17:09:15
9.   bigcpa
Did Carrara top 90 on Weds? He couldn't break a pane of glass last time I saw him out there. I'd like to see Houlton as the first option after Sanchez.
2005-04-29 17:33:05
10.   LetsGoDodgers
Something else to note:

-JD Drew, AKA David Jonathan Drew
-DJ Houlton, AKA Dennis Sean Houlton

The transposition is easy to see in Drew's name. Am I missing a silent J in Houlton's name???

2005-04-29 17:37:21
11.   LetsGoDodgers
Also, I vote for keeping Schmoll on the 25-man roster. His pitching style gives opponent's such a different look from the rest of the staff. Even when he doesn't have his "best stuff", his release point can be good enough to get guys out.
2005-04-29 17:42:03
12.   Bob Timmermann
My guesses on Holton's name:
1) He doesn't like Dennis and wanted initials and DJ sounds better than DS
2) There is another Dennis in his family and he was nicknamed Dennis Junior and it became DJ
3) He has a rare speech and reading problem that renders him unable to differentiate between the letter S and the letter J. This is known as Sojo Syndrome.
2005-04-29 17:49:04
13.   Bob Timmermann
That should be Houlton's name, not Holton's name.

Still have fond memories of Brian Holton and Game 5 of the NLCS in 1988.

2005-04-29 17:57:47
14.   Jim Hitchcock
You're lucky. I went to Game 1.
2005-04-29 18:00:11
15.   Bob Timmermann
I remember Game 5 because it was played on Columbus Day and in my new job (which I had been at for a week), I got it as a paid holiday.

I felt like I was stealing money.

2005-04-29 18:09:19
16.   JeffinTokyo
Jon, long time listener, first time caller here. It's almost 10 am in Tokyo now. Will be listening via MLB audio. Would love to watch MLB.TV, but all of Japan is blacked out. NHK (Japan's BBC) has the rights to games, and even though they mostly only show Yankees and Mariner games, all games are blacked out.

So, I get my color for the games from this site. So thanks to all for that. I have been suffering from afar with Tracy's bullpen bunglings and 6 innings of Rick Monday, so reading here softens the blows.

This was in the last thread, but I wanted to lob in my own beach ball story. 8 years ago, I took my future wife to Dodger Stadium for our second date. A dreaded beach ball came our way. I caught it and handed it to the usher (she told me they donate them to charity). After I did it, I was booed as if I were Barry. Someone a few rows back threw a chunk of pretzel, with mustard on it, my way. Intead of me, it hit my brother's wife square in the back of her new leather jacket. Then the guy behind me called me a p---y, and asked me if I wanted to step outside. I told him we already were outside, and that it wasn't worth my time. Anyhow, for two inning the heckling continued. Finally, the usher came down and offered to move us to a new section. We accepted, and were moved from the section behind the ball boy to just behind home plate. So, other than the dry cleaning bill for my sister-in-law's jacket, we made out alright. Still, it was disheartening to see so many people fixated on a 99 cent toy.

Sorry my first post was so long. I will keep it shorter in the future. Keep up the great work.

2005-04-29 18:31:04
17.   dzzrtRatt
In the shadows of Hudson v. Mulder and Clemens v. Maddux, there was a Cy Young v. Cy Old matchup tonight that would've lived up to whatever billing it deserved but didn't get. Roy Halladay outpitched Randy Johnson, winning 2-0 on a 7th inning 2-run home run by Eric Hinske. Both pitchers pitched complete games. Halladay allowed 3 hits, Unit 7.
2005-04-29 18:59:01
18.   chumsferd
It's not that surprising to me that our bullpen has a high K rate than our starters. The starters use the under-rated defense behind them. They will give up a few runs because of this, but we should normally score enough to cover. The bullpen, OTOH often need to get the hitters out with as little fanfare and as few baserunners as possible, especially if they are called in during a "high leverage" situation.
2005-04-29 19:25:48
19.   DXMachina
I'm watching Numb3rs on ABC, and the math concept they're exploring this week is sabermetrics.
2005-04-29 19:26:03
20.   Bob Timmermann
Choi back in the lineup batting 2nd today.
Phillips gets a rest and Bako bats 8th.

Some new faces in the lineup (for this year) for Colorado with Dustan Mohr batting 7th and Garret Atkings batting 8th.

Jason Jennings has a career ERA of 3.10 against the Dodgers. Geez. He's not all that good.

2005-04-29 19:41:01
I love how Vin starts out his telecast saying, "And a very pleasant night to you, wherever you may be." I assume he is referring to his audience scattered around SoCal, and not to people like me watching over the internet in middle of nowhere New York. But, it still makes me feel good, and this thing worth it.
2005-04-29 19:42:31
22.   Bob Timmermann
No Vin is talking to you in New York. The reason he works alone he says is that he feels that he is having a personal conversation with the person watching or listening.
2005-04-29 19:50:21
Thanks Bob, now I feel really appreciated :)
2005-04-29 19:51:11
24.   Bob Timmermann
Beach ball on the field #1!
2005-04-29 19:52:28
25.   Bob Timmermann
Izzy error #4.

I have a bad feeling already.

2005-04-29 19:52:35
I blame that error on the beach ball.
2005-04-29 20:00:21
27.   Albert in Hong Kong
1st inning:
27 pitches by perez vs. 5 pitches by jennings
2005-04-29 20:00:44
28.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey, Jeff (since Jon is celebrating his anniversary, I'll respond) good story. The length was fine.

Unlike,say, the length of the bottom of the first.

2005-04-29 20:03:45
29.   Bob Timmermann
I'm now switching my irrational hatred of Russ Ortiz and Craig Counsell to Jason Jennings.

It's not as intense as my dislike for Russ Ortiz. But give me time.

2005-04-29 20:08:15
30.   Sam DC wants me to believe that Cesar Izturis is 2nd in the National League in hits right now (tied with Barmes at 32). Amazing. Milton Bradley is 5th (30). No word on the Parker Brothers.

That last thread was really wonderful to read, by the way.

2005-04-29 20:08:33
31.   Jim Hitchcock
Nothing irrational about it...
2005-04-29 20:11:54
32.   alex 7
42 pitches after two innings? Schmoll chance Perez will get out of the 6th. Dodgers need one big inning to loosen things up and get rolling again.
2005-04-29 20:13:48
33.   alex 7
way to swing it milton.
2005-04-29 20:15:56
34.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Roberts singles in two runs at PETCO to tie it up at 2-2 in the 4th.
2005-04-29 20:16:44
35.   Bob Timmermann
And Mark Loretta makes it 3-2 Padres.
2005-04-29 20:17:00
36.   Jim Hitchcock
# 2.
2005-04-29 20:17:27
37.   Bob Timmermann
Look for a sacrifice here.
2005-04-29 20:17:46
38.   Sam DC
Um, on they were just running a front-page ad for bids on a "2005 Eric Gagne game worn Brooklyn jersey." But, if Eric Gagne wore a Brooklyn jersey during a 2005 Dodger game on Jackie Robinson day, wouldn't that be violating a penalty?

url for the jersey . . .

2005-04-29 20:21:27
39.   Odysseus
Um, is playing for a run in a 0-0 game in the 3rd inning smart? I think not.
2005-04-29 20:21:48
40.   chumsferd
at home, odalis covers first base.
2005-04-29 20:23:24
41.   Odysseus
But Olney and Joe Morgan would probably like it, because it's a productive out.
2005-04-29 20:27:13
42.   Bob Timmermann
Last year, the Rockies had 97 sacrifices.
The Dodgers had 69.

The two teams that had more sacrifices than the Rockies were Houston with 98 and Montreal with 100.

2005-04-29 20:27:56
43.   Odysseus
How'd that work out for Montreal and Colorado?
2005-04-29 20:28:11
44.   Jim Hitchcock
Boy, oh boy...the replay camera's pupils were dilated...
2005-04-29 20:30:26
45.   Bob Timmermann
And what did Colorado, Houston and Montreal all have in common last year. They all played in extreme hitter's parks if you take into account that San Juan, PR was a good park for offense.
Stade Olympique was slightly more favorable for pitchers.
2005-04-29 20:36:10
46.   Bob Timmermann
Choi better not be bunting.
2005-04-29 20:36:37
47.   Odysseus
Wow. K, WP. How often does that happen in a year in MLB?
2005-04-29 20:37:59
48.   Albert in Hong Kong
3-4-5 up next... let's hope no wasted opp here
2005-04-29 20:39:35
49.   Ben P
Does anyone with a historical bent know the origin of the rule that allows strikeout victims to go to first on a wild pitch? Always seemed like a strange one to me.
2005-04-29 20:39:43
50.   william
What were they chanting when Drew was at bat?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-04-29 20:40:16
51.   Bob Timmermann
I would estimate that a K-WP or K-PB or it's very rare relative the K-E2 happens probably once every other week.

I just don't think it's that rare. I've seen it several times in person. I once saw it twice in one game.

Rare was the ending to this game.

But you likely won't be able to figure it out if you don't remember the game.

2005-04-29 20:41:29
52.   Albert in Hong Kong

"rockies suck"

2005-04-29 20:41:40
53.   Bob Timmermann
The dropped third strike rule has been around baseball about as long as there has been strikeouts. The concept behind it is that you have to catch the ball to make an out regardless of where it occurs.
2005-04-29 20:41:57
54.   alex 7
Kent's hitting .444 vs Jennings in his career. time to come through.
2005-04-29 20:45:16
55.   Bob Timmermann
D-Backs back to within 4-3 on a sac fly from Green.
2005-04-29 20:46:08
56.   alex 7
way to get your hacks in again Milton.
2005-04-29 20:46:24
57.   Odysseus
49, no, but it's not just a wild pitch, it occurs whenever a third strike is called by the umpire and the pitch is not caught provided

first base is not occupied OR
first base is occupied and there are two outs

2005-04-29 20:47:25
58.   Bob Timmermann
Please don't swing 3-0 Jose.
2005-04-29 20:48:47
59.   alex 7
2005-04-29 20:48:48
60.   Bob Timmermann
I've resumed my hatred of Jason Jennings.

And no he doesn't have a thick lower body as he claims, he's just plain fat.

2005-04-29 20:48:56
61.   Odysseus
I have Plaschke's headline written for him already

"Left-on-base bug bites bums in behind"

2005-04-29 20:49:00
62.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-04-29 20:49:39
63.   Ben P
Thanks for the explanation, Bob. That makes sense.

As for that last inning, can I at least take solace in our having made Jennings throw a lot of pitches? I'm trying to see some sort of bright side to dilute my frustration with this team right now.

2005-04-29 20:51:43
64.   Bob Timmermann
It's frustrating because the first two weeks, the Dodgers would have gotten the bloop double that was cashed in for a run while the Rockies would have been scorching line drives right at people.
2005-04-29 20:53:03
65.   Jim Hitchcock
Man, that would've cemented Bob's hate...
2005-04-29 20:54:07
66.   Marty
Yeah, but that's the beauty of the great start. We can survive this cold spell so much better than if they started at .500 or so.

Now if we can just start hitting this guy as he practically underhands it in....

2005-04-29 20:55:43
67.   Albert in Hong Kong
nice 1-3-6
2005-04-29 20:57:21
68.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have 12 hits through 5 innings.

And have scored just 4 runs.

2005-04-29 21:00:26
69.   Bob Timmermann
A hit and run single from Paul Bako?

What the ....?

2005-04-29 21:02:23
70.   william
At long as Drew gets to bat this inning we'll be good.
2005-04-29 21:02:56
71.   Jim Hitchcock
Planets are aligning...
2005-04-29 21:05:17
72.   fanerman91
Come on Choi!!
2005-04-29 21:05:25
73.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres are down to their third-string shortstop now as Geoff Blum hurt himself in the first inning.

That position is cursed.

2005-04-29 21:05:32
74.   Albert in Hong Kong
The boy in me will cry if Jennings somehow gets out of a bases-loaded jam in consecutive innings.
2005-04-29 21:05:35
75.   Marty
I said earlier Jennings was underhanding it. Vinnie says he's throwing 90-93. I find that amazing. Good news is, he can't find the plate. Setting it up for Hee Sop!
2005-04-29 21:05:47
76.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-04-29 21:05:53
77.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-04-29 21:06:06
78.   Ben P
"There's plenty of Choi at Dodger Stadium"

Why I love Vin...

2005-04-29 21:06:10
79.   Bob Timmermann
But Olmedo Saenz would have hit it over the roof.
2005-04-29 21:06:21
80.   Odysseus
Someone get Plaschke a rewrite

Plenty of Choi at Dodger Stadium!

2005-04-29 21:06:22
81.   fanerman91
2005-04-29 21:06:40
82.   Jim Hitchcock
Man, I just wanna hug the big fella.
2005-04-29 21:07:14
83.   Albert in Hong Kong
I love that little thing Milton and Hee Seop has going.
2005-04-29 21:07:42
84.   bokonon42
I've changed my mind. Choi just isn't any good. I mean, sure, okay, a grand slam. But they're really going to have to find a 1B who can hit, at some point.
2005-04-29 21:08:11
85.   heato
Hee Seopped it!!!!!!
2005-04-29 21:08:21
86.   Odysseus
Luckily for Plaschke:

1. I doubt he's a good enough writer to use sophisticated literary devices like alliteration.

2. Columnists don't write their own headlines anyway.

2005-04-29 21:08:33
The best part about that was that it was first pitch swinging Choi.
2005-04-29 21:08:46
88.   alex 7
wow. eat that tracy. No sushi for you!
2005-04-29 21:09:23
89.   Ben P
I'm torn about what I want to happen here. Jennings is atrocious right now, but then so is the Rockies' bullpen.
2005-04-29 21:10:23
90.   alex 7
was it a fastball up kayvmon?
2005-04-29 21:10:43
91.   Blue in SF
Prior to this inning, Jennings had a no-no.
2005-04-29 21:10:49
92.   Sushirabbit
on a personal note it will really suck if the dodgers only win if I am paying attention; I may have to insist on extra innings for my sanity.
2005-04-29 21:11:24
93.   alex 7
just saw those were the first two hits of the game for the Dodgers. And Perez quietly has a nice 3 hitter going along with 4 K's in 5 innings to help Jon's stats.
2005-04-29 21:13:34
94.   Albert in Hong Kong
first time this homestand the dodgers will score 4 runs or more.
2005-04-29 21:14:12
95.   ROC
Hee has arrived.™

T-shirt, anyone?

2005-04-29 21:15:20
96.   Screwgie
I noticed Choi has gone back to that crouched stance he had when he came over last July.

Whatever works...

2005-04-29 21:17:31
97.   Bob Timmermann
Hee is risen?
2005-04-29 21:18:08
98.   Jim Hitchcock
Oops, Vinny just gave the wrong station I.D. FCC fine, $500,000.
2005-04-29 21:19:21
99.   Marty
6 Ks in 6 innings. Should bolster the starter's stats
2005-04-29 21:19:29
100.   Albert in Hong Kong
#97 is a good one
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-04-29 21:20:43
101.   bokonon42
#97- Hallelujah!
2005-04-29 21:23:20
102.   alex 7
back to walking a lot, good sign. I'm guessing this will be a year-long strength for the L.A. offense. Best offense I've seen in, what, 10 years?
2005-04-29 21:23:23
103.   adg
So far this season, Choi and Drew are really neck-and-neck offensively. It seems both have started warming up at the same time, after having struggled mightily. Drew leads in most categories by only a small edge, if any, except for Runs, Walks, and At-Bats, in which Drew has a substantial lead.
2005-04-29 21:24:04
104.   Jim Hitchcock
Don't suppose they'd try that again, do you, Bob?
2005-04-29 21:24:13
105.   Albert in Hong Kong
#102: best offense since last season you mean
2005-04-29 21:24:23
106.   Ben P
So does Odalis hit because we have a 3-run lead?
2005-04-29 21:24:26
107.   alex 7
Really Jim, 500 K? What'd he say?
2005-04-29 21:26:11
108.   alex 7
Last year's O had a solid middle, but nothing like we have at the leadoff and 7/8 holes this year.

Last year was Cora, a less effective Izturis, Ventura, Ross, Encrancacion, etc.

2005-04-29 21:27:13
109.   Albert in Hong Kong
true true, but at the end of the day, beltre's phenomenal year was enough to make the dodgers teh best offense for them in a long time..
2005-04-29 21:27:22
110.   Jim Hitchcock
He was talking about tomorrow night being sold out, but said we could join him right here on UPN 13. Bad joke. Howard Stern bad.
2005-04-29 21:27:42
111.   Albert in Hong Kong
on the other hand, i think depo did a great job adding depth to the lineup
2005-04-29 21:29:12
112.   cdbavg400

And Beltre is having a less than phenomenal year so far this year.

2005-04-29 21:29:28
113.   Jim Hitchcock
Walk him to get to Choi.
2005-04-29 21:30:52
114.   Odysseus
111, but he robbed the Dodgers of their heart. And soul.
2005-04-29 21:31:31
115.   Odysseus
that was a nice play by Greene
2005-04-29 21:31:36
116.   Jim Hitchcock
Heck of a slice on your golf swing, Cesar.
2005-04-29 21:32:13
117.   Marty
I hope Cesar's AB doesn't come back to haunt us. Jennings has walked 8 batters and he's up there hacking
2005-04-29 21:33:18
118.   cdbavg400

Really? I think Bradley/Gagne are definitely leaders "heart and soul" type leaders, and the new guys (Kent, Valentin, Phillips) are meshing very well together.

2005-04-29 21:34:53
119.   Jim Hitchcock
It's an old rag on Plaschke, cdbavg400.
2005-04-29 21:35:19
120.   cdbavg400
Aaahh. I missed the sarcasm. Sorry Odysseus.
2005-04-29 21:35:34
121.   Odysseus
118, no, not really. I'm making fun of the Plaschke/Harold Reynolds/Joe Morgan types.

Topic for discussion: is it possible for a player to have "heart," but no "soul"? And vice versa.

2005-04-29 21:35:45
122.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks tie the game in the 9th on a pinch double from Tony Clark.
2005-04-29 21:42:08
123.   Jim Hitchcock
Somebody throw that fan back.
2005-04-29 21:42:32
124.   Bob Timmermann
Good thing Matt Holliday didn't opt for the Gary Sheffield method of justice.
2005-04-29 21:43:04
125.   Ben P
Yeah, that fan should be ejected. He lunged for Holliday.
2005-04-29 21:43:21
126.   cdbavg400
Think the fan's going to be ejected?
2005-04-29 21:43:52
127.   alex 7
drew's on fire. I thought I'd lost that loving feeling and then comes this game. Finally, thanks. Heading to bed early, hope it doesn't jinx it. But we have Randy Johnson on the mound today, not yet at 100 pitches, so we'll be alright.
2005-04-29 21:45:13
128.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think the fan will be ejected. I think his reaction was more like "Hey, I caught that! You didn't. That's a home run!"

Extra innings in PETCO.

2005-04-29 21:45:39
129.   Jim Hitchcock
They did do a `do not interfere with a ball in play' P.A. announcement, which was kind of silly, considering the circumstances.
2005-04-29 21:48:40
130.   Ben P
BTW, Odalis put in a very nice game.
2005-04-29 21:48:51
131.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres had 15 hits through 9 innings tonight and scored just 4 runs. And they got 2 walks. 17 runners. 4 cashed in. 11 stranded and 2 erased on DPs.
2005-04-29 21:52:34
132.   DodgerfaninNY
Who does a Dodger fan root for in the game at Petco? If the Padres win, the Dodgers are back in first, but over the long haul, SD is the greater nemesis.
2005-04-29 21:55:27
133.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, it'd be nice to have the bragging rights of ending April in first.
2005-04-29 21:55:33
134.   Bob Timmermann
AZ has a runner on second with one out in the 10th.
2005-04-29 21:56:30
135.   Bob Timmermann
Not a Schmoll world tonight.
2005-04-29 21:57:01
136.   Bob Timmermann
First and second with two outs in the top of the 10th in San Diego. Glaus facing Linebrink.
2005-04-29 21:57:36
137.   Mulder
i know you all are watching the Dodger Game like one should. I was watching the show "numbers", the math-crime show. They were talking about the sabermetrics and bagging on the Dodgers. They arent suppose to do well this year. I wonder how they will rewrite that ina couple of shows.
2005-04-29 21:59:45
138.   Bob Timmermann
And Glaus is badly fooled and Ks to end the top of the 10th. 4-4.
2005-04-29 22:00:57
139.   Bob Timmermann
And Wunsch redeems himself for Wednesday.
2005-04-29 22:01:12
140.   alex 7
schmoll heading to the minors now? I think today was a big impression opportunity.
2005-04-29 22:01:19
141.   cdbavg400
I didn't think Helton was that slow. Izzy seemed to lob that ball to 1st.
2005-04-29 22:04:37
142.   Jim Hitchcock
I don't think so, Alex...they're going to be looking at his overall performance.

In my mind, tomorrow's a big game. Want to see Penny come through unscathed.

2005-04-29 22:04:59
143.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Williams is the analyst with Thom Brennaman on the AZ broadcast. Nothing like using a part owner as a broadcaster.

Williams is even worse than Mark Grace. But Matt Williams is pretty high on my list of annoying baseball players.

I have a long list don't I?

2005-04-29 22:07:07
144.   Jim Hitchcock
Way to sit on that pitch, Bako!
2005-04-29 22:07:31
145.   alex 7
what's gotten into Bako?
2005-04-29 22:08:05
146.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, you feel better about Jennings now, don't you, Bob?
2005-04-29 22:13:31
147.   Bob Timmermann
Not only did the Dodgers once receive 17 walks in a 9-inning game, but they also gave out 17 walks in a 9-inning game in 1944.

Two AL teams received 18 in a game. And an AA team in 1887 got 19.

The Dodgers won the day they got 17 walks, 11-10 over the Phillies.

The Dodgers lost the day they gave out 17 walks to the Giants. 26-8!

2005-04-29 22:14:11
148.   Bob Timmermann
I think I should set start my own enemies list.
2005-04-29 22:14:55
149.   Bob Timmermann
That is I should set up my own enemies list.
2005-04-29 22:16:18
150.   Jim Hitchcock
Man, that is just silly. This is not Wrigley Field. Keep the damn ball.
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2005-04-29 22:17:13
151.   Fearing Blue
Phew.. was watching the game on a TiVO delay and finally caught up so I could read and post.

Re: Choi's HR - He put a great swing on the pitch, which wasn't right in the power zone. He powered it out to Left-Center.

Re: Schmoll's pitching - Other than the walk, he did fine. He struck a guy out and then had two seeing-eye groundballs up the middle. His BABIP was ridiculously low, so it's to be expected that hits are going to fall a little more often.

P.S. Cora would have gotten to both of the ground balls and headed over to left field to eject that fan.

2005-04-29 22:19:03
152.   Fearing Blue
Re #145: It's all Tracy. He's just putting Bako in a position to succeed (tongue only slightly in cheek).
2005-04-29 22:19:13
153.   Jim Hitchcock
Base interference!
2005-04-29 22:19:51
154.   Fearing Blue
Looks like they should start warming the bench for Carlyle in Las Vegas.
2005-04-29 22:20:30
155.   alex 7
lol, so Carlyle's your choice Jim? He and Nakamura for Alvarez and Perez?
2005-04-29 22:21:15
156.   Jim Hitchcock
Beltre would've jumped up, caught the ball, and thrown to second in the middle of a double back
2005-04-29 22:24:09
157.   Jim Hitchcock
Don't think so, Alex :)
2005-04-29 22:24:23
158.   Odysseus
We have 12 pitchers right now correct? When Gagne, Alvarez, and Perez come back, do we send down two pitchers (probably Scmoll and Carlyle) along with Nakamura? Or do we send down 3 pitchers so that we are only carrying 11? When Werth comes back Nakamura would probably go down anyway, but I think I prefer 11 pitchers to 12. BTF (I think) has shown fairly convincingly that keeping 12 pitchers is silly, that is, there is much more utility in having the additional bench player than the extra reliever. (Probably understandable in our current situation, though, but with those guys getting healthy, the calculation will change.)

If I'm mistaken and we only have 11 pitchers, then nevermind.

2005-04-29 22:24:32
159.   Fearing Blue
Yikes. Painting the corner at 98 mph for strike 3.
2005-04-29 22:24:37
160.   Bob Timmermann
In the 1903 game against the Phillies when the Dodgers got 17 walks, they had only 7 hits. They also got 1 HBP and 3 runners reached on errors.

In the 1944 game, a Giants wartime player by the name of Phil Weintraub had 11 RBI in the game. He was a 36-year old who hadn't been in the majors since he was 30.

2005-04-29 22:24:58
161.   Bob Timmermann
2005-04-29 22:27:23
162.   Jim Hitchcock
Man, Yhency's a monster!
2005-04-29 22:29:00
163.   alex 7
watching guys like Penny and Brazoban blow smoke remind me why 98% of all players I every played with never made it out of college ball.

Gotta love power arms. One more in the starting rotation at the trading deadline and this team is set.

Will Sanchez remain on the team all year or is he on that fringe talent level where he might be worth more as a tradeable part?

2005-04-29 22:32:29
164.   Fearing Blue
Re #158:
Our current pitching staff is:
Penny, Lowe, Perez, Weaver, Erickson, Brazoban, Sanchez, Carrara, Houlton, Wunsch, Carlyle, Schmoll.

So, when Gagne and Alvarez come back, we pretty much have to send down Schmoll and Carlyle.

Houlton stays on the roster because he's Rule 5 and has pitched very well.

Tracy won't drop Wunsch, because he's very big on having a situational lefty in the bullpen. As I recall, it was something he complained about often last year when Alvarez moved to the rotation and before they picked up Venafro.

I think they should go down to an 11 man pitching staff as well, but I have no idea who they would drop.

Don't forget that we still have Dessens on the DL. I'm assuming they'll release Erickson to free up a roster slot for Dessens, but what happens if Erickson starts pitching well?

Good problems to have fortunately. The Rockies broadcast showed the Rockies bullpen statistics. Think like the Dodgers, but opposite.

2005-04-29 22:38:21
165.   Fearing Blue
Re #163: I think Depo likes to trade bullpen pieces once they start to get expensive (i.e. Mota / Martin). Sanchez is only 25 and last year was the first full year he pitched in the majors. Can someone smarter than me figure out when he'll be eligible for arbitration? He pitched a total of 12 innings in 2002 and 6 innings in 2003. Do those years count against his clock?
2005-04-29 22:40:16
166.   apsio

I'm also in Japan. Except you can watch the Dodgers. I actually just finished watching the game. You need to subscribe to SkyPerfecTV, the MLB pack is like 1940yen per month. Get 3 games live per day, with the same games on tape delay in the evening for easy watching. I get the Dodgers on probably 2x a week. Sometimes more or less...

2005-04-29 22:43:46
167.   alex 7
Loretta in the 2 hole has 4 hits, 0 runs. Hernandez and Burroughs have 3 hits each, no rbis.
2005-04-29 22:45:04
168.   Odysseus
FB, I think you're right on all accounts, especially that the first to go after Schmoll and Carlyle would be to release Erickson. I don't think he has anything left in the tank.

"Scott Erickson fell to 1-2 after giving up three runs in five innings tonight against the Diamondbacks.
It was just one bad inning that cost him, but everything else was discouraging. Erickson gave up two homers, walked two, hit a batter and struck out none. The Dodgers are going to find a way to replace him at some point."

He hasn't been anything resembling respectable since 98

186 k/69 bb 251 ip

2005-04-29 22:45:52
169.   Bob Timmermann
In the April 30, 1944 game when the Dodgers walked 17 Giants, Met Ott finished the game with 2 AB, 6 R, 2 H, 1 RBI
2005-04-29 22:46:44
170.   Linkmeister
What's the exchange rate in Japan these days? It was 360/$1 when I was there; my rent was 17,000Y/month.
2005-04-29 22:48:31
171.   Bob Timmermann
Right now $1 gets you 104 yen.
2005-04-29 22:49:56
172.   Linkmeister
Ouch. And the Euro's going up too. Hmm. Buy foreign bonds.
2005-04-29 22:54:44
173.   alex 7
Fearing Blue, that's certainly what DePo's done since he got here, but that's largely due to the Dodgers having had so many large contracts. Now that DePo's pared down the contracts a bit, he can include someone like Sanchez (cheap, young, but replaceable) to sweeten a deal.

Maybe Weaver, Sanchez, and Loney (if Choi becomes consistent) for a power arm?

2005-04-29 22:55:45
174.   Fearing Blue
Update from the farm:
LV 51s beat the Fresno Grizzlies 6-1.

It was a battle of pitching prospects with Edwin Jackson outpitching Jerome Williams.

Jackson's line was 5IP 1R 0ER 3H 2BB 5K 0HR.
William's line was 4IP 6R 5ER 9H 4BB 2K 0HR.

It looks like Cain may end up becoming the Giants new 5th starter. Cain dominated the 51s last night with the following line 7.1IP 0R 0ER 1H 1BB 10K 0HR.

Perez started at 3rd, but was pulled after going 1/1 with a walk. He was also picked off at 1st. Chen went 3/5 with a single, double, and a triple.

2005-04-29 22:58:48
175.   Bob Timmermann
And I'm headed to Japan on June 27. Fortunately I got a free plane ticket. But my hotels are going to cost me.
2005-04-29 23:01:33
176.   Fearing Blue
Odysseus, I hope, for your sake, that you don't have Erickson on your fantasy team :).

Alex, I think it also comes from the philosophy that relievers just aren't worth that much. It's better to build your bullpen with young (cheap) arms than to pay millions for a guy who's only going to pitch 85 innings. Fortunately, the Dodgers have a bunch of pitchers in the minors who could contribute in the bullpen next year, so trading a guy like Sanchez at the All-Star break may make sense. I think you're right that they could get some good value in return.

2005-04-29 23:11:46
177.   Odysseus
FB, thankfully, I don't. I don't think my league is deep enough to justify anyone having him on roster.
2005-04-29 23:28:48
178.   Woody
Stayed up to 1:30am to see Padres come back to beat the DBacks. Back in first, but who will be the bigger rival over the course of the season. Arizona certainly looks better than I expected, but then the Padres look far worse than I expected.
2005-04-29 23:30:24
179.   the OZ
the Padres beat AZ in the 15th inning. Lyon BB'd Nady, Roberts SAC, Loretta single, IBB to giles (to load bases), Nevin single.

So, 1st place again tonight for our boys.

And, will somebody please give Hee Seop some meat!

2005-04-29 23:36:42
180.   Woody
Took an elderly friend to see the Jacksonville Suns play the hometown Mobile BayBears on Thursday nite. Chad Billingsly started and got hit pretty hard. 4 IP, 4H, 4R, 3ER, 5K, 3BB. Joel Guzman was 1-4, Loney 2-4 and Russell Martin was 3-5 none of them had an RBI. Can't say they looked great, but it was interesting to see these young guys play in Southern League competition. Guzman looks like a natural athlete, but I can't imagine him as a SS in the bigs. Martin C of the future?
2005-04-30 00:38:23
181.   bigcpa
Choi's numbers have finally morphed into the guy we thought we were getting from Florida:

.269 .367 .481

2004 - FLA
.270 .388 .495

2005-04-30 01:03:57
182.   Jae
Big Choi is playing well. I hope he starts tommorrow against the lefty. HEE SEOP CHOI!! HEE SEOP CHOI!! HEE SEOP CHOI!!

Drew and Choi have to step up since it seems MB is scuffling a little, and Valentin is horrendous right now.

A win tommorrow gives the Blue a 15-8 April. Not too shabby.

2005-04-30 08:56:47
183.   Suffering Bruin

Without further ado...



Our hero seems to be playing well. But he has yet to hit a grand slam homerun. Call me crazy, but tonight, I think that will change.



2005-04-30 11:05:15
184.   Linkmeister
SB, far be it from me to question your veracity. I'm certain you drafted that long before the game even began.

Listen, Greenspan is gonna retire next year, so tell her to submit her application now. Those confirmation hearings can be contentious.

2005-04-30 11:20:34
185.   Identity Crisis
Hey, whats up with that fan not being ejected last night? I couldn't watch the game but I did get to see the highlights. I thought the guy grabbed Holliday.
2005-04-30 11:36:23
186.   DougS
IC, are you talking about Drew's home run? To me, it looked like the fan bobbled the ball and it popped back to Holliday, who caught it on the fly. I don't think he ever touched Holliday, but he reached out toward him to try to recover the ball.

There is much Choi in Dodgerville now that the Mighty Hee-Sop has his first grand slam, yes? It's not too late for Hee-Sopmania, I'm telling you. Gubicza on FSN post-game saying that Choi will become a power hitter, but I'm not seeing it. Since he first came over, he seems like a guy who hits line drives real hard, not a fly-ball home run slugger.

2005-04-30 11:37:14
187.   Suffering Bruin

By all means question my veracity... I was trying to make a gag. I had no inkling that Choi was going to go grand salami.

Only after re-reading my post did I realize to my horror that it seemed like serious thing. My bad. And all those caps! Ugly stuff...

But how about that Choi, huh? If 4/5 bought him 24 hours, I think a game-winning slam might buy him a pinch-hitting performance tonight!

2005-04-30 11:40:31
188.   Suffering Bruin
Doug, have you been talking to Leon Lee? 'Cause he agrees with you. At least he did at the time...

"He's basically a good line-drive hitter. A player like Choi, once he matures a little bit and gets his rhythm and hits the ball the way he is capable of hitting it, that is going to translate into a lot of doubles. He will be a good, productive hitter. He can get a lot of extra-base hits. He has the ability to hit triples and doubles and if he has that power, he's going to hit home runs anywhere." - Scout Leon Lee, upon signing Hee-Seop Choi.
(Baseball Almanac)

2005-04-30 12:01:08
189.   DougS
Huh. I've never seen that Leon Lee quote before, SB. Maybe I can get a job as a scout! :-)

I watched Choi as closely as I could when he first came over, and the one thing I noticed was that when he hit the ball on a line, it was a shot. I can't remember anyone on the Dodgers who could hit line drives that hard on a consistent basis, except for Piazza (who was scary strong in that regard).

I've gone on record here as saying that it would be fun for this city and great for the Dodgers to have a true superstar from Korea or China (hence my constant Hee-Sopmania remarks). Park didn't quite make it and I'm not really predicting that Choi will be that good, but I'd at least like to see him stick around for a while. There's also something charmingly symbolic about him and Bradley doing that funky home-run dance.

2005-04-30 12:19:36
190.   LAT

In my house its the wife on e-mail and the kids on SIMS. I got so fed up I bit the bullet, called Dell, ordered a laptop, and told them all it was mine mine mine. Now I sit on the couch watch the game and read Dodger Thoughts during the game. What could be better?

As for the fan who interfered last night. I don't care if he made contact. He is an even bigger loser if he tried and didn't interfer becasue he was too lame. If the intent was there and he disrupted the game while the ball was in play or reached out for the player he should be ejected.

Now the really lame part is the Dodger Security that could not locate the guy to throw him out. FSW showed him clear as day. This is the problem: DS security is non-exisitent. There are not enough of them. This is why people who have the guts to pop beach balls get abused. And those security/ushers that are there are too old, too young or too stupid to be effective. Example: go get a beer or food. Stop to watch a play from the concourse but step on the white line behind the seats and the ushers are all over you. Use foul langugae, throw beer, and scream all game and no one cares. Dodgers need to invest in more and better security. People should not have to be afraid of popping a beach ball that should not be there in the first place.

2005-04-30 12:32:39
191.   Linkmeister
SB, my tongue was firmly implanted in my cheek.
2005-04-30 12:57:19
192.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
A Chinese or Korean star would be great for LA, with the large communities of both in the area. I'm biased here, since I'm Taiwanese and have been rather depressed about CF Chen's transformation into Crash Davis, but I have high hopes that Chin-lung Hu will be our SS after Izturis.

I also sometimes think that Choi might press too much partly because he feels obligated to play national hero, with BK and Park looking so awful as of late--although Park seems to actually be on the rebound now. A young player has enough to worry about, without fretting about questions of national pride, especially when one is playing in a city with such a large Korean population.


2005-04-30 15:06:23
193.   Jim Hitchcock
He's as much stated this, WWSH...saying he feels some pressure as the first Korean position player. But, when doesn't a new player feel pressure?

Anyway, he seems to be more focused lately. And the fans are clearly on his side now, which helps.

He won't be playing tonight, though; Tracy has already said that Saenz will play first. Saenz is batting .400 against lefties, so it makes sense.

2005-04-30 16:42:20
194.   LAT
"And the fans are clearly on his side now, which helps."

Don't kid yourself. The fans are only on his side until his next 2 for 20 streak.

2005-04-30 16:44:16
195.   Jim Hitchcock
You're right; should have said `for now'.

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