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May 3 Open Chat: Wakeup Call
2005-05-03 14:40
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

The Nationals were asleep for six innings Monday - fair enough, considering they didn't arrive at their hotel until 6 a.m. Then they woke up and then some. So much for that excuse.

* * *

Joel Guzman is batting .276 with a .375 on-base percentage and .579 slugging percentage for AA Jacksonville. He has walked 14 times and struck out a heaping 29 times in 104 plate appearances.

Independent of this, Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus said the following in a recent chat:

Here's a secret: strikeouts are a good thing for a young power hitter.

Let's reverse things for a moment and think of things this way: if Adam Dunn hits .266 and slugs .569 in a year in which he strikes out 195 times, that means he's absolutely murdering the ball those times that he does make contact. In other words, *if* he's able to improve his ability to hit for contact at all, the upside is real, real high as compared with, say, Sean Burroughs or someone.

Now, it isn't quite that simple, but that's the big picture.

* * *

From Baseball America:

Dodgers shortstop Chin-Lung Hu went 5-for-6 in high Class A Vero Beach's 11-6 win over Jupiter, raising his season totals to .313-2-9 in 24 games. In his last eight contests, Hu is 17-for-33 (.515).

* * *

While Chin-Feng Chen is already the all-time home run leader in Las Vegas minor league history, Joe Thurston passed Joey Cora (yes, Joey) to become the all-time Las Vegas leader in hits and at-bats on April 23. Thurston is 451 for 1,493 in his Strip-side career, and also first in triples (22) and HBP (48).

Cora (448 for 1,471) played for the Las Vegas Stars from 1987-90.

Chen, who has 76 home runs with the 51s, is batting .338 with an on-base percentage of .409 and slugging percentage of .597 with Las Vegas this season. By comparison, Jeffrey Hammonds, recalled today by Washington to replace injured outfielder Terrmel (Not Sister) Sledge, is .250/.343/.467 for New Orleans - albeit playing in a less hitter-friendly ballpark.

You guys know I love Hammonds, of course.

* * *

If your Jim Tracy, Scott Erickson or Joe Morgan Sensitivity Meters are running high, brace yourselves. Erickson's next turn in the rotation, at Cincinnati, is scheduled to be televised nationally on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

Comments (448)
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2005-05-03 15:44:48
1.   Eric Enders
New Orleans is not only a less hitter-friendly ballpark; it's the most pitcher-friendly ballpark in professional baseball according to BP's park factors.

I would guess that if you adjust for park, Chen's and Hammonds' performances so far are roughly equal.

2005-05-03 15:48:34
2.   Eric Enders

The Pugs, "an eclectic ultra-Punk seven- piece band," drew such rave reviews when they played the prestigious 1997 South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival that they were immediately signed to a five-record deal by Roadrunner Records. However, their first two albums were so unsuccessful that the label decided not to bother with the last three.

The androgynous lead singer and guitarist of The Pugs is named Steve Schmoll. (No relation to our hero.) Wrote one reviewer: "Vocally speaking, Steve Schmoll's rants -- I think something to the effect of 'Godd---n your beautiful everything!' -- seem to cross the gender gap in both style and content."

2005-05-03 15:49:33
3.   Bob Timmermann
I'm breaking my normal rule of emailing Jon privately about typos because Terrmel Sledge (with two R's) went to my high school, John F. Kennedy High. And, although he is going on the DL, he is one of 3 Cougars in the bigs.

And Jon Garland is having a great year.

And Garret Anderson has 4 walks to go with 16 Ks and 3 HRs.

2005-05-03 15:53:37
4.   Eric Enders
That's a more impressive list than my high school -- AFAIK, Frank Castillo, Butch Henry, and Phillies 3B coach Marc Bombard are the only alumni to reach the majors.
2005-05-03 15:55:04
5.   Bob Timmermann
There are more guys. Unless somebody here went to Fremont or Long Beach Poly, I'm going to win this p---ing contest.
2005-05-03 15:55:22
6.   Eric Enders
And, Jon, FWIW, I'm a big fan of the earlier-in-the-day Open Chat posts.
2005-05-03 15:55:59
7.   Eric Enders
You never know, Bob, we might have somebody from Cincy's Moeller High in the room.
2005-05-03 15:57:14
8.   Jon Weisman
"I have seen rock and roll future, and its name is Steve Schmoll."

- Jon Landau

2005-05-03 15:57:27
9.   Vishal
eric, park effects = .088/.066/.130?

are they even playing the same game? because if stats that far apart are "roughly equal", then what's the point of even keeping stats?

2005-05-03 15:57:52
10.   Eric Enders
Also, am I just making this up, or did I hear somewhere that Vin Scully and Manny Ramirez went to the same high school in Washington Heights? If so, that'd be hard to beat.
2005-05-03 15:58:16
11.   Jon Weisman
Wes Parker and Bob Scanlan - woo-hoo!
2005-05-03 15:59:18
12.   Vishal
ps. juan guzman? i could've sworn it was joel.
2005-05-03 15:59:20
13.   Eric Enders
Props for getting the phrasing of the quote correctly, which I think about 0.003% of people get right.
2005-05-03 15:59:32
14.   Icaros
While you're in the editing stage, Jon, isn't it Joel Guzman, as opposed to Juan?
2005-05-03 16:00:08
15.   Icaros
Whatever, Vishal :-)
2005-05-03 16:00:09
16.   Bob Timmermann
Vin Scully went to Fordham Prep and Manny Ramirez went to George Washington High.
2005-05-03 16:00:26
17.   Jon Weisman
It helped that I read that Springsteen article on Slate today.

Bob and Vishal, I have no idea what mistakes in the post you think you saw. I don't see them anywhere...

2005-05-03 16:00:48
18.   Marty
My high school, Monrovia, produced the pro athlete (football, not baseball) with the best name: Fair Hooker
2005-05-03 16:01:33
19.   Jon Weisman
Time elapsed since first comment: 17 minutes.

Number of comments: 17

2005-05-03 16:02:26
20.   Bob Timmermann
Jon, you forgot Harry Kingman on your list of famous ex-Wolverines.

Although I don't think they used that nickname when he went to the school back in 1909.

2005-05-03 16:02:44
21.   Eric Enders
The park effects for Vegas the past 3 years (one season is not enough for sample size) are 1063, 1054, and 1063. For New Orleans they're 880, 880, 882.

I'll let you math whizzes figure out frm there whether Chen or Hammonds is having the better year. I've no idea, myself.

2005-05-03 16:03:27
22.   Marty
Eric, re #6. I totally agree. And after reading the thread over at Hardball Times on the Simers article, this site is much more civilized.
2005-05-03 16:05:04
23.   Icaros
I'll let you math whizzes figure out from there whether Chen or Hammonds is having the better year. I've no idea, myself.

Where have you gone, Tom Meagher?

2005-05-03 16:05:26
24.   Jon Weisman
I always forget Harry. It was Saracens in my era, Bob. Don't know about Harry's.
2005-05-03 16:06:06
25.   Howard Fox
Taft High in Woodland Hills, my alma mater, produced Peggy Fleming, easier on the eyes than all your alumni...even if she isn't much of a ball player...
2005-05-03 16:06:35
26.   Eric Enders
And thanks to Icaros for subtly correcting my putrid spellling there.
2005-05-03 16:07:17
27.   Icaros
I got your back, E.
2005-05-03 16:08:27
28.   Jon Weisman
I'm from Woodland Hills too, Howard. I didn't go to Taft, but I went to Collier Street Elementary, Howard - where Ross Porter's son was student body president while I was a second-grader.
2005-05-03 16:09:42
29.   Howard Fox
Did his son speak like he had marbles in his mouth too?

Speaking of sons....Peter Marshall's son played first for us when I was there....Pete LaCock....

2005-05-03 16:10:40
30.   Fearing Blue
Paul Konerko was in my Spanish class at Chaparral High School. He played catcher as I recall. I was pretty psyched when he was drafted by the Dodgers.
2005-05-03 16:10:57
31.   Jon Weisman
What about Robin Yount?
2005-05-03 16:11:38
32.   Howard Fox
He graduated with my brother....

I was a year or so behind Larry Dierker..

2005-05-03 16:13:29
33.   Fearing Blue
Also, I wanted to add this to the previous thread. Instead of producing a list of what substances are banned, I think the MLBPA and Ownership should produce a list of supplements that are approved. Then there would be an official process for gaining approval, sort of like the MLB FDA.

This should eliminate all "I didn't know" responses. If you decided to use something that wasn't approved, then no excuses.

2005-05-03 16:16:44
34.   Howard Fox
How about just leave it at prescriptions written by MDs on an approved list of MLB are allowed and leave it at that...with all the scrutiny, I suspect those doctors would be a little leery of haphazardly (like that word?) dispensing narcotics and enhancing drugs.
2005-05-03 16:17:22
35.   Fearing Blue
From the BP chat link that Jon posted:
Alex (Houston): When was the last time that an offense was as bad as Houston's?

Nate Silver: The 2003 Dodgers were pretty stanky.
Love to see those Dodgers references :).

2005-05-03 16:23:38
36.   the OZ
My HS has the dubious distinction of having produced current Dodger Jeff Weaver (and his brother Jered, too).

Just to clarify, EVERYONE from Simi Valley is as lazy and stoned-looking as Jeff.

Bonus Question: can you name other most prestigious athlete produced by Simi Valley High School?

2005-05-03 16:24:27
37.   Steve
As Charlie Steiner once said, "Follow me...Follow me to freedom!" Extra Innings is blacked out on Sunday nights.
2005-05-03 16:24:33
38.   the OZ
Jeff bought the school a new baseball field, too. It was really nice of him.
2005-05-03 16:25:21
39.   Eric Enders
lazy and stoned-looking?
2005-05-03 16:26:36
40.   Eric L
Ryan Madson of the Phillies graduated from the high school I went to (a few years later than me).
2005-05-03 16:27:45
41.   Eric L
I can't believe I forgot this one... Kyle Turley graduated the year before I did.
2005-05-03 16:27:47
42.   the OZ
Eric - I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but yeah. Stoned. Lifted. Whatever.
2005-05-03 16:28:19
43.   Fearing Blue
I assume that you're not referring to Scott Radinsky ( or Tim Laker (
2005-05-03 16:31:17
44.   Fearing Blue
#43 was in reference to #36. I need to get faster to keep up with all this posting.
2005-05-03 16:31:39
45.   Jon Weisman
Not Don McLean?
2005-05-03 16:32:27
46.   fernandomania
Tom Goodwin went to the high school I graduated from, Tom Seaver graduated from the other high school I went to.
2005-05-03 16:36:02
47.   Eric Enders
This is kind of a weird question, but I suspect we have some graphic designers/desktop publishing types here. Has anyone ever seen a font that approximates the Dodger script? I've been looking for years, and the best thing I've been able to find is called Loki Cola (, which is actualy supposed to be a Coca-Cola spoof font. It resembles the Dodger font, but it's not exact.
2005-05-03 16:37:44
48.   Steve
J.P. Losman went to Venice High, but that's the wrong sport.

Kevin Brown is getting blasted, as we speak, by Tampa Bay. Just outright murdered. So. Happy. I. Can. Hardly. Finish. This. Sentence.

2005-05-03 16:40:10
49.   mikethinksblue
Robin Ventura went to my high school where he had my dad for a teacher.

My dad claims that Robin promised him tickets to an Angel/Dodger game when he made it to the big leagues (depending on whether an AL or NL team drafted him) if my dad would give him a passing grade to make eligibility for baseball.

I'm not sure if that story is true, but we never got any tickets...

2005-05-03 16:40:20
50.   franklin
Von Hayes and Ed Sprague Jr. (another favorite of Jon's?) attended the same high school several years ahead of me.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-03 16:44:43
51.   Icaros
My high school produced absolutely nobody worth anything, but I once struck out Jermaine Dye in a Senior Babe Ruth game when I was 18. He was batting left-handed, hit two foul home runs, then chased my change-up in the dirt for strike three. Hey, still counts.

My other claim to fame is getting a hit off of Brewers starter Doug Davis in a junior college summer school practice game. He threw me a curve, which I poked into right field for a Bako-esque single. The coach started chewing him out for wasting anything but a fastball on someone like me. That's when I realized I wouldn't be making the team at that school, or any school for that matter.

2005-05-03 16:44:53
52.   Eric Enders
Robin Ventura went to my high school where he had my dad for a teacher.

Well, I guess that beats my dad, a probation officer, who once had Gary Sheffield as one of his "clients" (as they're judiciously called).

2005-05-03 16:46:06
53.   Jim Tracy
I cannot imagine that Kevin Brown will get to pitch for the Yankees ever again after tonight.
2005-05-03 16:48:30
54.   Eric L
This doesn't have anything to do with me, but I am willing to bet that Bobby Kielty's dad was one of Troy Percival's teachers in high school.
2005-05-03 16:48:31
55.   Icaros

My cousin was classmates with Ventura's younger sister. My mother's family are all Santa Maria natives.

2005-05-03 16:52:08
56.   Icaros

I can't believe that Sheffield was ever in that kind of trouble. Didn't you see the restraint he showed a few weeks back?

2005-05-03 16:52:13
57.   gvette
Maybe it's time for DePo to call Brian Cashman of the Yankees and offer Scott Erickson for a warm body in AA and cash.
2005-05-03 16:52:24
58.   Steve
Jim Tracy, wouldn't you leave him in for five innings?
2005-05-03 16:53:41
59.   Icaros
He's still throwing the ball well, Steve.
2005-05-03 16:54:24
60.   Icaros
or great.
2005-05-03 16:54:24
61.   Marty
I'm sure it was defensive lapses Steve.
2005-05-03 16:55:42
62.   Linkmeister
Are you guys getting all this high school info off the school alumni sites, or is there a single reference source somewhere?
2005-05-03 16:57:15
63.   Eric L
If you aren't gonna have a short leash with Brown (ie before he gives up 6 runs), there isn't much of a point in pulling him now, unless he gets bombed.
2005-05-03 16:59:34
64.   Eric Enders
Kinkmeister, I think most of us are just remembering alumni from our own high schools, which isn't that hard.

But yes, there is a reference site:

2005-05-03 16:59:54
65.   Jacob L
My high school, Palos Verdes, produced absolutely no one in baseball. Couple a good tennis players though - Pete Sampras, Lindsay Davenport. And Bill Laimbeer. Closest ballplayer I think would be Don Slaught at neighboring Rolling Hills or Jason Kendall from Torrance (catcher country).

This discussion reminds me of a favorite conversation topic. All time, all LA baseball team. My rules are, the player has to have played high school in LA County - no college only guys like Randy Johnson, and no Orange County guys like McGwire. Here's a working list:

1b - Eddie Murray
2b - Jackie Robinson
ss - a tough one, but I'll go with Ozzie
3b - George Brett
of - Gwynn, Duke Snider, and I'll stick Yount out there
c- don't know if Gary Carter counts, if not I'll go with Kendall
p - Saberhagen, Drysdale

Other suggestions? Any other cities that could take us?

2005-05-03 17:00:01
66.   Eric Enders
Ah, crap, why do K and L have to be next to each other on the keyboard ?!?
2005-05-03 17:00:35
67.   Bob Timmermann
Why Howard didn't want to include Robin Yount among famous Taft alums is odd....

Random Dodger game callback

May 3, 1996

The Dodgers opened up a nine-game road trip with a deceptively close 10-1 win over the Pirates at Three Rivers Stadium before 18,268. The Dodgers led 2-1 going into the 8th and needed a great defensive plays by Raul Mondesi and Todd Hollandsworth to keep that lead. Then the Dodgers exploded for 8 runs in the 9th against Dan Miceli and Lee Hancock to give Chan Ho Park his third win of the year and even the Dodgers record at 15-15, 3 ½ games behind first place San Diego.

Manager Tommy Lasorda sent out a lineup that likely made everyone raise their eyebrows a bit with Chad Fonville leading off and playing center and Greg Gagne batting second. Fonville finished 1996 with a .250 OBP and Gagne at .333. The little-beloved Delino DeShields was in the sixth slot and the quickly forgotten Mike Blowers was in the #7 slot. Eventual Rookie of the Year Hollandsworth batted 8th.

1996 would be a year that most Dodgers fans would likely want to forget. The Dodgers finished the year 90-72. But the Dodgers were 90-69 and two games ahead of the second place Padres with three games left against their rivals to the South at Dodger Stadium. And, then, well, Chris Gwynn happened. The Dodgers made it to the playoffs as a wild card and disappeared with little protest against the Atlanta Braves in three games.

The biggest change to the Dodgers that year, of course, was the resignation of Lasorda as manager for health reasons in June. Bill Russell finished the season.

Some of the immortals who donned Dodger Blue in 1996 were: Wayne Kirby, Dave Clark, Milt Thompson, and Rick Parker. Tim Wallach was brought back from Anaheim to fill in for the injured Blowers. Chad Curtis also parachuted in to Dodger Stadium that season and was also quickly forgotten.

Thanks to Retrosheet, and the LA Times

2005-05-03 17:01:26
68.   Icaros
Checking our ages, I may have been 16 when I had my encounter with Dye, unless he was illegally enrolled in the league. I know everybody here really cares.

I'll be sure to provide more updates on this story as they become available.

2005-05-03 17:01:28
69.   Eric L
edit to my post #63..

Giving up 6 runs is already getting bombed.. I should have said "bombed so more" or something like that.

2005-05-03 17:03:34
70.   Howard Fox
Yount was mentioned by Jon before I could get to him...I am a little slow at pulling the trigger...Tracy taught me to take it slow and easy...
2005-05-03 17:03:39
71.   Fearing Blue
#66: Kinkmeister is a pretty cool name anyhow.
2005-05-03 17:04:34
72.   Icaros
I'm still cracking up over Kinkmeister.
2005-05-03 17:05:04
73.   Eric Enders
I've got no idea what county it's in, as my geographic ignorance of the L.A. area is rather extreme, but Walter Johnson went to Fullerton Union High School.
2005-05-03 17:07:34
74.   Jacob L
RE 73

Wow, the Big Train. Unfortunately that's Orange County, but I might make an exception on 2 counts - it really predates the whole LA/OC distinction, and starting pitching is kind of a weakness on our team.

2005-05-03 17:07:43
75.   Eric L
Unless Pomona (or La Verne) have suddenly moved to Orange County, McGwire does belong on your list Jacob.
2005-05-03 17:09:12
76.   Linkmeister
I, um, er...

The name came from a habit of posting links to news stories in a Yahoo book club. I liked it enough to register the domain and build my site there.

Kinkmeister sounds blatantly S&M, which I assure you...nah, never mind.

2005-05-03 17:12:57
77.   Marty
Eric Davis and Strawberry should at least be mentioned, though neither will get to the HOF.
2005-05-03 17:14:58
78.   Jacob L
Re 75:

Really? I had always thought that McGwire was from Huntington Beach, though he may have been born in LA County.

At any rate, I hate to take Eddie Murray's switch hitting out of the lineup. Plus, he's got the same-high-school-team-as-Ozzie mojo working. Is there anywhere another high school that had 2 hall of famers on the same team at the same time?

2005-05-03 17:16:23
79.   Steve
I thought McGwire was from Claremont. Otherwise all my cherished beliefs about walking on hallowed grounds would be ruined. :(
2005-05-03 17:19:58
80.   Bob Timmermann
Darryl Strawberry, for all his faults, wasn't a bad outfielder.

Bobby Doerr is in the Hall of Fame and he went to Fremont.

2005-05-03 17:20:04
81.   Eric L
I think McGwire lives in HB now, but he went to high school in La Verne (Damien High School).
2005-05-03 17:23:14
82.   ElysianPark62
Yes, McGwire was from Claremont. He just moved to Huntington Harbour in his playing days.
2005-05-03 17:23:27
83.   Marty
Babe Hermann from Glendale High. Just missed the HOF and was famous for being part of the "three men on third" play in 1926.
2005-05-03 17:28:38
84.   Eric Enders
The NYC team has a Hall of Famer or future Hall of Famer at every position except Closer.

C Joe Torre
1B Lou Gehrig
2B Frank Frisch
SS Phil Rizzuto
3B Edgar Martinez
LF Hank Greenberg
CF Willie Keeler
RF Manny Ramirez

SP Whitey Ford, Sandy Koufax, Waite Hoyt, Larry Corcoran, John Candelaria

RP John Franco, Don McMahon

Bench: Rocky Colavito, Tommy Davis, Lou Whitaker, Ed Yost

2005-05-03 17:29:02
85.   Bob Timmermann
Babe was just a one N sort of guy.

He became famous as cultivator of orchids in Glendale in his retirement. For all of his oddball antics on the field, he supposedly was a very smart guy.

2005-05-03 17:31:00
86.   Eric Enders
Is there anywhere another high school that had 2 hall of famers on the same team at the same time?

Whatever high school the Waner brothers went to would be a good candidate. They were three years apart.

For one year in the mid-1950s, the outfield at McClymonds High in Oakland consisted of Frank Robinson, Curt Flood, and Vada Pinson.

2005-05-03 17:32:54
87.   Marty
I worked at a newspaper in Glendale in the '70s. Herman (thanks for the spell check) would come in occasionally. He was a very nice man.
2005-05-03 17:33:50
88.   Marty
"For one year in the mid-1950s, the outfield at McClymonds High in Oakland consisted of Frank Robinson, Curt Flood, and Vada Pinson."

I wonder if the team was any good...

2005-05-03 17:34:28
89.   Linkmeister
I was gonna say Paul and Dizzy Dean, but Paul didn't make the HOF, of course.
2005-05-03 17:35:34
90.   Steve
LaVerne is close enough, I guess.
2005-05-03 17:35:58
91.   Steve
8-1 D-Rays.
2005-05-03 17:36:05
92.   gvette
Wonder if Babe Herman would hang out with Babe Dahlgren who for years operated a batting cage/baseball school in Arcadia?
2005-05-03 17:37:02
93.   Eric Enders
"I wonder if the team was any good..."

At the same time, their basketball team also featured Bill Russell -- but Frank Robinson was the team's leading scorer.

2005-05-03 17:38:08
94.   Steve
Alex Sanchez...walking proof that "performance enhancers" don't help you catch the ball.
2005-05-03 17:42:14
95.   Eric Enders
Or hit it.
2005-05-03 17:43:12
96.   Linkmeister
Eric, that doesn't surprise me. Russell's in the b-ball HOF for his defense, which was phenomenal.
2005-05-03 17:44:39
97.   brendan glynn
Gary Carter went to sunny hills high school located in Fullerton, orange county.

what is with the NYC team having torre and rizzuto on it? Hall of famers as managers or broadcaster? is that what you going for with that list?

2005-05-03 17:47:28
98.   Eric Enders
what is with the NYC team having torre and rizzuto on it?

Uh, they were good players? Not sure I understand the question, but anyway, I just picked the best player at each position. Torre was a hell of a player, a borderline Hall of Fame player. Rizzuto wasn't, but made it anyway.

2005-05-03 17:51:02
99.   brendan glynn
Eric, you said every position was a HOF(or near) except closer. I saw torre and rizzuto and thougt rizzuto couldn't have possibly made it. Jeez. So I thought you were wrong oin two accounts. now I understand
2005-05-03 18:04:47
100.   Eric Enders
OK, gotcha, brendan. Here's the rundown:

Rizzuto: Is a HOFer, but shouldn't be.

Torre, Edgar, Manny: Not currently HOFers, but will be soon.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-03 18:15:17
101.   DXMachina
"Has anyone ever seen a font that approximates the Dodger script?"

The closest thing I've found is Team Spirit (, but it's not a great match either.

2005-05-03 18:22:48
102.   godvls
Ref: #25
Another Taft High grad here (class of '77). In addition to Yount, Locock and Dierker, Taft has produced Rick Auerbach, Kelly Paris and Gabe Kapler. I'm probably missing a couple of others. Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go's was a year ahead of me at Taft and rumor had it that a couple of the Runaways went to Taft as well, although no one could ever figure out which ones. Oh yeah, and Ice Cube went to Taft too.
2005-05-03 18:27:10
103.   Icaros
Man, that Ice Cube had a wicked slider, didn't he?
2005-05-03 18:39:47
104.   gvette
Bye,Bye Buddy;

To the great sadness of the Buddy Carlyle fan club, tonight Alvarez is activated, and Buddy gets to visit Wynn Las Vegas after his next game at Cashman Field.

2005-05-03 18:46:53
105.   Steve
Valentin drops behind Ledee in the batting order. Such is progress.
2005-05-03 18:48:14
106.   Fearing Blue
Lineups posted...

Valentin has been moved down a slot to 7th behind Ledee. What's the over / under on how long until he gets dropped to 8th?

2005-05-03 18:52:48
107.   GoBears
Just heard on the radio pre-game show that Perez is working out exclusively at 3rd base, and is moving well. Also, Gagne threw 50 "nasty" pitches in BP today, will do so again in Cincy, then go for a couple rehab games in Vegas. Maybe end of next week for a return.
2005-05-03 18:54:32
108.   GoBears
re #106: Does Simers get a vote on "promoting" Phillips to 7th?
2005-05-03 18:57:37
109.   gvette
Phillips and Simers = Dumb and Dumber
2005-05-03 19:09:11
110.   Langhorne
Mark McGwire grew up in Claremont but went to a Catholic school (Damien) in La Verne much to the ire of Claremonters. His younger brother, Dan, played football for Claremont High. The city had a beef with the McGwires when they put up a batting cage in their back yard. The city said it was against the building code. In a city like Claremont, where you're not allowed to park on the street over night, it was a big concern. Ben Harper is also from Claremont no matter what his record company says.
2005-05-03 19:09:22
111.   Daniel Zappala
My High School (Servite in Anaheim) saw:

* Mike Witt, California Angels and the Yankees, threw a no-hitter of his own in 1984 and then combined with Mark Langston for another in 1990.

* Steve Buechele, Rangers, Pirates, and Cubs in a 10-year career, also played at Stanford, Jon

and, I just found out thanks to the BaseballCube page...

* D.J. Houlton

OK, now he HAS to stay on the team all year long.

2005-05-03 19:12:49
112.   Eric Enders
FYI, Ry Cooder is releasing a new album on June 13 called "Chavez Ravine." Anybody heard anything about this? The title of one of the songs on it is "3rd Base, Dodger Stadium."

The only reason I know of its existence is because WFUV (NYC station) is playing a song from it right now. The song is called "Poor Man's Shangri-La" but one of the lyrics says "there's a red cloud over Chavez Ravine."

2005-05-03 19:13:47
113.   Steve
"In a city like Claremont, where you're not allowed to park on the street over night, it was a big concern."

Most unlikely college town in the world.

2005-05-03 19:16:49
114.   Jim Hitchcock
There waa a story in Calendar Live about Cooder
the other day...would have like to have read it, but wasn't willing to pay for it.
2005-05-03 19:17:31
115.   Bob Timmermann
Checking back in here, Eddie Murray and Ozzie Smith are the first high school teammates to ever make the Hall of Fame.

The Waner brothers actually attended separate high schools in different cities in Oklahoma.

2005-05-03 19:17:31
116.   Eric Enders
Ben Harper is also from Claremont no matter what his record company says.

He sure has a lot of street cred, doesn't he, for someone who grew up in Claremont and is married to a WASPy Hollywood actress.

2005-05-03 19:17:51
117.   Jim Hitchcock
Sorry, L.A. Times Calendar Live...
2005-05-03 19:18:18
118.   gvette

The LA Times Calendar section last Sunday ran a verrrry long piece on Ry Cooder and the Chavez Ravine album.

Looks like another attempt at mythmaking about the "utopia" of Chavez Ravine before the land was taken by eminent domain by the city, first for a housing project that was aborted, then for the Dodgers.

2005-05-03 19:20:40
119.   Steve
Snoop Dogg is rumored to live in Claremont, very near Jim Tracy.
2005-05-03 19:21:24
120.   Bob Timmermann
If you have an LAPL card, you can read the Ry Cooder story through the LA Times database.

If anyone wants me to email them a copy, I can oblige.

2005-05-03 19:21:25
121.   Daniel Zappala
By the way, I hope everyone enjoyed Jeremy Burnitz as a Dodger because the guy we traded to the Mets for him -- Victor Diaz -- is off to a great start this year and is going to force the trade of Mike Cameron. He would look great in left field.
2005-05-03 19:22:51
122.   Eric Enders
I don't think anybody claims Chavez Ravine was a utopia, incidentally. But people are defensive about their homes.

I'd probably be similarly ticked if someone took my home and gave it to a millionaire for building a private stadium. (And yes, I know they didn't own the land, yada yada, but I doubt that fact lessened the blow.)

2005-05-03 19:25:22
123.   Jim Hitchcock
Does that helmet on the Nats catcher come woth A/C?
2005-05-03 19:26:25
124.   Bob Timmermann
Eric, you're leaving out the public housing project step in the Chavez Ravine story.
2005-05-03 19:27:17
125.   GoBears
So the DL report on Terrmel Sledge said "strained hamstring." Sure looked worse than that. Good news for him, I guess.
2005-05-03 19:28:06
126.   Jim Hitchcock
Question: What's the difference between a ravine, an arroyo, and a gulch?
2005-05-03 19:29:34
127.   GoBears
Jeez, Ledee always looks like he's lost interest once a ball gets past him in the OF. I wasn't sure he was going to go pick that up and throw it in. Not that it mattered, but I thought it was funny.
2005-05-03 19:31:24
128.   Steve
Those were evil Weaver pitches to Guillen and Church.
2005-05-03 19:31:29
129.   GoBears
Uh oh, they're booing Weaver already. Either that, or yelling "Drewwwww" in approval of his routine toss back to the IF.
2005-05-03 19:32:45
130.   Bob Timmermann
Ravine: A deep narrow hollow or gorge, a mountain cleft, properly one worn by a torrent.

Arroyo: A rivulet or stream; hence, the bed of a stream, a gully. (in U.S)

Gulch: A narrow and deep ravine, with steep sides, marking the course of a torrent; esp. one containing a deposit of gold.

2005-05-03 19:33:53
131.   Odysseus
Claremont: Irvine with eucalyptus trees and forest fires. Come to think of it, Irvine's not much of a college town either.
2005-05-03 19:34:28
132.   GoBears
Is it just me, or does it seem as though the Dodgers have had a lot of 3-6-1 DPs this year? I like the way Choi fields the position, his misplay last night notwithstanding. Do you all remember scatter-arm Garvey trying to make that play? Almost a guaranteed throwing error.
2005-05-03 19:35:11
133.   Jim Hitchcock
Thank you.
2005-05-03 19:36:45
134.   Eric Enders
Webster lists ravine as a synonym for arroyo, and gulch as a synonym for ravine.

Interpreting their definition, it seems a ravine might have a steeper dropoff than the others. And a ravine is bigger than a gully, but smaller than a canyon.

In practical terms, I think "ravine" might be more of a general, non-geographically specific term. I think "gulch" and "arroyo" mean basically the sdame thing, but I've never heard "arroyo" used outside the context of the American West.

2005-05-03 19:36:50
135.   Ben P
So once again, the game is blacked out here in DC on Extra Innings despite the fact that it's not on local cable or broadcast TV. I e-mailed the Extra Innings site today and, to their credit, they wrote back right away:

"Blackout territories are drawn by Major League Baseball and their member clubs. They are based upon the reach of a particular broadcaster and not due to mileage or stadium attendance, so, some of the territories can be large at times. Blackouts are based upon broadcast rights and not whether or not a team is at home or away. These rules apply whether or not the local network airs the game.
Blackout territories are determined by MLB and their member clubs, so you may want to send any comments to the MLB as well as the teams."

2005-05-03 19:37:32
136.   gvette
The Chavez Ravine property was actually taken by eminent domain by LA city council action in 1950, for use as a housing project of 10,000 units. The program ran afoul of political interference, but the City still owned the property when O'Malley came to town eight years later.
2005-05-03 19:38:20
137.   Steve
Valentin with the productive out. I'll take those at this point.
2005-05-03 19:39:21
138.   Jim Hitchcock
Just wondering...have a buddy by the name of Raul Arroyo...once told me his name in English was `Gulch'.
2005-05-03 19:41:13
139.   GoBears
C'mon Weaver! Get that run back!
2005-05-03 19:44:22
140.   GoBears
Good Yankee story by Vin. For those who are Vin-less, it was that the Yankees had a shipment of 47000 giveaway caps hijacked and stolen today. Too bad that didn't happen to the fleece blankets that the Dodgers gave away last week.
2005-05-03 19:51:56
141.   GoBears
Ledee just did it again. Like he figures that the chance anyone will try for 3 is so small that there's no point even jogging.
2005-05-03 19:52:27
142.   JeffinTokyo
Weaver is a #4 starter at best. He eats innings, and comes up with the occasional gem, but he is just not a consistent big time pitcher. I doubt he ever will be.
2005-05-03 19:52:55
143.   Steve
I think it's our lame starting pitcher wearing the bullpen out, not the fans.
2005-05-03 19:53:05
144.   Bob Timmermann
With the exception of really big things (like mountains) nearly every major landform in the world is formed by water. And in arid climates like Southern California, much of our landscape is going to be shaped by hard rains that make a sharp cut into the earth.

Most of the world would use "ravine", but since we're out west we sometimes say "arroyo" which is the Spanish equivalent. A "gulch" is just another name for a ravine.

These are unlike canyons which are shaped by rivers.

And with all the rain this year, the Arroyo Seco has been anything but Seco.

2005-05-03 19:56:52
145.   JeffinTokyo
Why doesn't Tracy put Repko in left? He's a sparkplug, plays great defense, has surprising power, and has untold upside. Ledee is Ledee. A steady backup with a fully tapped upside. The Dodgers are stronger with Ledee on the bench than in the starting lineup.
2005-05-03 19:58:23
146.   Bob Timmermann
Giants leading in Arizona, 1-0 on a Lance Niekro homer.

Halsey vs. Rueter.

2005-05-03 19:59:39
147.   JeffinTokyo
Re Repko and Choi, et al., Jim Tracy's "putting players in a position to succeed" means to me, "Not giving players a chance to prove themselves/grow."
2005-05-03 19:59:47
148.   GoBears
Well, JiT, that's the glass-is-half-full view of Repko's potential. But he's not really all that good, was not good in the minors, and probably isn't ever going to be as good as Ledee (which is not to compliment Ricky). So in this case, it's pretty clearly a platoon thing. RHP means Ricky (could be worse, could be Grabowski). LHP means Repko, at least til Werth returns.
2005-05-03 20:00:39
149.   Steve
We mock Russ Ortiz, then we throw Weaver out there. Has he hit more than 85 yet on the gun?
2005-05-03 20:01:49
150.   GoBears
I don't mock Ortiz. Just the DBax for giving him all that moolah.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-05-03 20:02:19
151.   Steve
Grabowski grows like a beanstalk, but something tells me that's not what Jeff has in mind.
2005-05-03 20:02:58
152.   JeffinTokyo
148. I see your point. Still, Repko is an upgrade in the field, and I would prefer to have Ledee on the bench as a late inning pinch hit possibility. Agreed that when Werth returns, the platoon ends.
2005-05-03 20:03:01
153.   GoBears
Feh. Think we'll ever get 2 hits in a row again? Too bad Drew's blast just missed.
2005-05-03 20:03:10
154.   Steve
True. At least Weaver's gone after this year.
2005-05-03 20:06:52
155.   Steve
I take it back. Those were all 87.
2005-05-03 20:08:03
156.   Jim Hitchcock
Starting to think $2.00 Tuesday should be renamed `Doubles Night'.
2005-05-03 20:09:59
157.   Bob Timmermann
The Dbacks have the bases loaded with 1 out in the 6th against Rueter.

Due up: "Old friend" Shawn Green.

2005-05-03 20:11:15
158.   Bob Timmermann
The D-Backs go ahead 2-1 on a throwing error by Vizquel trying to turn a DP on Green.
2005-05-03 20:12:07
159.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Scioscia is saying "See, I told you Guillen was an idiot!"
2005-05-03 20:12:41
160.   Steve
Shawn Green hits into one of those two run forceouts he's famous for.
2005-05-03 20:14:19
161.   joekings
how long is weaver's leash tonight?
2005-05-03 20:16:22
162.   JeffinTokyo
The Dodgers lucked out this inning. Maybe things are about to turn around.
2005-05-03 20:17:13
163.   GoBears
Ooh, great pitch to K Guzman. That's what's so frustrating about Weaver. Tons of talent - just misses too often.
2005-05-03 20:17:57
164.   Steve
Interminably, numbingly long, no doubt
2005-05-03 20:18:03
165.   Bob Timmermann
2-2 in Arizona after Alou homers off of Admiral Halsey.
2005-05-03 20:18:27
166.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, homer was by Feliz.
2005-05-03 20:21:51
167.   DodgerRican
Well, here in the land of Carlos Arroyo, we also called arroyo, quebrada; although it is much closer to creek. BTW there is a quebrada called "Quebrada Seca" just 300 meters from my house...

maybe something like Arroyo Seco.

2005-05-03 20:22:58
168.   Odysseus
2005-05-03 20:23:44
169.   jeongers
Finally, Valentin comes through.
2005-05-03 20:24:16
170.   ROC
Jim Edmonds went to my school, Diamond Bar High (L.A. County).

Snoop Dogg is indeed Jim Tracy's neighbor. I envision a "why ya pin-chizzle for Hee-sizzle" call out last week...

2005-05-03 20:24:20
171.   Jim Hitchcock
That's Bull, Bob.
2005-05-03 20:27:05
172.   Odysseus
Snoop used to coach a Pop Warner team in Claremont.
2005-05-03 20:27:37
173.   Steve
170 -- that put me in a better mood than I've been in in a week.
2005-05-03 20:29:38
174.   Odysseus
Perhaps a new frontrunner in the "Hee Seop needs a nickname" contest?
2005-05-03 20:30:24
175.   JeffinTokyo
TJ must be in Phillip's head.
2005-05-03 20:32:28
176.   JeffinTokyo
2005-05-03 20:32:39
177.   KAYVMON
Wow, the world is too small. I don't whats weirder: you guys talking about Snoop considering hes coming to my school Friday or the fact that I went to the same high school as Jon (I think if he is indeed a Wolverine).
2005-05-03 20:33:48
178.   Steve
I live for this
2005-05-03 20:33:54
179.   KAYVMON
That is "he was a Wolverine."
2005-05-03 20:34:55
180.   ROC
Thanks, Steve. If Choi slams again now, I think the mood will get even better...
2005-05-03 20:37:37
181.   Odysseus
Fo Shizzle Hee Sizzle.
2005-05-03 20:37:42
182.   Steve
Yes! Solid. Nice at-bat.
2005-05-03 20:37:46
183.   JeffinTokyo
Hee sizzles, indeed! Weaver didn't help himself, though.
2005-05-03 20:37:58
184.   Shlomo
The Hee-Seop Experiment, results for April:

Choi, .818 OPS (1.071 against lefties, .811 against righties)

Green, .712 OPS (.432 against lefties, .878 against righties)

2005-05-03 20:38:00
185.   Jim Hitchcock
Thoroughly professional at bat.
2005-05-03 20:38:25
186.   jeongers
Yeah, baby! An-tah (Korean for base hit)!
2005-05-03 20:38:37
187.   KAYVMON
2005-05-03 20:38:58
188.   Fearing Blue
Maybe if we keep calling Hee Seop Choi a professional hitter, Tracy will get confused and stop putting Saenz in.
2005-05-03 20:38:59
189.   GoBears
Jeez, why didn't they send Weaver? 2 outs - he should have been going on contact. Did he slip or some'pin?
2005-05-03 20:40:23
190.   joekings
I thought Weaver had speed, Tracy pinch runs with him all the time.
2005-05-03 20:40:32
191.   Bob Timmermann
Probably not a good idea to send the starting pitcher if there's going to be a close play at the plate.
2005-05-03 20:40:49
192.   jtshoe
On the radio even before the hit, they were saying that Weaver wasn't taking a good enough lead.
2005-05-03 20:40:56
193.   Steve
I thought Drew got it.
2005-05-03 20:41:32
194.   GoBears
Why? With luck, he gets a minor owie and has to come out of the game before giving up 3 more doubles?
2005-05-03 20:41:35
195.   jeongers
Man, they made Day work. 88 pitches in just 4 innings?

I'd never seen Rauch before until yesterday. Man, he's a big.

2005-05-03 20:42:08
196.   Vishal
sigh, so did i.

and yeah, there are good reasons not to send weaver, especially against guillen's arm. however, the throw was off line, so in retrospect, maybe he shoulda gone, but that's hindsight.

ps. choi!!!

2005-05-03 20:42:39
197.   JeffinTokyo
Seems like we are hearing a lot less about Choi's slow bat speed. His continuing success could be a lesson to Tracy on how to handle the kids: (as the Astrodome crowd chanted near the end of Bad News Bears in Breaking Training) "Let them play! Let them play!"
2005-05-03 20:43:23
198.   DL04
Sigh... Somebody ought to look up the season record for 'Most Innings Ended with 3 LOB'. Whatever it is, I'm sure the Dodgers are on pace to break it.
2005-05-03 20:43:58
199.   Steve
I don't think Weaver should have gone, but I can see where you would think he should have. I always ask in those situations, What Would Snoop Do?
2005-05-03 20:44:12
200.   Jim Hitchcock
Damn. He makes that bat look tiny.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-05-03 20:44:56
201.   jtshoe
Even before Choi's hit Monday said that if Weaver wouldn't take a bigger lead he could cost the Dodgers a run on a base hit - he nailed that one. It seems that this season there is alot more mistakes than in past on the basepaths.
2005-05-03 20:46:36
202.   DodgerRican
Any news if Kevin Brown crush any wall?
2005-05-03 20:46:47
203.   JeffinTokyo
With two strikes and two outs, you go on the swing. You don't even have to wait for contact.
2005-05-03 20:47:08
204.   Steve
Steve Karsay's available! Any takers?
2005-05-03 20:48:25
205.   joekings
where was this weaver the first four innings?
2005-05-03 20:48:27
206.   Steve
"Brown declined to speak with reporters in a mostly empty clubhouse."
2005-05-03 20:48:52
207.   GoBears
Well, they send Ledee against Guillen, with 1 out, so it seemed obvious that tehy should send Weaver (faster?) with 2 outs on basically the same hit. If anything, Valentin's hit was sharper. Oh well. Maybe Weaver just stumbled or stopped through the go sign.
2005-05-03 20:49:14
208.   JeffinTokyo
I wonder if Brown will be joining Karsay on the waiver wire. His salary is a sunk cost. His future pitching lines are not.
2005-05-03 20:49:39
209.   Vishal
when did weaver become such a junkball pitcher? heck, even barry zito can hit 90-91 with his fastball. weaver's topping out at 86-87.
2005-05-03 20:50:41
210.   GoBears
That's what, 8? Ks in 5 innings. Any walks? Not bad at all. Too bad about all the hits.
2005-05-03 20:51:43
211.   Bob Timmermann
The NL record for most LOB for a team in a season is 1328 by the 1976 Reds.

If the Dodgers are as good as that team, I will be a very happy guy.

The 1941 Browns left the most. And they finished 70-84. That team drew a lot of walks, but not much else. And some really bad pitching.

2005-05-03 20:51:56
212.   DodgerRican
GoBears, 192 explained it... It was Weaver's fault.
2005-05-03 20:54:13
213.   Steve
I see myself and my reaction had Weaver been thrown out, and I'm glad they didn't send him. Sounds like Weaver was hugging the bag to begin with, and its not like he runs bases a lot. I just watch Glenn Hoffman wheel people around with little discrimination, and it was nice to see Drew get a chance. And I thought Drew got it. He just missed it.
2005-05-03 20:54:27
214.   jeongers
Random question: when was the last time you saw a pitchout? Not that they're particularly memorable, but I don't remember seeing any in the young season.
2005-05-03 20:58:12
215.   GoBears
Vinnie's going on and on about Rauch's height, and how it might slow down his time to the plate, so that maybe they should send Bradley. My wife just added that he'd also have a problem getting out of the way of the catcher's throw to 2nd. Doesn't matter now that JV walked, but it made me laugh.
2005-05-03 20:59:21
216.   JeffinTokyo
Take that TJ!
2005-05-03 20:59:42
217.   GoBears
214: Every Angels game. Scioscia loves to pitch out

....Take THAT, TJ!

2005-05-03 21:00:19
218.   Bob Timmermann
Looking at the 1976 Reds, it looks like they left on about .9 runners per inning.

That means they were one hard team to get out in order.

And they scored more runs than anyone else in the majors. The next closest team was 87 runs behind.

I forgot just how good that team was.

2005-05-03 21:00:22
219.   Steve
Eat it Simers
2005-05-03 21:00:58
220.   joekings
Valentin slides HARD no matter what base.
2005-05-03 21:01:13
221.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I don't believe I've seen a pitchout this season.
But in many seasons preceding, I don't recall seeing a successful pitchout.
2005-05-03 21:01:27
222.   GoBears
Yoku dekita, JiT.
2005-05-03 21:01:50
223.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Clark put the DBacks ahead 3-2 in the 8th with an RBI single.

Brandon Lyon trying to save it.

2005-05-03 21:02:38
224.   Steve
The real story of that play was that Valentin obviously touched the plate. I couldn't figure out what the umpire was doing, but he was about to blow that call.
2005-05-03 21:02:46
225.   Bob Timmermann
With hardly anyone stealing bases, why should you call a pitchout? Would pitching out with Lowe make a difference? He still takes a long time to get the ball to home.
2005-05-03 21:03:50
226.   joekings
What is going on with all the garbage on the field?
2005-05-03 21:03:57
227.   Steve
You forgot to mention, Bob, Shawn Green's clutch 3-6 forceout before Clark's single.

Let me guess. Two dollar night.

2005-05-03 21:03:58
228.   Jim Hitchcock
Hope those fools are proud of themselves.
2005-05-03 21:04:00
229.   Odysseus
The roster of the 2000 gold medal team

Manager Tommy Lasorda

C Pat Borders
C Marcus Jensen
C Mike Kinkade

IF Brent Abernathy
IF Sean Burroughs
IF Brent Butler
IF Mike Coolbaugh
IF Gookie Dawkins
IF Adam Everett
IF Doug Mientkiewicz

OF John Cotton
OF Shawn Gilbert
OF Anthony Sanders
OF Ernie Young
OF Brad Wilkerson
OF Mike Neill.

P Kurt Ainsworth
P Ryan Franklin
P Chris George
P Matt Ginter
P Shane Heams
P Rick Krivda
P Roy Oswalt
P Jon Rauch
P C.C. Sabathia
P Bobby Seay,
P Ben Sheets
P Todd Williams
P Tim Young

2005-05-03 21:04:12
230.   Vishal
throwing trash on the field is such bad form.
2005-05-03 21:04:14
231.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
What the hell is going on?
2005-05-03 21:04:25
232.   bokonon42
Any idea what the trash in right is about?
2005-05-03 21:04:27
233.   GoBears
Do a PSA, Vinnie! Before every game, on the jumbotron. Wait - people show up too late. Before the 3rd inning.
2005-05-03 21:04:36
234.   Albert in Hong Kong
I just logged on. I dont get all the debris on the field?
2005-05-03 21:05:05
235.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks win 3-2 over the Giants.

But just what is going on with the people in RF?

2005-05-03 21:05:17
236.   DodgerRican
Man, I just recalled the Met's pitchouts with Piazza and the runner being always safe!
2005-05-03 21:05:26
237.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I'm late to this conversation but I'll chip in anyway..
The only MLB player to come from my old school (Central HS in Phoenix) was Gary Rajsich, a 1B-OF in the early 80s.
2005-05-03 21:05:28
238.   Jerry
Did some Angels fans think it'd be funny to throw stuff at Guillen? I hope they got thrown out, whoever they were.
2005-05-03 21:06:34
239.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Cora would've made that play, then restored order in the rowdy pavillion.
2005-05-03 21:07:14
240.   Steve
Kent shows off his horrible range again.

Time to cancel two dollar night.

2005-05-03 21:07:27
241.   mikethinksblue
Someone sitting in the front row of the RF Pavillion must have popped a beachball
2005-05-03 21:07:30
242.   Bob Timmermann
As a private entity, do the Dodgers have the right to refuse to sell tickets or allow admission to people who threw stuff on the field? I would think they would.
2005-05-03 21:08:20
243.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
First, the incessant beachball battiness and now this. Dodger fans are off to a bad start in '05.
2005-05-03 21:08:53
244.   Odysseus
Yes absolutely, Bob. However, that's only particularly useful if the offender is a season ticket holder, which is probably not the case.
2005-05-03 21:09:17
245.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
If you're going to throw something at least be different - like the Angels' tortilla tossers of '85.
2005-05-03 21:10:07
246.   GoBears
#242 - I would think so, Bob. It'd be nearly impossible to enforce, though.
2005-05-03 21:10:38
247.   Steve
Not quite Gold Star. Cora would have showed his otherworldly range by catching all the trash as it was being thrown, then inviting Hee Seop Choi to rest after running all those nasty bases by playing both second and first base.
2005-05-03 21:11:06
248.   Bob Timmermann
They do sell season seats in the LF Pavilion.

Sheesh, Dodger Stadium is turning into Heysel.

2005-05-03 21:11:38
249.   Vishal
am i hearing right? does the crowd keep chanting "yankees suck"?
2005-05-03 21:12:33
250.   Bob Timmermann
I guess the problem would be that the Dodgers can't positively identify any of the people they eject. They can't legally make them tell their names or otherwise identify themselves. Unless they got the LAPD involved.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-05-03 21:13:05
251.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Bob, it won't be truly Heysel until fans start singing "You'll Never Walk Alone."
2005-05-03 21:13:25
252.   Bob Timmermann
It's not "Yankees", but it could be "Guillen".
2005-05-03 21:13:51
253.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
LAPD? Hey, the academy is right down the block!
2005-05-03 21:14:15
254.   Steve
I think they're chanting "Plaschke sucks."
2005-05-03 21:14:41
255.   Daniel Zappala
Finley just hit another two-run homer for the Angels.
2005-05-03 21:15:24
256.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
(Correction: Liverpool FC's home pitch is not Heysel. GSfRB regrets the error.)
2005-05-03 21:16:17
257.   JeffinTokyo
What is happening in Dodger Stadium? I've been in Japan for five years, so I have only gone to a couple of games in the past few years (when I was back on vacation). Both were mid week day games, so I suspect the crowds were tamer than normal.

Is it getting to the point where I should hesitate to bring my small kids when I visit next time?

2005-05-03 21:16:24
258.   jeongers
Yeah, I guess it just occurred to me that not only have I seen fewer pitchouts this season, but overall in the last couple years. Just one of those, "Hey, something just occurred to me moments" that wasn't meant to prove a point.

Regarding Lowe and stolen bases, I seem to remember a few years ago seeing a report that the Red Sox didn't worry about the running game at all. Kerrigan didn't teach the slide step because they thought it flattened pitches out. Might explain the lack of attention Lowe pays to base runners.

2005-05-03 21:16:33
259.   Jim Hitchcock
Sure sounds like `Yankees Suck' to me. Second time tonight...heard it in two other games, too.
2005-05-03 21:18:17
260.   Odysseus
There's no reason they couldn't get the LAPD involved. The people who are throwing trash on the field are potentially trespassing, and possibly committing assault and even battery.

But unless the people involved are season ticketholders, in which case the Dodgers could revoke their season tickets and put them on a banned list, I'm not sure how much good it would do.

Sure, they could blacklist them and refuse to sell to people with those names (based on credit card). However, someone could always use his wife's credit card, give his buddies cash to buy tickets, scalp tickets, or get free tickets from friends and work associates.

Practically speaking, it would be very difficult to prevent these people from coming back, but symbolically, it would make a statement.

2005-05-03 21:18:51
261.   Steve
Adrian Beltre's OPS is now .585.

Wunsch and Sanchez are up and at the ready.

2005-05-03 21:19:30
262.   JeffinTokyo
GSfRB, you were right to mention Liverpool. since it was that team's fans that were considered to be the main cause of the disaster at Heysel in a European Cup match 20 years ago (pre Champions League).
2005-05-03 21:20:15
263.   Bob Timmermann
Why would anyone be chanting anything about the Yankees?
2005-05-03 21:20:32
264.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Did that guy in the blue shirt prevent Drew from making the catch?
2005-05-03 21:21:07
265.   Steve
86% of fans wanted to keep Alex Cora. That a few of them throw trash on the field shouldn't be that surprising.

Come get Weaver after he walks Schneider.

2005-05-03 21:21:46
266.   Bob Timmermann
Heysel is a suburb of Brussels. I've actually seen the stadium. I went there to buy a ticket for a World Cup qualifier match between Belgium and the Faroe Islands.

The match was not played at Heysel. That's just where the office was.

2005-05-03 21:22:19
267.   Steve
Let it be said, so let it be done.
2005-05-03 21:22:24
268.   GoBears
I was an Angels-BoSox game in Anaheim last year and all 50,000 joined in the "Yankees suck" chant. We all got along. It was beautiful.
2005-05-03 21:22:56
269.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-03 21:23:42
270.   Icaros
Now that's good managin', Jim.
2005-05-03 21:24:24
271.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
From the BBC's account:
The Heysel stadium itself has changed beyond recognition since the disaster.
The old venue, built in 1930, was demolished after the disaster and replaced by the all-seater Stade Roi Baudouin, which has never been used to stage club football.
2005-05-03 21:25:06
272.   Icaros
Too bad Duaner is lousy.
2005-05-03 21:25:08
273.   Steve
See, now we can all just watch the bullpen give up the lead and not worry about Jim Tracy.
2005-05-03 21:25:17
274.   A E LUTHER
Is this deja vu with Weaver/Tracy or what?
2005-05-03 21:26:20
275.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Beeg Belly waddles up to the plate...
2005-05-03 21:26:47
276.   Steve
The Washington Nationals are very stupid.
2005-05-03 21:26:50
277.   Jim Hitchcock
Actually, we're gonna blames it on you, Steve :)
2005-05-03 21:27:01
278.   GoBears
What the heck was Guzman doing?
2005-05-03 21:27:06
279.   A E LUTHER
So this time Tracy pulls the trigger and goes to the pen.
2005-05-03 21:27:19
280.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
What a break.
2005-05-03 21:27:26
281.   mikethinksblue
Nice work Duaner
2005-05-03 21:27:37
282.   GoBears
I guess he thought the runner would be sent home and was headed to 3rd base, but had to slam on the brakes.
2005-05-03 21:28:13
283.   A E LUTHER

Good question...

2005-05-03 21:28:28
284.   JeffinTokyo
Gifts come in all shapes and sizes.
2005-05-03 21:28:29
285.   spacebrother
That run wouldn't have been in position to score if that idot hadn't interfered with Drew's catch. I hope he's a Nats fan. I wonder if Drew gave him a dirty look on the walk or the subsequent run.
2005-05-03 21:29:39
286.   Bob Timmermann
At what point does Frank Robinson say "I'm too old for this &^$@?"
2005-05-03 21:29:56
287.   A E LUTHER

Did Guzman know how many outs there were? What ever...

Need a DP...

2005-05-03 21:31:07
288.   Icaros
I really want to kill all of the fans at Dodger Stadium right now, except for any friends I may happen to have in attendance (couldn't be more than 2 people).
2005-05-03 21:31:26
289.   spacebrother
Oh wait, there wasn't a run. What happened?
2005-05-03 21:31:28
290.   A E LUTHER
Gotta love the southpaw side armer...
2005-05-03 21:31:43
291.   jtshoe
Anyone watching tv? Gamecast says a run scored, but on the radio they just said its first and third.
2005-05-03 21:32:09
292.   Steve
And we give it right back. Nice play by Choi to save the run.
2005-05-03 21:32:15
293.   Bob Timmermann
Now it's second and third after a botched pickoff.
2005-05-03 21:32:30
294.   Icaros
This inning reminds of some Little League games I've played in.
2005-05-03 21:32:55
295.   Steve
What a nice pitch by Wunsch.
2005-05-03 21:32:58
296.   jeongers
Two nights in a row that Baerga hurts us. Their stiffs are better than our stiffs.
2005-05-03 21:33:28
297.   JeffinTokyo
According to Charlie, not on pitch was over 75 MPH. Man, if only I was a lefty...
2005-05-03 21:33:31
298.   GoBears
Sweet. I loves me some LOOGY. And yes, I recognize that I've said the opposite more than once.
2005-05-03 21:33:45
299.   Icaros
Don't forget, we also have Wilson in the pen.
2005-05-03 21:34:36
300.   Jim Hitchcock
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-05-03 21:34:37
301.   DodgerRican
We are the radar gun kings!!!!
2005-05-03 21:34:47
302.   Steve
Blame me some more. It's amazing what happens WHEN YOU DO IT RIGHT!
2005-05-03 21:35:04
303.   JeffinTokyo
Nice Pitching Kelly.

Jose Valentin sprained his right knee. MRI tomorrow.

2005-05-03 21:35:08
304.   Icaros
Your prayers are answered, Steve. Valentin out with a knee sprain, MRI forthcoming.
2005-05-03 21:35:24
305.   GoBears
Weaver should buy the Nats 3rd base coach a drink. Or maybe "another" drink. Even Vinnie couldn't believe they didn't send the guy.
2005-05-03 21:36:27
306.   Jim Hitchcock
You were only responsible for Sanchez, Steve.
2005-05-03 21:36:49
307.   Icaros
Hope Perez got enough practice down there, otherwise it's the Nori show full time.
2005-05-03 21:37:24
308.   GoBears
Re: Valentin. With Perez still a week or more away, that would give Nakamura a stay of execution. Which is probably not a good thing.
2005-05-03 21:37:46
309.   Xeifrank
Tonight it was the National's manager who messed up. The Nats shouldn't have pitched to Jason Phillips the Dodgers catcher with men on first and second with two outs and the pitcher Jeff Weaver due up next in the bottom of the fifth inning. It cost the Nats two runs, and perhaps the game.



2005-05-03 21:37:58
310.   A E LUTHER

Exactly, would have had 1st and 3rd w/ 0 outs.

2005-05-03 21:38:04
311.   Bob Timmermann
Saenz can play third. At least he has "3B" on his resume.

He played a total of 2 games for 5 innings at 3B last year.

2005-05-03 21:38:50
312.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Hold 'em here. I'm going to bed...
2005-05-03 21:39:35
313.   JeffinTokyo
An Expo is still an Expo under any other name.
2005-05-03 21:39:41
314.   Icaros
Yeah, and Grabowski has "OF" on his resume.
2005-05-03 21:39:43
315.   Xeifrank
Any chance that Guzman gets called up now that Valentin is hurt?

If the Dodgers aren't willing to bring up their stud minor league infielder, then why don't they consider trading for one. The Dodgers minor league is loaded, and with Kent able to play more than one position the Dodgers could trade for a 2b or 3b.



2005-05-03 21:40:30
316.   GoBears
Valentin bounced back from that bad looking HBP a week or so ago. Not that he mattered much in the lineup until tonight...
2005-05-03 21:41:11
317.   A E LUTHER
Our bully w/o Gagne has been our "MVP" so far.
2005-05-03 21:42:46
318.   Bob Timmermann
The Death March of the Rockies continues. They lose again, 2-1 in San Diego. Jay Witasick gave up an RBI double to Damian Jackson in the 8th.

Just when Damian Jackson joined the Pads is a mystery to me.

2005-05-03 21:42:48
319.   JeffinTokyo
I wouldn't give up on Nakamura. It is hard to adjust to a new league when you only play on a spot basis. He had 4 more hits in his first 25 at bats than JD Drew. JD Drew was given the benefit of the doubt without question. Considering Nakamura's track record (albiet in Japan), he deserves a chance as well.

Give him a week or two of playing everyday, and see if he sorts himself out. At worst, he will provide better D than Jose V. At best, he will settle down and hit to his potential.

2005-05-03 21:43:28
320.   A E LUTHER
Last week I mentioned that if we take 5/6 at home vs. the Rockies/Nat's then we'll be ok going on the road...

...let's make it 4/5 then win tomorrow!

2005-05-03 21:44:32
321.   GoBears
Yeesh, I wouldn't want Kent at 3rd. Not for more than a stopgap. His arm isn't that strong, and the time he is afforded at 2nd base (playing deep to cover more ground, and a pretty slow release) wouldn't be available at 3rd.
2005-05-03 21:44:48
322.   JeffinTokyo
Does Robles play third? If so, the Dodgers could purchase his contract from the Mexican league team as an alternative/backup. Right now, the Dodgers don't have a back up second baseman or shortstop.
2005-05-03 21:45:19
323.   A E LUTHER

Better D at 3B and his bat will come arround...

2005-05-03 21:45:29
324.   Steve
Tracy did it right. And Cristian Guzman knew it, and wanted to give him credit for it. I shudder to think how Tracy would have reacted if Washington had scored there. We wouldn't have seen the bullpen for another two weeks.
2005-05-03 21:45:35
325.   alex 7
great time to steal.
2005-05-03 21:46:37
326.   Icaros
Who knew there existed a Japanese Jeff Hamilton?
2005-05-03 21:47:13
327.   Steve
I vote for Willy Aybar, whoever that is. Nakamura is hopeless.
2005-05-03 21:48:04
328.   A E LUTHER
Hi Alex, this is Depo. Would you mind coming back and playing second so we can move Kent over to third...oh never mind.
2005-05-03 21:48:09
329.   Steve
I nominate this thread for Best Comedy While Watching A Baseball Game.
2005-05-03 21:48:41
330.   Johnson
If Valentin is down for any significant period of time, our only backup IF, period, will be Saenz. We'd have to bring somebody up. If Perez isn't ready yet, what are the options? Purchasing Robles' contract (as mentioned above)? Thurston? Eek.
2005-05-03 21:48:42
331.   Xeifrank
Nakahomo looked awful again in his latest at bat. Popping up to the catcher on a pitch above his eyes. I guess he hasn't read Moneyball. Someone needs to translate the book to Japanese. :) I will give the guy two weeks to shape up, but will be shocked if he can hit with that awful stance and terrible plate discipline.



2005-05-03 21:48:42
332.   alex 7
When is Antonio Perez due back? I haven't watched him play, but isn't he a backup 2B and utility IFer?
2005-05-03 21:48:45
333.   mikethinksblue
Didn't Dave Hansen play 3rd coming off the bench? I think I read he was released today by whatever team he was playing for.
2005-05-03 21:48:54
334.   Steve
Seattle might be looking to dump a contract or two.
2005-05-03 21:49:08
335.   GoBears
JiT - It's not just Nakamura's bad numbers. FOr that, you're right that the small sample doesn't mean much. It's how he has looked arriving at those numbers. That ridiculous swing can't catch up with anything inside. I think he's pulled 3 balls all year. He's not patient (swings at nearly every pitch, albeit fouling a bunch off). JD Drew had a MLB track record that instilled confidence. Success in Japan is no predictor of anything (think about all the MLB castoffs who prosper there). The burden of proof has been on Nori-kun. He's proved to be unprepared. I'd rather play him every day in Vegas to see if he can adapt there before I'd waste any more ABs on him in the Show.
2005-05-03 21:49:24
336.   Icaros
If you're looking for Nori's track record, you have to go back like three years to find a great Japan.
2005-05-03 21:49:43
337.   Charlie Hustler
Saenz played a lot of 3B in Oakland, before Eric Chavez took his opportunity to play there away.
2005-05-03 21:50:58
338.   Steve
Perez is getting a third base tutorial which is supposed to take three weeks in Las Vegas, but they may move it up. I think Dave Hansen was actually signed by the Mariners, not released.
2005-05-03 21:52:08
339.   Steve
Perez and Aybar. So that's settled.

Where was that?

2005-05-03 21:53:07
340.   Charlie Hustler
LA Times suggests that Antonio Perez will play 3B when next recalled; latest Henson article indicates that Tracy intends Perez to play at 3B until this rehab stint ends on May 18...
2005-05-03 21:53:53
341.   Jerry
Saenz played third base in 15 games in 2002, 14 in 2001, and 18 in 2000. He played 56 games at that position in 1999 when he was still in his twenties. He didn't play anywhere in 2003.
2005-05-03 21:55:21
342.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Hansen is playing for Tacoma now.
2005-05-03 21:55:40
343.   JeffinTokyo
Speaking of former Dodger 3rd basemen, one of the most exciting games I ever attended was Hanshin Tigers vs. Yomiuri Giants in 1998. 50,000 fans at Koshien Stadium, Japan's Wrigley Field. The Tigers 3rd baseman was Dave Hansen. Darrell May (now with the Padres) was the starter for the Tigers. May got shelled, but the Tigers battled back. Hansen had three hits, including a 2-run homerun in the bottom of the 8th for a come from behind victory. Eariler in the game, another ex-Dodger, Mariano Duncan, struck out on 3 pitches as a pinch hitter for the Giants.

What made the game great, besides Hansen's success, was the intensity of the Tigers-Giants rivalry, on the field and in the stands. In Japan, the left field stands are always filled with the visiting team's fans. The fans on both sides cheered and sang the entire game. There were horns, banners, giant flags with the numbers of favorite players. And best of all, not a single beachball, or someone sitting behind me asking for an explanation on the infield fly rule.

2005-05-03 21:55:56
344.   GoBears
#340: As I mentioned about 3 hours ago, A Martinez said the same thing in the pregrame show (on radio). So unless they move that up, we're 2 wks from seeing Perez again. Of course, Valentin might be in the lineup tomorrow, so perhaps we shouldn't panic.
2005-05-03 21:57:16
345.   Steve
Where's Braz?
2005-05-03 21:57:33
346.   Chris H
I think we've all seen enough of Nakamura. The closest he should come to playing for the Dodgers is the yearly fantasy camp in Vero.

I'd love to see Aybar get a shot.

2005-05-03 21:57:45
347.   bokonon42
#331 "Nakahomo"? Not cool.
2005-05-03 21:58:03
348.   GoBears
I tell ya, I think Scully may love Castilla even more than he loves Craig Counsell. Could be the "Vinnie" thing. It's getting embarrassing.
2005-05-03 21:58:11
349.   Ben P
At this moment, Repko is our backup SS.
2005-05-03 21:58:34
350.   Eric L

I bet they weren't dropping the Japanese equivalent of F-bombs the entire game either...

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-05-03 21:58:39
351.   Icaros
Loved that first pitch fastball to Castilla.
2005-05-03 21:59:00
352.   Steve
Where's Braz?
2005-05-03 21:59:06
353.   alex 7
Vinny only cost the Nats $3 million. Would have made a nice platoon with Valentin. I guess DePo thought he might be getting a Castilla-like player in Nakamura for much cheaper.
2005-05-03 21:59:27
354.   Icaros
Uh, please make Gio stop.
2005-05-03 21:59:34
355.   GoBears
Exhale........ The Human Rain Delay almost gave up the game on that pitch. Think Schneider wants to make up for the baserunning gaffe?
2005-05-03 21:59:46
356.   Steve
Every pitch is painful.
2005-05-03 22:01:08
357.   Steve
Braz is warming up? Please tell me this is true.
2005-05-03 22:01:12
358.   Icaros
There is someone in the pen...right?
2005-05-03 22:01:25
359.   Jerry
Is Braz even warming up?
2005-05-03 22:01:50
360.   Xeifrank
Ghame over???
2005-05-03 22:01:51
361.   GoBears
And time-consuming.
2005-05-03 22:01:52
362.   joekings
i can breathe again.
2005-05-03 22:01:59
363.   Jim Hitchcock
Talk about dodging bullets...
2005-05-03 22:02:10
364.   Steve
Oh man. What a gift. Brian Schneider = Big Goat.
2005-05-03 22:02:14
365.   JeffinTokyo
Gio dodged a bullet big time.

GoB, regarding Nakamura, I have to admit that I am at a disadvantage in that I can't watch the games on TV. So, if he is really overmatched, then I agree he needs some seasoning in the minors. On the other hand, maybe Wallach can work his magic, and Nori can adjust his swing. At this point, it seems that Nak is the best option.

2005-05-03 22:02:15
366.   mikethinksblue
Nice play though on the slow dribbler back to the box by Gio
2005-05-03 22:02:16
367.   Sushirabbit
for the LOVE of GOD!!!! Is Tracy asleep at the wheel after Bowa showed him some love?
2005-05-03 22:04:03
368.   Jerry
I can't wait for Gagne to come back and Carrara to assume the Falkenborg role. Of course Tracy will use Carrara twenty times in the 7th inning (ahead of Braz and Gagne) before he realizes that Carrara has no business pitching late in tight games.
2005-05-03 22:04:47
369.   alex 7
All I got on GameCast was foul, foul, foul, foul. Guessing one of those fouls was a near-HR? Or what's the dodged bullet?
2005-05-03 22:05:06
370.   A E LUTHER
My wife said that the Nat's catcher's gear makes him look like an Imperial Stormtrooper.
2005-05-03 22:05:09
371.   JeffinTokyo
Did Gio give the patented fist pump after fielding the comebacker?
2005-05-03 22:05:21
372.   Steve
That pitch was ball 4, and Colborn was running furiously to the phone just before the full count pitch -- Vinny said something about D.J. Houlton being up "earlier." Unbelievable. Sometimes things work out.
2005-05-03 22:06:05
373.   Sushirabbit
I missed like 1-300, heh heh. But, did anyone else see Brown? And now tonight with Weaver, Dodgers definitely got the better end of that one.
2005-05-03 22:06:23
374.   GoBears
JiT: I dunno. Nakamura is 31. He's had success with that swing, and I think it'd be hard to break down and rebuild. And again, that's something you wouldn't want to waste MLB ABs on. But to serve as your "eyes," without much fear of contradiction from the masses, I'd say yes, he is completely overmatched right now.
2005-05-03 22:06:29
375.   Icaros
I'm still not sold on Wallach's "magic".
2005-05-03 22:06:41
376.   JeffinTokyo
369., yes, one of the foul balls was hit very deep.
2005-05-03 22:06:59
377.   Chris H
The good part about Nakamura is that you know what you are going to get from him.

The bad part about Nakamura is that what you get is no hits and no walks.

2005-05-03 22:07:01
378.   alex 7
come on, all we want to do is see Choi swing it one more time.
2005-05-03 22:07:23
379.   Jim Hitchcock
Good guess, Alex 7.
2005-05-03 22:07:37
380.   Jerry
#373 - Weaver wasn't great. He had eight full counts. Against a decent team, he gives up a couple more runs. But there's no question that Weaver + Brazoban > Brown.
2005-05-03 22:08:00
381.   JeffinTokyo
Arigato GoB. I guess I just want Nori to succeed so NHK will start televising Dodger games again here in Japan.
2005-05-03 22:08:17
382.   A E LUTHER

Nakahoma's swing makes Tony Batista's look like Ted Williams'

2005-05-03 22:08:46
383.   Jim Hitchcock
Part of the magic, to be fair, Icaros, is that he's not Jack Clark.
2005-05-03 22:09:35
384.   GoBears
Yeah, a near HR was one of the foul balls, alex7.

#370. Well, they did play the Imperial March earlier in the game when the catcher and pitching coach went out to the mound.

2005-05-03 22:09:44
385.   Icaros
I think you could at least say Weaver or Brazoban > Brown, at this point in his career.
2005-05-03 22:09:44
386.   Steve
Wallach's magic appears to involve swinging at as many 2-0 counts as possible and grounding back to the pitcher.
2005-05-03 22:10:01
387.   Xeifrank
Leadoff single line drive to CF to start the 9th for the Nats.
2005-05-03 22:10:53
388.   Xeifrank
Nats are going to play for the win on the road. No sac bunt!



2005-05-03 22:11:07
389.   Icaros
Maybe I shouldn't have given Braz such credit so soon.
2005-05-03 22:11:34
390.   Eric L
How many hitting coaches actually make a "real" difference?

I seem to remember that when Ted Williams was coaching the Senators his hitters did much better than they had in previous seasons and regressed after he left. That could be an old wives tale though.

2005-05-03 22:11:37
391.   Xeifrank


No bunt, no comeback.



2005-05-03 22:11:40
392.   JeffinTokyo
2005-05-03 22:11:41
393.   Icaros
Someone make a Kent/Cora joke, quick.
2005-05-03 22:11:49
394.   Jerry
We panic at the littlest things sometimes.
2005-05-03 22:11:51
395.   Steve
Sweet DP. Screw Plaschke again.
2005-05-03 22:11:54
396.   A E LUTHER
That was a pretty DP...
2005-05-03 22:11:54
397.   GoBears
Can't get a DP unless you allow a baserunner. That Yhency is so clhever.
2005-05-03 22:12:06
398.   alex 7
Goodness, I can't wait to have Yhency in the 8th and Gagne in the 9th. As a bonus, both guys can easily give us 2 innings if need be. Cararra, Wunsch, Houlton, and Alvarez mixing it up in the 7th...

waiting to see if I just jinxed Braz.

2005-05-03 22:12:08
399.   Albert in Hong Kong
Nice dhouble play!
2005-05-03 22:12:32
400.   Johnson
DP! Brazoban seems to induce a lot of those, but I could just be imagining things.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-05-03 22:12:55
401.   Icaros
You want the honors, Bob? It's #9.
2005-05-03 22:12:55
402.   A E LUTHER

I finally get that Ghame over thing!

2005-05-03 22:12:59
403.   Xeifrank

Dodgers win! Dodgers win!

You can now go back to your massage parlors.



2005-05-03 22:13:13
404.   Jim Hitchcock
Izturiz would have thrown that to Cora, who would then realize he was in a different city.
2005-05-03 22:13:51
405.   A E LUTHER
....Ghame Over

4/5,,,let's make it 5/6.

2005-05-03 22:13:53
406.   Albert in Hong Kong
Ghame Over!
2005-05-03 22:13:54
407.   JeffinTokyo
Today's Game's stars:

Star#1: Phillips
Star#2: Wunch
Star#3: Weaver

Sayonara from Tokyo.

2005-05-03 22:13:56
408.   mikethinksblue
wow, 41k in attendance on a Tuesday night. must be the 2$ tickets
2005-05-03 22:13:57
409.   Steve
Alex Cora would have turned that double play, inspiring Nakamura to try a slight tweak in his stance which turns him into a .350 hitter?

Braz just wasted Wilkerson with that breaking ball. Beauty pitch.

2005-05-03 22:14:11
410.   Eric L
And Cora would have still managed to make the DP...
2005-05-03 22:15:09
411.   Johnson
Icaros - Umm...umm...Cora would have caught that relay, pulled the ball out of his glove, kissed it, crossed himself, signed it with a Sharpie he pulled out of his back pocket, then thrown it THROUGH Choi's glove to a six-year-old fan in the stands!
2005-05-03 22:15:10
412.   Icaros
You guys are rude :-), and you need to at least add the (TM).
2005-05-03 22:16:37
413.   cdbavg400
Wow. Over 400 comments tonight? $2 Tuesdays indeed...
2005-05-03 22:17:12
414.   Icaros
I like the effort, Johnson, but I think you've watched too many cartoons.
2005-05-03 22:17:42
415.   Steve
What are the odds that Plaschke uses the phrase "$2 Tuesdays indeed" very soon?
2005-05-03 22:17:47
416.   Johnson
With the Cora jokes, it's all about the hyperbole.
2005-05-03 22:17:53
417.   Ben P
Cora would have looked briefly to the heavens, rubbed his hands together until they were very warm and then placed them on Valentin's knee, healing it instantly while also restoring his hitting skills.
2005-05-03 22:17:58
418.   Fearing Blue
#346: Aybar's stats in AAA (.337/.387/.536) are based on a small sample size (84 AB) and he gets to play in Las Vegas half the time. This is the same team that has Chen hitting .338/.409/.597. Over a full season in AA last year (482 AB), his stats were .276/.346/.425. Based on his career stats, not including this year, BP has him projected as a .238/.309/.385 major-league hitter. He's only 22 years old, so there's no reason to jump-start his arbitration clock.

I'm hoping that Perez can become comfortable with 3B in the next couple weeks. He's projected as .250/.330/.399 for the year, which would be just fine. His numbers would be even better than that as the right-handed side of a platoon.

One thing I hadn't realized about Perez is that he played 71 games at SS last year. He started at SS tonight for the 51s.

2005-05-03 22:18:53
419.   Icaros
Looks like Bob had better things to do anyway; you know the lives those librarians lead.
2005-05-03 22:18:54
420.   Odysseus
411, also, technically speaking, that would not be a double play, but 6-4, E-4 (throwing)
2005-05-03 22:19:47
421.   Johnson
Oh, no. It's a double play. The umps would award him the out at first on style.
2005-05-03 22:20:38
422.   Steve
Nakamura OPS =.377
Beltre OPS = .575 (including three walks total)

Um, does this mean Nakamura is catching up?

2005-05-03 22:20:59
423.   Bob Timmermann
Well, I am doing laundry.

And I have shows on tape to watch.

And I'm trying to figure out how to properly pronounce Tubingen.

(ghame over)

2005-05-03 22:21:26
424.   Icaros
I think it means Beltre is catching cold.
2005-05-03 22:21:58
425.   ryu
Has Gagne become expendable, now that we've got Ghame Over? Wouldn't it fit Moneyball to trade Gagne?
2005-05-03 22:22:23
426.   Steve
Jeff Kent appears to have limited range for a second baseman. Maybe he would work at third. :)
2005-05-03 22:23:27
427.   Steve
I think it would fit LA version of Moneyball to trade Brazoban.
2005-05-03 22:27:51
428.   Odysseus
I was just thinking that Brazoban has become pretty dominant.

Brazoban, through yesterday, had 11 K/5 BB in 10.1 IP.

Our bullpen might be deep enough that dealing Gagne might work out. But it would be second guess by every T.J., Bill, and Harold like you cannot believe.

I think DePo has the you-know-what to do it, and chances are Gagne, dominant though he is, is really overpriced in the market.

But only if we can get a Helton-esque cornucopia in exchange.

2005-05-03 22:29:03
429.   Odysseus
No chance of this happening, since he is young, cheap, and really, really good, but Blalock would be a pretty good replacement 3B (slight understatement).
2005-05-03 22:35:23
430.   LAT
Just got back from the game. Did Vin or TV show the guys who ran on the field? What did he say? You should have seen the bleacher idiots throwing debris on the field when those two clowns were westled to the ground and carried away. Took ten minutes to clean it up.
2005-05-03 22:37:36
431.   bokonon42
So that's what it was. The best guess going here was that the bleacher bums were Angel fans throwing stuff at Guillen.
2005-05-03 22:42:42
432.   mikethinksblue
Vin didn't metion the guys on the field, he seemed confused and mad that people were throwing stuff on the field.
2005-05-03 22:45:21
433.   alex 7
Wow, trading Gagne half a year after letting Beltre go be a serious "I'm in charge" move by DePo. Those are the two faces of this team for the past 4 years. But if Beltre continues his expected regression, it certainly would make it easier to swallow.

All that said, it's so comfortable to reduce a game to 6 or 7 innings with both Braz and Gagne available, especially since we have to go through St. Louis to win anything.

But yeah, as ugly as it might be, I can see us trading Gagne for a top 3B and using our prospects and the $10 mill available for another power arm in the starting rotation. I just don't trust Weaver against great hitting teams.

2005-05-03 22:46:48
434.   bokonon42
Forget Vin; Icaros wanted everybody in the stadium dead(#288).
2005-05-03 22:51:15
435.   LAT
Last week in the string about beach balls someone said that the whole beach ball thing is about defience and being an outlaw for a little while. Its true. The bleacher folk were completly railing against "the man" ruining a couple of idiots good time. I would have liked to have seen them run by second base and let Kent have a shot.
2005-05-03 22:57:04
436.   Herb Stencil
I propose we rechristen "Game Over" to "Gamé Over" in honor of #38's return (that's Alt+0233).
2005-05-03 22:57:34
437.   ryu
re: #428

Yeah, in units per roster dollar, a Ghame Over is cheaper than a Game Over. But I wouldn't take Helton though, since he's just another overpriced commodity.

2005-05-03 23:03:24
438.   Odysseus
This is why I mentioned Blalock. Texas is looking to upgrade their bullpen. But I really doubt they'd give up Blalock.
2005-05-03 23:16:00
439.   the OZ
To answer a question I posed about 8 hours ago (tonight is softball night - lots of happy hours, groundouts, pizza and beer have elapsed between slacking at work a getting ready for bed) -

Jon is indeed correct - besides Jeff Weaver, the other notable pro athlete to transcend Simi Valley High School is indeed Don Maclean, of PAC-10 basketball career scoring record and the first player ever suspended by the NBA for steroid use.

I went to his basketball camp back in the day. Of course, the NBA will never be dragged before Congress for steroid or substance abuse hearings.

2005-05-03 23:20:26
440.   Odysseus
I will also add Andy Marte, prospect AAA Richmond (Atlanta -- they can use bullpen help) and David Wright, the Mets can definitely use bullpen help as potential help at 3B.
2005-05-03 23:21:08
441.   Icaros
Forget Vin; Icaros wanted everybody in the stadium dead(#288).

Re-read my post. I offered to spare any friends I may have had at the game. All Dodger Thoughts readers in attendance would also have been granted immunity, provided they were behaving themselves.

Since that stupid interference of Drew didn't end up losing the game, I'll rescind my pleas for death and replace them with really bad stomach cramps.

2005-05-03 23:31:32
442.   bokonon42
I think you were right the first time. I have nothing against LAT, it's just a case of sacrifice for the greater good. If they killed 40k+ tonight, I bet there wouldn't be one beach ball tomorrow.
2005-05-03 23:32:55
443.   bokonon42
Oh, stomach cramps. Yeah, I guess that'd be alright. Maybe a stomach cramps with rectal bleeding?
2005-05-03 23:33:24
444.   Jon Weisman
When MacLean graduated from UCLA, I bet a friend of mine that he wouldn't start more than 100 games in his NBA career.

At the end of his fifth season, he had started 100 exactly. A truly tenuous moment. Then, in his sixth season, he played nine games and started none.

But in his seventh season, he made it to the opening tip 10 more times.

If you look at this link, you'll notice that his seasonal GS numbers don't add up to what's listed as the total.

I was down on MacLean when he graduated UCLA. But when he first got there, in the only Rotisserie League in any sport I've ever participated in, I drafted him in the second round before his first college game - based on his performance at Simi Valley High.

2005-05-03 23:33:30
445.   Icaros
I can't argue with your logic there.

Sorry, LAT. It's been fun.

2005-05-03 23:34:28
446.   Jon Weisman
Although I'm holding off on ordering executions of bad fans or even joking about it, I have made a new post about fan behavior above.
2005-05-04 01:00:26
447.   Eric Enders
I propose we rechristen "Game Over" to "Gamé Over" in honor of #38's return (that's Alt+0233).

Alas, I think that would change the pronunciation. But something like "Jeu Fin" would do nicely. (Or whatever "Game Over" is in French; I don't know the language so I just made that translation up.)

2005-05-04 09:07:34
448.   Vishal
it would indeed change the pronunciation. gamé would be pronounced "gam-eh"

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