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May 6 Open Chat: Est Meets West
2005-05-06 14:50
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

And the shortstop is ... Cesar Izturis. Olmedo Saenz is playing third.

* * *

Tonight is the Dodgers' first game of the season in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which typically runs from the first Sunday in April to the final Sunday in October. When was the last non-exhibition Dodger game played in Eastern Standard Time (EST)?

Age or nationality check: What does "est" mean to you?

* * *

Scott Erickson won't pitch on national television this weekend after all. His next start was moved from Sunday night to Tuesday. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball audiences in New York and elsewhere will get a chance to see Jeff Weaver instead.

Brad Penny goes tonight, Derek Lowe on Saturday and Odalis Perez on Monday.

* * *

Update: A dream opening to the series - seven runs with no outs, forcing the opposition to dig into their bullpen with 27 innings to go.

Comments (381)
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2005-05-06 15:30:45
1.   brendan glynn
T-shirts have been mailed. Out of state went yesterday afternoon, in state(calif) went out today at noon.
USPS 2-3 buiness day priority(so 3-5 days usually)

Out of state start looking about tues-Wed of next week.
In state say about wed-thur(possibly earlier for O.C./L.A.)

Of course USPS could surprise but never in a good way.
i'll try to e-mail everyone as well but that is a ton of indvidual e-mails an I don't want to do one large e-mail for privacy reasons. No idea what I was getting myself into. Hope to see them at the Stadium.

2005-05-06 15:34:23
2.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the last Dodgers game that counted that was played in EST was Game 6 of the 1981 World Series.
2005-05-06 15:34:42
3.   joekings
to me "est" = eastern standard time.
2005-05-06 15:35:57
4.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

May 6, 2004

Remember where you on this day last year?

The Dodgers were in Miami to take on the defending World Champion Marlins and won the rubber game of a 3-game set with an easy 9-4 win over Dontrelle Willis behind a pair of home runs from Shawn Green as well as home runs from Milton Bradley and Juan Encarnacion. Kazuhisa Ishii picked up his fifth win of the season and Eric Gagne picked up his ninth save and 72nd straight.

The Dodgers improved their record to 17-10, but were still one game behind division-leading San Diego. In the end, well, I hope everyone remembers what happened.

Florida had won the day before when Brad Penny, Matt Perisho, and Armando Benitez combined on a 2-0 shutout. It was Penny's 43rd win as a Marlin, breaking the team record he had held with Ryan Dempster.

When the Marlins came back to L.A. in August, things were much different as Paul Lo Duca, Guillermo Mota , and Encarnacion had gone to Floria and Penny along with Hee Seop Choi came to L.A. The Marlins would win 2 of 3 in Los Angeles including a dramatic 6-4 win on August 18 when the Marlins scored 4 times in the 9th off of Gagne, highlighted by a bases clearing pinch double by Lenny Harris.

Thanks to the L.A. Times and

2005-05-06 15:41:14
5.   Dr Love
What does "est" mean to you?

Not having to stay up 'til midnight to watch a whole Dodgers game. Of course it's Friday, so that doesn't matter tonight. Thanks schedule makers.

2005-05-06 15:42:14
6.   joekings
Study Reveals Baseball's Great Clutch Hitters

2005-05-06 15:43:32
7.   Jim Hitchcock
I think Jon's hinting at the est seminars of the '70's. Motivational caca events, I guess. All I ever heard about them is they locked you in a room and didn't let you go the bathroom until the event was over.
2005-05-06 15:52:59
8.   dzzrtRatt
"est" is the name of Warner Erhard's self-realization, self actualization, seminars, noted by most of us back then as the place where they won't let you go to the bathroom. It would be interesting to know if any ballplayers were est graduates.

"est" is also third person present tense verb for etre (accent circumflex over the e), "to be," for Gagne and other French-speakers.

2005-05-06 15:55:34
9.   Jon Weisman
Jim is correct about what I am hinting at, though I don't know if the bathroom rumors are true.
2005-05-06 15:56:19
10.   Jon Weisman
And it means "east."
2005-05-06 15:58:11
11.   Jon Weisman
Tommy Lasorda's brother Harry is a peripheral figure in some "she said, he said" allegations about campaign malfeasance in a Pennsylvania State Legislature campaign.

2005-05-06 16:01:25
12.   dzzrtRatt
What a drag to be Warner Erhardt and go down in history as the guy who wouldn't let people go to the bathroom. Like a mean second-grade teacher.
2005-05-06 16:07:39
13.   franklin
'est' - adjective ending used to describe a comparison to the superlative degree.


As in "I had the greatest desire to caca, but the bathroom door was locked."

2005-05-06 16:09:19
14.   mikethinksblue
Oui, dzzrtRatt, c'est vraiment
2005-05-06 16:09:48
15.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
est = That's now called The Forum.
EST = Eastern Standard Time.
It's all in the capitalization...
2005-05-06 16:12:05
16.   Steve
Well, that's a grand start to the game. Hit him in a good place though, if there is such a thing.
2005-05-06 16:12:13
17.   Jon Weisman
Crikey, Izturis is hit by a pitch, and there's an injury delay. Who's watching on TV?
2005-05-06 16:12:17
18.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-06 16:12:55
19.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I've got EI.
Cesar hit above the right hip. He's fine.
2005-05-06 16:13:00
20.   franklin
Today's battle of the eights:
Jason Phillips vs. Jason LaRue

Following up on a comment about production out of the #8 slot from yesterday...

Batting #8 in 2002-2004

Batting #8 in 2005

2005-05-06 16:13:45
21.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-06 16:13:56
22.   Steve
Izzy = no problem.


2005-05-06 16:14:02
23.   GoBears
2005-05-06 16:14:10
24.   franklin
HSC, HSC, HSC!!!!!
2005-05-06 16:14:12
25.   Chris H
Super Choi!
2005-05-06 16:14:28
26.   the OZ
2005-05-06 16:14:36
27.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey. We finally scored in the 1st again. Way to go, Hee-Seop.
2005-05-06 16:14:38
28.   Jon Weisman
Seoppy Sales!
2005-05-06 16:14:51
29.   Langhorne
Say Hey, Hee Seop!
2005-05-06 16:15:00
30.   Jon Weisman
or Seoppy Sails?
2005-05-06 16:15:05
31.   Jon Weisman
or Seoppy Sails?
2005-05-06 16:15:59
32.   Jon Weisman
Yikes - I double-posted!

Not counting that, 10 comments in 75 seconds for Choi.

2005-05-06 16:17:58
33.   Steve
Kent is just ripping foul linedrive after linedrive.
2005-05-06 16:18:28
34.   Steve
And that one was fair!
2005-05-06 16:18:30
35.   Chris H
The offense is back!
2005-05-06 16:18:33
36.   Jim Hitchcock
I kinda like the way this game is starting off.
2005-05-06 16:18:36
37.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-06 16:18:44
38.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-05-06 16:18:47
39.   Im So Blue
For those of you not at home -- It was a mammoth shot to the upper deck
2005-05-06 16:18:55
40.   GoBears
Nice pattern we've established here. 3 or 4 more 2-run HRs, and we might be in good shape...
2005-05-06 16:18:59
41.   franklin
i like this alot@!
2005-05-06 16:19:03
42.   the OZ
HA - our OBP is 1.000 so far.
2005-05-06 16:19:58
43.   Steve
Wilson has less than nothing
2005-05-06 16:20:14
44.   GoBears
Uh-huh. Time for Olmedo to keep it going...
2005-05-06 16:20:31
45.   the OZ
Well, we've found another pitcher that Shawn Green can homer against...
2005-05-06 16:20:33
46.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It was a mammoth shot to the upper deck
Was it? Looked like a rope into the lower deck, about 40 feet off the LF line.
2005-05-06 16:20:55
47.   GoBears
Hey, a called strike!
2005-05-06 16:21:49
48.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
If I'm Wilson, flopsweat is growing.
2005-05-06 16:21:50
49.   Steve
Cincinnati guy just called Saenz a "professional" hitter. Just saying.
2005-05-06 16:22:08
50.   Albert in Hong Kong
Mr. Wilson is in a freezer
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-06 16:22:18
51.   GoBears
Oh, now see? That just ruins the pattern. C'mon Saenz, ya bum! You should have taken a hop backwards and crushed that ball! 2-run triple?
2005-05-06 16:22:38
52.   GoBears
Uh, yeah, 2-run triple. Sheesh.
2005-05-06 16:22:40
53.   DXMachina
Wow! I tuned into Gameday audio five minutes late, and we were already up 4. Not a bad start.
2005-05-06 16:22:41
54.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Reds defense looked pathetic there.
2005-05-06 16:22:41
55.   Jim Tracy
I like this Dodger lineup with Nori as a late inning replacement for Saenz, although to be honest, I wish we had a better option at 3B. Also, can't wait for Werth to come back.
2005-05-06 16:22:57
56.   Jon Weisman
Fifty-one weeks ago, Wilson allowed the Dodgers one run over seven innings to improve to 5-0 on the year.
2005-05-06 16:23:03
57.   Steve
The nice part about this is the Reds don't have anyone better. Wilson might as well stay out there and die
2005-05-06 16:23:04
58.   dzzrtRatt
Paul Wilson obviously should have been allowed to go to the bathroom.
2005-05-06 16:23:23
59.   GoBears
This is ridiculous. Are we sure this isn't Chan Ho on the mound?
2005-05-06 16:23:40
60.   Jim Hitchcock
Today would've been a good day to start Erickson.
2005-05-06 16:23:49
61.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Bring the hook.
2005-05-06 16:23:49
62.   Jon Weisman
Major LOL, Ratt
2005-05-06 16:23:52
63.   Chris H
7 runs and zero outs!
2005-05-06 16:24:14
64.   Jim Tracy
Jesus... I think we can save something for the rest of the weekend now.
2005-05-06 16:24:14
65.   Jerry
Bob T, anyone--what's the MLB record for most runs without recording an out? We surely must've broken the Dodger record by now.
2005-05-06 16:24:55
66.   Albert in Hong Kong
The Dodgers have already scored more runs in this game since April 24th... with no outs recorded yet.
2005-05-06 16:24:55
67.   Jon Weisman
OPS for the inning so far: 3.600
2005-05-06 16:25:01
68.   Steve
Will Penny be bunting?
2005-05-06 16:25:14
69.   Jim Tracy
Choi and Kent should be up again to try and join an elite group of MLers who have homered twice in one inning.
2005-05-06 16:25:46
70.   Jon Weisman
I believe the Brooklyn Dodgers hold the record for runs in the first inning of a game, with 15 - and I think many of those came with two out.
2005-05-06 16:26:01
71.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Wilson should be insulted he wasn't trusted to get out the pitcher.
Then again, pride should be the last thing on his mind.
2005-05-06 16:26:10
72.   GoBears
You know, Jim (#60), that's not a crazy idea. Penny hasn't entered the game - I wonder if they would consider sneaking someone else in there. Alvarez?
2005-05-06 16:26:30
73.   Jim Hitchcock
Good one, DRatt!
2005-05-06 16:26:32
74.   GoBears
Too late - Penny is batting.
2005-05-06 16:27:17
75.   GoBears
Tracy's an idiot. We're just going to give away outs now? Esp. with Phillips already in scoring position?
2005-05-06 16:27:57
76.   Jim Tracy
Purely hypothetical question about baseball rules... let's say this was a key two game strech and we had to win both our games. We only have Penny today and Erickson tomorrow as options. Can we technically pull Penny out of the game now and start him tomorrow. I would have to say yes.. but just wondering. And who gets the Win for this game if Penny is pulled before he pitches? What if he is pulled after one pitch?
2005-05-06 16:28:09
77.   the OZ
My prediction for this game:

Izturis - 0-2, 2 HBP, leaves in 3rd because we're up 127-3
Choi - 11-15 with 3 HR and 9 RBI
Drew - 6-7 with 8 BBs

Nakamura (in for Izt) - 1-12, 4K, infield hit.

2005-05-06 16:28:30
78.   Steve
Jeez, I was kidding.

And now Blue is calling mercy strikes.

2005-05-06 16:28:35
79.   fanerman91
Thank God for Cincinatti pitching! Just what the doctor ordered.
2005-05-06 16:28:55
80.   GoBears
STeiner's wrong. Wilson started Saenz 0-1, a called strike.
2005-05-06 16:28:56
81.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Cora would've gone 4-for-3, with five homers.
2005-05-06 16:29:22
82.   Jim Tracy
Izturiz must be scared of getting hit again
2005-05-06 16:29:31
83.   John Hou
Hello everyone. Long time listener, first time caller.

Re: #8, the same is true in Latin. Est = he, she or it is. At least that's what Mr. Corsello said. (Jon, does that name ring a bell?)

2005-05-06 16:29:38
84.   the OZ
In all seriousness, why not let Houlton pitch and penny goes tomorrow? This will likely be as low-leverage a game as you'll see, and it'd be good to see what DJ can do in relation to erickson.
2005-05-06 16:29:44
85.   Jon Weisman
The lead wouldn't be safe with Erickson - and we would never want to rip into our bullpen in a game like this, starting a roadtrip.

But there certainly would be no rule against replacing Penny right then. Need to go five innings for the win if you're the starter, though.

2005-05-06 16:29:52
86.   GoBears
Boy, good thing Tracy sacrificed...
2005-05-06 16:29:59
87.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Izzy will be fined in kangaroo court for that.
2005-05-06 16:30:05
88.   Albert in Hong Kong
At least we're getting a run for that out.
2005-05-06 16:30:05
89.   Chris H
This inning is a sabrmetric delight: 7 runs on just 5 hits.
2005-05-06 16:30:06
90.   Jim Tracy
2005-05-06 16:30:21
91.   al bundy
I missed the first 17 minutes and look what happens...sheesh!
2005-05-06 16:30:25
92.   Jon Weisman
Ah, Mr. Corsello. What year were you?
2005-05-06 16:30:29
93.   Fearing Blue
Wow. I just turned on the game. Hello offense. It's good to see you back.
2005-05-06 16:30:45
94.   Jerry
Hee Seop . . . Chan Ho . . Fernando Tatis!! Let's do it Choi!
2005-05-06 16:31:06
95.   Albert in Hong Kong
Oh wait... hmm maybe i read wrong... disregard 88
2005-05-06 16:31:13
96.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Looking ahead, you have to like how this game will eat up Cincy's bullpen. This is a sweepable series.
2005-05-06 16:32:38
97.   GoBears
We're posting here at the same pace with which the Dodgers are scoring runs. Jon - what's the record time to 100 posts? If not time, then in terms of innings? I think we're raising the bar......
2005-05-06 16:32:38
98.   Steve
Jim Tracy is the only manager who can tick me off in the middle of a seven run inning.
2005-05-06 16:32:56
99.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"Hello Offense, my old friend.
I've come to score with you again."
2005-05-06 16:33:16
100.   the OZ
Wilson's ERA just went from 5.25 to 7.00 in zero innings.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-06 16:34:12
101.   GoBears
re #98: My sentiments exactly.
2005-05-06 16:34:19
102.   Jon Weisman
It's hard to judge in-game comment records because I start the chats at different times. But this has been a lot of posts.
2005-05-06 16:35:08
103.   Jon Weisman
Steve, judging by what I've read, I'm sure Willie Randolph, Mike Scioscia and Phil Garner could do it to you also...
2005-05-06 16:35:15
104.   Jim Tracy
Yay... a Simon and Garfunkel reference. This is better than the Dodgers scoring 7 runs
2005-05-06 16:35:37
105.   Steve
Wants nothing to do with Drew
2005-05-06 16:35:49
106.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ohhhh, a granny would be SO sweet.
2005-05-06 16:35:55
107.   Jon Weisman
Were those pitches to Drew all as high as they looked on Gameday?
2005-05-06 16:36:06
108.   Albert in Hong Kong
Kent.. it's now time to do it again.

This inning is going to make me overexpect the Dodgers offense for the rest of the game.

2005-05-06 16:36:08
109.   GoBears
I decided I'd grab a snack between the top and bottom of the 1st. I might starve to death.
2005-05-06 16:36:27
110.   GoBears
Mercy rule?
2005-05-06 16:36:31
111.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
That's still tasty.
2005-05-06 16:36:49
112.   Fearing Blue
#76: Based on the rules, the same starter could two games in a row, since the roster resets every game. So, yes, we could still pull Penny and have him pitch tomorrow. If the starting pitcher does not go 5 innings and leaves with the lead, the official scorer gets to choose who gets the win. Though, my understanding is that the official scorer can't choose the starter in that case.
2005-05-06 16:36:56
113.   HeeHateMe
Choi might get another chance to homer again.
2005-05-06 16:36:58
114.   GoBears
Lyons got off a good one - "has anyone ever hit for the cycle in the 1st?"
2005-05-06 16:36:58
115.   Jim Tracy
GoBears... you defintely do not wanna wait for the middle of the 2nd.. you might starve at this rate.
2005-05-06 16:36:59
116.   Jim Hitchcock
The Dodgers reach harmonic convergence...
2005-05-06 16:37:18
117.   Dr Love
And there's still 8 more innings of fish in this barrel.
2005-05-06 16:37:20
118.   Albert in Hong Kong
A triple will do.

"Has anyone hit for a cycle in the first?"

2005-05-06 16:37:26
119.   Jim Tracy
So, does Cincy change pitchers again this inning if Kent hits it out?
2005-05-06 16:37:34
120.   Langhorne
Mercy Rule!
2005-05-06 16:37:42
121.   HeeHateMe
#112 This early in the season, Penny would be mad for losing an easy W.
2005-05-06 16:37:45
122.   Vic
Holy crap.
2005-05-06 16:38:12
123.   Aug C
That was ridiculous.
2005-05-06 16:38:18
124.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
27 minutes.
2005-05-06 16:38:39
125.   the OZ
OK, please please Houlton. Save Penny for the Cardinals.
2005-05-06 16:38:40
126.   brendan glynn
I would so start wilson alverez
2005-05-06 16:38:45
127.   Steve
Nothing to Drew was even close.

Yes, you are right, Jon. Mike Scioscia can probably annoy me just by showing up in uniform.

2005-05-06 16:39:07
128.   Jon Weisman
In half an inning, since Steve's #16, 108 comments.
2005-05-06 16:39:31
129.   Albert in Hong Kong
Going back to that hypothetical theory, maybe we could save Penny for the Cardinals series.
2005-05-06 16:39:42
130.   Xeifrank
Nice first inning. Turned on the TV and score was 7-0, looked to see what inning it was in, figured it would be half way through the game, low and behold top of the first and still three more runs to make it 10 zip on the Kent triple.

The Dodger win expectancy is 488.48%, perhaps the umps should just call the game, due to the mercy rule.



2005-05-06 16:39:50
131.   Jim Tracy
Thanks Jon and Fearing Blue... I had forgotten about the starting pitcher needing five inning rule. I haven't had to worry about that rule since Ishii left town.
2005-05-06 16:39:58
132.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Wilson's Game Score: 8
2005-05-06 16:40:06
133.   DXMachina
Steve, judging by what I've read, I'm sure Willie Randolph, Mike Scioscia and Phil Garner could do it to you also...

Wait. Wouldn't Garner have to have a seven run inning first? :)

2005-05-06 16:40:49
134.   Marty
Jeez, I go out for a walk and they score 10 runs?
2005-05-06 16:40:50
135.   Xeifrank
Local sports radio said today that the ChiSox have only given up something like 88 runs so far this year. wow! Is that from playing in the AL Central, or is their pitching really that good?



2005-05-06 16:41:16
136.   GoBears
Think there were any Cincy fans still on their way to the game who just turned around and went home?

Dodger fans would still show up, because for most of them lately, the score doesn't matter, as long as the beach balls are flying.

2005-05-06 16:41:24
137.   Xeifrank
If Tracy is smart he only lets Penny go 6 innings at most.



2005-05-06 16:41:37
138.   Albert in Hong Kong
That was a really fun ride man.

Penny must feel absolutly no pressure. Hope he doesnt get too loose

2005-05-06 16:41:58
139.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Xeifrank, it's not innings but pitches.
2005-05-06 16:42:34
140.   Xeifrank
10 runs! Who kicked the field goal?



2005-05-06 16:43:13
141.   Jim Hitchcock
This should have been the game ESPN televised.
2005-05-06 16:43:20
142.   Mr Customer
Jeff Kent:

0 Outs Recorded, 1 Run, 5 RBI, and 6 TB in a single inning. Not too shabby

2005-05-06 16:43:31
143.   GoBears
What would Cora have done on that line drive. C'mon folks, be creative!
2005-05-06 16:43:32
144.   Steve
Kent ties Dodger record for most RBI in inning with 5.

Jeff Kent rules. What a play.

2005-05-06 16:43:40
145.   Albert in Hong Kong
Kent has been doing everything!
2005-05-06 16:44:07
146.   Xeifrank
Re: #139

Don't tell me that, tell Mr Tracy! :)

I would set the limit at 6 innings, three innings for the bullpen won't overwork them or underwork. Of course if he still has his perfect game after 6 I'd let him stay in there. :)



2005-05-06 16:44:17
147.   dzzrtRatt
Alex Cora would've hit two home runs in the first inning.
2005-05-06 16:44:20
148.   Jon Weisman
I thought it was rather efficient for the Reds to face 14 batters using only 52 pitches.
2005-05-06 16:44:36
149.   Albert in Hong Kong
Cora would have jumped up and caught it between his legs and saved Paul Wilson from punching the wall with his left hand at the same time.
2005-05-06 16:45:07
150.   Xeifrank
Jeff Kent for Mayor!!!



Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-05-06 16:45:57
151.   GoBears
That's 2 outs in a row. Dodger offense sucks...
2005-05-06 16:46:44
152.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Seeing Griffey loaf after Ledee's double then fumble Kent's double makes me sad, in some way.
Frankly, it makes me feel old.
2005-05-06 16:46:50
153.   Vic
You're shamefully underestimating Cora's abilities, dzzrtRatt -- he would've hit two home runs in his first at-bat.
2005-05-06 16:47:07
154.   Xeifrank
I am predicting the Dodgers hold on to win this game, and that the sun rises tomorrow. So nice to be up 10 runs in the first inning. Think Adam Dunn pitches tonight? :)



2005-05-06 16:47:12
155.   Langhorne
Well, before the hit parade continues:
Re:#20 In tonights NL games that have started or announced line-ups the #8 hitters are a combined .225 with eight under .250 and four over.
2005-05-06 16:48:15
156.   al bundy
FWIW, the record for most rbi in an inning is 8 (in the NL) by Fernando Tatis with the Cards in 1999.

AL record is 6, tied by 9 players.

2005-05-06 16:48:26
157.   Xeifrank
Gotta go, baby just woke up.

Check back with you all later, maybe the Dodgers can tack on another field goal.



2005-05-06 16:48:37
158.   Albert in Hong Kong
That was a bad inning.
2005-05-06 16:49:24
159.   Jim Tracy
I say Penny goes 7-8 innings with about 100 pitches. He'll give uup a couple of home runs because he wants to throw strikes and get out of innings quickly. I'd be ok if he went 8 innings, 2ER, 100 pitches and sanchez or carrara can wrap it up.
2005-05-06 16:49:41
160.   Jim Hitchcock
Thanks, Al, we all remember.
2005-05-06 16:49:55
161.   dzzrtRatt
Wes Parker's standing as the last Dodger to hit for the cycle doesn't look like it's going to survive the night.
2005-05-06 16:51:15
162.   dzzrtRatt
Oh wait, they didn't give him a triple on that hit. Sorry.
2005-05-06 16:51:17
163.   Steve
Kent's was ruled a double. He still needs the triple.
2005-05-06 16:52:05
164.   Steve
As you discovered...

But Cora would have gotten the triple...

2005-05-06 16:52:05
165.   GoBears
Cesar looked OK on that play. Hopefully, it was just a bruise. Good timing on the off-day.
2005-05-06 16:53:21
166.   the OZ
The first inning raised our Pythagorean WPCT from .581 to .615, or from about 94 to 100 wins.

Don't forget, Werth will start tonight in Las Vegas. Rock Monday also says that A. Perez is OK after his beaning and should start tonight.

To quote Roscoe P. Coltrane, "Good News, Good News!"

2005-05-06 16:53:38
167.   Jim Tracy
Shouldn't Cesar get the rest of this game off? Also a good time for someone like Nori to practice SS in a real game.
2005-05-06 16:54:54
168.   jasonungar05
So i am at work and my computer crashes at 2:30. IT guy comes over, disk refrag and a bunch of shut downs and restarts later and it is 4:45.

Immediatly go to yahoo sports. 10-0 BLUE

I called the IT guy back and said, what did u do to this thing? And where can I get more of it.

2005-05-06 16:55:16
169.   Jon Weisman
"Rock Monday" = Rick Monday's Flintstones name

Along with Charlie Stone, Steve Sabertooth-lyons and Vin Scullysaurus.

2005-05-06 16:56:29
170.   Jon Weisman
Can we get through a couple more innings before we empty the bench?
2005-05-06 16:57:05
171.   Langhorne
If a pitcher gives up 8 earned runs in 0 innings would his ERA for a nine inning game be infinite?
2005-05-06 16:57:32
172.   Jacob L
So, it seems like folks are in a pretty good mood around here. Me, I don't rest until we get to 20.
2005-05-06 16:57:41
173.   Steve
Four pitch walk to Penny? Yikes.
2005-05-06 16:57:49
174.   DXMachina
Oh my word. That's some kind of bad pitching.
2005-05-06 16:58:34
175.   Jim Tracy
here we go again... i smell a big inning coming
2005-05-06 16:59:03
176.   Jim Tracy
what is the ML record for most pitchers used in a game?
2005-05-06 17:00:03
177.   Jon Weisman
Yes, #171.
2005-05-06 17:00:09
178.   GoBears
If a pitcher gives up 8 earned runs in 0 innings would his ERA for a nine inning game be infinite?

All he'd need to do is give up 1ER in 0 innings for that to be true.

2005-05-06 17:00:55
179.   GoBears
Hee-Seop is so cool that he's blowing bubbles on his way in to 2nd base.
2005-05-06 17:00:56
180.   Steve
The Reds left the book on Choi at home.
2005-05-06 17:01:02
181.   jasonungar05
for those who watch on TV..How is Cesar looking?
2005-05-06 17:01:24
182.   everett
i don't think choi will get a triple... he looks too slow on gameday.
2005-05-06 17:01:43
183.   Marty
Is this Reds pitcher as wild as Gameday makes it look?
2005-05-06 17:02:15
184.   DXMachina
I have the Sox-Mariners game going on my TV while I listen to the Dodger game. Beltre just ripped a line drive single.
2005-05-06 17:02:39
185.   everett
182. re: choi's improbable attempt for the cycle...
2005-05-06 17:03:12
186.   GoBears
He's wild all right.

Cesar has looked smooth on defense, but that GIDP (batting lefty) might mean that he's not running full speed.

2005-05-06 17:03:55
187.   jasonungar05
thats should bring Belly's avg up to .225
2005-05-06 17:06:16
188.   dzzrtRatt
According to Editor & Publisher, the LA Times' circulation among subscribers paying at least 50 percent of the regular subscription price dropped 12.9 percent in the first quarter of 2005.

I think DT can take a lot of the credit/blame.

Southern California is voting with its clicks--Jon Weisman and the Lively Gang over Bill Plaschke and his Dull Associates.

2005-05-06 17:06:22
189.   GoBears
I'll always like Aurilia, because after 30 hrs of attending ballgames, he provided (via foul ball) the first ball I ever snagged. Got a second one the following year, but I don't even remember who hit that one.
2005-05-06 17:06:58
190.   Jon Weisman
Like Wilson, Penny threw his 25th pitch of the game to the eighth batter he faced.
2005-05-06 17:08:25
191.   GoBears
Ricky Stone in the pen? Not Rocky Stone?
2005-05-06 17:09:21
192.   the OZ
I attended a game for 30 hrs once. It was against the Mets and Trachsel was pitching.
2005-05-06 17:11:36
193.   GoBears
Hee hee. Oops. 30 yrs. Typo.
2005-05-06 17:12:53
194.   the OZ
That's OK, they got me on "Rock Monday."
2005-05-06 17:13:08
195.   Jim Hitchcock
DzrtRatt, a guy on another blog just re-subscribed for $70.00 annually. When he remarked in surprise "$70.00!", the guy thought he was complaining, and said they could go lower if that wasn't acceptable.
2005-05-06 17:13:40
196.   the OZ
Ricky Stone is pitching. The same Ricky Stone that gave up Robin Ventura's 12th-inning homerun in San Diego last August, I believe...
2005-05-06 17:13:58
197.   DeucesAreWild
Jeff Hamilton is warming up to pitch the 9th for us.
2005-05-06 17:14:36
198.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I listened to that Jeff Hamilton game.
All of it.
2005-05-06 17:15:32
199.   brendan glynn
I'm taping Baseball Tonight, tonight. can't wait for the dumb comments they will make.
2005-05-06 17:15:37
200.   Aug C
So does Kent stop at first if he hits it to the wall during his next at-bat?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-05-06 17:15:37
201.   the OZ
I saw Jeff Hamilton hit a walk-off at Dodger Stadium against these very Reds on September 11, 1988. Not that it's relevant, although a Jeff Hamilton HR is something of a spectacle...
2005-05-06 17:16:13
202.   DeucesAreWild
My brother and I still talk about his strikeout of Caminiti...
2005-05-06 17:16:44
203.   Jim Hitchcock
Didn't Hamilton get a SO in that appearance?
2005-05-06 17:17:46
204.   Jim Hitchcock
What did Lyons just say?
2005-05-06 17:18:35
205.   Jon Weisman
What's the team record for doubles in a game? I don't have that handy.
2005-05-06 17:19:05
206.   GoBears
"These very Reds?" (#201). No wonder we're killing them. They're all in their mid 40s! They're going to have to change their name to "Giants."
2005-05-06 17:19:58
207.   Jim Hitchcock
WHBP in Cincinnati.
2005-05-06 17:22:14
208.   GoBears
Where's Loni Anderson (in her prime)?
2005-05-06 17:22:16
209.   Marty
So if Penny makes out, it's WLOB in Cincinnati?
2005-05-06 17:23:00
210.   Robert Fiore
Think it's time to start a pool as to which position player is going to be drafted to pitch an inning or two by the time this is done?
2005-05-06 17:23:23
211.   GoBears
Hee Seop CHOI!
2005-05-06 17:23:31
212.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Hamilton game:
2005-05-06 17:23:35
213.   Jon Weisman
I can hear Les Nessman hearing himself play the violin at the softball game against WPIG.
2005-05-06 17:24:20
214.   Jim Hitchcock
I'm in for Repko.
2005-05-06 17:24:42
215.   GoBears
So, what, Plascke will say that the Cincy pitching was so bad that even HSC got in on the act? You'll have to tell me, because I don't read the LAT any more.
2005-05-06 17:25:21
216.   GoBears
Aw, rats.
2005-05-06 17:25:30
217.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Get 'em next time, Choi.
2005-05-06 17:25:58
218.   DXMachina
I can hear Les Nessman mispronouncing "Alex Rodriguez."

"Aylex Rodrigweez."

2005-05-06 17:26:14
219.   DeucesAreWild
Too bad we don't have a reasonable facsimile of a Robin Ventura-type this year. Who is the obvious choice to pitch? Maybe Nori could give it a go. I would just love to see his strange rituals and ticks applied to pitching.
2005-05-06 17:26:19
220.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Did I hear today on Rome that Repko and Alyssa Milano are an item?
2005-05-06 17:26:49
221.   bigcpa
Little late hopping on... damn job! Cleveland trying to steal our Sportscenter thunder... 7-0 top 1st.
2005-05-06 17:27:09
222.   Marty
I think it's going to be a Cincy position player who will end up pitching, not a Dodger
2005-05-06 17:28:31
223.   Suffering Bruin
Like some of you, I just tuned in.

Holy crap.



The man can hit.

2005-05-06 17:29:40
224.   Jon Weisman
Yes on #222.
2005-05-06 17:30:12
225.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey! Like the walks to SO ratio...if not the ERA.
2005-05-06 17:30:21
226.   djramone
#222- Yeah, I agree. The Reds are the ones who are blowing out their bullpen, not the Dodgers.


2005-05-06 17:30:41
227.   DeucesAreWild
Great find, Gold Star. That was a classic game, with Fernando at first base. I sat through the entire thing as well. What's interesting is that it was the very rare occasion that a position player pitched in a situation that actually mattered (Hamilton got the loss). Also, I had forgotten that Oral came out of the bullpen to pitch 7. Somehow I don't think that would ever happen today.
2005-05-06 17:32:19
228.   Suffering Bruin
I think both the Dodgers and Dodger Thoughts are going to set season highs today: runs and comments.

And yes, I hope I'm wrong on both counts.

2005-05-06 17:32:48
229.   Sam DC
Loni Anderson, bah. Now, Bailey, on that motorcycle . . .

Just checking in. Apparently, I can never again watch/gameday the first four innings of a Dodger game again.

BTW -- what's the proper verb for taking in a game on gameday? Watching? Tracking? Gamedaying? Quiddling?

2005-05-06 17:33:13
230.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
In the Hamilton game, also note Lasorda's double-switch of the pitcher and catcher in the 6th. I found that odd.
2005-05-06 17:34:19
231.   Steve
The more runs we score, the less likely we'll be on Baseball Tonight.

Oakland 3, Yankees 1. Cry, but cry softly, please.

2005-05-06 17:34:23
232.   Suffering Bruin
Just watch, Kent will have eight RBI and Penny will get player of the game for throwing a no-no.
2005-05-06 17:34:43
233.   Jim Hitchcock
Hard for me to think of a flyout as a `blooper'.
2005-05-06 17:35:33
234.   Suffering Bruin
231 - Tears, yes, but only from LOL.
2005-05-06 17:36:26
235.   Suffering Bruin
And we're right back to slumping!
2005-05-06 17:38:51
236.   Jim Hitchcock
With ya on Bailey, Sam. That girl had it!
2005-05-06 17:41:30
237.   the OZ
The radar gun on FSN2 just had Penny at 99mph. I can't vouch for its accuracy, of course.
2005-05-06 17:41:46
238.   DXMachina
Definitely Bailey.
2005-05-06 17:42:03
239.   Jim Hitchcock
You know you're having a bad day when your only offense is on a replay from last year...
2005-05-06 17:44:20
240.   the OZ
The Dunn HR off of Lima? The one that landed in Kentucky (literally)?

Meanwhile, Penny is pitching well .

2005-05-06 17:44:29
241.   Albert in Hong Kong
Wow, it's 12-0, but i failed to notice that Penny has been pitching a no-hitter so far.
2005-05-06 17:44:33
242.   GoBears
I remember that Dunn HR. It ended up in the river, I think. Floated down on a piece of driftwood or something like that. Or maybe I'm confusing it with a blast out of PNC. But I think that was the one.
2005-05-06 17:44:50
243.   Sam DC
2005-05-06 17:50:07
244.   GoBears
At this point, I want the Dodgers to get out quickly, so that Penny can get back out there. At least until he loses the no-no. Lost the perfect game last inning.....
2005-05-06 17:52:03
245.   Jim Hitchcock
Thanks, Sam. Damn, Smithers was gorgeous.
2005-05-06 17:53:48
246.   Steve
2005-05-06 17:54:48
247.   Suffering Bruin
2005-05-06 17:55:15
248.   Jim Hitchcock
Just think, if that river was the Cuyahoga, they could have postgame fireworks just by striking a match.
2005-05-06 17:56:32
249.   Suffering Bruin
FWIW, Monday and Downing have not mentioned the 'N' word. Then again, those two are seemingly oblivious to what's going on in the game. Action seems to interrupt whatever train of thought they happen to have going.
2005-05-06 17:56:49
250.   Suffering Bruin
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-05-06 17:57:42
251.   the OZ
Repko charged that ball like he was trying to throw Freel out at 1st...
2005-05-06 17:58:04
252.   Albert in Hong Kong
Repko had a big trip.
2005-05-06 17:58:35
253.   Suffering Bruin
Rick Monday said Drew had the ball get by him.

Dawned on him eventually that it was Repko in right.

2005-05-06 17:58:42
254.   Albert in Hong Kong
Well, I think he was trying to save the no-hitter as i think Lyons said.
2005-05-06 17:58:51
255.   GoBears
Nice defensive replacement in RF.

Oh, and Steve - my understanding of the rule was that once the first mention had been made, it just didn't matter. Steiner broached the subject after 4 innings. At that point, it was a matter of "when," not "if."

2005-05-06 17:59:34
256.   Suffering Bruin
I'm not watching the game but it sounds like Penny can flat pitch.

By the by, anybody know how to italicize? I seem to have bold letters down pat.

2005-05-06 17:59:38
257.   Jim Hitchcock
Wasn't your fault, BTW. SB...Steiner had mentioned it a couple of times.
2005-05-06 18:01:55
258.   GoBears
Wow - so according to Lyons, Casey will crank up the intensity now, because he needs a hit to drive in the run (w/ 2 outs). Down 12-0, guys might start thinking of playing for themselves, not that Casey is selfish, but he'll be looking for the RBI here.... Yeah, because RBIs in close games are somehow not good for the team? Sheesh.
2005-05-06 18:02:14
259.   Suffering Bruin
Well, at least he mentioned it.

Rick Monday as play-by-play and Rick Monday as color commentator are two entirely different people.

2005-05-06 18:02:41
260.   Steve
Broadcasters are exempt. :)

Poor Jason just couldn't decide whether to dive head first or not. He wouldn't have gotten it anyway.

2005-05-06 18:02:56
261.   the OZ
Aww, man, Harold Reynolds is the new Tom Emanski - he's got a commercial for baseball instruction DVDs out on ESPN featuring Brantley, Showalter, et el.

I would it if it was endorsed by Fred McGriff.

2005-05-06 18:03:47
262.   Jim Hitchcock
I love my Proton monitor. It has a half-mute switch on the remote, so I can blank Lyons only.
2005-05-06 18:03:53
263.   the OZ
I would buy it. That's what I meant. What a waste of a perfectly mediocre joke...
2005-05-06 18:05:22
264.   Steve
Cinncinnati guy says "Nakamoto."
2005-05-06 18:07:15
265.   Suffering Bruin
Lyons comes up with strange stuff sometimes. What's interesting about Psycho to me is how much his thinking represents his fellow players. I tend to think that ballplayers behind the mike rely on cliche thinking to calm themselves. After awhile, they become more comfortable and just spout the SOS that made them "successful".

Speaking of broadcasters (for all I know, I'm the only one doing so) did everybody catch one of Larry Stewart's take on Joe Morgan? Apparently, we're all wrong--Morgan is a great guy and a terrific broadcaster.

2005-05-06 18:07:47
266.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-05-06 18:07:48
267.   Steve
That pitch was inside!
2005-05-06 18:07:57
268.   GoBears
Oh YEAH! Hee Seop!
2005-05-06 18:07:59
269.   Suffering Bruin

I am a berry, berry happy fellah.

2005-05-06 18:08:18
270.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-05-06 18:08:38
271.   GoBears
It did NOT look like he got all of that. Looked like a pop-up, but just kept going.
2005-05-06 18:09:13
272.   Albert in Hong Kong
Inside pitch.. Bury Bonds style
2005-05-06 18:10:15
273.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob eating that eel had a very positive effect on HSC.
2005-05-06 18:10:54
274.   Steve
This is like the ultimate Screw Plaschke game. Penny throwing bbs, Kent and Choi raking. Sweet.
2005-05-06 18:12:41
275.   Dodgerkid
Is Drew injured? Why did Repko replace him?
2005-05-06 18:13:12
276.   Dodgerkid
And Bradley as well!!
2005-05-06 18:13:56
277.   GoBears
See, now Lyons makes what seems to be a good point about Griffey's swing that you'd probably only get from a former player. Gotta take the dumb with the less dumb, I s'pose.
2005-05-06 18:14:09
278.   Steve
Drew is resting comfortably.
2005-05-06 18:15:06
279.   Jim Hitchcock
Just resting his wheels, DodgerKid.
2005-05-06 18:16:21
280.   GoBears
Tracy has replaced everyone but Phillips, Choi, and Kent. Just resting them, I guess. Penny is done now too.
2005-05-06 18:16:40
281.   Suffering Bruin
#274 - Yes and amen. Is it not time to commence with the singing? I think it might be but since you got the conductor's wand...
2005-05-06 18:17:00
282.   bigcpa
It's almost a year since 7/30/04. Can we calmly evaluate the success of the LoDuca trade? Of course looking at it this way:

LoDuca, Mota, Encarnacion, Hill
replaced with
Phillips, Brazoban, Drew, Finley rental

it's a landslide already...

then Penny and Choi for free.

2005-05-06 18:18:24
283.   Dodgerkid
I hate Gameday
2005-05-06 18:21:41
284.   Albert in Hong Kong
Ryan Wagner has some serious stuff.
2005-05-06 18:23:33
285.   Suffering Bruin
Tom Meagher has a post on the Dodgers making a fifteen player transaction. Let me see if I can find it...

Here it is (gently edited):

Los Angeles Dodgers: traded catchers Paul Lo Duca and Dave Ross, RF-1B Shawn Green, OF Juan Encarnacion, RHP Guillermo Mota, and LHP Kazuhisa Ishii...

... for catchers Jason Phillips and Dioner Navarro, 1B Hee Seop Choi, and RHP Brad Penny, William Juarez, Danny Muegge, and Beltran Perez.

Financially and performance wise, we look pretty damn good right now.

2005-05-06 18:23:39
286.   GoBears
Oops - Saenz is still in there. Nori's at SS. My bad.
2005-05-06 18:24:25
287.   GoBears
Team Depo....indeed.
2005-05-06 18:25:01
288.   GoBears
That was in reference to #285
2005-05-06 18:25:29
289.   Steve
I think the choir pretty much leads itself at this point. That 13% drop in circulation ain't because people are buying the Times for the Sports page.

Want to see DJ pitch well here. I still think he's the answer to the Erickson problem.

2005-05-06 18:26:39
290.   jasonungar05
So now Hee Sop Choi hits.
And hits hard.

So now Penny Pitches.
And pitches well.

There ya go Bill..

2005-05-06 18:26:43
291.   DXMachina
Kent finally gets a rest.
2005-05-06 18:27:27
292.   Steve
Is that Mike Edwards at shortstop and Nakamura at second? On that play, Nakamura was in short left field. Wild.
2005-05-06 18:27:49
293.   bigcpa
I'd rather frame it this way with actual positions covered:

LoDuca, Mota, Encarnacion, Ishii
replaced with
Phillips, Brazoban, Drew, Penny

Other parting gifts:
Steve Finley rental
Hee Seop Choi

We net about $5M in new payroll, but really that's just funny.

2005-05-06 18:30:00
294.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
So much for the combined shutout.
2005-05-06 18:30:15
295.   Suffering Bruin
289 - the Erickson problem is still with us, apparently.
2005-05-06 18:30:19
296.   Steve
Never mind. :)
2005-05-06 18:30:53
297.   Steve
That makes Houlton's Opp. BA about .500
2005-05-06 18:31:10
298.   the OZ
Choi has five homers.
Lowe and Penny are stellar.
Take that, Bill. You hack.
2005-05-06 18:31:23
299.   Suffering Bruin
293 - I think we have to include Green and Navarro in there somewhere. That balances out the payroll and has the added benefit of making the trade look even better.
2005-05-06 18:32:14
300.   Suffering Bruin
Plaschke is covering the Kentucky Derby so I don't think we'll see any baseball writing from him for awhile.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-05-06 18:32:51
301.   Jim Hitchcock
Steve! What did you do? What did you do?
2005-05-06 18:33:10
302.   Suffering Bruin
By the by, that is Edwards at short, Nakamura at second.
2005-05-06 18:33:39
303.   Steve
Colborn is out there telling Houlton, "If you don't get us out of here without us blowing out our bullpen, you're going to find your butt back in Houston's AAA Hell very quickly."
2005-05-06 18:34:30
304.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Talk out there, boys.
2005-05-06 18:35:03
305.   Albert in Hong Kong
Jason cutting off the other Jason
2005-05-06 18:35:25
306.   Steve
Macha leaves in Zito. Disaster and chaos ensues.
2005-05-06 18:36:07
307.   Suffering Bruin
This isn't funny.
2005-05-06 18:36:28
308.   Jim Hitchcock
Grabowski ignores ATC warnings, causing 55 car pileup on the Pomona Freeway...

Yank DJ.

2005-05-06 18:36:45
309.   Steve
Well, it turns out that Houlton really does suck. Forget BABIP -- every pitch they've hit is waist high and right down the middle.
2005-05-06 18:37:02
310.   jasonungar05
its not a stretch to think that Kent's OPS is > or = to Shawn Green and Adrian Beltre.
2005-05-06 18:37:46
311.   Albert in Hong Kong
We know Nakamura can't play 2nd.
2005-05-06 18:37:58
312.   Dodgerkid
Mr. Wilson: DENNIS!!
2005-05-06 18:38:07
313.   Suffering Bruin
This really is not funny anymore.
2005-05-06 18:39:03
314.   GoBears
Don't panic, people. It's still a 9 run lead. There, now only 3 outs to go.
2005-05-06 18:40:48
315.   Suffering Bruin
310 - It's close...

Kent: 1.092

Green/Beltre: 1.292

2005-05-06 18:41:21
316.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Green (734 OPS) + Beltre (563) = 1297.
Kent = 1082.
2005-05-06 18:42:11
317.   Suffering Bruin
(deep breath)

Thanks, GoBears.

2005-05-06 18:42:39
318.   Jim Hitchcock
The fans are getting to Graves. Not good for him.
2005-05-06 18:42:44
319.   bigcpa
Is it too greedy to hope for a save opp for Yhency? Sometimes roto interests creep in- it just happens.
2005-05-06 18:43:05
320.   Suffering Bruin
Is Graves being punished for something here? The fans hate him and they send him in down nine?

That's sad, man. Just sad.

2005-05-06 18:44:20
321.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Graves was the arsonist in the Cardinals' big comeback the other night.
2005-05-06 18:44:59
322.   Jim Hitchcock
For Yhency to be able to get a save the score would have to be 13-10.
2005-05-06 18:45:26
323.   Steve
They hate Danny Graves. Healthy for them I think.
2005-05-06 18:45:48
324.   the OZ
or it could be 13-7 with the bases loaded and nobody out.
2005-05-06 18:46:48
325.   the OZ
If Nakamura can't hit Danny Graves, he needs to go.
2005-05-06 18:46:58
326.   Steve
319 -- the bad karma involved in that statement is Kolbian in nature.

Graves is one of the "best" closers, says Cincinnati guy. Please.

2005-05-06 18:48:19
327.   Suffering Bruin
The Reds have thrown 180 pitches.
2005-05-06 18:48:42
328.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
BTW, I'm scoring Freel's hit in the 6th a single and giving Repko a two-base error.
2005-05-06 18:50:14
329.   GoBears
I THOUGHT so! They just showed the replay of Nakamura's bat breaking and hitting him in the back of the head. I thought that was what I saw, and it was a first for me. Adding injury to insult.
2005-05-06 18:51:09
330.   Jim Hitchcock
I don't know, Gold Star...I once saw Steve Sax get an ITPHR on an almost identical play...with Barry Bonds in RF.
2005-05-06 18:51:21
331.   Suffering Bruin
Hee-Seop Choi's season OPS: .909

I'm all for platooning. I think it's a wonderful strategy.

Choi's ready to play full-time.

2005-05-06 18:52:47
332.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
My scoresheet, my scoring... :P
2005-05-06 18:53:06
333.   the OZ
RE #331 -

Especially true since Saenz will be playing more at third, out of necessity. The platoon isn't really an option anymore.

2005-05-06 18:54:03
334.   Jim Hitchcock
You're correct, Sir! :)
2005-05-06 18:54:14
335.   GoBears
2 more outs......
2005-05-06 18:54:33
336.   Albert in Hong Kong
Player of the game: Dodger Offense.


2005-05-06 18:54:58
337.   GoBears
I'll say it again - nice to have a 6' 5" first baseman.
2005-05-06 18:55:05
338.   Steve
Saenz with the pick!
2005-05-06 18:55:20
339.   Albert in Hong Kong
Saenz gotta work on that throw. Nice fielding play though.
2005-05-06 18:55:31
340.   Suffering Bruin
Extra innings between Oakland and the Evil Empire.
2005-05-06 18:56:55
341.   GoBears
Stay seated, Tracy. Only one more out.
2005-05-06 18:57:56
342.   Albert in Hong Kong
Man... a Steve-Finley led rally by the Reds could win the game
2005-05-06 18:58:11
343.   Suffering Bruin
Houlton's trying to catch Wilson for highest increase in ERA over the fewest number of batters.
2005-05-06 18:58:29
344.   GoBears
Aw jeez. Tracy DOES stay seated, but sends Colby with the hook. So now he's stupid AND lazy?
2005-05-06 19:00:56
345.   Suffering Bruin
344 - I don't know about that. Houlton had thrown fifty pitches. I look at it as mercy.
2005-05-06 19:01:09
346.   GoBears
2005-05-06 19:01:11
347.   Albert in Hong Kong
Game. Finally.
2005-05-06 19:02:24
348.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Wilson restores order.
2005-05-06 19:03:08
349.   GoBears
Why? Once he'd had the horrible outing, at least let him get the last out. Oh well. Alvarez got it done in, what, 1 pitch? No repercussions.
2005-05-06 19:03:29
350.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Note how the Reds blew through their bullpen in a game lost before they even batted. Why?
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2005-05-06 19:04:43
351.   the OZ
In ARI, the Dbacks had a chance to go all Dodger-esque on the Pirates with 1 run scored, bases laoded, no outs in the first inning.

Instead, Tony Clark forced the runner at home, Shawn Green struck out (batting sixth), and Chris Snyder popped out.

2005-05-06 19:06:42
352.   Suffering Bruin
Meanwhile, the Marlins are up 7-0 on the Rockies. Encarnacion has a high OPS, Lo Duca is hitting .349 and Mota... is on the DL.

Be a kick if the Marlins and the Dodgers met in the postseason.

2005-05-06 19:08:30
353.   Albert in Hong Kong
In response to 351, i do not know what has happened to Oliver Perez this season.
2005-05-06 19:15:42
354.   Jim Hitchcock
I like the chances of that, SB.
2005-05-06 19:17:27
355.   Steve
Game finally. Haha!

Houlton drops behind Schmoll in the "Gets sent down when Dessens comes back" sweepstakes. We hardly knew ye, DJ.

2005-05-06 19:19:48
356.   Steve
The Yankees blow up, aided by a fielding error by A-Rod.
2005-05-06 19:24:33
357.   Suffering Bruin
Steve, how did two runs score on the play? Gamecast is less than clear.

And how about two errors in the inning, Rivera walking in a run... I wanted the Yankees to blow up but this is like a dream.

2005-05-06 19:25:59
358.   Suffering Bruin
Or I could wait to catch the lead story on ESPN...
2005-05-06 19:27:30
359.   Steve
I just happened to check the score while putting the kids to bed (wireless...awesome. Love the 21st Century). Don't know how it all exactly came down.
2005-05-06 19:27:33
360.   Albert in Hong Kong
Hahah, SB is pulling a Steve

I like the way the Yankees are melting down right now, but i really can't give a description. Well i did see Arod's error bit, he tried backhanding it and it slipped off the top of the glove and rolled into left.

2005-05-06 19:29:36
361.   Suffering Bruin
Yankees lose! Th-e-e-e-e Yankees lose!


2005-05-06 19:31:54
362.   Albert in Hong Kong
Wow. This must be a dream. Don't wake me up.

Anybody convinced the Yankees won't make the playoffs? I still think they can pull 95 wins =p

2005-05-06 19:32:05
363.   Suffering Bruin
Apparently two runs scored on an error by Tino Martinez.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I was this happy in the midst of another's misery.

I think Joe Torre is in trouble, folks.

2005-05-06 19:33:09
364.   Steve
Ryne Sandberg said they had to win. It was metaphysical certitude. If they didn't, they were going to fall too far behind and not win the division. Ipso facto, they had to win their next 27 games.
2005-05-06 19:35:33
365.   Suffering Bruin
362, it could happen but they have to win 63% of their games the rest of the way.
2005-05-06 19:37:03
366.   Suffering Bruin
I'm tellin' ya, it's a second base thang. They just should not get behind a microphone or take pen to paper, no matter what Larry Stewart says.
2005-05-06 19:41:46
367.   Steve
Green go boom off of Oliver Perez. Steve glad Steve trade Oliver Perez and Aubrey Huff for Hank Blalock and Rich Harden.
2005-05-06 19:51:50
368.   Albert in Hong Kong
I'm stuck with Oliver Perez on my bench. At least i got Penny-for-nothing trade.
2005-05-06 19:53:16
369.   Langhorne
Position Wanted

General Manager, Major League Baseball
Any front office position considered.
Contact Brian Cashman Bronx, New York.

2005-05-06 20:30:16
370.   tjshere
Doggone it, I missed the party tonight. Stupid job. Oh well, at least I got to listen to most of it on the radio. Lots to celebrate, but I was sure disappointed in Houlton. He won't get a more comfortable, pressure-free opportunity to show us what he can do than he did tonight and it was pretty ugly. I was sorry to see that, especially since I still think another starter is going to become our number 1 priority before this shootin' match is over.

As always, lots of great comments/info/humor here tonight. You guys rock!

2005-05-06 20:38:31
371.   Sam DC
Nationals are trying to help us out by giving SF a little of what they gave the Dodgers. Nats lead the Gnats 4-3 right now. Pitching tonight for the Nationals is Tomo Ohka, unpleasantly called out by Frank Robinson in the Wash Post last week as the "most disappointing" National. So far, Okha has thrown 36 balls and 35 strikes, including a walk to SF Pitcher Noah Lowry with Grissom on second. He also failed to get down a sac bnt -- struck out on three straight bunt fouls -- with runners on first and second last inning. Needless to say, he seems pretty fortunate to be leading, and it's hard to imagine he's won back much of his manager's love so far tonight.
2005-05-06 20:43:32
372.   Steve
And now Ohka is gone for Gigantor.
2005-05-06 20:50:17
373.   Sam DC
Robinson's gotten in trouble lately for taking personal cell calls in the Dugout during games. Maybe he's been reading Dodger Thoughts too.
2005-05-06 21:39:22
374.   Xeifrank
Great game for the Dodgers tonight. Only flaw I could find was that they weren't efficient in the red zone. Come on! One touchdown and 2 field goals?? Perhaps they should stop running the ball on 3rd down inside the Reds 20 yardline.



2005-05-06 21:55:36
375.   Icaros
What game were you watching? They scored two TDs and missed one PAT. It's rare, but it happens.
2005-05-06 22:04:49
376.   Art H Tracy
Just got back to Columbus from Cincinnati.

Once the Reds' fans got over the shock of the first inning, it was amusing listening to the good natured gallows humor throughout the game. My favorite line: "IF WE LOSE, IT'S ON YOU!" to the 2nd base ump after he blew the call in the 7th or 8th.

Penny seems like a heck of a teamate. He gave Repko a pat on the back after Repko misplayed the single into a triple, and he stayed in the dugout til' the end of the game. But I thought he acted a little bit like a jerk when he stared down Freel after he tried to bunt for a hit in the 3rd.

Heck of a night. First row, 17 seats up the baseline from the Dodger dugout, and my boy hits 2 dingers.

2005-05-06 22:14:11
377.   Art H Tracy
Oh yeah, my brother from Seattle happened to call during the second inning and told my about all the griping they're doing about Beltre.
2005-05-06 22:15:46
378.   Icaros
Oh sure, now he's everybody's boy :-)

Choi is already wearing Suffering Bruin's class ring.

2005-05-06 22:17:12
379.   Steve
Beltre had a single today. What do they want up there!
2005-05-06 22:37:19
380.   Art H Tracy
The Dodgers were doing their stretching, jogging right in front of me before the game. When Choi came out I hollered "HEE-SEOP, GET ONE YOU LIKE TONIGHT, BUDDY!" He gave me a polite smile, turned to go about his business, and I'm sure he was thinking "that guy needs to get a life."
2005-05-06 22:51:35
381.   Icaros
C'mon, Art. You should've told us that Hee-Seop visited you in the hospital and promised to hit two HRs for you.

This was your chance.

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