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May 8 Open Chat: Happy Mother's Day
2005-05-08 08:45
by Jon Weisman
Comments (488)
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2005-05-08 10:04:47
1.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

May 8, 1909

A contentious day at Washington Park in Brooklyn ended up with the Superbas (as the Dodgers were sometimes called at the time) losing to the Phillies, 8-2. In the fifth inning, Phillie second baseman Otto Knabe spiked Brooklyn third baseman Ed Lennox. Knabe and Lennox started an argument and Phillies coach Kid Gleason joined in. Lennox, Knabe, and Gleason were all ejected and the Brooklyn fans threw trash at Gleason as he was leaving the field. (Gleason and Lennox would later draw suspensions.) The Dodgers record on the season fell to 7-10.

1909 was not a great year for Brooklyn as they finished 55-98, 55 ½ games out of first. Despite all those losses, Brooklyn still managed to finish sixth ahead of St. Louis and Boston. The NL was top heavy that year as first place Pittsburgh won 110 games and second place Chicago won 104 games. Nevertheless, the 55 wins were a 2-game improvement over the dismal 1908 season.

The Superbas offense was abysmal even by the standards of the Deadball Era. The 1908 home run champ (with 12), Tim Jordan, slipped down to 3 homers. Brooklyn averaged just 2.86 runs per game. The Dodgers starting catcher, Bill Bergen, batted .139 for the season.

But there was hope on the way, in September of 1909, a young player named Zack Wheat arrived in Brooklyn. After 2,322 games in 18 years in Brooklyn, Wheat would finish with a .317 batting average and 2804 hits. (Wheat would play one final year for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1927.) Another key player for the Dodgers for the pennant winners in 1916 and 1920, Hy Myers, also made his debut. Myers played 14 seasons in Brooklyn.

Thanks to the NY Times and Retrosheet

2005-05-08 10:06:13
2.   Landonkk
Our future 3B?

Just thought that I would point out that Andy LaRoche is tearing it up at Vero Beach. Yes it is only single A, but look at these numbers:

126 ABs, 10 2Bs, 1 3B, 9HRs, .357avg, .386obp, .667slg

only 6 BBs though and 21 SOs -

2005-05-08 10:09:19
3.   tjshere
I've lost track, which Weaver are we due to see today?

Oh, and happy Mother's Day to any and all of you moms out there.

2005-05-08 10:25:28
4.   LAT
I'm hoping we see the outstanding Weaver, not because I want the Dodgers to win, which of course I do, but because on the national stage, ESPN game, Joe Morgan will point out, at least six times, just how bad the Weaver-Brown trade was for the Yanks. And If "Ghame Over" comes in Morgan will say it at least two more times. Not that I want to pile on George when he's down. . .notmuch. (and I didn't even bet on his lousy horse, I bet on other lousy horses). Finally, the Weaver Brown observation on national TV would be nice for Dan Evans.

Watching the Sea Bos game. Hard to believe this is the same Beltre we chanted MVP for.

Icaros, BAD NEWS: I just discovered that MSarg29 is really the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, AFL-CIO.

2005-05-08 10:30:18
5.   franklin
Can't recall if this had been mentioned yet or not. Aaron Gleeman at Hardball Times has a nice little piece on Weaver's Jekyll and Hyde impression this season (posted on April 25).

2005-05-08 10:30:45
6.   Vishal
hahah LAT that was great.

i think we're due for dr. weaver, and not mr. gascan. he was on a good/bad/good/bad pattern, but then he strung two bad outings together and followed it up with his latest, which was a good outing. so one more good outing would even things out.

2005-05-08 10:42:28
7.   Bob Timmermann
With Weaver and Milton pitching and I were in Cincinnati, I would just hang out on the walkways behind Great America Ballpark to pick up the numerous souvenirs that should be deposited there.
2005-05-08 10:53:52
8.   franklin
Weaver's just searching for a rhythm, alternating between iambic (winLOSS) and anapest (LOSSLOSSwin).
2005-05-08 10:59:31
9.   Bob Timmermann
So what will be the over/under line here on comments by Joe Morgan that will annoy us?

How soon in to the game will Morgan mention how good the Reds were and how they did the little things to win? (Despite scoring tons of runs.)

Will Jeff Kent be unfavorably compared to Alex Cora?

Will Norihiro Nakamura be frequently described as being not as good as Adrian Beltre?

Which person who comments here throw his remote at the TV first over something that Morgan said?

Who will say first that the Giants still will be a good team once everyone gets healthy? Morgan or Miller?

2005-05-08 11:03:21
10.   tjshere
LOL @ Bob! Truth, in this case, being funnier than fiction.

Back on the Weaver track, he is young enough that he still has some time to hit his stride, but he reminds me enough of Mike Morgan to make me somewhat dubious that will ever happen. I would love to see him prove me wrong.

2005-05-08 11:09:17
11.   MSarg29
LAT - I don't even understand your juvenile attack on me. Whatever. Once again it proves one can't have a different opinion here. Whatever.
2005-05-08 11:09:20
12.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers have a couple of innings where they leave the bases loaded and Morgan complains, I want someone to remind him that his 1976 Reds team is the NL king in LOB.
2005-05-08 11:17:42
13.   Icaros
Oh my goodness.
2005-05-08 11:19:08
14.   Bob Timmermann
Would it rude for me to ask you two to take it somewhere else?
2005-05-08 11:21:35
15.   Icaros
I'm done, Bob. Have been since yesterday.
2005-05-08 11:22:37
16.   MSarg29
Icaros - I understand we have a different point of view, but to continue this another day? I just don't get it. I don't know what your friend is getting at w/ the joke about the flight attendants and the AFL-CIO.

Whatever. I just wanted to post here about Dodger baseball. Instead I get personally attacked because I don't think just like you and your friends.

I hope you guys are proud of yourselves.

2005-05-08 11:23:21
17.   MSarg29
Bob - I don't even understand the attack. I stopped posting about this yesterday.
2005-05-08 11:23:45
18.   Marty
I suspect Morgan will dust off his anti-moneyball routine today. I may just tune into the Rick and Al show instead. And that is pure torture in itself.
2005-05-08 11:24:51
19.   Bob Timmermann
I'm acting "in loco Weisman" who I imagine is off doing something Mothers Day-ish.

Or maybe Jon could start a Choi-oriented thread. There is usually only one per week now!

2005-05-08 11:26:00
20.   Linkmeister
Having just installed an HD cable box to go with the small 27" Sony HDTV we got for a song, I ain't throwing my remote anytime soon. That involved too much fiddling to jeopardize the viewing.
2005-05-08 11:26:21
21.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, the Rockies might be winning their second road game of the year. They lead the Marlins 8-1 in the 4th. A 3-run inside the park home run for Barmes and a grand slam for Miles.
2005-05-08 11:26:31
22.   Linkmeister
Oh, and yes indeed, Happy Mom's Day to all.
2005-05-08 11:28:01
23.   Marty
I'll just feed my remote to the dog. He has shown an affinity for chewing up gadgets
2005-05-08 11:28:25
24.   Bob Timmermann
I think we need to unite agains Joe Morgan. It will promote comity.
2005-05-08 11:32:09
25.   MSarg29
Well I am certainly am no Joe Morgan fan. His dislike for the Dodgers is very clear.
2005-05-08 11:37:26
26.   franklin
gadgets promote canine hygiene!

During the game broadcast, can we get Jon Miller to slip in "Joe, that Big Red Machine sure was great, but I still think the 72-74 A's were the team of the decade."

2005-05-08 11:39:23
27.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals are treating Tim Redding of the Padres not unlike the Dodgers treated Paul Wilson.

It's 6-0 in the first inning and the 11th man is at the plate.

2005-05-08 11:42:47
28.   MSarg29
Bob - Good job with the use of the word "comity".
2005-05-08 11:43:03
29.   Bob Timmermann
Unlike Wilson, Redding managed to get TWO outs. Randy Williams is relieving now. Randy replaced Woody on the roster.
2005-05-08 11:44:36
30.   Bob Timmermann
Randy Williams has started off with an HBP and a bases-loaded walk and it's 7-0 Cardinals with Edmonds at the plate.
2005-05-08 11:44:46
31.   franklin
Redding did, at least, get two outs before getting the hook.
2005-05-08 11:45:33
32.   franklin
Ah, fast of finger, Bob T
2005-05-08 11:46:20
33.   franklin
and they just did the Dodgers one better, Rolen with a 3-run 2B
2005-05-08 11:46:32
34.   Bob Timmermann
8-0 Cardinals after an infield hit by Edmonds. Now Rolen gets the chance to make 2 outs in the inning.
2005-05-08 11:46:54
35.   Bob Timmermann
Rolen hits a bases-clearing double and it's 11-0.
2005-05-08 11:48:38
36.   franklin
Given their Player of the Week/Month status, trying to figure out if I should be more impressed with Tiffany or LaRoche at Vero.

Can't remember, is the FSL considered hitters league or pitchers?

2005-05-08 11:48:55
37.   Bob Timmermann
Grudzielanek is the 16th Cardinal to bat in the first.
2005-05-08 11:50:20
38.   Bob Timmermann
"The inning is over, but the damage is done...."

At the end of 1 inning in St. Louis, Cardinals 11, Padres 0.

2005-05-08 11:53:53
39.   Steve
Meanwhile, Kevin Brown is hurling a shutout.
2005-05-08 11:57:00
40.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, but Brown is shutting out Oakland. They can't score against anybody.

Oakland has had a lot of baserunners.

2005-05-08 12:01:52
41.   Linkmeister
Meanwhile, over on TBS, the Braves are whomping the Astros 13-0 in the 8th (I think).
2005-05-08 12:02:41
42.   Fearing Blue
Re #2: I've been meaning to post an overview of our somewhat ridiculous 3B prospect situation. Currently 4 of our top 30 prospects are potentially slotted at 3B. The first number listed for each player is Baseball America's ranking among the Dodgers' top 30 prospects. I also included Perez in the list, since he's only 25 years old.

#1: Joel Guzman: 20 years old and currently playing for AA Jacksonville. He's batting .293/.385/.576 with 7HR, 15BB, and 32K in 99AB. Baseball America has him listed as the 5th overall prospect in the game and Baseball Prospectus has him listed as the 7th. Prior to this season, all of his games were played at SS. This season he's splitting his time between SS and 3B. Baseball America sees his defensive tools as best-suited for right field, though he has been able to maintain slightly below average defense at SS throughout his career to date. This is a significant achievement considering his 6'6" frame.

#5: Andy LaRoche: 21 years old and currently playing for High-A Vero Beach. He's batting .357/.386/.667 with 9HR, 6BB, and 21K in 126AB. Baseball America has him listed as the 74th overall prospect in the game. He's probably ready to move up to AA soon, but he has Guzman blocking his path. There are still questions as to whether he will be able to handle 3B defensively as he progresses.

#7: Blake DeWitt: 20 years old and currently playing for Low-A Columbus. He's batting .288/.320/.424 with 2HR, 5BB, and 20K in 118AB. Baseball America has him listed as the Best Raw Power and Best Defensive Player from the 2004 draft.

#25: Willy Aybar: 22 years old and currently playing for AAA Las Vegas. He's batting .337/.398/.545 with 2HR, 11BB, and 17K in 101AB. Baseball Prospectus has him listed as the 34th overall prospect in the game as a 2B. He started out his professional career as a 3B, played 2B all of last year, and has split time between the two this year. Baseball Prospectus rates him strong defensively at both positions.

XX: Antonio Perez: 25 years old and currently completing a rehab assignment with AAA Las Vegas. He's out of minor league options, so once his three week rehab assignment is complete, he will rejoin the major league roster. He batted .296/.379/.511 for AAA Las Vegas last year with 22HR, 61BB, and 87K in 476AB. Baseball Prospectus has him projected at .250/.330/.399 in the majors for 2005. Last year, in the minors, he split his time between SS (71 games) and 2B (44 games). He was ranked as a below-average SS and average 2B defensively. This year, he has spent most of his time at 3B in Spring training and in his current minor league rehab assignment. Jerry Royster, the Las Vegas manager thinks Perez will be best suited to 3B because he has trouble with his footwork at SS and 2B, and footwork is not as important at 3B (

Once Perez completes his rehab assignment, he will spend most of his games at 3B, though he can backup SS and 2B in an emergency. Aybar may come up at some point, but the Dodgers only want to bring him up if he is going to play every day. Thus, unless Perez tanks or we have further injuries, Aybar should get a full year of seasoning at AAA. Unless we make some trades, starting next year, we will be in the enviable position of having Perez, Aybar, and Guzman capable of succeeding at 3B in the majors.

I now have a much better understanding of why the Dodgers weren't willing to bet the farm on Beltre's single year worth of performance.

2005-05-08 12:03:34
43.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals are up 13-0 after a 2-run homer by Walker.

So which position player for San Diego is going to mop up?

I bet on Mark Sweeney.

2005-05-08 12:09:26
44.   Icaros
Sean Burroughs was a good pitcher in Little League.
2005-05-08 12:14:21
45.   Bob Timmermann
Bochy has already pulled Nevin and Loretta out of the game and put in Sweeney and Jesse Garcia.

And the Braves are winning 16-0 over Houston.

2005-05-08 12:21:58
46.   Vishal

in the interest of defusing tensions here, my take on LAT's comment was that he probably read the little tiff in the last comments thread, and was making a bit of a joke (not an insult) about it, in a lighthearted way.

icaros, who posts here pretty regularly, has mentioned that he is looking for a flight attendant job, and i got the distinct impression that LAT was just teasing a little by implying that he went and ticked off the wrong person by arguing with you. i doubt he was trying to insult you.

anyway, since LAT hasn't said anything since, that's my interpretation. i'm sure he can clarify if he wants to.

ps. someone needs to start a blog entirely devoted to fisking joe morgan.

2005-05-08 12:23:50
47.   Linkmeister
I'm still having trouble adjusting to not having the Braves as division rivals.
2005-05-08 12:24:01
48.   Sam DC
Just checking in between loads of mom-related responsibilities.

MSarg29 -- Just skimming, I don't see that anyone explained this. If it matters, the Flight Attendant's Local thing was this: Icaros a couple of times has called out for connections/contacts that would help him get a flight attendant job. So, I don't read LAT as attacking you at all, but just making a little joke, mostly at Icaros' expense, re how you two have gotten into it a bit on the site. If the flight attendant thing in put you off, that wasn't a dig at you.

More broadly, and not that it's my business, I'd just like to say that I think that you, and your different take (which does not really seem that diffrent to me to than that of others on the site) are indeed welcome here. I realize you don't feel that way, and I think that's too bad, all around. Without dwelling on who said what to whom in the red room with the candlestick, if you're interested in continuing to engage with a basically open mind and with temperate spirits and words, I bet others would be as well. If there's one thing I do know about our host, personal attacks and shutting out differing views -- from or by anyone, regardless of tenure on the site -- are most unwelcome here indeed.

2005-05-08 13:00:24
49.   Marty
The boys over at the joke site do a pretty good Joe Morgan imitation:

"Now, as for Mr. Beane: Any fan looking at the numbers can see that the A's have stolen only two bases this season, whereas their opponents have swiped 23 bags. Furthermore, Oakland is second in their division to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who have stolen 24 bases so far this year and appear as though they are ready to steal a lot more. Why? Because they are a team that knows how to win. What has Billy Beane ever won except maybe some book award that nobody cares about anyway? Anyhow, I hope all you stat geeks can now see how this works. You'd think a bunch of business-school rejects would know that the only way to get ahead is to steal."

2005-05-08 13:20:41
50.   Mush
Ooh - Jose Offerman is the pinch-hitter in Philly with 2 outs in the top of the 9th!
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2005-05-08 13:21:14
51.   Mush
And he struck out swinging.

Could Offerman really have been a better option than Marlon Byrd there?

2005-05-08 13:52:18
52.   MSarg29
Vishal (#46) and Sam DC (#48) - Thanks for the clarification. I have to admit, the Flight Attendant line made absolutely no sense to me. It certainly seemed like an absurd insult and that's why I addressed it.

I apologize for overreacting about the comment, I had no idea what any of that meant. That caused me to think some were ganging up on me, about a subject that I certainly dropped yesterday.

Anyway, thank you both for your insight and I will take it to heart.

Go Dodgers - screw Joe Morgan.

2005-05-08 13:55:19
53.   Bob Timmermann
Now that's comity!
2005-05-08 13:56:59
54.   MSarg29
2005-05-08 14:02:42
55.   Bob Timmermann
Being a man who likes to engage in pointless pursuits, I have determined that the Dodgers alltime record in games played on Mother's Day is 53-35, which is a .602 clip.

Part 1 of the Dodgers games on Mother's Day:
1914 – Didn't play
1915 – Didn't play
1916 – Brooklyn beats St. Louis 3-2
1917 – Didn't play
1918 – Didn't play
1919 - Giants beat Dodgers, 7-2
1920 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 5-4
1921 - Dodgers beat Giants, 2-0
1922 – Dodgers beat Reds, 6-5
1923 – Cubs beat Dodgers, 5-2
1924 – Cubs beat Dodgers, 5-4
1925 – Dodgers beat Reds, 9-8
1926 – Dodgers beat Cardinals, 3-1
1927 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 5-1
1928 – Dodgers beat Pirates, 8-5
1929 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 13-7
1930 – Dodgers beat Pirates, 10-2

2005-05-08 14:03:31
56.   Steve
The Angels are losing 7-0. Given how successful "aggressive play" is at generating runs, expect hit and running with every base runner from here on out.
2005-05-08 14:03:56
57.   Bob Timmermann
Part 2 of Mother's Day (so it can be more easily skipped):
1931 – Pirates beat Dodgers, 3-1
1932 – Cubs beat Dodgers, 12-5
1933 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 8-6
1934 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 12-7
1935 – Dodgers beat Reds, 9-1
1936 – Braves beat Dodgers, 5-4
1937 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 7-1
1938 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 4-2
1939 – Braves beat Dodgers, 1-0
1940 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 5-3
1941 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 6-5
1942 – Dodgers beat Giants, 5-3
1943 – Dodgers split doubleheader with Braves, 5-4 and 1-2
1944 – Dodgers split with Cubs, 4-2 and 7-8
1945 – Dodgers beat Reds, 10-3
1946 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 13-4
1947 – Phillies sweep Dodgers, 7-3 and 5-4
1948 – Dodgers split with Pirates, 14-2 and 8-10
1949 – Dodgers beat Cardinals, 8-7
1950 – Dodgers beat Braves, 6-4
1951 – Dodgers beat Braves, 12-6
1952 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 4-3
1953 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 5-0
1954 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 2-1
1955 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 9-8
1956 - Dodgers beat Giants, 6-4
1957 - Dodgers beat Giants, 5-0
1958 – Didn't play
1959 – Dodgers beat Giants, 3-2
1960 – Phillies beat Dodgers, 4-2
(Dodgers streak of 10 straight Mother's Day wins ends)
2005-05-08 14:04:25
58.   Bob Timmermann
Mother's Day - Part 3
1961 – Cubs beat Dodgers, 10-8
1962 – Dodgers beat Cardinals, 4-3
1963 – Dodgers beat Giants, 6-5
1964 – Dodgers beat Giants, 9-1
1965 – Giants beat Dodgers, 6-3
1966 – Reds beat Dodgers, 2-1
1967 – Dodgers split with Cubs, 2-1 and 3-6
1968 – Dodgers beat Braves, 1-0
1969 – Didn't play
1970 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 7-0
1971 – Pirates beat Dodgers, 11-5
1972 – Didn't play
1973 – Dodgers beat Giants, 15-3
1974 – Dodgers beat Padres, 15-9 in 13 innings
1975 – Dodgers beat Pirates, 7-0
1976 – Phillies beat Dodgers, 10-3
1977 – Didn't play
1978 – Cubs beat Dodgers, 10-7 in 15 innings (Tommy Lasorda is not happy with Dave Kingman's performance this day)
1979 – Dodgers beat Expos, 8-2
1980 – Dodgers beat Cardinals, 4-2
1981 – Dodgers beat Mets, 5-3
2005-05-08 14:05:18
59.   Bob Timmermann
Mother's Day (Part 4)
1982 – Dodgers beat Expos, 5-4
1983 – Dodgers beat Cardinals, 6-4
1984 – Dodgers beat Mets, 5-3
1985 – Dodgers beat Pirates, 2-0
1986 – Expos beat Dodgers, 4-3
1987 – Dodgers beat Cardinals, 8-7
1988 – Dodgers beat Cardinals, 12-6
1989 – Dodgers beat Phillies, 9-0
1990 – Didn't play
1991 – Phillies beat Dodgers, 7-3
1992 – Mets beat Dodgers, 3-0
1993 – Dodgers beat Giants, 6-4
1994 – Giants beat Dodgers, 5-4
1995 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 6-5 in 11 innings
1996 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 6-5
1997 – Expos beat Dodgers, 6-3 in 10 innings
1998 – Dodgers beat Marlins, 4-2
1999 – Marlins beat Dodgers, 6-4
2000 – Cardinals beat Dodgers, 12-10
2001 – Dodgers beat Braves, 3-1
2002 – Marlins beat Dodgers, 11-3
2003 – Dodgers beat Expos, 4-3
2004 – Dodgers beat Pirates, 9-7 in 14 innings
(Where were you when Olmedo Saenz hit his dramatic pinch hit homer in the 14th?)
2005-05-08 14:10:28
60.   spacebrother
I've only posted a couple of times here, but have been lurking since the beginning of the season. After reading "Moneyball" in the offseason, I became a convert--at least to the idea that stats should be regarded as an important tool, and not just an afterthought added to the scouts' intuition about a player, or something that fans argue about over beers.

I've only been going to Dodger games since 1997, becuase I didn't realize that I was interested until a friend gave me his copy of the Ken Burns "Baseball" documentary companion book. For some reason, that hooked me.

For about 3 years now, I've been a season ticket holder (section 52, front row.) I was excited when I learned that Depo was Beane's number cruncher/ right hand guy, and was being hired as the GM.

Anyway, try and excuse my ignorant comments, and I'll try to keep them to a minimum. This site is the best, and John W. is a giant among men for giving us this place to see so many great insights on what is going on with the Dodgers. It sure beats the thousands of ignorant, whiny sites by a long shot.

PS In my post yesterday, I meant that the Dodgers should stage "Miltdown" night when Bradley starts acting up again!

2005-05-08 14:11:27
61.   GoBears
Just curious, Bob - What was the home/road split in those games?
2005-05-08 14:12:23
62.   Bob Timmermann
Don't hesitate to post. We really aren't a contentious bunch.

Unless you start telling us that you love Joe Morgan and Bill Plaschke.

Then we will cast you out!

2005-05-08 14:13:56
63.   Suffering Bruin
I don't like saying this but Steve Lyons called a very good game yesterday.

Again, I don't like saying that.



( Very long )

Through the age of 25, the most comparable player to HSC is Brian Hunter. The third most comparable is Sid Bream. We know who these guys are.

The second most comparable is Carroll Wayne "Footsie" Belardi. On a lark, I tried to find out more about him in the world according to Google.

Belardi was born in St. Helena, CA. While he looked for all the world like a guy born to play in New York—which he would eventually do (— Belardi was Northern California to the core. He went to college at Santa Clara but was not there long. Like Choi, he was left-handed, he was big and he had power. Such qualities did not go unnoticed by professional baseball. The bonus baby rule was in earnest and after barely a year of college play, he signed with Brooklyn.

Remember, this was 1950—before bonus babies were required to be on the major league roster. The Dodgers sent him 3000 miles away to Nashua, NH of the New England League. He was there for one year before being called up for a cup of coffee in 1950 (ten games). He apparently picked up the name "footsie" after a rough trip around the bases.

In 1951, the Mobile Bears, with Wayne Belardi at first base, visited Chattanooga. In a 28-7 romp, Belardi hit two homeruns including a grand slam while going 4-7 with 10 RBI's. That got him called up for a glass of water (3 games). 1952 he spent in the minors. 1953 was a different story.

What a year 1953 was for Jackie's boys. Offensively, everything broke right. As a team, Brooklyn slugged .474 while hitting a then record 208 homers. It's easy to forget they were actually in a pennant race. In mid-July, the Braves were breathing down their necks, three games back. The Dodgers had lost 5 of ten including a 20-6 shellacking at the hands of the hated Giants. Then came a four game set with the Cardinals.

Game one, Gil Hodges hit a grand slam. The next day, Billy Cox did the same thing. Still, the Braves kept pace. The following day, the Dodgers were down 6-4 in the eighth but had the bases loaded when up stepped Belardi who had entered the game as a sub. To the delight of the Ebbets Field crowd, he hit the teams third grand slam in as many days. Belardi scored again in the inning as the Dodgers batted around which led to a 14-6 laugher. The Bums played lights out for the next two months, winning 43 of their next 54 and waltzed to the pennant. Winners of 105 games, they would certainly be considered one of the best teams ever but for losing the World Series to the Evil Empire.

Wayne Belardi was 22-years. He had slugged 11 homers in 69 games. He could not have been blamed if he thought his career was just getting started. Three years later, he out of the major leagues for good.

Two months into 1954, Belardi was traded to Detroit for three players and cash. Walt Dropo was having an awful season and the Tigers perhaps thought it was time for a platoon. Unfortunately, Belardi was just as bad. The two combined for an OPS just barely over .700. The Tigers finished 68-86, a mere 43 games back of the Indians.

In 1955, Belardi appeared in all of three games. I could find no report of injury. Now, I have no evidence that there was an organizational edict for players to draw walks but in 1954, Belardi's first year in Detroit, the team OBP was .322. In '55, that jumped up to .346 as the Tigers led the league in runs scored. They also won ten more games. Belardi may very well have been sent down to work on his plate discipline.

In 1956, the Tigers were an OBP machine. Six regulars had OBP's over .380, including first baseman Earl Torgeson (.406). The Tigers as a team had an OBP of .356, second in the league. Wayne Belardi was back with the big club, appearing in 79 games and setting a career high in OBP (.371). That's not bad for a 25-year old kid. But he never played another major league game.

In December, Belalrdi was traded to the Kansas City A's in an otherwise forgettable transaction. Two months after later, he was involved in a deal that no Yankee hater will forget anytime soon.

Kansas City traded Belardi, Bobby Shantz and others, including a player to be named later (remember this) for not a whole lot. The trade raised eyebrows at the time and outrage in June when the player-to-be-named was none other than Clete Boyer. The A's later admitted they had signed Boyer in '55 as a bonus baby at the behest of the Yankees so he could later be traded to the Big Apple. Yes, there was howling. No, nothing was done. Shantz had the lowest ERA of any Yankee starter that year and Boyer was a fixture at 3b for many a season. Mike in one of his baseball rants called it the most lopsided trade ever between the A's and the Yankees. He's got a nice breakdown of it here:

Meanwhile, poor Belardi at 25 was finished as a major league player. The only other baseball reference to Belardi I could find has to do with the New Orleans Pelicans. Winners of ten pennants between 1901 and 1943, the Pelicans had fallen on hard times. By 1957, with television taking over the public's attention span, the team was dying. Just 941 fans showed up for the last game at Heinemann Field to watch the cellar-dwelling home squad lose its last game. Belardi was at first base.

He died in Santa Cruz in 1993. The most comparable player to Belardi through the age of 25 is Hee-Seop Choi.

FOOTNOTE: Some of the charming conversation you'll find at (they've got a Brooklyn chat room) involves people who actually saw the man play. The claim there is that Belardi had a sweet swing and just didn't get the breaks. But Belardi never OPS'd .800 and never fielded .990 at his position. I don't think it was bad breaks that did in Belardi. I suspect he just wasn't that good.

Thanks to, Hardball Times, Mike's baseball rants, Retrosheet, Buddy Stall.

2005-05-08 14:15:37
64.   Linkmeister
Bob, what about McCarver? ;)
2005-05-08 14:16:22
65.   spacebrother
Morgan seems like he's old school and like many oldsters, they just don't want to understand anything new and innovative. Too much to think about, and if he doesn't want to understand it, he also doesn't want to look stupid trying to. Plaschke and especially Simers strike me as the kind of people who were picked on as kids, and don't have anything nice to say about practically anyone. As Walter Matthau said to Robin Williams in "Survivors," "You're a professional shit-disturber!"

Sorry about the profanity, but I'm quoting here.

2005-05-08 14:16:44
66.   Suffering Bruin
#55 - I just did a bio of Wayne Belardi based on little or no information.

I am the king of pointless pursuits! Remember, there can only be one DT version of Cliff Claven and that person is me!!

(cue the Vincent Price laugh)


2005-05-08 14:21:47
67.   Steve
Guerrero grounds into a double play. See, if Figgins had been going, they could have stayed out of that double play. Smallball works!
2005-05-08 14:24:14
68.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't bother to keep track of that, but from what I remember the Dodgers have been on the road more often on Mother's Day than at home. But I think that's because you couldn't play baseball on Sundays for a while in Brooklyn.

Since the move to L.A., it's been about a 50/50 split.

2005-05-08 14:26:59
69.   Bob Timmermann
The DBacks have fallen behind the Pirates, 2-0. The Giants and Nats are tied at 1-1.

If the DBacks drop 3 of 4 at home to Pittsburgh could this indicate that maybe they were playing a bit over their head?

2005-05-08 14:50:35
70.   Jim Hitchcock
Re: # 46: So long, and thanks for all the fisk?
2005-05-08 14:57:34
71.   Bob Timmermann
2-2 Giants-Nats in the 6th, Kirk Rueter, who's on my enemies list is pitching.

The Pirates lead the DBacks 2-1 in the 6th.

2005-05-08 14:58:48
72.   Suffering Bruin
Bob, who's higher on the enemies list, Ortiz or Rueter?
2005-05-08 15:00:44
73.   Bob Timmermann
Ortiz is higher on the Enemies List. Ortiz lost last night. I was happy.
2005-05-08 15:01:42
74.   Suffering Bruin
For those who didn't already see it, this is Dan Szymboriski's take on the 3yr/$25.5 million contract given to today's opposing pitcher, Eric Milton:

"Let's put this the simplest way possible without resorting to foul language.

Imagine Carl Lindner taking $25.5 million in cash out of his bank account. After defecating on the money, Lindner proceeds to strangle the Filipino hooker that witnessed his currency defoulment in full view of a group of tourists with video cameras, Lindner then charges into a police station brandishing an empty shotgun. On top of this, he admits that he picked Sam Bowie in the NBA draft, pre-empted the Raiders/Jets game with Heidi, and advised Neville Chamberlain in the late 30's.

Uncle Carl is likely to get a better return on his investment under the set of conditions laid out in the previous paragraph than from his investment in Eric Milton, who's as overrated as Eric Gregg is fat."

2005-05-08 15:02:51
75.   Jim Hitchcock
Icaros, just curious...have you attended some kind of flight attendant school? If not, maybe they provide some sort of placement?

Only mention this because the airlines pretty much have stripped down budgets these days.

2005-05-08 15:04:33
76.   Bob Timmermann
You have now ensured a 3-hit shutout by Eric Milton.
2005-05-08 15:06:45
77.   Suffering Bruin
Aw, crap! First I jinx the Penny no-no resulting in gentle but firm upbraids from DT and FJT and now I've gone and fired up the Fates on behalf of Eric Milton.

Will I ever learn anything about this game??

2005-05-08 15:09:27
78.   Bob Timmermann
Through 6 innings, Kirk Rueter has thrown 108 pitches.
How many relievers for the Giants today?

AZ-PIT are only in the 5th.

2005-05-08 15:18:07
79.   Jim Hitchcock
SB, it wasn't you who got upbraided...Jon said no-no was permissible :)
2005-05-08 15:23:43
80.   Suffering Bruin
Yeah, I know, but at the time I think I said... well, I said a phrase that I have eliminated from my vocabulary, along with disavowing anything I might've posted that could fire up Eric Milton.

Rather than comment on the game itself, I am restricting my creative energies to lengthy posts about obscure players remotely comparable to Hee-Seop Choi.

See? I'm not wasting my life.

2005-05-08 15:27:40
81.   Langhorne
Bob, your mention of a ban on Sunday baseball reminded me that last week I was looking up info on Bid McPhee, also a result of your mention, I believe. McPhee started his career in the American Association which was started by the beer magnate/owner of the St. Louis Browns. The AA was a group of mid-western teams who didn't like the NL's ban on beer sales and Sunday baseball. We've come a long way, baby. Another of the American Association's brilliant ideas was to have players wear color coded uniforms based on position. McPhee wore orange and black which were the designated colors for second base. The players refered to them as clown suits. I'd love to see that today. Of course, I still have nightmares about the Padres and Astros uniforms of the 1970's.
2005-05-08 15:32:03
82.   Jim Hitchcock
Color coded uni's? Yikes. No, double yikes.
2005-05-08 15:42:40
83.   spacebrother
Re: Uniforms

Have a look at this:

2005-05-08 15:44:19
84.   Marty
The Astros rainbow unis have to take the record for worst looking
2005-05-08 15:46:09
85.   Icaros

Many airlines are not hiring right now, as you said. The few that are generally hold open-call interview sessions to find new people, whom they subsequently send to training upon hiring.

The problem with these open-calls is that you have to go to them, sometimes they are far away, and the selection process seems pretty random. I've been to two so far: at one I was turned away for being taller than 5'8" (Dwarf Air); at the other I didn't make it through the group interview round (not sure why).

I've heard of a couple JC programs in Southern California like you describe, but so far that hasn't been something my schedule would allow me to participate in. Basically, I'm trying to go the hire-me-and-train-me route.

I'm aware that the airline industry is hurting right now, but I'm currently in education, which is about as bad as it can get, anyway.

2005-05-08 15:51:47
86.   Marty
Icaros, don't go into the my business (newspapers) either. It's not exactly a growth industry either :-)
2005-05-08 15:53:35
87.   Marty
Oops, pardon the double "eithers"
2005-05-08 15:56:57
88.   Icaros
Doesn't seem like there are a whole lot of growth industries out there these days, period.
2005-05-08 15:59:31
89.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah. Didn't mean to highlight my ignorance of the subject. But good luck. And thanks for the `Dwarf Air' line.
2005-05-08 16:01:15
90.   Icaros
By the way, Beltre has 4 hits so far in today's doubleheader with Boston. Does anyone think the recent call-up of Dave Hansen has ignited a fire under our former boy?
2005-05-08 16:03:06
91.   Steve
I'm glad the Cardinals got that 11 run inning out of them today -- you knew something like that was coming after they went face-first against San Diego all weekend.

Scott Podsednik = Enemy of the People.

2005-05-08 16:06:06
92.   Icaros
Scott Podsednik = Enemy of the People.

What's the story?

2005-05-08 16:09:30
93.   Suffering Bruin
#91 - inquiring minds want to know.

Icaros, whatcha doin' in eddication? I'm starting grad school in the fall with the goal of getting a teaching credential. I'm looking to teach English where my first assignment will be, "Pick a random, obsure ballplayer, preferably one comparable to Hee-Seop Choi. We're going to do a little research, kids..."

2005-05-08 16:12:19
94.   Icaros
I am a college English instructor and tutor.
2005-05-08 16:14:32
95.   Icaros
Holy Moses, Beltre just drew his fourth walk of the season.
2005-05-08 16:14:33
96.   Berkeley Doug
The Pirates just blew it open in the 8th with a Lawton Grand Slam. It's now 9-2 Bucs over the Snakes.
2005-05-08 16:14:37
97.   Sam DC
Bottom eight, 2 out, Giants-Nationals 3-3, bases loaded, Carrasco just in to pitch to Pedro Feliz.
2005-05-08 16:15:27
98.   Berkeley Doug
Feliz strikes out with the bases loaded.
2005-05-08 16:16:01
99.   Sam DC
Carrasco struck out Feliz on three pitches.
2005-05-08 16:16:09
100.   Icaros
Fifth walk, apparently, followed by a Sexson grand slam.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-08 16:18:05
101.   Im So Blue
Today's Lineup:
Izzy, SS
Repko, RF
Bradley, CF
Kent, 2B
Saenz, 1B
Phillips, C
Ledee, LF
Edwards, 3B
Weaver, P

Looks like they're be giving Edwards a chance to show what he can do. If he can do a decent job, Perez' return = sayonara, Nori.

2005-05-08 16:18:05
102.   Steve
Just don't like him. Therefore, he is an enemy of the people.

According to the lineups just posted on Yahoo, Saenz is starting first. Drew and Choi are both sitting. Against Eric Milton. I am going to hang myself from a lamp post. Drew I can understand with four coming up against St. Louis. But Choi? Didn't he get a bunch of days off when Tracy was playing Grabowski there earlier in the season? Did Choi break a leg or something, because that's the only reason any of this makes sense.

But at least Repko's in right and not you know who.

2005-05-08 16:19:22
103.   Langhorne
Thanks, that's a great site. Oh, how I long for the days when ballplayers wore bow ties. I'm sorry I'm going to miss Joe Morgan's lyrical insight but I'm on my way to a wonderous place called The Valley for a Mother's Day dinner at Vitello's, Robert Blake's favorite restaurant. Enjoy the game all and let's hope the Cards got all their run production for the week today. That's the name of that tune.
2005-05-08 16:22:25
104.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
When is Trace going to play Choi against lefties? Sigh........... He himself has admitted that Saenz can't be overused too often, and Choi did just fine against the lefty yesterday.


2005-05-08 16:22:41
105.   Steve
I wish that I could be Joe Morgan and live in a world where there was no such thing as history.
2005-05-08 16:24:33
106.   Steve
Choi at first, Saenz at third. Mike Edwards on the bench next to Grabowski.
2005-05-08 16:25:16
107.   Suffering Bruin
Icaros, send an e-mail. Would love to know where you teach, how you got there, etc.

I agree with 101. Yes, Saenz saws southpaws in half but as Jon pointed out awhile back, strict platoons bring everything back to the mean--including Saenz' gaudy numbers against lefties.

Choi is red hot. I think he should've gotten the start today.

2005-05-08 16:31:00
108.   the OZ
On the pre-game BBTN, Joe Morgan remarked how Dodger fans don't realize how lucky they are to have Jeff Kent because they lost so much offense in the offseason - Beltre, Shawn Green, and Steve Finley.

Joe's argument would be a lot stronger of any of those three multi-million dollar guys were hitting better than .260 thus far.

2005-05-08 16:31:32
109.   Marty
Langhorne, don't do like Blake and leave your gun in the booth. And you can take that to the bank.
2005-05-08 16:32:51
110.   Marty
Re #108, I guess Morgan was sleeping through J.D.'s last 3 week's at bats.
2005-05-08 16:33:07
111.   Sam DC
Don't know if anyone is tracking the Giants/Nationals game. Tactics question. Tie game. Carrasco, one of your stronger relievers, comes in with bases loaded and throws a three pitch strikeout to end the eighth. In the top nine, the first two batters make outs. Carrasco is up next. After him, your leadoff hitter Brad Wilkerson. You have no real home run threat on your bench.

Robinson pulled Carrasco. PH got a single and Wilkerson struck out. Not an obvious right answer here, but I think I would have left him, hoped he throw BBs for the next inning, and started the top of the tenth with my leadoff hitter and no hits. Other views?

2005-05-08 16:34:33
112.   Jim Hitchcock
Aw, yes, the old `I left my gun in the bistro' defense. Second only to the `twinkie defense'.
2005-05-08 16:34:55
113.   Sam DC
In fairness, don't mean to suggest Carrasco's a flamethrower. He's been good lately but not unhittable, and you do have other strong relievers on the bench.
2005-05-08 16:36:17
114.   the OZ
Here's a unique item for your scorebook from Giants/Nats from Gameday:

Bottom 9, tied 3-3. Niekro on second base, one out.

"Deivi Cruz lines into unassisted double play, right fielder Jose Guillen. Lance Niekro doubled off 2nd."

2005-05-08 16:36:41
115.   Steve
If Carrasco is needed for the ninth, why didn't Robinson double switch?
2005-05-08 16:38:24
116.   Steve
Don't think Ligtenberg is the answer to the D-Backs middle relief problems. 16-2 Pittsburgh.
2005-05-08 16:39:44
117.   the OZ
I don't know if this subject has been broached at DT, but Jayson Werth wasn't in the lineup for the 51s last night - his wrist was sore after Friday's first rehab start.

This can't be good.

2005-05-08 16:41:36
118.   Icaros
It was probably sore from swinging and missing so much that game.
2005-05-08 16:42:20
119.   Marty
Steve, I'm guessing somehow Robinson's gut told him not to double-switch
2005-05-08 16:42:36
120.   joekings
In the Giants Nats game Guillen just sacrificed Carroll to THIRD with no one out.
2005-05-08 16:43:09
121.   jeongers
Regarding Dan Szymboriski's take on the Eric Milton acquisition, I remember the BTF discussion was noteworthy for a detour into whether Neville Chamberlain deserved his ignominious place in history. That was awesome.

Choi's starting against a lefty. Good news.

2005-05-08 16:43:16
122.   Steve
In that Nats game, Frank Robinson brought in Endy Chavez to pinch run for Jeffrey Hammonds in the eighth, then got him thrown out trying to steal. Joe Morgan should be doing that game, and leave us to watch Mike Edwards in peace.
2005-05-08 16:46:17
123.   Sam DC
Ah, the no out old tie-game sac bunt with a runner in scoring position and your best hitter up. Bet he fooled 'em.

Did anyone see that double play? Did Guillen run to second before Niekro got back? Do I not know what "unassisted" means in this context?

2005-05-08 16:46:43
124.   Marty
Jose Guillen, batting .325, already hit a home run and sacrafices a runner to third...Robinson is the worst manager on the planet.
2005-05-08 16:46:53
125.   Icaros
#120. Just saw that...unreal.


2005-05-08 16:47:25
126.   Steve
120 -- that's just crazy.
2005-05-08 16:47:57
127.   Icaros
And Nick Johnson Ks. How stupid can a manager be?
2005-05-08 16:48:55
128.   Sam DC
So far today has featured two Sixteens (Atl, Pitt), a 15 (St L.) and two 10s (KC, Det.).
2005-05-08 16:50:43
129.   Marty
And the Giants get out of it.
2005-05-08 16:51:15
130.   Marty
Here's to you Mr. Robinson
2005-05-08 16:51:25
131.   Berkeley Doug

Niekro was completely fooled on the play. It was a shallow fly ball to right and by the time Guillen caught it, Niekro was standing on third. Guillen could have easily thrown it to second for the out, but since he had to run towards second anyways to get back to the dugout, he just touched second for the third out while Niekro was standing on third dumbfounded.

2005-05-08 16:52:37
132.   Icaros
I have never seen a worse managerial decision. I almost want the Giants to win now because of that...almost.
2005-05-08 16:53:21
133.   Steve
Honestly, I don't think Joe Morgan would approve of that. I really don't. I don't even think, for all our smack, that it would have even crossed his mind.

I mean call me naive, but would Jim Tracy do that? I think he wouldn't.

And the Giants, predictably, get out of the inning. I just don't understand why fans put up with this nonsense, much less openly promote it, like Tim Brown and his Angels.

2005-05-08 16:54:45
134.   Linkmeister
"I almost want the Giants to win now because of that...almost."

Grins. Don't waver, Icaros!

2005-05-08 16:55:49
135.   Sam DC
Robinson has now brought in Gigantor (TM), due up third in the next inning, no double switch. What's a little bullpen between friends?
2005-05-08 16:55:53
136.   Bob Timmermann
And only today I have found out that they changed the scoring on the Home Opening Day. Originally there was an SF-E9, but now I find out it was changed to a 9-4 force play and RBI.

Forever, my scorebook will be wrong!

2005-05-08 16:57:13
137.   Icaros
You'd think Guillen would pull a gun on Robinson for making him bunt in that situation, and it would be hard to blame him for it.

Pull the trigger, Jose. We're behind you!

2005-05-08 16:57:16
138.   Steve
Well, do anything. But don't bring in Cordero. Do anything but that.

That bunt was so wrong. I'm furious and I don't even know more than two guys in their starting rotation.

2005-05-08 17:01:04
139.   Steve
Gigantor has thrown well this week, no?

And how about a four pitch walk to leadoff hitter Cristian Guzman? That Giant bullpen is a real treasure.

2005-05-08 17:03:31
140.   Jim Hitchcock
O.K., Bob, who gets to make the Cuyahoga/Ohio river on fire joke today?
2005-05-08 17:05:41
141.   Berkeley Doug
A little off topic, but yesterday I watched an amazing baseball game when Stanford was playing at Cal. Both starting pitchers gave up no runs through nine and then Stanford scored one in the 10th. In the bottom half, Cal tied the score and had the bases loaded with one out. Stanford brought in a reliever who then struck out the next two batters. In the 11th, Cal got the first two runners on and then performed a double steal to get men on second and third. They then had a suicide squeeze to win the game. It was one of the greatest games, I have ever seen at any level of baseball.

As the head coach said after the game, Cal wasn't going to win with conventional means, so they had to be unconventional. Do you think the baseball MSM would have approved? ;-)

2005-05-08 17:08:32
142.   the OZ
I dunno about the Cuyahoga River, but I get first crack at any jokes about Kentucky.

In other news, F-Rob leaves his pitcher in to hit with 2 outs in the top 11th, after a double play after not sac bunting the runner to 2nd. An inning or so after bunting a runner to third.

To quote Guinness brewing company, "Brilliant!"

2005-05-08 17:09:01
143.   Suffering Bruin
Guys, is it possible Guillen missed a sign? 'Cuz that move makes no sense.
2005-05-08 17:09:49
144.   Jim Hitchcock
Gee, I never gave my mom a cool million. I'm so ashamed.
2005-05-08 17:10:16
145.   Bob Timmermann
In the world of Frank Robinson, having Guillen bunts makes sense. It really does.
2005-05-08 17:10:45
146.   jeongers
Hmm, spoke too soon. So Choi won't be starting against Milton according to Gameday. Lame.
2005-05-08 17:11:02
147.   Marty
#143. I was thinking maybe they forgot to take it off after the runner stole second. That would be really stupid too though.
2005-05-08 17:11:55
148.   Berkeley Doug
So are we all wearing our pink wristbands for Mother's Day?
2005-05-08 17:12:44
149.   Marty
Izzy hit it pretty well first up, too bad it was caught. Maybe we can get a few longballs today.
2005-05-08 17:13:13
150.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
140 or so posts BEFORE first pitch?
That must be a Dodger Thoughts record.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-05-08 17:14:58
151.   jeongers
Oh my God, what unholy lineup is this? Both Drew and Choi are out of the lineup? The hell?
2005-05-08 17:16:08
152.   Bob Timmermann
Milton is a crafty lefty ....

It makes sense to give Drew a day off though.

2005-05-08 17:16:12
153.   Jim Hitchcock
I think my Mom would've thought those wristbands silly. She was practical that way.
2005-05-08 17:17:03
154.   Bob Timmermann
My mom (a Hitchcock by birth) would have said, "But I died of colon cancer, so you should wear something brown."
2005-05-08 17:17:18
155.   Berkeley Doug
If Kent had been wearing his wristband, it would have left the ballpark.
2005-05-08 17:17:21
156.   Marty
My mother hated pink
2005-05-08 17:19:11
157.   Bob Timmermann
One out and one on in San Francisco for the Nats. And Guillen up.

Probably a good time to play hit and run to stay out of the DP.

2005-05-08 17:19:23
158.   tjshere
Apparently there was a bit of bad blood in yesterday's game, followed by some post-game trash talking. I missed it, so in case anyone else did here's a link to the story in The Daily News -

I'll be interested to see if either of the "combatants" receive any chin music tonight.

2005-05-08 17:19:47
159.   Suffering Bruin
154 - darkly funny, that is.

jeongers, I don't know why you take your hottest hitter out of hte lineup against a guy prone to giving up the longball. Choi should be in there, IMHO.

2005-05-08 17:20:20
160.   Marty
Morgan says Weaver's problem is he gets too excited. How can a pot smoker get too excited?
2005-05-08 17:21:59
161.   Suffering Bruin
Anybody else check out the link from 158? Pretty good stuff in Kent vs. Freel.
2005-05-08 17:23:49
162.   Marty
Yeah, too bad Valentin is out. He likes to come in with high spikes
2005-05-08 17:24:23
163.   jeongers
When he needs to score pot?
2005-05-08 17:25:04
164.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
In the short time I watched him, Valentin earned my respect for hard, clean slides.
2005-05-08 17:25:42
165.   gvette
Nice of Jon Miller to remind us all to pick up a copy of ESPN The Magazine, on sale this Tuesday.

Wouldn't want his play by play duties to interfere with his job shilling for the ESPN empire.

Am I the only one who doesn't understand how Boomer Berman, and his tired 80's schtick continues to prosper on the World's Sports Leader. It's 2005, no one needs Pat Benatar or Hall and Oates references anymore, and no one under 45 understands them!

2005-05-08 17:26:58
166.   Bob Timmermann
"Ken Griffey, Jr.? Why I remember you? You used to be a good player? You used to be big!"
2005-05-08 17:27:00
167.   adg
When there's a cartoon marathon on TV?
2005-05-08 17:27:05
168.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Izturis: "I got it! I got it!"
Kent: "Yo la tengo! Yo la tengo!"
2005-05-08 17:27:30
169.   Marty
I didn't mean to imply that Valentin's slides were wrong, just that a good hard slide is a nice way to get back at a team.
2005-05-08 17:27:32
170.   Berkeley Doug
Nats have men on 1st and second with two outs. Johnson is up.
2005-05-08 17:28:43
171.   LAT
Just got back from a Mother's Day outting and cought up with the posts. Vishal and SamDC, thank you for explaining my post #4 to MSarg29. You were both spot on.
2005-05-08 17:29:15
172.   Jim Hitchcock
Riveting, Joe...riveting.
2005-05-08 17:29:31
173.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I saw Randa play for the Eugene Emeralds (Class-A Northwest League) in 1991.
I feel old.
2005-05-08 17:30:38
174.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Not Class-A, but Single-A.
2005-05-08 17:31:23
175.   LAT
Even if the Giants win this game you have to love that fact the an already taxed bullpen is being further extended.
2005-05-08 17:31:29
176.   Marty
I saw Joe Morgan play for the Houston Astros. I feel really old
2005-05-08 17:31:50
177.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
To the 13th go the Giants and Nats...
2005-05-08 17:33:12
178.   GoBears
OK, I recognize Joe Morgan's shortcomings in terms of player evaluation and strategy. I also sometimes learn something from him on the mechanics of handling certain pitches, etc. (the detail stuff that a HOFer should know better than a fan. But he lost me forever in the first inning today when he said "revert back" twice. Unconscionable. Now even the cute little elbow twitch seems contrived in retrospect.
2005-05-08 17:33:39
179.   Jim Hitchcock
The Dodgers pop-up blocker is obviously not working tonight.
2005-05-08 17:34:58
180.   Suffering Bruin
I saw that Joe Morgan won an Emmy for best analyst in any sport. As one who cares more about sports broadcasting than your average bear, I feel really old.
2005-05-08 17:37:50
181.   GoBears
Joe Morgan just discovered the "three true outcomes" hitter in Adam Dunn. According to Little Joe, this is unique.
2005-05-08 17:38:54
182.   Jim Hitchcock
That's kind of like Roseanne winning a Grammy for singing the National Anthem.
2005-05-08 17:39:48
183.   GoBears
Wow - slapping a tag on Adam Dunn has GOTTA hurt. Kent definitely got the worst of that.
2005-05-08 17:42:01
184.   LAT
Can we throw out any runner? Eric Karros, the slowest guy to ever play the game could have a 30/30 season playing against this Dodger team.
2005-05-08 17:43:00
185.   GoBears
Dunn actually is pretty fast. And he got a great jump. That's Weaver's responsibility.
2005-05-08 17:43:52
186.   gvette
Now that Joe Morgan has won an Emmy, AND officially been designated a "Man of the People" (TM) by Larry Stewart of the Times, the sky's the limit.

Next thing you know, his dream of getting the rest of the starting lineup of the 76 Reds elected to Cooperstown is in sight. Pack your bags for the Hall of Fame, Dan Driessen and Cesar Geronimo.

2005-05-08 17:45:18
187.   Steve
Washington cannot win that game. Not after Guillen's bunt.

I can't believe Choi is not in the lineup and Mike Edwards is.

2005-05-08 17:45:52
188.   Jim Hitchcock
Personally, I'd like to see a statueerected in Morgan's very popular with pigeons.
2005-05-08 17:48:24
189.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 187

I really dislike tonight's lineup. No Choi, no Drew, and Olmedo's do for regression to the mean. I was surprised to see Ledee still OPSing 859, but he just doesn't inspire any real confidence. The same goes for Repko, despite his flashes of power. I just hope Bradley really gets it going tonight.


2005-05-08 17:48:34
190.   Johnson
Hmm...was that a pop-up?
2005-05-08 17:49:12
191.   GoBears
Well, Geronimo should get in just because of his name. In fact, the HoF should add an "all names" room. Call it the "Van Lingle Mungo" room. Thanks, Dave Frishberg. Here's a sidebar for y'all. Who else gets into that room? Archangelo Cianfranco? Terrmel Sledge?
2005-05-08 17:50:44
192.   GoBears
I can't believe Choi is not in the lineup and Mike Edwards is.

I agree with the sentiment, but in Tracy's mind, Edwards is in there instead of Nakamura. Playing Choi was not an option. In that world, I can't complain.

2005-05-08 17:51:04
193.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Oooh. Nice.
2005-05-08 17:51:17
194.   GoBears
Oh WOW. NICE catch by Freel. Robbed Izzy.
2005-05-08 17:51:33
195.   Johnson
Nice play by Freel. Izturis has been robbed twice now.
2005-05-08 17:51:41
196.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Razor Shines.
Rusty Kuntz.
2005-05-08 17:51:54
197.   LAT
Gaints win but look tired. Wish we were going to play them instead of St Louis
2005-05-08 17:51:58
198.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Giants win. That sucks.
2005-05-08 17:52:17
199.   LAT
Izzy should be 2-2
2005-05-08 17:54:58
200.   GoBears
Aw rats.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-05-08 17:54:58
201.   Johnson
Oh. One of THOSE kind of nights.
2005-05-08 17:56:52
202.   Steve
I am really glad that Weaver is not committed past this year.
2005-05-08 17:57:23
203.   the OZ
Weaver's 0-2-count syndrome: giving up runs when ahead of a hitter 0-2. The cure has got be more focus and less weed. Or maybe more weed. Whatever works.
2005-05-08 17:57:59
204.   Steve
192 -- Please tell me what Jim Tracy's world looks like. I imagine a fairly empty place.
2005-05-08 17:59:11
205.   GoBears
Miller just said that that was the first HR by a Reds pitcher in 4 years. Hard to believe, in this launching pad, that no one got a hold of one.
2005-05-08 18:00:07
206.   GoBears
Pretty DP.
2005-05-08 18:00:33
207.   the OZ
Tracy's world - It's like the scene in 'Being John Malkovich' where Malkovich goes inside his own head. Except everyone looks like Olmedo Saenz.
2005-05-08 18:01:28
208.   LAT
Nice DP. Look at the bright side should Hee Sop come of the bench to pinch hit and get a hit it would go along way to silence the non-believers (like me).
2005-05-08 18:03:50
209.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Milton's ERA is over 5. Can we get anything starter off him?


2005-05-08 18:05:06
210.   LAT
MB almost deserved that for standing there and watching it.
2005-05-08 18:05:27
211.   bokonon42
Bad enough to steal an HR from Milton, but did Jr. have to be wearing the pink arm band while he did it?
2005-05-08 18:05:38
212.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Did Junior rob Milt of a homer? Gameday has the out beyond the fence.



2005-05-08 18:05:53
213.   Jim Hitchcock
Oh. One of THOSE kind of nights.

Yep. Now I'm convinced.

2005-05-08 18:07:00
214.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, it would have cleared, WWSH.
2005-05-08 18:07:06
215.   Johnson
Anytime a player is at second base when the ball is caught, I don't think that qualifies as "watching". Bradley looked like he thought about watching it off the bat, but then he took off. Credit where credit is due, and all.
2005-05-08 18:09:22
216.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
PLEASE Olmedo, make Trace look really, really smart. The last thing I want to do is go into St. Louis after dropping a series, because we couldn't score runs of Eric Milton of all people. Izzy's line-outs and Milt's stolen HR won't make me feel any better.


2005-05-08 18:09:23
217.   GoBears
204: Well, are people are always in a position to succeed? Yes, they are. Do they all speak in circles? That's a very good question, and the answer to that question is that there are occasions when they "utilize" their talents and abilities to both ask questions and to answer those questions that they themselves asked.
2005-05-08 18:10:37
218.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Arggghhhh Just after I post that, Olmedo's called out on strikes.

I'm going to go back to grading exams. Less than a full exam left, thank heavens. End of break....


2005-05-08 18:11:37
219.   GoBears
2005-05-08 18:12:11
220.   Jim Hitchcock
Gopher ball. Paging Bill Murray.
2005-05-08 18:14:15
221.   LAT
Johnson, fair enough. He watched it and is fast. That sucks having Griffy end one inning on a killer note and starting another.
2005-05-08 18:16:08
222.   the OZ
Milton did the same thing against San Diego right before The Trade - robbed Phil Nevin of a HR center and Homered deep to right in the next half-inning. It was especially great because the Padres were (and still are) whining about it being impossible to hit homers at Petco.
2005-05-08 18:16:28
223.   Bob Timmermann
Should I put Griffey on the same list as Russ Ortiz and Kirk Rueter?
2005-05-08 18:16:52
224.   Johnson
On the bright side, we're only down two. This game is far from over. Hopefully, we'll get some more hard hits off Milton that will actually miss fielders.
2005-05-08 18:17:08
225.   LAT
Talk about watching it. Griffy barley started running before it cleared the fence. Will Weaver send him a reminder not to do that during his next at bat?
2005-05-08 18:17:10
226.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Wow - this is my second Gagne sighting of the season. The first was when he got tossed out for jawing at an ump.
2005-05-08 18:18:00
227.   LAT
Here we go. . .
2005-05-08 18:18:09
228.   Johnson
There's one. A double for Phillips is an inside-the-parker for Cesar, right?
2005-05-08 18:18:20
229.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Jim, please not NOT bunt...
2005-05-08 18:19:07
230.   Bob Timmermann
Only two current Dodgers have an ITP homer to their credit: Izturis and Choi.
2005-05-08 18:20:04
231.   GoBears
HA! On Cue, Morgan talks about an unproductive out.
2005-05-08 18:20:06
232.   Bob Timmermann
Oh no, the Dodgers had an unproductive out. I call those "Olneys".
2005-05-08 18:21:24
233.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Oh bless!
2005-05-08 18:21:36
234.   GoBears
Weaver giveth away. Weaver taketh.
2005-05-08 18:22:18
235.   LAT
Bob does Choi really have an ITP homer.
2005-05-08 18:22:24
236.   Bob Timmermann
I should say that I call productive outs "Olneys"

In last Wednesday's game against the Nationals, the Dodgers had six Olneys. The Nationals had one. And yet the Dodgers lost!

2005-05-08 18:22:38
237.   GoBears
Not "Busters," Bob?
2005-05-08 18:24:30
238.   Bob Timmermann
Choi hit an ITP homer last year in Florida.

May 19, 2004 against Tim Redding (then of Houston).

There was an ITP HR in Florida today by Barmes.

2005-05-08 18:25:36
239.   Suffering Bruin
Choi went inside the park back in May of last year against Tim Redding (5/19/04).
2005-05-08 18:25:43
240.   Steve
I just don't believe Mike Edwards came up to actually play. Sit on the bench. Make a living wasting Grabowski-like outs. Pinch hit when games go 13 innings. Not actually play.
2005-05-08 18:25:55
241.   stevo
That gap out there is brutal
2005-05-08 18:26:00
242.   Suffering Bruin
Damn you, Timmerman!!
2005-05-08 18:26:17
243.   Marty
I just got back from Trader Joe's. The clerk went wild over my Team Depo shirt and wanted to know how he could get one. Had to disappoint him when I told him "you can't"
2005-05-08 18:27:27
244.   Bob Timmermann
I could wear my "GHAME OVER" shirt to Anaheim. Except that:
1) it's the wrong park
2) it will likely be cold tomorrow night
2005-05-08 18:28:02
245.   Bob Timmermann
So SB,
Who gave up Choi's first homer in the majors?
2005-05-08 18:28:24
246.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Actually, I don't mind that Edwards is getting some PT. Might as well see what he can - and can't do.
2005-05-08 18:28:46
247.   stevo
Team Depo, thats hilarious
2005-05-08 18:30:16
248.   stevo
Please tell me its DePo with a cap P
2005-05-08 18:31:03
249.   Bob Timmermann
Brad Thompson of the Cardinals got a save today in a 15-5 game.
2005-05-08 18:31:11
250.   GoBears
I'm going to the Angels-Indians game tomorrow too. Was thinking about the Team Depo shirt, but I'm not sure Angels fans will get the point. In their case, the point is that Arte is paying Finley to get old instead of McCourt.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-05-08 18:32:15
251.   Steve
Then put Edwards in RF, Saenz at 3rd, and Choi at 1st. But not having Choi in this lineup, with Drew already on the bench, is ridiculous.
2005-05-08 18:33:39
252.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob, you have to wear it.
2005-05-08 18:33:45
253.   Bob Timmermann
I will be in Section 230. Millwood vs. Lackey.
2005-05-08 18:34:02
254.   Steve
Or put Edwards in LF, and bench Ledee, who has looked hopeless tonight.
2005-05-08 18:35:04
255.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Steve, agreed. Can't bench both Drew and Choi.
2005-05-08 18:35:06
256.   Marty
It's an all caps DEPO
2005-05-08 18:35:22
257.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OK, here we go...
2005-05-08 18:35:24
258.   Bob Timmermann
I could wear the shirt, but who will see it? I've got to wear a jacket or a sweatshirt. I won't wear a t-shirt over another shirt because I think it looks goofy. And the person I'm going with will look at me funny the whole time.
2005-05-08 18:36:35
259.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ooooh, there's a break.
2005-05-08 18:37:24
260.   Bob Timmermann
Saenz could tie the game with a GIDP.
2005-05-08 18:38:15
261.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
John and Joe: "You can't give him (Lopez) an error."
GSfRB: Watch me.
2005-05-08 18:38:24
262.   LAT
Do not swing
2005-05-08 18:38:31
263.   GoBears
I'm sure the decisions to give Drew a day off and to bench Choi against a southpaw were separate. But the decision to play Ledee instead of Choi (gotta put one lefty in there) doesn't make any sense. Omeldo gonna hit a 3-0 Granny here to make it all look good?
2005-05-08 18:38:48
264.   GoBears
2005-05-08 18:38:57
265.   Jim Hitchcock
You rub enough bear grease on your skin, you won't feel the cold.
2005-05-08 18:39:01
266.   LAT
Why does'nt anyone listen to me
2005-05-08 18:39:21
267.   Bob Timmermann
Why? Why? Why?

(Heads bangs against table)

(Slumps into unconsciousness)

2005-05-08 18:39:36
268.   Steve
Jim Tracy is the dumbest man alive. Joe Morgan is the dumbest man alive. Why in hell is he swinging 3-0? Milton is dying out there! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
2005-05-08 18:39:38
269.   the OZ
2005-05-08 18:39:51
270.   Bob Timmermann
(Wakes up)


2005-05-08 18:39:54
271.   GoBears
2005-05-08 18:39:55
272.   stevo
2005-05-08 18:40:17
273.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-08 18:40:23
274.   Steve
BUT PHILLIPS MAKES MILTON PAY! And all we traded for him was Ishii. DePo is genius.
2005-05-08 18:40:26
275.   Jim Hitchcock
Nice time to show you have some power, Phillip-san.
2005-05-08 18:40:55
276.   alex 7
Thank you Mets!
2005-05-08 18:41:01
277.   Marty
Thank you Jason. He's turning into DePo's best move this year.
2005-05-08 18:41:38
278.   GoBears
Saenz is such a team player! He wanted his teammate to get the glory. What a professional!
2005-05-08 18:42:11
279.   Suffering Bruin
I'd like to go one record as endorsing the Phillips for Ishii trade. Good move.
2005-05-08 18:42:15
280.   Sam DC
Team Depo:
2005-05-08 18:42:17
281.   Bob Timmermann
Now Phillips can think about hitting for the cycle.

If only for the problem that he's never hit a triple in the majors.

2005-05-08 18:42:21
282.   the OZ
Dear Jim Tracy:

Henceforth, at the first sign of Weaver struggling, go to the bullpen.


Every Dodger fan

2005-05-08 18:43:27
283.   LAT
Jon, could you permently delete my post from a month ago when I said I did'nt like thr Phillips for Ishi trade
2005-05-08 18:43:38
284.   GoBears
Who was it a few days ago that named Ledee, "Double or Nothing?" BRILLIANT!
2005-05-08 18:43:57
285.   alex 7
what about giving up three hits in a row and going 3-0 to the next guy makes you not bring in a reliever? And yet he's STILL out there? Maybe if pitching coaches were in charge of pulling guys...
2005-05-08 18:44:12
286.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
A productive out!
2005-05-08 18:44:23
287.   Bob Timmermann
Phillips actually had 3 triples in the minors.
2005-05-08 18:44:45
288.   Clive Clements
Grand Slam! His home run trot though...dodgerblues had it right when they said that he looks really goofy when he runs (head tilted back, chest puffed forward, tongue sticking out).
2005-05-08 18:45:39
289.   GoBears
Bob -

The only way Phillips gets a triple is if he hits another one out, but he's so slow going around the bases that the umps stop him at 3rd. Or he runs out of gas there, and just stops voluntarily.

2005-05-08 18:47:04
290.   spacebrother
Is Tracy giving tips to Miley?
2005-05-08 18:47:38
291.   tjshere
Since this is open chat and we have a break here, does anyone know if Repko ever got his debut HR ball from those 2 jerks at the BOB?
2005-05-08 18:47:58
292.   KAYVMON
Can someone make Tracy go to the bullpen if Weaver gives up (lets be extra conservative) two hits in this inning? These 6th inning meltdowns suck.
2005-05-08 18:48:39
293.   GoBears
291 - I think he did, eventually. The negotiations took several innings, however.
2005-05-08 18:48:59
294.   Marty
I give Weaver one more batter.
2005-05-08 18:49:19
295.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Get someone up.
2005-05-08 18:49:40
296.   KAYVMON
Uh-oh. Please tell me someone's warming up in the bullpen.
2005-05-08 18:50:06
297.   Suffering Bruin
Crucial moment in this game. Let's talk about the infield fly rule...
2005-05-08 18:50:07
298.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, TJ, they showed the lady who caught the bsll signing a piece of paper in the 8th inning. The piker.
2005-05-08 18:50:57
299.   stevo
what a throw
2005-05-08 18:51:02
300.   KAYVMON
Repko has a gun.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-05-08 18:51:19
301.   Bob Timmermann
No one seems to know that Repko can throw the ball well.
2005-05-08 18:51:37
302.   the OZ
OK - with a 5-2 lead, you don't have to pull Weaver, but please have someone up in the bullpen just in case. Please.
2005-05-08 18:51:45
303.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
That's what Junior gets for posing.
2005-05-08 18:51:49
304.   Marty
If Edwards stays closer to the base do they get him?
2005-05-08 18:51:51
305.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, I think Jeff was angry at Griffey.
2005-05-08 18:51:53
306.   Rainman
What a SHOT by Repko.... man, does this kid impress.
2005-05-08 18:51:58
307.   KAYVMON
Weaver has no stuff right now. Is that obvious to anyone other than me? Like maybe our coaches.
2005-05-08 18:52:00
308.   GoBears
Tough call. Weaver has thrown 79 pitches. And the pen was NOT good yesterday. Unless he wants a LHP against Dunn...

Hmm, maybe Weaver DIDN'T like Junior's long look at the last HR.

2005-05-08 18:52:08
309.   stevo
retalliation for walking, someone called it, forgot who
2005-05-08 18:52:17
310.   LAT
There is the reminder not to watch the HR
2005-05-08 18:52:43
311.   Rainman
No way that was intentional in this spot... he's trying to throw him inside to keep him from ROPING him again.
2005-05-08 18:53:05
312.   Jim Hitchcock
That was silly, ump.
2005-05-08 18:53:07
313.   KAYVMON
I blame it on stupid pitch counts.
2005-05-08 18:53:15
314.   Steve
I hope this means he's not pitching to Dunn.

Of coure he's pitching to Dunn.

2005-05-08 18:53:41
315.   LAT
Bob, my daughter wants to know if thst is Phillips first GS. Do you know?
2005-05-08 18:54:17
316.   stevo
#311 Yea probably, but its an interesting coincidence
2005-05-08 18:54:18
317.   alex 7
tell me jim's learned his lesson.


2005-05-08 18:54:25
318.   GoBears
Nervous time...... Sanchez is up.
2005-05-08 18:55:06
319.   chumsferd
it is his first salami
2005-05-08 18:55:08
320.   GoBears
LAT - yes. 1st career GS
2005-05-08 18:55:24
321.   the OZ
Maybe Jim wants to keep his bullpen from blowing leads, so he's letting the starters blow it for them?
2005-05-08 18:55:52
322.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Joe's not letting the infield fly go.
2005-05-08 18:55:57
323.   stevo
wow how do you walk adam dunn?
2005-05-08 18:56:02
324.   LAT
Pull Weaver. Not getting that last strike surely messed with mental midget Weaver's concentration.
2005-05-08 18:56:37
325.   the OZ
You mean Adam Dunn of the 190 walks last season?

He walks a TON.

2005-05-08 18:57:05
326.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-05-08 18:57:14
327.   GoBears
Sheesh - Saenz muffed that cutoff, and was lucky it didn't bounce away. Went right to Phillips. That could have been a free run for the bad guys.
2005-05-08 18:57:26
328.   KAYVMON
When did we get so pessimistic about our bullpen? I still think our bullpen is good enough to protect a three run read. Have they lost that kind of lead (or any lead) this year?
2005-05-08 18:57:57
329.   Bob Timmermann
Chili Davis drove in 112 runs in 1993 and none were on a sac fly. Nick Esasky had 108 RBI in 1989 and no sac flies.

In each case, both men had their season high in RBI in year which they didn't have a sac fly.

2005-05-08 18:58:07
330.   stevo
O yea i forgot, i was just thinking he doesnt walk cause he whiffs a bunch
2005-05-08 18:58:20
331.   the OZ
Whoops. That was supposed to be "109 walks." But that'd be wring. It's actually 108.
2005-05-08 18:58:29
332.   GoBears
Dunn is actually probably the easiest guy in the league to walk. Especially when you consider that most of Barry's walks are intentional (or semi-intentional).
2005-05-08 18:58:40
333.   Bob Timmermann
Dunn had 108 walks last year. He had 195 Ks.
2005-05-08 18:58:57
334.   GoBears
Oops, sorry for piling on there - and late.
2005-05-08 18:59:54
335.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-05-08 18:59:55
336.   stevo
that was beautiful
2005-05-08 18:59:57
337.   the OZ
Thank goodness for Rich Aurelia.
2005-05-08 19:00:09
338.   Bob Timmermann
I remember Rich Aurilia, he used to be big ...
2005-05-08 19:00:13
339.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-08 19:00:23
340.   Marty
That last swing by Aurelia was positively Beltreian
2005-05-08 19:01:15
341.   stevo
#334 no problem, i was completely wrong
2005-05-08 19:01:22
342.   GoBears
BB, K, HR - the 3 true outcomes. Dunn ain't unique, but he might lead the league in the 3TO count.

Weaver wriggles out of it. He made the last out in the last inning - does he come out for another inning (he probably shouldn't, but will he)? 91 pitches so far. I say he comes out to pitch (prediction, not hope) if the offense adds a run or more, otherwise Tracy replaces him.

2005-05-08 19:01:50
343.   Steve
Morgan's not trying to sell that pop as a infield fly is he? Man, not in his wildest dreams.

Weaver gets out of it. Randa is human. Why are the Reds playing Aurilia? They have to have someone better than that waste of lineup space.

2005-05-08 19:01:50
344.   KAYVMON
Credit to Tracy for believing in Weaver and to Weaver for battling. Guess my fears were misguided.
2005-05-08 19:02:27
345.   Marty
I predict he comes out to pitch. He better get pulled on the first hit/walk
2005-05-08 19:03:20
346.   Marty
A couple more runs here would be nice too...
2005-05-08 19:04:12
347.   GoBears
Milton crushes Milton.
2005-05-08 19:04:20
348.   the OZ
I love it when he does that. Milton is waking up, just in time for STL.
2005-05-08 19:04:23
349.   stevo
You can walk on this one milt...
2005-05-08 19:04:39
350.   GoBears
Nice to see Bradley bust out. His only out was the robbed HR by Junior.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-05-08 19:04:44
351.   Jim Hitchcock
Fess up, guys...we all knew Miltie was gonna do that.
2005-05-08 19:05:17
352.   the OZ
We may have a Choi sighting this inning.
2005-05-08 19:05:20
353.   Marty
Too bad the pitcher's first name isn't Bradley
2005-05-08 19:05:31
354.   Steve
Milton's seeing the ball tonight. And Repko officially goes on my list for trying to bunt against Eric Milton. What an idiot.
2005-05-08 19:08:42
355.   bokonon42
Too bad Izturis is Little Ceaser. Milton should be Little Milton:
If I don't love you baby-
Grits ain't groceries,
Eggs ain't poultry,
And Mona Lisa was a ma-a-a-an.
2005-05-08 19:10:42
356.   GoBears
And for sliding. Nothing helps a marginally talented player's Q-rating like fake hustle, though. He got his uni dirty - he must REALLY CARE! I call that an "Erstad."
2005-05-08 19:10:49
357.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
If anyone cases, Spurs are up 20 early in the 4th.
2005-05-08 19:10:54
358.   stevo
what was the point of that little segment about that singer? Was it really that dumb, or do i just hate country too much?
2005-05-08 19:10:54
359.   stevo
what was the point of that little segment about that singer? Was it really that dumb, or do i just hate country too much?
2005-05-08 19:11:16
360.   Christina
It's so great to see the Dodgers hitting home runs, after I suffered through the As game earlier. And with RISP, too!
2005-05-08 19:11:43
361.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
cases = cares
2005-05-08 19:11:43
362.   GoBears
Uh, 356's "and" was in reference to 354.
2005-05-08 19:13:55
363.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey! Was that cannabis sativa growing in the Weaver backyard?
2005-05-08 19:15:45
364.   GoBears
2005-05-08 19:15:47
365.   tjshere
2005-05-08 19:16:06
366.   stevo
wow weaver is really rolling(no pun intended, okay maybe a lil)
2005-05-08 19:16:07
367.   Bob Timmermann
Every 7th inning on Sundays, ESPN spotlights a local band. When the Angels were hosting a game, it was Ozomatli.

The Dodgers aren't scheduled for a 5:05 Sunday home game this year as far as I can tell. On July 3 the game will start at 7:10 for fireworks purposes.

The Memorial Day game against the Cubs will be at 5:05.

2005-05-08 19:16:23
368.   Marty
I pull Weaver right now
2005-05-08 19:17:01
369.   Jim Hitchcock
Sure, Joe...bunting was a great idea.
2005-05-08 19:17:59
370.   Marty
Get. Him. Out. Of. There.
2005-05-08 19:18:20
371.   GoBears
Wunsch time against Casey/Junior/Dunn?
2005-05-08 19:18:33
372.   Steve
Speaking of Ryan Freel, how can you play him instead of Wily Mo? Regularly? Is Wily hurt or something?

Repko is now dead to me. If you can't go up there confident that you can beat the hell out of Eric Milton, you have no business in the big leagues. Back to AAA, Busher.

It must be Wunschtime.

2005-05-08 19:18:41
373.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Bring the hook.
Who's hungry from some Wunsch?
2005-05-08 19:18:49
374.   Christina
And for once Tracy pulls the SP without waiting for him to give up the lead first...
2005-05-08 19:19:11
375.   tjshere
Hey, Marty, was that your letter I heard the Cannons read last week?
2005-05-08 19:19:17
376.   alex 7
here comes middle of the lineup again, now will he pull?
2005-05-08 19:19:57
377.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Repko is now dead to me.
C'mon, Steve, does he really deserve the "Fredo" treatment?
2005-05-08 19:20:39
378.   Bob Timmermann
The pregame notes listed Pena as "doubtful" with a quadriceps injury.
2005-05-08 19:20:44
379.   KAYVMON
Tracy only leaves the dugout quickly when hes going for Wunsch.
2005-05-08 19:21:41
380.   Marty
#375. No, what did it say?
2005-05-08 19:22:05
381.   Steve
That's one way of doing it.
2005-05-08 19:22:38
382.   Jim Hitchcock
Great self preservation play by Saenz.
2005-05-08 19:23:30
383.   GoBears
Ah, it's Omeldo's DEFENSE that explains his presence in the lineup. Just knowing he's over there has to make the pitchers better. Or something.
2005-05-08 19:23:38
384.   Steve
I hate bunting. I hate it when it is purposeless. I hate it when it is purposeful. I hate it when it is against Eric Milton. I hate it at Coors Field. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. (There's a whole Dr. Seuss rhyme in there somewhere)Brett Butler is allowed to bunt. No one else.
2005-05-08 19:23:38
385.   Christina
Attaboy, Wunsch!
2005-05-08 19:24:14
386.   GoBears
Ha! That's the first time I've seen the Johnny Damon fake beard commercial. Good stuff.
2005-05-08 19:24:21
387.   Marty
Re #377. No one touches Repko until Momma is gone
2005-05-08 19:25:20
388.   tjshere
#380: It was a letter from a very knowledgeable Dodger fan named Marty complaining about the unruly crowds and lack of security at recent games. Since that has been a topic in recent days around here and the profile seemed to fit, I thought it might have been you.
2005-05-08 19:26:28
389.   Steve
If Cora and Choi had been playing, that ball would have gone off of Choi's glove, Cora would have run it down 75 feet in the outfield, ran it in all the way home, and gotten the runner at third in a pickle throwing the ball back and forth to himself.
2005-05-08 19:26:45
390.   GoBears
Here goes Morgan, shilling for Rose and Concepcion again.
2005-05-08 19:29:03
391.   Bob Timmermann
Just need the triple now Jason! You can do this.

If your teammates can cycle the lineup enough.

2005-05-08 19:30:25
392.   Steve
Getting a phone call from Omar Minaya must be like a constantly occurring Christmas (or select your own gift-giving holiday).
2005-05-08 19:30:40
393.   Marty
Was it a letter to the Times? If so, it would never be me, since I work there.
2005-05-08 19:30:59
394.   joekings
Is Phillips really that slow that he couldn't have made it to second on that wild pitch?
2005-05-08 19:31:17
395.   Jim Hitchcock
Add another .300 hitter to our lineup with Ledee. Amazing.
2005-05-08 19:31:31
396.   Marty
I can't believe Morgan wasn't trying to promote George Foster too.
2005-05-08 19:31:46
397.   Jim Hitchcock
Ha. Take that, Steve!
2005-05-08 19:31:52
398.   Bob Timmermann
Phillips is Benjie Molina slow.
2005-05-08 19:31:55
399.   joekings
I guess the point is mute since he just came around to score.
2005-05-08 19:32:42
400.   Bob Timmermann
Given enough time, Joe Morgan will tell us that Clay Carroll and Rawly Eastwick should be in the Hall of Fame.

And maybe Bill Plummer.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-05-08 19:32:56
401.   bokonon42
2005-05-08 19:33:05
402.   Steve
If Ricky Stone gives up hits to Edwards and Grabowski, he can kiss his career goodbye.
2005-05-08 19:33:37
403.   Bob Timmermann
Ben Weber is back in the majors?
2005-05-08 19:33:56
404.   Ben P
Why no Choi here? Is it because they want to put him in as a defensive replacement for Saenz and don't want the pitcher hitting in Saenz' spot?
2005-05-08 19:34:11
405.   GoBears
Jim Tracy: Do we have enough runs? Yes we do. WHat can I do to kill the rally? Send Grabowski in there. Is there an added bonus? Yes, no more Wunsch to pitch to Griffey and Dunn. Am I underrated? Well, I'm too modest to say.
2005-05-08 19:34:38
406.   Steve
I want Choi. Not Mike Edwards.

Ricky Stone just saw his career flash before his eyes.

2005-05-08 19:34:52
407.   LAT
Can't we send Grabowski down
2005-05-08 19:35:04
408.   joekings
Who saw that coming?
2005-05-08 19:35:12
409.   GoBears
In fairness, Grabby just got robbed. That pitch was a foot inside.
2005-05-08 19:35:19
410.   Ben P
Really bad strike call on Grabowski.
2005-05-08 19:36:14
411.   Bob Timmermann
Having a lefty to face Griffey and Dunn isn't as crucial since neither of them are going to hit 5-run homers.
2005-05-08 19:36:46
412.   Steve
And order is restored to the universe.

You know, J.D. Drew is on the bench too.

And he sent in...Grabowski.

Have I mentioned my feelings regarding Jim Tracy around here?

2005-05-08 19:37:30
413.   Marty
That was a very bad call on Grabowski, but he shouldn't have been there. Where was Choi? Is it a Korean Holiday?
2005-05-08 19:39:36
414.   Steve
If Grabowski didn't like it, perhaps he could have put one of the other eight pitches he saw in play. Or we could just credit him with a groundout to first, since the first base umpire blew that call anyway.

You never have enough runs, and Tracy just gave two away.

2005-05-08 19:41:25
415.   Bob Timmermann
Isn't the point of giving a player a rest to NOT use him? I think Drew would be used in a game-deciding situation only.
2005-05-08 19:42:55
416.   Steve
Choi would have cut that off.
2005-05-08 19:42:57
417.   Jim Hitchcock
Mental error by Bradley.
2005-05-08 19:43:07
418.   Ben P
The Dodgers need to go back to spring training for some relay drills. That's twice in a few days...
2005-05-08 19:43:45
419.   Jim Hitchcock
Or maybe not.
2005-05-08 19:44:11
420.   GoBears
414: Well, maybe. Had Cesar singled, they'd have scored. We don't want to undermine legit critique of Tracy's dumb decisions by assuming that the right decision would have worked out every time. Chances are that Drew PHing might still have made an out. He'd have had a higher probability of success, but not that much higher.
2005-05-08 19:44:42
421.   Steve
Well, I suppose if it's too taxing to use Drew for one at-bat, perhaps Choi would have done.
2005-05-08 19:45:32
422.   Mark
Here's what I hear in my head when I see that throw and lack of cutoff.

2005-05-08 19:46:25
423.   Marty
I don't think he was giving Choi a day off for rest, but because of the LH Milton. I still like him pinch hitting
2005-05-08 19:47:29
424.   Ben P
I can't believe he got to that ball. He is a fantastic outfielder.
2005-05-08 19:47:58
425.   Steve
What is "not that much higher" than zero?

Nice play by Repko out there.

2005-05-08 19:48:24
426.   Marty
Steve, please take Repko out of your dog house. Thanks :-)
2005-05-08 19:49:08
427.   Steve
And Tracy does his own undermining. Grabowski. Ludicrous.
2005-05-08 19:49:54
428.   Sam DC
I expect I'm joining many in stating the obvious, but that was one amazing catch. How did he get there? I think he may double as that X-man (Nightcrawler) who teleports from spot to spot.
2005-05-08 19:49:56
429.   Steve
Marty, you underestimate how much I hate bunting.
2005-05-08 19:50:48
430.   KAYVMON
Tough inning for Grabowski. First he gets called out on a BS strike call. Then, in the bottom half, Repko pretty much takes away his job as the second utility outfielder with that catch.
2005-05-08 19:51:27
431.   Bob Timmermann
I read somewhere that Steve's family was all killed (except for Steve) by Vic Davalillo.
2005-05-08 19:51:32
432.   Marty
I agree Steve. The only bunting I want to see is on the stadium when the Dodgers get to the playoffs.
2005-05-08 19:52:48
433.   KAYVMON
Hopefully, Depo finds a nice place (like Pittsburgh) to trade Grabowski before we send him to Vegas.
2005-05-08 19:53:26
434.   GoBears
Wow - Morgan actually gave modern players some respect. Said that no one will ever hit .400 again because the defense is just too good. Implying that it's better than when he played. Might be true, but I never thought I'd hear Joe Morgan say it.
2005-05-08 19:55:02
435.   Steve
LOL Bob.

Tracy is trying to make it up to me by having Braz pitch the ninth. Too little too late.

2005-05-08 19:56:09
436.   GoBears
#431: A Vic Davalillo reference! My best memory of Davalillo was an infield double. He slammed one off the plate or the hard infield dirt that went way up in the air, and was lost by the IFers in the sun. By the time they found the ball, he was on 2nd. So there ya go - a double that traveled as far as a bunt.
2005-05-08 19:57:02
437.   GoBears
Time for another Sac Fly, Kent.
2005-05-08 19:57:04
438.   alex 7
It's fun to see a lineup averaging out at a .300 ba with platoon guys when Morgan is in the stadium. To anyone watchign the game, I'm guessing he hasn't made any comment on that subject?

Maximizing Choi, Saenz, Ledee, and even Bako (20 points higher than career average so far) deserves some mention.

2005-05-08 19:58:02
439.   GoBears
OK, Olmedo is up against the rightie. No Choi in Mudville.
2005-05-08 19:58:53
440.   Bob Timmermann
If Phillips hits for the triple, please notify the paramedics in South Pasadena to come to my home.
2005-05-08 19:59:25
441.   GoBears
Actually, Morgan hasn't said one word about the Dodgers as a team, or about DePo or any of the dearly departed. He's either gotten over it, or he's keeping quiet because of the score.
2005-05-08 20:00:20
442.   GoBears
It's the Milton-Phillips Show!
2005-05-08 20:01:16
443.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, this lineup that nobody liked (including me) has worked rather well.
2005-05-08 20:01:26
444.   Bob Timmermann
It seems to me that most of Miller and Morgan's commentary tonight has focused on the Reds. It's sort of like the Dodgers are invited guests.
2005-05-08 20:01:42
445.   GoBears
Well, Saenz is 0-5 today, which should bring his numbers back down toward Earth.
2005-05-08 20:01:57
446.   Ben P
Remember when the catcher position was our most glaring hole? Thank you, DePo. I await the Plaschke column acknowledging what a great trade that was.
2005-05-08 20:03:29
447.   LAT
Can we save some of these runs for St Louis?
2005-05-08 20:03:47
448.   GoBears
Was I the guy who said that playing Ledee was dumb? He has 3 hits.
2005-05-08 20:03:54
449.   Steve
"They picked up Eric Milton, they got Ramon Ortiz." And then Joe Morgan says "Well, I still think they're going to have a pretty good team."

Ummm...OK, Joe.

That was nice of them to cut the throw so that Kent didn't get his uniform dirty.

2005-05-08 20:05:09
450.   Bob Timmermann
7 of the 9 Dodger starters have a hit. All but Izturis and Saenz.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-05-08 20:05:43
451.   Steve
NOW CHOI IS ON DECK?! Lord almighty, give me the strength to persevere through the rest of this season.
2005-05-08 20:06:15
452.   Jim Hitchcock
Be patient. We'll see Choi tonight :)
2005-05-08 20:06:35
453.   Bob Timmermann
Choi wasn't patient however.
2005-05-08 20:06:38
454.   Mark
Hee No Seop.
2005-05-08 20:06:49
455.   alex 7
Tracy throws a bone to the DT faithful.

choi time

2005-05-08 20:07:05
456.   Jim Hitchcock
Why oh why was he swing on the first pitch?
2005-05-08 20:07:55
457.   GoBears
Hey - Choi. Oops. Take a pitch, Hee-Seop. Yeesh.
2005-05-08 20:08:57
458.   Steve
Surely the bus would have waited for Choi to have a real at-bat. Grabowski could have done that.
2005-05-08 20:11:41
459.   Jim Hitchcock
Did Enders say he sent Yhency a shirt?
2005-05-08 20:14:49
460.   Steve
Gagne strikes out the Sacramento side in the ninth.
2005-05-08 20:15:46
461.   alex 7
does Tracy let Yhancy throw 35 pitches before a big series against the Cards? Or does he pull him if two more guys get on.
2005-05-08 20:16:44
462.   Jim Hitchcock
Need to work on your double play call there, Jon.
2005-05-08 20:17:05
463.   Bob Timmermann
Since that was not a save, I don't use the phrase.
2005-05-08 20:17:14
464.   alex 7
You know those Sac guys are going home and calling all their buddies about having struck out vs Gagne.

"Dude, he wouldn't throw me a fastball, he was scared. I would have hit him but he just threw this weak junk."

2005-05-08 20:19:21
465.   GoBears
Ah, well, so Dodgers win easily. While resting Drew and Choi. In retrospect, it worked out. And newspaper articles are always in retrospect, so Tracy comes out smelling like Pete Rose. Or something like that.
2005-05-08 20:28:36
466.   Jim Hitchcock
Hope Odalis is able to take advantage of the Cards rebound from a 15 run game tomorrow.
2005-05-08 20:38:51
467.   LAT
Hope Odalis is not still a head case about his post season performance against the Cards.
2005-05-08 20:41:48
468.   LAT
So much for my prediction that Morgan would talk about the Weaver for Brown deal. If he mentioned it I missed it. I'm guessing two years later its now offically a good deal being Brown finally pitched a shutout.
2005-05-08 20:42:13
469.   Borchard504
Was at the game - Eric Milton fell apart after 5. And I guess I didn't know everything about Jeff Weaver, as he rarely threw a pitch faster than 85. It was very refreshing to see the Reds replay the Griffey home run on the big screen, and I then noticed on the replay that Junior stood and admired his shot - The Weave took note of that probably as the ball was hit, and proceeded to plunk Jr. at that following AB. Good for him. Milton Bradley continues to impress. I love it.
2005-05-08 20:50:07
470.   Suffering Bruin


A horrific performance by Morgan and Miller. They were literally all over the place--talking about this, that and the other. Ever since these two started, Miller has been deferential to Morgan and I think at great cost to his craft.

It's been awhile since I've heard an entire broadcast from these two and lord willing, it'll be a while longer.

Well, at least until Wednesday when ESPN televises the Dodgers-Cardinals.

2005-05-08 21:05:17
471.   Steve
They did bring up the trade when Brazoban came in the game in the ninth. They even got an evil chuckle out of the amount of money the Dodgers saved in the deal.
2005-05-08 21:14:24
472.   Bob Timmermann
It seemed to me that Morgan and Miller just didn't care too much about this particular game.
2005-05-08 21:16:44
473.   jeongers
I thought it was weird when they were discussing the Hall of Fame candidacy of Pete Rose, and they were dancing around the whole, you know, gambling thing. They flashed up Rose's numbers and talked about how worthy they were. Kinda missing the point there, boys.
2005-05-08 21:42:25
474.   Suffering Bruin
472 - that's the problem in a nutshell. But I don't think it's about a particular game. It's any game they call.

Look, when you call a baseball game, you gotta fill the time. Everyone knows that. You know what Vin Scully does? He reads the media guide better than anyone. Make it a point to notice the next time he's on the air. Scully is able to "kill" a lot of time by describing each player during his first at-bat. If there's an anecdote about a player in the guide, Scully will turn it into a story whereas 90% of the announcers out there would just read it verbatim. Additionally, because he's talking about the players who are in that moment competing, he's into the game. Scully is about 60-40 split storytelling to game detail. I'd prefer 50-50 but only when I'm insanely picky. I'd rather take Scully over anyone.

Now, Morgan and Miller are talking about anything *but*the game. I posted earlier that there was a crucial moment and they decided to get into the infield fly rule. I think they revisted the IF rule three separate times tonight. Everybody and their mother knew the play in question wasn't an IF but there they went, on and on and on. It's crazy making--Pete Rose for the HOF? Jeongers hit it right on the head--either tackle the issue or don't. Miller seemed unsure of the ground he was treading on and I'm frankly at a loss as to why.

471 - I'm sure they did get a chuckle out of it. But remember that post you had back in February about Plaschke and how he caters to groupthink? The current CW is Brown is a jerk and done as a pitcher. If Brown starts pitching great (perish the thought!), they'll turn the other way.

Miller was thought to be a great local announcer in his day. I have never heard him without Joe Morgan by his side. I have to believe that without the current Emmy winner for best analyst in any sport as a partner, Jon Miller is a much more incisive and comfortable man to listen to than he was tonight.

2005-05-08 22:32:50
475.   GoBears
SB - You're right about Miller. I listed to him a lot when I lived in the Bay Area, and I think he's terrific. And, rarely for folks up there, he's not a homer, at least not to the point where it biases his reporting. In fact, after Scully, he's my next choice for play-by-play. But yeah, I think he defers too much to Morgan.
2005-05-08 22:38:56
476.   Steve
Nakamura is gone. Robles has been purchased from the Mexican League. I endorse.
2005-05-08 23:13:42
477.   Fearing Blue
Steve, for some reason I'm still awake, and you have made my night. Hola Senor Robles.
2005-05-08 23:17:00
478.   Steve
One dead weight down. One to go.
2005-05-08 23:19:43
479.   Eric L
One little thing bugged me about tonight's telecast and it was more of an ESPN thing than Morgan and Miller.

When Dunn came up (gosh, I can't remember the inning) with a runner on 3rd, ESPN kept going on and on about how he hasn't had a SAC fly since June of 2002 or something like that.

While it was an interesting tidbit, it really didn't tell us anything. I wish they would have said,

"Well yeah, he hasn't hit a lot of SAC flies lately, but he has blah blah RBIs in a sacrifice situation and a blah blah batting average"

If I wanted to look for the data I could probably find it. The info is pretty worthless (other than good watercooler kind of talk) without the whole picture being painted. I still don't know how good of a hitter Dunn is with runners on 3rd.

2005-05-08 23:21:10
480.   Fearing Blue
Indeed, and hopefully he will be gone when Werth comes back up. I'm now a convert and believe we should keep Repko as our fifth outfielder, even if he did bunt tonight.
2005-05-08 23:42:47
481.   ryu
Photo of the day.

2005-05-08 23:46:06
482.   Jim Hitchcock
Boy, I'll say, ryu...looks like that fan had butt relocation surgery.
2005-05-09 01:16:50
483.   GoBears
I'm on board to keep Repko. Not because I'm convinced he's any good, but (1) a 5th OFer doesn't have to be that good, (2) he's more versatile offensively and much better defensively than Grabo, and (3) if we keep him we have one LH and one RH backup in the OF, to go with LH Drew, RH Werth, and Switch-hitting Bradley. Sounds ideal.

Let's see if DePo can trade him for Oliver Perez.

2005-05-09 02:07:31
484.   Jim Hitchcock
Seems to be clear that's the Dodgers thinking on the matter. The purchase of Robles contract frees up Saenz to act as the backup FB, and Repko seems to have the tools that Grabowski can't match. So long, Grabby.
2005-05-09 03:44:34
485.   ryu
I certain hope we retain Grabowski! To me his value is obvious. Trading him would only leave us with three Ja(y)sons: Werth, Repko and Phillips. That would leave us in a tie with the Evil Ones, who have Schmidt, Christianson and Ellison!!
2005-05-09 08:46:23
486.   Bob Timmermann
The value of my Nakamura bobblehead has dropped more quickly than Krispy Kreme stock.
2005-05-09 09:48:45
487.   subclub
i'm all for letting grabowski continue his march to the hall of fame with another team. but would anyone even want him?
2005-05-09 10:07:25
488.   Colorado Blue
RE #478: One dead weight down. One to go.

I only hope you are referring to Grabs... otherwise, I'm at a loss...

Last night I hope I had my final look at "Grabowski-stares-in-disbelief-on-called-strike-three"TM (even though it was a ball).

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