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May 9 Open Chat: Where's J.D.?
2005-05-09 16:03
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

Against left-hander Mark Mulder of the Cardinals, Jason Repko, Olmedo Saenz, Ricky Ledee and Mike Edwards remain in the starting lineup. Hee Seop Choi is sitting for the second conseutive game - as is J.D. Drew, raising questions of another kind altogether. The Dodger bench is all lefty.

Meanwhile, So Taguchi replaces Larry Walker in right field for St. Louis.

* * *

Stories you may have missed in the Dodger Thoughts comments of late: Ex-Dodger pitcher Brian Falkenborg is now a Padre, ex-Dodger catcher Dave Ross has cost Benito Santiago his job in Pittsburgh, and Suffering Bruin's Sunday "Fact of Choi," which can be found as Comment No. 63 here, was a mini-tour de force.

Comments (267)
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2005-05-09 16:09:25
1.   Jon Weisman
Moving SB's trivia question into the game chat ...

116. Suffering Bruin

"We tried everything. Curves and fastballs. In, out, up, down," recalled Jeff Torborg. "Nothing worked. (Player name) owned Sandy Koufax."

Fill in the blank with our mystery player who, I promise, all of you have heard of.

Answer after I get the computer back from my son a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker. And that may be awhile...

2005-05-09 16:10:54
2.   Xeifrank
Oh! Game chat is open. Reposted for your viewing pleasure...

Dodger win expectancy is currently at 48.4% for tonights game at St Louis. Win expectancy finder, looks at previously played games back to the 1979-1990 season and computes the number of times a team won given the current score differential, outs and runners on base.



2005-05-09 16:12:11
3.   Suffering Bruin
TRIVIA TIME (from thread below)

"We tried everything. Curves and fastballs. In, out, up, down," recalled Jeff Torborg. "Nothing worked. (Player name) owned Sandy Koufax."

Fill in the blank with our mystery player who, I promise, all of you have heard of.

Answer after I get the computer back from my son a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker. And that may be awhile...



Choi's parents, Chan Yong and Myung Soon, make an annual visit to the United States to watch Hee Seop play. He also has a sister who is two years younger and lives with him in Los Angeles. His brother is five years younger and back home in Korea.

The family Choi is quite large. Aunts, Uncles and cousins are all in some way involved with operating the watermelon farm in Kwang-Ju.

2005-05-09 16:12:50
4.   Suffering Bruin
sorry jon...
2005-05-09 16:14:56
5.   Suffering Bruin
One more thing before I surrender the computer to my light-saber weilding dynamo... thank you, Jon, for that kind comment. Your post below the game chat was yet another example of why a I think a major publication would do well to have you in the fold.

Back later on with trivia answer!

2005-05-09 16:16:18
6.   dzzrtRatt
Doing no research whatsoever, just guessing on the trivia question... Joe Torre?
2005-05-09 16:16:41
7.   the OZ
Bobby Bonds?
2005-05-09 16:18:53
8.   jtshoe
Trivia answer:
It must have been Dave Ross
2005-05-09 16:20:02
9.   Im So Blue
I found the answer to SB's Koufax trivia question! Should I wait awhile to give you guys a chance to guess? Or do you want some hints?
2005-05-09 16:20:59
10.   the OZ
Wow. Retrosheet says I was way wrong - Sandy and Bobby never really faced each other. That's what I get for trying to solve a puzzle without thinking first. Now I know what Steve Phillips feels like...
2005-05-09 16:21:41
11.   Xeifrank
Trivia Answer: I know the answer to that question, but will keep quiet so others can have fun with it.



2005-05-09 16:22:17
12.   tjshere
Re: Trivia - I'm gonna guess Hammerin' Hank.
2005-05-09 16:23:52
13.   tjshere
But I suppose the correct answer will be someone more like Dal Maxvill.
2005-05-09 16:26:18
14.   Marty
I'm guessing Tim McCarver
2005-05-09 16:26:25
15.   the OZ
Torborg and Koufax were teammates from 1964-1966. Based on the timing of the question, I'm guessing [probbaly incorrectly] that the player was a Cardinal.

Dare I guess Tim McCarver?

This is my last guess. Not because it's a good guess that I'm confident in, but because no one wants to wade through a dozen posts of me shouting out random ballplayer names from the 60s.

2005-05-09 16:26:34
16.   Landonkk
The JD Drew thing has me befuddled...

When was the last time you saw Tracy give a player back to back days off?

Could his knee be acting up and they don't want to say anything?

Drew has obviously never faced Mulder, so there isn't some statistical anomaly Tracy is playing to.

I guess Steiner and Lyons might have an answer.

2005-05-09 16:28:18
17.   Suffering Bruin
Well, the kid gave up the computer for his Game Cube so I'll give it a few more minutes.. it's 4:30 now. I'll wait until 4:40...

And please feel free to research!

2005-05-09 16:28:27
18.   Steve
Drew OPS for his career is .832 against LHP. This would have to be either a mistake of Robinsonian proportions, or there is something else going on.

Neither of which makes me feel any better.

2005-05-09 16:32:32
19.   Marty
Hopefully Drew is just under the weather. I don't see why the Dodgers would want to hide anything. It's not like horse racing.
2005-05-09 16:32:46
20.   Mr Customer
Re-Posted from previous thread...

From the official website:

"Left-hander Chuck Tiffany...expected to miss at least two weeks after having a cancerous mole removed from his back..."

"Back Surgery"? This qualifies a "Back Surgery"?!

In an unrelated note, I'll be referring to similar procedures that I've undergone as "Brain Surgery" and "Spinal Injury". I'll be setting up a donation fund later tonight. Every little bit helps.

2005-05-09 16:34:31
21.   Marty
Since it was cancerous, they may have had to go pretty deep to get it all. So it might be pretty painful and require a couple weeks to recover.
2005-05-09 16:34:49
22.   Eric Enders
I'll guess Felipe Alou.
2005-05-09 16:36:01
23.   Mark
Want the answer?

The mighty Google answers queries of:

torborg "owned sandy koufax"

2005-05-09 16:36:44
24.   Eric Enders

Before the 2005 season, Baseball America named Steve Schmoll as the pitcher with the best control in the Dodger minor league system. In 388 innings as a college and professional pitcher, Schmoll has 151 walks, a relatively pedestrian rate of 3.5 per nine innings. However, in 2004 he lowered that rate to 2.6 per nine innings.

2005-05-09 16:37:49
25.   Mr Customer
NL West update.

Cincy is up 4-0 on the Pads after 1

2005-05-09 16:37:54
26.   Eric Enders
Wow, somebody guessed the right position on the right team, but the wrong player.
2005-05-09 16:41:19
27.   dzzrtRatt
I get those two mixed up all the time.
2005-05-09 16:42:03
28.   Jim Hitchcock
Hint: Koufax may have had success with a knuckleball...
2005-05-09 16:44:27
29.   Mr Customer
I know the answer to the trivia question, but I have to believe that it's just an "Infinite Number of Monkeys" paradox. It simply doesn't compute in the universe that I live in.
2005-05-09 16:45:10
30.   Suffering Bruin
Time for an answer!


Lifetime OPS: .590

Source: Thomas Boswell "One if by Fastball" from The Heart of The Order.

2005-05-09 16:45:35
31.   Marty
My guess was just a little bit outside...
2005-05-09 16:45:42
32.   Suffering Bruin
Great guesses all the way around, by the by.
2005-05-09 16:46:39
33.   T Money
Just heard A. Martinez on the radio, and he mentioned Drew's absence from tonight's lineup. Apparently, Drew has the flu, and may not even be at the game. I hope it's the 24-hour flu.
2005-05-09 16:47:02
34.   Jim Hitchcock
Another hint: It's not Frankie Fontaine.
2005-05-09 16:47:19
35.   Suffering Bruin
According to Boswell, Uecker built a .400 average against Koufax.

The rest of the league must've absolutely owned him.

2005-05-09 16:47:58
36.   Marty
ooh, my Ghame Over t-shirt just arrived. Thanks Eric!
2005-05-09 16:49:01
37.   T Money
Yeah my T-shirt showed up today too! It's AWESOME. Thank you Eric, and the guy (whose name I unfortunately do not recall) who did the mailing.
2005-05-09 16:49:09
38.   Berkeley Doug
All things considered, the flu is better than an injury.

Cincy up 4-0 on Peavy??? Wow.

2005-05-09 16:49:10
39.   Im So Blue
According to Retrosheet,,

Uecker's OPS against Koufax (with 38 ABs) was .560

The top 15 batters against Koufax:
Batter / OPS
Aaron, Hank / 1.078
Oliver, Gene / 1.073
Smith, Hal R. / 1.053
Mays, Willie / .962
Moryn, Walt / .961
Musial, Stan / .958
Johnson, Deron / .954
Virdon, Bill / .948
Alou, Felipe / .928
Clemente, Roberto / .905
Stuart, Dick / .904
Davenport, Jim / .880
Burgess, Smoky / .875
Alou, Jesus / .860
Robinson, Frank / .852

So Uecker's claim is just that.

2005-05-09 16:49:25
40.   Mr Customer
Re: 8
Strangely enough, the resemblance is more than just passing. Dave needs to get about 30 years of flapping his gums to reach that level of achievement, though.
2005-05-09 16:49:55
41.   Marty
Thanks Brendan too for doing the heavy lifting.
2005-05-09 16:50:00
42.   Eric Enders
You guys should really be thanking Brendan; he did all the work.

But I'm glad you like the shirts!

2005-05-09 16:50:13
43.   Suffering Bruin
#26 - and the right post-career profession. Like I said, a great guess...
2005-05-09 16:50:50
44.   dzzrtRatt
Bob Uecker was the heart and soul of the Milwaukee Braves.
2005-05-09 16:51:48
45.   Suffering Bruin

#39 has me spinning. To be fair, it's not Uecker making the claim in Boswell's column but Torborg. Very, very curious indeed.

2005-05-09 16:53:09
46.   Xeifrank
Ghame Over and other DePodesta T-Shirts??

Where are they available at? Someone on this board selling them? Via eBay? Thanks.



2005-05-09 16:57:03
47.   socalcardfan
On the Cardinals' Fox pregame show, they mention the possibility of JD suffering from food poisoning.

Those St. Louis room service people really know their jobs and how to help out their team. He probably ate the Kobe Bryant hamburger special, late of Sacramento.

2005-05-09 16:57:55
48.   Jim Hitchcock
Eric, did you say that Yhency was sent a shirt?
2005-05-09 17:06:28
49.   Suffering Bruin
My computer is now being kidnapped.

Drew is out for food poisoning? He's not just out for today, folks.

2005-05-09 17:06:54
50.   dzzrtRatt
re #45

SB, maybe Torborg's comment was just backscratching: one banjo-hitting backup catcher supporting another.

Next thing we'll hear is Paul Bako saying Brad Penny most feared facing David Ross.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-09 17:07:30
51.   bigcpa
Drop me an email on the TEAM DEPO shirt. I may have some left. If there are others still interested I may run another batch.

Here's the old info page with email instructions:

2005-05-09 17:09:17
52.   Marty
Is Vin skipping the whole road trip or just Cincy?
2005-05-09 17:10:04
53.   Clive Clements
I just wanted to thank Eric and Brendan for the excellent Ghame Over shirts. I got mine on Saturday.
2005-05-09 17:12:05
54.   Jim Hitchcock
Vinny just covers road trips with teams in the division, Marty.
2005-05-09 17:12:06
55.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
For the second straight night, the Dodgers begin their game at 5:11 p.m. EDT.
2005-05-09 17:12:07
56.   bigcpa
Revolting comments from Ryne Sandberg on his meritless Yahoo Power Rankings today:

Dodgers #3 – I think it's fair to say that Jim Tracy might be the most underrated manager in the majors. He continues to put together solid teams with a lot of players that nobody has heard about.

As discussed here before, praising Tracy has become the safe way to avoid giving DePo credit.

2005-05-09 17:13:42
57.   Mr Customer
Is it just me, or does Izzy always have a 2 strike count on him?
2005-05-09 17:16:19
58.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Cards fans boo the clueless girl. Funny.
2005-05-09 17:18:20
59.   Marty
Thanks Jim. I thought he was just being selective on what games he won't cover. Sigh, that means I get to enjoy Lyons more than I had thought.
2005-05-09 17:19:33
60.   Xeifrank
BigCpa, my computer has trouble loading Tiny Url links. Could you please forward me the t-shirt info to along with a pic of what the shirts look like, sizes and price.

thanks so much.


2005-05-09 17:22:47
61.   Xeifrank
Cardinal win expectancy already up to 63.2% with the Eckstein leadoff single. :)



2005-05-09 17:23:22
62.   Jim Hitchcock
Try this, XF:

2005-05-09 17:25:09
63.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Uh, what happened to Eckstein?
2005-05-09 17:26:07
64.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ah, catcher interference.
2005-05-09 17:26:19
65.   Marty
Eckstein called because of catcher's interference. Good thing too considering what happened next.
2005-05-09 17:27:09
66.   Jim Hitchcock
Called out on catchers interference by Grudzielanek.
2005-05-09 17:27:37
67.   Xeifrank
Thanks Jim.

Go Dodgers!



2005-05-09 17:28:04
68.   LAT
Nobody is ever going to confuse JD Drew and Kirk Gibson when it comes to playing through pain.
2005-05-09 17:28:06
69.   dzzrtRatt
Albert Pujols...Wake up, hit a homer.
2005-05-09 17:29:35
70.   Jon Weisman
Phillips - master of batter's interference.

Although obviously giving up a homer to Pujols is no fun, looks like Perez was making some good pitches that inning - striking out Grudzielanek on a 3-2 pitch, getting Rolen to pop out 3-1. It looked like a potential meltdown coming when he went 3-0 to Rolen following the Pujols homer.

Of course, all of the above comes with the caveat that it was watched on Gameday.

2005-05-09 17:30:56
71.   Mr Customer

Nobody is going to confuse J.D. Drew with Kirk Gibson, regardless of the grit factor.

Meanwhile, JK finds first base.

2005-05-09 17:31:43
72.   Marty
Thoroughly professional at bat there...
2005-05-09 17:33:35
73.   regfairfield
If J.D. Drew is "sick as a dog" (Charlie Stiener's words), I'd rather he sit out than look like he's going to pass out in the batters box.
2005-05-09 17:33:52
74.   Jim Hitchcock
Think Steiner should put $50.00 in the kitty everytime he uses the phrase `house money'.
2005-05-09 17:36:50
75.   socalcardfan
Gibson only played more than the 145 games JD played last year three times. In a career that spanned 17 seasons, he averaged less than a 100 games per season.
2005-05-09 17:37:32
76.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Mike Edwards has a chance to be the Jack Fimple of our day - a nobody enjoying a moment in the spotlight due to someone else's injury.
2005-05-09 17:38:12
77.   Jon Weisman
Mike Edwards steps up for his chance to play "Win Another Chance to Start".
2005-05-09 17:39:27
78.   Jon Weisman
And loses.
2005-05-09 17:39:28
79.   Marty
Welcome to the big leagues Mr. Edwards. He looked way overmatched there.
2005-05-09 17:40:16
80.   Sam DC
And in other third baseman news, one Adrian Beltre just homered off Randy Johnson to tie the Yankees and Seattle at 3.
2005-05-09 17:40:51
81.   DXMachina
Adrian Beltre just homered off Randy Johnson.
2005-05-09 17:40:51
82.   dzzrtRatt
M-V-P! M-V-P!
2005-05-09 17:40:57
83.   scareduck
I have to admit to being bummed about missing the Ghame Over shirt deadline. Any hope for a second batch?
2005-05-09 17:41:17
84.   DXMachina
Or, what Sam DC said.
2005-05-09 17:42:07
85.   LAT
OP is behind on nearly every batter. Bad sign
2005-05-09 17:43:55
86.   scareduck
And to think, we've got Nakamura to whiff at -- what? -- a sixteenth of the cost the M's purchased Beltre's whiffing for?

2005-05-09 17:44:21
87.   scareduck
1-2 count. Write home!
2005-05-09 17:45:10
88.   LAT
Of course soon as I say that he gets Sanders 0-2
2005-05-09 17:45:29
89.   Sam DC
Rob -- I've got an XL I was thinking about sending to a buddy, but he would only appreciate it to a limited extent. If Eric doesn't have any extras when the dust clears, email me and it's yours.


2005-05-09 17:47:09
90.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Could Ledee have caught that, had he taken a more aggressive path?
2005-05-09 17:48:07
91.   Marty
The gun just said Odalis threw 97 mph. I find that hard to believe.
2005-05-09 17:52:14
92.   scareduck
Sam DC -- thanks. I tried contacting Eric by e-mail, but no response.
2005-05-09 17:52:27
93.   LAT
I hate when other teams so obviously expose our weaknesses.
2005-05-09 17:53:00
94.   scareduck
Am I the only one who thinks this is about to become a Cardinals blowout by the fifth inning?
2005-05-09 17:58:19
95.   Sam DC
You are. And if you keep talking like that, no shirt for you.
2005-05-09 17:58:51
96.   regfairfield
Hmmm...Charlie Steiner is saying it's okay if Repko gets caught stealing here, because then we can have Bradley, Kent, and Saenz next inning.

Is there anyone who doesn't see a hole in that logic?

2005-05-09 17:59:13
97.   Marty
Sam, the shirt nazi...
2005-05-09 17:59:47
98.   Ben P
Last inning on the Extra Innings telecast, Cards' color guy Al Hrabosky said he had "heard" that when DePo makes trades he "doesn't consult the coaching staff at all." To his credit, Joe Buck said he hadn't heard that and then went through the familiar "Everyone criticized them in the offseason but they're winning and Jeff Kent is a great player" story.

As for what Hrabosky said, does anyone know if that's true? And if it is, how unusual is that? I really don't know if most GMs run every trade by their managers or not.

2005-05-09 17:59:57
99.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Well, Charlie, why not have Repko get picked off?
2005-05-09 18:02:07
100.   The Saul
Regarding the Koufax question, in the book "Koufax" by Jane Leavy, Hank was the only player Koufax said he never figured out how to throw to.
BTW, it is a great book for anyone even remotely curious about learning about a player that has been one of the more elusive (except of course for the unpleasantness last year) in terms of talking to media. Even my friend, a Yankee fan, loved it.

I do get the feeling the Cards can at any moment blow this game wide open, Odalis just does not look comfortable.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-09 18:03:24
101.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
That was mighty dumb.
2005-05-09 18:03:37
102.   scareduck
No start for you, Mike Edwards...

-- Jim Tracy, the start Nazi

2005-05-09 18:03:44
103.   Sam DC
Reds 5, Pads 1, 7th.
2005-05-09 18:04:25
104.   The Saul
Ugh, now that was a rookie play.
Its alright rook, put it behind you, don't try to overcompensate for it.
2005-05-09 18:06:00
105.   scareduck
SDC: interesting. Are the Reds practicing a blowout/get-blown-out repeating cycle? If so, that means the Pads will get blown out twice and blow out the Reds once in their three-game series.
2005-05-09 18:12:09
106.   scareduck
Damn, OP, I'm almost starting to think the Dodgers have a chance. Which of course means they're doomed.
2005-05-09 18:13:59
107.   LAT
Re #98: Someone who works for the Dodgers in sales (admittedly not management)confided in me that trades decisions are made by a very small group of people, including Depo, Kim Ng, Frank and Jamie. To be fair, he did not say the coaches/Tracy were excluded but he was saying information is now held close to the vest in a way that was not true under Fox. (I recognize that may be a good thing).
2005-05-09 18:18:53
108.   bigcpa
Where's this platoon advantage I've heard so much about?

Mulder K/9
2002 6.9
2003 6.2
2004 5.6
2005 4.2
Tonight- priceless

2005-05-09 18:20:48
109.   dzzrtRatt
re 106

Not if they can't get more than one hit off Mulder.

I'm only able to follow the game on the Gameday screen. Is Mulder throwing that well, or are our guys having poor at-bats?

2005-05-09 18:22:13
110.   scareduck
Considering OP's thrown 4,255 pitches today, he's got some good stuff.
2005-05-09 18:22:25
111.   the OZ
There is some evidence (I won't bother linking) that platooning RH batters against a LH pitcher is more about minimizing losses than gaining an advantge, if that makes sense.

Lefty hitters tend to struggle more against LHP than righty batters against RHP. RH batters don't see a particularly large advatage when facing a LH pitcher.

Putting a RH-only lineup is more about keeping the lefty hitters from an 0-4 than getting a RH hitter to go 3-4.

2005-05-09 18:23:07
112.   scareduck
Ratt -- it's both. I also tend to think that leaving the Reds, they haven't had to work that hard for offense and are now out of practice.
2005-05-09 18:23:14
113.   capdodger
Re 109: Mulder is pitching well. He's getting ahead and fooling people with his sinker. It's falling of the table, so to speak.
2005-05-09 18:23:15
114.   Marty
Ratt, Mulder is throwing very well in my opinion. He's ahead on every batter.
2005-05-09 18:27:32
115.   capdodger
Of course, as soon as I say he's getting ahead on everyone, Mulder walks Ledee for the second time tonight.
2005-05-09 18:27:39
116.   scareduck
And of course as soon as you say that he walks Ricky Ledee.

2-1 Edwards GIDPs.

2005-05-09 18:27:39
117.   Borchard504
All the deep fly balls by Perez are worriesome.
First time I've heard Steiner and Stone - I like Stone. I guess Vinny took his first series off, if I am not mistaken.
2005-05-09 18:28:28
118.   scareduck
I was close.
2005-05-09 18:29:29
119.   scareduck
Borchard -- no, he didn't call the Cincy series, either.
2005-05-09 18:30:27
120.   Jim Hitchcock
Steve `Psycho' Lyons, can tell by the underwear.
2005-05-09 18:31:55
121.   DXMachina
Vin didn't make the Milwaukee trip, either.
2005-05-09 18:33:14
122.   Jim Hitchcock
Wheels Edwards...
2005-05-09 18:33:16
123.   the OZ
Izturis doubles in Edwards.

A hustle run for legging out the DP ball.

2005-05-09 18:33:27
124.   scareduck
Okay, rook, you got a second lease on life.

But one only.

2005-05-09 18:33:34
125.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Edwards runs hard.
Not fast, mind you, but hard.
2005-05-09 18:33:38
126.   Borchard504
Edwards - great hustle and Izzy super AB.
2005-05-09 18:33:55
127.   capdodger
Way to go Izzy!!
2005-05-09 18:34:34
128.   stevo
Vin supposedly wont be making any non nl west trips this whole year
2005-05-09 18:35:06
129.   scareduck
"Just Enough" almost wasn't.
2005-05-09 18:35:27
130.   Jim Hitchcock
Steiner's had to eat his `easy play for...' twice tonight, plus the DP that wasn't.
2005-05-09 18:35:45
131.   Borchard504
That makes sense scareduck - I was at two of those games, so I didnt watch anything on
2005-05-09 18:38:05
132.   scareduck
Walking the pitcher is bad form, OP.
2005-05-09 18:39:12
133.   scareduck
43 strikes, 31 balls, 74 total pitches, bottom 5th. Bad ratio, bad count.
2005-05-09 18:40:21
134.   tjshere
OP isn't terribly impressive tonight, but he's doing better than I expected him far.
2005-05-09 18:40:59
135.   the OZ
the Reds inexplicably go to Danny Graves with 2 on and none out with a 3-run lead.

Guess what? He gave up a single. Now it's bases loaded, 0 out, 3-run lead, and the Padres win expectancy has inceased over 50%.

2005-05-09 18:41:34
136.   tjshere
Ah crud. He's getting himself all worked up now. I hate when he does that.
2005-05-09 18:42:28
137.   tjshere
WTH??? I thought he was out!
2005-05-09 18:42:30
138.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Fine play by Repko to knock it down. And I thought he got Ecks on the throw to third.
2005-05-09 18:43:03
139.   scareduck
There will not be a 3-run homer. There will not be a 3-run homer. There will not be a 3-run homer...
2005-05-09 18:43:36
140.   The Saul
#1 Eckstein was out
#2 Edwards should NOT have gotten off the bag!
2005-05-09 18:43:44
141.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Cards announcers are having their "This Repko kid can throw" moment...
2005-05-09 18:43:55
142.   Ben P
Replay showed Eckstein was out, but the tag was under his arm where the ump couldn't see. Repko has a really great arm.
2005-05-09 18:44:28
143.   the OZ
It seems the gimmick of the day on the broadcast is to endlessly harp on how hitters do in what counts, leading to gems like this from Steiner:

"Pujols has hit 2 of his 8 home runs on a 1-0 count."

Great. Thanks, I was just wondering that...

2005-05-09 18:46:33
144.   Ben P
Pujols seems to be toying with OP. Up the left-field line, up the right-field line...
2005-05-09 18:46:57
145.   Ben P
No more playing.
2005-05-09 18:47:02
146.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Sorry, scareduck.
2005-05-09 18:47:13
147.   the OZ
That play at third looming a bit larger now.
2005-05-09 18:47:14
148.   scareduck
So much for my OP mantra.
2005-05-09 18:47:19
149.   tjshere
Doggone you, scared duck! You jinxed us. ;^)
2005-05-09 18:47:26
150.   The Saul
i blame you, Scareduck.
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2005-05-09 18:47:37
151.   capdodger
Well that was a ballon....
2005-05-09 18:48:20
152.   tjshere
Ooops, I apologize for butchering your name.
2005-05-09 18:48:52
153.   dzzrtRatt
Albert Pujols: Time for lunch and a homer.

He beat the crap out of OP during the playoffs, too, right?

2005-05-09 18:48:59
154.   the OZ
Meanwhile, back to Danny Graves, who has not only blown a 3 run lead, but has runners on 1st and 3rd and has yet to retire a batter.

In fairness to Danny, 2 of the runners belonged to Wagner. But that's what you get for pulling a kid with great stuff for a reliever who's walked more guys than he's K'd.

2005-05-09 18:49:00
155.   regfairfield
The scariest thing about that homerun is he barely swung. When he hit it, I thought it was a pop-up.

That is one strong dude.

2005-05-09 18:49:55
156.   capdodger
er... balloon...
2005-05-09 18:53:00
157.   capdodger
I went by OP's reaction. As soon a AP hit that one OP was pissed he left it up. He knew it was out.
2005-05-09 18:53:34
158.   Ben P
In 12 career at-bats against Perez, Pujols has 4 homers.
2005-05-09 18:55:01
159.   stevo
wow a .333 homer avg
2005-05-09 18:55:32
160.   dzzrtRatt
The wrong Dodger got the flu.
2005-05-09 18:56:39
161.   Christina
How's Mulder's pitch count? Do we have any chance of seeing the bullpen this game, or is he going to pitch a CG?
2005-05-09 18:57:23
162.   scareduck
OP's new nickname: Count Chokeula.
2005-05-09 18:58:18
163.   scareduck
80 pitches, 54 strikes, 36 balls. No chance of seeing the bullpen, not that the Cards have a bad bullpen.
2005-05-09 18:59:39
164.   stevo
go for 3 olmedo!
2005-05-09 19:00:05
165.   capdodger
If I were betting, I'd bet on a complete game. 85 pitches through 5.2. He should be able to make it unless the Blue starts stringing some hits together.
2005-05-09 19:00:50
166.   Christina
Thanks, scareduck - and I know the bullpen isn't necessarily the solution, but when Mulder's on, he's on.

Oh well. GO DODGERS! Hammer him!

2005-05-09 19:01:29
167.   regfairfield
Well, they lost Calero, Haren, and Kline this offseason. Isringhausen is hurt, so who do they have besides King?
2005-05-09 19:04:24
168.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Sanders was safe, I think. But I'm not complaining.
2005-05-09 19:06:47
169.   franklin
Just tuning in. Damn Pujols. And Mulder's been tough after the sixth inning this year, allowing only 2 hits in 22 AB. Is it possible to jinx him by predicting a CG?
2005-05-09 19:08:36
170.   Sam DC
OP done?
2005-05-09 19:09:00
171.   Ben P
According to the Cards' announcers in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th innings, Jim Tracy is a very very classy guy. I keep waiting for them to cut to him helping an old lady cross the street.
2005-05-09 19:09:52
172.   dzzrtRatt
Happier news: Tampa Bay broke the White Sox winning streak today. Although Nomo didn't get the win, he pitched well, holding the Sox to two runs in five innings, and striking out four.
2005-05-09 19:12:54
173.   Ben P
Tracy hates Choi. There's no other explanation for him sending Grabowski up there.
2005-05-09 19:13:32
174.   Christina
Nomo also left the game with a leg injury. Poor guy.

And the As-Red Sox fiasco is finally over, at 13-5. I don't think that the Cards are very sorry right now about Haren and Calero, now that Mulder's fixed his early troubles.

2005-05-09 19:16:07
175.   the OZ
Grabowski strikes out as a PH with a runner on first and 1 out.

Thanks for the memories, Grabbo. When you're gone, remember that you had a beautiful May once.

2005-05-09 19:16:59
176.   dzzrtRatt

That's the first avowedly female name I've seen in this comments section in the year-plus since I started reading this. Welcome.

Of course, there are so many aliases on this site, you might not be the only woman. In fact, for all anyone knows, I'm a woman.

2005-05-09 19:18:35
177.   the OZ
Well, the St. Louis announcers now know Repko has an arm.

Here's hoping he shows them his power next.

2005-05-09 19:20:16
178.   Sam DC
You see, that way, we get to start the next inning Bradley, Kent, Saenz.
2005-05-09 19:21:31
179.   The Saul
How long before posters start asking Christina out on dates?
2005-05-09 19:23:34
180.   stevo
projected stats for jason phillips, 5hrs, 110rbi
2005-05-09 19:24:35
181.   stevo
last pitch had duaner hitting 100mph, gotta be a fast gun
2005-05-09 19:24:45
182.   The Saul
Sanchez's last 2 pitches were clocked at 100 and 99 mph, respectively
2005-05-09 19:25:21
183.   the OZ
Mulder pitched well, but in all fairness to our guys, pretty much everything he threw within 6" of the plate was called a strike.

Tough to get anything going on a night like this.

2005-05-09 19:26:03
184.   capdodger
Re: 182:

Yeah, the radar gun was tracking OP in the mid 90's. It seems a little juiced.

2005-05-09 19:27:02
185.   franklin
ESPN lists Roger Cedeno's 2005 salary as $5.875 million. Can that be right? I can't believe that guy is still in the bigs and he costs more than our entire bench. Amazing.
2005-05-09 19:27:39
186.   Christina
176 - I wouldn't be surprised if some of the aliases are women too. There are a bunch at the Athletics Nation site, all using real names, probably precisely because there's a bunch using real names. Here it's certainly a little different. Come out, come out, whoever you are...

178 - at least Joe Morgan isn't announcing the game.

2005-05-09 19:29:48
187.   Ben P
Will Choi hit for Saenz?
2005-05-09 19:31:11
188.   Linkmeister
Grins. In my fraternity pledge class a thousand years ago there were three guys named Steve, and I know of at least one here, so I'll stick to my tried-and-true.
2005-05-09 19:34:28
189.   Suffering Bruin
(Breaking into kid's and wife's computer activities)

What's it gonna take to get Choi an AB?

2005-05-09 19:35:03
190.   Ben P
See #173
2005-05-09 19:35:23
191.   Suffering Bruin
And no, he's not saving him for a PH because that would be dumb. Pinch-hit him for Saenz and keep Choi in the game.

I'm sorry but I'm at a loss here.

2005-05-09 19:35:24
192.   the OZ
It's not like Choi hits righties than Saenz. Or plays better defense.

All I can think is that Tracy wants LaRussa to burn King before putting Choi in.

As Saenz reaches on a Rolen error. We're destined to win now.

2005-05-09 19:35:44
193.   dzzrtRatt
Bring on Goggles...
2005-05-09 19:36:25
194.   the OZ
Inning over if not for the takeout slide. On the DP ball.
2005-05-09 19:36:41
195.   Rick A
Who let Freddie Krueger pitch?
2005-05-09 19:37:41
196.   Sam DC
Nationals 1, AZ 0. With one out in the top of the fourth, Nick Johnson -- he of the 14 career SBs -- caught stealing. Next pitch, double by Ryan Church -- he of the 8 RBIs so far this month.
2005-05-09 19:38:27
197.   Rick A
Rally Cap check?

Here's mine:


2005-05-09 19:38:41
198.   Ben P
Great. So Tracy saved Choi, now there's a lefty in. So the rookie Edwards hits because he's right-handed, then we have Choi against a LHP instead of a RHP earlier. At least Tracy is a class act.
2005-05-09 19:40:45
199.   socalcardfan
So Christina, I'll break the ice. Do you believe in inter-team dating?
2005-05-09 19:41:21
200.   regfairfield
One would theorize this is why you don't put every right-handed bat you have in the lineup.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-05-09 19:41:43
201.   franklin
Ledee hitting against King is really going to confuse Tracy.
2005-05-09 19:43:22
202.   capdodger
So... Who pinch hits for the pitchers spot in the 9th?
2005-05-09 19:45:36
203.   the OZ
RE# 200 -

I was halfway done writing a post about the very same topic, predicting that This situation would come up at the end of a game.

But I decided to give Tracy the benefit of the doubt since the bench is 2 men short tonight with Drew being out and Robles being on a plane.

2005-05-09 19:45:51
204.   Sam DC
No doubt Christina will say whatever she wants re 179, 199, but I'll just say that I had the distinct impression she, like all of us, was here to talk about baseball (or at least mostly about baseball).
2005-05-09 19:47:22
205.   the OZ
In other news, Ryan Freel throws out Ryan Klesko at the plate for the 2nd out of the 12th inning. The run would have given the Padres a 6-5 lead with runners on 1st and 2nd (or third) with one out.
2005-05-09 19:49:01
206.   scareduck
Re comment 204: it's like mosquitoes in an Alaskan summer, isn't it?
2005-05-09 19:49:46
207.   Christina
204 - heh, I actually stepped out to get dinner, hoping that the Dodgers' luck would turn in my absence. I see it didn't work.

And yes, I am here to talk about baseball, but I don't mind others having a few jokes and fun. It's a good, goodnatured group here, from everything I've read (I've been lurking for a while.)

2005-05-09 19:50:16
208.   scareduck
Christina -- suggest you change your screen name to "Chris".
2005-05-09 19:51:16
209.   scareduck
Meanwhile, back at the game, Jim Edmonds cannot bunt.
2005-05-09 19:51:20
210.   capdodger
Bunting with Jim Edmons? Why?
2005-05-09 19:51:36
211.   scareduck
"When you Wunch upon a star..."
2005-05-09 19:52:21
212.   JSN
I was watching at a restaurant and the volume was low but did I hear Lyons talking about how he'd prefer a double to a home run so that Tavarez would stay in the stretch!? Is he insane?
2005-05-09 19:53:29
213.   regfairfield

Yes, yes you did. Truly brilliant strategy.

2005-05-09 19:53:41
214.   Langhorne
With a depleted bench you've got to be careful with your pinch hitters. It's not like Saenz can't hit. And the top of the 9th is a tailor made double switch. Saenz moves to third, Choi bats for the pitcher and takes over at first. Tracy could have done that with Edwards in the 8th but then we'd still have the pitcher's spot due up.
2005-05-09 19:54:45
215.   JSN
213: Indeed.
2005-05-09 19:55:02
216.   Christina
210 - who knows, but I'll take the gift out!

I do like Carrara's pitching ability, but whichever poster called him a human rain delay a few days back had it right.

2005-05-09 19:55:09
217.   Sam DC
Isn't the pitcher's spot up first in the next inning? Would not a double switch for one of these pitch changes --presumably Carrara since Wunschtime is very short today -- be sensible? We could tie this game. It could go extra. Just saying . . .
2005-05-09 19:56:43
218.   Marty
212, yes, Lyons has lost all respect as far as I'm concerned. That was the dumbest thing I've heard in awhile.
2005-05-09 19:56:48
219.   Sam DC
217 wasn't nearly that stale when I wrote it . . .
2005-05-09 19:57:28
220.   capdodger
Human Rain Delay....
2005-05-09 19:58:32
221.   Sam DC
I now take that back (219) -- why not have double switched with Choi in and Saenz over now?
2005-05-09 19:59:24
222.   dzzrtRatt
Lyons has some compulsion concerning doubles. This weekend he was saying he preferred them to triples, now he likes them better than home runs.

Maybe his mother was a double.

2005-05-09 19:59:44
223.   scareduck
So the Dodgers narrowly miss another inning where the pitching goes down the Duaner...
2005-05-09 20:00:25
224.   franklin
Its clearly time to pair up Lyons and Downing and let them work from the "special" broadcast booth. Preferably one that includes no connection to the outside world.
2005-05-09 20:01:08
225.   Sam DC
I gather the answer to my 221 is that making that switch would have left Saenz to field that ball (or a hanfdul of cheerios, as the case may be). Still, could've just brought in Choi for Saenz and saved Carrara.
2005-05-09 20:01:25
226.   scareduck
Ratt/222: aren't they called "transgendered" now?
2005-05-09 20:01:41
227.   Ben P
Conserving pinch hitters makes sense. This way we don't have to use Bako to hit for Carrara. What I don't get is why we sent Grabowski up instead of Choi earlier. With a runner on late in a close game you send your best available hitter up. You don't "save him" for the ninth inning.
2005-05-09 20:02:06
228.   Marty
Ratt, that's right. He was saying triples were worthless because today's players thought doubles were more important to padding their stats. I was very confused about that. But now, I realize he doesn't like anything better than a double.
2005-05-09 20:02:14
229.   regfairfield
I think early in this game Downing remarked that Mulder's carrer K/9 was three.

When it's your job to come up with insightful comments about baseball, it's best to not just make stuff up.

2005-05-09 20:04:11
230.   Christina
228 - the "reasoning" was that triples are indicative of speed, not power, while doubles do indicate power. Yes, he's an idiot.
2005-05-09 20:06:16
231.   Kevin Maxwell
176. dzzrtRatt

I thought that you were a woman...???
I truly hope this doesn't offend - and I don't know what I read from you that gave me that impression. I am frequently wrong too, for the official record.
If I ever consider getting married again, and my prospective / future bride isn't already a Dodger fan, she will have to convert.

2005-05-09 20:07:05
232.   franklin
Izzy provides some hope.
2005-05-09 20:09:08
233.   dzzrtRatt

Exactly my point the other day. Hitting a triple implies speed AND power. You don't stretch a single into a triple.

I feel like the AFLAC goose when confronted with this total illogic.

2005-05-09 20:09:09
234.   Christina
Time for Repko to show off his bat in addition to his arm...
2005-05-09 20:09:40
235.   Marty
finally, some gender confusion on this site :-)
2005-05-09 20:10:23
236.   dzzrtRatt
re 231


It's probably my footwear. It confuses a lot of people.

2005-05-09 20:11:33
237.   Christina

Come on, Milton!

2005-05-09 20:12:07
238.   ARGHjimtracy
wow.. larussa pulls his pitchers BEFORE they mess up the score!
2005-05-09 20:13:23
239.   socalcardfan
As a Cardinal fan, since Brian Gunn shut down his blog called Redbird Nation, I've sort of checked out other sites. Since I now live in southern California, I found this one and enjoy your cameraderie.

I've also followed The Cub Reporter blog and there are guys over there that subscribe to that odd idea that a home run wrecks a rally.

Edmonds hit a HR in the midst of a 7-run 9th inning rally against the Reds last week that didn't kill it, but I guess it could've.

Go figure

2005-05-09 20:14:15
240.   Ben P
Bradley strikes out looking way too much.
2005-05-09 20:15:19
241.   Sam DC

Meanwhile, Dave Roberts singled in the go ahead run in Cincy. 6-5 Padres, Reds just up in the bottom of the thirteenth.

2005-05-09 20:15:48
242.   Christina
Struck out looking? Does Milt think he's Eric Chavez?

Game over. Maybe next least we hung in pretty well, had it not been for Pujols...

2005-05-09 20:17:50
243.   dzzrtRatt

Exactly. That's what winning managers do. You watch Torre, Bobby Cox, LaRussa, and they are very aggressive in working with their bullpen. Games count!

I like Tracy, but this is a serious flaw. And, I guess maybe this is the flip side of Colborn's relationship with the pitchers; he wants them to learn from (bitter) experience.

2005-05-09 20:18:36
244.   Kevin Maxwell
236. dzzrtRatt

good one, you made me choke on my pizza.

2005-05-09 20:20:58
245.   Christina
dzzrtRatt, I like Tracy too, but this is possibly THE most serious of flaws, at least from a job security standpoint. We've all seen several good managers get fired after a questionable/poor choice of which pitcher to go with in a late-innings postseason game, after all.
2005-05-09 20:23:04
246.   Sam DC
And Reds go down. Giants up, Colo up, AZ down 3-0 to the Mighty Nationals, who are looking to improve their 7-2 mark against the NL West.
2005-05-09 20:23:42
247.   Sam DC
245 -- And it happened to Grady Little too.
2005-05-09 20:24:13
248.   dzzrtRatt
Late game pitching management failures is what caused Dusty Baker's stock to fall.
2005-05-09 20:26:41
249.   Christina
247, 248 - exactly the managers I was thinking of.
2005-05-09 20:26:42
250.   Sam DC
Am I reading correctly that 15 of the Dodger outs were strikeouts? Ouch.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-05-09 20:30:00
251.   dzzrtRatt
Mulder was the strongest of the Oakland trio, and he's picked up where he left off. St. Louis is a stronger team than it was last year, because Mulder gives them an ace.

Timmerman or somebody said, if we split the 4 with the Cards in St. Louis, that's an accomplishment. Beat up the bad teams, stay even with the good teams, and you're in the postseason.

2005-05-09 20:33:11
252.   Christina
Yeah, I'm not surprised by Mulder's 15 Ks. The guy collapsed down the stretch last year, but I always figured that was temporary and that he'd get things worked out.
2005-05-09 20:36:11
253.   Steve
Odalis Perez pitched exactly like he did last October. Nothing but three ball counts and a lot of luck to only give up four. When he went 3-0 to Mulder, you knew it was only a matter of time.

Hard to be the idiot manager of the night with Tracy involved, but Jim Edmonds bunting was so stupid George Will wanted to re-write his book.

It now causes me physical pain when Jason Grabowski comes to the plate.

2005-05-09 20:37:45
254.   Fearing Blue
Even though Xeifrank said we had a 48% chance of winning this one, it never seemed that way. Since the postseason, it's been clear that Pujols owns Perez. In his second AB, he just missed two doubles, one down each line before cranking a HR; that's just mean. I was rooting for an intentional walk, though I'm sure Tracy would have been excoriated for it. I don't feel very good about the Erickson vs. Pujols matchup tomorrow either. If we are going to split this series, our best chances are Penny & Lowe.
2005-05-09 20:39:32
255.   Sam DC
I don't feel very good about the Erickson vs. Pujols matchup tomorrow either.

On that note, to bed.

2005-05-09 20:42:59
256.   Christina
254 - somewhere earlier it was said that Pujols has something like 4 homeruns in 12 ABs against Perez. I certainly wouldn't have complained if he'd been intentionally walked. If the next guy had made the Dodgers pay for it with a grand slam, well, looking at the final score, it wouldn't have made any difference.
2005-05-09 20:47:37
257.   dzzrtRatt
I dunno. Erickson has a lot on the line, and if he's sharp, he's the kind of pitcher who drives guys like Pujols nuts.
2005-05-09 20:51:37
258.   Christina
I actually share your optimism about Erickson, dzzrtRatt - it's Tracy and his slow hook that I'm worried about.
2005-05-09 20:58:23
259.   dzzrtRatt
Right. Erickson will flame out, but will Tracy be napping when it happens?
2005-05-09 21:03:24
260.   Fearing Blue
I'm hopeful that Tracy gets a little quicker pulling the trigger once Gagne comes back to anchor the bullpen. Knowing that Brazoban = Ghame Almost Over and Gagne = Game Over has got to make the decisions quite a bit easier.
2005-05-09 21:07:39
261.   Steve
Erickson with his WHIP higher than K/9 rate, and his 2 to 1 BB/K rate is going to be a disaster. Alvarez will be in early tomorrow.
2005-05-09 21:08:17
262.   Christina
Brazoban and Gagne do indeed nicely take care of the 8th and 9th, but in the case of Erickson, who can only go six solid innings, we still have the 7th inning to worry about. I don't know why Tracy seems so cautious of his bullpen. You'd think he'd like having Human Rain Delay out there so he could nap longer...
2005-05-09 21:18:19
263.   The Saul
Well, Pujols owns a lot of pitchers, so we can't hate on Perez for having trouble with a man LaRussa and many others in baseball have called the best hitter since Ted Williams.

The Cards seems to always have the Dodgers number, dating back to the NLCS in 1985.
I am not trying to make excuses for the Dodgers, they are certainly gonna have to do better against this team now if they want to entertain the notion that they are a real contender.

Erickson tomorrow. Then Penny, then Lowe.
If nothing else, we should have a pretty clear idea about where we actually stand by Thursday night

2005-05-09 21:32:32
264.   LAT
I am going to utterly decieve myself by going with the logic that Erickson is Lima's replacement and Lima owns the Cards. Further, in a week that saw the Yanks in last place and a 23-1 shot win the Derby, anything is possible, Erickson is due and the impossible will happen.
2005-05-09 21:39:11
265.   Icaros
LAT, that is the most positive and uplifting post I've seen from you.

I've had a fairly lousy day, and that was a glimmer of sunshine. Thanks.

I'm afraid you're probably dead wrong, though.

2005-05-09 21:40:45
266.   The Saul
Well, I will join you in that foolhearty optimism....

The Cards didn't exactly do that much damage. Take Pujols out of the lineup (PLEASE!!!) and we have a close game.

Plus, we didn't have Drew today and no (dare I say it?) Choi, so our offense wasn't at full strength.

Mulder pitched out of his ass tonight, I do not think the rest of the staff will be so effective.

And there is something to be said for the idea that Penny's aggressiveness and Lowe's sinker could keep the Cards offense off balance.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a bridge I have to go sell to myself.

2005-05-09 21:51:23
267.   Icaros
I'm hoping that LaRussa plays the percentages and rests Pujols against the righty Erickson.

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