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$2 Tuesdays Gets Recess
2005-05-13 06:44
by Jon Weisman

"The Dodgers will not offer $2 tickets to Tuesday's game against Florida," Tony Jackson writes in today's Daily News, "in part because many of the tickets were donated by the team to the Los Angeles Unified School District for use by students with improved attendance, team senior vice president Howard Sunkin said Thursday."

So, if there are any behavior problems in the stands Tuesday, we can blame the schools!

Jackson leads his notebook with items about D.J. Houlton's status on the roster and J.D Drew's status as No. 3 hitter. In both cases, it's not their stuff, it's their results - but only Houlton's status is in immediate jeopardy.

Comments (83)
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2005-05-13 07:30:58
1.   Suffering Bruin
Nothing to say, really. I just wanted to be first.

Now, I can head to work, head held high.


2005-05-13 07:53:59
2.   Jim Hitchcock
Request comment #1 be deleted for lack of content...
2005-05-13 08:23:21
3.   Howard Fox
Request comment #2 be deleted for lack of content...
2005-05-13 08:25:12
4.   Howard Fox
But seriously folks, take this as a refendum on the state of our education system, that our students rank just below the hoodlums that have come to populate the bleachers on Tuesdays...

I know it doesn't mean anything, but sure sounded good, at least to me...

2005-05-13 08:27:59
5.   Suffering Bruin
Ouch. And LOL.

Okay, content it is.

1. Every Tuesday, the Dodgers should make available $2 tix for schools. Each and every campus can take pride in how they behave, how they root-root-root for the home team, etc. This gets the youth involved with baseball and drives up interest in the Dodgers. In marketing parlance, this is known as a win/win.

2. Anybody here ever have food poisoning? I have had mild cases of it and have known others who have had it worse. I suspect J.D. had it worse and from what I've heard, dying is preferable. I think he'll be fine.

3. I don't know where the firm of Houlton & Grabowski will be plying their trade but it won't be in Chavez Ravine for very much longer.

Now, when the boss asks why I'm late, I'll tell him it was for the sake of content.

2005-05-13 08:31:30
6.   FirstMohican
Tommy Lasorda has a hilarious analogy that doesn't really make enough sense to be called an analogy. Check it out:

"I do not want Frank McCourt to deprive families of the $2 True Blue Tuesday promotion because of two bad guys who ran across the outfield, and one bad sports columnist who unfairly criticizes the McCourt's."

Wonder who he's talking about...

2005-05-13 08:34:22
7.   Howard Fox
When your boss asks you that, it only works once. Take it from me. Bosses frown on employees who drink sake in the morning.

SB, item 1 makes total sense, thus it will never happen, unless the students' parents are interested in investing in real estate partnerships.

The Dodgers are concerned about Houlton being reclaimed by the Astros...if so, oh well. I think he may turn out ok, but it will take a while.

And the Dodgers are leery of giving up Grabowsky, cause he is their only link to the substantial Polish community in So Cal.

2005-05-13 08:34:50
8.   Jon Weisman
Tommy needs to proof his use of apostrophes.

Taken out of context, my comment will sound snide. But I just want apostrophes to be used correctly.

2005-05-13 08:35:11
9.   Howard Fox
Tommy wasn't talking about me.
2005-05-13 08:46:13
10.   FirstMohican
If you keep criticizing Tommy's apostrophe use, you're setting yourself up for a trip to the Adriatic Sea.
2005-05-13 08:49:15
11.   Blue Crew
Nice thought to give the tickets to the school kids. However, I bet half those 20+ year olds are still in high school. I really hope that Tuesday, or for that matter any day, goes without incident.

Seriously I think with the combination of the kids and the presence of the police, it should be a good night.

I fully support the police, but I hate that they have to be at the game to make sure eveyone is safe. It's a baseball game. No one should have to worry about thugs in the stands.


2005-05-13 08:53:57
12.   Howard Fox
half of the 20+ year olds still in high school? how cold....

I bet they are working on their GED's, with English as a second language...

2005-05-13 09:11:45
13.   scareduck
Request Tommy Lasorda's Blog be deleted for lack of content.
2005-05-13 09:14:36
14.   Jim Hitchcock
Would low content sake be known as sake light?

SB, think # 1 is a great idea.

2005-05-13 09:22:24
15.   Howard Fox
could be sake light, if it is lo-cal
2005-05-13 09:23:36
16.   JJoeScott
I'm not sure, but wasn't the school thing the "bad sports columnist's" idea?
2005-05-13 09:26:57
17.   Vishal
i really hate when people pluralize with apostrophes.
2005-05-13 09:27:06
18.   Bob Timmermann
In my day, we got free Dodger tickets for getting good grades, not just showing up! And we liked it that way, by gummit!
2005-05-13 09:31:14
19.   Jim Hitchcock
Was that you, Bob...the one with the beanie and
fanny pack?
2005-05-13 10:15:20
20.   Howard Fox
Bob, I believe the phrase was "dad gummit", and yes, the free tickets were for "A" students, and our names were listed in the Times
2005-05-13 10:15:56
21.   Formerly R
Maybe kids should get free tickets for knowing how to use apostrophes, Tommy.

I'm with you Jon. Is it just me, or do most people now have apostrophe rules backwards? In e-mails, on signs, menus, all over the place, I see apostrophes in plural words and no apostrophes used with possessives. What gives?

Also, I was at the infamous Tuesday, May 3rd game. If I'm not mistaken, Tommy, more than two guys littered the field with trash. As debris fell onto the grass, I turned to my buddy and said, "$2 Tuesdays are done."

And don't get me started about A. Martinezes's's comments on that night's Post Game Dodger Talk. Absolutely inane.

2005-05-13 10:21:22
22.   Bob Timmermann
I get annoyed around some holidays because people don't get the apostrophes right.

We have:
Presidents Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Veterans Day

In the case of the first and fourth, they honor a group. In the case of Mom and Dad, those days were designated to honor one's own parent.

2005-05-13 10:26:31
23.   Howard Fox
what about Independent's Day...
2005-05-13 10:28:47
24.   Marty
and Thank'sgiving day
2005-05-13 10:29:38
25.   Howard Fox
and what if you have a brother or sister, is it then two's own parents?
2005-05-13 10:31:24
26.   Bob Timmermann
This one person wouldn't know since this one person is an orphan.
2005-05-13 10:33:34
27.   Howard Fox
hmmm, no comeback for that one....
2005-05-13 10:43:24
28.   Jim Hitchcock
Don't feel bad for Bob, Howard. I've adopted him as a cousin, even though his side of the family had all the brains.
2005-05-13 10:45:21
29.   Bob Timmermann
That was a cheap attempt to garner sympathy actually. Although my parents are indeed deceased. I grew up in Granada Hills, not Boys Town.
2005-05-13 10:46:42
30.   Howard Fox
yes, I notice the physical resemblant's
2005-05-13 10:47:22
31.   Howard Fox
thank you Dr Phil
2005-05-13 10:53:48
32.   Bob Timmermann
Or maybe it's Boy's Town.
2005-05-13 10:56:56
33.   mcrawford
I do still have to think twice about possessives when the word ends in s.
the Jones's cat
the Timmons's cat

I think that's what Strunk & White says. But you'll get different recommendations with different manuals of style. Like it should be
the Timmons' cat
when the word is more than one syllable.

Usually I end up putting whatever my boss says is right even if I disagree, it's less hassle.

2005-05-13 10:59:51
34.   Bob Timmermann
The cat owned by the Timmons.

Then the only people who get mad at you are PETA members.

2005-05-13 11:00:17
35.   Marty
I've always believed if the possesive ends with 's' then the apostrophe is after with no added letters....Timmons' not Timmons's
2005-05-13 11:06:55
36.   mcrawford
I checked Strunk & White, and it does recommend putting an extra s regardless of the final letter. So it's
Charles's tonsils
according to the book.
(It does say that you leave off the extra s for ancient names -- Jesus' disciples, Isis' followers.)

I think that when I talk, I do add an extra s. But I don't think that everyone does this. So I think I say, "Charles-ez tonsils," not "Charles tonsils." This would argue for putting the extra s on when I write.

BobT, that's a good suggestion, but then what would we discuss on this morning before baseball starts?

2005-05-13 11:06:57
37.   Howard Fox
getting a little possessive, aren't we?
2005-05-13 11:13:04
38.   Howard Fox
We could discuss Tracy's efficient use of the pitching staff. We could argue over DePodesta's personnel moves over the past year. We could get all hot and bothered about the Jamie McCourt WIN project.

On second thought, stick with the apostrophe issue...

2005-05-13 11:14:39
39.   mph
#22: Bob, I can't blame people for getting confused. The singular-vs-plural distinction you make for the holidays makes sense, but why are the parental holidays possessive, and the others not? I would expect Presidents' Day and Veterans' Day.

On a more Dodgerific note, I'm taking out of town friendse's to tomorrow nightes's game. I used to live in Pasadena and usually did OK getting out to the 110, but now we have a long drive to the Antelope Valley after the game, and an early morning on Sunday. Can the experts suggest the best place to park, to leave via the 5 North? We can get there nice and early to secure parking.

(PS: I'll be sporting my beautful new Ghame Over shirt.)

2005-05-13 11:20:53
40.   molokai
Guess I shouldn't post here anymore since I don't have a clue or care about when to properly use the "apostrophe" and amazingly I've been very successfull in life. Some of us couldn't have cared less about English and spent the time daydreaming about playing baseball not daydreaming about writing about baseball.
2005-05-13 11:21:03
41.   Steve
Request Scott Erickson be deleted for lack of content...
2005-05-13 11:23:53
42.   Howard Fox
You want to leave via the Harbor Fwy exit, go north, cut way over to the left and hop on the 5 miss most of the exiting traffic...park somewhere near lot 22
2005-05-13 11:25:26
43.   Howard Fox
you call Lisa Guerrero lack of content?
2005-05-13 11:30:08
44.   mph
Thanks for the traffic tip Howard.

I misread "exiting" as "exciting" at first. Still made perfect sense.

2005-05-13 11:31:23
45.   Howard Fox
actually it is pretty exciting not to have to wait in traffic
2005-05-13 11:38:45
46.   Jim Hitchcock
Lisa Guerrero is the reason Erickson is content.

Erickson is a major reason why Steve isn't content.

2005-05-13 11:41:20
47.   Bob Timmermann
The presidential proclamations for Mother's Day and Father's Day spelled them that way, so that's why I spell them.

And in the California Government Code, the other holidays are listed as Presidents Day and Veterans Day.

Interestingly this morning I got an email from a friend in Japan who wanted me to help him properly punctuate this phrase:
"a study of feminism and anarchism in 1930s Japan."

He thought it should have been "1930's Japan" or "1930s' Japan".

But I'm sticking with "1930s Japan" since "1930s" is not being used as a possessive.

2005-05-13 11:44:17
48.   Howard Fox
how does Japan feel about being possessed?
2005-05-13 11:44:51
49.   Howard Fox
or for that matter Linda Blair
2005-05-13 11:45:15
50.   Bob Timmermann
Getting on the 110 North around Dodger Stadium and trying to get over to the 5 North is one way to test to see if you have the huevos to get your car over three lanes in a short period of time in heavy traffic.
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2005-05-13 11:46:38
51.   Howard Fox
and I got brass ones....
2005-05-13 11:48:11
52.   Clive Clements
Re #39: Whenever I park in the stadium lots, I always park near the exits in lot 33 (the closest lot to Academy Road if you're coming off Stadium Way/5 South). Sometimes it gets a little slow coming down the hill, but it's not too horrible.
2005-05-13 11:50:35
53.   Clive Clements
Re #50: yeah, that's something to consider, mph. The 110 North onramp has a stop sign, the 110 traffic is usually going at full speed, and the 5 is all the way in the left lane.
2005-05-13 11:50:40
54.   Bob Timmermann
I was 17 when I stumbled (by accident) to the Academy Road onramp. And I needed to get over to the 5 North. It was a midweek day game and we were leaving during the beginning of the evening rush hour.

I gunned my parent's Buick and zipped into a small opening and got on the 5 North. My friend was impressed. I thought to myself, "Today, I am truly a man."

2005-05-13 11:53:15
55.   Jim Hitchcock
how does Japan feel about being possessed?

They tried it once. The `Spirit Warriors' led to the War in the Pacific.

2005-05-13 11:53:55
56.   Bob Timmermann
I was more surprised to find out that there were feminists in Japan in the 1930s.
2005-05-13 11:55:18
57.   Howard Fox
hence, kamakazis
2005-05-13 12:23:31
58.   DougS
Bob, Howard, I also remember when honors students used to get free seats. Whatever happened to that? They were top deck, out toward the right field end. I only took advantage of it once, but then, I didn't mind paying for better seats....
2005-05-13 12:24:03
59.   DougS
Re: #57
Zing! Hoy-o!!
2005-05-13 12:25:38
60.   Improbable88
I, too, will be wearing my "GHAME OVER" shirt tonight as the Dodgers try to stop this small skid. As far as getting to the stadium is concerned, I really believe I have THE best route to Dodger Stadium, provided you are coming from somewhere north of Los Angeles. Take the 134 to the 2 South and ride it out until it becomes a street. Go south for 3 or 4 more lights until you get to Scott Ave. Make a left on Scott Ave. and you will proceed through a quaint, impoverished, hilly area toward Stadium Way. Do not be alarmed by the "No Stadium Access" signs, they are there to keep traffic down on the residential streets. Make a right on Stadium Way and pull as close to the Entrance at the light as you can. Park on either side of the street for FREE. You can sometimes park as close as 200 feet from the Elysian Park entrance, and walk into the stadium $10 richer. Getting out is also a breeze, as you walk by the bumper to bumper parking lot traffic (all downghill) and zip back onto the 2 the same way you got off. My friends are constantly astounded at hoe fast we get there and how quickly we get out. Did I mention this parking is FREE!! And, honestly, there are some lots in the Dodger Stadium parking lot that will have you walking just as far to get to your seats. Enjoy!!
2005-05-13 12:27:53
61.   Improbable88
*downhill and how
2005-05-13 12:30:26
62.   Steve
What was Lisa Guerrero famous for? I have gathered that she is some kind of celebrity, but I will confess that all she is to me is married to a very awful pitcher who tried to throw his teammates under the bus to try to save his career.
2005-05-13 12:31:13
63.   Howard Fox
how much does that parking cost?
2005-05-13 12:31:48
64.   Bob Timmermann
Lisa Guerrero worked for the local Fox Sports affiliate here. She was briefly on The Best Damn Sports Show and spent one horrific season as the sideline reporter for Monday Night Football.
2005-05-13 12:33:03
65.   Howard Fox
all I know about Lisa Guerrero is that when she does the weather, it is difficult to see the west coast
2005-05-13 12:33:38
66.   Howard Fox
oops, that was Jill
2005-05-13 12:35:33
67.   Howard Fox
those were Jill?
2005-05-13 12:39:12
68.   Steve
Ah, I left So Cal before Fox Sports 2, and don't watch football. I hope they have a strong long distance relationship, but the drive from LA to Vegas isn't that bad.
2005-05-13 12:43:43
69.   Howard Fox
I doubt he would accept Vegas...but who knows...her career isn't exactly skyrocketing either, and there are lots of lounges there...
2005-05-13 12:44:04
70.   Howard Fox
I guess that is pretty cold, huh?
2005-05-13 13:00:37
71.   Icaros
Those Vegas lounges are heavily air-conditioned, so cold is accurate.
2005-05-13 13:14:03
72.   Jim Hitchcock
I think was Howard was trying to say is Lisa is a contour over content sorta person...
2005-05-13 13:15:04
73.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-05-13 13:32:55
74.   Linkmeister
I've noticed elsewhere that if you want to get a lively discussion going, start talking about the "rules" governing English language usage. I'm heartened to see my observation borne out here as well.
2005-05-13 13:37:01
75.   Howard Fox
nothing gets me going like past participles, future tenses, but especially parentheses....
2005-05-13 14:14:43
76.   mph
Howard, you should be a LISP programmer.
2005-05-13 14:41:59
77.   Xeifrank

mmmmmmm... college memory. LISP.



2005-05-13 14:43:20
78.   Xeifrank
wow! my job almost got realigned and moved out to the desert. Close call! Could use a cold alcoholic beverage or two. :)



2005-05-13 15:04:28
79.   the OZ
It's Friday. Did you really need an other reason to drink cold beverages, getting shipped to the desert or not? :)
2005-05-13 15:20:24
80.   Jon Weisman
Lots of new reading material in new DT post above.
2005-05-13 15:31:53
81.   kegtron
wow! my job almost got realigned and moved out to the desert. Close call! Could use a cold alcoholic beverage or two. :)

Mine got realigned to Point Mugu (from Corona). I dont know what to feel.

2005-05-13 18:21:35
82.   Suffering Bruin

I just saw your note about the e-mail. I did not get it which being as I have a UCLA server does not surprise. Give it another shot, if you will.

2005-05-14 10:41:07
83.   Icaros
Second shot fired.

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