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May 14 Open Chat: Welcome Back to the Jungle
2005-05-14 14:49
by Jon Weisman
Comments (97)
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2005-05-14 15:10:17
1.   Bob Timmermann
I'll be out being a social person tonight, so I'll drop this in early.

Random Dodger game callback

May 14, 1919

The Brooklyn Robins kept up their torrid opening pace with a 7-0 shutout win over Cincinnati at Ebbets Field. Burleigh Grimes gave up just five hits and struck out five against a powerful Cincinnati lineup.

Centerfielder Hy Myers had the big hit with an inside the park home run to dead center field that lodged under some temporary bleachers that had been put in for a series between the Robins and Giants the previous weekend. The NY Times story said it was the longest hit in the history of Ebbets Field, which had opened in 1913. Brooklyn had 14 hits on the day.

Despite the fast start, Brooklyn faded soon after the fast start and finished with a 69-71 record in the war-shortened season. That put them in fifth place, 27 games behind Cincinnati, who cruised to an easy NL pennant and a surprisingly easy World Series victory too over the Chicago White Sox. White Sox pitcher Claude "Lefty" Williams lost 3 times in that World Series. No pitcher would lose 3 games in a World Series again until George Frazier did for the Yankees against the Dodgers. Unlike Williams, Frazier was actually trying hard.

The 1919 Brooklyn squad featured 3 Hall of Famers: Grimes, Zack Wheat, and Rube Marquard.

Also in the paper on May 14, 1919 were the results of the Preakness. It was run on a Wednesday that year instead of a Saturday. The winner was Sir Barton, the winner of the Kentucky Derby. Sir Barton would go on to win the Belmont Stakes and be the first Triple Crown winner. However, no one knew what that was at the time.

Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-05-14 15:23:47
2.   Steve
Do we know who is going away? Please tell me it's the guy with the WHIP of 2.5, though I hold out little hope that that's the case.
2005-05-14 15:53:05
3.   Marty
I'll probably miss most of the game. I'm having the big and little sister over for sangria and grilled spencer steaks. I'll have my Ghame Over shirt on though and what little I see of it, I hope I spot some shirts in the crowd shots.

Odalis better not stink it up. Go Dodgers

2005-05-14 16:04:39
4.   Linkmeister
Out here I have one TV option: TBS with Chip and Skip followed (or preceded) by Don and Joe. Oh, joy.
2005-05-14 16:10:54
5.   Marty
I'm guessing Bob knows why the Reds won so easily in 1919...
2005-05-14 16:16:50
6.   Bob Timmermann
Kid Gleason left his starting pitchers in too long during that World Series. He didn't want them to be pulled too soon. He wanted them all to be in a position to succeed.
2005-05-14 16:18:22
7.   Langhorne
Say it ain't so, Bob.

Is Gagne appealing the suspension? Will he be available tonight or not until Monday?

2005-05-14 16:30:16
8.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I believe Gagne will continue to appeal the suspension, so he should be available tonight. Hopefully this will mean that Tracy will stop any repeats of yesterday's Weaver fiasco.

Did anyone else notice Milto being annoyed at a strike call by the ump last night, saying maybe a word, but then just calming walking away and returning to the plate? It's amazing how well behaved he's been. I haven't seen him break a single bat over his knee, and I remember when that was actually "progress," because it was better than him getting ejected for chewing the umpire out.

Or worse.

Go Milton!


2005-05-14 17:06:25
9.   bigcpa
>> It's amazing how well behaved he's been.

On the postgame Bradley said he was headed to Weaver's place. Maybe Weaver is helping him "mellow out" this year.

2005-05-14 17:12:08
10.   Dello
keep this up and Milton can make plans for the all star game in a few months. he should be able to catch a ride with Izzy and Kent
2005-05-14 17:24:50
11.   Jim Hitchcock
Are you suggesting he's ridind the ganja express, BigCPA? :)

Seriously, it's pretty clear he sees himself in a new light this year. He's set himself up as a team leader (remember the meeting?), rightfully so, I think, and is clearly enjoying the role.
Think maybe the added responsibility gives a new outlet to his energies. And the fact that he's playing great doesn't hurt. More power to him, I'd say.

2005-05-14 17:31:28
12.   bigcpa
"Excuse me while I light my spliff, hold on I got to take a lift. From reality I just can't drift, that's why I'm staying with this riff."
From Bob Marley's lips to Milton's ears.

Bill Shaikin let Tracy off completely in his game wrap for the Times. As usual the Daily News nailed the story:

"The eighth inning provided an interesting managerial case study, to say the least. Weaver had allowed only three hits through seven innings... a call to the bullpen seemed likely, especially with Weaver's pitch count residing at 114. But Tracy stuck with Weaver, and LaRoche crushed his 2-2 offering for a no-doubt grand slam to right-center field..."

2005-05-14 17:34:44
13.   Landonkk
Milt's postgame interview on SCSR lastnight was great. Not only did he mention hanging out with Weaver, but he made comments about how far he has come both on and off the field. I had fun watching Beltre break out last year, but watching Milt mature in more ways than one has been awesome. I really hope he can keep it all reigned in and have an incident free all star season.
2005-05-14 17:38:12
14.   bigcpa
These Choi quotes are pretty mind-bending:

"What I wonder is, if you give him too much left-handed pitching, do you mess up what he's doing against right-handed pitching?" Tracy said. "Because he alters things to hit against left-handers."

"I feel good... [but we] have hitters for lefties," Choi said. "Olmedo, he hits good against lefties."

Hey Tracy- what I wonder is, if the guy never faces lefties, how is ever going to LEARN to face lefties?! Arghh!

2005-05-14 17:40:05
15.   dzzrtRatt
With Gagne's return, the fog is clearing in my mind, a little. Maybe we've been too hard on Tracy. Managers who stick with their starter "too long" sometimes have good reason to do so. So far this year, the Dodgers have won despite a pen that bore little resemblence the depth chart projected at the outset of the season.

So to last night. Weaver starting to tire, but not entirely gassed. He snapped off some wicked curves to make Giles look sick, and his BB to Chipper Jones looked unintentional intentional. Was it really so clear to Tracy that his available relievers would do better than Weaver at that moment?
If Gagne's on the team, Weaver probably doesn't even start the 8th, Yhency does. At worst, Weaver would've been taken out for Yhency after the Jones walk.

In hindsight, Tracy couldn't have made a worse choice. But of the ready relievers, I would've trusted only Carrara, and he's no lock. Scully was saying the alternative was Wunsch, who, he kept emphasizing, was a rookie.

All's I'm saying is, let's see if Tracy keeps making the same "mistake" of leaving his starter in too long, now that Gagne's back. I'm not certain he's really earned Grady Little's cement overcoat yet.

2005-05-14 17:44:13
16.   dzzrtRatt
re 9, 11, 12: I definitely got high with a lot of guys who looked just like Jeff Weaver many times in my checkered past.

But wouldn't Bud Selig have picked up THC in the random drug test?

2005-05-14 17:48:19
17.   Jim Hitchcock
Really don't know. Their not testing for amphetamines, are they testing fot THC?

Another thing...I seem to remember the Howe testings being team administered...but is my memory faulty? Were they league sanctioned?

2005-05-14 17:52:45
18.   bigcpa
I guess Vinny wasn't around when Wunsch appeared in 83 games during Clinton's second term.

I had no idea Wunsch Money chews up right handed hitters too:

Lefty/Righty OPS against
2003 .508/.515 (59 ab/63ab)
2004 .619/.396

2005-05-14 17:53:28
19.   dzzrtRatt
Clemens is leading the Giants 4-1 in the 7th, thanks to home runs by Biggio and Berkman. 10 Ks so far.
2005-05-14 18:01:47
20.   Langhorne
I think Bradley has traded the chip on his shoulder for captains' bars. Even if it is unofficial, they look good on him.
2005-05-14 18:03:05
21.   Jim Hitchcock
Well put, Langhorne!
2005-05-14 18:05:35
22.   Steve
15 -- Where have you been? He's been leaving guys in too long all year! Weaver's last three starts have been

-- against the D-Backs, where Tracy left him in too long, and he blew up
-- against the Reds, where Tracy left him in with the bases loaded and one out in the sixth (having not thrown 119 pitches), and he barely escaped
-- last night, when it wouldn't have really mattered if the only arm in the bullpen was Scott Stewart, and then Weaver went and blew up anyway

Add that to his miserable performances with Perez (lest I remind you about Perez batting with the bases loaded having already given up seven runs) and Erickson, and barely adequate but slow trigger with Lowe, and how many times do we have to sit around and wait before Bill Shaikin doesn't writeup the game using a Mad Lib?

Not to mention that it still baffles me that we carry twelve pitchers, but Tracy is letting Jeff Weaver (this is after all, the ever-trustworthy, completely consistent, high pitch-count ace Jeff Weaver we're talking about) throw 120 pitches. Why not carry ten pitchers, and invite Schmoll to visit Las Vegas, and send Houlton back to whatever Hell from whence he came?

One of the commentors on my site got it right today. Bring in Wunsch to walk Jones, then make Cox decide whether to leave LaRoche in, or bring in Mondesi to face Braz or Carrara (probably Carrara, since Tracy's that kind of idiot too), or double pinch hit and bring up Betemit.

Of course, none of that would have been necessary if he'd just brought Brazoban in to face Furcal like he should have in the first place.

2005-05-14 18:10:13
23.   Steve
No love out of Coors Field tonight -- Arizona 7, Colorado 0 after 3.
2005-05-14 18:16:47
24.   the OZ
Clemens and Lidge beat the Giants, 4-1.
2005-05-14 18:17:49
25.   the OZ
And Joe Blanton is doing his best Paul Wilson impression against the Yankees - 1st inning, bases laoded, 2 runs in, 0 outs.
2005-05-14 18:20:53
26.   dzzrtRatt
RE 22

Steve, that's my point. We haven't had Gagne "all year" til tonight; also Dessens and Alvarez have missed significant time. If Tracy could've put guys like that in the game, he might've pulled his starters a little quicker. If the same situation were to present itself to Tracy tonight, Yhency WOULD start the 8th, because he could put Gagne in for the 9th.

I don't recall Tracy having this rap against him last year, when he had a (mostly) healthy and (mostly) reliable pen.

Maybe you were just being sarcastic, but isn't it inconsistent to argue that Tracy should have a quicker hook, but the team should only carry 10 pitchers?

2005-05-14 18:33:26
27.   bokonon42
#18- I was wondering that too. He had five big league seasons (more or less) with 153 IP before this year. He looks like a stud, on paper. I'd never seen him pitch before he came to L.A. but his numbers, against righties and lefties, look mighty good. I don't see why he can't be trusted to throw a whole inning. Is a LOOGy that much more valuable than plain old set-up man?
2005-05-14 18:40:05
28.   bokonon42
I don't mean to pile on about the eighth last night. I'm talking about the future. Leave Gagne to closing, make a smokejumper out of Yhency, and let Wunsch have the eigth. Seventh, if Gagne is good for two.
2005-05-14 18:41:22
29.   Steve
No, it's inconsistent to carry 12 pitchers, then let them languish in the bullpen. My point was that if Tracy is going to leave Weaver out there to die (not to mention Erickson or Lowe or Perez), then they might as well carry 10.

He could have brought Brazoban in to start the eighth, given that Braz had pitched something like four innings in all of May. Also, if Tracy won't pull Weaver when he's doing his Scott Stewart impersonation at pitch 114, why would Tracy pull Weaver at pitch 85 or 90 in the sixth inning of a similar situation?

Dessens is replacement level -- why him not being available would matter to whether you use Sanchez or Carrara I don't understand. They are the same pitcher. Alvarez is better, but he was available to pitch in the Erickson game, and Tracy left him in the bullpen to rot until Erickson had done his thing. In other words, Tracy is going to be faced with the same decisions in the future that he has been faced with the past month, and unless he's finally learned his lesson (always an option), it appears we'll just have to cross our fingers before we get to automatic managing pilot in the eighth and ninth innings.

2005-05-14 18:49:53
30.   Jim Hitchcock
Just curious...has anyone else had a problem with sticky menus on It started out of the blue about a week after I had to reload Windows.
2005-05-14 18:52:18
31.   the OZ
With Gagne activated from the DL, Schmoll was sent doen to LV.

I'm sure we'll see him again soon. It's a Schmoll world, after all.

2005-05-14 19:03:47
32.   dzzrtRatt
Steve, maybe so, but maybe he was looking at some of the bullpen as possibly needed for extra innings. Just seems to be a different story when you've got an all-quality pen, than what the Dodgers' have had this year til now. Joe Torre used to love his bullpen, but in the past couple years, he has managed as if they have tuberculosis. His managing philosophy likely didn't change; the cast of characters out of the pen did.
2005-05-14 19:10:44
33.   Vic
Any manager who hesitates to bring a relief pitcher into a game his team is leading 2-0 in the 8th inning because of the possibility of extra innings deserves to lose.
2005-05-14 19:18:58
34.   patsweetpat
Costly steal.
2005-05-14 19:21:29
35.   Steve
Your first point about extra innings is one of the reasons I hate Jim Tracy so. How many extra inning games are there in a season. 10% of your games? So manage the game NOW, and worry about extra innings when you get to extra innings.

I think you're right, but the polarities are backwards. The problem here is that Tracy loves his starting rotation, but there is nothing to love. His bullpen is fine, and like I say, particularly at the sixth and seventh inning change in pitcher that we're talking about, he's going to be considering the same guys now as he was then. He is not going to bring in Braz as a "Smoke jumper." So his decision is constantly going to be between his starter, and Sanchez/Carrara/Wunsch and whoever ends up replacing Dessens in the bullpen when Erickson gets his behind canned and Dessens becomes the fifth starter.

Plus, what's the difference between last year's bullpen and this year's? It's still Carrara. It's still Sanchez. It's still Braz. It's still nameless replaceable LOOGY (and our LOOGY is probably better). Maybe he was scarred by Scott Stewart, but I like Schmoll much better than Scott Stewart, who Tracy liked so much he used him in a 6-4 game back in September. True, I wouldn't use D.J. Houlton to water my plants, but he'll go when Dessens comes back anyway.

Braz should have been in the game last night in the eighth. That's just the bottom line. It had nothing to do with Gagne, because Braz could have pitched two innings -- he could have come in to pitch to Furcal -- he could have come in to pitch to LaRoche to get one out. He should have been in the game.

Well, the game's starting. I'll agree that changed circumstances can lead to changes in how Tracy manages, and hopefully those will come to pass. And now it's time to see....

But I more thing.

I would take these starters out the first chance I got. Bleh.

2005-05-14 19:22:31
36.   Steve
Vic, you get to the point so much quicker than I do. It's a talent.

Thanks for the leadoff walk, Mike.

2005-05-14 19:30:48
37.   Vic
Heh, thanks Steve. Although the prospect of channeling Tony Dungy is frightening, one does indeed have to play to win the game.

Your Angels observations today were a hoot -- I anxiously await next weekend's series.

2005-05-14 19:31:31
38.   Vic
On second though, that was Herm Edwards, wasn't it?

Even more frightening.

2005-05-14 19:37:40
39.   Steve
The problem with that series next week will be all the nonsense about how smart and great Scioscia and Tracy are in every single inning.

One of the great mysteries of this year is that Atlanta is going to win the NL East playing Raul Mondesi and Brian Jordan in 120 games each. I guess the Braves exist to keep the statheads honest.

2005-05-14 19:54:14
40.   Steve
Blister? Did I hear that right?
2005-05-14 19:55:29
41.   franklin
I just logged onto Gameday. Why did Atlanta pull Hampton? A blister?
2005-05-14 19:55:42
42.   bokonon42
How long does good taste require before we start agitating for Choi to get back in, now that a righty is replacing Hampton?
2005-05-14 19:56:44
43.   Steve
oh oh. Not a blister.
2005-05-14 19:57:49
44.   Steve
The TBS guys thought blister at first, but they got a shot of Hampton showing his forearm. They are less than optimistic.
2005-05-14 20:09:40
45.   MetaTed

Hi all. I've been enjoying the site since the beginning of the season. Good to see some intelligent fans out there. Anyways, as you've probably guessed I've got the "platoon gloom." Wouldn't it be nice if this were the starting lineup EVERY DAY:

Izturis SS
Choi 1B
Drew RF
Kent 2B
Bradley CF
Saenz 3B
Werth LF
Phillips C

Ok, ok, I know ... there's a lot of fantasizing going on here. Can Choi hit lefties? Who knows until he's given a chance. Can Saenz field 3rd? Well, hopefully his bat will make up for the unearned runs he causes. Will Werth live up to his potential from the end of last season once he gets back from the DL? I'd like to think so ... if he gets to start EVERY SINGLE GAME.

The question is, does the lefty/righty stat differentials warrant starting guys who have significantly less talent then their platoon-mates? This question always reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Burns pinch hits Homer for Strawberry. Alright perhaps that's a little bit hyperbolic, but do you dig my groove? To me it's all about the hitters getting into a groove ... knowing their place and getting comfortable. It's just the same as the comfort of knowing that if you take a lead into the 8th, you're going to get a Ghame->Game Over almost automatically. Simple, elegant consistency.

Your thoughts?

2005-05-14 20:15:24
46.   franklin
Anyone watching the game? Did Milton run through a sign or did Hoffman give him the green light to test Mondesi?
2005-05-14 20:16:57
47.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Hell of a throw from Mondy.
From about 1995 through 1999, Mondesi was my favorite Dodger. He was the whole package (although he wasn't a good percentage base stealer and he could've walked more).
I was sad when he left, but thems the breaks.
2005-05-14 20:18:21
48.   Dodger Hill
And Mondy gives Dodgers fans a reminder of why you DON'T go from first to third on a ball hit to right agianst him. Sheesh.
2005-05-14 20:18:47
49.   bokonon42
Mondesi must die.
2005-05-14 20:18:53
50.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Mondesi's baserunner kills from 1994-2001: 16, 16, 11, 10, 6, 7, 5, 19.
And now he homers.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-14 20:21:09
51.   Steve
That garbage hit by Bernero aside, there's no real reason to hang that 2-0 changeup to Mondesi with the pitcher's spot coming up behind him. I wish we had pitchers who would try thinking some time.
2005-05-14 20:34:54
52.   MetaTed
Am I sensing a massive platoon complacency?

(see #45)

2005-05-14 20:42:17
53.   Steve
I hate Repko.
2005-05-14 20:43:10
54.   bokonon42
I'm not crazy about Saenz at third everyday. And until Ledee comes back to earth, I don't mind his platooning with Repko. I'd rather not see Repko batting second, no matter what. And I think Philips should have the six slot until someone takes it from him. Werth isn't back yet. But I would like to see Choi play every day.
2005-05-14 20:48:49
55.   bokonon42
I'm going to go smoke, but if Tracy is lurking here: have somebody hit Mondesi. In the head. And if he drops his bat, have Philips pick it up and beat him to death with it.
2005-05-14 20:56:38
56.   bokonon42
I guess a DP is alright. Next time, though.
2005-05-14 20:58:51
57.   Steve
Bradley. Bunting. I wish someone would stop that.
2005-05-14 21:15:01
58.   Odysseus
Welcome back GAME OVER. However, I'm sad that there will be no more GHAME OVER (TM).
2005-05-14 21:15:51
59.   Vishal
welcome to the jungle.
2005-05-14 21:15:51
60.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
That's not a good sign.
2005-05-14 21:15:53
61.   MSarg29
2005-05-14 21:16:26
62.   Steve
Yeah, that was fun. He's learning count control from Perez and Weaver.

TBS guys just said our "starting pitching is keeping us in ballgames." Who writes their copy? That belongs at the Improv.

2005-05-14 21:16:59
63.   Vishal
oh lordy.
2005-05-14 21:17:16
64.   MSarg29
2005-05-14 21:17:40
65.   Odysseus
Yikes. A rather inauspicious beginning of the season for Gagne. However, I'm not worried.
2005-05-14 21:17:55
66.   Steve
All of this is because it's not a save situation say the TBS guys. Not only do I have to watch Gagne get bombed, the TBS guys are saving their most stupid stuff for last.
2005-05-14 21:19:01
67.   Steve
I am panicked. His changeup isn't doing much.
2005-05-14 21:19:48
68.   Odysseus
If they were going to resort to trite cliches wouldn't this be a better fit: "It's not too surprising considering he hasn't faced major league batters in 7 months"?
2005-05-14 21:20:12
69.   Vishal
according to the tv speed gun, gagne's fastball is sitting at 92-93, instead of his usual 96-97. obviously he's rusty, so maybe that's all the explanation that's necessary, but i hope he gets that extra few MPH back before long.
2005-05-14 21:20:42
70.   bokonon42
Gagne seems to have dropped 5-6 MPH.

Ugh. I can't believe they let him steal.

2005-05-14 21:20:46
71.   Odysseus
Brazoban didn't look good in his first outing either. Then he became (arguably) the best closer in baseball for the first 1 1/2 months.
2005-05-14 21:22:55
72.   Steve
Let it be true, Odysseus. But bokonon is right -- the fastball is way down. The changeup is not changing.

I guess we just try to win the rubber game.

2005-05-14 21:24:36
73.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OK, when was the last time Gagne coughed up TWO homers in the same appearance?
2005-05-14 21:25:18
74.   Vishal
strikes out the side anyway, though. thank goodness his other pitches are also quality.
2005-05-14 21:25:19
75.   Vishal
strikes out the side anyway, though. thank goodness his other pitches are also quality.
2005-05-14 21:25:34
76.   Odysseus
Offspeed stuff looks okay to me. The fastball was often at 91. If I had to guess, it seems like he needs to rebuild his arm strength. Is anyone aware of how fast Gagne was throwing in his rehab stint?
2005-05-14 21:26:08
77.   bokonon42
The Dodgers have five runs in them, yet. Has anyone ever hit Grand Slams in back to back games?
2005-05-14 21:26:08
78.   Odysseus
Re: 73, that would be never, according to Vin.
2005-05-14 21:27:01
79.   the OZ
Honestly, though, Gagne pitched better than the results indicated. His defense let him down. The defense has to make those plays behind him...
2005-05-14 21:27:41
80.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
To answer my own question:
It was Aug. 26, 2001 - at Atlanta.
2005-05-14 21:28:14
81.   MSarg29
Steve - Closers often do struggle in non save situations. I don't really think that's whats behind Gagne's struggle tonight. He got behind i the count and his fastball doesnt have it regular life.
2005-05-14 21:29:52
82.   Vishal
vin said he'd never allowed two homers in a game as a reliever. that game in atlanta, he was a starter.
2005-05-14 21:32:30
83.   Odysseus
What I meant then, and what is (probably) true, is that Gagne had never (until tonight) given up two homeruns in a game pitching from relief.
2005-05-14 21:33:11
84.   Odysseus
Vishal and Vin said it a lot better than I did
2005-05-14 21:33:24
85.   Steve
Closers often struggle in save situations. I am not a believer in the magical line between "save" situation and "non-save situation." Saves are just an arbitrary statistic that happen to fit a certain definition, like the speed limit. I hope that Gagne's problem has to do with all of the things you all indicated (rust, good hitters, etc.). Coming back to strike out the side doesn't hurt either.
2005-05-14 21:34:10
86.   MSarg29
that was inside
2005-05-14 21:34:18
87.   Steve
79 -- lol. Choi's range also hurt us on that Chipper bomb.
2005-05-14 21:35:20
88.   the OZ
Glad to brighten your evenging, Steve :)

I know it's been a tough week at FJT, Inc.

2005-05-14 21:37:50
89.   Steve
On the bright side, no Grabowski!
2005-05-14 21:37:53
90.   MSarg29
I respectfully disagree with you about that Steve. But I certainly dont have the energy to debate tonight since I live in DC. Good night.
2005-05-14 21:42:14
91.   Steve
That's ok. You'd never convince me anyway. :)

Somebody explain to me what's wrong with Sanchez. I mean, sure he hangs a slider every once a while, but Dreifort used to take two hanging sliders for breakfast and call the doctor in the morning, and Tracy would use him relentlessly. It seems to me that the solution to that problem would be to simply not call for the slider anymore, a la Brazoban. Problem solved.

2005-05-14 21:43:28
92.   MetaTed
Gagne's Stats

ERA = 18
K/9 = 27

and no blown saves all season!

2005-05-14 22:03:41
93.   heato
Maybe I missed something, but can someone explain why Tracy would use Robles instead of Ledee to bat in the ninth
2005-05-14 22:08:14
94.   kirk gibson
Tough game. On a side note, since I live in the bay area I subscribe to MLB Extra Innings and get most Dodger games on TV I get non-Dodger broadcasts of many games. Tonight's game was not on MLB Extra Innings but I watched on TBS. I have to say that Don Sutton and the other announcer are by far the best non-Vin Scully broadcasters I've heard. I usually cringe during most broadcasts when I don't get Vin or Steve Lyons and Charlie (I cringe when they do road games too). For example, watching the LA/Cards games last week was horrible--Carey and the doofus who is his color man are horrible. The rockies announcers are horrible too. But hats off to Sutton and co.
2005-05-14 22:55:40
95.   LAT
Weaver's take: Right-hander Jeff Weaver, who gave up a grand slam on his 119th and final pitch Friday night, said Saturday that his final inning took a lot out of him. He also said that he did not tell Dodgers coaches that he was tired.

"Whether I was or wasn't, I've still gotta execute pitches and get batters out," Weaver said. "I never [ask out of a game]. I go until I'm told otherwise."

Rarely does a pitcher tell a manager he wants to come out. How is it that while we were all blogging we could see Weaver was spent but JT could'nt see it.

2005-05-14 23:05:17
96.   LAT
I have tickets to tomorrow's game. Considering who's on the mound I barely want to go. If Erickson gives up a bunch of early runs its going to be a long long afternoon.

But I guess there is a silver lining: I will hopefully be able to say I went to Scott Erickson's last game.

2005-05-15 07:55:49
97.   Suffering Bruin
This game didn't deserve a hundred comments.

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