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How Would You Describe Dodger Thoughts?
2005-05-18 20:19
by Jon Weisman

In advance of producing the first official Dodger Thoughts T-shirt, I'd like to come up with a slogan.

Obviously, "Jon Weisman's outlet for dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers and baseball" would require something more like an official Dodger Thoughts bedsheet to fit, so I need something snappier.

My unofficial shorthand description for the site is "passionately levelheaded" - and speaking for myself, I could see that on a shirt. I'm also intrigued by something involving the "lively boys" description that Tim Brown gave us in the Times. But maybe, just maybe, you lively boys - and girls - have something better.

I'd ask anyone who participates to donate their slogan ideas to the cause 'cause when we go to T-shirts for this, I don't want to end up being the one writing the checks. But obviously, I hope the fun of contributing to the effort of coming up with the slogan will be payment enough.

So, with that, slogan away! And thanks!

Update (after comment 83): Great participation, everyone. Some good ideas here. Also, it's helped me determine some basic criteria.

1) The slogan should promote the site - and what's special about the site.

2) The slogan shouldn't just be an inside joke. It can be an inside joke if it's also something that outsiders will find amusing and intriguing.

3) The slogan shouldn't steal someone else's slogan or catchphrase. I want it to be original, and I want to own it.

4) Nothing too trendy; nothing that's going to age rapidly and be as dated as a Steve Finley Dodger jersey.

For example, one nomination that has gotten some popular reaction is "Where Everybody Knows Your Fake Name." While it attempts to capture the great community we have here, it seems to say that the most notable thing about the site is the sharing of aliases - which isn't really even a significant aspect of the site, and doesn't show Dodger Thoughts to be any more special than your average Internet chatroom.

But there are a lot of intriguing ideas out there that I like. I'm gonna let the nominations run a little longer, and then I'll choose several and put together a ballot.

And after that, the logo ... and after that, the shirts!

Comments (146)
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2005-05-18 20:41:22
1.   Marty
Dodger Thoughts
You watch the games
We tell you what you saw
2005-05-18 20:44:11
2.   JSN
Dodger Thoughts: Not For The Casual Fan

Dodger Thoughts: The Untradeable Heart and Soul

Dodger Thoughts: Lively But Levelheaded Since 2003
(Not Sure if that's the right year).

2005-05-18 20:47:28
3.   Bob Timmermann
How about a Dodger Thoughts beach ball?
2005-05-18 20:50:52
4.   Marty
Dodger Thoughts
Because, what else is there?
2005-05-18 20:51:06
5.   Eric Enders
Comes with a pre-pricked pen hole.
2005-05-18 20:52:09
6.   Jim Hitchcock
Should we just shoot you now, Bob? :)
2005-05-18 20:52:16
7.   Eric Enders
#5 was not my slogan suggestion... it was supposed to follow #3.

Although on second thought, maybe that should be my slogan suggestion after all.

2005-05-18 20:55:05
8.   Bob Timmermann
Dodger Thoughts: For people named Mike Ramsey
2005-05-18 20:56:24
9.   Eric Enders
Dodger Thoughts: Where Jack Fimple is a hero.
2005-05-18 21:00:36
10.   Jim Hitchcock
Dodger Thoughts `Sports Bar': No Travel, No Minumun, No Bigscreen.
2005-05-18 21:07:03
11.   Berkeley Doug
Dodger Thoughts: A place Dodger fans can call home wherever you may be.
2005-05-18 21:08:23
12.   Berkeley Doug
Dodger Thoughts: No shirts and shoes required.
2005-05-18 21:09:11
13.   Fearing Blue
Agitated and Analytical.

In other news, I just wrote a 14-page post comparing the Dodgers and Padres. Any thoughts where to post (other than on my refrigerator)?

2005-05-18 21:13:03
14.   Sam DC
Brooklyn: 18xx (Enders to supply)
Los Angeles: 1957 2002

not really a slogan

2005-05-18 21:16:26
15.   Jesse
Dodger Thoughts...

Have you had your Dodgers today?

Stats and giggles.

Made from the best stuff on earth.

Grilled to perfection.

Chicken soup for the baseball soul.

Have you procrastinated today?

(possibly in hypercolor?)

2005-05-18 21:17:51
16.   dzzrtRatt
How about:

Dodger Thoughts: Now I understand han.

2005-05-18 21:18:48
17.   Jim Hitchcock
Dodger Thoughts: We're There For You.
2005-05-18 21:20:17
18.   JSN
Now I understand Han is classic
2005-05-18 21:21:20
19.   Vishal
hah! i like "stats and giggles".

i contribute to a political blog sometimes (it's kind of on hiatus right now though) and we refer to ourselves as passionately moderate. passionate moderation is severely undervalued in this era of blowhards.

2005-05-18 21:21:41
20.   Fearing Blue
Perhaps "Agitated and Analytical" would better describe FJT :). I decided to post my "analysis" in the game thread, so it's easier to ignore.
2005-05-18 21:21:42
21.   Bob Timmermann
Brooklyn: 1884

If you're talking major leagues that is. The team that is now the Dodgers started as a minor league team.

2005-05-18 21:22:53
22.   Jim Hitchcock
Which blog, Vishal?
2005-05-18 21:25:38
23.   Bob Timmermann
If you asked the Dodgers, they would say 1890, but this guy is going back to 1884.
2005-05-18 21:28:24
24.   Steve
20 -- just the agitated part really. Nobody would really be fooled into thinking what I do is analysis.
2005-05-18 21:28:28
25.   Fearing Blue
Off topic, but Kolb is no longer Atlanta's closer:

2005-05-18 21:30:11
26.   Jim Hitchcock
Which leads me to:

Dodger Thoughts: Oohs and Arghs!

2005-05-18 21:32:53
27.   GoBears
re 25: This is why Bobby Cox is the best manager in baseball. See a problem - take steps to solve problem.
2005-05-18 21:34:10
28.   Sam DC
23 -- Well needless to say, we go with the guy that brung us. 1884 it is.
2005-05-18 21:36:40
29.   Sushirabbit
How about?
Dodger Thoughts,
where everybody knows your game...

can't believe I beat that one out.

2005-05-18 21:40:41
30.   Steve
Dodger Thoughts: First Up Against The Wall If Arte Had His Way
2005-05-18 21:41:17
31.   Sam DC
Dodger Thoughts: Where everybody knows your fake name.

Bob -- I'm confused. How can you go back further in time but also be sticking to the Major League club? Is 1884 a different Brooklyn Organization, that was then replaced in 1890 by the Dodgers' organization (under whatever Seapilotsish name they had at that time)? Cause I think it'd have to be the actual landing of the eventual-Dodger Major League organization.

2005-05-18 21:49:32
32.   Sushirabbit
I still like "The beasts and the children"

I do like "Stats and giggles", too.

I was trying to come up with something along the lines of from A-Z, or maybe

VORP, Heart and Grabowskis

aaah, it's all for ourselves anyway, right?
Although I did get a ball for my kid from Mariano Duncan because of my "Ghame Over" shirt, my son gave it to his friend (also three and half) who prompty threw uit back over the dugout. This is even more funny because my son did the same thing the first time he got a ball.

2005-05-18 21:51:17
33.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers switched leagues in 1889. The current Dodgers only think they started in the NL. But they played 1884-1889 in the American Association.

But when they switched leagues they took the whole team with them.

2005-05-18 21:52:11
34.   Bob Timmermann
Here's what Baseball Reference has:

2005-05-18 21:52:42
35.   Chris H
Dodger Thoughts: Doing our part to make the Times even more irrelevant
2005-05-18 21:54:12
36.   jtshoe
Not a Giant website
2005-05-18 21:55:11
37.   Jim Hitchcock
Which leads to:

Dodger Thoughts: No Plascke, All the Time.

2005-05-18 21:55:40
38.   Joe
Dodger Thoughts: The Hee Seop of Websites
(whatever that means)

Dodger Thoughts: We Never Leave After the Seventh Inning

2005-05-18 21:57:00
39.   Sushirabbit
DT: More than stats, Better than Pontification

OK, that's the last lamer from me.
I'm in for at least 2 T-shirts, though, whatever the sub-title

2005-05-18 21:57:40
40.   Chris H
Dodger Thoughts: We don't need no steeenking beach balls
2005-05-18 22:01:57
41.   Steve
Dodger Thoughts: Bringing Choi To The World
2005-05-18 22:04:34
42.   Sam DC
Thx Bob.
2005-05-18 22:04:54
43.   Jeromy
Dodger Thoughts: Ghame On!
2005-05-18 22:07:20
44.   Jim Hitchcock
Dodger Thoughts: Put On Your Game Face.
2005-05-18 22:10:37
45.   Joe
Dodger Thoughts: Better than Lasorda's blog
2005-05-18 22:12:00
46.   Jeromy
Dodger Thoughts: Mind Candy and the Lively Boys
2005-05-18 22:13:13
47.   Xeifrank
Dodgers Thoughts:

- Bloggers Bleeding Blue

- It's All About the OPS

- Keeping An Eye on Jim Tracy

- Brilliance Circa 2003

- vr, Xei

2005-05-18 22:16:36
48.   Joe
"Think like a Weisman but communicate in the language of the people." -William Yeats
2005-05-18 22:18:32
49.   Ryan Jerz
Dodger Thoughts: Baseball by Numbers
Dodger Thoughts: It's the Stats, Stupid
Dodger Thoughts: Conventional Wisdom Debunkings Served Daily
2005-05-18 22:25:05
50.   bigcpa
I've got to give it up to Berkeley Doug and Sam DC. I try to keep it real but dog, they got it going on yo.

#11 I'd shorten a bit as follows:
"Talking Dodgers, wherever you may be."

#31 Love this as is...
"Where everybody knows your fake name."

Now I'll try to come up with an original thought of my own.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-18 22:25:44
51.   Jeromy
Dodger Thoughts: 500 comments? No problem.
2005-05-18 22:26:33
52.   Jeromy
Dodger Thoughts: Are you logged on?
2005-05-18 22:30:35
53.   Jim Hitchcock
Dodger Thoughts: Riveting Ravine Repartee.
2005-05-18 22:33:49
54.   Jeromy
Jon, maybe you should just put Dodger Thoughts on the front of the shirt and have a top ten list of these slogans listed on the back.
2005-05-18 22:35:40
55.   Jim Hitchcock
Dodger Thoughts: Express Yourself.
2005-05-18 22:38:35
56.   dzzrtRatt
Assuming Jim Tracy is still manager:

"Do I Read Dodger Thoughts? Yes. Do I post comments? I have. Did I use my real name? I did not."

2005-05-18 22:45:20
57.   bigcpa
Dodger Thoughts:
"Easternmost in quality, Westernmost in flavor."
2005-05-18 22:51:26
58.   LAT
Sam, I think you raise a very interesting point in #636. This has been a very different season for me in large part due to DT. I feel like I am watching the game with 50 other perspectives--each which brings something different to the table. It is like sitting at a bar every night where we are all regulars. You can count on Bob's Dodger call back, Frank's over-under, SB's Fact of Choi, and you know that if Tracy ever gets the "dirt nap", Steve had something to do with it. Its a nice way to enjoy the game.
2005-05-18 22:54:51
59.   LAT
Sorry that was supposed to be posted on the other thread. As for this thread, while I am trying to think of a slogan that is not embarassing lame, I vote for:

You watch the games
We tell you what you saw


Where everybody knows your fake name.

2005-05-18 22:59:43
60.   LAT
Rat, Yours is great! Tracy drives me nuts with that question to answer a question crap.

If you ever take a deposition you come across the guy who recharcterizes your question and then answers his question instead of yours it maddening.

2005-05-18 23:01:25
61.   JSN
I think the top ten slogans idea could be pretty cool. I could get behind that.
2005-05-18 23:04:50
62.   dan reines
how about we celebrate both the site's (and its host's) inveterate friendliness and its dedication to all things obscure and dodgery. something like:

dodger thoughts: nice and fimple.

or perhaps:

dodger thoughts: think blue.

otherwise, i go in for stats and giggles.

2005-05-18 23:08:33
63.   dan reines
by the way, if it wasn't clear, that "think blue" suggestion wasn't simply a parroting of the dodger slogan -- i'd probably put "think" in italics. you know. like, to emphasize it. this is all obvious, no doubt.

perhaps: (really) think blue.

2005-05-18 23:20:13
64.   Screwgie
Dodger Thoughts: Believing in Thinking
2005-05-18 23:32:37
65.   dan reines
okay, staying on the same riff here, how about:

fimple pleasures.


sometimes it's the fimple things.


the fimple life.

of course, if jon chose one of these fimple slogans, would that make him the mayor of fimpleton?

2005-05-18 23:34:23
66.   Xeifrank
Computed final win shares for game today. By no means am I swearing that this data is 100% accurate. Nonetheless...

C.Delgado 0.320
H.Choi 0.127
D.Easley 0.121
J.Kent 0.107
JD.Drew 0.081
J.Riedling 0.055
J.Beckett 0.049
M.Bradley 0.041
J.Encarnacion 0.033
W.Alvarez 0.032
M.Cabrera 0.022
C.Izturis 0.021
T.Jones 0.009
P.LoDuca 0.004
G.Carrara 0.001
O.Perez 0.000
B.Penny 0.000
S.Erickson 0.000
J.Phillips 0.000
J.Grabowski 0.000
M.Lowell 0.000
D.Lowe 0.000
O.Robles -0.005
J.Dillon -0.008
P.Repko -0.009
A.Perez -0.010
K.Wunsch -0.019
A.Gonzalez -0.025
J.Pierre -0.039
P.Bako -0.040
D.Sanchez -0.047
M.Edwards -0.130
R.Ledee -0.165
J.Weaver -0.527

2005-05-18 23:37:41
67.   dan reines
wait! of course!

fimple minds!
fimple-minded discourse!

(sorry. i'll stop now. but i like that one!)

2005-05-18 23:39:35
68.   The Saul
Dodger Thoughts:
Everything you wanted to know about the Dodgers, but were afraid to ask...
2005-05-18 23:42:28
69.   Joe
The Saul, I assume it'd look like this on the shirt?

"Everything you wanted to know about the Dodgers*

*but were afraid to ask"

2005-05-18 23:47:10
70.   Screwgie
Dodger Thoughts: This is Dodger Blogging

or playing off dan reines (#63) suggestion:
Thought Blue

2005-05-18 23:50:44
71.   The Saul
Damn, thats even better.
You got me.
2005-05-19 00:17:39
72.   JMK
Dodger Thoughts: Depo thinks, therefore Weisman.
2005-05-19 00:39:24
73.   Robert Fiore
"Vaunting Any Time Now"
2005-05-19 04:04:52
74.   Jim Hitchcock
Think you guys will enjoy this story of an eleven year old pitching a perfect little league game. Oh, and did I mention it was a girl?

2005-05-19 04:59:28
75.   Langhorne
Dodger Thoughts: Where the game is never over.
2005-05-19 05:10:33
76.   CT Bum
Some excellent ideas here. I humbly submit (although this could have trademark issues)...

Dodger Thoughts: Where Moneyball Bums Meet

These get my vote:
- A place Dodger fans can call home wherever you may be

- Chicken soup for the baseball soul

- We're There For You

- Where Everybody Knows Your Game

- Bloggers Bleeding Blue

- Think Blue

- (Really) Think Blue

- This is Dodger Blogging

2005-05-19 05:25:30
77.   Langhorne
This is way too long for our needs but I'm going to share it anyway because I can't sleep.

Take me out to the web log
Take me out with the crowd
Leave me some comments and crack-er-jack
I don't care if I never log off
Let me type, type, type for the home team
If they don't win it's a shame
For it's submit, edit, re-submit
At Dodger Thoughts.

I'm tempted to substitute "Tracy's fault" for "a shame" but I'm trying to be nice and the meter doesn't work.

2005-05-19 05:46:44
78.   Langhorne
More, not necessarily original.

I Think Blue, therefore, I am.

Tangled up in (Dodger) blue.

We blog Dodger Blue.

Dodger Thoughts: Blogging for the cycle.

This last one is fairly nonsensical but it amuses me for some reason. I need to get some sleep.

2005-05-19 05:56:41
79.   Ken Arneson
A Dodger Blog With Mustard.
2005-05-19 05:57:29
80.   Eric Enders
Dodger Thoughts: Easternmost in Quality, Westernmost in Flavor.
2005-05-19 06:02:25
81.   Ken Arneson
Dodger Blog on a Toasted Bun.
2005-05-19 06:31:16
82.   Suffering Bruin
I think the one that would get the most attention because it ties into the ad campaign is "This is Dodger Blogging." But I do like "Stats and Giggles" and "Where Everybody Knows Your Fake Name."
2005-05-19 07:28:43
83.   Marty
Dodger Thoughts: Come for the game. Stay for the comments

Dodger Thoughts: Because we have to

Dodger Thoughts: With a name like Weisman, it has to be good

Dodger Thoughts: We're on a mission from Jon

2005-05-19 08:02:01
84.   franklin
already plenty of quality slogan material...

Jon, have you given any thought to a logo?

2005-05-19 08:04:42
85.   dan reines
you know, it's funny. when you have a six month old who needs to be rocked to sleep, you spend your time thinking of dumb stuff. and so, how about these ones?

Dodger Thoughts.
Plenty of spice. No Pepper.
(var: Spicy conversation. No Pepper.)
Dodger Thoughts: You know, for kids!
Dodger Thoughts: Timmermann has two N's!

2005-05-19 08:06:55
86.   Howard Fox
DT: Good 'n' Plenty
2005-05-19 08:08:34
87.   Formerly R
Too Blog-gone Fun

One Weisman, Bearing Gifts

100% Plaschke-Free

2005-05-19 08:09:22
88.   Howard Fox
DT: an e'vent
2005-05-19 08:18:11
89.   Jon Weisman
Thanks everyone. I've posted an update to this entry, but if you have more ideas, I'm keeping this open.
2005-05-19 08:20:48
90.   Telemachos
Hi guys. Long time, first time, and all that.

Thanks for a wonderful and insightful place to read about the Dodgers and baseball.... of course, I now curse Jim Tracy more than I used to (I'd already given up on Plaschke and Simers a long time ago).

My little contribution:

Dodger Thoughts: We Don't Bunt

2005-05-19 08:24:07
91.   Howard Fox
Jon, do you read all entries in all posts?
2005-05-19 08:33:30
92.   dzzrtRatt
For what it's worth, here's a couple of submissions from others that I especially liked:

"Bloggers Bleeding Blue"
"Dodger Thoughts: Where the game is never over"

And then one more new idea:

"The Dodger Thoughts Marching and Chowder Society."

2005-05-19 08:37:55
93.   Suffering Bruin
83 - Sam the man! Numbers 1,3 and 4 are officially in the running if I have any say in the matter. Great choices.

Dodger Thoughts: For the sheer Choi of it.

Not that Choi has been on my mind for 8 weeks or anything...

2005-05-19 08:39:18
94.   Suffering Bruin
"Where the game is never over" is much better than what I came up with.

I'm off to work (Staples: That was Easy). You guys have got this nailed...

2005-05-19 08:39:48
95.   franklin
bloggers for a blue dynasty

Weisman's blue wisemen

passionate blue heretics

2005-05-19 08:51:29
96.   DepoBall
Dodger Thoughts:
fanatical, heretical & rarely scatalogical
2005-05-19 08:52:12
97.   Blue Crew
Great idea for a shirt. How about using the same idea as MLB's slogan?

"Dodger Thoughts....I Log On For This"

Just a thought.


2005-05-19 08:56:36
98.   the OZ
#92 - "Where the Game is Never Over"


2005-05-19 08:59:12
99.   Steve
I'll take the under today.
2005-05-19 09:00:09
100.   champion of choi
Dodger Thoughts: where sabermetrics, OPS, and vorp collide with the passionate dodger fan
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-19 09:00:20
101.   DepoBall
VORP! It's what's for dinner
or maybe
phear our mad statistical skillzz
(hanging around my son too much)

ok, now i've aired my lamers out... i like

'we blog dodger blue' and something along the lines of 'agitated and analysis'

2005-05-19 09:05:34
102.   champion of choi
dodger thoughts: equal parts: science, stats and wishful thinking.
2005-05-19 09:05:49
103.   scareduck
DT with the toaster logo plus "mmm, toasty"
2005-05-19 09:07:27
104.   Jim Hitchcock
Dodger Thoughts: Come to Think of It
2005-05-19 09:10:14
105.   Jon Weisman
91 - Yes, or at least 99.9 percent of them.
2005-05-19 09:11:08
106.   DepoBall
Dodger Thoughts:

We bleed, therefore we blog

2005-05-19 09:13:35
107.   Chris H
Dodger Thoughts: The Dodger site that Excels
2005-05-19 09:17:35
108.   Howard Fox
105 - with a young child also, how do you have time for work?
2005-05-19 09:18:32
109.   DepoBall
Dodger Thoughts: our blog can beat up your blog ( .342 average, mininum 200 PA)
2005-05-19 09:23:37
110.   Howard Fox
Dodger Thoughts: Because We Can
2005-05-19 09:24:40
111.   Howard Fox
Dodger Thoughts: A Baseball E:/vent
2005-05-19 09:25:44
112.   jtshoe
Dodger Thoughts: Parley Blue

Dodger Thoughts: Dab in the Gab

2005-05-19 09:26:15
113.   Eric Enders
Jon -- Just out of curiosity, why is criterion #4 above necessary? (Besides the obvious fact that it's your site and you can do whatever the heck you want. ;)

Once something ceases to be timely it often transitions into amusingly nostalgic, like the Jack Fimple references. Are you viewing this as the permanent Dodger Thoughts slogan, or are you planning on doing a new t-shirt slogan annually or semi-annually, like Athletics Nation does?

Because if we're just talking about t-shirts, there's not necessarily any reason the slogan has to stand the test of time.

2005-05-19 09:29:31
114.   Howard Fox
Dodger Thoughts: Sharing and Commiserating over the trials and tribulations of the Dodgers and having your views picked apart incessantly by a lot of people that you may or may not know spewing forth thousands of meaningless stats to further their arguments, so there!
2005-05-19 09:30:53
115.   jtshoe
Clarification: that first one was meant to be a joke at non-Dodger fans. After the post, I realized someone might think its between the people on the site - sorry.
2005-05-19 09:33:19
116.   Jon Weisman
111 - Well, I hardly ever go out at night because of the kids, so after they go to sleep, I have some computer time. I no longer go to movies, plays or concerts. I read fewer books, exercise less. It's not a well-rounded life these days, but I try to make the best of it. And I like reading the comments.

113 - I guess I'd like to be able to keep selling the shirts somewhat indefinitely. Imagine if we had done this last year with some play on Lima Time. Perhaps it'd be amusing, but I think fewer people would want to buy them. I could be wrong, but it's my feeling. Since there are plenty of good choices without being trendy, I feel it's an okay way to go.

But I would also do new T-shirts later on if this is a success - and perhaps those could be more tied to a particular player or moment.

2005-05-19 09:34:25
117.   dzzrtRatt

Langhorn in post #75 came up with "Where the Game is Never Over." In my post
I was just lobbying for it to be in the finals because (as the woman in Sex Lies and Videotape said about something else) "it's desCRIPtive!."

2005-05-19 09:48:55
118.   Howard Fox
Dodger Thoughts: Don't Worry, Blog Happy
2005-05-19 09:49:22
119.   Ben P
"Where the Game is Never Over" is the best one so far.

Or perhaps some reference to the site being the 26th man

2005-05-19 09:54:38
120.   franklin
Dodger Thoughts...outlasted the FOX regime
2005-05-19 09:56:30
121.   Owen
Dodger Fandom: I've Heard Worse Excuses to Drink
2005-05-19 10:06:37
122.   JJoeScott
Dodger Thoughts: It Takes Balls to Talk Balls
2005-05-19 10:07:17
123.   Bob Timmermann
I would not like to be called the 26th man.

My name is Timmermann, not Grabowski.

2005-05-19 10:22:43
124.   dzzrtRatt
#122 -- If you don't mind a slight variation:

"Dodger Thoughts: Taking Balls and Breaking Balls."

2005-05-19 10:39:25
125.   Smirk
Here's some...

DT: Blogs without beachballs
DT: Take me out to the blog game
DT: Blogging for the cycle
DT: 0 Runs, 300 Hits, 0 Errors
DT: Hits Happen
DT: Blogging for the fences
DT: Home Base
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2005-05-19 10:40:22
126.   walking g
Although I am personally not much of a poster I do read most of the posts. I work from home so I read some at breakfast, some at lunch and some when I am avoiding work.

I like the slogans that seem to convey the compulsive force that Dodger Thoughts has become.

Dodger Thoughts: Where the game is never over

Dodger Thoughts: Come for the game, stay for the comments

Dodger Thoughts: We don't bunt

Because I am a fool for rhyme, and I love the intelligent word play on Dodger Thoughts how about
Dodger Thoughts: Perspectives without invectives

2005-05-19 10:44:52
127.   Owen
Dodger Thoughts: Where One-Run Strategies Go to Die
2005-05-19 10:45:54
128.   Daniel
I'm working at home today, check in here to take a short break and what do I find? The ultimate procrastination task. Here are a few suggestions...

Think Dodger Thoughts

Live through Dodger Thoughts

Live for Dodger Thoughts

Dreaming Dodger Thoughts

Dreaming Dodger Thoughts of Championships

Outlet for Dodger Thoughts

Field of Dodger Thoughts

Dodger Thoughts from the real fans

Dodger Thoughts for the real fans

Dodger Thoughts from the stands

Dodger Thoughts from the fans perspective

Dodger Thoughts to get you through the year

The first and last are my personal favorites.

2005-05-19 10:53:27
129.   dan reines
[disguising his voice, a la pee wee herman about to be mobbed by the hell's angels]

"i say we do more fimple references!"

2005-05-19 10:54:12
130.   Art H Tracy
In the spirit of "Where bunts go to die":

"We're not playin' for one" with the "not" wedged in there


one of those red "do not" circles superimposed over the letters sac with "Dodger" written above and "Thoughts" below.

or Earl Weaver's quote: "Dodger Thoughts: You can take the sacrifice bunt and ..."

2005-05-19 11:02:10
131.   Xeifrank
Logo and slogan?

Does Dodger Thoughts have an official logo? Or do we need to have a contest on that too?



2005-05-19 11:03:30
132.   Jon Weisman
Slogan first, then design.
2005-05-19 11:08:34
133.   brendan glynn
Ok, I have to chime in even though I have nothing.

How about

Dodger Thoughts Never Stop

Dodger Thoughts; Always On

That's all I got. Not sure I can wear a t-shirt with the word giggles on it. I know that's probably my issue but just wanted that on the record.

How about Dodger Thoughts, The Blog Behind The Box Score.

Or* DT: Beyond The Box Score*.

Dodger Thoughts: Because Talking Is Over Rated.

(Ok, I'm done)

2005-05-19 11:23:51
134.   Ling Ngoh
"Think Dodgers" (short and sweet, captures the essence of Dodger Thoughts: intelligent thought about the Dodgers...but needs a good logo to spice it up)
2005-05-19 11:25:34
135.   Xeifrank

Ditto on the giggles, just didn't want to be the first peep to say it. If you are going to put giggles on it, mind as well have a big pink triangle on it too. :)



2005-05-19 11:28:33
136.   Dave
Okay, these are lame, but I love this site and the fact that being stupid doesn't have to stop me. (I know, it should, but it doesn't have to.)

DT: baseball by all the numbers
DT: where everyone's an insider
DT: if you want the party line. . .read the paper
DT: where you get to be RIGHT. . .until the next post

2005-05-19 11:28:42
137.   bigcpa
OK I'm putting all my money on the word "think." These are slight twists on previous items. In order of preference:

1) We THINK outside the box score.
1A) THINKING outside the box score.
2) We put the THINK in Think Blue.
2A) Putting the THINK in Think Blue.
3) We THINK before we rant.

2005-05-19 11:29:38
138.   dzzrtRatt
I liked Daniel's "Think Dodger Thoughts." Simple, elegant, yet absurd.

Plus for those of us over 45, it is a reminder of the Mary Martin TV version of Peter Pan from the mid-1960s, in which Peter tells the other children they can fly if they "think lovely thoughts."

2005-05-19 11:32:12
139.   mountainmover
I stole part of this:

"Once a Bum - Always a Dodger-A Dodger Blog With Mustard"


I stole all of it!

2005-05-19 11:56:09
140.   Jon Weisman
The ballot is live, folks. See new post.
2005-05-19 11:58:19
141.   Sam DC
Not that I need to say this (read -- defensive, defensive) but, in my own mind "Where everybody knows your fake name" was just an in-thread joke (see 29 just above it), not really a slogan proposal.

I like "Where the Game Never Ends" although it could apply to lots of diff things

Easternmost in Quality, Westernmost in Flavor would be great to have on a shirt out here in DC, because it would forge connection with those already in the know.

Not sure anyone has done better than "Passionately Levelheaded" in terms of capturing a meaningful (both to in and out siders) sesne of the community.

I do like my #14, maybe in small print on the pocket on front or somewhere else though not, as I said, as a slogan.

2005-05-19 12:03:52
142.   bigcpa
Too late to get "Thinking outside the box score" on the ballot? I'll have to start a write-in campaign.
2005-05-19 13:19:16
143.   Joe
The Little Grabowski Urban Achievers
2005-05-19 18:56:37
144.   bokonon42
Darn, missed the nomination period. But I spent the whole day, offline, thinking these up, so I'm posting them anyway.

Rule three violations

DT–Ya down wit' OPS?
DT–And it's 1, 2, 3, what are we bunting for?

Two variations on the Bill Buckley maxim:
DT–Standing athwart history, shouting: Stop bunting!
DT–Standing athwart Tracy, shouting: Grabowski Principle!

Stolen, outright, from the Simpsons:
DT–Kinda like Jesus, but not in a sacrilegious way

Rule three compliant

DT–Lively Boys welcome; no beachballs allowed
DT–Lively Boys don't bunt
DT–Lively Boys, impeccable grammar, no bunting

The trouble trying to work in 'lively boys' is that it immediately sounds like a special interest sub-group of NAMBLA. To my perverted ears, anyway.

2005-05-19 23:06:37
145.   Tripon
Found this article, figure this was the best thread to put it in, for a catchy slogan how about... Dodgers Pitchers pitch like girls?

"She threw a perfect game for the Dodgers in an 11-0 victory over the Yankees.

How dominant was she? She struck out all 18 batters she faced in the six-inning victory. She never got to a three-ball count on any of them."

Now if only the Dodgers can sign her before any other teams take notice...

2005-05-20 01:05:04
146.   Langhorne
I'm going to keep sloganeering until someone stops me.

Dodger Thoughts: From Aase to Zimmerman

Dodger Thoughts: the sixth tool

Dodger Thoughts: Mad dogs and Trolley-dodgers

Dodger Thoughts: A 500 hit perfect game.

Dodger Thoughts: Let's get back to this one.

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