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May 20 Open Chat: Sects and the City
2005-05-20 16:41
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

Angel fans, Dodger fans - let us not fret over names and places. Let us confine our conflict to the glorious field!

* * *

That was me doing Braveheart. Or Spamalot. Or just waxing exclamatory.

Meanwhile, as far as the numbers go, there's this tidbit from Joe Sheehan on Baseball Prospectus today:

... consider that the A's have played a fairly difficult schedule, but are now almost done with the Red Sox and Yankees until 2006 (or October, if you prefer). The Angels have a 23-17 record and a seven-game lead in the division (over Oakland), but according to BP's Adjusted Standings, are no better than the A's so far, with an indicated record of 16-24 that matches not only the A's actual record, but their indicated one. In other words, the two teams look alike through one lens.

In those adjusted standings, which indicate the expected performance of a team with its current offensive and defensive statistics and are adjusted for strength of schedule, Texas is in first place in the American League West at 20-21, while Seattle, Oakland and the Angels are all at 16-24.

In the National League West, the Padres are 21-20, the Dodgers are 20-20, the Giants are 18-22, the Diamondbacks are 18-24 and the Rockies are 16-22. For what that's worth ...

Update: The nadir for Scott Erickson - four runs, four hits, three walks, four outs. It's all over but the releasing.

Pat Mahomes seems like the best gamble from AAA - a 2.76 ERA - but his strikeout/walk and strikeout/innings pitched ratios discourage. Edwin Jackson is always a possibility, but perhaps the AA Jacksonville roster is the best place to look for a replacement, outside of a trade or converting a current reliever.

Comments (278)
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2005-05-20 17:24:18
1.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

May 20, 2000

Just four days after an ugly brawl between players in the Dodgers bullpen and some fans at Wrigley Field, Los Angeles found it much more pleasant in at Pro Player Stadium in Miami. The Dodgers, behind a grand slam home run from Gary Sheffield and a 2-run shot from Eric Karros, pounded Marlins rookie pitcher Brad Penny, 12-6. The Dodgers improved their record to 23-17, 3 games behind leader Arizona.

The Dodgers got hits from all starters in the lineup with the exception of pitcher Carlos Perez, who ran his record to 4-2. Perez lasted six innings and gave up 3 runs, including home runs by Cliff Floyd and Danny Bautista. Perez was in danger of losing his starting role after being hit hard by St. Louis in his previous start. But manager Davey Johnson gave Perez a stay of execution after the performance in Miami. But not for very long as Perez was able to win only one more game in his Dodgers (and major league) career. Perez was 11-22 in his 2 ½ years with the Dodgers.

The 2000 Dodgers had a new addition in Shawn Green, who replaced Raul Mondesi in right field. Others who showed up on the Dodgers that year were Jim Leyritz, who came in exchange for Jose Vizcaino in midseason. Vizcaino would go on to get a World Series ring with the Yankees, while Leyritz batted .200 with one home run. Chris Donnels, Geronimo Berroa, F.P. Santangelo, Bruce Aven, Al Reyes, and Trever Miller all stopped by. One particularly memorable cameo came from shortstop Kevin Elster, who hit three home runs in the first-ever regular season game played at the new Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco. Although the Dodgers enjoyed that first game, the Giants had the last laugh, winning the division handily, by 11 games over the Dodgers. And when the year was over, manager Johnson was sent packing.

One of the sadder stories of 2000 was the return of Orel Hershiser to the Dodgers. The 41-year old right-hander, thrilled the home opener crowd on April 14, when he gave up just one run in six innings against Cincinnati, but it was soon clear that Bulldog had nothing left. On June 26, Hershiser gave up 8 runs in 1 2/3 innings at home against San Diego. The next day, with a record of 1-5 and an ERA of 13.14, Hershiser was released. To take his spot on the roster, the Dodgers called up a young right-handed starter from Albuquerque named Eric Gagne.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, and Retrosheet

2005-05-20 17:29:39
2.   Bob Timmermann
Meanwhile in Detroit, Arizona leads 2-0 and Brandon Webb has given up no hits through five.

Since he is not a Dodger, I don't believe Weisman's Law of No-Hitters applies.

2005-05-20 17:33:13
3.   Jon Weisman
Actually, in the spirit of spreading good cheer and history everywhere, it does. But I'm less passionate about it when it doesn't involve my team.
2005-05-20 17:41:45
4.   Bob Timmermann
2-0 at the end of 6 in Detroit.

That is all.

2005-05-20 17:55:34
5.   Bob Timmermann
Runner on 1st for the Tigers with one out in the 7th.

It was an infield single by Ivan Rodriguez.

That is all.

2005-05-20 18:01:54
6.   scareduck
I have to wonder whether the BP 3rd order standings aren't a mite biased toward teams that walk a lot. The Angels stink at that, but as they found out last year, if you can get the same level of OBP, the team with the higher batting average will win those contests. (The Angels need to learn to walk, all the same, and they're not hitting much right now.)

All that said, it should be an interesting series. As always in such interleague games, I'm rooting for the pitchers.

2005-05-20 18:03:25
7.   scareduck
BTW, Bob, I love those flashbacks. Don't always read them because the gameday threads are so long, but they're great.
2005-05-20 18:05:48
8.   bigcpa
I have Webb on my roto team, so I consider #2 a bona fide jinx. Now I lose the win too.
2005-05-20 18:20:47
9.   Fearing Blue
Here's the link to Jim Tracy's chat, which was posted on

Some of the answers were not posted in the previous thread.

2005-05-20 18:21:21
10.   Landonkk
It ssems like everytime I switch over to a DBacks game on I see another team handing Arizona runs. E3 to load the bases in a tie game and now AZ is up. I guess that is why they have an expected record of 18-24.
2005-05-20 18:28:17
11.   Fearing Blue
#9: He gives much better answers in chats than he does to reporters.
2005-05-20 18:43:57
12.   Fearing Blue
I decided to look up 3B production on We're 24th in the majors overall with a .671 OPS from 3B. Our opponents tonight, and neighbors, are getting a .568 OPS from 3B, which puts them at 28th. The Padres are getting a whopping .677 OPS from 3B which puts them just ahead of us at 23rd.
2005-05-20 18:45:15
13.   Steve
I thought it was nice of him to remember my birthday. Shows that he doesn't hold a grudge.
2005-05-20 19:03:42
14.   Im So Blue
Today's lineup is posted; no Choi today. A Perez is the only righty on the bench.

Izzy, SS
Repko, LF
Drew, RF
Kent, 2B
Bradley, CF
Saenz, 1B
Philips, C
Edwards, 3B
Erickson, P

2005-05-20 19:04:30
15.   GoBears
9: Thanks for the link, Fearing. His answer to the Hee Seop question was actually pretty good, and honest, I think. I think he's wrong to see Choi/Saenz as an either/or situation against LHP (better to put Saenz and 3rd and sit Edwards), but at least he realizes that getting Choi in there against LHP is a goal of some sort. I just wonder at what point they'll be comfy doing that if they never get any new data on how Hee does against southpaws. My gut tells me that unless injuries mandate it (i.e., to Saenz), we won't see Choi full time until next season at the earliest.
2005-05-20 19:06:56
16.   Fearing Blue
There is one line in the chat that slightly annoyed me. After describing how he was pleased with the performance of Izturis, Kent, and Bradley, he said the following:

I have been completely satisfied with the production we have gotten from first base between the tandem of Hee-Seop Choi and Olmedo Saenz.

Someone should inform Tracy that Saenz (1.011) and Choi (.960) have the two highest OPS on the team. Perhaps a stronger word than "satisfied" is in order.

2005-05-20 19:09:24
17.   GoBears
I also think that if we could surgically remove the useless words "utilize" and "upon" from Tracy's vocabulary, and put his weird 2nd-person self references through a translation filter, he'd sound a lot less like a dubbed foreign film when he talks.

His autobiography will be entitled, "How you utilize your potential, in terms of your relationship with the truth, to make, or fabricate, a long answer upon being faced with a short question."

2005-05-20 19:11:03
18.   GoBears
16 Someone should inform Tracy that Saenz (1.011) and Choi (.960) have the two highest OPS on the team. Perhaps a stronger word than "satisfied" is in order.

And someone should also point out that sitting one of them each game is probably not optimal.

2005-05-20 19:15:57
19.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks keep winning, 6-2 over Detroit.

Padres don't score in the top of the 1st in Seattle.

2005-05-20 19:21:43
20.   Jeromy
No DirectTV (MLB EI) all weekend as far as I can tell. Is the game Saturday the Fox game of the week?
2005-05-20 19:23:06
21.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey, happy birthday, Steve. Did you say you were taking the Ungar tonight?
2005-05-20 19:24:37
22.   Bob Timmermann
Saturday is the "Game of the Week" on FOX if you live in the right place.

Beltre struck out in the first against Peavy chasing a breaking pitch that was outside. It seemed eerily familiar.

2005-05-20 19:28:34
23.   Steve
When Finley hit the home run, I was in a park in Morro Bay California, trying to ignore the game completely, until Jerry called me saying there were two on in the ninth, we were still down by three, but apparently rallying. So I turned on the car radio. It was a most spectacular birthday present. I was surprised people didn't call the police given my overjoyed reaction, but my wife and mother-in-law were there to convince people I wasn't going to kill anyone or steal their wallet.

As far as tonight's game, I'm taking Madison.

2005-05-20 19:30:18
24.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants moved Barry Bonds from the 15 to the 60-day DL. Schmidt is supposed to come off the DL Tuesday to pitch against the Dodgers.

Padres 1, Mariners 0 on a Ramon Hernandez homer.

2005-05-20 19:36:12
25.   GoBears
24: Right, but it's mostly an accounting move. The 60-day is retroactive to the start of the season, so it really only means another 2 weeks from now. No way Bonds is ready by then anyway. Apparently, he's off the IV, but can't start working out again until he's done with the oral antibiotics, in another couple weeks. Late July is the earliest he'll return, assuming no further setbacks. Meanwhile, since Grissom is hurt (15 day), the Giants needed another OFer on the 40-man roster. Not that it will help.
2005-05-20 19:38:30
26.   Bob Timmermann
No city names used by Vin in the opening.
2005-05-20 19:39:29
27.   Bob Timmermann
Interesting article about Dale Murphy's experience with this type of infection.
2005-05-20 19:42:36
28.   Marty
Something I've never known the answer to: why do they refer to a pitcher and catcher as a "battery"? "batterie"? Bob? Anyone?
2005-05-20 19:42:39
29.   Bob Timmermann
Wow, a K by Erickson. He's turning into Nolan Ryan!
2005-05-20 19:43:09
30.   Jeromy
Erickson strikes out the first batter. Perhaps that's a good sign for tonight!
2005-05-20 19:44:08
31.   GoBears
23 (Steve): As far as tonight's game, I'm taking Madison

OK, I'll bite. Huh? This is all I could think of:

James Madison, Federalist 51:

"If men were Angels, no government would be necessary. If Angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself."

This is the philosophical foundation of the American system of checks and balances (ambition countering ambition). I suppose there's some relevance here to the Freeway Series, so I'm with Steve. I'll take Madison too!

2005-05-20 19:48:26
32.   Jim Hitchcock
Yank him.
2005-05-20 19:48:54
33.   Bob Timmermann
I think walking any Angel batter is evidence of the Grabowski principle.
2005-05-20 19:52:08
34.   Jim Hitchcock
Jim Colborn for coach of the year.
2005-05-20 19:53:39
35.   Jon Weisman
I liked the way Vinny was talking about Erickson. Making some good, precise points in a way anyone could understand.
2005-05-20 19:54:44
36.   Jeromy
For those of us out of market, what did he say?
2005-05-20 19:55:40
37.   Jon Weisman
Iztruis now projects to more than 240 hits for the year.

How long do you all wait before you hit refresh during the game chat?

2005-05-20 19:56:37
38.   Bob Timmermann
Usually at the end of an at bat. Unless I'm doing something else.
2005-05-20 19:56:39
39.   Jon Weisman
Long story short, talking about him needing to pitch inside - but skeptical about whether he actually had the stuff to do it.
2005-05-20 19:58:33
40.   Jim Hitchcock
For me, every batter or so.
2005-05-20 20:01:45
41.   Sam DC
Three of the last four threads closed at 146 comments.
2005-05-20 20:02:27
42.   Bob Timmermann
Run Bengie, run!
2005-05-20 20:03:07
43.   socalcardfan
I'll take the over on the 146
2005-05-20 20:04:10
44.   Im So Blue
Beltre woulda got that one :)
2005-05-20 20:04:11
45.   Bob Timmermann
Molina will need a triple or homer to score from second.
2005-05-20 20:05:23
46.   Steve
31 -- mmm...The Federalist.

Jim asked if I was taking the Ungar -- I instead chose Felix's wacky roommate, Oscar Madison. There would be many reasons for this beside simply the fact that Erickson's going to get killed.

I missed the first inning having fun with my satellite company. I'm glad.

2005-05-20 20:05:29
47.   Landonkk
watching AL pitchers hit is great. kinda like watching drew right about now.
2005-05-20 20:08:03
48.   Landonkk
cant wait to hear erikson bitch about that pb after the game.
2005-05-20 20:08:12
49.   Bob Timmermann
I sense a great disturbance in the Grabowski.
2005-05-20 20:08:32
50.   Jon Weisman
I believe Erickson has just done Steve's Grabowski Principle - active roster/career style.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-20 20:08:44
51.   Fearing Blue
Big Grabowski!
2005-05-20 20:10:10
52.   GoBears
44: Oh man, didn't someone comment the other day that Edwards has no range? Oh wait, that was me. His feet didn't move. It looked like he was just falling over, but even then, not fast enough. Like something was holding him up.

And now Erickson walks the pitcher. That's sorta like Grabowski-squared!

2005-05-20 20:10:38
53.   GoBears
2005-05-20 20:11:09
54.   Jim Hitchcock
Uh, Bob?
2005-05-20 20:11:29
55.   Jon Weisman
If you leave Erickson in much longer, might as well let him go nine.
2005-05-20 20:11:33
56.   GoBears
DePo should go down the field and release him right now. Colby can go down and stall for time, if it takes Paul a while to get down to the field.
2005-05-20 20:11:35
57.   Bob Timmermann
This is like "Flowers for Algernon" except we never got to see Scott Erickson be good.
2005-05-20 20:11:45
58.   Im So Blue
Alvarez up in the bullpen!
2005-05-20 20:11:52
59.   Fearing Blue
#52: Speaking of which, why hasn't Perez started at 3B yet? He certainly has a lot more potential than Edwards.
2005-05-20 20:12:07
60.   Landonkk
over under on erikson remaining pitches as a dodger?


2005-05-20 20:12:52
61.   Vishal
hahah, vinny said that walking washburn was like violating a commandment. sounds like he's a believer in the grabowski principle too.
2005-05-20 20:13:46
62.   Bob Timmermann
Carlos Silva threw just 74 pitches in a complete game today. Erickson could reach that by the third.

If he is still pitching.

2005-05-20 20:13:54
63.   Fearing Blue
The only good I can see of this is that if he gets badly spanked, he may get the Crowell treatment.
2005-05-20 20:14:53
64.   GoBears
2005-05-20 20:15:14
65.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob picked a very good day to mention Orel's last game.
2005-05-20 20:15:21
66.   Steve
I have a feeling we're going to see the Grabowski Principle played out like Groundhog Day this year. This is a horrible, horrible pitching staff. Blame whoever you want for it.
2005-05-20 20:15:27
67.   Chris H
I pray that this is the last we'll see of Scott Erickson.
2005-05-20 20:15:27
68.   Bob Timmermann
The leadoff strikeout by Figgins only served to get him angry apparently.
2005-05-20 20:15:40
69.   Landonkk
bye bye old man. have a nice retirement.
2005-05-20 20:16:10
70.   Fearing Blue
#66: I blame Tracy. Erickson should have been pulled in April.
2005-05-20 20:16:28
71.   Steve
55 - I agree, Jon. This game was over before it started. Get six innings out of him, let him give up 15, then get him the hell out of the rotation before he hurts somebody.
2005-05-20 20:17:10
72.   A E LUTHER
We just saw Erickson's last start as a Dodger-does anyone think that he would be effective out of the 'pen?
2005-05-20 20:17:21
73.   Marty
52. Reminds me of Ron Cey. He used to do that 'tip over' to look like he was diving for a ball in the gap too.
2005-05-20 20:18:11
74.   Fearing Blue
Vin just said "When the Dodgers sent him out there tonight, they expected a good game." How does he keep from laughing when he says that?
2005-05-20 20:18:45
75.   Langhorne
Man, I've never had to run through a mine field but watching Erickson gives me some idea of what that would be like. Except I get to keep my legs. Adios, Scott.
2005-05-20 20:20:46
76.   Bob Timmermann
Padres 3, Mariners 0 in the 5th
Athletics 2, Giants 0 after 4.
2005-05-20 20:20:49
77.   Steve
haha! "Aggressive baseball." Coaches before the game --

"Let's see. Erickson. So we score four runs in the first, then we steal three bases after to give Plaschke and Brown something to write about."

2005-05-20 20:21:27
78.   rageon
Maybe it's best that Erickson got shelled early. Now he's gone, and we can finally move on without him. Seriously, on the list of options to start a game, he can't be in our top 10, can he?
2005-05-20 20:25:12
79.   Jon Weisman
Our meager options are outlined in an update above. It won't be Heath Totten.
2005-05-20 20:26:54
80.   Bob Timmermann
I guess I shouldn't have brought back memories of Hershiser's 2000 season. Erickson was channeling Hershiser there.
2005-05-20 20:29:01
81.   Vishal
anyone think erickson will be blaming the passed ball and edwards not getting to the grounder by kennedy?
2005-05-20 20:31:48
82.   Sam DC
Kevin Brown tonight: 5 IP, 3 hits, 1 Run, 4 BB, 5K, struck out Mantkidjdieljiizzhzll2z with the bases loaded in the first.
2005-05-20 20:31:49
83.   Bob Timmermann
Peavy has 9 Ks through 5 innings in Seattle.
He gave up his first two hits of the game in the 5th and the Padres lead 3-0.
2005-05-20 20:32:52
84.   A E LUTHER
It's early but Dr. Phil is on in primetime and the Muppets are visiting the Wizard...
2005-05-20 20:34:05
85.   socalcardfan
Re #71, he's already hurt someone. It was his fielding prowess that resulted in the collision between Choi and Rolen.
2005-05-20 20:37:06
86.   Steve
85 -- you're right! Then he almost got Choi killed again in his last start.

I hate Scott Erickson. Hideo Nomo was a great competitor who just lost his stuff and Tracy wouldn't bench him. Erickson is a whiny jerk.

2005-05-20 20:38:13
87.   Steve
Why are we giving Tracy a pass for playing Mike Edwards over there even though Perez is on the roster? What future is Mike Edwards going to have with the Dodgers, other than a Repkowskiian 0 for 100 slump to come?
2005-05-20 20:38:14
88.   Fearing Blue
#79: I like the Duaner Sanchez option that has been discussed. He was a starter in the minors, and he throws a variety of pitches (two-seam fastball, curve, change, split finger). Even though Steve has approved this move, he will likely point out that some of Duaner's pitches should never be thrown :).

Doing a little research, the last season that Duaner pitched as a starter was 2001 between A & AA. Unfortunately, he wasn't very effective, which is likely why he was converted into a reliever.

2005-05-20 20:38:35
89.   A E LUTHER
Anyone miss Ishii?
2005-05-20 20:39:28
90.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Has it been officially established that Alvarez will NOT be pulled out of the 'pen and into the rotation? Wasn't that one of his selling points, that he could start or relieve?
2005-05-20 20:42:27
91.   Sam DC
When do you think Cesar's next home run will be -- last AB of the season would be tidy, but I'd like to see at least a few more before then.
2005-05-20 20:43:23
92.   Fearing Blue
#87: I do not intend to give him a pass. See post #59. On the other hand, my preferred lineup against a junk LHP like Washburn would be Choi at 1B and Saenz at 3B.

I thought it was much stranger on Wednesday when Edwards started against a RHP and Perez rode the pine. Edwards must be ahead of Perez in Tracy's brownie point lineup system.

2005-05-20 20:43:55
93.   MSarg29
Not watching the game tonight since its not on the directv baseball package. If anyone cares Steve Nash just hit a 3pointer w/ 5 seconds left to tie the game a 111-111.
2005-05-20 20:45:32
94.   Fearing Blue
#89. I don't. We have enough mediocre pitchers who throw strikes. I'd rather not have one who doesn't throw strikes.
2005-05-20 20:46:01
95.   Steve
I don't miss Ishii. That's what Weaver's for. To remind us.
2005-05-20 20:46:28
96.   A E LUTHER
Current favorite roundballers:


2005-05-20 20:48:02
97.   Steve
92 -- so is mine. But how can you blame Tracy for not playing Saenz at third? That's like blaming a tiger for having stripes. :)

I fear that Edwards is scrappy.

2005-05-20 20:48:05
98.   Bob Timmermann
Giants went ahead of Oakland 3-2 on a 2-run homer from Alou and an RBI single from Feliz that chased Joe Blanton.

Seattle shows little ability or inclination to hit against Peavy.

2005-05-20 20:51:07
99.   A E LUTHER
#95 Steve:

I just benched him on my Fantasy squad (for what that's worth) and I couldn't help but notice that Weaver is the highest paid pitcher at $8,050,000.

He and Washburn are similar pitchers, when they're on their game they're tough to hit, other wise, yikes...

2005-05-20 20:51:23
100.   Fearing Blue
#97: Indeed. Who will win the scrap-off between Repko and Edwards when Werth gets called up?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-20 20:53:31
101.   Steve
95 -- that contract for Weaver is the fruit of the bitter tree of the Kevin Brown trade. While I am not a Weaver fan, I would most certainly rather have Jeff Weaver than Kevin Brown.

100 - Grabowski.

2005-05-20 20:54:54
102.   Steve
Was it coincidence by the way, that when Scott Erickson was giving up all those walks, the Angels were getting all those runners into scoring position? Must have been.
2005-05-20 20:55:08
103.   Fearing Blue
#99: I try to think of Weaver's salary as -5.75 million, which is the 9.25 million we're paying him minus the 15 million we would have paid Brown. At that price he's still a bargain.
2005-05-20 20:55:35
104.   A E LUTHER
Bob, going into tonight Beltre was 5 for 20 (.250) against Peavy with 1 hr and 1 rbi...
2005-05-20 20:56:34
105.   Fearing Blue
#101: Grabowski. That would suck.
2005-05-20 20:59:46
106.   A E LUTHER
Alvarez has got to be your new #5 starter, they used him in that role last season and he was nails.
2005-05-20 20:59:46
107.   Vishal
fire mike edwards
2005-05-20 20:59:52
108.   Fearing Blue
Mahomes is not making a good case tonight for replacing Erickson in our rotation. So far he's pitched 5 innings and given up 4R/ER with 6H, 4BB, and 1K.
2005-05-20 20:59:58
109.   GoBears
OK, Edwards's problem isn't range. It's just general suckiness.
2005-05-20 21:00:26
110.   GoBears
Nire relay!
2005-05-20 21:00:43
111.   jeongers
This game is torture. The last few weeks have been torture.
2005-05-20 21:00:48
112.   GoBears
NICE, that is. Or was.
2005-05-20 21:00:50
113.   A E LUTHER
Why are they sending Guerrero on that play?
2005-05-20 21:01:21
114.   Im So Blue
Angels get a guy thrown out at home. Are we surprised? No.
2005-05-20 21:01:27
115.   Vishal
...and the hearts of angel fans stop everywhere for a second.

nice throw by kent.

2005-05-20 21:01:28
116.   heato
I didn't get a chance to read Tracy's chat today. Did anyone ask him if he has considered moving people around in the lineup? If so, did he squirm out of giving a real answer?
2005-05-20 21:02:01
117.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels have never met an out on the basepaths that they didn't like.

Oakland-San Francisco tied at 3-3 in the 6th

2005-05-20 21:02:02
118.   A E LUTHER
I figured with the lead and all, there were two outs so that's probably why-
2005-05-20 21:03:10
119.   Steve
113 -- because they run around the bases indiscriminately like headless idiots. The problem with walking the Angels is that if you let them peacefully go 90 feet at a time from base to base, you don't give them any rope to hang themselves with.
2005-05-20 21:04:11
120.   Fearing Blue
Thank you Scioscia.

#106: I would love for it to happen, but I don't think they'll do it. When they made him the 5th starter last year, he got tired / injured and asked to be put back in the pen. This year, he's already suffered through shoulder tendinitis, which can be a nagging injury.

It would be great if they threw him out there every 5th day for 75 or 80 pitches, but if he can't go 100 pitches, I don't think Tracy will make him a Starter (TM).

2005-05-20 21:04:28
121.   Steve
Milton wants to go home and watch the basketball he TiVoed. I wish I had Tivoed some basketball.
2005-05-20 21:05:47
122.   A E LUTHER
I wonder if Scioscia was pleased by how Philips blocked the plate, and why Guerrero didn't attempt to bowl him over-
2005-05-20 21:05:59
123.   Fearing Blue
Additionally, if Alvarez was in the rotation, then we wouldn't have our best middle-reliever available for mop-up work.
2005-05-20 21:06:11
124.   Steve
Please tell me Guerrero has some kind of massive head trauma that will make the Angels stop running bases like they will catch some kind of rare communicable disease from standing on one too long.
2005-05-20 21:06:41
125.   bill cox
I'd rather see Mahomes than any more Erickson.Is it a bit soon for Billingsly or Broxton or even Hanrahan.I saw Hanrahan pitch last week for the Suns.His velocity was good.His mechanics looked alright,but his location was off,he didn't hold runners on and threw a bunt away to open up the floodgates.He looked like he could probably pitch all right with a little tweaking.How about Derek Thompson?I heard someone say last weak he has a cadavers'tendon.Erickson's career is a cadaver.
2005-05-20 21:07:10
126.   Steve
123 -- yeah, if we didn't have Alvarez, who would hold down those four and five run deficits the starters bequeath to us every night?
2005-05-20 21:08:03
127.   Vishal
yeah, but head trauma would be a sign of grit. it would be like a badge of honor.
2005-05-20 21:09:51
128.   A E LUTHER
Swing the bat!
2005-05-20 21:10:24
129.   GoBears
Additionally, if Alvarez was in the rotation, then we wouldn't have our best middle-reliever available for mop-up work.

That's OK. By the time Tracy usually pulls the starter, we don't need middle relievers any more.

2005-05-20 21:11:20
130.   Bob Timmermann
6-0 Padres in the 7th. So it will likely be a 3 1/2 game deficit after tonight.
2005-05-20 21:11:59
131.   Vishal
that was the point, i think. our valuable assets are being used for something stupid like mop-up work when the game is already out of reach.
2005-05-20 21:14:31
132.   Fearing Blue
#108: As if to spite me, Mahomes went out in the 6th and gave up a hit before striking out the side. Maybe someone informed him of Erickson's implosion.
2005-05-20 21:15:52
133.   GoBears
313: Uh, yeah. Got it. Just an attempt at some gallows humor here.
2005-05-20 21:17:26
134.   MSarg29
when are we going to start hitting? I cant imagine washburn looks like koufax out there...or even Jimmy Key.
2005-05-20 21:20:30
135.   Jeromy
48 pitches for Alvarez. He should be done. What a job in a "mop up" role. He deserves a win in my opinion. Run support, please!
2005-05-20 21:21:48
136.   Jeromy
So far: Dodger offense=Izturis!
2005-05-20 21:23:06
137.   Vishal
haha, sorry gobears.

gallows humor, indeed. the fact that the angels are the hangman at present doesn't help any, either.

2005-05-20 21:23:16
138.   the OZ
Repko with another great situational at-bat - if the situation called for an F-4.

Not a McDonnel-Douglas jet aircraft, but a popfly to the 2B.

2005-05-20 21:23:31
139.   Fearing Blue
Jacksonville has 5 starters who are pitching reasonably well:

C Billingsley - 3.74 ERA; 45.2 IP; 42 H; 2 HR; 17 BB; 48 K

J Broxton - 3.20 ERA; 45.0 IP; 34 H; 2 HR; 20 BB; 39 K

E Stults - 3.86 ERA; 39.2 IP; 44 H; 4 HR; 6 BB; 37 K

D Thompson - 4.04 ERA; 35.2 IP; 39 H; 3 HR; 16 BB; 39 K

E Hull - 4.01 ERA; 33.2 IP; 30 H; 2 HR; 21 BB; 33 K

Stults looks like the best option based on this year's stats. The others are still walking too many batters. Stults' career numbers aren't great, but it's possible he's turned the corner at 25 years old.

Stults' career stats:

2005-05-20 21:25:13
140.   Vishal
ironically, drew swung at ball 4.
2005-05-20 21:26:24
141.   Xeifrank
Would be a scoreless game if it weren't for Mr Erickson.



2005-05-20 21:26:29
142.   Bob Timmermann
Oakland back ahead of the Giants 4-3.

I worry about the race for third. Remember if the Dodgers slip to fourth then Steve Phillips would be right!

I can't have that.

2005-05-20 21:26:41
143.   Xeifrank
Who is Erickson going to blame for this gem?



2005-05-20 21:27:16
144.   Jeromy
The whole team is pressing. You would think the blowout win against Atlanta would have relaxed some guys.
2005-05-20 21:28:20
145.   Im So Blue
For those not watching on TV, "Vlad jammed his left shoulder."
2005-05-20 21:29:35
146.   JeffinTokyo
Konnichiwa from Tokyo and Sayonara to Scotty Erickson.

Regarding the Dodgers problem at 3rd base, I see there is a kid down in Vegas hitting .407, with an OPS of 1.478 (OB .515, Slg .963!). His name is Naka-something. Think we should give him a chance?

The gap between AAA and the Majors can't be as wide as Nakamura has made it seem. What could it hurt to give him another chance. At least you know you'll get good D.

2005-05-20 21:30:30
147.   Landonkk
drew just looks helpless at the plate. watches 3. take strike one.. watches washburn groove one down the middle, then swings and misses ball 4. does he get paid by the bb?
2005-05-20 21:30:58
148.   Bob Timmermann
8-3 Oakland in San Francisco.
2005-05-20 21:31:08
149.   Xeifrank
haha, pitch out steal for Figgins.



2005-05-20 21:32:54
150.   Bob Timmermann
The Mariners come to life and score a run. Of course, Peavy was out of the game and they got a home run by Olivo off of Denys Reyes.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-05-20 21:33:32
151.   Sushirabbit
Am I the only one who expects Erickson to announce he wants to play in the outfield?

... "Flowers for Algernon".. Indeed.

If they release that loser, are they gonna call up Werth? We need him back, I'm telling you, the guy is primed.

2005-05-20 21:33:48
152.   Fearing Blue
Stults' 6.17 K/BB ratio seemed pretty good, so I decided to compare it to the MLB leaders. Only 5 qualified pitchers have a higher K/BB ratio.

The two leading pitchers are off the charts. First is Radke with an 18.00 K/BB ratio and second is his teammate Santana with a 10.29 K/BB ratio. Minnesota has a major-league leading ratio of 4.18 K/BB, which is 1.55 higher than the Astros, who are in second with a 2.63 K/BB ratio. The worst ratio in the majors is Colorado at 1.10. Thus, Colorado is closer to the Astros than the Astros are to the Twins. Impressive.

2005-05-20 21:35:21
153.   A E LUTHER
I keep saying to myself, self- Drew will heat up like he did last year at this time, he will start hitting, he will. BTW Drew is not getting paid to walk-

Like my LL nephew, he needs to go up to the plate and be agressive, and not look for a walk.

2005-05-20 21:35:38
154.   Im So Blue
Another Angel out at the plate.
2005-05-20 21:35:44
155.   Bob Timmermann
How can Figgins be out by that much on a squeeze?
2005-05-20 21:36:59
156.   A E LUTHER
Scioscia is still trying to get that 5th run...
2005-05-20 21:37:12
157.   Fearing Blue
Thanks again Scioscia.

#146: Hi Jeff. A decent portion of that production was from when Nakamura started the season in AAA, though he is still hitting well. Based on how bad (visually) he looked at the plate in the majors, it will likely be a while until he gets called back up. The theory is that in AAA he gets to feast on a lot more junk pitchers who are similar to what he faced in Japan.

2005-05-20 21:37:30
158.   Vishal
the angels don't deserve to win anything, doing suicide squeezes with 2 on and 1 out while up by 4.
2005-05-20 21:38:14
159.   Steve
Scioscia -- what a bonehead. Our staff is reaching levels of Colorado-esque ineptitude, and he's running and bunting all over the place.
2005-05-20 21:39:48
160.   Fearing Blue
#158: Very true, but we don't deserve to win anything when our starting pitcher is Scott Erickson.
2005-05-20 21:40:32
161.   Fearing Blue
#159: Scioscia needs to fit the story line that Plaschke wrote three weeks ago.
2005-05-20 21:40:57
162.   JeffinTokyo
157. Fearing Blue, I'm fearing you may be right about Nak, but if he's gotten his mechanics sorted out, he might work out.

And why can't Tracy drop down Drew against lefties. Is there another clause in that 55 $mil deal we don't know about?

2005-05-20 21:42:08
163.   A E LUTHER
Vishal-see my previous post about run #5.

Baseball stragegy dictates that a 4 run lead is not "safe" as a grand slam will potentially tie the game.

2005-05-20 21:42:51
164.   Steve long as we're stuck with one of our two big bats on the bench against lefties...Saenz 2nd? hmmmm.....
2005-05-20 21:43:03
165.   Jon Weisman
The slogan contest results are in, up, out!
2005-05-20 21:44:03
166.   Sushirabbit
I'm for giving Nakamura another shot, and/or Aybar. Of course, he might be trade bait, too. But he looked pretty good to me in his games in Nashville.
2005-05-20 21:44:59
167.   Steve
Aybar! Aybar!

Let Nakamura win the PCL MVP award.

2005-05-20 21:46:03
168.   Xeifrank
Ground rule double for Old Maid Signs.



2005-05-20 21:47:09
169.   Xeifrank
That was really DUMB sending Old Maid home when the LF had the ball when Old Maid was just hitting third base. But then again his run would've counted as four right?



2005-05-20 21:47:22
170.   Steve
Yes, I'm for it. Saenz should bat 2nd against lefties.
2005-05-20 21:47:28
171.   bokonon42
2005-05-20 21:47:30
172.   A E LUTHER
Three runners tagged out at home tonight.
2005-05-20 21:47:38
173.   regfairfield
Why was I able to see that coming as soon as I saw Olmedo waddling around third?
2005-05-20 21:47:41
174.   Jon Weisman
So not close at the plate.
2005-05-20 21:47:43
175.   Bob Timmermann
Saenz was out from me to many, many, many, many, many, many other people.
2005-05-20 21:47:51
176.   Landonkk
good job, glenn. down by four, we actually are stringing some hits together and you send SAENZ of all people...
2005-05-20 21:48:00
177.   Fearing Blue
Steve, do you have anything to say about that play?
2005-05-20 21:48:20
178.   Steve
I'm sending out a desperate cry.


2005-05-20 21:48:25
179.   jeongers
Ugh . . .
2005-05-20 21:49:11
180.   Steve
He just knew Tracy wouldn't have batted for Edwards, and wanted to spare him the embarrassment.
2005-05-20 21:49:45
181.   A E LUTHER
Was that the old slow runner, two out, send him anyway, it'll take a perfect relay/throw to get him play?
2005-05-20 21:49:53
182.   MSarg29
down by 4 and making the last out at home is a cardinal sin.
2005-05-20 21:51:13
183.   Steve
It has been argued, at various times, by various people, that Glenn Hoffman is not a bad third base coach.

Check and Mate.

2005-05-20 21:51:33
184.   Jon Weisman
181 - the problem was no relay was needed and an imperfect throw still would have nailed him.
2005-05-20 21:51:38
185.   regfairfield
181 - No, it would have taken any throw within the area code to get him.
2005-05-20 21:52:04
186.   JeffinTokyo
Duaner Sanchez was a starter in the minors. He has a nice assortment of pitches & throws strikes. Why not make him a starter again?
2005-05-20 21:52:23
187.   the OZ
The Dodgers are supposedly good against LHP (9-3), or so Vin tells me. So I looked up our games vs. LHP this season.

The Dodgers as a team are 9-3 when the opposing team starts a LHP, but what is the collective record of those pitchers, and who are they?

LHP the Dodgers have beaten, and their current Prospectus Pk-Adjusted ERA:

Kirk Rueter (4.49)
Chris Capuano (3.68)
Joe Kennedy (6.82)
Eric Milton (8.29)
Dontrelle Willis (1.86)

The Dodgers have lost to (0-1):

Mark Mulder (4.05)

So, they're 5-1 against LHP of record, with an average PK_ERA of roughly 5.00. However, opposing pitchers have 5 ND against the Dodgers, listed next to whether the Dodgers eventually won or lost the game:

W Kirk Rueter (5IP 4 ER)
W Jeff Francis (6IP, 3ER)
L Brad Halsey (5IP, 3ER)
W Horacio Ramirez (7IP 2ER)
L Mike Hampton (2.1IP, 0ER, left due to injury)

The Dodgers are 5-1 against LHP with an average ERA of just below 5.00 (counting Mulder), but have scored just 12 runs in 25.1 innings when they've failed to "beat" a starter.

There are a couple problems with my methods here, but I would argue that they're not particularly good against lefties and have been fortunate enough to face lefties on teams with bad bullpens.

2005-05-20 21:52:53
188.   Bob Timmermann
I'm so excited tonight, I've been mapping out all the dates from the Random Dodger Game Callbacks.

I had to unrandomize the 1994 game or else it would have come up in the middle of September.

The season was shorter that year.

2005-05-20 21:53:13
189.   A E LUTHER
If you sending him--why wouldn't you pinch run for Saenz? No one else to play first?
2005-05-20 21:53:20
190.   Jon Weisman
It seems to me that quantitatively measuring third-base coaches on sending runners would be a fairly easy thing to do.
2005-05-20 21:53:47
191.   Steve
Houlton will pitch the ninth.
2005-05-20 21:54:57
192.   Xeifrank

Bring Your Own Gas Can?



2005-05-20 21:55:45
193.   Xeifrank
Washburn out Donnelly in... Choi?



2005-05-20 21:56:30
194.   Steve
Just steeling myself, based on prior habits.
2005-05-20 21:57:47
195.   Bob Timmermann
As someone who has read a lot of SABR-like studies on stuff, there hasn't been much research on how good or bad a third base coach is. The number of runners in a season who get thrown out at home for any one team is not big enough to get a good reading.

There are a lot of variables: how hard the ball is hit, how good the outfielder's arm is, how good the relay man's arm is, how fast the runner is, etc.

2005-05-20 21:58:15
196.   A E LUTHER
I guess the thought was that it was the seventh inning and one run would help, still you could have used Weaver to run for Saenz.
2005-05-20 21:59:39
197.   Bob Timmermann
Weaver would have been upset after seeing Washburn giving up another hit and not run hard enough.
2005-05-20 22:00:49
198.   Steve
Tracy saving his bench for extra innings.
2005-05-20 22:00:59
199.   Ryan Jerz
195 - Bob, besides runners getting thrown out, what about stranding runners by being overly conservative? Any idea if you can measure that? I get that Hoffman is stupidly aggressive, and I would bet that "conventional wisdom" would have hung him out to dry had he held Saenz and he was stranded, only to have the Dodgers shut out. You know, the whole, "we could have really started something by sending Saenz" thing would have started...
2005-05-20 22:01:22
200.   Steve
FYI, the fourth season of Seinfeld chases the Blues away.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-05-20 22:01:36
201.   Fearing Blue
Choi should have pinch-hit for Edwards and moved Saenz to 3B. It's not like Saenz is much worse defensively than Edwards. Instead Choi is going to pinch-hit for Sanchez and only get 1AB. For us to win, Edwards slot would likely have to come up again in the 9th, so you're evaluating 2ABs for Choi vs. 2ABs for Edwards.
2005-05-20 22:02:25
202.   A E LUTHER
Variables on THAT play:

2 outs/7th inning, down by four.
Good fielder/good arm in LF.
Excellent defensive catcher/plate blocker.
Sloooooow runner who almost got thrown out going into second earlier in the game.

Verdict: bad decision.

2005-05-20 22:02:51
203.   Fearing Blue
#199: Conventional wisdom should realize that Saenz runs like he's missing both his feet.
2005-05-20 22:03:02
204.   Xeifrank
I'd pitch Choi inside as much as possible.



2005-05-20 22:03:27
205.   JeffinTokyo
Boras does it again. Steiner just said that JD Drew's and Jeff Weaver's younger brothers are now both signed with independent teams, Jared Weaver most recently. Based on past cases, this is risky business for them.

I bet if the owners asked for a cap on signing bonuses now, the players union would go for it.

2005-05-20 22:03:45
206.   Steve
Conventional wisdom thinks Glenn Hoffman is a good third base coach.
2005-05-20 22:04:37
207.   JeffinTokyo
CW also thinks Tracy is a good manager.
2005-05-20 22:05:19
208.   A E LUTHER
#200, Steve, what season had the episode where Kraemer freaked out to Mary Hart's voice on ET, that was epic.
2005-05-20 22:05:54
209.   Steve
I hate CW. CW likes scrappy.
2005-05-20 22:06:22
210.   Ryan Jerz
That's exactly what I'm saying. I think Hoffman was thinking along the lines of what he should do to get the team fired up. Conventional wisdom says that Saenz's run is the most important right now. You have to score one before you can score four. So Hoffman was relying on gut by sending Saenz, closing his eyes and hoping.
2005-05-20 22:07:11
211.   JeffinTokyo
Seinfield dubbed in Japanese is totemo omoshiroi (very interesting).
2005-05-20 22:07:18
212.   Steve
That was the third season.
2005-05-20 22:09:02
213.   A E LUTHER
#210, Apparently several other Dodgers were closing their eyes and hoping against Washburn tonight.
2005-05-20 22:09:17
214.   Xeifrank
Sorry to say, but this is a 4th place team.



2005-05-20 22:09:29
215.   JeffinTokyo
sono koto ga warukunai kedo: not that there's anything wrong with that
2005-05-20 22:10:26
216.   A E LUTHER
Thanks Steve, I've got most of the originals on video tape, I should just cut bait and by the DVD's now.
2005-05-20 22:10:44
217.   Xeifrank
Old Maid Signs' run didn't matter. Worst play is to run out of an inning when your run doesn't matter. If it was a one run game then perhaps, but...



2005-05-20 22:10:56
218.   regfairfield
We're going to lose to a team that had Jeff DaVanon batting 3rd.
2005-05-20 22:11:02
219.   Steve
Bring in Houlton! :)
2005-05-20 22:12:27
220.   Xeifrank
Perhaps the Dodgers should hire George Castanza as a third base coach or manager, afterall he does have front office experience. I think the best bet would be to have Kramer be your third base coach and Castanza as the manager.



2005-05-20 22:13:03
221.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Going off Gameday, that intentional walk must've looked goofy.
2005-05-20 22:13:54
222.   JeffinTokyo
As Jimmy Carter might say, there is a malaise that has spread among the Dodgers right now.

Considering this, might a change at the top (e.g. replacing Tracy with Wallach) be the stimulus this team needs?

2005-05-20 22:14:21
223.   A E LUTHER
How about:

"Vandelay Industries"
"Master of your domain"
"Dodger's better start hitting"

2005-05-20 22:14:49
224.   Fearing Blue
#214: I'm as bitter as the next guy (unless perhaps the next guy is named Steve), but this shouldn't be a 4th place team. We're definitely better than the Diamondbacks and the Giants.
2005-05-20 22:15:28
225.   Steve
216 -- I never thought I would be interested in them, then I got Season 3 as a gift and like having them in order with the extras. Season 4 has a lot of the classics.

1st Place offense; 5th place pitching = 3rd place finish.

2005-05-20 22:16:33
226.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are not a fourth place team. Have you taken a look at the Giants pitchers? They would be envious of the Dodgers.
2005-05-20 22:16:38
227.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Did you know Carter never spoke the word "malaise" in what was to become known as his "Malaise Speech?"
2005-05-20 22:17:37
228.   Steve
Somebody kill me and put me out of my misery.


2005-05-20 22:18:17
229.   Vishal
young yhency walks in a run. our smokejumper is fanning the flames here.
2005-05-20 22:19:15
230.   Steve
Seven walks. Seven walks to the fricking Angels. Are you kidding me? This is a team where Jose Molina is ordered to swing on 3-0 pitches. Ridiculous. Ludicrous. We should ship our whole staff to AAA and bring them up. Could they do worse?
2005-05-20 22:19:22
231.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Why am I not in bed?
The Dodgers are down five runs, its 20 past one, and I have work in the morning.
2005-05-20 22:19:42
232.   A E LUTHER
Comedys that stand the test of time:
"I Love Lucy"

"Convential Wisdom"
"Sending Saenz"
"Grudzalanek backwords is...."

2005-05-20 22:20:15
233.   Steve
Jeff DaVanon season OPS -- .582. Incompetent.
2005-05-20 22:21:23
234.   Bob Timmermann
You really have to try to walk the Angels this much. Really really try.

Can I wear a different shirt tomorrow? I'm afraid to show up in Ghame Over.

2005-05-20 22:21:29
235.   Steve
Rivera is going to get fined 500 dollars if he sees double digit pitches.
2005-05-20 22:22:14
236.   Bob Timmermann
I'm wearing one of my UV protecting shirts tomorrow instead of Ghame Over after that.
2005-05-20 22:22:16
237.   Steve
2005-05-20 22:22:21
238.   A E LUTHER
Maybe Erickson should have been left in...
2005-05-20 22:22:44
239.   MSarg29
231 - Robot...I was just thinking the same thing here to. Following this on the east coast over gamecast is pretty masochistic.
2005-05-20 22:22:59
240.   Steve
The Grabowski Principle is immutable. It applies even if Brazoban is on the mound and the only pitcher left is DJ Houlton.
2005-05-20 22:23:26
241.   Vishal
game over.

it seems our smokejumper idea may be jumping the shark instead.

yhency throws too many fastballs in a row; he needs another out pitch.

2005-05-20 22:23:47
242.   Xeifrank
Dodger win expectancy is now...




2005-05-20 22:24:56
243.   Jeromy
I was hoping the Dodgers would score 5 runs in the 9th, not the other LA team.
2005-05-20 22:25:29
244.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Honest question: At what point is JT's job in jeopardy? Seriously, we all complain about him but tonight is the first time I've thought he may need to go sooner rather than later.
2005-05-20 22:26:03
245.   JeffinTokyo
9th pitch grandslam. You gotta tip your hat to Rivera.

Radio says Yhency's not throwing so hard tonight. "Only" 94. I wonder how much adreneline plays into it.

Luther 223:
1.Importer/Exporter: yunyunhin/yushutshin
2. same
3. Master of your domain: jubun no shihaichi no danasan
4. Dodgers better start hitting: Dodgers ha, ii batting wo shinakeraba nara nai

2005-05-20 22:28:03
246.   Fearing Blue
#244: I'm not a big Tracy fan, but what specifically is the concern tonight? His pitching decisions didn't that bad tonight.
2005-05-20 22:28:07
247.   Steve
Braz must follow the same rules of pitching as anyone else. Don't go to three balls and don't trigger the dreaded Grabowski Principle. He went 0-2 tonight.
2005-05-20 22:28:26
248.   regfairfield
At this point, I just want to see who Scott Erickson blames tonight.
2005-05-20 22:28:35
249.   Fearing Blue
didn't seem that bad, rather.
2005-05-20 22:28:43
250.   Steve
Should have brought Alvarez to pitch to Figgins after he walked Washburn.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-05-20 22:29:05
251.   JeffinTokyo
Dodger home record: 11-9 (soon to be 11-10)
When Jon attended: 3-1
When Jon didn't: 8-8 (soon to be 8-9)

Point: Let's click pay pal so Jon can get to more games.

2005-05-20 22:29:46
252.   Fearing Blue
Every time I see Repko almost beat out the routine grounder to SS, I think "he sure is scrappy", but then I wish he wouldn't keep grounding out to SS.
2005-05-20 22:30:19
253.   Vishal

mike edwards for not reaching the grounder, and jason phillips for the passed ball, i'd assume.

the angels drew SEVEN walks tonight. that must be a season high.

2005-05-20 22:30:37
254.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
246: It's not what happened tonight, but the malaise that's taken over in the past month.
2005-05-20 22:30:51
255.   Fearing Blue
#250: Doh. Forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.
2005-05-20 22:31:21
256.   Steve
Thanks Jeff, get it over with.
2005-05-20 22:32:49
257.   Steve
Huh. Seven walks, nine runs. Correlation stuns the mathematicians.
2005-05-20 22:33:05
258.   Jon Weisman
251 - It's not just that small sample size. Look at the numbers since '91.

May has been a brutal month. Hopefully, I'll get to a few more games in June.

2005-05-20 22:33:27
259.   Fearing Blue
This may be sacrilegious, but think of all the good things that could happen if we were out of the running by the All-Star break.

1) We could trade Penny for a boatload.
2) We could trade Weaver for a thimble-full.
3) We could let Jim Tracy move on to new pastures.

2005-05-20 22:34:33
260.   Steve
Jim Tracy will not be fired.
2005-05-20 22:35:38
261.   Steve
Milton, why do you drag this out? I mean great nine pitch at-bat. Maybe 30 plate appearances too late for this game, but you have tomorrow's six-run deficit to overcome tomorrow.
2005-05-20 22:35:48
262.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Steve, are you hoping to jinx JT?
2005-05-20 22:38:01
263.   Bob Timmermann
Well, we likely get to face the Angels without Guerrero tomorrow and Sunday.
2005-05-20 22:38:06
264.   Steve
No, I will say categorically that Jim Tracy will not be fired. I have recognized this fact in the past and nothing has changed. In fact, our failures will ensure JT's survival (to the extent it was not already assured) at least through the extent of his two-year contract.
2005-05-20 22:39:31
265.   Steve
The only chance that Tracy doesn't fulfill his contract is that the Reds fire Dave Miley (virtually assured), and then come after Tracy, who takes the gig to be closer to home. I would prefer that this happen.
2005-05-20 22:39:45
266.   JeffinTokyo
Jon, I imagine that your game selection process (e.g. going to games against the Giants over games against the Brewers) actually made your numbers worse than they would have been in the long haul. So, your .004 advantage is even more impressive.
2005-05-20 22:40:22
267.   Fearing Blue
#263: In that case, we'd be facing the Angels without Guerrero, Anderson, and Rodriguez. I hope we can win these.
2005-05-20 22:40:22
268.   GoBears
264: Hmm, I think JT mgiht be fired in the off-season if the team really tanks this year. But I agree that there is no way he'll get fired this year.
2005-05-20 22:41:48
269.   JeffinTokyo
sorry. .006+
2005-05-20 22:46:39
270.   Fearing Blue
Hey Xei,

If you're still reading, I found a link you may like:

It's a Hardball Times article about the different Win Probability based systems out there.

2005-05-20 22:52:21
271.   Rick
Do the Angels have any hitters batting over .240? It struck me as odd watching the stats keep popping up that this is supposed to be a good team. And then we lose 9-0! Oh the humanity.
2005-05-20 22:52:26
272.   Jon Weisman
266 - True enough, though I've been known to avoid No. 5-starter games here and there.
2005-05-20 22:55:47
273.   Bob Timmermann
I'm 1-2 in person this year. The win was on Opening Day. I'll be there Saturday.
2005-05-20 22:56:17
274.   Steve
Jim Tracy will not be fired, particularly in the midst of failure. Because of the politicization of the Dodgers, such a move would be seen by the national and local media (Plaschkers!) as blaming Tracy for DePo's mistakes. Of course, this would partially be true. Assume, for instance, that Tracy deserves 40% of the blame for our plight (for the sake of argument). Regardless, 100% of Tracy would get fired.

It is for this reason that I prefer the Cincinnati option, so when Dave Miley does extraordinarily stupid things, I welcome it.

2005-05-21 00:01:12
275.   gvette
At the risk of sounding like an escapee from, tonight's game was a disgraceful performance by the Dodgers.

If Erickson isn't gone by this weekend, DePo deserves all the cr*p he's been getting from Plaschke and Simers.

2005-05-21 00:19:59
276.   Albert in Hong Kong
"For the most part, I was effective when I threw it over the plate, until the guy hit the triple, which wasn't a bad pitch," Erickson said. "I realized what I was doing wrong, and it's easy to correct."

Sure, Mr. Lisa. Seriously though, always making excuses and being too optimistic is stupid. Just face it and say you had a bad day, or you just don't deserve to be a no.5 starter.

2005-05-21 09:01:43
277.   Louis in SF
Albert has it right, Scott Erickson should not start again, and if Odalis can't go on Tuesday, which is a real possibility, they need to either start Wilson, Duaner or bring up Pat Mahomes, or somebody else. This recent slide as Jon pointed out as less to do with hitting than poor pitching. If the Dodgers lose today or tomorrow-don't want to think about both, they will have lost 4 series in a row all to good teams all four could easily make the playoffs. At the same time San Diego has put a nice run together and beat both the Marlins,Cardnals, and the Braves, the tree teams we lost to. This weekend DePo and Billy Beane are hanging out at Sunkin Diamond to watch College Ball, I hope the two fertile minds can help figure out our pitching mess...By the way is it 4 homers against Yahncy in his last two games?
2005-05-21 10:02:22
278.   Howard Fox
First of all, if we had a major league level 3B last night, Kennedy's grounder is turned into a DP to end the top of the second.

That being said, Erickson is, to be kind, over the hill. Any comments from him assessing blame to others, diminishes whatever nice career he had in years past. Any future starts by him should be counted as strikes against Tracy.

Aside from Izturis and Bradley, the team seems to have lost its focus and zip. It's a shame, cause they need all they can get to be competitive, even in a weak division. This comes from the top, i.e., Tracy again.

Someone needs to tell the pitchers to throw strikes. If they are hit, so be it. But over 70% of the time, the batter will make out. I like those odds.

The hitters will come around, maybe not averaging 7 or 8 runs a game again, but they will hit okay, at least for now, thru the 7th batter in the lineup (6th when Bako plays).

Third base and manager...aside from that we are fine. Ouch...

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