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May 21: Time to Start Winning
2005-05-21 10:02
by Jon Weisman

Today's Game

Consecutive Dodger wins. Starting ... now!

Comments (351)
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2005-05-21 10:13:02
1.   Suffering Bruin
Being dragged off the computer here so I can continue to move furniture. My wife and her best friend are literally closing down the computer as I speak. Before I do...


Have a great chat, folks...

2005-05-21 10:13:33
2.   Suffering Bruin
DePodesta Trekkies. Now that's a slogan..
2005-05-21 10:15:19
3.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

May 21, 1961

Before 41.495 fans at Candlestick Park, the Dodgers finished off a three game sweep of the Giants with a 3-2 win behind a four-hitter from Sandy Koufax and home runs from John Roseboro and Jim Gilliam. The win brought the Dodgers into a virtual tie for first place with the Giants. The Giants were 22-14 and the Dodgers were 20-12.

The Giants scored both their runs in the fourth. Felipe Alou led off with a single and went all the way to third on a hit-and-run ground out by Orlando Cepeda. Harvey Kuenn then lifted a fly ball to right fielder Ron Fairly. Alou tagged up and barely got in under a strong throw. Roseboro, Koufax, and manager Walter Alston argued with home plate umpire Tom Gorman, but to no avail. Tom Haller followed with a home run to put the Giants up 2-0.

In the fifth, former Dodger pitcher Billy Loes gave up a home run to Roseboro and after a walk to Maury Wills, Gilliam homered to give the Dodgers the lead. It was Gilliam's first home run in nearly one year. Koufax then settled down and retired the last 16 Giants in a row.

In 1961 Koufax was turning into SANDY KOUFAX. He led the NL in strikeouts with 269 and went 18-13 with a 3.52 ERA. A change in the size of the strike zone and the move from the Coliseum to Dodger Stadium would also help turn Koufax into a Los Angeles icon and create a nearly impossible standard for future Dodger pitchers to attain.

Wills led the National League in stolen bases with 35. He would have a few more in 1962. Wally Moon led the National League in OBP at .434 and would never have another season as good.

Making his debut with the Dodgers that year was left-handed reliever Ron Perranoski. In 53 appearances, Perranoski had a 7-5 record and a 2.65 ERA. Perranoski would pitch for the Dodgers until 1967 and would return for a brief appearance in 1972.

The 1961 Dodgers finished with an 89-65 record, four games behind by surprising pennant winner Cincinnati. The Reds finished the season winning 14 out of 22.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, and Retrosheet

2005-05-21 10:23:32
4.   Jim Hitchcock
Much more encouraging than yesterday's, Bob.

What was the change to the strikezone?

2005-05-21 10:25:36
5.   Vic
Heading out to the Stadium in a bit, proudly ensconced in my "GHAME OVER" shirt. I hereby move that Good Brad Penny makes an appearance today.
2005-05-21 10:32:05
6.   Bob Timmermann
From 1962 through 1968, the strike zone pretty much extended from the ground to the top of the batter's head.
2005-05-21 10:32:09
7.   FirstMohican
I hearby move that Brad Penny recieve his morning nourishment from consuming Scott Erickson.
2005-05-21 10:34:37
8.   Fearing Blue
I just wish we had Finley's .673 OPS and veteran leadership so that we could win some games. Thanks for pointing it out Plaschke.
2005-05-21 10:52:38
9.   Howard Fox
First of all, if we had a major league level 3B last night, Kennedy's grounder is turned into a DP to end the top of the second.

That being said, Erickson is, to be kind, over the hill. Any comments from him assessing blame to others, diminishes whatever nice career he had in years past. Any future starts by him should be counted as strikes against Tracy.

Aside from Izturis and Bradley, the team seems to have lost its focus and zip. It's a shame, cause they need all they can get to be competitive, even in a weak division. This comes from the top, i.e., Tracy again.

Someone needs to tell the pitchers to throw strikes. If they are hit, so be it. But over 70% of the time, the batter will make out. I like those odds.

The hitters will come around, maybe not averaging 7 or 8 runs a game again, but they will hit okay, at least for now, thru the 7th batter in the lineup (6th when Bako plays).

Third base and manager...aside from that we are fine. Ouch...

2005-05-21 10:53:34
10.   Howard Fox
Fearing Blue, I am hoping you are employing a little sarcasm.
2005-05-21 10:59:09
11.   Jim Hitchcock
Re: # 7: Maybe if they made him a group snack, it would ignite the fire in the belly Howard's talking about.
2005-05-21 11:11:45
12.   Howard Fox
If anyone saw replays of Beltre striking out against Peavy, last night, it was the old Beltre swinging & missing at that low and outside pitch out of the strike zone.

Yes, it was a "hot" Peavy pitching, but it looked like the "old" Beltre.

2005-05-21 11:16:19
13.   Howard Fox
Oh, I thought the thread said Time to Start Whining....sorry
2005-05-21 11:18:51
14.   Bob Timmermann
It's always time for whining!
2005-05-21 11:21:03
15.   Bob Timmermann
I wish we had dominant starter like Randy Johnson. He's given up 9 hits (but only 2 runs so far) in 2 2/3 IP.
2005-05-21 11:21:30
16.   Marty
#5 hope Vic remembers the sun screen today. It's going to be 1000 degrees at the stadium today.
2005-05-21 11:22:49
17.   Marty
I vow to end every sentence with 'today' today.
2005-05-21 11:23:26
18.   Rick
Howard -- I see you called the NL West a weak division. I sorely disagree. The Padres, DBacks, and Dodgers are much more impressive than the NL Central minus Cardinals (Milwaukee in second place), the AL West (sad performances), and the AL Central (Chicago and Minnesota, that's it). The only ones that are in the NL West's league are the NL and AL East.

So if you rank us 3rd out of 6, is that considered weak? I don't think so.

2005-05-21 11:23:58
19.   Bob Timmermann
I'm wearing sunscreen and a UV protective shirt instead of "Ghame Over" today. It is now time for the ritual slathering on of the sunscreen. My seats will be in shade however.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to take any chances.

2005-05-21 11:42:10
20.   Bob Timmermann
Also if anyone wants a free pair of tickets to the Dodgers-Cubs game on June 1, send me an email.

First initial then last name at

2005-05-21 11:49:26
21.   Bob Timmermann
Offer accepted.
2005-05-21 11:54:14
22.   Steve
I'll take the under today. Scioscia might hit someone decent in the third spot and we'll really be in trouble.
2005-05-21 12:04:11
23.   GoBears
As illiterate as Plaschke can be, if his "Trekkies" comment was aimed at the likes of us, then he's not far off. There has been a lot of "uh oh" on this blog lately. Maybe it's all been from avowed DePo skeptics, but I don't think so. Which leads to the next logical question. Since we know Plaschke can't read, who is his spy here? The traditional solution to hard times is to find a scapegoat, accuse him/her of being a witch, and proceeding with a ritual execution. Who is the witch? BURN HIM!!
2005-05-21 12:04:45
24.   brendan glynn
I say the Dodgers start a modest three game win streak today and right the ship. They win 5 of their next seven game overall.
2005-05-21 12:05:35
25.   franklin
I'm hoping for a Random Dodger game callback circa 2014 for May 21, 2005 that includes the line: "In 2005 Penny was turning into BRAD PENNY."
2005-05-21 12:13:38
26.   Dave
Bob, that's it, the elusive "perfect slogan" I was waiting for: Jon Weisman, Chief Whine Steward.
2005-05-21 12:24:52
27.   Linkmeister
Oh dear, Dave.
2005-05-21 12:30:14
28.   GoBears

The good: Choi @ 1b, Perez @ 3B
The bad: Bako behind the plate
The ugly: Bako during his PAs.

2005-05-21 12:40:39
29.   jtshoe
Before the season I would have never believed it if someone told me that on May 21, JD Drew would have the lowest batting average in the Dodger starting lineup (besides the pitcher), especially a lineup that included Bako and Ledee.
2005-05-21 12:45:37
30.   GoBears
re 29: I choose to believe that this means that things will get better, as Drew reverts (upward) to his expected level of performance. Of course, it could also be, in part, because Ledee, Bako, and others are OVERperforming, and their collapse might counteract any awakening by Drew. Then again, they're part-time players, so probably not.
2005-05-21 12:52:54
31.   regfairfield
Wait, so Antonio Perez, formerly the right handed side of a platoon, now gets the start against righties?

Won't this effect his performance?

2005-05-21 12:58:36
32.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"If anyone saw replays of Beltre striking out against Peavy, last night, it was the old Beltre swinging & missing at that low and outside pitch out of the strike zone."

How soon until Beltre goes under the knife to have the bone spurs returned to his left ankle?

2005-05-21 12:58:42
33.   Steve
Perez better have three hits, or we'll be right back to Mike Edwards again.
2005-05-21 12:59:24
34.   GoBears
Yeah, good point. I think the expectation of a platoon at 3B was based on Valentin's inability to hit lefties, but his ability to crush righties. With him out of the mix, my guess is that Tracy is playing it by ear. Odd, though, that he'd stick to a strict platoon at 1b, which means sitting one of his two best hitters (so far) every game, while just rotating spare parts at 3rd. Unless he's decided that Saenz is just too pathetic at 3rd to contemplate. I just noticed that Perez has the same birthday as my wife (albeit more years apart that she'd care to acknowledge), so he's my new favorite (well, other than Hee Seop).

Got my Team Depo uni on. Ready to rumble...

2005-05-21 12:59:26
35.   LAT
Is there a law I am not framiliar with that says Hee Sop and Olmedo are not allowed on the field at the same time.
2005-05-21 13:02:33
36.   Steve
It's the law of diminishing returns.
2005-05-21 13:07:47
37.   Fearing Blue
#10: Sarcasm is all this team has left me with. :)
2005-05-21 13:12:56
38.   Albert in Hong Kong
Never liked Scooter...
2005-05-21 13:13:03
39.   GoBears
Oh geez! Scooter?! Kill me now.
2005-05-21 13:13:14
40.   Jose Habib
Thank goodness for Scooter, the talking baseball!
2005-05-21 13:13:34
41.   Fearing Blue
#18: Good call. Here are the overall division records, relative to .500:

1) NL East +14 games
2) AL East +9 games
3) NL West +4 games
4) AL Central +0 games
5) AL West -9 games
6) NL Central -20 games

2005-05-21 13:13:43
42.   regfairfield
Dang, the Angels number three hitter actually has a home run today.
2005-05-21 13:14:42
43.   regfairfield
Juan Rivera just turned into Jeff DaVanon somehow, I stand corrected.

DaVanon can actually take walks, so maybe we should fear him.

2005-05-21 13:15:17
44.   LAT
Still the minimum number of batters. I forever optomistic
2005-05-21 13:16:43
45.   molokai
By the time JD reverts to his previous ways Izturis and Choi will have stopped hitting and we will still have a problem. When our number 1 and 2 hitters are getting on pace at a .400 clip and our number 3 guy doesn't even have 20 runs batted in at this point in the season something is askew.

I think what the Giants have done without Bonds/Schimdt/Benetiz is amazing.

At the game last night Dodger fans hit a new low as they started lobbing water bottles and beer bottles and plastic cups full of beer during a melee in the reserved.

2005-05-21 13:18:03
46.   LAT
Well the new seats cost another base
2005-05-21 13:19:09
47.   regfairfield
To be fair, our number two hitter is Jason Repko an unfortunate amount of time.

No stealing!

2005-05-21 13:19:11
48.   Albert in Hong Kong
Dont blame Izturis or anyone for that. Jose Molina just has a really good arm.
2005-05-21 13:19:11
49.   Fearing Blue
2005-05-21 13:19:15
50.   GoBears
OK, I'm forming a posse, and going after Jim Tracy. Izturis is now, what, 2 for 7 in SB attempts? STOP IT ALREADY!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-21 13:19:23
51.   LAT
We CANNOT steal to save our life
2005-05-21 13:20:23
52.   LAT
You hear that on tv
2005-05-21 13:20:46
53.   Fearing Blue
#48: Shouldn't you place extra blame on Izturis / Tracy since they should know Molina has a really good arm?
2005-05-21 13:20:48
54.   regfairfield
How many HBP is that for Hee Seop this year?

He's getting hit at a Kinkadian rate.

2005-05-21 13:21:55
55.   GoBears
Wow, nice play by Erstad. Drew crushed that ball.
2005-05-21 13:22:00
56.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
If Cesar is caught stealing one more time, I'm installing a stoplight - signal forever stuck on red - in the third-base coaching box. With luck, Glenn Hoffman will be rendered superfluous within a homestand.
2005-05-21 13:22:07
57.   LAT
So if we don't steal we have Izzy on third with Kent at the plate.
2005-05-21 13:22:50
58.   regfairfield
Second, right?
2005-05-21 13:23:23
59.   Nick Iyengar
Ugh...only the Dodgers can turn a leadoff single and a subsequent HBP into a 1-2-3 inning.
2005-05-21 13:23:32
60.   GoBears
57: Maybe. Or a triple play.
2005-05-21 13:23:33
61.   regfairfield
Erstad certainly doesn't see play for his offense.
2005-05-21 13:25:19
62.   LAT
Regfairfield-yep, 2d --not all here today
2005-05-21 13:26:35
63.   LAT
Finally a little DEFENSE at 3rd
2005-05-21 13:27:07
64.   regfairfield
Game day is utterly confused about what the Angels lineup.

According to it, the lineup is

2005-05-21 13:27:09
65.   A Slo
Erstad is the heart and soul of the Angels. That's why he made that play.
2005-05-21 13:27:37
66.   Fearing Blue
Perez showing about 3 times the range of Edwards at 3B.
2005-05-21 13:28:04
67.   Albert in Hong Kong
#65, you forgot the mind.
2005-05-21 13:28:54
68.   LAT
Nice low pitch count that inning.
Sure looks hot at DS
2005-05-21 13:31:10
69.   Marty
64. That must be Vlad's replacement value.
2005-05-21 13:31:47
70.   Albert in Hong Kong
Alright, this time, do not steal a base.
2005-05-21 13:33:39
71.   GoBears
Apparently, Scioscia changed his lineup 10 minutes before the game. Gameday went up about 40 minutes before the game.
2005-05-21 13:34:19
72.   Marty
Boy, I don't know what Milton was looking for there.
2005-05-21 13:35:03
73.   Vishal
that strike 3 pitch to bradley was pretty much the exact same as the ball 3 pitch. ump is trying to have it both ways.
2005-05-21 13:36:40
74.   LAT
If we end every inning with a DP at least we had 9 guys on base and that's an improvment over the last two weeks. (scarcasim)
2005-05-21 13:38:09
75.   Steve
Hi everybody...just tuned in to see what's going on.

IZTURIS! #(&^%#(*Y#^(%$#&%#^

2005-05-21 13:39:11
76.   Albert in Hong Kong
MOLINA! #(&^%#(*Y#^(%$#&%#^
2005-05-21 13:39:43
77.   LAT
Effing Molina boys-they suck
2005-05-21 13:39:49
78.   Steve
I have an idea. Why doesn't he just try to stretch everything into a double, then we can have Repko sacrifice him to third, and then a "good situational hitter" like Edwards batting third to deliver the sac fly.
2005-05-21 13:40:22
79.   Steve
Oh Lord. The Grabowski Principle. Again. I give up. Goodbye.
2005-05-21 13:41:22
80.   LAT
That's what you wanted Plashke
2005-05-21 13:44:10
81.   LAT
So that's what a stolen base looks like
2005-05-21 13:45:20
82.   Albert in Hong Kong
I guess it helps when the catcher throws at the left side of second base.
2005-05-21 13:46:09
83.   Marty
Bako sure showed a lot of arm strength there, boy.
2005-05-21 13:46:24
84.   GoBears
Molina's shot really just carried. I noticed that on the first foul ball that Izturis hit in the 1st. Just a little foul ball that went much farther than I expected coming off the bat. Unless the pitchers fool a lot of guys, this could be a HR fest.
2005-05-21 13:46:38
85.   Marty
But Penny does take a half hour to get the ball to the plate.
2005-05-21 13:47:51
86.   GoBears
Yeah, bad throw by Bako, but it didn't matter. Figgins was halfway there before Penny released the pitch. That's why Cesar sucks at SBs. He's plenty fast, but never gets a good jump. He apparently can't read pitchers yet.
2005-05-21 13:50:18
87.   LAT
Boy Steve Lyons has a real problem with DS not using LAA moniker. He has mentioned it at least three times, each time insinuating Dodgers are petty.
2005-05-21 13:50:41
88.   Fearing Blue
Woohoo! Lackey pulling a Grabowski.
2005-05-21 13:51:33
89.   regfairfield
Isn't he our annoucer?

We have the Grabowski principle applying to someone else for once.

2005-05-21 13:53:09
90.   Steve
GP Cancel out! Phew!

Steve Lyons. Worst mistake the Dodgers have made yet.

2005-05-21 13:53:21
91.   Albert in Hong Kong
I'd like to see Lyons come down on the field and instruct Penny how to bunt himself.
2005-05-21 13:53:27
92.   Jim Hitchcock
Steve should be back any second now.
2005-05-21 13:53:41
93.   LAT
Memories of 2003 when Dodgers could not bunt to save thier lives
2005-05-21 13:54:24
94.   Steve
Scary thought: Jon called walking Jarrod Washburn a "Grabowski Principle" for Erickson's career. What if hiring Steve Lyons was a GP for the 2005 season? Ominous. I need to find a basement.
2005-05-21 13:55:22
95.   Steve
I don't care about Penny not bunting, because they just turn it into a force at third and then Penny has to run.
2005-05-21 13:55:50
96.   GoBears
Bako's slide was hysterical. Either he greased his backside, or he started it a little late. Almost slid to the OF grass.
2005-05-21 13:55:51
97.   Landonkk
hee seop choi
hee seop choi
hee seop choi
2005-05-21 13:56:27
98.   Landonkk
96. just trying to break it up.
2005-05-21 13:57:58
99.   LAT
neither roland nor choi are 250 lbs
2005-05-21 13:58:00
100.   Landonkk
when was the last dodger HR?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-21 13:58:19
101.   Albert in Hong Kong
Argh. Two on, then three straight outs.
2005-05-21 13:58:40
102.   GoBears
I know what Bako was trying to do. But it was funny. He finished his slide with his feet about 10 feet past the bag.
2005-05-21 13:58:41
103.   Vishal
i think it was olmedo against the fish
2005-05-21 14:01:38
104.   LAT
Roland and Choi each 240, bigger than I thought but Lyons just makes it up
2005-05-21 14:02:21
105.   Steve
It hurts even worse to lose to a team this dumb.
2005-05-21 14:04:35
106.   Landonkk
well.. there is one for the 'lack of fundamentals' list.

last dodger consecutive wins - 3 weeks ago.

2005-05-21 14:05:51
107.   GoBears
OK, I don't care what else Lyons has said. He officially jumped the shark 30 seconds ago, when he touted Finley for the Hall of Fame. Ah, but they had a graphic ready. Maybe it's not Lyons's fault. He may have been ordered to start that conversation. Still. What a dumb conversation.
2005-05-21 14:06:15
108.   Marty
So Lyons just put Finley in the HOF. You could tell that as soon as he got into that idea, he realized how ridiculous it may be. But he had to keep with it because you can't just stop mid sentence and say 'oh, nevermind'.
2005-05-21 14:07:53
109.   Jim Hitchcock
Did Lyons really just say "He be..."?
2005-05-21 14:09:08
110.   GoBears
Marty, the fact that they had a graphic ready, and Brennamen had that "stat" about how 16 of the 17 other guys with Finley's portfolio are in the HoF, leads me to believe that that was scripted. IT doesn't mean that Lyons isn't dumb, but I no longer think it was a spontaneous intervention.
2005-05-21 14:09:51
111.   Marty
Funny, I leapt to my office to make that comment and missed the graphic :)
2005-05-21 14:10:10
112.   LAT
landonkk--I would be happy with one win never mind consecutive wins
2005-05-21 14:11:31
113.   Steve
Drew is like Groundhog Day.
2005-05-21 14:15:18
114.   GoBears
Nope. That was low.
2005-05-21 14:15:30
115.   Marty
This is getting depressing
2005-05-21 14:15:46
116.   GoBears
Bradley's strike 3, that is.
2005-05-21 14:17:09
117.   Marty
I think it was low too. This ump is inconsistant. I've seen a couple balls in the same spot called strikes, a couple called balls.
2005-05-21 14:18:22
118.   Landonkk
ok. i don't honestly think this, but i need to say these words right now...

JD Drew sucks.

2005-05-21 14:18:31
119.   Steve
Texas 10, Houston 0. Second Inning. Houston given up five HRs. Let us dance on others graves while life still remains. There will be plenty of time for others to dance on ours by July.
2005-05-21 14:18:47
120.   Fearing Blue
Two good defensive plays at 3B and a hit so far. I'm sold.
2005-05-21 14:19:42
121.   Marty
I am starting to like Perez though. He was at 2nd when he got to that. Maybe having two shortstops on the left side will work out.
2005-05-21 14:19:59
122.   alex 7
those strikeout pitches are close if not strikes. I just wish our guys would at least attempt to, oh I don't know, hit them or foul them off.
2005-05-21 14:20:02
123.   Steve
120 -- would you consider Perez scrappy though?
2005-05-21 14:22:19
124.   Landonkk
lol.. this is getting comical. seriously. the last few days i have reached that point to where you stop getting frustrated and start laughing at the way the Dodgers are playing right now.
2005-05-21 14:22:51
125.   Marty
He doesn't have a weird enough stance/swing to be considered scrappy to me.
2005-05-21 14:24:24
126.   GoBears
Looks like the entire Dodger offense has a cab waiting.
2005-05-21 14:25:23
127.   Steve
John Lackey -- Cy Young Candidate.
2005-05-21 14:26:23
128.   Steve
125 -- not scrappy? He's ok in my book then. Make it so!
2005-05-21 14:27:40
129.   Marty
how many called strike threes is that? 7?
2005-05-21 14:28:02
130.   Albert in Hong Kong
This is just not fun to watch.
2005-05-21 14:28:07
131.   Steve
If Valentin was still in the lineup, we might be talking Clemens or Wood type K numbers today.
2005-05-21 14:30:50
132.   Vishal
the dodgers look like they wouldn't be able to make contact if they were swinging tennis rackets.
2005-05-21 14:30:52
133.   Marty
I choose optimism today. I think they will get to Lackey. I just hope Penny and co. kepps it close. They should be able to, the Angels have their second string out there.
2005-05-21 14:32:55
134.   LAT
I have to confess I am very glad I am not at the game. Between the heat and how bad the Dodgers are swinging it would be no fun to be there.
2005-05-21 14:33:33
135.   Marty
Erstad, scrappy employee of the month.
2005-05-21 14:33:55
136.   Steve
Penny appears to be actually pitching decent. Wasting this once a week opportunity would be a cardinal sin, indeed.
2005-05-21 14:35:20
137.   Steve
Penny Ks = 0
2005-05-21 14:36:53
138.   Jim Hitchcock
Penny's trying not to show up Erickson in the K department.
2005-05-21 14:37:51
139.   Marty
I don't think Vlad had much trouble switching leagues.
2005-05-21 14:39:03
140.   Steve
Well, they must be close. They can get together after games and talk about how the defense done them wrong, and share tips about how to get the opposing pitcher out.
2005-05-21 14:39:23
141.   Marty
Lyons is an idiot. What does showing up late and leaving early have to do with overall attendance?
2005-05-21 14:39:54
142.   Steve
What's Penny's velocity like?
2005-05-21 14:40:13
143.   Marty
Penny hasn't tried to kill Choi yet...
2005-05-21 14:41:32
144.   Steve
I feel a bout of poetic justice coming on. That's one.
2005-05-21 14:42:48
145.   franklin
137. Penny Ks = 0

Ask and you shall receive. Let's see if this works...

Drew RBIs = 0

2005-05-21 14:42:59
146.   Vishal
because showing up late and leaving early implies apathy and fairweather-ness? it was nice of him to note that people tend not to do that so much anymore.

that was a good time for penny's first K.

2005-05-21 14:43:06
147.   Langhorne
I think it's mean to strike out Finley. After all, he once played catch with a fan.
2005-05-21 14:44:11
148.   molokai
How could Penny not pitch decent, have you seen the lineup that is beating us?
AP should have nice range since he was a decent SS. The real test will come on the shots and if he has the arm to make the throw when he goes to his right. Still doesn't have the power to be a 3b but he might be a decent stopgap.
JD is about to have his slug% fall below 400. I wonder when the last time he had at least 100 plate appearances and a slug% below 400?
2005-05-21 14:44:26
149.   Steve
145 -- lol

Choi starts against LHPs = 0

2005-05-21 14:45:36
150.   Albert in Hong Kong
A fan on the field!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-05-21 14:46:30
151.   Steve
Fans on the field = 1
2005-05-21 14:46:31
152.   LAT
Suprised Fox is showing it. Maybe that will get Lacky out of his rythem or wake the Dodgers up.
2005-05-21 14:47:12
153.   Albert in Hong Kong
Get Lackey out of his rhythm, I hope it does.
2005-05-21 14:47:17
154.   LAT
That Dodger Code of Conduct seems to be working. . . NOT!!!
2005-05-21 14:47:38
155.   Im So Blue
2005-05-21 14:47:38
156.   Marty
Fan on the field -- The Dodgers 26th man
2005-05-21 14:48:08
157.   Steve
Can't stop the Choi. You can only hope to contain him.
2005-05-21 14:49:00
158.   Steve
Lackeys Out of Rhythm = 0
2005-05-21 14:50:07
159.   Steve
That hurts.
2005-05-21 14:51:00
160.   LAT
When are we going to drop Drew down in the line-up
2005-05-21 14:51:45
161.   Landonkk
see post 118.
2005-05-21 14:52:47
162.   Landonkk
JD Drew clutch hits this season = 0
2005-05-21 14:54:51
163.   Steve
I would have never thought that in May, if you would have played "Who has a higher OPS, Izturis or Drew" the answer would have ever been Izturis. Not to mention that Drew hasn't even drawn a walk in a week.
2005-05-21 14:56:53
164.   Landonkk
cora would have made that play... oh so can kent. and he can hit too.
2005-05-21 15:00:46
165.   Marty
ok, here we go
2005-05-21 15:00:58
166.   Steve
Geez, should pull Lackey.
2005-05-21 15:01:14
167.   Langhorne
Stop picking on J.D. Green.
2005-05-21 15:01:43
168.   GoBears
Don't get picked off, Milton.
2005-05-21 15:02:53
169.   Landonkk
big test for the rookie.
2005-05-21 15:03:14
170.   Steve
Get ready to bat for Bako AND Penny, Tracy
2005-05-21 15:03:27
171.   LAT
Nice AB Ricky
2005-05-21 15:04:09
172.   LAT
Don't the baseball Gods know we are not supposed to get any breaks
2005-05-21 15:05:25
173.   GoBears
I'm surprised to say this, but Brennamen is annoying me a lot more than Lyons is. He has adopted the Buck approach of serving as his own color guy - and his "analysis" is as bad as I've ever heard.
2005-05-21 15:06:07
174.   GoBears
I think we have a 3rd baseman, gentlemen....
2005-05-21 15:06:21
175.   Vishal
best dodger at-bat in... well, a while. and from 3rd base, no less!
2005-05-21 15:06:25
176.   Steve
Your new third baseman against RHP, Mr. Antonio Perez.
2005-05-21 15:06:25
177.   Albert in Hong Kong
I'm interested in the game again.

Anyone else sold on Antonio?

2005-05-21 15:06:27
178.   Landonkk
yessss... ROOKIE! Good stuff.
2005-05-21 15:06:28
179.   Jim Hitchcock
Oh lordy...
2005-05-21 15:06:29
180.   LAT
And we have officially found our new 3B
2005-05-21 15:06:33
181.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-21 15:06:35
182.   regfairfield
I think we have our new third baseman, at least for a week.
2005-05-21 15:06:46
183.   Marty
and with out a speck of scrap
2005-05-21 15:07:11
184.   Steve
With honorable mention to Mike Scioscia for leaving John Lackey out there to throw 110 pitches. Thanks, Mike!
2005-05-21 15:07:48
185.   Langhorne
A clutch hit! By a Dodger! I think I might cry.
2005-05-21 15:07:51
186.   Jae
Why does Penny have his bat in his hand and his helmet on?
2005-05-21 15:08:21
187.   bigcpa
Brennemen is a nasal twerp but that Jim McKay line was pretty good.
2005-05-21 15:08:49
188.   Steve
Tracy, we only tied the score. We need runs.
2005-05-21 15:09:19
189.   bigcpa
I think Lackey was throwing some pretty good 2 strike pitches to Perez. That last one was the only BP pitch in there.
2005-05-21 15:09:20
190.   GoBears
Yeah, OK. To reel it in a little, Perez hung tough and got a hit, but a lot of those foul ball had me remembering the bad Beltre. Pitches low and away, and he shouldn't have been swinging. I can see similar ABs ending in Ks next week against fresher pitchers. Still, Drew crushed the ball twice into 3 outs, so I'll take it. The luck has to even out eventually.
2005-05-21 15:09:37
191.   LAT
Horses on the track at Pimlico. Anyony got a pick? I'm going with the exacta box of longshot High Limit and Afleet Alex with a little WP money on High Limit
2005-05-21 15:11:23
192.   Marty
Man am I glad Grabowski is on the DL
2005-05-21 15:11:24
193.   Steve
Batting for Penny is a start.
2005-05-21 15:11:36
194.   regfairfield
Getting rid of Grabowski's already paying off.
2005-05-21 15:11:38
195.   bigcpa
Where's Grabowski when we need him? Tracy must be DYING sending Saenz out there vs. a righty.
2005-05-21 15:11:57
196.   GoBears
Saenz, but against a righty. Not good.
2005-05-21 15:12:36
197.   Steve
Where's the lefty Robles!
2005-05-21 15:13:19
198.   bigcpa
Saenz vs. RHP
.357 .438 .429 in 28 ab's
2005-05-21 15:13:43
199.   GoBears
Good point about Grabs, tho. Saenz is a good idea just by not being Grabowski. OF course, Tracy's lesson from this will likely be "You really wish you'd had Grabowski in that situation."
2005-05-21 15:14:06
200.   Vishal
...but it was a professional strikeout.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-05-21 15:14:07
201.   Albert in Hong Kong
196, not good is right
2005-05-21 15:14:17
202.   Steve
And Saenz goes fishing for the third strike. Grabowski could have done that.
2005-05-21 15:14:30
203.   GoBears
Yeah Big, this year he's been good. But not usually. The reversion to the mean just started.
2005-05-21 15:15:22
204.   Steve
200 -- but with Grabowski, it would have been a scrappy strikeout, with a lot of heart and soul

Come on, Cesar, draw the walk and bring up Choi!

2005-05-21 15:16:00
205.   Steve
Who's warming?
2005-05-21 15:17:51
206.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"Who's warming?"
2005-05-21 15:18:03
207.   Vishal
probably yhency, i'd guess.
2005-05-21 15:18:43
208.   Vishal
or maybe not! that's right, yhency uh, "pitched" yesterday.
2005-05-21 15:19:19
209.   LAT
Horses in the gate. . .
2005-05-21 15:21:00
210.   Steve
FOUL BUNT!?!?!?! Against Carrara? Please, please, please, can we squeak one out of the dumbest team in North America?
2005-05-21 15:21:29
211.   Vishal
ugh, i wish molina had gotten his stupid bunt down. instead of getting what he deserved for showing bunt twice, he goes and singles. not fair, i say.
2005-05-21 15:21:32
212.   Steve
Guess not -- please, just don't warm up Gagne.
2005-05-21 15:22:24
213.   Steve
Those guys are retarded. Figgins is going to give us another one.
2005-05-21 15:22:25
214.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-05-21 15:23:27
215.   Marty
non-productive out there...
2005-05-21 15:25:05
216.   Steve
Bunting against Carrara. All you have to do is wait for Carrara to do that. Morons.
2005-05-21 15:25:06
217.   LAT
Afleet Alex the unofficial winner after almost going down to his knees
2005-05-21 15:25:54
218.   Jae
Our pitchers are terrible.
2005-05-21 15:26:19
219.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-05-21 15:26:26
220.   Steve
Let me guess. Warming up behind Carrara is Vienna Boys Choir, but nothing like a Dodger pitcher.


2005-05-21 15:26:47
221.   Jae
HAHA... IBB to erstad, WTF?!?!
2005-05-21 15:26:47
222.   GoBears
IBB for Erstad? He's one of the easiest outs in all of baseball!
2005-05-21 15:26:56
223.   Vishal
UGH. the angels must be the luckiest team in the history of baseball.
2005-05-21 15:27:40
224.   Steve
Here's an idea. Since Carrara can't pitch any more, once he goes 3-1 to Chone Figgins (!), why don't you have him walk said Figgins, and bring in Wunsch to pitch to Erstad?
2005-05-21 15:27:55
225.   Marty
LAT, did you hit your exacta?
2005-05-21 15:28:35
226.   Steve
But don't bring in Gagne. Please, whatever you do.
2005-05-21 15:30:11
227.   LAT
Nope. Scrappy T 20-1, second, Giacomo 3rd
2005-05-21 15:30:54
228.   Marty
Jeez, not a horse with 'scrappy' in its name!
2005-05-21 15:31:12
229.   Jim Hitchcock
This game is worse than watching `Major League:Back to the Minors'.
2005-05-21 15:31:19
230.   Steve
Can Scrappy T play third for the Dodgers? Is he that scrappy?
2005-05-21 15:31:28
231.   LAT
Geez, I'm gone for 2 mins and the tables turn again. we suck!
2005-05-21 15:32:21
232.   Steve
KABOOM! Here comes Wunsch to finish the deal, and Gagne gets plenty of rest in October, since we won't have to tax his arm with those nasty playoffs or anything.
2005-05-21 15:33:10
233.   Vishal
WHAT on earth was that pitch supposed to be?
2005-05-21 15:33:37
234.   Steve
Gagne and Lidge can start a traveling comedy troupe called the "Unused Closers Brigade" in their two weeks off between appearances.
2005-05-21 15:34:01
235.   Marty
hell with third base, can Scrappy T pitch?
2005-05-21 15:34:38
236.   LAT
If Fins jacks one Plashke will be writing about it for months
2005-05-21 15:35:32
237.   Steve
235 -- if he could, they would call him a "Closer," and only let him pitch one inning with a three run lead.
2005-05-21 15:35:41
238.   GoBears
Wow - twice in a row the Angels have been conservative on the bases.
2005-05-21 15:35:46
239.   LAT
Did I already mention that we suck?
2005-05-21 15:36:02
240.   bigcpa
Did you all hear Lyons/Brennemen pumping Finley for HOF consideration earlier today? "One of the best all around players in the last 30-40 years" accd to Brennemen.
2005-05-21 15:36:10
241.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I'm shutting off the game.
Get 'em tomorrow, maybe.
2005-05-21 15:36:45
242.   Steve
Tracy cleaning the stables at this point, making sure to blow up the game so he has no choice but to use Houlton in the ninth.
2005-05-21 15:37:23
243.   MSarg29
It's pathetic that Carrara cant get Jeff Davanon out.
2005-05-21 15:38:06
244.   Marty
240. And he's only could the Dodgers pass on him?
2005-05-21 15:38:37
245.   Steve
Why was Carrara even pitching to DaVanon?
2005-05-21 15:40:56
246.   bigcpa
Here come the 0 fer 3 boys.
2005-05-21 15:41:35
247.   GoBears
Let's see both sides - Sanchez just came up big.
2005-05-21 15:42:01
248.   Vishal
you know what i would really like to see? a walk, another walk, and a three-run homer.

i'll settle for the three runs however they come though.

2005-05-21 15:43:48
249.   Steve
Release Carrara. Bring Schmoll back.
2005-05-21 15:43:49
250.   Dodgers Fan in NorCal
Could you hear the collective groans when Tracy called on Wunsch, and then Sanchez?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-05-21 15:44:00
251.   joekings
Only Tracy, NOW he warms up Gagne.
2005-05-21 15:44:53
252.   Steve
251 -- you're kidding. Please tell me you're kidding.
2005-05-21 15:44:55
253.   Jim Hitchcock
All we need is a baserunner plus a dinger to tie. Why is it I feel that is beyond our reach?
2005-05-21 15:46:25
254.   socalcardfan
I think JD just needs to get hurt to get his groove back.
2005-05-21 15:46:28
255.   MSarg29
I agree w/ steve .... I'd take Schmoll over Carrara.
2005-05-21 15:46:31
256.   LAT
253 because it is
2005-05-21 15:47:15
257.   MSarg29
Maybe Larussa was right about JD Drew.
2005-05-21 15:48:07
258.   regfairfield
Wow, is Tracy stupid.
2005-05-21 15:48:15
259.   Steve
Time to sell on this year. Bring up some kids. See if they can play. Try to get lucky.

If Gagne pitches the ninth, I am going to go ballistic.

2005-05-21 15:48:25
260.   Albert in Hong Kong
254 that might be just what we need.
2005-05-21 15:48:39
261.   joekings
Something's wrong when we can't beat the Angels without Guerrero or Anderson in the lineup.
2005-05-21 15:48:44
262.   GoBears
255: Not me. Schmoll was fun to watch, and he has a blog-friendly name. But he isn't good enough for this level. At least not yet. Carrara is old, and sometimes ineffective, but I think he's a better pitcher than Schmoll right now.
2005-05-21 15:49:51
263.   Jim Hitchcock
6.1 earthquake just detected near Provo, Utah.
2005-05-21 15:51:04
264.   GoBears
259: Why? What's wrong with giving Gagne a little work? Unless you just mean that if he was going to pitch today, it should have been earlier (which I'd agree with, but would never happen). Gagne surely needs the work - he missed all of March and April.
2005-05-21 15:51:06
265.   bigcpa
Wow Gagne is ON today. It feels great to have a guy who can come in and just neutralize the other team.
2005-05-21 15:51:09
266.   Steve
Our whole staff is not good enough for this level.

This is egregious.

2005-05-21 15:52:05
267.   bigcpa
Re: 261
Add K-Rod to that list. And consider they were scoring 2.5/gm for a month even with those two.
2005-05-21 15:52:39
268.   LAT
was there really an earthquake in UT?
2005-05-21 15:53:57
269.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, but it was localized to Steve's house.
2005-05-21 15:54:43
270.   Steve


2005-05-21 15:55:38
271.   Jim Hitchcock
And there you have the aftershock :)
2005-05-21 15:55:41
272.   LAT
Got me. But I didn't know Steve lived in UT
2005-05-21 15:56:38
273.   Vishal
of course, one of the best pitchers in baseball, a guy with incredible pitches who can strike a ton of guys out... he's of no use at all with the bases loaded and one out in a tie game in the 8th. no reason his manager would want him in the game at that point.

the 9th inning down by 2 runs, though. THAT'S where you gotta put him in.

2005-05-21 15:57:35
274.   GoBears
Geez, Steve, I know it's Utah, but find something to drink, please. I offered that explanation in my question - that your objection was not to Gagne in the game, but to the timing of Gagne's appearance. And I said I agree that it would have been better to bring in the best reliever when he was most needed. But I also reminded you that no manager in baseball will use his closer as a smokejumper. Ever. Not since Goose Gossage.

Deep breath, buddy.

2005-05-21 15:57:43
275.   Albert in Hong Kong
Maybe his caps lock button got busted.
2005-05-21 15:58:38
276.   Albert in Hong Kong
Rally caps on.
2005-05-21 15:59:17
277.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, sure...give us some hope.
2005-05-21 15:59:28
278.   Steve
274 -- not personal. Sorry. Tracy is egregiously stupid. I'm yelling at him.
2005-05-21 15:59:34
279.   joekings
It's just frustration, I share it. We are desperate for a win and our manager is doing stuff that only hurts those changes when he should be doing anything possible to maximize them. I feel like jumping off a cliff too.
2005-05-21 16:00:03
280.   GoBears
Bradley was massaging his right quad while standing out there at 2nd base. Let's hope he didn't pull anything.
2005-05-21 16:00:13
281.   joekings
chances not's hard to type when you're shaking with rage.
2005-05-21 16:01:18
282.   bigcpa
2005-05-21 16:02:02
283.   socalcardfan
Lyons was raving about what a great at bat that was for Bradley. If he'd lined out to second base do you think he would've talked about how Bradley should've worked the count since they're down two runs?
2005-05-21 16:02:11
284.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-05-21 16:03:16
285.   GoBears
No sweat. I know it wasn't personal. But while I share your frustration at Tracy's moves, I just don't see that he's made big mistakes in this game. Asking him to use Gagne in the 7th is asking for the impossible in MLB. Carrara didn't look good today (in hindsight), but he's pitched pretty well this year. Bringing him in didn't seem dumb. Wunsch failed at something he's been great at all year. Sanchez WAS great. I'm not defending JT in general, but I don't think this is his fault today.
2005-05-21 16:03:32
286.   bigcpa
2005-05-21 16:03:35
287.   LAT
Why are we not PH Bako
2005-05-21 16:03:36
288.   joekings
Mmm perhaps this would be a good time to pinch hit for Bako??????? Lord give me patience.
2005-05-21 16:03:55
289.   Steve
Please tell me he's hitting for Bako. I ask for so little.
2005-05-21 16:04:00
290.   bigcpa
2005-05-21 16:04:03
291.   regfairfield
Why is Bako batting?
2005-05-21 16:04:30
292.   alex 7
is phillips really not the better hitter here?
2005-05-21 16:04:46
293.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-05-21 16:04:49
294.   LAT
Ladee got screwed but it doesn't matter becasue we can't advance the runner anyway
2005-05-21 16:04:59
295.   bigcpa
2005-05-21 16:05:54
296.   GoBears
OK, I spoke too soon. Bako seems a poor choice here. Tho he HAS been on base twice today.
2005-05-21 16:05:57
297.   bigcpa
2005-05-21 16:06:16
298.   GoBears
make that 3 times.
2005-05-21 16:06:33
299.   Jae
Hopefully, the Grabowski Principle is in effect.
2005-05-21 16:06:34
300.   alex 7
now we'll probably pinch run for bako. At least we have that going as opposed to not being able to pinch run for Phillips.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-05-21 16:06:35
301.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, sure...give us some hope.
2005-05-21 16:06:53
302.   Vishal
shields violates the grabowski principle there.
2005-05-21 16:06:59
303.   Steve
It was the eighth. Why can't you bring him in with first and second and one out and pitch to DaVanon and Finley. And why would you then use him when the cat's out of the bag?

Please tell me Phillips and not Repko or Edwards.

2005-05-21 16:07:19
304.   bigcpa
2005-05-21 16:07:31
305.   GoBears
In addition to Drew and Kent continuing their May swoons, Ledee was the epitome of awful today. Didn't have a chance in any of his ABs.
2005-05-21 16:07:34
306.   regfairfield
Of course, bring in Phillips now, just in case Bako got a hit. It makes so much sense.
2005-05-21 16:07:47
307.   LAT
Swing at ball one
2005-05-21 16:08:37
308.   Albert in Hong Kong
rally caps off
2005-05-21 16:08:38
309.   Vishal
not quite in the gap, eh.
2005-05-21 16:08:54
310.   GoBears
Rats. Phillips smoked it, but right at Finley.
2005-05-21 16:08:55
311.   LAT
Another quality Dodger game.
2005-05-21 16:09:10
312.   alex 7
dagnabit. Too many guys slumping in the lineup, had to happen. Just gotta wait it out and get Werth to his 2004 level.
2005-05-21 16:10:02
313.   alex 7
sure would love to see Bradley in the 3 hole. Wonder if Tracy has the cajones to do that.
2005-05-21 16:10:11
314.   joekings
Why do I keep watching when I know what's going to happen.
2005-05-21 16:10:15
315.   GoBears
303: Sorry, my bad. It WAS the 8th. Yeah, bringing in the under-used closer to start the 8th is not an unreasonable request.
2005-05-21 16:10:23
316.   Steve
All of them, including the manager, should be shipped to Las Vegas forthwith. Does that spread the blame far enough to make everyone happy?
2005-05-21 16:10:39
317.   Albert in Hong Kong
Will Depodesta make some big moves if this keeps on going? Yes.
2005-05-21 16:11:13
318.   Vishal
hahah, maybe this will make you guys feel a little better:

brad lidge is now pitching in an 18-3 game over in texas.

2005-05-21 16:13:25
319.   Steve
315 -- Gagne should get himself a backgammon set or something, because he's going to be waiting a long time for any two run "leads" for him to "save."
2005-05-21 16:14:47
320.   Steve
Lidge just sits on the bench for a week at a time. Most ludicrous thing I've seen this side of Jim Tracy and Mike Scioscia.
2005-05-21 16:24:19
321.   Louis in SF
Said it earlier in the week, glad to see #307 pick it up-will Tracy and Dep do it-move Drew to 5 and Bradley to the third spot. Ledee today looked like he did in SF last year, but infairness, he is being asked to play more than he should-he is a fourth outfielder and an ok pinch hitter. The pinch in the ninth was borderline, but you can not take that pitch. It needed to be fouled off....Didn't understand the eighth inning, unless they felt that Yahncy was shell shocked after last night. If Perez can't start on Tuesday-he usually pitches well against the Giants, I would give the ball to Wilson. The team is in a bit of a free fall and DePo needs to do something fairly soon-the schedule does not get easy for a while.
2005-05-21 16:33:12
322.   Vishal
louis in sf:

why wilson alvarez, when you've got eric-freaking-gagne, who ended up pitching in the 9th anyway?

2005-05-21 16:33:41
323.   Vishal
oh, nevermind. i misread that. you're talking about having him start. my bad.
2005-05-21 16:33:57
324.   Louis in SF
Dear #250

Are you guys going to any of the games this week at SBC?

2005-05-21 16:36:41
325.   GoBears
312: Fair enough. What should DePo do? It's easy to say "find better pitching," but where?
Clearly, even with Perez back, the bench stinks. That should be a little easier to fix, but it'll either be through overpaying for a "proven hitter" such as Polanco, or through luck, when one of these minor leaguers really pans out. But I'd be reluctant to call someone up to ride pine. Bench jobs are for the Ricky Ledees and Olmedo Saenzes of the world.

And if we're not ready to call up prospects, we might have to be ready to trade some. Which teams have redundant players (maybe guys who are sharing jobs?) who would make the Dodgers better?

But the real weakness, today notwithstanding, is pitching. And I don't see any good pitchers coming available any time soon.

2005-05-21 16:55:47
326.   Bob Timmermann
My in person record has dropped to 1-3.

My next game will be on Memorial Day against the Cubs.

2005-05-21 17:13:38
327.   Bob Timmermann
I also counted seven beach balls on the field.

And one idiot running on the field.

Do you think the average person who runs on the field already has a criminal record?

2005-05-21 17:15:24
328.   Steve
Depends on whether Rafael Furcal is playing.

Does mismanaging your bullpen count as criminal?

2005-05-21 17:22:11
329.   tjshere
I know we already have enough to worry about, but despite a nice performance today by Penny I'm a little concerned by his lack of strikeouts. How was his velocity, did anyone get a look at the gun?
2005-05-21 17:42:49
330.   alex 7
I didn't get to see the gun, but the announcers talked about Penny having to "pitch" to make up for his lack of velocity today. I think against an average hitting team, he gives up 3 runs. The angels' lineup today had about 5 below average hitters.
2005-05-21 17:59:13
331.   Steve
Who is this K. Davies who is 21 and shutting out Boston for Atlanta tonight? Why can't we do this. Blah, blah, blah great minor leagues, ton of prospects, blah, blah, blah. Yet Scott Erickson will be pitching on Wednesday. Whatever.
2005-05-21 18:37:42
332.   Dodgers Fan in NorCal
324: Nah, headed back home. Might check out one or two in the fall, though. Should be an even series; both teams are hurting right now.
2005-05-21 18:38:24
333.   LetsGoDodgers
18 innings, 1 run.

Kudos to the Angels for beating the Dodgers with a bunch of bench players and far superior pitching.

2005-05-21 19:28:03
334.   GoBears
Three (glass-is-half-full) points about pitching.

First, part of the argument against Tracy's handling of our starting pitchers is that our pitchers are not this bad, but that he sets them up to fail by staying with them after they're gassed. Some of the time, our starters get in trouble early. But often, they collapse all at once, and JT is too slow with the hook. If he can be convinced to better read the tea-leaves and use his bullpen sooner, then things should improve.

Second, the other part of the FJT whinge is that there ARE some bad pitchers in the 'pen, and somehow they get used before and in more important spots than the good ones. I don't think Carrara is as bad as Steve (to name names) does, but the general point is of course correct, and the return of Alvarez and Gagne to full-time status ought to at least suck up the innings that were going to the worst of the group (Houlton, Carlyle, Schmoll). So again, if Tracy can better deploy these resources, things should improve.

Third, in looking high and low for a new 5th starter (and maybe a 4th as well) we should consider the flip-side of the Vegas effect. We can't believe Vegas hitting stats, but just as in the Albuquerque days, the pitchers should actually be better than their stats. I agree that the Erickson experiments should end forthwith, and we should choose wisely among the prospects (or, heck, give Mahomes the first shot). Things can't get worse than Erickson, so again, there is hope.

The only water I'd throw on the fire here is any hope that we're going to steal an ace from anyone before the deadline. He'd have to be either a huge contract (Clemens) or a guy who would benefit HUGELY from a change of scenery. Any nominees? I can't think of any.

2005-05-21 19:34:36
335.   GoBears
I should have said that I don't think Tracy will change his stripes any time soon, and that the team will benefit most because returns from injuries will give him a better hand to play. (How's this for an analogy - Tracy is a bad poker player because he plays the cards instead of the opponents. Still, he can win if he gets good enough cards.) Also, DePodesta needs to continue to pick off and release the worst offenders. Erickson is obviously next. A trade of Sanchez or Brazoban or Weaver might produce one of those "everyone wins" deals if we can get quality in return (possibly lower quality, but also lower variance).
2005-05-21 19:38:56
336.   Fearing Blue
Hi Bob. Sorry you had to see that one live. What was Penny hitting on the gun today? They weren't showing it on the Fox broadcast.
2005-05-21 19:52:05
337.   Louis in SF
#325 Asks a good question, if pitching is the problem and a case can especially be made for the 5 starter and the dirth of quality pitching-what do you do? Once Dessens gets back, I think he should be given a shot at the 5 slot. WHile he is only a six inning pitcher, he seemed to improve at the end of last year and was OK in middle relief this year. If not him, then I say give Jackson a shot or perhaps Pat Mahomes. If Jackson flames out, then you have to move on and accept it, keeping him in triple A and struggling will also not allow the Dodgers to trade him. Mahomes as I recall was never great, but was not bad against the Dodgers, either in my mind are better than Erickson right now. Erickson maybe fine for mop up but going out every 5th day is not a good solution...As far as 3rd base goes I think Perez might do it, the defense will suffer a bit, he also adds some element of speed, which I still find attractive. Moving Drew to 5th, would also be a big improvement. If Perez shows he can hit I would also reccomend moving Choi to 6, Ledee to 7 and catcher to 8. When Repko plays he could go in Ledee's spot or in the 8th spot,neither of these decisions in my mind would make a big difference. Moving Drew to 5th will and giving someone else the 5th pitching slot will help the most.
2005-05-21 20:48:27
338.   Bob Timmermann
Penny was hitting 91-93 MPH on his fastball. Gagne was about the same. I think Sanchez had the fastest pitch of the game at 94.

With the exception of the idiot who ran on the field (I wrote "idiot" on my scorecard when it happened right above Choi's single), the crowd was well-behaved, but I think the heat made everybody a bit logy.

When I got back to my car, there was a box of empty beer bottles next to one of the tires. That had to be a bad sign. There were people who were tailgating in the parking lot, but security people were coming by telling them that they had to drink inside their vehicles.

2005-05-21 21:01:48
339.   heato
Living in Sacramento, I sometimes listen to the Giants postgame show when I need a little humor in my life. Tonight I got to hear the hosts compare Tyler Walker favorably to Eric Gagne.
2005-05-21 21:09:25
340.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants dedicated a statue to Juan Marichal today. He is not depicted wielding a bat in his hands trying to break open John Roseboro's skull.
2005-05-21 21:27:33
341.   Louis in SF
The Giants announcers are now into a level of dellusion that is off the charts. Besides Jon Miller who is far better on the national broadcasts, the Giant broadcasters spend way too much time constantly rationalizing why they are losing and making bad jokes, which they think are hillarious. I am looking forward in the next month of getting sattelite radio and won't listen to them at all.....Edwin Jackson gave up 5 runs to Alberquque in the 3rd.
2005-05-21 21:36:27
342.   Steve
I like 335, GoBears. 334 seems hopelessly optimistic, particularly point 2. Tracy has historically made a hash of bullpen management (outside of a rare burst of sanity after DePo dumped Mota -- why this is considered a strength of his will remain a mystery to me), and he appears to have reverted to form. These arguments were all made when Gagne was on the DL, and now that he's off, Tracy is still overusing Carrara and replacement-level LOOGY in obscene situations. Why would Carrara, after giving up the go-ahead run, ever be pitching to DaVanon? I like Sanchez myself, and have defended him from the likes of my partner-in-crime Jerry. But by the time Tracy had already blown up the game, he could have brought in Bob Gibson to pitch to Rivera. Who cares at that point? As long as it isn't Gagne in a situation that Scott Boras wouldn't approve of.

What would have been wrong with, even if Tracy believes all that nonsense about fairies and the Easter Bunny and "Closers"(TM), just breaking the convention where your team is in free-fall, your offense can't hit John Lackey, you need somebody to step up in the 8th and say "You're not going to score here." What if it doesn't work? Then they beat our best, and you can bring in Houlton or Carrara or Choi after that.

I am sorely vexed. If all of you rational people are starting to question Tracy, you can only imagine what I'm going through.

2005-05-21 21:41:17
343.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres and DBacks both lost today, so it could have been worse.
2005-05-21 21:49:25
344.   Steve
it could have been worse.

Tracy could have started Edwards at third again.

2005-05-21 21:57:09
345.   Fearing Blue
In happier news, LaRoche is owning the Florida State League. He just hit another 2 HRs tonight and now has 14 on the season. His .337/.379/.614 line is gaudy. I no longer want to include him in a trade for Polanco.
2005-05-21 21:59:35
346.   Fearing Blue
#344: Perez made 2 good defensive plays at 3B (that I couldn't see Edwards getting to) and he went 2/4 at the plate. If Edwards ends up in the starting lineup tomorrow or sometime in the next week, someone needs to tell DePo to disappear him.
2005-05-21 22:18:52
347.   GoBears
If Werth ever comes back, presumably, he'd take Edwards's spot, right? Unless Grabowski comes back first and does it. Although, I suppose Repko is really the most redunant player at that point (5th OFer).

OK, I'll admit it. I don't know.

2005-05-21 22:27:45
348.   Bob Timmermann
Repko would be the logical person to go back to AAA upon Werth's return. He still has options doesn't he? Edwards would likely stay until Grabowski or Valentin returned.

I'm certain that Perez will start again Sunday. Unless he went and hurt himself. He looked surprisingly comfortable at third.

2005-05-22 07:53:16
349.   Howard Fox
Is there any conceivable change that Tracy would ever consider moving Drew out of the 3rd spot, or is it written in his contract?
2005-05-22 08:03:17
350.   Fearing Blue
#349: Tracy is a "Player's Manager", so it may take another 100 ABs or so. It took Tracy until June 23rd of last season to move Beltre to cleanup.
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2005-05-22 21:25:10
351.   Fearing Blue
Not that anyone will read this, but I'm glad I was wrong.

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