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Batting Third ... Hee Seop Choi
2005-05-23 00:46
by Jon Weisman

That famous mother Necessity has a couple of other kids besides Invention. There's brother Respect and sister Acceptance.

And thanks to the whole family, on Sunday we found the preeminent slot in the batting order manned by the scourge of Southern California 2004, Hee Seop Choi.

J.D. Drew, the man Choi uprooted in the lineup, should be the top hitter on the team and may well end up that way. But right now, Choi - except perhaps for Olmedo Saenz or Cesar Izturis - is the best thing the Dodgers have going offensively these days. And if you saw his quality at-bat against a left-handed pitcher Sunday, you once again saw evidence that Choi can work a pitcher throwing from either direction.

Pragmatically, the Dodgers are still making a mistake by locking Choi and Drew together, in either order. They're encouraging opponents to bring in left-handed specialists late in the game, rather than getting at least one at-bat against an opposite-handed pitcher. And I say this with more concern over Drew, who seems flummoxed all too often by lefty pitches sweeping away from him.

It's a problem that must be too easy to solve. Example:

S Cesar Izturis
L J.D. Drew
R Jeff Kent
L Hee Seop Choi
S Milton Bradley
R Olmedo Saenz/Antonio Perez
L Ricky Ledee
R Jason Phillips

Somehow, Choi seems like the last guy who would get intoxicated enough by batting cleanup to let his batting stroke fall drunk in the streets. There may be a reason that Choi and Drew go together like ra-ma la-ma la-ma ka dinga kading-a-dong, so forgive me, but I can't see it.

None of this is to say the Dodger batting order has been a major problem. I'm gonna stay on message, people - any offense playing half its games in Dodger Stadium that can be among the league leaders in OPS, that doesn't get shut out until the season is more than 40 games old, is a good offense. It's time for my annual Paula Marshall reference: Just because every series she is in gets canceled doesn't mean she can't act. There are other forces at play.

But as they wait for their starting pitching to become more effective, there's no reason not to try to eke out an extra advantage on offense here and there. Appreciating Choi is one thing - thwarting another team's bullpen management is something more.

* * *

How to replace the disabled Odalis Perez, now that Wilson Alvarez is already taking Scott Erickson's spot? Give anyone a shot that you want, and just be happy that it won't be Erickson revisiting Arizona. Won't it be refreshing to see hope take the mound instead of hopelessness?

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2005-05-23 01:51:33
1.   bigcpa
We're facing Vazquez Saturday, so let's not get too worked up about our guy unless he can throw 7 scoreless. Figures Schmidt comes back just in time for us, and SD misses Vazquez.
2005-05-23 02:18:20
2.   GoBears
Sorry about the possible non-sequitur, but in the last thread someone pointed out that for all of Tracy's lunacy with starting pitchers, at least he's not Dusty Baker. So this ESPN story should amuse. Apparently, 130 pitches per outing isn't the danger -- email is:

2005-05-23 02:24:50
3.   GoBears
As for Jon's lineup suggestion, I think I'd move HSC's OBP up and Kent's SLG down, as in:

Izzy, Choi, Bradley, Kent, Drew, Perez/Saenz

Having two switch hitters who are hitting well makes it easy. In fact, Tracy has found the only way there is to avoid the LRLRL by pairing Drew and Choi.

2005-05-23 06:21:52
4.   Brian Y
Thankfully, I do believe Jayson Werth's rehab assignment ends on Tuesday and must be activated by Wednesday which is good news for our line-up. I agree that having Choi's OBP up in the order is good but his speed is NOT what I enjoy out of a 2 hole hitter and invites DP's since Izzy is having such a hard time stealing bases this year (2 out of 7). I do believe in splitting up your lefty hitters for that reason Jon gave though and propose this line-up:

#1 S Izturis
#2 L Drew - Keep letting him see good pitches with our best hitter on deck
#3 S Bradley - Our best hitter right now with speed
#4 R Kent - proven RBI man, solid OBP
#5 L Choi - solid OBP, good avg thus far
#6 R Werth - we know what he can do when healthy
#7 R Phillips - he should be decent protection from Werth who is coming off the bad wrist
#8 R Perez - I love speed and OBP for a #8 because they will either be on base or be safer from sacrificing over to 2B and a single can score them from your leadoff guy.

2005-05-23 07:45:26
5.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers bring up Alison La Placa or Ted McGinley, I will be very worried.

I believe Ted McGinley and Tommy Lasorda appear on the same poster promoting L.A. tourism. It's not a good sign.

2005-05-23 07:47:01
6.   Fearing Blue
Alvarez is going to temporarily fill in for Perez Wednesday and perhaps his next start if Perez isn't back by then. Alvarez is not permanently filling the 5th starter slot because of injury concerns. Assuming we don't make any changes to the 40-man roster, either Sanchez, Houlton, or Jackson would fill the 5th starter slot on Sunday. Either Sanchez or Houlton would be fine with me. Houlton may get spanked, but I'd like to give him a couple chances in his natural role before we decide to ship him back to Houston.
2005-05-23 08:20:17
7.   tjshere
It appears to me that there's going to be lots of patchwork going on for the foreseeable future. Werth will be returning soon, but his stats indicate he's far from 100% and I suspect rebuilding the strength in his wrist could take some time. He may need to rest it periodically as well, so the revolving door in left field is probably far from over.

With Alvarez and Sanchez/Houlton taking over in the 4 and 5 spots in the rotation the bullpen figures to suffer greatly. Not only due to the relievers stepping up into starting roles, but also the fact that we don't figure to get too many innings out of them.

I really hate to see Alvarez pressed into the starting role because I just don't think he can hold up physically. Never thought I'd see the day I was eager for the return of Elmer Dessens, but unless DePo is willing to call up some youngsters and/or Mahomes, it looks like that's where we're at.

If the hitters don't step up big-time, this swoon may continue well into June.

2005-05-23 08:38:09
8.   Howard Fox
Jon, I like your ideas for the lineup. I'd almost like to see Perez batting second and Drew sixth. Put 2 speed guys at the top of the lineup.


I liked Tracy not sticking with Bako at catcher even tho a righty was on the mound. As I have said before, I am not so sold on the matchup thing. I'd try a regular lineup day in and day out, with the exception of maybe left field and an occasional day of rest or late inning double switch, and see how it goes. I am a big believer in the hitters developing a rhythm, and I think excessing platooning disrupts that.

I think A Perez has to play every day at third until he proves otherwise...he looks like a "player", and I think our defense is significantly stronger with him there.

They looked better yesterday than they have in a month.

2005-05-23 08:49:46
9.   gvette
As much as we would all love to see it, based on his stats, Werth still doesn't seem fully rehabbed. He has more K's (16) than hits (12), and no extra base hits. At this point, he'd be Repko with a bigger strike zone.

Jackson got shelled Erickson style in his last start against the dreaded Alb.Isotopes, so it looks like he's stalled, with a 6.99 era. Too bad we can't use a time machine, and revisit some of those Dan Evans era deals involving Jackson, Hanrahan, and Greg Miller.

Guess it's time for a Houlton, Erickson, Duaner tag team for the Perez start, and hope for the best.

2005-05-23 08:57:52
10.   Vishal
i kinda was thinking something along the lines of howard fox's lineup, myself. in fact, that seems exactly right to me. i like having perez bat second, unless he demonstrates that he can't get on base. his minor league on-base numbers are decent, right? and if that experiment fails, hopefully werth will be back up to speed by then and we can try HIM second instead.
2005-05-23 08:59:11
11.   Brian Y
Don't forget Chad Billingsley in AA. I doubt DePo would want to start his service time already BUT he nearly got a start late last year so who knows. Jonathon Broxton is also pitching well at AA but was in Vero last year so he is at least 1-2 years away. Though he is built like Gagne and is said to be a closer in waiting! And don't let Edwin's stats fool you in the hitter friendly PCL, but he does have severe control issues at this point in his development unlike Billingsley.
2005-05-23 09:02:23
12.   db1022
#1 - Seems that its a case of early season good fortune catching up with us. IIRC, the early season schedule allowed us to miss the likes of Peavy, Schmidt (2nd time around), Sheets, etc. (I believe there was a few more).
2005-05-23 09:15:52
13.   Fearing Blue
#11: There are a couple problems with Billingsley and Broxton. The first is that they are not on the 40-man roster, so we'd have to DFA someone to bring them up. The second is that their K/9 ratios are 3.35 and 4.16 respectively, which seem quite high. They're both great prospects, but I'd rather give them enough time to develop than go through Edwin Jackson Part II.
2005-05-23 09:24:42
14.   dzzrtRatt
Just curious and probably showing my SABRignorance, but if we're supposed to discount hitters that achieve high slugging percentages in the PCL and in Vegas especially, why shouldn't we also discount high run totals by pitchers? Jackson's confidence is also probably getting shredded by the hazards of pitching there.

Maybe the Dodgers just need to stop using thin-air desert communities for their top minor league teams. Greg Brock and Mike Marshall were going to be Ruth and Gehrig, according to how they hit in Albuquerque, but noooooo. Let's move our AAA operation to someplace with thick, moist air like Oklahoma so we stop being misled about our players' true potential.

2005-05-23 09:24:59
15.   Suffering Bruin
"SB, how's that move going?"

"Glad you asked, DT crowd! Remember the Titanic? They had it good..."

"What on earth can you mean?"

"Well, since you asked, I just found out that a "small move" of six blocks takes professional movers 5 hours and boy howdy, that hurts the pocketbook!"

"Wow, you should've done (several other simpler suggestions spill forth from the crowd)..."

"I'll ask all of you to shut your yappers because it gets better! As of 9:15am, because of a technicality that is only possible through my kind of luck, I'll be without internet service until June 6th!"

"What?? No Fact of Choi until then??"

"It's not like they've been spilling forth lately..."

"But you were moving!! And now, your relatively free! Whatever will we do??"

"Take this last bit until I return on June 6th. Until such time....



I have pulled significant strings and run up a long distance bill to make my wife's personality magically transform into that of Albert Belle but it was worth it!

(courtesy of my pal, Archipelago, the formerly grumpy poster of Dodgerkid who knows a guy who says he knew Choi during our hero's time at Kwang-Ju High School... in other words, another of SB's rock-solid sources)

As you all have no doubt noticed, Choi is bigger than the average Korean. Even in high school, before the weight training program of 2000, he was huge and apparently, a helluva basketball player.

One day Kwang-Ju gym, Choi was messing around with friends having a dunk contest (apparently, Seo was also involved). Our hero went up for a two-handed slam... and brought down the rim (Archipelago's friend swears he saw this happen).

Now for the punchline. The kids in the gym went crazy nuts until the coach showed up and chewed out Choi for breaking the rim. The coach ordered Choi to clean up the mess. This was a problem; Choi had a baseball game to play. The other kids volunteered to help, explaining to the coach they had encouraged Choi to dunk (the coach apparently warned the kids not to practice the slams because the rims would bend) but Choi spoke up and insisted it was his mess to clean up. He was late for his baseball game and had to run laps afterward.

See in two weeks, folks, unless I can get on the internet on a friends computer....

2005-05-23 09:29:53
16.   Brian Y
The only problem with moving it to Oklahoma for instance is the distance a player would have to travel during a call-up PLUS it would cost more to scout that location with traveling expenses for our execs. We just need our team in so cal where the air is thick!
2005-05-23 09:37:28
17.   molokai
I like all the lineup suggestions except for the one currently employed by Mr. Tracy. I would go with number #4.

Also, agree with # 13 in that it would be doubtful that we go to a pitcher not on the 40-man roster. D Thompson is on the 40-man roster and he is 24 so he has a bit more experience then our 20-year-old prospects like (Jackson/Billingsly/Broxton). Of course, if we have to designate someone off the 40-man roster I would think Joel Hanrahan would be expendable.

FYI - Evidently one of our old top prospects is finally back after numerous arm surgeries. Hong-Chih Kuo has 13 K's in 10 innings so maybe his stuff is back as well. Probably not a prospect anymore and he is only pitching in relief but at least he made it back from his surgeries

2005-05-23 09:44:43
18.   molokai
Eric Neel is one of the few ESPN writers worth reading anymore. Check this out.
2005-05-23 09:51:22
19.   Fearing Blue
#14: My guess is that DePodesta and crew know the affect of every minor league stadium on every category of production. Thus, both hitters and pitchers should be projectable even in Las Vegas. Because of the extreme nature of the park, it may be a little more variable, but it should still be pretty close. The biggest reason we shouldn't discount Jackson's performance in AAA is that he's hurting himself. He's walked 20 in 37.3 innings while striking out only 26. Strikeouts and walks are only minimally impacted by ballpark effects.

Whether or not pitching in an extreme hitter's park (i.e. Denver, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas) shreds a pitcher's psyche is still debateable. I would prefer having our AAA team in a neutral ballpark, but revenue plays into it as well. You can't draw nearly as many fans in Bakersfield as you can in Las Vegas.

2005-05-23 10:03:41
20.   MSarg29
I'm just happy that Bob made an Alison La Placa reference. I was just commenting about her at work, surprisingly nobody remembered her work on Duet.
2005-05-23 10:07:41
21.   Brian Y
I can actually think of a few players on our 40 man roster that could be outrighted with Erickson being #1 on my hit list. Hanrahan too is really sucking it up! , Houlton needs to go, and need I say cough Grabowski!!
2005-05-23 10:11:57
22.   dzzrtRatt
"The biggest reason we shouldn't discount Jackson's performance in AAA is that he's hurting himself. He's walked 20 in 37.3 innings while striking out only 26. Strikeouts and walks are only minimally impacted by ballpark effects."

Although I know this is part of the catechism, I have my doubts. If I thought a fastball over the plate would result in a home run or GR double, I'd be more likely to nibble around the edges and use more breaking pitches--taking the risk of a base on balls, and avoiding the opportunity for a strikeout. If I knew the hard-hit fly ball would die in the centerfielders' glove, I might be more willing to throw strikes. If you're pitching adaptively in a hitter's park, unless you have incredible confidence in your fast ball I would think you'd try to evolve into a ground ball pitcher, more sinkers and curves, in order to win games. Jackson's game might be more suited for Dodger Stadium than for the field in Vegas, by this reasoning (or lack thereof).

2005-05-23 10:14:14
23.   Brian Y
Gotta agree with #22. I think Jackson would be better off here in LA than in Vegas where I worry about his psyche.
2005-05-23 10:19:47
24.   FirstMohican
23 - if you're worried about his psyche because he's getting lit up in Vegas, why aren't you worried about his psyche when he gets lit up while on the Dodgers?
2005-05-23 10:19:49
25.   Brian Y
I would post MY 40 man roster but that's too time consuming. Though I do believe mine would be the only one that consists of both Mike Rose and Henri Stanley :-)
2005-05-23 10:22:02
26.   Brian Y
#24 because I believe Colburn can help him much better than Roger McDowell can AND it would be better for him to learn here and show him we still have faith and believe in him rather than NOT call him up this year because of his age.
2005-05-23 10:25:44
27.   Bob Timmermann
I preferred the sequel to "Duet" called "Open House" which had much of the same cast and also added a young Ellen DeGeneres as a wisecracking receptionist.

Actually, Fox didn't fare too well with sitcoms in its early period outside of "Married with Children".

2005-05-23 10:27:08
28.   molokai
Or put him back in AA to straighten him out. As I've asked before who was the last legitimate Dodger prospect to pitch a full season in Vegas and then help the Dodgers? Vegas destroyed Hanrahan and now he's useless. I will concede that Depo is smarter then me so if he feels that E Jackson is gaining something from getting his butt handed to him on a platter instead of learning to pitch then their must be a reason. He does lead the Vegas team in hitting.
2005-05-23 10:34:26
29.   Brian Y
Why put him in a league with lesser talent? If anything we should challenge him in LA. And yes, DePo does know better but it's not like I need to agree and he like Tracy and all of us...makes mistakes.
2005-05-23 10:35:39
30.   Howard Fox
was Jackson a DePo prospect or someone else's?
2005-05-23 10:36:08
31.   gvette
If Jackson's performance had warranted it, he surely would have already been up, and Erickson would just be a bad memory.

He's 21, has been given shots the last two Spring Trainings to win the #5 starter slot without success, had to be briefly shut down last year, and both in his 2004 stint with the Dodgers, and in AAA has shown an inconsistent ability to throw strikes.

We'd all like to see the young pitcher that had Tracy making comparisons to Doc Gooden, but Jackson seems to be a work in progress, and at this point may be closer to James Baldwin.

2005-05-23 10:36:21
32.   Brian Y
He came in during Evans I believe or possibly Malone.
2005-05-23 10:38:45
33.   Howard Fox
in that event, he may not be a high priority at this point for DePo...he has nothing at stake reputation-wise whether Jackson succeeds or not
2005-05-23 10:40:09
34.   Brian Y
I actually didn't think he was that bad in his starts last year. Yes, he was terribly inconsistant and walked a lot of batters but not terrible. He made a decent #5 pitcher regardless. I'd rather give him a full season with us before saying he's a James Baldwin close which is a terribly innacurate projection considering Jackson's velocity vs. Baldwin's. I see him more as a Duaner Sanchez clone if anything which is NOT a bad thing.
2005-05-23 10:41:11
35.   Nick Iyengar
Here's what our rotation has been:
1. Penny
2. Weaver
3. Lowe
4. Perez
5. Erickson

Obviously, 4 and 5 are big question marks now, with Perez on the DL and Erickson apparently in the bullpen. Here's my suggestion. Release Erickson immediately, and call up Jackson, putting him in the #4 spot where Perez normally is. Let Alvarez take the #5 spot, when it comes up, until Dessens is ready. Or, if JT is feeling creative, until Duaner or DJ (might as well use him if he's occupying a roster spot) is ready to go.

Doesn't seem all that complicated to me. Let Jackson take his lumps and find out if he's MLB material. At some point he has to go from "prospect" to "asset."

2005-05-23 10:42:36
36.   Brian Y
I forsee DePo going all out for Zito this offseason with his old pal Billy Beane. And I would imagine Edwin Jackson and Yhency Brazoban being targets #1 and #2 for the A's. Remember Brazoban was one of the last major success stories from....DAN EVANS. No matter what any of us say, Dan Evans was a damn good GM for us and helped our farm system and put the personnel in place that has gotten us to this point in our rebuilding the farm.
2005-05-23 10:44:12
37.   Brian Y
#29, even if Jackson fizzles in LA he is a 21 yr old prospect with a live arm that I am sure teams would be willing to give an arm and leg for. His age and the fact that his arm doesnt have much wear and tear on it is his biggest attribute.
2005-05-23 10:45:45
38.   Brian Y
oops I meant #35 LOL
2005-05-23 10:46:47
39.   Bob Timmermann
Baseballcube says Jackson was a 6th round choice in the June 2001 draft.
2005-05-23 10:47:15
40.   gvette
#34 Are you referring to the velocity of Jackson's pitches, or the velocity of the Alb. Isotope base hits flying back at him in his last start?
2005-05-23 10:50:13
41.   Brian Y
#40, definitely the velocity of his pitches LOL
2005-05-23 10:54:24
42.   Marty
I thought Gvette comparing Jackson to James Baldwin the writer :-).

Poor SB, looks like it's Kinkos for him for a couple weeks.

2005-05-23 10:56:39
43.   the OZ
36 -

I don't know that I'd call Dan Evans "damn good". I think it's more accurate to say "he didn't totally screw us." Some of the Logan White/Evans draft picks have looked good and some of the pieces we've scooped in otherwise marginal trades have been very productive, but let's not forget the Worst Offense Ever™ in 2003 and his failure to establish a team core past 2005, something DePodesta has done very quickly and [relatively] cheaply.

Dan Evans = 5.0 / 10

2005-05-23 10:57:19
44.   Fearing Blue
#36: I would be floored. The thought of DePo trading for an over-hyped, aging, mediocre starting pitcher, and Beane taking an over-hyped setup man and a young pitcher who doesn't throw strikes in return would be surprising.
2005-05-23 10:58:21
45.   Xeifrank
It's definitely time for the Dodgers to raid one of their minor league teams for pitching. I never understood why minor league pitchers needed to have their hands held so much. What harm could possibly come of one of their top pitching prospects making 3 or 4 starts at the major league level? Confidence shaken if they don't do well? Hogwash! Without failure, how can one learn and without learning how can one improve!!



2005-05-23 11:03:51
46.   Fearing Blue
#40: Well put, gvette. Everyone wants to bring Jackson up because of the hype, but he's not pitching well at all. At this point, every other starter in AAA has put up better numbers than him. Lest we forget, his line last year for the Dodgers was a 7.30 ERA in 24.7 IP with 7 HR, 11 BB, and 16 K. That's Erickson level bad folks. Other than ensuring we lose one of his good years to free agency, I don't see the purpose in bringing up Jackson to get spanked in the majors.
2005-05-23 11:06:24
47.   Fearing Blue
#28: If Jackson continues to pitch like he has, it wouldn't surprise me if he switched places with one of the pitchers in AA.
2005-05-23 11:13:06
48.   Fearing Blue
#45: Xei, if you're referring to Jackson, he seems to be getting his fair share of failure in AAA.
2005-05-23 11:26:21
49.   Howard Fox
I agree, bring up a couple of the younger pitchers, other teams seem to do it...either they can do it or they can't.

I never saw the need for a pitcher, or a hitter for that matter, to spend several years being groomed...a little time in the minors, teach them a few things necessary for the bigs, then let's see what they can do.

2005-05-23 11:38:31
50.   MSarg29
I agree w/ your assessment of Open House Bob. Who can forget the performance of Chris Lemmon? At least Mary Page Keller still gets work.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-23 11:39:14
51.   Bob Timmermann
We should watch to see how Santana fares for the Angels in his second start of his career. He will be facing the White Sox who will be starting 8-0 Jon Garland.

In his first start, Cleveland's first four batters hit for the cycle against him.

2005-05-23 11:44:28
52.   Colorado Blue
We just need our team in so cal where the air is thick!

How 'bout making Rancho Cucamonga the AAA team? The air don't get any thicker than in the Inland Empire... besides, it might be enough to make me move back there ;)

2005-05-23 11:45:15
53.   Jon Weisman
New post re: Jackson and Mahomes above.
2005-05-23 11:48:19
54.   DougS
Re: #43
Getting Izturis and... I want to say Paul Quantrill, but is that right?... in exchange for Luke Prokopec looks like a pretty shrewd deal to me. And remember, he had to dig himself out of the mess that Malone left behind. DePo has benefitted from the repair work that he did.
2005-05-23 11:59:41
55.   Xeifrank
Jackson is NOT even in the TOP 2 of Dodger pitching prospects in my opinion. He is NOT who I am referring to. It seems like the Dodgers are scared to bring up starting pitchers from the minors. Could they do any worse than Erickson? At some point you have to give the guys in the minors a shot if you aren't going to make a trade. I don't see how making three or four starts at max could hurt. Sure, maybe the clock starts a year earlier on them than you wanted but this is the big leagues not kindergarten.



2005-05-23 12:02:28
56.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers had to give up their Cal League entry a few years back. There was some sort of reorganization of the minor leagues and the Dodgers had too many "High A" league teams. It didn't make sense it was explained to me at the time. But for economic reasons, the Dodgers opted for teams on the East Coast for their A league affiliates: Columbus, GA and Vero Beach.

The Dodgers last A league team was in San Bernardino. I saw Chin-Feng Chen play there. Thought he would be great. So did the Dodgers hitting instructor there, Steve Yeager.

This is why I am not a scout.

2005-05-23 12:49:53
57.   the OZ
54 -

You're right about Paul Quantrill. That's what I meant about 'didn't totally screw us" - Evan's mistakes were overcome-able [Encarnacion, Jeromy Burnitz, Fred McGriff, Hundley], and his successes have had lasting benefits [Gagne, Izturis, Brazoban]. However, I seriously doubt the team would have been as successful in 2004 or as competitive going forward as the DePodesta team - I just don't see Evans pulling off any of those shrewd deals.

Still, I'll never forgive him for the 2003 offense. Also, his tendency to overvalue certian prospects hurt the team's ability to add real impact players, [of course, I benefit from hindsight when saying we should have traded the Hanrahans, Jacksons, and Millers of the world before they lost all perceived value - something Evans didn't have].

He is probably a valuable piece in Seattle's scouting department now, but didn't appear to have the guts for an executive-level position here. I speculate that he may have been picked by the FOX ownership because he was a relative unknown who would follow orders from his superiors and not 'rock the boat' until the team was sold.

2005-05-23 14:52:15
58.   DougS
OZ, I guess I can't really disagree with you. Like you, I feel better about the team's prospects with DePo at the helm. You're probably right that Evans was too inexperienced for the GM job at the time, that some more experience scouting or some such would have helped him. And you're right to point out his trust in Encarnacion, Burnitz, McGriff and Hundley.. and of course, there's Tyler Houston too.... Eeesh....
2005-05-23 14:57:15
59.   regfairfield
How soon we forget Rickey Henderson.

I don't like to count the Izturis trade as a success, simply because Evans begged the Blue Jays to take Gagne instead of Prokopec.

2005-05-23 17:11:46
60.   Bob Timmermann
Although this thread may have died out, Werth does not have to be activated at the end of his rehab period. If he and the Dodgers agree, they can extend his rehab assignment for up to 20 more days if they feel his injury has reoccurred.
2005-05-23 22:02:33
61.   Jon Weisman
#59 -

The notion that the Blue Jays chose Luke Prokopec over Eric Gagne in the Paul Quantrill trade of 2001 is myth, folklore and urban legend, according to Jeff Blair in the Toronto Globe and Mail - although once you read the article, it's not quite in the way you'd expect.

It's not that Prokopec was chosen over Gagne by the Blue Jays. It's that Gagne wasn't even considered in the trade - by either side.

"Nobody ever said, 'Hey, you want Gagne?' We didn't ask for him, either," (Toronto general manager J.P.) Ricciardi told Blair, adding: "... if it had happened, I'd be the first to admit it."

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