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May 25 Open Chat: All They Need to Win
2005-05-25 16:04
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

The Dodgers are ...

  • 15-5 when they get a quality start, 8-16 when they don't. (Imagine - fewer than half their games have produced quality starts.)

  • 19-9 when they hit at least one home run, 4-12 when they don't. (They are 12-1 when they hit two home runs or more.)

  • 21-2 when they score four runs or more, 2-19 when they don't. (They have scored four runs or more in seven of 21 games this month, and are 7-0 in those games.)

    The Dodgers aren't losing a lot of one-run games - or even playing in many, in contrast to previous seasons. The Dodgers have only played six one-run games this year, winning four. They have not lost a one-run game since April 26.

    So reaching a mere four runs would not have prevented many of the losses. The team has allowed five runs or more in a game 24 times, going 8-16, and has lost 10 games in May alone by three runs or more.

    It's safe to say that a quality start backed by four runs offers an inside track to victory. That shouldn't be a lot to ask. But right now, it is.

    In contrast, here is one less relevant event:

  • The Dodgers haven't needed to play errorless ball to win. They are 12-9 when they make an error, 11-12 when they don't.

  • Comments (212)
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    2005-05-25 16:44:04
    1.   Bob Timmermann
    Random Dodger game callback

    May 25, 1936

    About 2,000 people filed into Braves Field in Boston on a Monday afternoon to watch the Bees rookie right-hander, Johnny Lanning, toss an 8-0 shutout against one of the less renowned Brooklyn Dodger squads. Lanning helped his own cause with a solo home run in the seventh off of Dodger starter Fred Frankhouse. It would be Lanning's only big league home run.

    The loss kept the Dodgers firmly in seventh place at 14-22, 9 ½ games behind first place St. Louis. The Dodgers finished the season in seventh also, 67-87, 25 games behind the pennant-winning Giants.

    The 1936 Dodgers featured two Hall of Famers, but one wasn't playing. It was manager Casey Stengel, who was in the last of his three rather dismal years leading the Dodgers. The Dodgers suffered through a 4-21 record in June of 1936. Another future Hall of Famer, Fred Lindstrom, played in 26 games for the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers of 1936 had some good names. Van Lingle Mungo was the team's best pitcher, going 18-19 with a 3.35 ERA. He led the NL in strikeouts with 238. He also led in walks with 118. The 1936 Dodgers also had players named Ox Eckhardt, Max Butcher, and Joe Stripp.

    The team had little power, hitting only 33 home runs, worst in the National League. Mel Ott of the Giants led the National League with 33 home runs of his own. Lou Gehrig led the AL with 49!

    If better years were on their way for the Dodgers, it was hard to see. Only backup catcher Babe Phelps would ever play for a pennant winner in Brooklyn.

    Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

    2005-05-25 16:52:49
    2.   Bob Timmermann
    The only teams in the majors who have not reached 33 home runs on the season are Oakland (26) and Seattle (32).

    I still find it weird that the two best teams in the NL in OPS play in pitchers parks: Dodgers (770) and Marlins (768)

    2005-05-25 16:54:40
    3.   Bob Timmermann
    Better go check to see if Ken hasn't killed himself yet.

    Tampa Bay has put up a 10-spot in the first against Oakland.

    2005-05-25 16:57:42
    4.   Jon Weisman
    #1 - Yikes.

    #2 - Yikes. The '36 Dodgers hit 33 home runs but allowed 84.

    #3 - Yikes.

    2005-05-25 17:05:29
    5.   Nick Iyengar
    I'll be at SBC park tonight decked out in blue. Any other DT readers going to the game?
    2005-05-25 17:10:44
    6.   Bob Timmermann
    I promise tomorrow's callback will be happier.
    2005-05-25 17:11:12
    7.   Jon Weisman
    The 1915 (14 HR), 1918 (10 HR), 1936 (33 HR), 1943 (39 HR), 1968 (67 HR) and 1992 Dodgers (72 HR) are the only Dodger teams since 1900 to fail to hit as many homers as the last two digits of their year.

    The 1937 Dodgers hit 37 homers and the 1989 Dodgers hit 89 homers.

    Who wants to predict the year of the next Dodger team to fall short in this fashion?

    2005-05-25 17:11:54
    8.   Jon Weisman
    That last note was my homage a la Timmermann - I hope that was clear.
    2005-05-25 17:12:13
    9.   Bob Timmermann
    Ahh, the 1992 Dodgers. I can't wait to write up that one!
    2005-05-25 17:17:31
    10.   Mark
    Jon- when the collective bargaining agreement expires in December of 2006 and the 2007 season gets cancelled, will that count against the Dodgers not hitting 7 home runs?
    2005-05-25 17:19:39
    11.   Bob Timmermann
    Let's tell Ken that it's not worth it.

    12-0 Tampa Bay over Oakland in the 3rd.

    2005-05-25 17:20:39
    12.   Jon Weisman
    Good question, Mark. There are no free rides. The 1981 Dodgers hit 82 home runs - they barely squeaked by.
    2005-05-25 17:26:37
    13.   Steve
    This Davies kid Atlanta brought up looks like the real deal. At least we have Carlyle.

    Victor Zambrano just makes me laugh.

    2005-05-25 17:29:16
    14.   Bob Timmermann
    And the Dodgers got a home run on the last day of the 1981 season by Ken Landreaux in the 7th inning to get to 82 homers.
    2005-05-25 17:29:37
    15.   Eric Enders
    Rumor has it Ox Eckhardt went to great lengths to avoid Max Butcher.
    2005-05-25 17:31:34
    16.   Jon Weisman
    Lest he become Joe Stripp steak.

    (Eric's was clever - mine is not.)

    2005-05-25 17:32:33
    17.   Mark
    In that case, I will take '07, with a backup choice of 2059, when Pacific Palisades Ravine Stadium (presented by AT&T) suffers massive structural failure from freakish July rain-induced mudslides.

    The Santa Monica Dodgers will be forced to relocate to Genentech Park (sponsored by Toyota), which has 450-foot fences that are 50 feet high. Dodgers color man Jason Grabowski will take up the practice of running out onto the field with a beachball every time someone actually manages to clear the fences, and the Dodgers will finish the season with a dismal 33HR.

    2005-05-25 17:44:18
    18.   Blue in SF
    re 5: I'll be there as always. Section 105, row 28.
    2005-05-25 17:45:01
    19.   Linkmeister
    "fences that are 50 feet high"

    It's been done. First Dodgers game I ever saw was at the Coliseum. I don't think Wally Moon hit a "Moonshot," though.

    2005-05-25 17:49:00
    20.   db1022
    Who's got tonight's lineup?

    I just read that Werth is in the starting lineup, Choi is hitting 2nd, Milton 3rd, and Drew 5th.

    2005-05-25 17:51:27
    21.   Humma Kavula
    It's on GameDay


    2005-05-25 17:53:04
    22.   Eric Enders
    You know, I really like that lineup.
    2005-05-25 17:53:07
    23.   Humma Kavula
    For the Giants:


    2005-05-25 17:53:50
    24.   regfairfield
    Smokin' Joe Blanton: further proof you can't be a good pitcher without striking anybody out.
    2005-05-25 17:54:41
    25.   db1022
    Tracy going RH-heavy against Tomko (though he managed to sneak the lefty Alvarez in there) ;-)
    2005-05-25 17:56:34
    26.   Eric Enders
    Aww, hell, I forgot Blanton was pitching today. I guess I can say hello to the Fantasy Baseball basement.
    2005-05-25 17:57:36
    27.   db1022
    #26 - You've got Blanton on your Fantasy Team? How many teams are in your league - 30?
    2005-05-25 17:58:49
    28.   brendan glynn
    i have to give Tracy credit. I thought it would take him two weeks to come to that lineup conclusion.
    2005-05-25 17:59:01
    29.   regfairfield
    27 - I have him too, but it's a league where you can keep and develop rookies. 13 teams, 30 player rosters.

    I looked like a genius two weeks into the season. Thankfully, he's on my bench, and soon to be jettisoned to the minors.

    2005-05-25 18:01:07
    30.   Steve
    YES YES YES! That's the lineup! Don't ever change.
    2005-05-25 18:05:28
    31.   Fearing Blue
    #22/30: Agreed. It's perfect.
    2005-05-25 18:05:35
    32.   Jim Hitchcock
    By golly, Steve and I just reached consensus! There's hope for me yet!
    2005-05-25 18:07:17
    33.   Eric Enders
    15 teams. Blanton was having a hell of a year until tonight.

    Starting pitchers recently picked up by other teams in my league include Glendon Rusch, Aaron Harang, Daniel Cabrera, Tanyan Sturtze, and Jamie Moyer.

    2005-05-25 18:10:17
    34.   regfairfield
    Blanton's actually been incredibly bad the entire month, sporting a 10.00 ERA, not counting tonight.
    2005-05-25 18:10:18
    35.   adg
    As far as today's lineup is concerned, I don't think that Perez is getting enough credit for the bat he allegedly brings.

    I think that he ought to be able to out-hit Phillips, and fo shizzle out-hit (present day) Drew.

    2005-05-25 18:12:42
    36.   GoBears
    I like that lineup too. When Saenz starts in place of Choi, he might want to move Werth up to #2. And, as is, 6-7-8 are all righties (and since it's the lineup against RHP, the only lefty on the bench is Robles). But nothing's perfect.
    2005-05-25 18:14:24
    37.   Eric Enders
    Well, this is three bad starts in a row for Blanton, I think. But as recently as last week his ERA was pretty good.

    Time to release him. But the dregs awaiting me in the free agent pool are little better.

    2005-05-25 18:14:46
    38.   Fearing Blue
    Looks like Repko was sent down to open up a slot for Werth.
    2005-05-25 18:16:47
    39.   Steve
    32 -- How about this, the spirit of comity, good feelings, and the need to come together in the face of adversity...

    I'll take the over tonight. Alvarez pitches into the sixth.

    2005-05-25 18:17:09
    40.   Eric Enders
    Repko's possession of the Jason Grabowski Memorial Seat for "Earliest, Crappiest Bat Off the Bench" sure didn't last long.

    Who takes the baton now?

    2005-05-25 18:18:35
    41.   regfairfield
    2005-05-25 18:18:52
    42.   Eric Enders
    I believe we have a winner.
    2005-05-25 18:20:57
    43.   Jim Hitchcock
    Aw, jeez, Steve. I was gonna take the under tonight... :)
    2005-05-25 18:22:00
    44.   Steve
    Lidge! Two nights in a row! Bring back the real Phil Garner, you imposter!
    2005-05-25 18:26:58
    45.   Fern
    I agree with 35, I think Perez's bat would play better at the 2 spot.


    Lefty-righty all the way down, while the line up is extended without clumping your weaker hitters together.

    2005-05-25 18:28:44
    46.   KAYVMON
    Re 35: Yeah, but Perez hits in the eigth spot because speed is leveraged better in that position, considering the pitcher will sacrifice after if he gets on base.
    2005-05-25 18:29:50
    47.   Fern
    are you saying Phillips ain't fast??
    2005-05-25 18:33:20
    48.   KAYVMON
    Just to clarify: having Phillips, who is a tad bit on the slow side, hit eigth devalues the expected sacrifice from the pitcher. Perez is a better option because if he gets on, with less than two outs, you can expect him to move over to second and get driven in if Izturis singles.
    2005-05-25 18:37:17
    49.   KAYVMON
    In terms of judging Phillips' speed, let us not forget the aerodynamic advantage his facefitted goggles give him over the unfortunately goggleless fellow ball player.
    2005-05-25 18:37:24
    50.   Bob Timmermann
    Werth's transaction isn't listed on's website, but this pair puzzles me.

    Yesterday, the Orioles activated Sammy Sosa from the DL and DFA'd Sal Fasano.

    Today, Javy Lopez went on the DL with a broken hand. And to fill his place, the Orioles signed Sal Fasano to a one-year contract.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-05-25 18:38:37
    51.   Fern
    A tad bit on the slow side? Like Erickson is a tad bit on the washed-up side?

    I see your point, but I think speed, without considering the other variables, works equally well anywhere in the line up. YOu could say that Perez is better at 2 spot because he'll hit into fewer double plays than Choi (presumably) and will give the mashers more chances to drive in runs.

    2005-05-25 18:39:06
    52.   molokai
    I'll take that lineup.

    Smokin' Joe Blanton: further proof you can't be a good pitcher without striking anybody out.

    Every rule has exceptions. Quite a few soft tossing lefties have had exceptional career's. (Moyer, Glavine)
    It is the soft tossing right handed pitchers who seem to have a tougher time of it.

    2005-05-25 18:40:48
    53.   Eric Enders
    That's not much different from what the Dodgers did with Carlyle, Bob. He was DFAed as well.
    2005-05-25 18:42:38
    54.   Steve
    Gosh, I miss Alex Cora.
    2005-05-25 18:44:26
    55.   Bob Timmermann
    But Fasano was DFA'd one day before he was brought back! Why bother?
    2005-05-25 18:45:25
    56.   Eric Enders
    I don't know. Because it was impossible to know Lopez would break his hand?
    2005-05-25 18:48:22
    57.   Bob Timmermann
    Well, I learned a lot by actually reading the whole story about the Orioles.

    First, I assumed that Lopez had a lingering injury, which he didn't. He got hurt yesterday.

    Second, Fasano had to decline an outright assignment to the minors, then clear waivers, and then he resigned as a free agent.

    I believe Carlyle took the demotion willingly so it was a little different.

    2005-05-25 18:55:48
    58.   regfairfield
    52-Moyer still averages about 5.5 K/9.

    Blanton's K/9 this year is .68.

    2005-05-25 18:56:35
    59.   Johnson
    All right, folks. I'm about to face a terrible choice: Fox Sports Bay Area (which has the decent but Giants homer Mike Krukow to offset the intensely horrible Duane "He hits it high..." Kuiper) or ESPN2 (which will almost certainly involve Joe Morgan). Which fresh hell should I choose?
    2005-05-25 18:59:57
    60.   Steve
    59 -- as someone about to face a similar choice, I suggest the comic stylings of the Giants duo. The bad local guys always drive me to Morgan, and it usually takes about 15 pitches for Morgan to drive me back to the local guys. Then I hit mute.
    2005-05-25 19:03:41
    61.   the OZ
    For those not getting ESPN's alternate game (SD at ARI), you're missing Eric Karros speak do his best impression of Bradley Whitford's hair.
    2005-05-25 19:03:43
    62.   Johnson
    58 - reg

    I calculate about 2.65 for Blanton's K/9. Not good at all, but 4 times what you give him credit for.

    2005-05-25 19:05:19
    63.   regfairfield
    Whoops, you're right, I was looking at his K/BB.
    2005-05-25 19:07:08
    64.   Fearing Blue
    #59: I haven't watched Krukow much, but I was surprised to see "decent" and "Krukow" in such close proximity. He almost made me break my television a few times last night.
    2005-05-25 19:07:17
    65.   Jim Hitchcock
    Repko did well. Ledee's hitting has far exceeded expectations.

    But,'s great to have Werth back.

    2005-05-25 19:08:03
    66.   Fern
    what's the over/under on hits for izzy today?
    2005-05-25 19:08:15
    67.   Johnson
    60 - Steve
    The Giants' guys are the only ones I know who can spend an inning talking about a play that was/wasn't made by the aging "ball-dude" down the third base line.

    In other news, it appears that I don't get the ESPN2 feed after all. Giants it is.

    2005-05-25 19:09:31
    68.   Jim Hitchcock
    Gee, Johnson...don't talk about Ron Perranoski that way.
    2005-05-25 19:10:45
    69.   Johnson
    #64 Fearing Blue
    The application of the adjective "decent" to Krukow might be a result of his continual juxtaposition with Kuiper. Kinda like when you stick your hand in a bowl of ice water for a minute, then you put it in a bowl of lukewarm water and it feels like it's burning? That kind of thing.
    2005-05-25 19:11:35
    70.   Linkmeister
    Huh. Out here it's the Dodgers' feed all the way on FSNW2. A couple of years ago we got a mix of Dodgers, Angels, Mariners, and once in a while the A's and Padres on that channel, but this year FSNW is all Angels and FSNW2 is all Dodgers.
    2005-05-25 19:17:00
    71.   Jim Hitchcock
    Drew was safe.
    2005-05-25 19:21:26
    72.   Fearing Blue
    People have suggested that the Dodgers trade for Kevin Millwood. What about Ted Lilly? He's had a rough, injury-filled, start to the year, but overall I like the guy and he's a free agent after this season. He strikes out close to a batter an inning, and his stats last year are likely bloated by facing New York, Boston, and Baltimore in an unbalanced schedule.
    2005-05-25 19:25:19
    73.   Steve
    Well, never mind, Jim.
    2005-05-25 19:26:30
    74.   Fearing Blue
    At least Alvarez gave up the HR to a guy who's supposed to hit HRs.
    2005-05-25 19:28:11
    75.   Steve
    67 -- If I might be so bold as to guess what Morgan did in the first inning, he whined for five minutes about Vizquel not running (two strikes on Alou would be an excellent time to run, etc., etc.) then when Alou hit the homerun , he shut the hell up.
    2005-05-25 19:28:35
    76.   Fern
    Bring up Jackson. Pitching the ML hitters can't be that much worse than pitching to AAA hitter's in Coors South.
    2005-05-25 19:28:38
    77.   Jim Hitchcock
    Got it, Steve.
    2005-05-25 19:28:50
    78.   Steve
    You mean Lance Niekro?

    I thought this season was two weeks from being written off -- but it turns out it's about seven innings from being written off.

    2005-05-25 19:29:29
    79.   Steve
    77 -- I tried, conjuring up all of my better angels, but this pitching staff is embarrassingly terrible. Nothing to be done about it.
    2005-05-25 19:30:56
    80.   Marty
    I blame all this on Steve for taking the over. Never go against your instincts...
    2005-05-25 19:31:02
    81.   Jim Hitchcock
    Really don't like Wilson's game projection for this one.
    2005-05-25 19:32:41
    82.   Fearing Blue
    #76: You're probably right. Assuming they're equivalent, than Jackson would be slightly better than Erickson. Leave him in Las Vegas until he stops sucking.
    2005-05-25 19:36:00
    83.   overkill94
    Our pitching staff's inability to strike people out really seems to be hurting them. All those pitches Alou was fouling off just gave me the gut feeling that he was going to give up a bomb. If we get someone at the deadline I'd like for it to be a power pitcher, we've got enough sinkerballers as is.

    I agree that they should just give Jackson a chance. He seems to pitch better when the pressure's on, I don't know how much AAA is helping him right now. Plus, he'd be under the tutelage of Colborn.

    2005-05-25 19:36:05
    84.   Fearing Blue
    That's probably good for his wrist.
    2005-05-25 19:36:19
    85.   Marty
    YAY J.D. Fifth spot may suit him.
    2005-05-25 19:36:25
    86.   Steve
    80 -- Part of this was the odds, I had been taking the under for the better part of two weeks, and only lost on Lowe, so I was thinking that this was as good as any time to go contrary.

    Never again. I've learned my lesson.

    Welcome back, JD. Too little, too late.

    2005-05-25 19:36:41
    87.   Johnson
    Wow. Drew crushed that ball over the 404 sign. Wind blowing out?
    2005-05-25 19:38:51
    88.   Steve
    Agree completely with 83 -- can someone gin up a number of those homeruns over the last streak with two strikes? I'll believe you if you tell me it's not an outsized amount, but it sure seems like Weaver/Perez and now Alvarez have had to come in on 2-2 and full strike counts (because their garbage is recognizable), and got burned.
    2005-05-25 19:40:30
    89.   Steve
    Wow, the next guy is Erickson. They may score 20 tonight.
    2005-05-25 19:40:46
    90.   Fern
    I want Kip Wells.
    2005-05-25 19:43:40
    91.   Steve
    Batting practice fastball to Ellison.
    2005-05-25 19:47:34
    92.   Bob Timmermann
    Alvarez has never gotten the memo that SBC is a pitchers park.
    2005-05-25 19:48:33
    93.   Jim Hitchcock
    My stiff upper lip just fell off due to overuse.
    2005-05-25 19:52:59
    94.   Sam DC
    Oy, well, happy to join you all with the game on TV for once and whatnot, but aaarrgh. Apparently, we need to make an error, quick.

    I try to avoid bandwagon bashing of the various columnists and announcers at large these days, but very annoying broadcaster thing just as I turned on. After the sac fly, Morgan says something pretty close to "A lot of folks'll get upset there, that he didn't get a base hit and gave up an out, but in this situation what you really need to make sure you get the ball in the air and get the run." So, who are those "lot of folks." I seriously doubt that anyone would argue that Vizquel didn't get the job done in that spot. A hard hit ball in the air is good there, obviously, under any grand theory of baseball. For some reason, that straw man business really bugs me.

    Being down 6-1 to the Giants bugs me as well.

    2005-05-25 19:55:17
    95.   Icaros
    I don't want Izturis hanging out with Maury Wills anymore.
    2005-05-25 19:55:19
    96.   Johnson
    I think we've got the Giants right where we want them. They're on pace to score 8 runs this game: 4 in the first, 2 in the second, leading to 1 in the third, 1/2 in the fourth, etc. We're on pace to score 36: 0 in the first, 1 in the second, leading to 2 in the third, 3 in the fourth, etc. So if the pattern holds, we'll win 36-8.

    What do you mean, "small n"?

    2005-05-25 19:57:56
    97.   bill cox
    Why bring up Buddy Carlyle?I would prefer giving Jackson a shot,but why not Pat Mahomes?
    Or why not bring up both and kick Erickson to the curb?
    Repko had his moments.I wonder if he and Schmoll will be footnotes in Dodger history or if they will be back.
    2005-05-25 19:59:50
    98.   Fearing Blue
    Here are Perez and Weaver's HRs by count, based on ESPN's game logs. Weaver does seem to give up a lot of HRs on non-HR counts.

    0-0 (3)
    0-1 (2)
    0-2 (2)
    1-0 (1)
    2-2 (2)

    1-0 (1)
    1-1 (1)
    2-0 (1)
    2-1 (1)
    3-2 (2)

    2005-05-25 20:03:27
    99.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm depressed. I just wrote the Callback for 1992. I'm going out for a walk and will subject myself to Steinday.

    I hope for a relatively quick game so I don't have to stay up too late watching "Lost" on the DV-R.

    Right now, I'd prefer to have Jack Bauer from "24" on the Dodgers. We need some Giants to have the crap beaten out of them. Or he can run in and say, "You all need to leave or millions of people will die!"

    2005-05-25 20:05:17
    100.   Steve
    Could Jeff Kent's slump have anything to do with the fact that he hasn't drawn a walk since May 10?
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2005-05-25 20:07:48
    101.   franklin
    tips on when to swing, courtesy of

    OPS of batters against with
    count 2-2
    Perez .333
    Weaver .923

    count 3-2
    Perez 1.438
    Weaver .441

    2005-05-25 20:10:28
    102.   overkill94
    What makes our current batch of soft-tossers interesting is that most of our stud up-and-coming prospects are big strikeout guys. IMO those guys can't develop fast enough.

    It makes me giddy thinking of having guys like Billingsley, Tiffany, Broxton, Miller (hopefully) filling out the rotation. If Billingsley breaks out of his current funk, you think there's any chance he gets fast-tracked?

    2005-05-25 20:10:47
    103.   Steve
    First pitch. Oh well. They're going to let us down easy this year. No more of this "in it until September" business. That's stressful, and there's never any payoff anyway.
    2005-05-25 20:13:36
    104.   Fearing Blue
    #103: We're not out of it yet, but I'm intrigued as to what DePodesta could do as a seller.
    2005-05-25 20:15:28
    105.   Fearing Blue
    I guess Buddy's not starting on Saturday. It narrows the choices down to Houlton, Sanchez, or perhaps Erickson? Erickson has to be sitting out in the bullpen thinking "See, all these other guys are as bad as I am."
    2005-05-25 20:18:29
    106.   Mark
    Hey, what's this handbasket we're in, and why is it getting so warm?
    2005-05-25 20:19:29
    107.   franklin
    After an inning like that Carlyle will be hard pressed to keep his RA/SO ratio at 1.0
    2005-05-25 20:29:42
    108.   Steve
    Our rotten offense! We've only scored two and they've scored six!
    2005-05-25 20:30:58
    109.   Tommy Naccarato
    I've been in New York for the last two weeks, with no return in sight. The way it looks right now, my pre-season prediction is right on the mark. You guys made fun of me about Arizona and San Diego.

    For what its worth, I take a daily rash of slurs and insults because of "OUR" team.

    2005-05-25 20:35:13
    110.   Steve
    Unless Alex Cora or Adrian Beltre could have gone 7 innings a start with a K/9 rate of somewhere around seven, they wouldn't have helped either.
    2005-05-25 20:39:56
    111.   Icaros
    Tommy was right all along. The season is already over.
    2005-05-25 20:43:31
    112.   Fearing Blue
    Icaros, is that sarcasm from you? I'm shocked! :)
    2005-05-25 20:44:41
    113.   Steve
    They still haven't quite figured out why they were right -- Sandberg still likes our pitching (!) and the Finley/Beltre/Cora/Green Axis of Washed-Up Ex-Dodgers has a combined OPS of .600 -- but they were right nonetheless.
    2005-05-25 20:45:18
    114.   Steve
    I detect no sarcasm.
    2005-05-25 20:46:38
    115.   Icaros
    I never tell the truth. I always lie.
    2005-05-25 20:48:54
    116.   Bob Timmermann
    The Naccarato Prophecy is coming true!
    2005-05-25 20:48:55
    117.   Steve
    The night the season died. 5-25-05. RIP.
    2005-05-25 20:49:19
    118.   Fearing Blue
    #113: They were right because our entire team played way over their collective heads last season.
    2005-05-25 20:52:36
    119.   Steve
    118 -- there aren't going to be very many in the media who care how we got to fourth place. Heck, Tim Brown still thinks third base is our problem.
    2005-05-25 20:54:37
    120.   Fearing Blue
    #119: In MM, regression to the mean = lack of chemistry.
    2005-05-25 20:54:40
    121.   molokai
    Nothing like a little slump to empty the bandwagon. This team is not going to be a "seller".
    2005-05-25 20:56:25
    122.   Steve
    Damn offense. They have nine and we only have two. Get on it, boys!

    I can't believe Buddy Carlyle is back here. We are embarrassing.

    2005-05-25 20:56:33
    123.   Icaros
    As far as I know, there has never been a team in MLB history to recover from a 4.5 game deficit in late May.

    Darn it.

    2005-05-25 20:57:27
    124.   franklin
    Carlyle maintains the pace: 13R/13K
    2005-05-25 20:58:50
    125.   Fearing Blue
    Robles "got all of that" and it went about 50 feet past the infield.
    2005-05-25 20:59:02
    126.   Icaros
    Our pitchers have all lost it because LoDuca isn't back there calling the game.
    2005-05-25 20:59:25
    127.   Shlomo
    At this point, Erickson is starting to look good.
    2005-05-25 21:00:27
    128.   Icaros
    127 - He's always been a pretty handsome guy. Look at the lady he landed.
    2005-05-25 21:02:19
    129.   Steve
    Icaros, with this pitching staff? I mean, it's one thing to guess in January, and base your logic on the great things Alex Cora allegedly does at second. It's another thing to watch this horrendous pitching staff give up six runs a game almost a third of the way into the season. We're past the time when we can claim small sample size and whatnot. This is a full-blown against-the-wall crisis, and in our first test regarding what to do about it, we recalled Buddy Carlyle.
    2005-05-25 21:03:51
    130.   Icaros
    What are you getting on me for, Steve? I said they can't pitch without Paulie.
    2005-05-25 21:05:54
    131.   Steve
    Scott Erickson. I'm moving to Tampa Bay.
    2005-05-25 21:06:53
    132.   Shlomo
    Tracy, I was just kidding about Erickson!
    2005-05-25 21:07:04
    133.   Icaros
    Well, that's convenient, Erickson is headed out there in a few weeks himself.
    2005-05-25 21:09:11
    134.   Steve
    First pitch swinging! HA!
    2005-05-25 21:10:04
    135.   Steve
    Would we count Erickson as DIPS lucky in that inning? Does it matter?
    2005-05-25 21:10:22
    136.   Icaros
    The Giants are going to be so tired 'em right where we want 'em.
    2005-05-25 21:11:54
    137.   heato
    I was flipping between the Dodger game and the Padres/D-Back game tonight, and I saw the Padres score a couple of runs in an inning because of some errors, cheap hits, and a call where the umpire said Halsey did not step on first. Meanwhile in SF, when the Dodgers do hit the ball hard it is directly to an outfielder. Had Choi hit the ball 20 feet to either side of Alou, he would have knocked in a couple of runs. At this point in the game, two runs don't really matter, but at some point those hits have to start falling. I wonder if the Dodgers have repaired their relationship with Koufax enough so that he would be willing to take a turn in the rotation.
    2005-05-25 21:12:01
    138.   Fearing Blue
    #135: Probably. The Giants weren't missing his pitches at all.
    2005-05-25 21:18:51
    139.   Steve
    I'm telling you. The Dodgers are putting a staff together that's so bad they're singlehandedly killing DIPS. McCracken should sue DePo for industrial terrorism.
    2005-05-25 21:29:03
    140.   Fearing Blue
    Phillips points out that it's our pitching that is the issue. Duh.
    2005-05-25 21:29:24
    141.   Xeifrank
    atleast the other LA baseball team isn't afraid to call up their young pitchers. I can only be patient for so long. I'm holding my breath. Face is turning blue. Hurry, call up Billingsley or Jackson for that matter. This message will self destruct in 10 minutes.



    2005-05-25 21:30:36
    142.   Bob Timmermann
    As someone pointed on BTF, with this loss, the Padres are now the only team in the NL West to outscore its opponents on the season.

    The Pads and Snakes are tied at 8-8 in the 7th.

    2005-05-25 21:31:26
    143.   Xeifrank
    If someone told you before the season started that after 45 games the Dodgers would be 23-22 what would you think?



    2005-05-25 21:31:46
    144.   Steve
    We're among the top teams in the NL in offense, and we're being outscored?!
    2005-05-25 21:31:59
    145.   Bob Timmermann
    So the Dodgers would be better if they had Jose Lima? The starting pitching was shaky last year. It's just gone from shaky to shaken this year.
    2005-05-25 21:35:46
    146.   Steve
    Memo to DePo:

    No big contracts or desperation trades or Rickey Hendersons. We'll take our medicine and move on to '06.



    2005-05-25 21:35:59
    147.   Bob Timmermann
    The Dodgers are 219 for and 226 against.

    Only Philly, Cinci, and Colorado have given up more runs in the NL.

    2005-05-25 21:36:52
    148.   Mark
    Gagne for Bonderman and Inge, anybody?
    2005-05-25 21:36:53
    149.   Fearing Blue
    Nakamura hit 2 more HRs in AAA tonight. He now has 8 HRs in 50 ABs, which is 1 every 6.25 ABs. As a frame of reference, LaRoche has 18 HRs in 187 ABs, which is 1 every 10.39 ABs. I'm really confused.
    2005-05-25 21:39:54
    150.   Fearing Blue
    #148: Why would Detroit trade two of their key components of the future, who are still under team control, for a really expensive 3rd closer?
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2005-05-25 21:40:05
    151.   Xeifrank
    How can Nakamura possibly be doing so well in AAA. All you have to do is throw him a mix of fastballs and breaking stuff away and he's a sure out. He will foul off a couple pitches down the first base line, then either strike out or ground out to the first baseman.

    Watching Choi this year, not only does he look awful on inside pitches, but he seems to have a big uppercut along the lines of Adam Kennedy. Anybody have Choi's groundball to flyball ratio?



    2005-05-25 21:40:08
    152.   Steve
    Gagne for Zambrano (not Victor)? I like the other idea too though.
    2005-05-25 21:40:52
    153.   Steve
    150 -- have you seen the two "closers" they have?
    2005-05-25 21:41:23
    154.   Mark
    150- Because he can put bodies into the seats, allowing for future higher payroll to spend on better players?
    2005-05-25 21:43:02
    155.   Xeifrank
    Yeah, if you are going to trade Gagne, I would think it would first off have to be a contender and secondly it would have to be a team in need of a closer. Possibilities might be Atlanta, Florida and the Cubs. But I don't see that happening.

    Speaking of trading Gagne, when do you think the catcalls for DePodesta will start up again?



    2005-05-25 21:43:51
    156.   Fearing Blue
    #143: I projected this to be a better than .500 team, so I would be disappointed. The offense was significantly improved and the pitching staff seemed to be upgraded. Unfortunately, all of the pitchers from 2004 have taken a serious plunge past the mean and the additions of Lowe and Penny haven't come close to compensating. The only hope is that our pitchers true ability is somewhere between last year and the last 31 games. Trades aren't going to save us.
    2005-05-25 21:45:11
    157.   Fearing Blue
    #150: Any young starting pitcher under Dusty Baker is damaged goods.
    2005-05-25 21:46:05
    158.   Steve
    I'm guessing we're going to see Duaner on Saturday. But maybe that's just me hoping.
    2005-05-25 21:46:45
    159.   Fearing Blue
    #155: Though I'm sure the MM will figure out a way, it's still difficult to attack DePodesta. Even casual fans realize that the players no longer on the team are performing extremely poorly.
    2005-05-25 21:47:30
    160.   Steve
    It's just Computer Elbow!
    2005-05-25 21:50:42
    161.   Fearing Blue
    #151: Choi's GB/FB ratio is .85, though he seems to hit a lot of line drives, which get counted as FBs.
    2005-05-25 21:52:34
    162.   Fearing Blue
    #154: I'm not sure how many people a star closer on a losing team is going to put in the seats. Based on the Dodgers and the Astros this year, I wouldn't head to the park for the 1 in 7 chance I'd actually get to see the closer.
    2005-05-25 21:55:41
    163.   Xeifrank

    Thanks. How does that compare to other Dodgers and the league average?



    2005-05-25 21:56:26
    164.   Fearing Blue
    #151: This may be one of life's biggest mysteries. Based on watching him in the majors, I didn't think Nakamura could pull anything or hit with power when he went away. Clearly, he's doing at least one of those in AAA.

    Another oddity is that Nakamura has more BBs (7) than Ks (5).

    2005-05-25 21:56:35
    165.   heato
    I realize that this must be taken with a grain of salt, but the Giants' announcers said that the Dodgers were rumored to be bringing Edwin up to pitch on Saturday. Anyone else hear that?
    2005-05-25 22:00:01
    166.   Mark
    The problem is that Gagne fetches a high pricetag, which Atlanta, Florida, or the Cubs won't be willing to pay. I mean what, Atlanta's going to give up Chipper Jones or Tim Hudson? Very unlikely. You need to go to a middling team that has some young talent.

    Detroit (Bonderman and Inge)
    Reds (Harang and Freel)
    Cleveland (Sabathia, Alex Cora, and Jose Hernandez)
    Minnesota (Lohse and Cuddyer)

    Just to throw some names out...

    2005-05-25 22:01:53
    167.   Xeifrank
    Diamondbacks have bases loaded with nobody out in the bottom of the 8th, down by one run. Shawn Green actually drew a walk.



    2005-05-25 22:03:33
    168.   Xeifrank
    Just don't see why a crappy team would trade their young talent away for a closer. Usually, it's a contending team trading for a closer. I suppose it's early enough that only a few teams wouldn't be considered contenders.



    2005-05-25 22:04:41
    169.   Fearing Blue
    #163: Here are the GB/FB ratios of the Dodgers' most regular batters this season

    Ledee - 0.61
    Saenz - 0.64
    Kent - 0.65
    Reko - 0.81
    Choi - 0.85
    Drew - 1.24
    Phillips - 1.27
    Bradley - 1.33
    Izturis - 1.68

    The only conclusion I can draw is that if you're last name is longer than 5 letters, you're much more likely to hit ground balls.

    2005-05-25 22:05:48
    170.   capdodger
    OK... 166.... I'll Bite. Why would we want Alex Cora and/or Jose Hernandez back?
    2005-05-25 22:06:10
    171.   Xeifrank
    I think calling up Edwin Jackson to pitch saturdays game would be a good thing. I don't know why, but I just want to think positive. I know he's gotten rocked a bit in AAA of late, but that's perfect for our team. Could you imagine if we were playing a series in Coors field at the moment, how bad the scores would be!



    2005-05-25 22:06:57
    172.   Fearing Blue
    #165: It's possible, since they used Carlyle in today's game, but Jackson started and pitched 5 innings last night. He would be going on 3 days rest if he were to start.
    2005-05-25 22:07:40
    173.   dzzrtRatt
    I feel like I need a vacation from this Dodger team. I don't think they're as bad as they've been playing. I'd rather have our first five hitters than San Diego's. Our pitching staff isn't the best, but it's competitive with the rest. I would covet Peavey, Schmidt or (supremest irony) Vazquez, but I hold out hope that Penny can join that class this year once he gets his sea legs.

    This is just a horrible Dodger slump, a run of bad luck, and a defensive (psychologically) mindset that has all our hitters and pitchers trying to avoid looking bad.

    They'll break out of it, but I think I might have to close my eyes and ears and throw out the sports section every morning til they do. I don't take these things well.

    2005-05-25 22:08:56
    174.   Xeifrank

    Thanks again! Surprised that Bradley hits so many GBs given his power. Looks like Ledee might be the one with the big uppercut, gonna have to watch his swing a little closer.

    Padres falling apart in the bottom of the 8th.



    2005-05-25 22:09:29
    175.   Steve
    That is great news on Izturis's ratio. He used to hit pop-up after pop-up and drive me crazy.
    2005-05-25 22:10:21
    176.   bigcpa
    Did we really get squashed by a team with Deivi Cruz in the 3 hole?
    2005-05-25 22:10:34
    177.   Strike4
    Re #145 -- Let's see last 3 starts for Lowe/Lima/Perez/Weaver:
    Hits - 23/18/20/24
    Runs - 11/15/15/12
    HR - 2/3/5/6
    SO - 18/8/14/8

    At risk of simply choosing a poison, yes, take Lima over Perez and Weaver. At least there'd be some energy on the staff instead of dreaming about the next toke and blaming the manager for bad pitching. Does anyone really want to give the ball to Weaver or Perez in a playoff game?

    2005-05-25 22:10:43
    178.   Xeifrank

    My name's Xeifrank and I'm a Dodgers fan!

    It's the first step in the healing process.



    2005-05-25 22:12:39
    179.   Xeifrank
    Would've been a closer game had Tracy gone to the sac bunt early in the game like he did last night.



    2005-05-25 22:12:48
    180.   Fearing Blue
    #166: Atlanta, Flordia, and the Cubs all have better young depth than the Tigers and Reds. The difference is that they also have a strong team in the majors, so the kids are still in the minors. For the Braves, Marte is blocked by Chipper and Davies just got promoted. They're both tremendous players, who we would be lucky to get in a trade.
    2005-05-25 22:14:41
    181.   Xeifrank
    Good night!

    Better luck tomorrow.

    Atleast the Galaxy didn't lose.



    2005-05-25 22:15:18
    182.   Steve
    Wow, the sheer fact that someone just made a cogent and reasonable argument for Lima over Perez or Weaver is a harsh indictment -- indeed.
    2005-05-25 22:18:01
    183.   heato
    Lima's HR allowed numbers from last year would be welcome on this year's team.
    2005-05-25 22:28:17
    184.   Fearing Blue
    #182: Cogent, but specious. Here are the starters ERAs for the past 3 starts:

    Lowe - 3.37 ERA (7 ER in 18.2 IP, 3.02 season ERA)
    Perez - 5.90 ERA (12 ER in 18.1 IP, 4.50 season ERA)
    Weaver - 7.80 ERA (15 ER in 17.1 IP, 5.97 season ERA)
    Lima - 9.47 ERA (14 ER in 13.1 IP, 7.36 season ERA)

    Weaver may be bad, but he's not Lima bad.

    2005-05-25 22:30:14
    185.   Steve
    ERA! That's a false stat. You should know better than that! :) What does the DIPS say!

    Lima, Weaver, Perez. Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe.

    2005-05-25 22:36:25
    186.   dzzrtRatt

    Weaver might not be Lima bad but he's Hella bad.

    2005-05-25 22:40:37
    187.   dzzrtRatt

    Thanks, xei. I know I haven't hit bottom yet though; I haven't proposed trading Gagne or getting Lima.

    But my 30+ years as a Dodger fan have caused me to do many things for which I must begin to make amends.

    First, to my three wives...

    Second, to all my employers, especially the ones dumb enough to let me have a TV, a radio or a computer connected to the internet in my office...

    Third, to all the friends and family members with whom I could have had intimate and meaningful conversations, but talked Dodgers incessantly instead...

    I am truly sorry.

    2005-05-25 22:42:24
    188.   Fearing Blue
    #185: I'll conceed that Weaver is not significantly better than Lima, but I expect Perez to rebound nicely after his DL stint. His last couple starts he was throwing his fastball at 84-85 mph, which is 5-6 mph off his norm.
    2005-05-25 22:43:53
    189.   capdodger
    Well... time to click my Dodger Blue slippers together three times and say, "There's no place like Chavez Ravine" and maybe this will all be over when I wake up.
    2005-05-25 22:48:01
    190.   Fearing Blue
    #185: Not that you really cared :), but here are the DIPS ERAs for the season. I'm not going to break it down by the last three games because I'm going to bed.

    Lowe - 3.51 DIPS
    Perez - 4.02 DIPS
    Weaver - 4.80 DIPS
    Lima - 6.53 DIPS

    2005-05-25 22:49:09
    191.   Steve
    To paraphrase the late, great Phil Hartman's brilliant performance of Mary Shelley's tragic character, Frankenstein's Monster --


    2005-05-25 22:50:07
    192.   Steve
    Anything that says that Weaver is a 4.80 pitcher is inherently flawed. Call that Weaver's Razor.
    2005-05-25 22:57:52
    193.   Fearing Blue
    The four Dodgers pitchers getting the most hosed relative to their DIPS are:

    Carrara - 4.91 ERA / 2.12 DIPS (232%)
    Houlton - 7.88 ERA / 4.21 DIPS (187%)
    Carlyle - 8.36 ERA / 5.67 DIPS (147%)
    Weaver - 5.97 ERA / 4.80 DIPS (124%)

    The four Dodgers pitchers who are having the most success in spite of DIPS are:

    Sanchez - 2.28 ERA / 4.12 DIPS (181%)
    Dessens - 4.00 ERA / 6.31 DIPS (158%)
    Lowe - 3.02 ERA / 3.51 DIPS (127%)
    Alvarez - 4.61 ERA / 5.33 DIPS (116%)

    Overall, the Dodgers ERA is 4.71 and DIPS is 4.43.

    2005-05-25 23:12:08
    194.   Strike4
    Tough to read trends into such a small sample size as 3 games, which is why I just threw out raw data. However, Lima's last Saturday game was pretty good My bet is that Lima will generally improve over the rest of the season (took 6 weeks to recover from landing in KC) while Weaver and Perez will not. Throw in his enthusiasm and he's a big plus. I guess we'll see if I have to eat my words by October. Why the general hostility on this site towards Lima after his contributions last year?
    2005-05-25 23:16:39
    195.   Bob Timmermann
    I don't think people are hostile toward Lima. Most of us just think that Lima was fortunate to do as well as he did for the Dodgers last year.

    Unfortunately, Scott Erickson is no Jose Lima.

    2005-05-25 23:24:45
    196.   the OZ
    Less than 200 comments? Against the Giants? The Dodgers haven't exactly been inspiring lately, have they?

    FWIW, Bob Melvin sits Shawn Green against lefties now - he came on as a pinch hitter once the Padres' DARRELL MAY left the game. So, Hee Seop shouldn't feel too bad.

    The terrible pitching has distracted us from the fact that Jeff Kent is 0-for-the-last-5-games, covering 21 or 22 ABs.

    2005-05-25 23:34:09
    197.   Louis in SF
    I just read the box score and play-by play of tonight's game, and the positives are very limited. Jon's comments over the past few days about the pitching woes are dead on. The idea about putting Gagne into games earlier, before things get way out of hand is an interesting idea, but doubt if either Mr. Boras, Gagne himself, let alone other player management people would want to risk it.

    As far as trades go for Gagne, I doubt they could get that much. What I want to know is at what point if the 4th and 5th starters are as bad as they seem to be right now are they replaced. How much worse can Jackson be, is it worth it to try Duanner. Erickson should be released as soon as possible. It is time for DePo to make a move.

    2005-05-25 23:45:54
    198.   Strike4
    Tonight I got a chance to repeat a Vinnie line from the first Dodger/Giant PacBell telecast, after my wife asked if the PacBell big outfield glove was new. I said no, but notice that it's missing a finger... the Giants said they gave it to the Dodgers.

    Been to three games there. Seems like a lot of wine and cheese types attending now, wondering why their 49ers were playing without their helmets on.

    2005-05-26 06:37:04
    199.   Rainman
    Boys, just thought I'd mention a DePodesta sighting. I was at the SEC Baseball Tournament in Birmingham, AL, last night, and Mr. Paul DePodesta was in town scouting. I'd guess he was probably there to see Ole Miss' pitcher Mark Holliman (14 Ks in 7 IP, nasty stuff) and Tennessee pitcher Luke Hochevar, who pitches on Thursday against LSU in the early game. Gonna try to get out there again today and bump into him, if possible.
    2005-05-26 06:37:20
    200.   Fearing Blue
    #194: I'm not hostile towards Lima. I really enjoyed and appreciated what he did for the Dodgers last year. But, as Bob said, I think a lot of it was good fortune, and I wouldn't have wanted the Dodgers to sign him to a two-year contract. Based on their career stats, and three-year averages, I'm guessing that both Weaver and Perez end up pitching much better than Lima. We'll check back in October :).
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2005-05-26 07:36:28
    201.   dzzrtRatt
    Yeah, I think it's going a little overboard to suggest Weaver and Perez are done for the year. One is hurt, and the other might be hurt and is certainly in a slump. He also slumped last May. I don't love either of them, but we shouldn't expect May to last forever.

    199's observation underscores the point that DePo might be more interested in the draft than the way the current team is playing. He probably closes his eyes during cruddy games and imagines everyone out there replaced by cheaper and-or better within the next two seasons. He will probably put the brakes on rushing prospects onto the Dodgers this year, because he sees this season as one of transition, perhaps not glory yet.

    2005-05-26 08:09:46
    202.   db1022
    #193 - I see lots of stats like that regarding Duaner. He seems to be successful in spite of himself in a lot of areas (this DIPS stuff, K/BB, K/9 for a "power pitcher").

    ALthough Dotel is currently out with a little elbow tenderness, I wonder if Beane would consider letting him go for Duaner, saving himself about $3M in the process. Beane has all but handed over the closer's job to Huston Street, and Dotel admits he's gone after this year anyway.

    Just thinking that a bully of Gagne, Yhency, Dotel, and Wunsch would make for a heck of way to close out a game.

    Now about getting a lead going into the 6th, well...

    2005-05-26 08:18:16
    203.   FirstMohican
    202 - Okay lets nail Dotel and try and score another solid bullpen guy and go to a 4 man rotation...

    "Okay guys... lets see if you can make it through 4 or 5..."

    That's still asking too much lately

    2005-05-26 08:58:05
    204.   Fearing Blue
    While I would like to have Dotel in our bullpen, another starter should be our number one priority. Perez, Weaver, and Penny have injury concerns, and our potential 5th starters (Erickson, Alvarez, Dessens, Carlyle, Houlton, and Sanchez) have performance issues. If DePodesta wastes any of our trade bullets fixing something other than starting pitching, I may have to help Steve start his next website.
    2005-05-26 09:09:56
    205.   db1022
    Ditch Erickson and Carlyle (release or minors). Houlton gets one last chance, in the 5 slot, then its back to Houston for him. Alvarez and Dessens can hold down the fort at 4 while Perez is out. I'd try to spin Duaner off while he's got perceived value.
    This rotation of Penny, Lowe, Weaver, Alvarez/Dessens, Houlton should take us into June (when Perez returns). If this slide continues for that long, its time to punt and go with the kids.
    2005-05-26 09:11:30
    206.   Steve
    You mean ""
    2005-05-26 09:19:39
    207.   Landonkk
    AAA Report -
    Nak went 2 for 4 last night with 2 more HR's. He now has 8 in 50 AB and his OPS is 1.300! I was convinced that he would never make it in the bigs, but you can't deny his numbers after his demotion. I seriously doubt a call up anytime soon as it seems that Tracy/Depo are trying to stop the revolving door at 3B with Perez, but Nori is ripping it up.

    Mahomes had a good outing: 7IP, 5H, 1ER (a HR), 4 BBs, 7 SOs. He is now 4-1. I get the feeling he may get a shot soon.

    I will be attending my first ever 51's game tonight as I start my weekender in the City of Sin. Anyone have any tips?

    2005-05-26 09:23:18
    208.   dzzrtRatt
    Starting pitchers: Who is really out there. I've heard Zito, Millwood and Zambrano, though I think the risk on Zambrano is too high. We're not going to get anyone like Bonderman. Maybe Eric Milton? What would he be worth?

    The Angels have a surplus of starters, and Washburn is in his walk year. If Santana looks real, they would move Washburn for some offense--Saenz or maybe Werth would have to be part of it.

    But if we do anything, I bet it'll be for Zito. I'm sure Barry and DePo IM each other every night.

    2005-05-26 09:28:06
    209.   heato
    Anyone see the Dodger Notebook section in the Times today? Did Tracy really say that he would use Ledee to give Cesar a rest? I don't know how Tracy would swing that, but I am guessing that he was misquoted.
    2005-05-26 09:32:25
    210.   db1022
    #209 - Only if Werth could play short.

    #208 - I don't think Zito would be worth it, especially if Beane wanted a package of prospects similar to what he got for Hudson and Mulder.

    Doesn't seem like there is a savior SP out there. I'd like to give Houlton a shot, failing that, I guess Mahomes deserves a crack at the 5 slot. Edwin Jackson has to be considered before the AllStar break though.

    2005-05-26 09:32:40
    211.   Jon Weisman
    209 - Yeah, that just sounds like a mixup. The desire to give Izturis the occasional day off conflated with the desire to get Ledee in the lineup occasionally.
    2005-05-26 09:43:08
    212.   Howard Fox
    Maybe Ledee could platoon with Drew.

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