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May 27 Open Chat: Big Weekend
2005-05-27 09:13
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

Don't forget to listen to Ross Porter on AM 1540 between 2 and 4 p.m. Vin Scully is the scheduled guest during the second hour.

Comments (169)
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2005-05-27 10:01:01
1.   Humma Kavula
First we'll use Penny,
and then we'll use Lowe,
And then an off-day,
And then it'll snow.

Back will come Penny,
Followed by Lowe,
Followed, we hope,
by two days of snow.

2005-05-27 10:01:02
2.   mcrawford
Chat opened up early today.

First place in the division has changed hands 5 times in the last 7 days.

2005-05-27 10:14:01
3.   Xeifrank

Dodgers have started a trend. Hopefully 3rd place stops changing hands.



2005-05-27 10:15:33
4.   Xeifrank
Over/Under on Derek Lowe has been set at 7 IPs for tonights game. Please feel free to place your virtual bets. Renewed confidence in Dodger starting pitching has raised the bar a bit.



2005-05-27 10:19:44
5.   Xeifrank
Team Depo Shirt in Japan

From the fouth outfielder blog.



2005-05-27 10:20:25
6.   Xeifrank
wow! 4 posts in a row, did I just hit for the blogging cycle, or perhaps have too much free time this morning. :)



2005-05-27 10:26:25
7.   Humma Kavula
What the hell, I'll take the over. Livin' on the edge.
2005-05-27 10:29:59
8.   db1022
Humma - Xei had a nice rhythm going there with 4 posts in a row until you broke it up. Watch out, the next one will be at your head.
2005-05-27 10:49:34
9.   Xeifrank
Just like Scott Erickson, I get tired after the 4th.



2005-05-27 10:58:21
10.   the OZ
4th inning, or 4th batter?
2005-05-27 11:02:56
11.   Humma Kavula
4th pitch!
2005-05-27 11:19:40
12.   db1022
speaking of which, any idea when he'll get his release? Maybe this weekend, when Thompson is called up, or have they already decided on a roster move to allow for him to be called up (Carlyle?)?
2005-05-27 11:29:06
13.   Xeifrank
Player Win Shares from last nights game (very unofficial):

A.Perez 0.463
E.Alfonzo 0.414
B.Penny 0.219
JT.Snow 0.137
R.Ledee 0.111
JD.Drew 0.096
P.Bako 0.075
D.Cruz 0.074
E.Gagne 0.036
O.Vizquel 0.030
M.Herges 0.021
J.Phillips 0.000
S.Munter 0.000
J.Ellison 0.000
J.Werth -0.006
J.Kent -0.008
O.Saenz -0.012
M.Bradley -0.012
C.Izturis -0.038
M.Alou -0.041
L.Niekro -0.045
Y.Torrealba -0.059
K.Rueter -0.062
J.Christiansen -0.086
M.Tucker -0.109
P.Feliz -0.191
R.Durham -0.192
Y.Brazoban -0.381
T.Walker -0.397

2005-05-27 11:59:14
14.   Icaros
Anyone else unable to view the comments on the top thread about Jody Reed?
2005-05-27 12:01:04
15.   Xeifrank
14. I can view them.

Sidenote: The Dodgers are undefeated since I moved my spare TV into the family room.



2005-05-27 12:01:31
16.   Marty
OT, but check out this Bill James article I ran into.

I'm not sure how old it is, but appears to be fairly recent.

One thing I got out of it is that Jeff Kent seems to be suffering through a huge random cluster.

2005-05-27 12:20:17
17.   mcrawford
#16, I read that a week or so ago, and agree that it's a great article. Very thoughtful, even if it did take him 20 years to get there, and nicely blows up a lot of the things we "know." Like there being no individual tendencies to be better at hitting LHP.
2005-05-27 13:32:52
18.   molokai
LaRoche hits number 19 in 2nd game of DH after having his home run streak end in the 1st game.
H.Kuo 3.0 1 0 0 1 6
Great outing. He used to be our number one prospect a long time ago and has had numerous injuries but it looks like he's starting to come back. Let's hope Greg Miller doesn't take as long.

We've got Lowe against Estes, we must win this game. A Perez will get another chance to terrorize a lefty.

2005-05-27 14:49:28
19.   heato
I can't remember who mentioned it, but somebody said saves were an overrated stat after Gagne's poor showing last night. When I was checking some box scores today, I noticed that a reliever for Toronto got a save for pitching the last three innings of an 8-1 victory. How is a save defined? Does the pitcher need to retire batters greater than or equal to the number of runs their team is ahead? It doesn't really seem like a save when your team was never really in any danger of losing.
2005-05-27 14:54:47
20.   ddog
Ross is defending DePo....comparing the stats of players he traded compared to those who replaced them...Says he is following the Dodgers closely...what a class act he is and how nice to hear his voice on the radio...
2005-05-27 15:02:39
21.   Humma Kavula
I am an idiot who can't figure out how to link to retrosheet, but...

my favorite save of all time is 5/19/99.

Reds 24, Rockies 12. Villone gets the save.

2005-05-27 15:04:12
22.   Humma Kavula
By the way, to answer the question in #19...

Credit a pitcher with a save when he meets all three of the following conditions: (1) He is the finishing pitcher in a game won by his club; and (2) He is not the winning pitcher; and (3) He qualifies under one of the following conditions: (a) He enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches for at least one inning; or (b) He enters the game, regardless of the count, with the potential tying run either on base, or at bat, or on deck (that is, the potential tying run is either already on base or is one of the first two batsmen he faces); or (c) He pitches effectively for at least three innings. No more than one save may be credited in each game.

2005-05-27 15:39:08
23.   Xeifrank

That was my comment after the game last night. :) Gagne came in with a 3 run lead gave up 2 hits and a run and gets credited with a save. Gagne did end up saving his own bacon, but it was a good example of why saves are a fairly meaningless stat. Worst part of it is, most managers manage based on the stat, and salaries are negotiated based on the stat.



2005-05-27 15:48:47
24.   JSN
I shall take the OVER yet again.
2005-05-27 16:20:55
25.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

May 27, 1972

Over 43,000 fans came to the Astrodome to watch the second place Dodgers beat the first place Houston Astros 7-3 with a 4-run eighth inning sparked by a 2-run single from left fielder Manny Mota. The win improved the Dodgers to 22-16 and just 2 ½ games behind the Astros in a season that saw the first week of games cancelled by the game's first ever players strike.

The Dodgers had taken an early 2-0 lead in the first inning on a sacrifice fly from right fielder Frank Robinson, acquired in the offseason from Baltimore for Doyle Alexander. Mota followed with an RBI double. The Dodgers went up 3-0 on an RBI single from Wes Parker in the fourth.

After scratching out a run against Bill Singer in the fourth, the Astros tied it up in the 6th on an RBI double from Bob Watson and an RBI single from Tommy Helms.

The Dodgers broke the tie in the 8th. Shortstop Bill Russell led off with a single and two batters later, Robinson singled. Houston manager Harry Walker pulled starter Jerry Reuss in favor of reliever Jim Ray. Mota singled in Russell and he and Robinson both moved up a base when Jim Wynn bobbled the ball in center. Pinch hitter Bill Buckner was intentionally walked to load the bases, but Ray then walked Wes Parker to force in a run. Pinch hitter Duke Sims then doubled in two more runs to put the Dodgers up, 7-3 and reliever Pete Mikkelsen held on for the win.

When the season was over, Houston nosed out the Dodgers by .001 for second place, but both teams were 10 ½ games behind pennant winning Cincinnati. Games cancelled by the strike at the beginning of the year created situations where teams played a different number of games. In the AL East, Detroit edged Boston by ½ game for first because they played one extra game.

1972 was a transitional year for the Dodgers. There were some older stars on their way out who played for them, such as Robinson, who was a disappointment in his one year in L.A., batting .251 with 19 home runs. Maury Wills played his final season and batted .129 in 71 games. Hall of Famer Hoyt Wilhelm stopped by to pitch the last 16 games of his career and retire in midseason just a few days short of turning 50.

But the help from the Dodgers abundant farm system was starting to turn up. Russell moved from the outfield to become the starting shortstop. Lee Lacy and Davey Lopes made appearances at second base. Steve Garvey played at third and scared fans with his throwing arm. Steve Yeager and Joe Ferguson were making appearances at catcher insuring that the Dodgers weren't going to have to rely on mediocrities like Sims, Chris Canizzaro and Dick Dietz behind the plate.

The pitching staff was steady. Don Sutton went 19-9 with 2.08 ERA, his career best although only the third lowest in the NL that year. (Both Steve Carlton and Gary Nolan had ERAs under 2.00) Claude Osteen went 20-11 with a 2.64 ERA. But Al Downing, who came out of nowhere to win 20 games in 1971, could only manage a 9-9 record. Singer finished 6-16. Jim Brewer had a great year in relief, saving 17 with an 8-7 record and a 1.26 ERA.

There were going to be changes in 1973. Big changes. And the American League team to the south would play a big part.

Thanks to the Washington Post, and Retrosheet

2005-05-27 16:23:10
26.   Bob Timmermann
Hope you all enjoy the game. I'm going out to the movies tonight.

It's been a long day. Found out my cat has cancer in a couple of places. She's pretty old in cat terms, so it's not entirely unexpected.

2005-05-27 16:27:12
27.   Marty
Sorry to hear that Bob. Enjoy the movie.
2005-05-27 16:28:30
28.   Bob Timmermann
As one of the characters in the movie would say,
Movie might enjoy I will.
2005-05-27 16:29:02
29.   Xeifrank
Traffic looks pretty brutal for those of you doing the LA freeway commuting thing.



ps - see you mid game.

2005-05-27 16:29:39
30.   Bob Timmermann
Surface streets take I will.
2005-05-27 16:36:16
31.   Jim Hitchcock
Echoing Marty, Bob. What's on at the bijou?
2005-05-27 16:51:25
32.   molokai
It's Madagascar for me as I need a laugh. Hope the Dodgers have the lead by the time I get back.
2005-05-27 16:52:22
33.   DougS
Add my regrets, Bob. I like cats.

Jim, I assume that he's seeing Revenge of the Sith. Yoda grammar, he is using.

2005-05-27 16:58:26
34.   Monterey Chris
I don't mind Gagne getting a save last night. But what seems odd to me (and happens often) is that Brazoban gets a blown save (which he deserves) and a win (which he does not deserve). I understand the rule, but it seems odd to blow the lead and get credit for the win.
2005-05-27 17:35:46
35.   Eric Enders
Hook up with Jim Tracy, Yoda needs to. Both talk in circles, they do.
2005-05-27 17:44:57
36.   GoBears
Nah - Yoda just translates literally from Japanese. That's how Japanese grammar works. Tracy, however, talks in circles.
2005-05-27 17:46:18
37.   Blue in SF
Went to the game again last night. FINALLY.

As an aside, Bradley took engaging the fans (in this case the ones in the center field bleachers) to a whole new level. I watched him for the first few innings with my binoculars and he was turning around to face them and taunt them during warmups AND during play in the first few innings. At one point, he was he turned back to face the batter about 1/2 second before Penny released the ball. Seriously. I was beside myself. I have never seen a professional athlete in any sport do that. Doesn't he understand that engaging them just makes it worse?

I thought for sure someone would say something to him after he came back to the dugout after the inning.......not a word.

2005-05-27 17:46:27
38.   Berkeley Doug
Lowe pitches 7 tonight, leaving with a 3 run lead. After Ghame Over gives up hits to the first two batters, and while is Tracy is still deciding what to do, Game Over runs in from the bullpen and takes over for Ghame Over yelling at Tracy from the mound "If you can't make up your mind, I will for you. I want to win this game and I CAN pitch more than an inning." It becomes the first time in baseball history that a reliever makes his own pitching change. Forty years later it becomes a Bob Timmermann Random Dodger game callback (TM) on the DT game thread.
2005-05-27 17:50:27
39.   GoBears
37: They showed some of Bradley's interaction with the fans on TV. Vinnie certainly thought it was amusing. His characterization was that, as the game went on, Bradley was not taunting, but engaging them - like a politician trolling for votes. I dunno if he inferred that from body language, from reading lips, or from sheer optimism, but at least to him, it was a good thing, not a bad one.
2005-05-27 17:54:05
40.   Steve
Monterey Chris,

Please forward that question to:

Joe Morgan
c/o ESPN
Bristol, CT

Mr. Morgan believes that wins are the single most important number a pitcher can accumulate. Let us know what he says re: your question.

2005-05-27 17:57:37
41.   regfairfield
Ironically, he said that Roger Clemens is the best pitcher in the NL in his chat today, despite his three wins.
2005-05-27 18:00:24
For the first time in a long time, I totally agree with the lineup posted for today's game.
2005-05-27 18:07:53
Lineup is:

1. Izturis
2. Werth
3. Bradley
4. Kent
5. Saenz
6. Drew
7. Phillips
8. Perez
9. Lowe

2005-05-27 18:13:28
Last time we faced Estes, Perez had two hits, Kent and Phillips doubled of him, and Saenz homered of him. If Drew strikes any fear, this is going to seem like a very strong bottom of a deep lineup to Estes. Hopefully, it will be a long night for him and the bottom of the order will do a lot of damage.

Also, Perez stole a bag of Estes last time we faced him, so look for a steal attempt tonight.

2005-05-27 18:20:50
Oh, one more thing, in that game on April 8th, Kent, Perez, and Saenz were all playing a different position than they are going to play today.
2005-05-27 18:30:26
46.   GoBears
Cycle for KAYVMON!
2005-05-27 18:35:55
47.   GoBears
Hey, FSN is reporting that the Dodgers just called up Dioner Navarro. Someone hurt?
2005-05-27 18:39:29
48.   GoBears
Yup - Bako sprained his knee and is headed to the DL. In that rundown.
2005-05-27 18:44:42
49.   GoBears
back to back cycles?
2005-05-27 18:49:16
50.   Vic
Anyone ever seen two balks in the same at-bat?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-27 18:50:19
51.   bokonon42
Consecutive balks, then? Never seen that before.
2005-05-27 18:51:06
52.   regfairfield
At least the balks were irrelevant.
2005-05-27 18:51:49
53.   Daniel B
2005-05-27 18:51:59
54.   DeucesAreWild
Hope D-Lowe doesn't go Weaver on us...
2005-05-27 18:57:45
55.   Jim Hitchcock
Re: # 33: Thanks, Doug...not too swift on the pickup, is me.

As usual, I'm taking the over. Go ahead and laugh at me...I'm laughing at myself.

2005-05-27 18:57:47
56.   bokonon42
He should have walked Glaus. Green can't help but hit into double plays when you give him the chance. But free up first, and he becomes troublesome.
2005-05-27 19:00:07
57.   Marty
aargh. Now that I have a DVR I find it frustrating that I can't fast forward through the commmercials on live TV.
2005-05-27 19:03:18
58.   Jim Hitchcock
Ha! That's funny, Marty, but totally understandable.
2005-05-27 19:03:30
59.   Marty
I'm not unhappy that Bako went down. It will be nice to see if Navarro can play.
2005-05-27 19:09:04
60.   Jim Hitchcock
If Bako follows the Gagne Sprained Knee Recovery Technique(tm), he'll soon start resembling the catcher in Major League II.
2005-05-27 19:09:05
61.   Linkmeister
What's the deal here? How come the game started early? I thought Friday night games were supposed to start at 7:30pm PDT. So here I am turning the game on at 7:00pm California time and they're in the 2nd inning already?

What gives?

2005-05-27 19:09:34
62.   Jim Hitchcock
Willie Mays!
2005-05-27 19:10:24
63.   Marty
nice play Miltie!
2005-05-27 19:10:42
64.   Jim Hitchcock
Time zone difference, Link.
2005-05-27 19:11:50
65.   Linkmeister
Oh, this is in Phoenix! Right! Duh. Look at the color of the uniforms, fool.

Thanks, Jim.

2005-05-27 19:11:52
66.   Marty
That's right, Arizona doesn't do daylight savings as I recall.
2005-05-27 19:12:29
67.   Marty
Estes seems to want to wear himself out in the 80 degree heat.
2005-05-27 19:13:12
68.   bokonon42
61-They're at BOB.

The first basemen need to start tripping all potential baserunners. The pitchers won't hold them, and Phillips can't catch them. Gotta get creative.

2005-05-27 19:13:48
69.   bokonon42
Sorry for the pile on. Must type faster.
2005-05-27 19:14:46
70.   Linkmeister
Arizona doesn't, and neither do we (Hawai'i). I think Indiana just voted to finally go DST in all parts of the state; there used to be a few counties which didn't.

I just plain forgot it's an away game.

2005-05-27 19:15:14
71.   GoBears
Climate control at the BOB too. So no worry about heat.
2005-05-27 19:16:51
72.   Marty
It looks like Perez does that Joe Morgan chicken wing thing, but with the opposite arm.
2005-05-27 19:16:52
73.   Albert in Hong Kong
Just logged on. What happened to Cesar?
2005-05-27 19:17:15
74.   Marty
Vinnie said the roof is open
2005-05-27 19:17:36
75.   Jim Hitchcock
Perez is a stud.
2005-05-27 19:19:52
76.   Jim Hitchcock
Think Izzy just lost a little skin trying to make a play on a ball hit between 3rd and SS.
2005-05-27 19:21:02
77.   Albert in Hong Kong
Izturis is THE stud.
2005-05-27 19:23:28
78.   Marty
Let's go Milt!
2005-05-27 19:24:59
79.   alex 7
time for Bradley to get that all-star groove back
2005-05-27 19:26:04
80.   Marty
2005-05-27 19:26:06
81.   Albert in Hong Kong
Kent. Now is fine time to start hitting again.
2005-05-27 19:27:04
82.   Marty
2005-05-27 19:27:06
83.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-05-27 19:27:10
84.   Vic
Attaboy, Kent!
2005-05-27 19:27:19
85.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow! Offense from an unexpected source!
2005-05-27 19:27:45
86.   Marty
It's a beautiful thing
2005-05-27 19:28:08
87.   Steve
Jeff Kent isn't in a slump. He's just efficient.
2005-05-27 19:28:09
88.   alex 7
2005-05-27 19:28:30
89.   GoBears
Nice of Jeff to join the team.

Anyone else notice that the first "s" in Estes's name on his jersey is askew? It's at like a 45 degree angle. Just a goofy-lefthander thing? Or a portent of how he'll get rocked tonight?

2005-05-27 19:28:46
90.   Linkmeister
Bradley sure breaks a lot of bats.

(I'm channelling Vinnie).

2005-05-27 19:30:28
91.   Jim Hitchcock
Milton's bat was sacrificed for Jeff Kent.
2005-05-27 19:34:34
92.   Albert in Hong Kong
That was a close one.
2005-05-27 19:38:36
93.   Vishal
vinny had an interesting comment about guys chasing the first pitch and popping it up, even after the pitcher had walked a couple in the inning and was struggling; the flip side of the coin is that sometimes it happens like what jeff kent did just now.
2005-05-27 19:39:45
94.   Jim Hitchcock
Do we get to consider Wilt Chamberlain's bedroom in counting stadiums with retractable roofs?
2005-05-27 19:40:28
95.   Marty
Wilt's was a retractable bed
2005-05-27 19:40:39
96.   Jim Hitchcock
I mean, after all, it would be fair to call that a `sports venue', right?
2005-05-27 19:41:43
97.   rageon
Why burn service time on Navarro when we don't have to? We've got Mike Rose down in AAA for exactly this type of situation. And he's outhitting Dionner by quite a bit.
2005-05-27 19:45:06
98.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey. East Carolina University! My experiences there were similar to Wilts. (well, sorta)
2005-05-27 19:46:01
99.   Albert in Hong Kong
Lowe keeps getting hit literally.
2005-05-27 19:46:35
100.   Langhorne
Way to use your butt, Derek.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-27 19:46:55
101.   Jim Hitchcock
Ishii would have ducked and let that comebacker carom off his metal plate directly to Saenz.
2005-05-27 19:50:23
102.   Langhorne
Ace of (first) Base

I Saw the Saenz


2005-05-27 19:52:09
103.   Jim Hitchcock
Estes says he's sorry for stealing...
2005-05-27 19:54:45
104.   Blue in SF
Saenz looked mighty impressive at first base last night. Less impressive at the plate.
2005-05-27 19:56:42
105.   mountainmover
Perez flaps the same chicken wing as Morgan (LH). He just bats from the other side of the plate!
2005-05-27 19:57:51
106.   Jim Hitchcock
Easy, Milton.
2005-05-27 19:58:36
107.   Albert in Hong Kong
Milton has so much bad luck lately.
2005-05-27 19:58:57
108.   Blue in SF
Despite 2 hits, Werth looked terrible at the plate last night.
2005-05-27 20:09:32
109.   Marty
97. I have no problem starting his clock now. Rose is worse than Bako. Navarro is not goibg to be a HOF. What are we saving him for? I think they are saving Martin actually. Let Navarro play a little. It may raise his trade value.
2005-05-27 20:29:27
110.   Blue in SF
What happened with perez?
2005-05-27 20:32:20
111.   KAYVMON
He hit a ball straight at the shortstop who booted it, then "thought there was a valet" as Vin said, which Perez thought he could take advantage of by advancing to second. Perez was wrong, but not by much.
2005-05-27 20:32:31
112.   Albert in Hong Kong
Just regressing to the norm.
2005-05-27 20:41:50
113.   Albert in Hong Kong
My god.
2005-05-27 20:42:21
114.   Langhorne
I was just going to ask if it was a good idea to take out Lowe. No.
2005-05-27 20:42:58
115.   Jim Hitchcock
Steve's not here, so I'll just duck in a `FJT' in his behalf.
2005-05-27 20:43:22
116.   Albert in Hong Kong
3 pitches, 6 bases. Go with someone else.
2005-05-27 20:44:13
117.   regfairfield
The second I turn the game on, I hear Wunsch is facing a righty. Why on Earth do you do that?
2005-05-27 20:44:40
118.   regfairfield
Better question, why is Wunsch still in the game?
2005-05-27 20:45:25
119.   Jim Hitchcock
Tracy put in Wunch to turn Tony Clark around. Clark had 4 Hr's as a lefty, none as a righty.
2005-05-27 20:45:30
120.   Albert in Hong Kong
Geez Luis.
2005-05-27 20:47:33
121.   Ben P
Clark is worse hitting righty and the pitch he hit out really wasn't a bad one. And the double just now was a grounder up the third-base line, not some booming shot. Wunsch had some bad luck there.
2005-05-27 20:49:23
122.   the OZ
Dodger ERA with 2 outs: 6.14
2005-05-27 20:50:18
123.   Marty
Well, we are still alive. Let's rally in the 8th!
2005-05-27 20:50:56
124.   the OZ
Attendance in AZ - 26,601.
2005-05-27 20:52:59
125.   regfairfield
But when you have your entire bullpen available, is it really intellegent to waste your lefty specialist on a righty?

Actually, Wunsch is suprisingly good against righties in his carrer, so I do rescind some of my outrage. I still think Carrara or Brazoban is the way to go there, however.

2005-05-27 20:54:48
126.   Ben P
But regfairfield, if Carrara or Brazoban came in Clark would have hit lefty, and he is typically much better from that side of the plate. Bringing Wunsch in was the right move, even if it didn't work out in that particular case.
2005-05-27 20:57:32
127.   Albert in Hong Kong
Into the bullpen again!!!
2005-05-27 20:57:53
128.   regfairfield
Very true, but, overall, Clark is horrible against both. If you take his stats from 2002-2005, he gets bumped from a .615 to a .725 OPS.

I don't think he's enough of a threat to waste your left handed guy on, but I can see your point.

2005-05-27 20:57:56
129.   KAYVMON
2005-05-27 20:57:58
130.   Vic
2005-05-27 20:58:44
131.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
On behalf of Dodger Thoughts, I'd like to thank the designers of BOB for making the OF corners so reachable on scalded line drives.
2005-05-27 20:58:47
132.   Marty
Man, I love the Arizona bullpen. I mean literally, I love to see our hits go into the bullpen.
2005-05-27 21:00:05
133.   Langhorne
2005-05-27 21:01:09
134.   regfairfield
Man, 413 to right center, that's insane.
2005-05-27 21:01:32
135.   Albert in Hong Kong
Too bad center field isn't short enough.
2005-05-27 21:03:11
136.   alex 7
adrian beltre 2.0 comes through again.
2005-05-27 21:03:31
137.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Nice that we've found our third baseman.
2005-05-27 21:03:37
138.   Ben P
Ledee is on deck. So Choi doesn't hit for Saenz, Phillips or the pitcher's spot, even against a RHP? Is Tracy "saving him" in case the game goes 12 innings and the pitcher's spot comes up again?
2005-05-27 21:04:58
139.   Langhorne
Didn't I see this game last night?
Wunsch in line for a blown save and a win.
2005-05-27 21:07:59
140.   Jim Hitchcock
Ledee is basically a bench player who is hitting rather well. Tracy was planning on hitting for the pitcher. As far as hitting for Saenz or Phillips, you could make the same argument for all the staring players, but I don't think you'd want that.
2005-05-27 21:08:24
141.   Sam DC
From the radio wrap I heard, it sounds like the Reds beat the Pirates tonight on a walk-off Olney that scored Jason Romano. (Gameday doesn't show the final out recorded however, maybe the Pirates didn't complete the play, in which case Olney-status may require a ruling.)

Also tonight, the Nationals lost to the Cardinals. Heard some on the radio. Apparently, that David Eckstein is "gritty," "a gamer," and "does all the little things that don't show up in the boxscore."

2005-05-27 21:08:34
142.   heato
What do you think it will take for Tracy to go to Gagne this inning? An explosion in the bullpen from which only Gagne escapes unscathed?
2005-05-27 21:09:26
143.   Blue in SF
What was that about our 3rd baseman?
2005-05-27 21:11:27
144.   Jim Hitchcock
*GID*dyu*P*, Green!
2005-05-27 21:11:30
145.   dagwich
This is great. I got my "Ghame Over" shirt in the mail today (thanks Eric and Brendan) and Yhency is in. Go Yhency!
2005-05-27 21:11:47
146.   Albert in Hong Kong
I didn't see both errors. Just happened to be away both times. So is it too early to say Perez is our 3B?
2005-05-27 21:12:17
147.   regfairfield
Thank God you can always count on Shawn Green to strike out in a crucial situation.
2005-05-27 21:12:34
148.   Blue in SF
I didn't see them either. NE1 care to describe?
2005-05-27 21:12:55
149.   Jim Hitchcock
The first error Perez never got a glove on, IIRC. The second one was smoked.
2005-05-27 21:12:57
150.   Ben P
I guess it's a pleasant problem to have since both he and Choi are having good years, but if Tracy thinks Saenz is the best option against both LHP and RHP, then why doesn't he start every game?
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2005-05-27 21:16:00
151.   Albert in Hong Kong
Ghame Over! now it's time for Game Over.
2005-05-27 21:17:09
152.   Jim Hitchcock
I just think that with Saenz hitting as he is, why would Tracy want to hit for him. Then again, he does hit for Choi, doesn't he?
2005-05-27 21:19:17
153.   regfairfield
Holy crap, it's Kerry Lightenberg. I figured he was done for years ago.
2005-05-27 21:25:39
154.   Gatinho
Does Vinny realize that he has made two Steinbeck allusions tonight? "Of Mice and Men" after the Clark homer and "Grapes of Wrath" when the roof is closing...
2005-05-27 21:26:11
155.   Xeifrank
Last night was a good example of why the save stat is fairly meaningless and tonight looks like it will prove not only the save, but the win as a fairly meaningless stat. Wunch stands to get the win and he got shalacked(sp?), Gagne will most likely get another save, having to pitch one inning while holding on to a three run lead.



2005-05-27 21:26:42
156.   Xeifrank
Saenz, Saenz, everywhere a Saenz.



2005-05-27 21:28:19
157.   Xeifrank
Looks like Lowe just missed the Over/Under of 7 IPs. Tomorrow's over/under could be interesting.



2005-05-27 21:30:51
158.   Langhorne
Yhency did the same thing last night. Blown save and a win.
2005-05-27 21:31:22
159.   Xeifrank
Gagne looking like his old self tonight.



2005-05-27 21:31:59
160.   Xeifrank
Game Over(TM)



2005-05-27 21:32:46
161.   Xeifrank
Who is your player of the game.

Jeff Kent or Old Maid Signs?



2005-05-27 21:32:50
162.   Langhorne
Game Game Over Over.

Two in a row. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

2005-05-27 21:32:54
163.   Albert in Hong Kong
I thought i'd never say this in may, but, two consecutive wins!
2005-05-27 21:34:04
164.   dagwich
Hey! Two wins in a row. How long has it been since that happened? Amazing what some long ball and timely hitting can do.
2005-05-27 21:34:09
165.   Jim Hitchcock
Two in a row! Magnifico. And tomorrow, magic.
2005-05-27 21:34:18
166.   Ben P
Padres up on SF 9-3 in the 8th.
2005-05-27 21:41:35
167.   Xeifrank
What's our magic number down to now? :)



2005-05-27 21:47:44
168.   Albert in Hong Kong
Since a Rockies-sweep. End of April. Which had followed a sweep by Dbacks.
2005-05-28 07:59:32
169.   Bob Timmermann
Game won by Dodgers did.

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