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May 29 Open Chat: Oddities
2005-05-29 10:27
by Jon Weisman

Today's Game

In 11 games this season, Antonio Perez has raised his career batting average from .246 to .296. Now batting .516, Perez can (and no doubt will, after I write this) go 0 for 22 and still remain above .300.

Giovanni Carrara is on pace for a 14-7 season.

Until this season, Duaner Sanchez had never allowed a triple in his career, covering 92 1/3 innings. He has now allowed three in 117 1/3 innings.

Comments (204)
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2005-05-29 10:43:52
1.   Marty
The Braves broadcasters are saying Mondesi is out of uniform and has been given a couple days to think about his future with the club. Sounds like he may have flipped out again.
2005-05-29 10:44:50
2.   Brian Y
I wonder if it's Gio's blown saves and holds that contributed to that pace. Our bullpen is by far the most overrated aspect of our team. This isnt the days of Gagne, Quantrill, Mota, and Shuey. Houlton and Erickson barely deserve a spot on our team and Duaner and Gio are vastly overrated. As is Yhency to some extent.
2005-05-29 10:47:27
3.   Brian Y
Mondesi's career has been over since he left the Blue Jays years ago. I think the Braves have to think about swapping some players to get a decent corner OF to protect Chipper cuz Andruw just isn't that good.

We should be looking at dealing Antonio Perez and some other parts for pitching help while his value is peaking. The Cubs are almost a lock to be deadline sellers so I wonder what it would take to get Wood or Zambrano?

2005-05-29 10:54:32
4.   heato

If the Dodgers did trade Antonio Perez, who should replace him. I have grown rather fond of having a third baseman who can hit AND play defense. I realize that he will not hit this well all season, but he probably will not regress to hitting as poorly as the our previous superhero squad Team Third Base Platoon.

2005-05-29 10:59:12
5.   Bob Timmermann
OK, ready for some offense today:
Random Dodger game callback

May 29, 1930

About 12,000 fans came to Ebbets Field on a Thursday afternoon to watch the Brooklyn Robins move into a first place tie with St. Louis with a 4-1 win over the New York Giants. Right fielder Babe Herman slugged two home runs to lead the Brooklyn attack.

Herman hit his first home run in the sixth off of losing pitcher Carl Hubbell with Johnny Frederick on base to put Brooklyn up 3-1. Herman hit his second in the 8th inning off of reliever Joe Heving. Catcher Al Lopez, who would later join the Hall of Fame after a distinguished managerial career, singled in Brooklyn's other run. Watty Clark picked up the victory, one of 13 on the year for Clark against 13 losses.

Newspaper reports said that Herman entered the game in a slump, but he heated up the rest of the year. He batted .393 for the year with 35 homers and 130 RBIs in a wild offensive season in the NL. None of those figures were able to give Herman any part of the Triple Crown. His .393 average was second to Bill Terry of New York, who batted .401. And Hack Wilson of Chicago led in home runs with 56 and RBI with a major league record 191. Besides setting a Dodgers single season record for batting average, Herman also holds the Dodgers single season record for SLG (.678), OPS (1.132), hits (241), total bases (416), extra base hits (94), and times on base (311). All of those marks were set in 1930.

The Dodgers as a team batted .304, but 6 of the 8 teams in the NL finished with batting averages over .300. The other two, Boston and Cincinnati, hit "only" .281. The entire National League batted .303 and averaged 5.68 runs per game. Brooklyn's .304 batting average was the team's highest in the 20th Century. Since 1930, no Dodgers team has batted higher than .285 and no Los Angeles team has batted higher than .272.

Despite all this offense, Brooklyn received one of the best pitching performances, under the circumstances, ever from Dazzy Vance. Vance managed a 17-15 record, but also an ERA of 2.61. The next lowest in the NL was 3.87 by Hubbell. Vance also had 173 strikeouts, four behind league leader Bill Hallahan of St. Louis. And Vance accomplished all of this at the tender age of 39. Vance had an adjusted ERA in 1930 (taking into account park effects and the league average) of 189, third best in Dodgers history, behind Sandy Koufax's 190 in 1966 and Vance's 191 in 1928. Vance had an extraordinary career for a player who didn't pitch fulltime in the majors until he was 31. For more information about Vance, go to

Brooklyn's stay in first didn't last. The Robins (so named for manager Wilbert Robinson) finished in fourth place with an 86-68 record, 6 games behind pennant winning St. Louis. The Dodgers did have the second higest attendance in the National League, around 1.1 million fans, an improvement over 400,000 from 1929 despite the onset of the Great Depression. The Dow 30 on May 29 was a whopping 275.07. It closed this past Friday at 10,542.55.

Some good names dropping by in 1930 were Bobo Newsom (his second year in the majors in a career that would last a long time and see him pitch for just about everybody), Sloppy Thurston, Dolf Luque (one of Cuba's first stars in the majors and despite being 39 in 1930 he would pitch until 1935). Lopez, who is 96 years old, is the last surviving member of the 1930 Dodgers.

Thanks to the NY Times, and Retrosheet

2005-05-29 11:02:10
6.   Brian Y
I honestly think our biggest problem is our pitching, not so much our 3B liability that would result in Perez being dealt. His defense is adequate but by no means stellar. I think a combination of Saenz, Robles, and Edwards is decent enough and I'm sure we can always swing a deal later on as Lowell, Polanco, Spiezio, Wiggington, Hillenbrand are all available as options along with in-house candidates Willy Aybar and Nori Nakamura.
2005-05-29 11:07:10
7.   Icaros
2 - Gagne, Quantrill, and Mota were certainly a stellar trio, but Paul Shuey (when he was even healthy) was pretty lousy for the most part.

I don't think he belongs on the "good old days" list. Don't be fooled by the relatively low ERA. He walked a lot of batters (33BB in 60IP in 2003) and usually ended up being bailed out by someone else to preserve his numbers.

2005-05-29 11:09:20
8.   Icaros
Oops, make that 69IP for Shuey in 2003. Still a bad ratio.
2005-05-29 11:13:09
9.   regfairfield
In case anyone missed what Tracy said about last night:

"You can't make those types of little mistakes in situation baseball, and it all leads to the fact that Eric Gagne would have been in the game to pitch. When you do not execute, you get beat."

I might have actually bought the reason that he didn't want Gagne to pitch because he had thrown two games in a row, and only came off the DL recently. However, to say that he basically never even considered Gagne is absurd.

2005-05-29 11:13:20
10.   Brian Y
Yeah I remember Shuey being the worst of the 4 but still decent. He was much better than Mike Trombley or Terry Mulholland so maybe I just see him as better than the Houlton/Erickson back of our bullpen.
2005-05-29 11:15:23
11.   Brian Y
I value Tracy for his line-ups but his in-game decision making leaves a lot to be desired. Tracy tends to play the right match-ups in the starting line-up but when it comes to the little in-game calls like pinch hitting, pitching changes, and sacrifices I hate his guts.
2005-05-29 11:16:38
12.   Brian Y
Then again, I like DePo most of the time and then there are times like when he traded LoDuca and Mota and when he keeps Scott Erickson on the roster that I despise him also.
2005-05-29 11:43:05
13.   Bob Timmermann
Is anybody else planning to go to the game Monday evening?

5:10 start. Ugh. No one will be able to see. Fortunately for the hitters, neither starter throws hard (Alvarez and Maddux).

Since Prior is out, we will obviously miss him. We would have started Wednesday. The Cubs may start Wellemeyer instead. Zambrano pitches Tuesday.

2005-05-29 11:45:11
14.   Icaros
According to

Paul LoDuca - .283/.349/.379=.729 OPS
salary: $4.6 million

Jason Phillips - .276/.318/.396=.713 OPS
salary: $339,000

Without The Trade (TM), we obviously wouldn't have Penny, and considering Choi's salary vs. Green and Encarnacion's salary, we wouldn't have been able to sign Derek Lowe.

I shudder to think where this team would be without those two starting pitchers.

2005-05-29 11:47:46
15.   Brian Y
Oh, I don't mind the trade on a team level. I just didn't like that he traded them because they were some of my favorite players :)
2005-05-29 11:48:16
16.   Dodgerkid
"The Dodgers front office, frustrated with the team's recent collapse, is discussing the possibility of firing manager Jim Tracy if the team doesn't make the playoffs."

From-- "The Buzz"

2005-05-29 11:49:06
17.   regfairfield
Wow, Paul Lo Duca usually doesn't start tanking until the beginning of June. What happened to him this year?
2005-05-29 11:51:30
18.   Brian Y
#17 His age and the wear and tear a catcher endures are going to get to him at some point soon but this is just a slump.
2005-05-29 11:53:40
19.   Dodgerkid
I think more and more that Tracy should be fired if we are in third place by the middle of August. DePodesta is somewhat responsible for our horrible starting pitching with his acquisition of Scott Erickson, which defies reason. Bako is questionable as well, so is Grabowski. But Erickson is just crazy, especially since everyone knew the guy was done years ago.
2005-05-29 11:58:13
20.   regfairfield
Erickson was meant to be a backup plan for our mish-mash of fifth starters.

In Spring training we had Alvarez, Dessens, Erickson, Ishii, and Edwin Jackson as candidates for the fifth slot. A few injuries and a good spring from Erickson later, he earned a job.

I had no issue with the Bako signing. He fills the prototypical backup catcher role well. Very few teams have a backup catcher that is better than Bako.

2005-05-29 12:02:39
21.   Dodgerkid
Re 20:

Yes, but anyone who is into stats knows that spring training stats mean NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. The worst players play their hardest, and the stars do nothing. Alvarez we knew was injured, Jackson we knew wasn't cutting it, we should have procured another starter.

2005-05-29 12:03:42
22.   Icaros
I'm all for firing Tracy, but if it happens I'm really not going to be able to read a newspaper or turn on a radio ever again.
2005-05-29 12:06:56
23.   Bob Timmermann
Why the hatred for Bako? He hasn't been that bad this year. He has a VORP of 1.6, which isn't bad for a backup catcher.
The only other backup catchers in the NL who are better are Yorvit Torrealba and Todd Pratt and they are at 1.8.

Bako's OBP is .362. Phillips has one of only .315.

2005-05-29 12:08:03
24.   Dodgerkid
All right, re-looking at stats I'm wrong about Bako, but I stand behind the insanity of the Erickson decision.
2005-05-29 12:09:57
25.   Bob Timmermann
Erickson is hopeless. But for a backup catcher, you just want someone to not being a vortex of horribleness (see Mayne, Brett).

I think Erickson is only going to hang around until the Dodgers are sure Perez is healthy. Then I think he will be cashiered.

2005-05-29 12:11:26
26.   LAT
#14 Would have rather used the $$$ to sign Matt Clement than Lowe.
2005-05-29 12:13:22
27.   regfairfield

Very true, but, it can be argued that he wasn't expected to hold down a rotation slot for very long. Assuming no injuries, Erickson would have lost his spot once Penny came back.

Erickson was around to make two spot starts, injuries have required that he stay on the team.

2005-05-29 12:13:50
28.   Steve
I thought we tried to get Matt Clement, but he didn't want to come here.

I read that Duaner threw a slider to Javier Vazquez. I really wish they would just ignore that they ever knew that he had a slider (a la Gagne) and go from there. It's a horrible pitch, and it's the one that usually gets him in trouble.

2005-05-29 12:14:15
29.   Bob Timmermann
The highest OBP for any catcher in the majors this year, although it is just in 49 plate appearances, is by the indefatigable Chris Widge of the White Sox.


I would have thought Widger would have been selling insurance by now.

2005-05-29 12:15:43
30.   Dodgerkid
What do people think of this move? Bring Guzman up to the majors, have him play shortstop, trade Izturis for starting pitching.
2005-05-29 12:20:29
31.   regfairfield
30 -

Guzman probably isn't ready, and Cesar shores up an average infield defense, will probably end up with around a .305 average once the season is done, and is only paid 3 million dollars this year.

Selling high on Izturis might be a good idea once we can confirm that Guzman is ready, but, as of right now, we lose a lot of offense and defense with out him.

2005-05-29 12:22:17
32.   Bob Timmermann
From what I saw of Guzman playing shortstop in the preseason Freeway Series, I think he needs a lot more seasoning at shortstop.

Or maybe he will turn into a tall Jose Offerman.

2005-05-29 12:22:59
33.   Dodgerkid
Guzman leads his pitching friendly league with 11 homers and is batting .287/.372/.587 according to rotoworld. And we really need pitching. I agree with you, Izturis will end up batting 300, and he's probably the best shortstop in the NL. But our pitching is just awful.
2005-05-29 12:24:39
34.   Vic
There's a part of me that would almost delight in seeing that happen, as Plaschke's Alex Cora soliloquies would pale in comparison to the aneurism he'd have if DePo traded Izturis.
2005-05-29 12:24:55
35.   LAT
Steve- I had not heard that Clement didn't want to come to LA, but if so I'll cut Depo some slack. Of course, Vazquez didn't want to go to Az and about now I wish he hadn't. I didn't see the game and was not on line but I'm guessing your head was exploding. In looking at the various recaps of the game I can't understand how JT left his best pitcher in the bullpen.

My conspiracy theory (which I really don't believe) Depo has instructed JT to keep Gagne's numbers low because they are going to trade him and move Yhancy back to closer.

2005-05-29 12:26:38
36.   molokai
OT-My wife is a big baseball fan but has never watched a car race in her life. Today's she's glued to the TV watching Danica make history. Currently 8th place.
2005-05-29 12:27:19
37.   Dodgerkid
I've got a question for the board, if we had to trade a player for starting pitching, and the choice is Gagne or Izturis, who would you go for? I would trade Gagne personally.
2005-05-29 12:30:05
38.   LAT
I too would trade Gagne. He pitches one inning every third night or so and his percived value is much higher. Izzy play 9 innings every night and would never be considered worth as much as Gagne. The question is would the fan backlash be too great?
2005-05-29 12:42:37
39.   regfairfield
Gagne, easily. He has a ready replacement in Brazoban, he makes seven million dollars more, he apparantly is only allowed to play in save situations, and has a higher value.

The only issue is having to find an improvement over Carrara in the setup role.

2005-05-29 12:46:39
40.   Jeromy
I wouldn't trade either Izturis or Gagne. I would trade Brazoban. His stock is really high right now.
2005-05-29 12:50:39
41.   regfairfield
I wouldn't trade Brazoban simply because he is paid 350K for a role that usually requires eight or nine million to fill.
2005-05-29 12:59:15
42.   bigcpa
Gagne must be giving DePo fits. #1 he's committing 12% of the payroll for around 3 wins (8 WSAA last year). Drew is getting $11M for 17 WSAA last year. #2 you have Gagne's arm issues since last September. #3 Tracy's refusal to think outside the box(score) in employing this resource. #4 Gagne's rockstar persona, face of the franchise, butts in seats machine renders him untradeable.

The only way I could envision a Gagne trade is in his walk year, in a hopeless disaster year or in the afterglow of a 100 win season and playoff success. None of those seem to apply to 2005. It is fun to ponder an offer DePo could not refuse and you'd think it would have to start with a bona fide ace a la Zambrano.

2005-05-29 13:02:07
43.   Dodgerkid
Good analysis bigcpa. DePodesta will probably try to shock everyone with a couple huge trades before the deadline. I think we will see Izturis, and either Brazobhan OR Gagne gone by then for two starting pitchers from a last place team.
2005-05-29 13:05:15
44.   Nick Iyengar




2005-05-29 13:10:22
45.   Nick Iyengar
Quick/random Beltre update: so far, he is 0-for-3 today, dropping his average to an all-too-familiar .232
2005-05-29 13:10:39
46.   heato
IF Gagne is traded, then someone from the minors (maybe Derek) will probably stick around in the rotation. Lowe, Penny, Weaver, Perez, and the minor league pitcher will fill out the five starting spots. Alvarez and Dessens would be back in the bullpen (where Dessens is a better pitcher in my opinion). Erickson will work at Rite-Aid. Duaner or Dessens would set up and Yhency would close.

If this goes down, however, it will be with a team in contention who is willing to take on Gagne's salary. A team in contention will probably not want to trade one of their starting pitchers. I would hope that maybe someone like the Tigers would trade Inge and that kid they drafted last year (Jeff Niemman or something like that). He sounds like he could be one of those pitchers like Prior who succeeds in the majors rather quickly.

I do think that Gagne will be traded, but it will not be until next offseason unless the Dodgers are completely out of contention by the trade deadline, which does not seem likely despite the past five weeks.

2005-05-29 13:16:03
47.   Nick Iyengar

Niemann is a big-time prospect, but he's not a Prior type. Pitchers like Prior, who can go straight from the NCAA to MLB, are about as common as the Duaner Sanchez play last night.

Also, we don't really need a guy like Inge. First, he's not proven at any position. Second, we've got Phillips, who's been better than I expected, and Antonio Perez is doing OK at third right now. If Inge plays somewhere else, he could be valuable, I guess.

I don't think we need an ace pitcher. We need one or two competent pitchers. Gagne can bring that.

2005-05-29 13:20:11
48.   bigcpa
I found it odd that in 345 game comments last night not a single mention of Gio going 3-0 before walking KELLY F. STINNETT. I found it even odder that page 1 of the LAT game report noted "Carrara (4-2) walked Chris Snyder... to force home the winning run."

And to me Tracy's biggest malfeasance last night was burning Brazoban after a spotless 10 pitch 8th. He could have put Braz in Phillips spot, pinch-hit Ledee and let Bako catch an inning or two. Bako might not bat until the 12th anyway. The underlying issue might be Tracy not seeing the clear dropoff from Braz/Gagne to Carrara. Nor will he learn from last night's debacle as history shows.

2005-05-29 13:24:10
49.   Bob Timmermann
Bako is on the DL. Navarro is the backup catcher.

So I assume that's Saenz at 3B, Perez at 2B?

Good thing Weaver gives up fly balls.

2005-05-29 13:24:25
50.   heato
Re: 46

Just to make sure that things are clear, I meant Derek Thompson when I mentioned "Derek."

Also, I had thought that Niemann was a Prior-type pitcher. Since I have not followed him closely after the Tigers drafted him, I am not suprised that I am wrong.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-05-29 13:25:40
51.   bigcpa
Ok Navarro then.
2005-05-29 13:39:55
52.   Brian Y
#49 Yeah he gives up fly balls and he's a sinker ball pitcher. Scary!!
2005-05-29 13:40:40
53.   Borchard504
It's time for Weaver to surprise us and have a quality start.
2005-05-29 13:42:35
54.   Borchard504
BTW, I think I need to have my eyes checked. I watched the Rangers and White Sox for a few minutes this afternoon, and Chan Ho Park hit 94 mph on the speed gun... Probably the same speed gun the local police department uses.
2005-05-29 13:43:27
55.   Nick Iyengar
What a surprise that would be.
2005-05-29 13:44:34
56.   Nick Iyengar
Good start.
2005-05-29 13:44:46
57.   Bob Timmermann
Weep not for Russ Ortiz. Weep not.
2005-05-29 13:45:26
58.   Jim Hitchcock
Keep on keeping the ball up, you might get off Bob's list, Ortiz.
2005-05-29 13:45:32
59.   Bob Timmermann
Actually I brought up Navarro because I think Tracy probably didn't want to have to use him in the middle of a tight game. He probably wants to find an easier spot to get him some time.
2005-05-29 13:47:37
60.   Nick Iyengar
All Saenz point to a first pitch fastball. C'mon Olmedo.
2005-05-29 13:49:31
61.   Nick Iyengar
Yuck! Can't let Ortiz get such an easy out when he's struggling like this.
2005-05-29 13:52:03
62.   Johnson
Since we need pitching help, why don't we try to trade for the former SF ace Russ Ortiz? :-)
2005-05-29 13:52:07
63.   Marty
2005-05-29 13:52:30
64.   Jim Hitchcock
Put it into interstellar overdrive, Hee-Seop...
2005-05-29 13:53:30
65.   Marty
I should have said
2005-05-29 13:54:02
66.   Johnson
A slam would have been nice, but I'll take the run.
2005-05-29 14:00:34
67.   Nick Iyengar
Maybe Weaver will settle down, now that he has a nice little cushion.
2005-05-29 14:01:58
68.   Johnson
#67 Nick
I don't know. Apparently Weaver didn't learn about what happens to leadoff walks from Thompson's game last night.
2005-05-29 14:03:10
69.   Marty
Well, looks like Weaver has his head in the game.
2005-05-29 14:04:52
70.   Borchard504
Nice to see Weaver above 90mph - when I saw him last month, he didn't get about 87.
2005-05-29 14:06:13
71.   Brian Y
I don't trust radar guns. If it looks like a blur it's in the 90's, if you can see the ball it's slower :)
2005-05-29 14:10:39
72.   Jim Hitchcock
Ah, yes, the Gila sand trout fishing in Arizona.
2005-05-29 14:11:08
73.   Johnson
Well, if you're looking for an exciting ride today, Jeff "Six Flags" Weaver will be happy to accomodate you. I'm taking the under. And I didn't even see it posted.
2005-05-29 14:12:47
74.   Johnson
Crap, was that ever an E-Ticket inning.
2005-05-29 14:12:59
75.   Nick Iyengar
Nice to see Weaver get out of his own jame. Sometimes it seems like his mental makeup is his weakest area.
2005-05-29 14:13:17
76.   Borchard504
Agree - I wonder what Tracy's blood pressure is like after that first inning...
2005-05-29 14:14:31
77.   Steve
Well, I for one feel much better about Weaver now. (rolls eyes)
2005-05-29 14:17:09
78.   Bob Timmermann
In each of his 6 years in the majors, Weaver has been in double digits in HBP. He started the season 15th among active pitchers in HBP. Four current or former Dodgers have more than Weaver: Erickson, Park, Pedro Martinez, and Brown.

Weaver is already in the top 100 alltime in HBP.

My advice when facing Weaver is twofold:
1) Duck
2) Tee off

2005-05-29 14:17:09
79.   Marty
With any luck, Weaver can put the entire Arizona starting nine on the DL...
2005-05-29 14:18:49
80.   Marty
With any luck, Weaver will put the entire Arizona starting nine on the DL...
2005-05-29 14:19:03
81.   Jim Hitchcock
Nice bit of hitting there, Jayson.
2005-05-29 14:19:11
82.   Marty
I'm seeing double. Sorry
2005-05-29 14:19:38
83.   Langhorne
What makes you think Tracy watches the games?
2005-05-29 14:20:34
84.   Albert in Hong Kong
Just logged on. We're actually leading by 4?
2005-05-29 14:21:00
85.   Nick Iyengar
Nice job Drew. Good to see the Dodgers executing "the little things" well today.
2005-05-29 14:21:03
86.   Bob Timmermann
I want to see a throwing contest between the two left fielders today.

I may be able to beat them. Of course in doing so, I'm likely to blow out my elbow too.

2005-05-29 14:21:39
87.   DeucesAreWild
Isn't it great watching the $8 million man squirm? Man, Ortiz is terrible.
2005-05-29 14:21:52
88.   Dodgerkid
Is Kent injured? Or benched because he's slumping?
2005-05-29 14:23:15
89.   Marty
I think Kent is just getting rest
2005-05-29 14:23:26
90.   Jim Hitchcock
# 84. Yes, Albert, but I don't think we should feel cocky just yet :)
2005-05-29 14:24:40
91.   Brian Y
#88 He's just getting a well deserved day off and it doesnt hurt that he's slumping.
2005-05-29 14:24:53
92.   Nick Iyengar
88: I think Kent is getting a routine day off. I remember Tracy saying he wanted to keep Kent rested, especially since he started the first 6 weeks or so with almost no rest.
2005-05-29 14:26:28
93.   DeucesAreWild
I think Weaver is leading the league in pouts/9 inn.
2005-05-29 14:26:46
94.   Brian Y
F'ing Weaver!
2005-05-29 14:27:25
95.   Nick Iyengar
Great. More of the same from Weaver. It's incredible how let terrible hitters beat us.
2005-05-29 14:27:59
96.   Albert in Hong Kong
I guess we are lucky it isn't 4-6 right now huh
2005-05-29 14:28:22
97.   Borchard504
(78) tee off
2005-05-29 14:28:56
98.   Dodgerkid
2005-05-29 14:32:18
99.   Nick Iyengar
Weaver is giving up too many fly balls. Not sure it's health-related or more of a general Weaver Sucks issue. Even the outs are long, long outs.
2005-05-29 14:33:01
100.   Bob Timmermann
If this is the Russ Ortiz I hate, he will pitch 5 innings, give up 6 runs on 12 hits and then get a win when the DBacks score 5 times in the bottom of the fifth on 2 errors and 3 balks.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-05-29 14:35:45
101.   Bob Timmermann
3-3 in San Francisco now after a bases-loaded HBP by Matheny after an IBB to Tucker.

Man, those two things are so wrong.

2005-05-29 14:38:57
102.   Bob Timmermann
Antonio Perez meet Joe Hardy
Joe Hardy meet Antonio Perez
2005-05-29 14:39:21
103.   Albert in Hong Kong
What's Perez's season OBP? .600?
2005-05-29 14:42:58
104.   Bob Timmermann
59 PAs
31 H, 3 BB

34/59 = .576

2005-05-29 14:46:27
105.   Bob Timmermann
I've got a feeling that Jason Schmidt is not going to be Jason Schmidt this year. He only beat the Dodgers because Weaver was worse than him.
2005-05-29 14:46:27
106.   Albert in Hong Kong
SD leading 4-3 now on Ramon Hernandez's single.
2005-05-29 14:47:05
107.   DeucesAreWild
Re 102: AP might have sold his soul (I call that dedication), but he's no Jason Romano. Depo stole this kid.
2005-05-29 14:47:07
108.   Bob Timmermann
102 pitches for Schmidt through 4 1/3 innings.
2005-05-29 14:49:06
109.   Nick Iyengar
Khalil Greene homers to put SD up 6-3. Schmidt probably done now.
2005-05-29 14:49:53
110.   Nick Iyengar
Schmidt hasn't been Schmidt-like at all this year. I think he has some kind of lingering injury problem(s).
2005-05-29 14:51:19
111.   Bob Timmermann
Somehow I don't think LaTroy Hawkins is going to solve the Giants problems now.

I don't even think Barry Bonds could help them much now.

2005-05-29 14:52:12
112.   Bob Timmermann
Russ Ortiz, on the other hand, is pitching at his appropriate level of stinkiness.
2005-05-29 14:52:52
113.   Dodgerkid
I'm thinking our best chance to make the playoffs is the wild card. Anyone else agree?
2005-05-29 14:53:12
114.   Nick Iyengar
The Giants really are mediocre. I hope we can pound them the rest of the year.
2005-05-29 14:53:12
115.   Nick Iyengar
The Giants really are mediocre. I hope we can pound them the rest of the year.
2005-05-29 14:53:12
116.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Herges was let go to make room for Hawkins. I'm certain that someone will be desperate enough to give him a look.

But please not let it be the Dodgers!

2005-05-29 14:54:04
117.   Nick Iyengar
Anyone know why the dreaded double-posts happen?

How about Izturis? This is not the same guy who came over from Toronto.

2005-05-29 14:54:27
118.   Dodgerkid
Yes he could steal bases in Toronto.
2005-05-29 14:54:30
119.   Marty
They shouldn't even let Cesar take a lead.
2005-05-29 14:54:52
120.   Albert in Hong Kong
That's 3 SB with 6 CS for the season.
2005-05-29 14:55:10
121.   Bob Timmermann
Why? Why? Why steal against a pitcher who can't get anybody out?

Why? Why?

Someone tell me before I fall unconscious from pounding my head against the wall.

That last hematoma almost killed me!

2005-05-29 14:55:34
122.   Nick Iyengar
Ugh! It's clear Izzy doesn't know how to steal. Why are we still sending him?

116: I think Herges is probably better than a number of guys in our bullpen, although that's not saying much. Still, I'd prefer to have Herges instead of Erickson/Carrara/Houlton/Carlyle.

2005-05-29 14:55:35
123.   Jose Habib
If you get a hit and then get caught stealing, it shouldn't count as a hit on your batting average.
2005-05-29 14:55:55
124.   Dodgerkid
Perhaps Tracy gave him the go-ahead?
2005-05-29 14:55:55
125.   Marty
And Ortiz is walking every other batter, it just makes no sense to try to steal
2005-05-29 14:56:12
126.   DeucesAreWild
Somebody call Maury Wills.
2005-05-29 14:58:04
127.   Monterey Chris
Is there a way to have comments automatically added on to the list when other people post them? I read the comments that are available, then I go back to the previous page and hit "comments" to get the updated comments. Is there an easier way?
2005-05-29 14:58:20
128.   Albert in Hong Kong
Should be bases loaded with 0 outs.

With Lightenberg pitching.

2005-05-29 14:58:26
129.   Bob Timmermann
Ok, the Dodgers are now facing a guy with a 19.29 ERA.


2005-05-29 14:58:48
130.   Nick Iyengar
Anyone think Drew is being too selective? I mean, obviously he shouldn't swing at bad pitches. But we're paying him $11M to hit homers, not draw walks. He still doesn't have an AB today.
2005-05-29 14:59:10
131.   Jim Hitchcock
Credit where credit was a perfect throw to second. But Bob's right.
2005-05-29 14:59:15
132.   Bob Timmermann
Most of us just refresh the page, using whichever shortcut your browser and OS uses.
2005-05-29 15:00:09
133.   Monterey Chris


2005-05-29 15:00:43
134.   Jim Hitchcock
Most of us just refresh the page, MChris.
2005-05-29 15:01:38
135.   Albert in Hong Kong
Whiff, whiff, whiff for Saenz.

Please score at least a run this inning.

2005-05-29 15:01:50
136.   DeucesAreWild
Milton is due for a dong.
2005-05-29 15:01:55
137.   Bob Timmermann
In the insane world of baseball, Ligtenberg will strike out the hottest hitter on the planet I fear.
2005-05-29 15:02:29
138.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, confused Milton with Perez.

I'm irritated.

2005-05-29 15:07:01
139.   Albert in Hong Kong
Tracy needs to get some sleep. He should at least PRETEND he's watching the game.
2005-05-29 15:07:48
140.   Steve
That's enough runs everybody! Come on in, Cesar, we don't need you out there anymore!
2005-05-29 15:11:00
141.   Langhorne
If Izzy is going on his own Shelby needs to explain the situation to him and tell him to stay put. He's got Werth behind him who has hit two doubles. There's no reason to run. Base stealing is seen as aggressive but usually it's just desperate. Teams like the Angels do it to make up for a lack of hitting. What the Dodgers are doing is giving the opposition two chances to get their best hitter out. Stupid.
2005-05-29 15:18:20
142.   Albert in Hong Kong
Cesar is due for a 4-hit game.
2005-05-29 15:26:31
143.   Marty
Time for a Green double play
2005-05-29 15:27:24
144.   Dodgerkid
Time for Tracy to pull Weaver.
2005-05-29 15:29:28
145.   Jim Hitchcock
And...bring in who, Dodgerkid.
2005-05-29 15:29:32
146.   Dodgerkid
2005-05-29 15:29:40
147.   Dodgerkid
A reliever.
2005-05-29 15:31:53
148.   Marty
Weaver should pretend Clayton is trying to steal his pot so he can bear down
2005-05-29 15:32:27
149.   Albert in Hong Kong
I guess JD saved about two runs that inning.
2005-05-29 15:34:04
150.   Jim Hitchcock
St. Bernards is a Catholic HS, next to Westchester High, where I went.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-05-29 15:40:25
151.   Langhorne

I don't think that would help. Weaver would just do the same thing he does when someone hits a HR off him; stand there and say, "Dude, that is so uncool."

2005-05-29 15:49:09
152.   Johnson
OK, I only heard that on radio. Is that a single with a 7-6-4 putout at second?
2005-05-29 16:02:21
153.   LAT
Is it just me or is Wunch getting hit hard?
2005-05-29 16:06:10
154.   DeucesAreWild
Um, Brett Butler's daughter is hot.
2005-05-29 16:10:01
155.   Langhorne
I guess it's a get away game for the umpires, too.
2005-05-29 16:10:58
156.   Nick Iyengar
Not sure if someone mentioned this, but SF tied up SD. Now 6-6 in the 9th.
2005-05-29 16:12:17
157.   LAT
not for long SD has man on 3B
2005-05-29 16:12:53
158.   LAT
Before I could post that SDcomes up with 2.

SD 8-6, top 9

2005-05-29 16:25:39
159.   Marty
Erickson! Tracy must want to get that save opportunity back.
2005-05-29 16:29:20
160.   DeucesAreWild
2-1 Gagne still gets a S.
2005-05-29 16:29:20
161.   DeucesAreWild
2-1 Gagne still gets a S.
2005-05-29 16:30:05
162.   Marty
Now its Gio again. Just put Gagne in and get it over with.
2005-05-29 16:36:01
163.   Monterey Chris
Padres sweep Giants
2005-05-29 16:36:36
164.   Marty
Hope Bradley isn't hurt too bad. It was weird seeing him double over on that swing
2005-05-29 16:37:29
165.   Steve
Unbelievable. Carrara is miserable.
2005-05-29 16:38:35
166.   Brian Y
If Bradley goes on the DL I have a sinking feeling we will be seeing Grabowski again!
2005-05-29 16:40:19
167.   Dodgerkid
A Repko, Werth, Ledee, Drew outfield isn't too shabby.
2005-05-29 16:40:48
168.   LAT
Brian Y- What did I ever do to you that you had to ruin my day with that.
2005-05-29 16:41:38
169.   Vic
To distract myself from the daily Carrara implosion, I'll pose a query: is there any rational explanation for why tomorrow's game starts at 5:10?
2005-05-29 16:41:40
170.   Steve
Save Situation(TM)!
2005-05-29 16:42:30
171.   Marty
169. I was wondering too. Is ESPN picking it up?
2005-05-29 16:43:06
172.   Steve
You could have just done that in the first place, but no Save Situation(TM)!
2005-05-29 16:43:09
173.   jeongers
Good God, Gio . . .
2005-05-29 16:43:13
174.   Johnson
#169, 171
Yes, it's an ESPN game.
2005-05-29 16:43:51
175.   Langhorne
I'm guessing that Boras is slipping Gio some cash to put a couple of runners on so Gagne can pitch to one hitter and get the save.
2005-05-29 16:44:29
176.   Vic
As Scott Boras cackles with delight...
2005-05-29 16:45:33
177.   Dodgerkid
Dammit, I'm missing Girlfriends. Hurry up!
2005-05-29 16:45:41
178.   Steve
2005-05-29 16:45:45
179.   Vic
Time for a patented Shawn Green groundout.
2005-05-29 16:46:16
180.   rageon
All three games are on either WGN or ESPN, so those of us not in LA and too cheap to pay for DSS...and too lazy to hack it...will get a chance to see some baseball.
2005-05-29 16:46:18
181.   jeongers
No way . . .
2005-05-29 16:47:56
182.   Jim Hitchcock
And there, but for want of good bullpen management, goes a sweep...
2005-05-29 16:48:57
183.   jeongers
Good thing Green sucks.
2005-05-29 16:49:02
184.   Steve
Enjoy retirement, Carrara. You've earned it.
2005-05-29 16:52:07
185.   jeongers
For the record, I don't disagree with bringing Gio in to begin the inning. Four run lead, get him back on the saddle. Tracy brought Gagne in when it got dicey. I can live with how the inning was handled.
2005-05-29 16:52:23
186.   Linkmeister
Is it a devious plot to drive the fans crazy and get Gagne saves, so he can start working on the Rolaids Relief Award again? Or is it just poor attention span on the part of the middle relievers?
2005-05-29 16:54:49
187.   molokai
Any report on the Milton injury?
2005-05-29 16:56:54
188.   heato
The Dodgers win a series! The Dodgers win a series!
2005-05-29 16:57:03
189.   Langhorne
It's nice that Boras Client(TM) got his stat. I don't care much that some people over rate saves but it's maddening that Tracy seems to. There was no reason not to use Gagne to start the 9th except that it wasn't a save situation. That's not a good reason. We're struggling. We need wins. Stop screwing around and just go for the win. What was the reason given for taking the names off the jerseys? Oh yeah, because the name on the front is more important than the name on the back.
2005-05-29 16:57:12
190.   Steve
The Carrara Principle -- Never Use Carrara.

I would say that you would like to have another pitcher other than Gagne to use in that situation. The Dodgers do not. Better to bring in Gagne to finish it, than let Carrara create the Save Situation(TM!) and bring it down to a single swing, especially since bringing Carrara in guarantees you're going to see Gagne anyway.

2005-05-29 17:01:00
191.   heato
While the Dodgers' bullpen has been putting everyone on the edges of their seats recently, why don't we all say a prayer of thanks that we do not have the Giants' bullpen. At least we have a Gagne to turn to in our times of need.
2005-05-29 17:05:23
192.   Langhorne
Or we have Gagne to watch sit in the pen while Gio walks in the winning run.
2005-05-29 17:09:48
193.   jeongers
I won't argue that Carrara sucks, but you would hope that he could get through relatively unscathed protecting a four-run lead. Pretty low leverage situation. I'd rather see Gagne saved for high leverage situations (whether we have the lead or not). Of course, the paradox is that by bringing in Gio in the first place, this virtually assures a high-leverage situation.
2005-05-29 17:10:21
194.   jeongers
Or would it be irony?
2005-05-29 17:20:34
195.   Steve
193 -- Yeah, that's exactly the problem. The point is really that Carrara is a disaster waiting to happen every time he gets on the mound. I'm wondering if possibly Mahomes wouldn't be a possible solution to THAT problem, if not to the fifth starter problem.
2005-05-29 17:20:40
196.   willhite
Gio's entire Dodger career has been like this. He's had many more good outings than bad, but when he's bad, he's really bad and he tends to put those bad outings together in streaks.
2005-05-29 17:26:42
197.   Nick Iyengar
What's the story on Bradley?
2005-05-29 18:52:20
198.   GoBears
From the AP game story:

Bradley sprained his right ring finger in his final at-bat in the ninth inning. X-rays were negative, but Tracy said he didn't know if the center fielder would start Monday against the Chicago Cubs.

2005-05-29 19:46:47
199.   the OZ
Nakamura hit 2 more HRs today at a game in Tucson. bringing his season total to 10 HR in 59 ABs.

I would love it if we could get something for him in a trade, based on his minor-league performance. Too bad Sabean would never make a trade with us...

2005-05-29 20:08:29
200.   Dodgerkid
Did anyone know that Grabowski is friends with the blogger of Athletics Nation, and the two hang out together? I was just reading the blog, and saw Grabowski's face on it and went into shock. I thought he was rehabbing.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-05-29 22:52:41
201.   Brian Y
Nakamura is worth another shot, just not for us. I wouldnt be surprised to see him ask for his release at some point in the next month or so if he continues mashing in AAA
2005-05-29 22:56:17
202.   Brian Y
On a side note, I have Nakamura going 1-4 with no homers tonite AND the guy we got in the Marlins trade with Penny and Choi who we subsequently sent to AZ in the Finley deal, Bill Murphy's line for the nite was:

4IP 8H 6ER 2BB 2K and an ERA for the season of 6.12

2005-05-30 08:29:22
203.   Colorado Blue
In regards to the Carrara vs. Gagne issue...

I was only able to get Friday's game. Is there some reason that Ghame Over(TM) was not used instead of Carrara in both/either situation on Saturday and Sunday? Seems to me if it's late and not a save situation, but we want the Dodgers to have the best chance then one brings in Yhency. I've always perceived Gio as a 7th inning guy, may be 8th; to perform as a bridge to the Mota/Gagne or Brazoban/Gagne corps. in the 8th or 9th.

Happy Memorial Day.

2005-05-31 08:30:11
204.   Gen3Blue
It is true that Nakimuru deserves a shot with someone. I fear he'll do a great job!
It's a catch 22, because if we give him a chance, fate dictates a slow start. Maybe we should just give him time.

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