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June 4 Game Chat
2005-06-04 16:54
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

Update: A rare low-scoring victory for the Dodgers tonight. They were 1-15 when scoring two runs or less going into this game (26-12 when scoring three runs or more). Congrats to the staff for a strong team pitching performance.

The 28-27 Dodgers are now 2-22 when scoring three runs or less, 26-5 when scoring four runs or more. In the wild-card race, they are 1 1/2 games out of the lead.

Ex-Dodger Brian Falkenborg allowed six runs without retiring a batter in the fifth inning of the Padres' 11-5 loss to Chicago tonight. Interestingly, two more ex-Dodgers, Dennys Reyes and Rudy Seanez, followed Falkenborg to the mound and combined for four shutout innings.

Meanwhile, ex-Dodgers Chan Ho Park and Jose Lima comic-dueled in Kansas City today, with Park improving to 6-1 on the season despite allowing six runs and 11 hits in five innings. Lima fell to 0-5, 8.39 by allowing five runs in 3 2/3 innings.

Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne reviews Dodger Stadium, from its pre-1962 design to the 2005 renovations, in Sunday's editions of the paper.

Comments (130)
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2005-06-04 17:03:04
1.   Bob Timmermann
Please forgive me....
But we had to get to it sometime

Random Dodger game callback

June 4, 1992

In a year that was one of the most dismal in the history of not just the Los Angeles Dodgers, but of the city of Los Angeles overall, the Dodgers managed to look respectable on this day with a 7-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds at Dodger Stadium. Orel Hershiser and three relievers combined for the win with Roger McDowell picking up the save.

The win brought the Dodgers to 24-25 on the season and in fourth place in the NL West, 3 ½ games behind first place Cincinnati. The big hit for the Dodgers came in the fourth when Mike Scioscia hit his 10th career triple to cap off a 3-run inning. Scioscia would actually hit two more triples in 1992 to finish his career with 12.

But June 4 was the closest the Dodgers would ever get to .500 for the rest of the year. A team decimated by injuries, especially to outfielders Darryl Strawberry and Eric Davis, led to a 10-game losing streak from June 10-21, dropping the Dodgers into last place and that is where they stayed for the rest of the season, finishing with their worst record in Los Angeles history, 63-99, and 35 games behind division winner Atlanta.

With Strawberry and Davis out for most of the year, the Dodger offense disappeared. The team hit only 72 home runs for the season, with Rookie of the Year Eric Karros leading the team with 20. No other Dodger had more than 6. Brett Butler hit .309 and had a .413 OBP, but it was of little use as there was no else contributing to the attack. Butler also led the league in sacrifices despite batting leadoff. The Dodgers lone All Star was utility man Mike Sharperson. Jose Offerman took over the shortstop role fulltime and commited 42 errors.

The pitching staff was not the problem. The team had a 3.41 ERA. Tom Candiotti went 11-15 with a 3.00 ERA and Hershiser went 10-15 with a 3.67 ERA. Kevin Gross threw a no-hitter against the Giants on August 17.

But 1992 in Los Angeles was probably remembered more for the wide scale civil unrest that rocked the city at the end of April and beginning of May. There were hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to property. Even worse, between 50 and 60 people died (official counts vary).

It was not much of a bright spot in a bad year, but the Dodgers did bring up a rookie catcher named Mike Piazza in September of 1992. Piazza was expected to take over for Scioscia, who left the Dodgers as a free agent in the offseaon, although injuries effectively ended his career.

Thanks to the Orange County Register, and Retrosheet

2005-06-04 17:23:57
2.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, that cheered me up.
2005-06-04 17:29:59
3.   Bob Timmermann
I thought it would Jim. Maybe we should contrast this year's squad with the 1992 squad. For example, who is this year's Steve Wilson? Is Kelly Wunsch a good comparison?
2005-06-04 17:44:52
4.   Doug N
I think a better question is, who is this year's Strawberry? Or more importantly, which current Dodgers will make an appearance on the Simpsons? Name the 4 members of the Dodgers organization to appear on the show, you'll win a million bucks....
2005-06-04 17:54:49
5.   Jim Hitchcock
Think Wunsch may have the edge. But that's just because I want it to be so.
2005-06-04 18:21:15
6.   Bob Timmermann


2005-06-04 18:22:06
7.   Bob Timmermann
I'll be out tonight, so don't assume I'm pouting. Just being sociable with humans who actually have faces and things like that.
2005-06-04 18:26:02
8.   Linkmeister
For once I agreed with Plaschke's column. Why isn't Izturis doing better in the All-Star voting?
2005-06-04 18:32:30
9.   jff123
i don't know. It's weird (about Izturis). I voted twice. What is the point of letting people vote 25 times per email? Wouldn't once have the same effect? Now I feel like I have to go vote 23 more times which is annoying.
2005-06-04 18:34:13
10.   Bob Timmermann
If you vote 25 times, you'll eventually screw up and allow Ameriquest to contact you about a mortgage because you forgot to uncheck the box.
2005-06-04 18:35:25
11.   jff123
Uh, oh...I didn't uncheck it.
2005-06-04 18:36:25
12.   jff123
Bob, you mentioned helping Rachel Robinson with genealogy. I'm a genealogy nut. Do you work at L.A. Central Library?
2005-06-04 18:36:58
13.   Bob Timmermann
So have you thought about refinancing? Ameriquest has some exciting rates to offer you!

I love it when I get phone calls telling me that I was selected to get a special refinancing offer. Mainly because I'm a renter.

2005-06-04 18:38:35
14.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, I do work there, but I'm not in the genealogy section anymore.

When I doubt, I would just tell people that their ancestors were all semi-literate hillbillies.

It's right a lot of the time!

2005-06-04 18:39:03
15.   jff123
I haven't gotten any phonecalls, so maybe I did uncheck it. We refinanced at very low 15 year rate 2 years ago, so I'll probably never do it again (I say now).
2005-06-04 18:40:11
16.   jff123
You mean people would ask, "who are my ancestors", instead of "where are the city directories?"
2005-06-04 18:40:52
17.   Bob Timmermann
I would think Ameriquest is going to email people not call. It's a very big company. I think it's the biggest mortgage company in the country.
2005-06-04 18:40:59
18.   jff123
And yes, most of my ancestors were semi-illiterate hillbillies...
2005-06-04 18:45:24
19.   Bob Timmermann
"The city directories are over in the back"

"No they didn't make any for L.A. after World War II."

"Yes, I know they have city directories for smaller towns today."

"No, you're great uncle's obit didn't run in the LA Times in 1927."

"No, the LA Times doesn't run free obits."

"No, they don't run birth annoucnements in LA papers anymore."

"Do you realize how many people live in the LA area?"

"Soundex. It's a code. It's how you look things up in the Census."

"No you can't look up your grandfather in the 1940 Census, it's still confidential."

The vast majority of genealogists are nice people who are eager to work (Rachel Robinson really knew her stuff.) But when you get someone who just walks in and assumes that there is a computer where they can type in their name and have their entire family history displayed in front of them can be hard to deal with.

2005-06-04 18:47:18
20.   Bob Timmermann
Half of my ancestors could be described as hicks. The other half would be drunkards.

There is a bit of overlap.

See you folks later!

2005-06-04 18:54:15
21.   LAT
Bob, Go have a good time tonight. Get drunk or whatever you do for fun BUT PLEASE, (and I think I speak for many on DT) STAY AWAY FROM DODGER STADIUM.
2005-06-04 19:05:32
22.   Blue in SF
Very tenuous Dodgers connection here, but I just can't believe this quote from Jered Weaver (redarding his hold-out and recent signing with the Angels):

"The economics part of it was not an issue," Weaver insisted. "We could have made more, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity of playing at home."

Too many responses, so I'll leave it at that.

2005-06-04 19:07:03
23.   Jim Hitchcock
Re # 14: How right you are!



2005-06-04 19:19:27
24.   Dave
Wow! Half your family was semi-literate? My family didn't believe in education.
2005-06-04 19:27:25
25.   Linkmeister
You genealogy buffs might enjoy the site I wrote about here:

Type in your last name; get a map of the US geographic distribution of your last name for that period.

2005-06-04 19:36:16
26.   jff123
Linkmeister, thanks for the link...I've been having fun with it.
2005-06-04 19:38:57
27.   Linkmeister
It's interesting, isn't it? ;)
2005-06-04 20:06:18
28.   the OZ
Dodgers on The Simpsons -

Steve Sax
Mike Scioscia
The Straw
Jose Canseco ???(spring training in 03 or 04)?

2005-06-04 20:09:42
29.   jff123
yay! back to back HRs!!!
2005-06-04 20:12:56
30.   Fearing Blue
Nice to see Werth hit the ball hard.
2005-06-04 20:14:14
31.   Steve
The Kid Stays In The Picture
2005-06-04 20:21:23
32.   Jim Hitchcock
Nice DP.
2005-06-04 20:24:22
33.   Sam DC
Cubs up 4-1 over Pads. D. Lee coming up to leadoff the fifth.
2005-06-04 20:25:38
34.   dzzrtRatt
'zona's bout to get their butts swept by the Phils, while the Cubs lead the "Fryers" (Zacky Farms?) by 4-1. If DJ wins tonight, I doubt Vinny will say "and a little child will lead them," but it'll be nice anyway.
2005-06-04 20:28:52
35.   Steve
Luis Gonzalez got thrown out stealing to end the Arizona game with Troy Glaus up representing the tying run? That's a season Grabowski Principle, gentlemen. Welcome to regressing to the mean.
2005-06-04 20:39:27
36.   Jim Hitchcock
9-1 Cubs. That oughtta take some of the starch out of the Padres shorts.
2005-06-04 20:41:26
37.   Steve
Jim, let us raise a glass that you and I together defeated the Dreaded UnderMonster tonight!

And Boo! Hiss! to taking him out. Not so much an FJT moment as just a "Who You Gonna Bring In That's Gonna Do Better Than That" Moment.

2005-06-04 20:45:19
38.   Jim Hitchcock
Was happy to have you with me, Steve.

Now we hold on for dear life.

2005-06-04 20:45:23
39.   Ryan Jerz
Would you ever consider canseco a Dodger? I'm no Simpson's buff, but isn't Lasorda an obligatory Dodger to appear on any show?
2005-06-04 20:45:42
40.   lizardman
Fearless and easy call for JT. The rookie can't bitch and moan.
2005-06-04 20:47:12
41.   Jim Hitchcock
Duaner just earned himself the 7th.
2005-06-04 20:55:18
42.   Jim Hitchcock
OK, Jayson...Now that you're above the Mendoza, You're required to hit HR's.
2005-06-04 21:02:03
43.   Mark Linsey
Nice game for DJ.
2005-06-04 21:09:42
44.   LAT
Duaner's in trouble better bring Gio in
2005-06-04 21:16:38
45.   Jim Hitchcock
OK, I can laugh at LAT's joke now.
2005-06-04 21:17:44
46.   Christina
Just got in - let's see, 2-1 and Sanchez is pitching with a runner on third.

Eek. The Dodgers sure love making me reach for my antacids...

2005-06-04 21:19:58
47.   Steve
Don't look now, but Robles is making himself useful.
2005-06-04 21:20:11
48.   Jim Hitchcock
Bunt alert.
2005-06-04 21:25:31
49.   LAT
Have to admit it looked like it hit the bat. Might have caught a peice of the hand but looked like all bat.
2005-06-04 21:28:07
50.   Steve
You would think it would hurt. If I understand the rule correctly, I think the umpire got it right.

Blah. No comment.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-04 21:28:30
51.   Jim Hitchcock
Paging Mike Edwards...
2005-06-04 21:29:04
52.   Christina
Well, I was hoping for insurance runs, but at least Drew and Kent are up next inning.
2005-06-04 21:29:17
53.   Mark Linsey
Wait, it cut to commercials with Tracy still out there arguing (it wasn't a replay, was it? I'm watching it w/ no sound, looked like they started arguing again after the runner was thrown out)

...I wanted to see whether Tracy was going to be thrown out!

2005-06-04 21:29:19
54.   LAT
Augh. That was a disaster from every angle.
2005-06-04 21:30:10
55.   Jim Hitchcock
Never mind.
2005-06-04 21:30:48
56.   Steve
Tossed! Shouting "Fertilizer!" at the umpire over and over again.
2005-06-04 21:30:50
57.   Jim Hitchcock
Tracy was tossed.
2005-06-04 21:31:03
58.   Vic
When's the last time Tracy got himself thrown out? He's usually so placid that his vehement confrontation with the ump tonight has left me befuddled.
2005-06-04 21:32:19
59.   Christina
Hee. It's not like we need Tracy anyway - it's the 8th, Ghame Over is on the mound, and Game Over in waiting for the 9th.
2005-06-04 21:35:21
60.   Dave
Could have used Perez, though.
2005-06-04 21:36:37
61.   Steve
I like me that fastball out of the zone.
2005-06-04 21:41:21
62.   Steve
The Indians just fired Eddie Murray? There has to be bad karma in that too.
2005-06-04 21:44:35
63.   Nick Iyengar
I just checked in...why did Tracy get ejected? Gameday is stuck...what's going on?
2005-06-04 21:45:56
64.   Christina
Nick - I gave up on Gameday a couple of minutes ago and switched to CBS Sportline's Gamecenter. Ghame Over got through the 8th without giving up any runs, now it's the bottom of the 9th.

Drew's on first and Kent's at bat. No outs.

2005-06-04 21:48:30
65.   Steve
Bunting is so lame.
2005-06-04 21:49:36
66.   LAT
FJTR: Fire Jim Tracey's Replacement
2005-06-04 21:49:47
67.   Mark Linsey
Proves you don't need Tracy around to make silly bunt attempts.
2005-06-04 21:50:36
68.   Steve
I lose track of all the Jims. Which one is to blame? :)

What was Repko doing in there anyway?

2005-06-04 21:51:01
69.   Nagman
At first I thought that was a horrible call but the ump might've had it right. I don't know if JD protects his knee to keep from jamming it into the bag but he slid awfully early, which probably cost him.
2005-06-04 21:52:36
70.   Christina
Really - hasn't Ledee been kind of decent at the plate lately? No worse than Repko, I would think. But at least it wasn't a DP.
2005-06-04 21:55:28
71.   Steve
De La Rosa was a lefty, I guess he brought in Repko to hit against De La Rosa, then they pulled DLR. But if you're just going to bunt, then who cares whether you have a R/L matchup. Of course, Repko has the Scrappy Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which means he does scrappy things like bunt better.
2005-06-04 21:55:34
72.   Vic
'Gagne' in French means 'win'? How did I not know that before today?
2005-06-04 21:55:46
73.   Nagman
Gagne 93 and 94mph on his first two pitches.
2005-06-04 21:55:49
74.   LAT
In Seattle: Mariners losing 5-3 bases loaded two out. Why do I bring this up? The pinch hitter is Dave Hansen. Yes our Dave Hansen. I though he was done years ago.

He is still same old Dave: Base hit 3 runs in. Good for him. I always liked him.

2005-06-04 21:56:06
75.   Steve
94...that's at least going the right way.
2005-06-04 21:56:56
76.   Steve
Repko played that very scrappily -- and very stupidly.
2005-06-04 21:57:43
77.   LAT
That was stupid.
2005-06-04 21:57:50
78.   Vic
The Eric Byrnes of the Southland...
2005-06-04 21:58:37
79.   Nagman
For anybody not watching on TV, it was a cheap one.
2005-06-04 21:59:37
80.   Jim Hitchcock
You could have save yourself a couple of 'S's and a `tupidly' on that comment, Steve.
2005-06-04 22:00:22
81.   Dave
Won't be cheap if he ends up scoring.
2005-06-04 22:00:33
82.   Steve
I'm wordy.

Game not-so-over.

2005-06-04 22:00:43
83.   LAT
That was funny Jim
2005-06-04 22:02:06
84.   Steve
But for a brief moment, perfection.
2005-06-04 22:02:48
85.   Xeifrank
Only 84 posts in the game chat... don't worry I'm here now.
vr, Xei
2005-06-04 22:03:37
86.   Christina
I'll try stating the obvious, since Xeifrank isn't here: We could really use one more K here.
2005-06-04 22:04:10
87.   champion of choi
vin claimed that Gagne used to be a "professional stunt bike rider?" never knew that...
2005-06-04 22:04:16
88.   Vic
2005-06-04 22:04:19
89.   LAT
What me worry?
2005-06-04 22:04:32
90.   Steve
Uhhhhhh....That worked!! GAME OVER!

DJ gets the win! The Kid Stays In The Picture!

2005-06-04 22:04:35
91.   Christina
And here he is - welcome Xei! Try stating the obvious, I'm not sure the mojo works the same when I do it.
2005-06-04 22:04:37
92.   Jim Hitchcock
Could you have cut it any closer, XF?
2005-06-04 22:04:39
93.   Xeifrank
Hey we won, and Houlton got the win. Who would've thunk it. Over/Under was 4 1/3 and Houlton shattered that. I think he gets another start if we need it.
vr, Xei
2005-06-04 22:04:52
94.   Nick Iyengar
1-4-3? what happened?
2005-06-04 22:05:22
95.   Nagman
I could use a laugher (in our favor) tomorrow.
2005-06-04 22:05:40
96.   Jim Hitchcock
Damn. A well pitched game.
2005-06-04 22:05:49
97.   Steve
DJ! DJ! Weaver goes to the bullpen! HOORAY!
2005-06-04 22:06:39
98.   Fearing Blue
The fact that Gagne's velocity is heading North is a good thing. But, he should continue to use the Vulcan changeup more often. It's competitive with Lidge's slider for "Nastiest Pitch in the Game" honors.
2005-06-04 22:07:16
99.   Christina
While I much prefer us simply blowing other teams out of the water, I'm very heartened by us winning such a tight game, and with Houlton of all guys as the starter!

This season definitely isn't over by a long shot, and I remain optimistic. Especially now that the Padres are cooling down just as we did after our 12-2 start.

2005-06-04 22:07:21
100.   Fearing Blue
#94: Slightly deflected off Gagne's glove to Kent.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-04 22:07:35
101.   Xeifrank
Over/Under on Penny tomorrow is out early. The line has been set at 7 IPs. Can we get three overs in a row?
vr, Xei
2005-06-04 22:08:31
102.   Nick Iyengar
100: that's what i was guessing. thanks--good game all around!
2005-06-04 22:08:42
103.   LAT
Why are they interviewing the 0-2 Burger King Cook of all people? Where's DJ--Give him his props.
2005-06-04 22:09:04
104.   Fearing Blue
#97: Not quite yet. We still have a couple weeks before Dessens gets back and probably a little longer for Perez after that.
2005-06-04 22:09:13
105.   Xeifrank
Amazingly, the NL East has tightened up to where all 5 teams are within 1.5 games. Has there ever been a division with 5 teams all within 1.5 of first place this late in the season? I'm sure Fearing Blue has all the numbers at his finger tips.
vr, Xei
2005-06-04 22:09:47
106.   Steve
Over! I'm heartened. That's three starts from DT and DJ that would have been complete disasters if anyone else on the roster had made them. They lead the way for our #1 to close out the Brewers tomorrow.

That Kool-Aid is grape by the way.

2005-06-04 22:10:17
107.   Jon Weisman
Hi everyone. Didn't get to see any of Houlton's outing - I got home from dinner in the sixth. Did he look for real? He only struck out two, but it doesn't look like they hit him very hard. Was he lucky or good? How did he compare with Thompson?
2005-06-04 22:12:31
108.   Xeifrank
What was up with that Perez at bat tonight? From his initial reaction it looked as if it probably didn't hit him, but hit the butt of the bat instead. Do bats have butts? Anyways, if it did hit his hand, he should've took off his batting glove and showed the ump the bruise. It was a tough call, I laughed when Tracy came out to argue with the ump. I can only imagine how stupid Tracy's logic for thinking why Perez was hit by the pitch. Then Perez tried to call time on the next pitch and just assumed the ump would give it to him. I have no problem with the ump on that at bat.
vr, Xei
2005-06-04 22:14:06
109.   Xeifrank
107. He was ok, he let the leadoff batter get on too many times, and was bailed out by some nice infield defense and double play balls. Good enough to get another start, but let's keep it in perspective, it was the Milwaukee Brewers.
vr, Xei
2005-06-04 22:14:32
110.   Steve
104 -- We're gonna get Mahomes! And we're gonna get Rupe! And we're gonna move Weaver to the bullpen! And we're gonna DFA Carrara! And we're gonna DL Alvarez! And then we're gonna go to San Francisco, and San Diego, and Philadelphia, and St. Louis, and we're gonna take over this division!(Primal, guttural Howard Dean scream)
2005-06-04 22:14:35
111.   Jim Hitchcock
Allright Steve!

Jon, the only downside to DJ was letting the leadoff get on board 4 innings in a row. A ton of ground balls, and he never once got rattled.
I personally felt a lot more confidence in him than I have with Weaver and Perez.

In short, he done good. And glad you're feeling better.

2005-06-04 22:14:53
112.   LAT
He pitched well. He was not dominate and got into a little trouble but kept his composure.

SCSR just gave teaser: Dodgers are shopping for a starter and we'll tell you why it could be this guy: cue picture of Zito

2005-06-04 22:15:47
113.   Fearing Blue
#107: He was fine, certainly not great but passable. He got the first 6 batters out and then went through a sequence of getting into and then out of jams. Bases loaded with no outs in the 3rd could have very easily ended his night, but he only allowed 1 run because of the double play. The game felt a lot like Thompson's in that the leadoff guy was on far too often (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th), but somehow he made it relatively unscathed.
2005-06-04 22:16:21
114.   Steve
He got the bases loaded and no one out in the third, and unlike some overpaid hack pitchers that couldn't soft toss their way out of a wet sack in a similar situation, he got a double play groundball to get out of the inning giving up the only run of the game they scored.
2005-06-04 22:17:40
115.   LAT
Anyone notice Izzy has disappeared?
2005-06-04 22:17:43
116.   Jon Weisman
Thanks, Jim. This was my first good day in two weeks healthwise - I'd say I'm about at 95 percent, to quote some player from some interview sometime. Hoping it's behind me. As recently as yesterday, I made the short drive home from work midday to lie down for two hours.
2005-06-04 22:19:53
117.   LAT
SCSR: Depodesta gives Tracy vote of confidence today. Also says he has gone from watching players to activly making phone calls. Priority is starting pitcher. Duhhhh. They say Zito is logical guy becasue of connection to Beane
2005-06-04 22:20:24
118.   Fearing Blue
#110: Rupe got Erickson-level spanked last night in Vegas (5 IP, 10 R/7 ER, 3 HR), and Mahomes didn't do very well tonight (6 IP, 6ER).

The guy I'm looking at as a sleeper is Eric Stults with Jacksonville. He pitched well again last night (5 IP, 2 R/0 ER, 3 BB, 7 K). His overall K / BB ratio is sitting at a very pretty 4.33 (52 Ks, 12 BB in 56.2 IP).

2005-06-04 22:22:36
119.   Fearing Blue
#117: Please not Zito. That guy has about 15 forks in him.
2005-06-04 22:22:38
120.   Steve
Free Eric Stults!
2005-06-04 22:23:52
121.   Jon Weisman
I did a couple quick posts above, by the way.
2005-06-04 22:27:12
122.   Fearing Blue
Woohoo! Jon is healthy and prolific. Go Dodgers!
2005-06-04 22:27:37
123.   LAT
I know this isn't kind, but I hope Jerod Weaver gets hit like a Micky Mouse Pinata at an 8yr old B-day party.
2005-06-04 22:27:40
124.   Steve
Memo to Paul DePodesta:

Having Zito and Weaver will give Antonio Perez whiplash by the end of the year.

Instead, why don't you listen to the guy, a Mr. Fearing Blue by appellation, who was the only guy around here saying we should give DJ Houlton a chance to start even though he had an ERA of 10, risking the mocking sneers of people like me who have perfected the mocking sneer. Stop IMing Billy Beane, who is dreaming at night of all the ways he can unload his crap on you, place a long distance call to Florida, and get on Priceline to arrange a coach class flight for one Mr. Eric Stults posthaste.

Then, please arrange for the same "fixer" who handled the Grabowski situation to pay a visit to Jeff Weaver.

Thank you,


2005-06-04 22:33:48
125.   Mark Linsey
117-If a connection to Beane is their only rationale, then I'm skeptical. People said the same thing about a rumored Hudson trade, and I would think Beane would be after one of our blue-chip prospects, and I don't think Zito is worth that, and I don't think DePo does either.
2005-06-04 22:37:19
126.   LAT
Depo, stay away from Dad you'll never take the pebbble from his hand.
2005-06-04 22:40:25
127.   LAT
Will Ericksn criticize DJ for pitching so well Mr. Lisa didn't get to?
2005-06-04 22:44:30
128.   Christina
Zito would not be a bad pitcher for the Dodgers to have - he's pitched much better this season than his W-L record shows. Only one of his starts was a bad one. But he had zero run support until VERY recently. If he were pitching for the Cardinals, he'd have about the same record as Mulder. Zito's mixed in a fifth pitch this year, to boot, and that's working well too.

That said, I agree that the DePo-Beane connection doesn't make a Dodgers-A's trade any likelier. Not that I would be surprised to see Zito in Dodger blue this season, but it won't be because of the DePo-Beane connection.

2005-06-04 22:44:35
129.   Louis in SF
Does KFWB stream this year, I don't think they do? But was curious to hear if there was anything intelligent being said?
2005-06-04 23:07:28
130.   the OZ
Stults could work, but I'm far from convinced that he's The Answer to our problems on the mound. About a month ago, I was impressed by his AA stats so I Googled him - this was an informative link:

Evidently,he's a soft-tossing 'control guy' - his fastball (like the similarly-named actor Eric Stoltz's film career) ranged from 84-89. His stuff is described as "less than overwhelming." He's also 25 years old, so judge for yourselves how much room you think he has to improve on either velocity or 'stuff.'

A hunch tells me that a guy who throws a lot of strikes at 88 mph without getting a lot of swing-and-misses would be like Scott Erickson without the walks. Which is still bad.

So far, we've struck gold with one AA callup this season - perhaps we should avoid going to the well once to often?

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