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June 5 Game Chat: A Chance To Win a Series
2005-06-05 10:29
by Jon Weisman
Comments (281)
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2005-06-05 11:01:17
1.   Bob Timmermann
Just because they're random doesn't mean that there won't be two consecutive years in a row.

Random Dodger game callback

June 5, 1993

In what was likely the only time that a Dodgers night game in June took second billing to a Los Angeles Kings game, 48,035 people came to Dodger Stadium to watch Darryl Strawberry make his return from another stint on the disabled list with a bad back, and go 0 for 3, but the Dodgers prevailed anyway over the Atlanta Braves, 5-1.

Strawberry, who missed most of the 1992 season and was quickly earning the title of Most Hated Dodger, came back to play a few games in left field in June before injuries and drug abuse ended his Dodgers career. After hitting 28 home runs in his first season with the Dodgers in 1991, Strawberry would appear in only 75 more games in the next two years.

The 1993 Dodgers were a significant improvement over the awful 1992 squad. The key to that was the rookie behind the plate, Mike Piazza. Piazza hit his 10th homer of the season on June 5, going 3 for 4. He would finish with 35 HRs, 112 RBI and batted .318 to earn a well-deserved Rookie of the Year. The previous Rookie of the Year, Eric Karros, hit 23 homers in 1993.

Kevin Gross, the winning pitcher on June 5, went 13-13 with a 4.14 ERA on the season. His 13th win came in Game 162 when the Dodgers knocked the Giants out of the playoffs with a 12-1 win. But that only balanced the team's record at 81-81 and the Dodgers finished in fourth place, 23 games behind the division-winning Braves. On June 5, the Dodgers were actually in third place and just four games out of first and ahead of the Braves.

Another rookie who had a good year for the Dodgers was a middle reliever by the name of Pedro Martinez, the younger brother of Ramon. Pedro Martinez went 10-5 with a 2.61 ERA in relief and struck out 119 batters in 107 innings. But that would be Pedro Martinez's final season in Los Angeles. Jody Reed was 2 for 4 with an RBI on this day.

The loser for the Braves on June 5 was Greg Maddux, who was just 5-5 at the time. Maddux finished 20-10 with a 2.36 ERA en route to another Cy Young Award.

And why were the Kings a bigger story than the Dodgers that day? June 5, 1993 was the day that Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals was played at the Great Western Forum. It was the Kings first, and so far only, trip to the Finals. The Kings lost that night to the Montreal Canadiens, 4-3 in overtime, to fall behind 2-1 in the series.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, and Retrosheet

2005-06-05 11:23:02
2.   Steve
Admiral Halsey's ship is sinking.
2005-06-05 11:50:58
3.   Bob Timmermann
The DBacks face the Phillies again tomorrow and then get the Twins and should face both Santana and Radke. The Dodgers should only have to face one of the two.

Radke versus Drew would be interesting as the Man Who Will Not Walk a Batter will face the Man Who Will Work Anyone For a Walk.

2005-06-05 11:55:00
4.   Bob Timmermann
Also, looking at the Twins lineup and the injuries they have, they might welcome six games against the NL. They don't need a DH. Right now it would be just one more bad hitter in the lineup.
2005-06-05 12:14:25
5.   Bob Timmermann

A Perez

Oscar Robles = Instant Offense!

2005-06-05 12:26:46
6.   Albert in Hong Kong
Penny will go 8 innings, 1 run, and lose.
2005-06-05 12:33:28
7.   Ben P
Today's lineup has Kent at 1B, Perez at 2B and Saenz at 3B. Does that make any sense? Wouldn't the team be better defensively with Saenz at 1B instead?
2005-06-05 12:37:36
8.   Albert in Hong Kong
Of course, the same manager is batting Robles leadoff.
2005-06-05 13:03:58
9.   Dodgerkid
Why is Izturis not playing?!?
2005-06-05 13:07:45
10.   Bob Timmermann
I would presume that Izturis is getting a rest. Hasn't he started every game this year?
2005-06-05 13:09:28
11.   Albert in Hong Kong
He's also 0-for-13 in this Milwaukee series.
2005-06-05 13:13:39
12.   rageon
Agreed, this lineup makes no sense. Unless Tracy really feels the need to get everyone some work at non-regular positions (stupid plan), this really isn't a good way to go. Isn't Perez at 3B, Kent at 2B, and Saenz at 1B pretty much the regular defense at this point? So why shuffle it around? It's not like Werth and Drew are going to say to each other, "you know, we should switch positions today, that'll be fun." It looks like something my softball team would be against a weak opponent.
2005-06-05 13:15:28
13.   Albert in Hong Kong
I thought Saenz had a chance to catch Clark in a rundown there to prevent a run, but I guess he didn't want to risk it.
2005-06-05 13:19:21
14.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks lose again, 7-6. Shawn Green grounds out to end the game with the tying run on third.
2005-06-05 13:19:50
15.   Icaros
I agree that this defense makes no sense at all. Why does resting Izturis mean that the other infielders have to suddenly play out of position?

Tracy is absolutely senile.

2005-06-05 13:20:45
16.   Icaros
Shawn Green grounds out to end the game with the tying run on third.

Imagine that.

2005-06-05 13:24:49
17.   Bob Timmermann
Despite Obermueller pitching, I will not repost my homage to the Danny Kaye song with his name in it.
2005-06-05 13:26:46
18.   the OZ
Basically, it seems that Tracy would rather have Robles' bat in the lineup than Choi's. Choi certainly doesn't need to rest anymore than he already has this season, and A Perez is a shortstop, too, no?

Perhaps the 'running with scissors' axiom should be applied to Robles, resulting in an immediate DFA? Like, before the 2nd inning?

2005-06-05 13:27:56
19.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers are now on pace to shatter the LA record for HBPs in a season. They are on an 88 HBP pace.
2005-06-05 13:29:37
20.   Icaros
Can't Tracy get injured or something?
2005-06-05 13:33:34
21.   Bob Timmermann
Good news for the Dodgers I discovered. They will miss Johan Santana's turn in the rotation when the Twins come to town.

They should face Lohse, Mays, and Radke.

2005-06-05 13:34:40
22.   Icaros
Wish the Twins would trade Radke to us for Oscar Robles and JT.
2005-06-05 13:34:50
23.   Langhorne
Yeah, color me flummoxed. I guess Tracy is trying to put his players in somebody else's position to succeed.

We have four minor leaguers starting today. This is one of my biggest problems with Tracy. He makes decisions independant of each other. If he insists on resting Izturis today than play Phillips. If the catcher has to have a day off every week (this is in Tracy's bible) and he knew he was going rest Izzy today then Rose should have started last night. Robles and Rose should never be starting in the same game.
I hope we get a lot of production from 2-5 because that's all we've got.

2005-06-05 13:35:22
24.   Fearing Blue
Do we know if Choi could be injured again? Perhaps that mysterious "sore forearm". This lineup looks something a dartboard may have come up with. I concur that Perez at 3B, Kent at 2B, and Saenz at 1B makes way more sense if you're going to put Robles in the lineup over Choi. And, even if you want Robles in the lineup, why bat him 1st with his .258 OBP?
2005-06-05 13:35:43
25.   the OZ
Kent and Drew need to have great games today, becuase the 7-8-9-1 hitters are a black hole..
2005-06-05 13:36:08
26.   Bob Timmermann
My box of crayons doesn't have "flummox".

But my parents would never buy the 64 pack with the sharpener.

2005-06-05 13:37:18
27.   overkill94
For those giving Shawn Green a hard time for his non-clutch at-bat today, you must check out this website
2005-06-05 13:38:37
28.   Fearing Blue
First defensive miscue for our softball defense today. I fear it won't be the last.
2005-06-05 13:38:49
29.   rageon
I agree with that point as well. It's always driven me crazy that managers will rest multiple players on the same day. Those things need to be spread out.

And the Kent/Perez/Saenz alignment really makes no sense at all regardless of Choi's status, because the 3 of them could all play their typical positions, but aren't. The ONLY reason I could potentially see for this is that they aren't 100% about Perez's defense at 3B yet, and for some reason, this Saenz is better there than him.

On a semi-related note, is Saenz the slowest player in baseball?

2005-06-05 13:38:59
30.   Icaros
So, would Kent have made the play that Perez just missed? I'm on radio.
2005-06-05 13:41:09
31.   Adam M
Wow, the record for HRs allowed and HBPs? Coincidence?

This defense makes some sense, if you're trying to evaluate defensive flexibility. If Saenz can play a decent 3B, our "glove triangle" problem is fixed - damn that would be a nice lineup: Saenz, Izzy, Kent and Choi? Fuhgeddaboutit.

However, I have to question the wisdom of this kind of experimentation in a game where few runs are likely to be scored with Penny starting and Obermueller's ERA is/was 3.1X. If Saenz/Kent makes a crucial error that leads to a run, Tracy will be blamed deservedly.

And wasn't one of the advantages cited when signing Kent his ability to potentially play third?

2005-06-05 13:41:21
32.   Steve
Don't know, but Alex Cora would have!
2005-06-05 13:41:55
33.   Albert in Hong Kong
Don't think so, Cora would have done it though.
2005-06-05 13:42:43
34.   Icaros
#32 - That's a given. He'd even make the play on any home run given up.
2005-06-05 13:44:11
35.   Fearing Blue
Why not this lineup:

(S)crappy #1
(S)crappy #2
(S)crappy #3

2005-06-05 13:45:06
36.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 27

That site is funny, but cruel. Poor Greenie--I actually think he deserves better than that. On the other hand, the guy is incredibly rich, and sometimes the truth hurts.

What's with Tracy's seeming vendetta against Choi. Geez--Oscar Robles?????


2005-06-05 13:46:23
37.   Fearing Blue
#30: Perez can make the play at home on the groundball in the 1st (he's done it before) and Kent has made that play behind the bag many times.
2005-06-05 13:46:31
38.   Adam M
Think Perez is OK at 2B, he was groomed in the Mariners system for a long time as a SS and potential 2B as I recall, because otherwise he would have been stuck behind A-Rod (OT, he was acquired in the Griffey deal, and I'll never understand how the Reds would trade an infield prospect named Tony fricking Perez).

"On a semi-related note, is Saenz the slowest player in baseball?"

Ruben Sierra? He's almost ready for AARP Jr. My scout friend thinks the honor goes to Konerko. Piazza's also pretty awful - watched him go from first to third on a double yesterday, and it could only be described as chugging. Just painful. In the same game, Mike Cameron scored from 2nd on a single to LEFT - just a phenomenal piece of baserunning.

2005-06-05 13:47:20
39.   the OZ
Yeah, the defensive alignment is puzzling...

My boss has taught me that in business, when something doesn't make any sense it's because either people are making decisions based on emotions or there's a big piece of information that you aren't aware of.

To me, this alignment only makes sense if DePodesta is close to adding a 3B or SP and is sending Choi or A. Perez as part of the package. DePodesta has said he'd rather send kids than MLB talent, but anything can happen, I suppose.

Either that, or Tracy is just bored and wants to see Saenz play 3B "like a toddler grasping at Cheerios", to quote someone else on this board.

2005-06-05 13:47:35
40.   Icaros
Remember when people thought that Repko was good? I never fell for it.
2005-06-05 13:47:55
41.   Fearing Blue
Sweet. If Penny sacrifices, we'll have Robles up to bring home the bacon!
2005-06-05 13:48:41
42.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Rose walks. Tracy will probably have Penny sacrifice. Even if that works, then we have Oscar Robles to rely on to bring the runs home.



2005-06-05 13:49:13
43.   Bob Timmermann
Olmedo Saenz could outrace Bengie Molina any day of the week.

You could shoot Saenz in the knee and he will still be faster than B. Molina.

2005-06-05 13:49:26
44.   Albert in Hong Kong
#41 concurred.
2005-06-05 13:50:21
45.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Shocking, just shocking. Robles couldn't bring the runs home.


2005-06-05 13:50:35
46.   Fearing Blue
#38: Phillips is slow and funny to watch when he's running.
2005-06-05 13:50:40
47.   Icaros
Has Robles hit a ball out of the infield yet this season? I'm really asking this question because I can't recall it ever happening.
2005-06-05 13:52:40
48.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I say we bring Nori back up. He can't do any worse than Robles. Well, actually he could do worse. But I'd still rather give him another try. At least he's had success in Japan, which is better than Robles' track record in Mexico. And hasn't he been playing 2B and all sorts of other positions at Vegas?


2005-06-05 13:53:25
49.   Bob Timmermann
Robles had a hit to the outfield on Friday. I saw it! Off of Turnbow! But few of us were still there to see it.

The good thing about Robles making the last out is that it clears the leadoff hitter out of the way so we can start the next inning without an automatic out.

If this game is supposed to showcase Robles, then I would pass on this showcase and take the next one.

2005-06-05 13:53:27
50.   Steve
Remember, at that time the comparison was Repko to Grabowski, which makes Repko look like Ty Cobb.
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2005-06-05 13:53:53
51.   Fearing Blue
#47: He did get a clean pinch-hit single last night, but not too many that I recall.
2005-06-05 13:56:06
52.   Bob Timmermann
Robles is 7 for 30 on the season. All singles.
2005-06-05 13:56:07
53.   Fearing Blue
Ok. So, here are two questions for everyone:

1) Can you come up with a rational reason for this lineup?

2) What will Tracy say to defend the lineup after the game?

2005-06-05 13:56:23
54.   rageon
I seriously doubt Choi gets traded. Unless it's to a team that really needs a 1B and appreciates his skill set, I just don't think that we could get much for him. I'm a big fan of him, but I'd be open to trading him, simply because finding firstbasemen isn't really that hard to do, and Saenz is certainly able to hold his own there if needed. But I just don't see Choi being the guy traded.

My guess, ignoring the effect caused by the injury, is that Werth would be a candidate to go, as would Perez. Perez would be another guy with more value that would be perceived by other teams.

2005-06-05 13:57:12
55.   Fearing Blue
#52: Nice line for Robles: .233/.258/.233. He still doesn't look as bad at the plate as Nori did.
2005-06-05 13:59:24
56.   Icaros
Penny will be lucky to go 6 innings today with this pitch count.
2005-06-05 14:00:30
57.   Steve
Memo to Brad Penny:

That pitch to Carlos Lee = looper into right center for a base hit.

Though that might not be the worst result.

What's wrong with the lineup? Robles is scrappy!

2005-06-05 14:00:38
58.   rageon
Nakamua vs. Robles....I choose Nakamura in a heartbeat. I'm not totally discounting what he was saying about not feeling comfortable yet and needing to see regular pitching for a while to get back into it. The guy did just come over from Japan, so perhaps he really did just need to get a chance to play for a while to feel comfortable here. And his defense is pretty good, from what I've seen. He's awfully quick in the field.

Has Robles shown ANYTHING since coming to LA? At all?

2005-06-05 14:01:27
59.   Albert in Hong Kong
That throw probably earned him another start unfortunately.
2005-06-05 14:02:43
60.   Bob Timmermann
According to John's other post on the VORP of Robles and Nakamura, it looks like Nori was actually worse.

I find Robles to be bad, but Nakamura created a vortex of bad play around him.

2005-06-05 14:03:07
61.   untitled instrumental demo of our catchers threw out a runner
2005-06-05 14:03:12
62.   Icaros
Has Robles shown ANYTHING since coming to LA? At all?

His name starts with an R. That's all I can come up with.

2005-06-05 14:03:34
63.   Fearing Blue
#58: I'd probably take Nakamura as well, I'm just saying that there is a little bit of a "grass is greener" mentality going on. Nakamura's line in more ABs than Robles was .128/.171/.179.
2005-06-05 14:03:53
64.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 58

Roble is, however, a more versatile IF. Nori looked uncomfortable even at 1B, even though he's an excellent 3B. That may be different now after some time at LV, but I doubt that Nori could play as competent a SS. With A. Perez not known for his glove, and Valentin out for the year, Robles does give us a good defensive sub for Izzy.

Nevertheless, I'd still take Nakamura. Isn't US AAA ball still better than the Mexican League. And Robles' home park in Mexico sounds as inflated a hitter's park as Vegas.


2005-06-05 14:04:44
65.   Icaros
Actually, his initals are OR, which is where my mother has worked for decades (Operating Room).

That's something.

2005-06-05 14:04:53
66.   Fearing Blue
#62: Robles is left-handed, which means
Tracy may start platooning him with Kent any day now.
2005-06-05 14:05:38
67.   untitled instrumental demo
I'm beginning to think Perez should bat leadoff...

He'll take a pitch, take a HBP, and he seems to have more idea on the basepaths than Cesar. Bat Cesar 2nd so we can hit and run more.

2005-06-05 14:05:46
68.   Langhorne
Maybe Tracy is a sadist and wants to demoralize the Brewers. If they lose to this lineup that should do it. On second thought after what he's put us through so far this year we know Tracy is a sadist. It's those quiet mid-western types you've got to look out for.
2005-06-05 14:06:16
69.   Steve
Welcome back JD and Jeff. We missed you.
2005-06-05 14:06:38
70.   Icaros
Okay, #67 has my favorite screen name ever.
2005-06-05 14:07:34
71.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Looks like Drew's really heating up.

I'm still grumbling about my Fantasy League vetoing a deal of Edmonds for Drew as "unfair" (to me, who was getting Drew). Thanks guys!

OTOH, I've been so distracted as of late that I actually approved a trade of Carlos Guillen for Michael Young, thinking that it was Jose. I needed an OF--long story. That was thankfully vetoed by the league also, resulting in much egg on my face.


2005-06-05 14:07:54
72.   Albert in Hong Kong
They were here yesterday.
2005-06-05 14:08:04
73.   Bob Timmermann
Rose, Edwards, Werth, and Robles are the only position players on the active roster now who haven't been hit by a pitch.

Repko has been hit four times!

2005-06-05 14:09:33
74.   Albert in Hong Kong
I got Drew, Kent, Penny all on trades in my league. Traded away Brazoban for Colon, clearly a steal.

Thank goodness for those new seats.

2005-06-05 14:09:39
75.   Icaros
Werth got hit in his first spring training game. That's enough for him.
2005-06-05 14:10:35
76.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 73

Repko sounds like the OF version of Cora. Scrappy guy with a good glove who can't really hit but gets hit quite a bit.


2005-06-05 14:10:37
77.   Bob Timmermann
No Olney for Olmedo there.
2005-06-05 14:10:43
78.   Fearing Blue
Uh oh.. Werth is our last chance before the (s)crapfest. He better not take a walk.
2005-06-05 14:10:46
79.   Icaros
Now that Saenz starts playing every day, he returns to Earth. At least we have his defense at third.
2005-06-05 14:10:48
80.   Vic
Speaking of fantasy, I've spent the last 45 minutes debating whether to give up on Zack Greinke. He'll be a great pitcher someday, but he's having an increasingly Weaver-esque season.

C'mon, Werth!

2005-06-05 14:11:22
81.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Werth has looked better as of late. Hope it lasts...


2005-06-05 14:11:34
82.   Steve
I'm starting to think that I could hit .385 in Las Vegas.

Nice scrappy play out there by the rightfielder.

2005-06-05 14:11:37
83.   Icaros
Welcome back to my heart, Jayson.
2005-06-05 14:11:44
84.   untitled instrumental demo
Wow...see what happens when you swing the bats, Dodgers?
2005-06-05 14:11:55
85.   Fearing Blue
Woohoo! Two through six are getting it done. Tracy's lineup is working in spite of itself.
2005-06-05 14:12:02
86.   Dodgerkid
Let's see if Werth can get the cycle.
2005-06-05 14:12:09
87.   Albert in Hong Kong
Werth is worth more after today.
2005-06-05 14:12:19
88.   Icaros
The same cannot be said for Jason (R, that is).
2005-06-05 14:12:56
89.   Steve
I was almost sure we were going to squeeze there.
2005-06-05 14:13:13
90.   Bob Timmermann
No Olney for Repko either.
2005-06-05 14:13:29
91.   Steve
2005-06-05 14:13:34
92.   Albert in Hong Kong
WOW that was bizarre.
2005-06-05 14:14:01
93.   Albert in Hong Kong
"It almost went to Santa Monica."
2005-06-05 14:14:04
94.   untitled instrumental demo
Cue Bob Uecker...
2005-06-05 14:14:08
95.   Vic
I can safely say I've never seen a wild pitch on an IBB.

Thanks, Brewers -- clearly you want to avoid pitching to the fearsome Mike Rose whenever possible.

2005-06-05 14:14:26
96.   Icaros
I'm actually starting to feel the same contempt for Repko that Steve holds for Grabowski. I knew this guy was nothing but a fast runner and good outfielder.

He's Endy Chavez.

2005-06-05 14:14:48
97.   Steve
I was just about to say you get what you deserve for walking Mike Rose.
2005-06-05 14:15:46
98.   Steve
Gee, you think he's done, Ned? I don't know, you might want to let him pitch to the pitcher.
2005-06-05 14:16:00
99.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
It seems like we're now also starting to catch some breaks. If SD continues to fall back to earth, greener pastures may soon be ahead.

I just hope Milton isn't out too long. Seeing more Repko ABs is a frightening idea.


2005-06-05 14:16:12
100.   Bob Timmermann
When Mark Wohlers was going through his wild spell with the Braves, I saw him throw a couple of wild pitches on intentional walks.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-05 14:16:15
101.   Vic
Pulling the starter with the pitcher coming up to bat...another, uh, interesting move.
2005-06-05 14:16:24
102.   Langhorne
Well, I'm really happy to see Werth coming around. That could really help this team. Luck is nice, too. If Overbay catches Drew's liner it's a DP, two out, none on. And then Jenkins playing Werth's blooper into a two run double. Ooh, throwing the ball away on an IBB is good. This game might be fun after all.
2005-06-05 14:17:09
103.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
It was a wild pitch on an IBB????!!!! Wow... I'm following the game on Gameday, so I had no idea.


2005-06-05 14:17:17
104.   Jim Hitchcock
Incipient laugher...
2005-06-05 14:18:18
105.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Wasn't Rose a walk machine in the minors? Might not be a huge surprise he could work a walk.


2005-06-05 14:18:27
106.   Jose Habib
Grabowski principle for the Brewers?
2005-06-05 14:18:36
107.   the OZ
Said Vin after the pitching change - "Juuust a bit outside..."

Evidently, the broadcast crew were all quoting Uecker after the WP.

2005-06-05 14:19:13
108.   Steve
Ned Yost is up on his Grabowski Principle, I suppose.
2005-06-05 14:19:36
109.   Bob Timmermann
Nifty game score of 27 for Obermueller today.
2005-06-05 14:22:21
110.   rageon
Say what you want about the emotions of players affecting their effectiveness, but pulling Obermueller for a reliever to face Penny has got to just kill his confidence.
2005-06-05 14:22:45
111.   untitled instrumental demo
Was it Cecil Cooper?
2005-06-05 14:26:02
112.   Steve
Courtesy of

he's the man who homers late
when his team is up by eight
he'll lead the team in Double Plays
those pesky slumps will last for days.
he'll let flies die wont bother dive
cant hit the heater high-inside
a 3-2 pitch you know he'll take
thanks for Navarro.
his Dodger tenure will surely last.
while green's best days are in the past.

2005-06-05 14:27:53
113.   Langhorne
I'm remembering now that last year Werth had a reputation for being a bit eccentric. Skipping around in the dugout was something he was known to do. Watching him run home on the wild pitch with his arms stiff at his sides was hilarious.
2005-06-05 14:29:58
114.   Borchard504
Tell me y'all are not doing the wave there at the stadium!

Vin is great, "I guess you have to have a special temperment, to cut a whole in the ice to try and catch a fish. All ya gotta do is go to the store!".

2005-06-05 14:32:52
115.   Jim Hitchcock
Talking about untitled instrumental demos, that ump has the best strike vocalizing in the business.
2005-06-05 14:35:06
116.   Bob Timmermann
That's the inimitable James Joyce behind home plate.

If a player named Ulysses came up to bat with that umpire behind the plate, Vin would be beside himself with glee.

2005-06-05 14:36:03
117.   rageon
For those that use's gamecast. Does it drive anyone else crazy that the lineup window on the right side always goes back to the away team's lineup after every batter? It's just stupid. Bad programming drives me insane.
2005-06-05 14:36:12
118.   Vic
Wow, Jenkins is putting on a clinic out there.
2005-06-05 14:36:14
119.   Adam M
OT, has anyone ever posted to DT from inside the Stadium? I've heard laptops are not unheard of at SBC Park, but have never seen one at the Ravine. If called upon, I will proudly accept the honor of being the first DT regular to post from Shea Stadium next month. Anyone know of a laptop with good beerproofing?
2005-06-05 14:37:26
120.   Borchard504
! Jenkins was yelling at Hall - that a little misplaced anger if I ever saw it.
2005-06-05 14:38:13
121.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Drew's season OPS is now 896, five points off his career number.


2005-06-05 14:38:46
122.   untitled instrumental demo
Drew would've made it even if Jenkins hadn't slipped...
2005-06-05 14:38:54
123.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, it wouldn't be an's not even parrotproofed.
2005-06-05 14:39:28
124.   Borchard504
Rageon -
Use MLB in a stand alone Real Player. That's the best way I've come up with. Forget about the the browser window webcast.
2005-06-05 14:39:51
125.   Bob Timmermann
There's Wi-Fi access at SBC, but not at Dodger Stadium as far as I know.
2005-06-05 14:40:53
126.   rageon
In re: 119, I'm not sure about "beerproofing", but the Panasonic ToughBook series is about as durable as it gets. My best friend, who takes worse care of her electronics than anyone alive, got one, and despite 2+ years of ridiculous abuse, it works as good as the day it was bought. And she's proven that it IS pretty waterproof. On more than one occassion, I believe. Not cheap though.
2005-06-05 14:41:14
127.   Adam M
re: 116 and James Joyce

Are there any regular players named Finnegan? Because if this umpire ever gave him a base on balls...

2005-06-05 14:42:33
128.   Jim Hitchcock
The sparrow has obviously never seen Randy Johnson pitch.
2005-06-05 14:47:58
129.   Steve
Couldn't resist the urge to Weaver-esquely groove the 2-0 pitch.
2005-06-05 14:48:35
130.   the OZ
Izturis normally gets that...

Oh, wait. That's Oscar Robles.

2005-06-05 14:49:33
131.   Borchard504
Lots of empty seats.
2005-06-05 14:50:02
132.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Good thing the offense is doing better today. Penny seems a bit off. He was giving up too many hits and having too many problems finishing off batters, and it finally caught up to him. My guess is that Trace will leave him in for the sixth, and hopefully he'll get through that unscathed.


2005-06-05 14:51:48
133.   Albert in Hong Kong
Welcome Werth back, we do.
2005-06-05 14:51:52
134.   Borchard504
He has good velocity, from what i've seen, but there must now be too much movement, seeing how the Brewers are putting the bat on the ball.
2005-06-05 14:54:10
135.   Steve
That's some rightfielder out there.
2005-06-05 14:54:20
136.   Bob Timmermann
For the sole purpose of jinxing, a certain event has only happened at Dodger Stadium once its history:
2005-06-05 14:54:59
137.   Jim Hitchcock
No DP's here. We want Werth to get two more shots at it.
2005-06-05 14:55:03
138.   dzzrtRatt
It's only the 5th. Man this game is dragging. Maybe the empty seats are just people sleeping in the peanut shells.

I don't know if the Dodgers can keep the lead for four more innings, unless they score here.

2005-06-05 14:55:58
139.   overkill94
I think Drew and Rose need to have an eagle eye contest, damn do those guys know how to take a walk.
2005-06-05 14:56:46
140.   Vic
My God, he's really batting Brad Penny with the bases loaded and no out, having thrown 90 pitches.
2005-06-05 14:57:00
141.   Langhorne
Penny up. Squeeze play? Or did Tracy just tell him to strike out?
2005-06-05 14:57:13
142.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Tracy wouldn't do it, but I'd think about pulling Penny here for a pinch-hitter.


2005-06-05 14:57:24
143.   Steve
Mike Rose can't be stopped. You can only hope to contain him.
2005-06-05 14:57:38
144.   rageon
Begin the pinch hit or not to pinch hit?
2005-06-05 14:59:01
145.   Albert in Hong Kong
Bring Choi in, shuffle the defense back.
2005-06-05 14:59:07
146.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Penny's off his game. Erickson has shown himself capable of giving a few innings, and there's no guarantee Penny will get through the sixth unscathed. We need more runs; I'd pinch-hit.


2005-06-05 14:59:29
147.   Bob Timmermann
Definitely need a fresh arm to keep Robles at bay.
2005-06-05 14:59:38
148.   Langhorne
Does Penny not hitting into a double play qualify as a productive out?
2005-06-05 14:59:49
149.   Fearing Blue
Yeah, and a LOOGY nonetheless. That's just mean.
2005-06-05 15:00:27
150.   Steve
Since we're actually in a position to rank "pitcher hitting with the bases loaded moments," that's the most benign of them. We're actually winning by three runs for once, and Penny's actually our best starter. Personally, I bat for him.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-06-05 15:01:46
151.   dzzrtRatt
re 136

When I was a kid back East, the 1964 Yankee team was a team I loved to hate. (I was a Mets fan.) I think Hal Reniff's baseball card was in every Topps pack I got.

This was the year Phil Linz was playing harmonica on the team bus during a losing streak, and Manager Yogi Berra slapped it out of his mouth--assuring his later firing, even though he took them to their last World Series for 14 years.

2005-06-05 15:02:21
152.   Vic
Ned Yost, foiled again.
2005-06-05 15:02:22
153.   Steve
Edwards stays. Repko goes.
2005-06-05 15:03:29
154.   rageon
I think I'd have pinch hit Choi for him. With the bases loaded, a walk by Choi would bring in a run. On the other hand, the pitcher would probably know that Choi is patient, and would probably throw something down the middle.

But I've probably got too much confidence in our bullpen than I should.

2005-06-05 15:04:06
155.   Nagman
Did Vin really just ask us if we've ever heard of the game cribbage?
2005-06-05 15:04:13
156.   Bob Timmermann
So, next inning perhaps it's
Saenz 1b
Kent 2b
A Perez SS
Edwards 3b
2005-06-05 15:04:22
157.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Well, I'm happy that Edwards' hit makes Tracy's move right, and my option the wrong call.


2005-06-05 15:04:56
158.   rageon
Perez at SS, Kent at 2B, Edwards at 3B, Saenz at 1B??? Anyone else wanna venture a guess at how he situates everyone now?
2005-06-05 15:05:32
159.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Anyone have an opinion on whether or not Edwards is for real? I don't recall him having impressive minor league stats.


2005-06-05 15:06:13
160.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 158

Can Edwards play SS?


2005-06-05 15:06:42
161.   Bob Timmermann
An Olney for JD!
2005-06-05 15:07:14
162.   Adam M
OT, does anybody think the Dodger org. is a tad guilty of the same overhyping of prospects the Yankees are famous for? I'm thinking of Thurston, Edwin Jackson, CF Chen...are these not the Homer Bushes, Nick Johnsons, Erick Almontes and dare I say it Ricky Ledees of our own ilk? These guys all got great "can't-miss" clippings in the minors, then struggled mightily when called to perform at a ML level. Maybe it's not so mystifying after all...
2005-06-05 15:07:49
163.   Steve
Repko at SS!
2005-06-05 15:09:27
164.   Adam M
Brilliant idea by BT. Olney must become vernacular, in both noun and verb forms. As in, "I can't believe Rey Ordonez couldn't even Olney once in the 1999 NLCS."
2005-06-05 15:10:09
165.   Fearing Blue
#158/160: Edwards has played 1 game at SS in the majors this year, so the ridiculousness could very well continue.
2005-06-05 15:11:13
166.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Remember that one game where Trace played Grabowski at 1B? Yeah, I guess we might just see Edwards at SS.


2005-06-05 15:11:35
167.   Fearing Blue
#159: He's a positive VORP replacement player who can play 3B, OF, and SS (if the ball isn't hit to him). In that sense, yes he is for real :).
2005-06-05 15:12:06
168.   Bob Timmermann
And it's 2-0 Cubs in the 6th. Only one hit allowed by Zambrano so far.
2005-06-05 15:12:21
169.   Steve
166 -- Or Nakamura playing 2B
2005-06-05 15:12:34
170.   Vic
There's something just plain unnvering about "fitness celebrity" John Basedow, whose commercials air incessantly on FSN. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the guy just plain weirds me out.
2005-06-05 15:12:45
171.   Bob Timmermann
Make that 2 hits allowed.
2005-06-05 15:13:30
172.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 167

If Edwards can play the OF, then maybe we'll get to see Repko at SS!


2005-06-05 15:13:43
173.   Vic
Unnerving, even.
2005-06-05 15:14:31
174.   Bob Timmermann
Woo hoo! I guessed right!
I knew I did well when I went and saw "Being Jim Tracy"
2005-06-05 15:14:44
175.   Steve
170 -- Have you ever seen him and Jim Tracy in the same room? Hmmm...
2005-06-05 15:14:44
176.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Wow, Trace actually went with the obvious and logical defensive alignment for once.


2005-06-05 15:15:02
177.   Fearing Blue
#162: I'd take Nick Johnson.

I think "Top Prospects" tend to get overhyped in weak systems, thus the case with the Dodgers in the 90's and the Yankees in the 00's. With our system as strong as it currently is and being evaluated by third parties (Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus), I'm not concerned about it now.

2005-06-05 15:15:37
178.   untitled instrumental demo
"There's something just plain unnvering about "fitness celebrity" John Basedow, whose commercials air incessantly on FSN. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the guy just plain weirds me out."

-- Penn & Teller rip him a new one on their Showtime show, "Bullshit"...he's definitely odd.

2005-06-05 15:15:55
179.   Steve
Willie Randolph let Kaz stick around just long enough to implode today
2005-06-05 15:16:38
180.   Fearing Blue
#169: Haha.. I think I remember that. That was a blowout game, with the infield of terror as I recall. Saenz at 3B, Edwards at SS, Nakamura at 2B, and Choi at 1B.
2005-06-05 15:16:54
181.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
What's the deal with Miller's single? Gameday has it at the wall.


2005-06-05 15:18:15
182.   Fearing Blue
Time to bring in Erickson to shut them down.
2005-06-05 15:19:18
183.   Steve
Yeah, glad he let Penny bat for himself.
2005-06-05 15:19:57
184.   Fearing Blue
#181: The ball went over Repko's head and hit the base of the wall. Repko played it cleanly and Miller seemed like he pulled his groin running to first, so just a long single.
2005-06-05 15:20:08
185.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 182

With a six-run lead, I'd let Penny pitch to one more batter. If he can't get him out, then go to Erickson. Otherwise, I'd like to see him try to finish the 6th.


2005-06-05 15:21:56
186.   champion of choi
170-lol. I agree. I thinks he has an abnormally large head. At the very least, it's too big for his body
2005-06-05 15:21:56
187.   Steve
Tracy let Penny stick around just long enough to implode today
2005-06-05 15:21:57
188.   Vic
Penny's gassed, but there's good news (and surprisingly it doesn't involve saving a bunch of money on car insurance): Gio's coming in!
2005-06-05 15:22:13
189.   Fearing Blue
The NL East is wacky. Washington just moved into 1st by sweeping Florida. As a result of the sweep, Florida was bounced all the way into last, but only 1.5 games back.
2005-06-05 15:23:17
190.   Steve
9-7? Just doesn't have the same ring as 9-3. I think we can safely say that Tracy boffed another one.
2005-06-05 15:23:21
191.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Oh well...

We should've bat for Penny and let Erickson start the sixth. shrug


2005-06-05 15:23:42
192.   champion of choi
Repko has a "scrap factor" of 9.75 out of ten
2005-06-05 15:24:54
193.   Fearing Blue
Fortunately, if Gio gives up a three-run homerun it will still leave us with a two-run lead. My theory is that Gio only pitches well with the bases empty, so he tries to clear them to start his outing. Hey, it's only 1 earned run for him, right?
2005-06-05 15:25:14
194.   KAYVMON
Tracy's explanation: "The reason [Kent] and not Hee-Seop [Choi went] today is because right-handed hitters seem to be having a tremendously better time against Wes Obermueller this season," Tracy explained. "140 points difference in fact, .300 versus .160. Right-hander hitters are killing him, so we're gonna use an extra one today."
2005-06-05 15:26:05
195.   Steve
DFA Carrara.
2005-06-05 15:26:37
196.   Vic
Never a dull moment with Gio out there.
2005-06-05 15:26:48
197.   Bob Timmermann
Give that man an Olney!
2005-06-05 15:27:18
198.   Fearing Blue
#194: Nicely done. Still doesn't explain the kooky defense, though.
2005-06-05 15:27:58
199.   Steve
A truly dominating peformance. He walks off going, "No, he didn't get all of it. No way. Not gonna get all of it with me on the mound."
2005-06-05 15:28:21
200.   Fearing Blue
#195: I think you meant to say, "I TOLD YOU TO DFA CARRARA, YOU MORONS!" as that is the title of your blog :).
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-06-05 15:29:06
201.   Bob Timmermann
Hope is on the way!

"Playing for Triple-A Las Vegas as he rehabs a right shoulder impingement, Jason Grabowski went 5-for-5 Saturday night. The outfielder was batting 16-for-34 (.471) in 10 games for the 51s through Saturday, with seven doubles, seven RBIs, eight walks and nine runs scored."

2005-06-05 15:29:27
202.   the OZ
194 -

So that's why LH-hitting Robles was batting leadoff and playing SS instead of Perez at SS and Mike Edwards at third with Saenz at 1B?

Even by JT's own weird logic, he's wrong.

2005-06-05 15:30:35
203.   Adam M
Giovanni Carrara must never be allowed to don a chef's hat.
2005-06-05 15:32:12
204.   Bob Timmermann
A single! Bah! We wanted a homer Jayson!

Bah! Fie!

2005-06-05 15:32:19
205.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 201

Actually, I would serious consider Grabowski over Repko or even Ledee as an everday or platooned OF. Grabowski has shown an ability to hit well, but only when he gets regular playing time. If Milton is out for an extended period, he could get that. The one drawback is that Repko is a far superior defender. It's unclear to me if Grabowski's bat would make up for the defensive disparity, but I think it's possible he'd be better than Repko, assuming he gets regular playing time.


2005-06-05 15:32:42
206.   Vic
Grabowski's AAA peformance means we're ever-closer to achieving the all-Ja(y)son outfield...
2005-06-05 15:33:52
207.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 194 and 202

Trace can't give the real reason--he thinks Choi stinks. He's not going to call out his GM in public with a statement like that. Choi has been slumping, and he wanted an alternative, so he played Robles, in the same way he played Grabowski over Choi at 1B for one game.


2005-06-05 15:34:05
208.   Fearing Blue
That was the scrappiest double-play I've ever seen.
2005-06-05 15:35:06
209.   Bob Timmermann
Tracy said Robles was a good situational hitter.


I think he wanted to give Robles another shot before they give up on him

2005-06-05 15:35:42
210.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 207

No evidence of course for this. Just my own speculation.

BTW, I do actually like Trace in general as a manager. My main beefs with him this year are over Choi and the whole leaving-starters-in-too long syndrome much discussed around here. That being said, I actually think his plus outweigh the negatives.


2005-06-05 15:35:53
211.   Bob Timmermann
From over at

"And the last time a Washington ballclub was in first place this late in the season was 1933."

2005-06-05 15:35:55
212.   Fearing Blue
#207: Indeed. It's unfortunate, but there is really no other explanation for it at this point. When Choi succeeds, Tracy begrudgingly plays him. When Choi slumps, he does everything he can to avoid him. Not exactly a recipe for success.
2005-06-05 15:37:44
213.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers will need to get one batter on base and avoid a 1-2-3 inning in the next two to get Werth another AB and a chance at the Cyclotron.
2005-06-05 15:37:48
214.   Linkmeister
And the Senators won the pennant that year (without Joe Hardy).
2005-06-05 15:39:28
215.   Vic
Save opportunity, here we come. Any chance Gio is on the take from Scott Boras?
2005-06-05 15:39:37
216.   Jim Hitchcock
Ay yi yi. Bob, eating some sushi here. Are there different temperatures of Wasabi sauce?

Run, Gio, run.

Far, far away.

2005-06-05 15:39:46
217.   the OZ
Cararra's OPS against is about .900.

BAA is .323

2005-06-05 15:40:29
218.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I'm starting to get a bit nervous.... It's only the seventh, and it's not like our bullpen's been bulletproof as of late.

Is Wunsch warming up for Overbay?


2005-06-05 15:44:13
219.   Bob Timmermann
AFAIK, wasabi is wasabi. I suppose it could differ depending upon how fresh it is.

But I have good news for the Tigers series.

There is no one named Lee on Detroit.

2005-06-05 15:45:31
220.   untitled instrumental demo
Why am I not surprised that a hacker like Overbay knocked offline?
2005-06-05 15:47:10
221.   Vic
A homer and three warning-track shots -- definitely a good idea to leave him in to pitch to the guy who homered off of him the other night.
2005-06-05 15:49:50
222.   Fearing Blue
It's amazing that Carrara has only given up two homeruns this year. He seems to really know where the walls are.
2005-06-05 15:50:13
223.   Jim Hitchcock
Never in doubt.
2005-06-05 15:50:45
224.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
And Carrara actually recovers on a high note. It wasn't pretty, but it could've been much worse.


2005-06-05 15:53:51
225.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
As nerve-wracking as Gio can be, I'd actually take him over Duaner, who I trust much less in high leverage situations. All in all, they're both decent middle relievers, so I don't think we shouldn't expect the world from them. And they're both better than our immediate alternatives, which are using Erickson more or calling up Schmoll again. I'll be more relaxed if Alvarez can recover his stride in the pen.


2005-06-05 15:54:26
226.   Clive Clements
Re: #219

Bob, you beat me to it. Those Lees have been killing us this week!

2005-06-05 15:55:18
227.   Marty
I just got home in time for Gio to give me a near heart attack. I never want to see him again.
2005-06-05 15:59:38
228.   Adam M
Anyone noticing that Bop Choi is, to put it delicately, not taking many pitches these days?
2005-06-05 15:59:46
229.   Bob Timmermann
3-0 Cubs in the 9th.
2005-06-05 16:01:39
230.   Jim Hitchcock
Was it Thursday Kent entered the game hitting .260?
2005-06-05 16:01:42
231.   Langhorne
C'mon Saenz, get a walk so the bases will be full for Werth.
2005-06-05 16:01:58
232.   Bob Timmermann
Hawkins came in to relieve for the Giants with a 6-1 lead in the 9th and gave up 3 straight hits and got taken out for Walker.
2005-06-05 16:02:08
233.   Marty
Now that it's a 4 run lead again, and we seem to be contractually obligated to keep the Brewer's in the game, I'm guessing Gio comes back out next inning.
2005-06-05 16:03:08
234.   Borchard504
Hawkins, what were the Giants thinking? Of course Walker's been a gas can of late also..
2005-06-05 16:04:40
235.   Bob Timmermann
Since Choi batted for Carrara, I think it's safe to say that there will be a new pitcher.
2005-06-05 16:05:09
236.   Bob Timmermann
Piazza grounded out to end the game and the Giants end their 8-game skid, 6-3.
2005-06-05 16:06:13
237.   Marty
Thanks Bob. I must have been having a stroke at that moment :)
2005-06-05 16:07:49
238.   Steve
225 -- If Sanchez had his fingers cut off, both ACLs ripped out, his legs chopped off and he was roasted Anakin-style by the shores of a river of hot molten magma --

I would still take Sanchez over Carrara.

2005-06-05 16:10:53
239.   Langhorne
See we had to go an extra inning with Gio so Duaner could go in the 8th and Yhency in the 9th. It's against the commandments of Tracyism to use Gagne in a non save situation. Any one want to buy a WWTD bumper sticker?
2005-06-05 16:10:58
240.   Vic
What exactly are you trying to say, Steve?
2005-06-05 16:11:17
241.   Jim Hitchcock
I never realized Utahians had such creativity when it comes to barbecuing.
2005-06-05 16:12:30
242.   Vic
Hey, Jenkins finally got one.
2005-06-05 16:17:13
243.   Jim Hitchcock
Uh oh. The bowl cut is making a comeback.
2005-06-05 16:18:37
244.   Jim Hitchcock
Good move by Tracy.
2005-06-05 16:23:27
245.   Linkmeister
If, as Vinnie and Tracy say, Gagne is basically still in spring training mode, why wouldn't you put him in here to get some more game-time pitching in?
2005-06-05 16:24:57
246.   Vic
Have to give credit to Joyce -- nine long innings, and the pipes are still going strong.
2005-06-05 16:27:22
247.   Langhorne
And why wouldn't you hit for Duaner with a runner in scoring position and two outs?
2005-06-05 16:27:56
248.   Bob Timmermann
The Lees this week at Dodger Stadium:
25 AB
15 H
2 2B
2 HR
2 BB
3 SO
10 RBI
2005-06-05 16:29:54
249.   Bob Timmermann
Only a half game behind the DBacks now. Perhaps the world is starting to right itself.
2005-06-05 16:30:44
250.   Steve
As perhaps the only known member of the Duaner Sanchez (non-slider division) Marching and Chowder Society (my friend Jerry hates him with a passion that should be reserved for Grabowski), I will take that.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-06-05 16:30:52
251.   Mark Linsey
246-The thinking probably was that Duaner was having a great outing, we had a solid lead, and if things got hairy in the 9th we could always go to Yhency or Gagne.
2005-06-05 16:31:08
252.   Fearing Blue
#225/238: Duaner is better this year than last. Gio is worse this year than last. Overall, Duaner is now much better than Gio.
2005-06-05 16:31:40
253.   Langhorne
Game Duaner.
2005-06-05 16:32:29
254.   Jim Hitchcock
247: In a close game, you certainly would. But Sanchez was dominant in the eighth, and nearly so in the ninth.
2005-06-05 16:34:47
255.   Linkmeister
I can see why leaving Sanchez in made sense, but OTOH if Gagne needs some more tuning, why not in a game that's well in hand?
2005-06-05 16:39:32
256.   Jim Hitchcock
Understand what your saying, Link. It's just a tradeoff between further tuning and using him when he's really needed.
2005-06-05 17:02:44
257.   Langhorne
In a game in which featured 16 runs and 28 hits before the 9th I don't think four runs is a huge lead. Duaner is slightly worse this year than last. I'm encouraged by his excellent outing today but he hasn't been very good recently, giving up a lead to the D-backs a week ago and three runs to the Cubs a few days ago. I think he's given up six runs in his last six innings before today. So, hopefully, after today, he's back on track but with Yhency and Gagne still in the pen, hitting for the pitcher with a runner in scoring position in the 8th seems like an automatic move to me, no matter who the reliever is.
2005-06-05 17:14:55
258.   Fearing Blue
I did a little research that others may be interested in. One of the motivations for trading prospects that has been discussed on this board is expected 40-man roster issues next year. I wanted to see how much of an issue that would really be.

First, I looked up the rules for the 40-man roster and the Rule 5 Draft: If when a player is originally signed, he would have been 18 or under the previous June 5th, he gets 4 years of minor league service time before he's exposed to the Rule 5 Draft. If on the other hand, we would have been 19 or over, he's exposed to the Rule 5 Draft after 3 years of minor league service time.

Then, I took a look at the service time for all of our top 30 prospects according to Baseball America, as well as other players who are performing well. I split them into 3 categories: A) already on the 40-man roster, B) will be exposed to the December Rule 5 draft if not added to the 40-man roster at the end of the season, and C) still have another year or more of minor league service time before being exposed to the Rule 5 Draft. For the players in category C, I've also noted how many years they have left before being exposed. If I missed anyone, please let me know.

Edwin Jackson
Russell Martin
Dioner Navarro
Joel Hanrahan
Delwyn Young
Steve Schmoll
Willy Aybar
Franquelis Osoria
Jason Repko
Derek Thompson
Ryan Ketchner
DJ Houlton
Cody Ross

Joel Guzman
James Loney
Jonathan Broxton
Chin-Lung Hu
Mike Megrew
Eric Stults
Eric Hull
Hong-chi Kuo
Beltran Perez
William Juarez

Chad Billingsley (1 year remaining)
Andy LaRoche (1 year remaining)
Greg Miller (1 year remaining. I'm assuming 2004 does not since he did not play at all.)
Blake DeWitt (2 years remaining)
Chuck Tiffany (1 year remaining)
Scott Elbert (1 year remaining)
Julio Pimentel (1 year remaining)
Xavier Paul (1 year remaining)
Cory Dunlap (1 year remaining)
Tony Abreu (1 year remaining)
Blake Johnson (1 year remaining)
Justin Orenduff (1 year remaining)
Javy Guerra (2 years remaining)
Matt Kemp (1 year remaining)
Jaun Rivera (2 years remaining)
Justin Ruggiano (1 year remaining)

So, it's 10 players who are going to be a problem. Joel Hanrahan, Cody Ross, Scott Erickson, Paul Bako and Giovanni Carrara seem like likely candidates to be dropped off the 40-man roster after this year (or sooner). Beltran Perez and William Juarez may end up being left unprotected because they're older and playing in Jacksonville (they were part of the Green trade IIRC). That still leaves 3 or 4 prospects that we'll have to worry about at the end of the year, but I'd be extremely surprised if the number is that large by the end of July.

2005-06-05 17:21:32
259.   Fearing Blue
#257: Here's the comparison of Duaner 2004 vs. 2005:

2004: 3.38 ERA; 4.95 K/9; 3.04 BB/9; 1.63 K/BB; 1.01 HR/9; 9.11 H/9
2005: 3.34 ERA; 7.52 K/9; 3.06 BB/9; 2.46 K/BB; .84 HR/9; 7.52 H/9

So, basically, they're the same pitcher except the 2005 version strikes more people out and allows fewer hits per nine. I was totally comfortable with him in that situation.

2005-06-05 17:23:50
260.   Fearing Blue
#258: Assuming everyone continues to play well, we're going to have even larger 40-man roster issues after next season, with 13 more players being exposed.
2005-06-05 17:37:11
261.   Steve
Weaver's going to be gone too.
2005-06-05 17:49:03
262.   Sam DC
Haven't read the last two days' comments, so sorry if this is old news. Was at the Nationals' game today. Guy came up to me and, noting my Charles Johnson #26 Dodger T-shirt, started talking Dodgers. He claimed that, after last night's game, the Dodgers have played more games in Brooklyn than in LA. Friday night he says was the midpoint. Anyhow, take with a grain of sale, given the random source. Also, from prior discussions here, I realize that folks disagree about how fairly to measure these things. But I pass the potential nugget along for your consideration nonetheless.
2005-06-05 18:02:12
263.   Jim Hitchcock
Thursday was actually the midpoint, Sam. Last night tipped it in L.A.'s favor (though, if I remember right it was games played at Ebbets Field vs. Dodger Stadium).
2005-06-05 18:12:00
264.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have played 6 AA seasons in Brooklyn (1884-1889) and then 68 seasons in the NL in Brooklyn.

Ebbets Field opened in 1913. So 45 seasons in Ebbets Field and now 44 seasons at Dodger Stadium.

And all the seasons except for three at Dodger Stadium were longer than the Ebbets Field Seasons (1981, 1994, 1995).

2005-06-05 18:24:42
265.   Fearing Blue
#261: Indeed. There are others who will be gone after this season (Weaver, Saenz, and possibly Dessens). But, I can't see the kids taking those roster slots (maybe Dessens slot?). For the roster slots I listed, it wouldn't surprise me if we kept Mike Rose as our backup catcher next year (therefore freeing up one slot), and used a couple kids (perhaps Schmoll and Osoria) to replace Gio and Erickson slots in the bullpen. Hanrahan and Ross would probably be allowed to move on to greener pastures.
2005-06-05 18:53:26
266.   Sam DC
Not so much OT as no-T -- at RFK, at all Sunday day games, kids under 12 can run the bases after the game. Watching my 4 year old and his buddy tumble and stumble around the bases, getting lapped by the little league kids as they went and then sliding into home just cause they could, was really really a blast. They should do this at every park (maybe they do now?).
2005-06-05 19:16:49
267.   Brian Y
Just a reminder....Grabowski will likely be dropped off the 40 man roster after this season if not soon. Also, trades WILL be made this season and some prospects will be moved in those deals.
2005-06-05 19:21:02
268.   CanuckDodger
I have a question: Is anybody all a tingle with the draft being just a couple days away now? It's probably just me. How do I know I am a baseball fanatic? I honestly look forward to the first day of the draft with the same anticipation that I looked forward to Christmas when I was a very YOUNG child. I can never wait to find out what Santa Claus has brought the Dodgers THIS year.
2005-06-05 19:31:08
269.   Bob Timmermann
Baseball needs a Mel Kiper, Jr.
2005-06-05 19:36:27
270.   molokai
Canuck - nice job handling the draft over at the Sickel site.

Just got back from the game and I'm pleased to announce that my personal 10 game losing streak was halted.

I also think that was a terrible lineup that Tracy put out there and letting Penny hit in the bottom of the 5th after 90 pitches and the fact he'd been rocked in the top of the 5th was just bad managing. Still enjoyed the game as we really smacked the ball.

Headed back tomorrow and Tuesday so maybe I can get a winning streak going. Starting to really like to watch Antonio Perez play baseball.

2005-06-05 20:03:38
271.   Fearing Blue
#270: Hey molokai, can you provide a link? I'm excited about the draft, but I haven't read much beyond the first round talent. Unfortunately, those players should all be gone by the time the Dodgers draft (first pick at #40 I believe).
2005-06-05 20:07:15
272.   Fearing Blue
#267: Good point. My guess is that Grabowski will get replaced with some other Left-Handed Pinch-Hitting "Slugger".
2005-06-05 20:10:14
273.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: Gio vs. Duaner

Well, after seeing Fearing Blue's numbers, I'm now willing to admit that my assessment of Gio may be unfairly colored by his excellent season last year. However, I will still say that Gio, whatever his flaws, is by no means DFA material.


2005-06-05 20:33:00
274.   Fearing Blue
#273: I think most of us agree that Gio is not DFA material (yet). But, he's probably the 5th best reliever in the bullpen and that being the case, Tracy seems to use him in way too many game-critical situations. That being said, I think the primary reason Steve wants Gio DFA'ed is to try to keep as many sharp objects as possible away from Jim Tracy.
2005-06-05 20:34:50
275.   molokai
2005-06-05 20:55:39
276.   Steve
I try to anticipate "yet"s.

But let's try this another way. You have Erickson and Carrara. Both of them have no business pitching to major league hitters. Well, Tracy's already figured that out about Erickson. We haven't seen him in forever. So DFA'ing Erickson does nothing. But DFA'ing Carrra ensures that he won't pitch in tie games. Win-win. Both problems taken care of.

2005-06-05 21:26:15
277.   LAT
#266 Sam, I know SBC (Giants) and the BOB (D'Backs) let kids run the bases after Sunday games. Every time my daughter does it I want to get out there and run/race with her. Its great. No matter the outcome of the game you leave feeling like you and your kid really enjoied something special. I have often wonder why the Dodgers don't do it.
2005-06-05 21:29:56
278.   Xeifrank
Missed today's game, busy doing yardwork, barbequeing(sp?) and taking care of the baby. A glance at the box score and I see that JT got pretty daring with the lineup today. Robles leading off??? hmmm. Rose starting the same day that Robles started??? hmmm. Seems like three easy outs when you throw in the pitchers spot. And they were three pretty easy outs today. Somehow, we still managed to score ten runs. Kent is en fuego, and Werth was en lucky! Penny didn't reach the over/under of 7 IPs, breaking the over streak at 2 games. Trade rumors are still swirling that Depo is shopping around for another starting pitcher. I'm all for trading, but only if we can throw Jim Tracy in as part of the trade. :)
vr, Xei
2005-06-06 04:25:41
279.   Sam DC
LAT -- that's exactly right, even though you're queued up with 2000 other families, for a regular person it just feels special to be down on the field and for the kids to get to run cross home plate in a major league ballpark.

In mlb heavyweight champ news (see Catfish Stew), Marlins can bring the title back to the NL this week. After getting swept by the Nationals over the weekend, no doubt they're looking for blood. (Although it is always tough for the Marlin to turn tables on the Mariner . . .)

2005-06-06 06:06:21
280.   Sam DC
And to wrap up my morning chat, don't know if Vin or anyone was talking about this over the weekend, but notes that Kent's little hot streak is, well, very hot:

"Kent now has seven hits in his last seven at-bats, a career high (he had six straight hits while with the Giants in 1999). Since Ron Cey set the team record with nine consecutive hits in 1977, no Dodgers player has had as many as eight straight hits."

2005-06-06 08:49:26
281.   Bob Timmermann
So, Sam do you often talk with yourself? :-)

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