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2005-06-07 16:25
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

"This is a game of adjustments," Jeff Kent told Tony Jackson of the Daily News after Monday's game. "You just continue to adjust, no matter how long you play. The other guys get you for a while, and you try to figure out why. When you do, you get them. You just try to be as consistent as you possibly can, but it's never going to happen. I just tried not to worry too much."

So simply, the phenomenon of the streak hitter is explained. The difference between a streak hitter and a bad hitter is simply the ability to adjust.

That's why some of us have found it frustrating when a player like Hee Seop Choi stays on such a short leash - at least before Olmedomania/Saenzsteria took over. It's hard to ask a manager to sit a hitter as hot as Olmedo Saenz. Fair enough. But separate from that issue, when Choi goes into a slump, many people decide that he's hopeless at the plate. Period. This is inexplicable to me, since he seems so clearly a streak hitter, who has had good streaks every year of his young career to go with his bad, who does make adjustments. The adjustments seem to come slowly because he rarely plays three games in a row, but they do come. Over a full season, he is more than a bargain - he is an asset.

Last night in the game chat, there was a discussion of how eager many of us are to defend Choi at every step. The fact is, the guy merits the defense. Not because he is so great. Not because we are blind to his flaws. Choi is not the greatest first baseman in the game, and for the immediate present, he might not be the greatest first baseman on his team. This point is easily conceded. But he remains a good player in the present and one still likely to get better. That's exciting. Anyone who still cringes when he comes to the plate is missing the boat.

Tonight will no doubt be another night on the bench for first baseman Choi, with lefthander Nate Robertson starting for Detroit. Outfielder J.D. Drew, however, will probably play, despite a .283 slugging percentage in 69 plate appearances against lefties this season - because there is established faith that Drew is a better hitter than that small-sample statistic shows. Very likely, Choi will someday earn that faith himself.

Fortunately for Dodger fans, that faith might not be needed tonight. Just about everyone on the team has been potent offensively in the past seven days, led by Drew (1.507 OPS), Kent (1.341) and Saenz (1.020). The only regulars or semi-regulars to have cold weeks are Cesar Izturis (.314), Ricky Ledee (.182) and Choi (.235).

So this hasn't been Choi's week and it won't be Choi's night. He will adjust.

Comments (360)
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2005-06-07 16:59:43
1.   Xeifrank
Go Dodgers!!!!!

Over/Under: 5 2/3 IPs

My first time leading off.
vr, Xei

2005-06-07 17:04:27
2.   JSN
2005-06-07 17:07:21
3.   Steve
OVER! We got Hochevar! We got a BYU guy! Erickson's not starting! It's all good!
2005-06-07 17:10:30
4.   Bob Timmermann
Keeping up with the theme of recent days, let's go back to the 1990s!

Random Dodger game callback

June 7, 1995

Sparked by a 2-run homer in the first inning by right fielder Raul Mondesi, the Dodgers got to the .500 mark with a 7-1 win at home over the Montreal Expos before a crowd of 36,994. Hideo Nomo won his second major league game, pitching 8 innings and giving up just six hits, one a home run by Montreal catcher Scott Fletcher.

The Dodgers were in third place on June 7, three games behind leader San Francisco with surprising Colorado 2 ½ games in front of the Dodgers also.

The big story in the LA Times was Mondesi. His homer was his 10th of the season and his teammates were raving about him in the paper.

"He's the most exciting player in the league, without a doubt," Eric Karros told the LA Times. "He can do it all. You name it and he can do it."

But GM Fred Claire was a bit more guarded in his remarks to the Times. "There's no question to his ability, but it's unfair to compare him to Roberto Clemente or anyone else. Come back in 10 of 12 years." (It's been 10 years, so judge for yourself.)

Mondesi would finish 1995 with 26 HRs and batting .285 with an OBP of .328. He did steal 27 bases in 31 attempts. However, his lack of discipline at the plate was troublesome as he drew just 26 walks.

As expected, the Dodgers big man on offense, despite missing part of May with an injury, was Mike Piazza who slugged 32 home runs in 112 games and batted .346. Karros also hit 32 homers.

But the hero of 1995 was Nomo, the first Japanese player to play in the majors in 30 years. An unknown quantity coming into the season despite great success in Japan, Nomo took baseball by storm. He led the NL in strikeouts out with 236 and went 13-6 with a 2.54 ERA. Nomo struck out 10 or more in 11 of his 28 starts. Nomo won National League Rookie of the Year honors.

But there were other pitching standouts for the Dodgers in 1995. Ramon Martinez went 17-7 and Ismael Valdes went 13-11 with a 3.05 ERA. Todd Worrell had 32 saves and a 2.02 ERA. The Dodgers needed some extra pitching help down the stretch and picked up Kevin Tapani and Mark Guthrie from Minnesota. Tapani would leave as a free agent at the end of the year, but Guthrie would hang around until 1997 and turned in a pretty good 1996 season.

The Dodgers and Rockies ended up in their only pennant race together and the Dodgers finally prevailed, clinching the division on the next to last day of the year when Nomo struck out 11 Padres in 8 innings to give the Dodgers a 7-2 win. The Rockies did make the playoffs as a wild card. Because of the late settlement of the players strike from the year before, the season was just 144 games. The Dodgers went 78-66, the worst record of any of the six division winners in the majors. Seattle was a half game better after winning a one-game playoff for the AL West over the California Angels, dashing any hope of a Freeway World Series.

In the Dodgers first postseason appearance since 1988, the Dodgers faced the NL Central champion Reds, managed by Davey Johnson. And it turned out to be no contest. The Reds swept the Dodgers in three games, with the Dodgers getting close only in Game 2, a 5-4 loss. In Nomo's lone playoff appearance, in Game 3, the Reds hit him for five runs in five innings. Guthrie gave up a pinch grand slam to Cincinnati's Mark Lewis, the first ever pinch-hit slam in postseason play.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, and Retrosheet

2005-06-07 17:12:32
5.   Marty
I'll take the over. I'm optimistic right now.
2005-06-07 17:17:53
6.   Eric Enders
My little brother played three games against Delta State U. last year, but says he doesn't recall facing the Dodgers' 6th round pick today, Brent Leach. Dude's a 6'5" lefty, so I imagine he'd remember facing him...

I'll take the over on Thompson.

2005-06-07 17:21:31
7.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-06-07 17:23:51
8.   bigcpa
On last night's postgame Kent had this to say on interleague play (and I paraphrase):

"I don't like it... they announced 33,000 tonight- there wasn't more 23,000 in the ballpark. I think it detracts from the World Series, the All Star game etc. I just don't see the point. I'd rather play more games within the league or the division. I'll probably get burned for saying it but it's just what I think."

Gotta love this guy!

2005-06-07 17:28:04
9.   Steve
Hochevar must be German for "Group Hug"
2005-06-07 17:30:43
10.   Mark
Am I the only one who is going to take the under this evening?
2005-06-07 17:32:07
11.   Adam M
and the only player to point out the steroid policy wasn't strict enough. ("strict catch whom?", you might ask)

OT, did anyone notice Lo Duca's batting third tonight? He of the .720 OPS. How long has this been going on? And it's not a rest thing - Cabrera, Delgado and Encarnacion are all playing. I know you're supposed to see better pitches with a good hitter behind you, but does Lo Duca need three layers of it? Jack McKeon must love grit more than a backed-up parakeet.

2005-06-07 17:32:34
12.   Jon Weisman
What's the latest with your little brother, Eric?
2005-06-07 17:37:37
13.   alex 7
Come on Mark, we got Hochevar! Drink the cool-aid and take the over!!! Everybody's doing it...

Thompson deserves a win. What a story that kid is. I'm hoping 6 innings, 3 runs out of him is enough for a win today.

2005-06-07 17:39:55
14.   the OZ
While "Hochevar" is NOT German for "Group hug," (I checked), "Hoch" IS German for "Totally Awesome."

Not quite literally, of course, but look it up and you'll get the general idea.

So, Luke;s got that going for him. Which is nice.

2005-06-07 17:40:06
15.   Linkmeister
I don't know if they'll replay the clip, but Dan Patrick interviewed Kent on the 6:00pm SportsCenter (12:00pm out here), and Kent was effusive about Dodgers pitching (!). He also dodged HOF questions right and left. He was having a lot of fun doing the interview; he said "ask me about motorcycles, I'll have an opinion. Ask me about the HOF, I'll look back when I'm done."
2005-06-07 17:47:59
16.   Jacob L
Pedro's no-no will not be tonight. He went 6 1/3 hitless, and I would not jinx it in deference to Jon's rule.

BTW, to explain my absence around here for the last few weeks (I know how much I've been missed), there's a new Dodger fan -

Maxine "L"
6 lbs. 14 oz.
born May 18 at 2:33 a.m.

2005-06-07 17:52:30
17.   the OZ
Congrats, Jacob.
2005-06-07 17:52:37
18.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey! Congrats, Jacob. Cool name!
2005-06-07 17:52:54
19.   Linkmeister
Woo-hoo, Jacob! I fully expect that in 2023 she'll be a Dodgers draftee!
2005-06-07 17:53:02
20.   Jon Weisman
Hey, congrats Jacob :)
2005-06-07 17:53:31
21.   Fearing Blue
Congratulations and welcome Maxine. I'm eagerly awaiting her first post.
2005-06-07 17:55:00
22.   Jim Hitchcock
(but...who does she resemble?)
2005-06-07 18:08:09
23.   Bob Timmermann
A rarity in women's softball, a rally.

Michigan was down 2-0 and now leads 4-2 in the fifth.

Michigan has to win to stay alive. There was a triple in this game. It must be really hard to get a triple in softball. The fences aren't far away and no one really hits the ball all that hard.

2005-06-07 18:25:59
24.   Adam M
Chavez Ravine says welcome Maxine! Mazel Tov to mom and pop.
2005-06-07 18:27:01
25.   gvette
I'll take the over on Thompson, but barely.

After landing Ivan DeJesus with a 2nd round pick, will DePo, and Logan White trail blaze a new player development technique of exploiting the gene pool of former back up infielders? Is there a Dave Anderson Jr, or Rafael Landestoy Jr. out there waiting to be signed?

Please Lord, may Jose Offerman have no draft eligible offspring.

2005-06-07 18:28:46
26.   Adam M
Is it just me or is the women's CWS kind of heavy on the three true outcomes? Is this what will happen in a Billy Beane future, or just a general feature of softball? I call recall Bill Simmons caricaturing Beaneball as amassing a team that looks like a bunch of softball players.

OT, any one hear Lasorda's draft announcements: "The only team in Los Angeles selects...." heh heh. Tommy's blog (has anyone commented on that yet?) ends every post with "This is LA baseball." Kid--you got the gig!

2005-06-07 18:31:15
27.   Steve
Old, fat, lazy, good-for-nothing friend Daryle Ward slams a three-run homerun to tie the Oriole/Pirate game at 5.

And the Pirates take the 6-5 lead.

2005-06-07 18:32:43
28.   Adam M
Daryle Ward, Jr.


2005-06-07 18:33:39
29.   Steve
Rafael Bournigal Jr.
2005-06-07 18:35:13
30.   Fearing Blue
Lineups are in:

Good guys:

Izturis (SS)
Repko (CF)
Perez (3B)
Kent (2B)
Saenz (1B)
Werth (RF)
Phillips (C)
Edwards (LF)
Thompson (P)

Other guys:

Inge (3B)
Guillen (SS)
Young (1B)
White (LF)
Rodriguez (C)
Monroe (RF)
Martinez (2B)
Logan (CF)
Robertson (P)

It turns out neither Choi or Drew will start tonight.

2005-06-07 18:35:41
31.   Linkmeister
Derrell Thomas, Jr.?
2005-06-07 18:37:09
32.   regfairfield
So, Drew's on fire, and he gets to sit?

Makes sense to me.

2005-06-07 18:37:52
33.   Bob Timmermann
Bus Stop
Not the Angry One
Why Did My Dad Give Me a Russian First Name
I'm Not Hurt, Look!
I'm Not Pudgey Anymore
Less Famous than James
Not A Former Dodger Pitcher
In 2009, I Will Have to Run
Nate Robertson (can't think of a nickname)

The Man With Two First Names
Old Maid
It Has a Y!
Wow, I Get to Play Today!
Hard to Believe I'm the Third Best Starter!

2005-06-07 18:40:35
34.   Adam M
Trenidad Hubbard, Jr.

have the feeling this thread is about to get very, very silly.

2005-06-07 18:41:19
35.   Midwest Blue
C'mon guys, show me some insight. Why sit Drew? He's hot. He doesn't look tired. He had a rest not too long ago. Can Scrappy even play CF?
2005-06-07 18:41:40
36.   Spageticus
Ledee down; Grabs up,

I'll take the under.

2005-06-07 18:44:15
37.   Bob Timmermann
Ledee has a bad hamstring doesn't he?
2005-06-07 18:45:10
38.   the OZ
Is Jim Tracy making side bets with Glen Hoffman?

"I bet you $50 I can put at least two minor leaguers in the starting lineup for the entire week and the LA Times won't question my judgment."

2005-06-07 18:46:59
39.   the OZ
Mike Edwards has done fine work this year, but does anyone think that he stands to do better in 3 ABs against a LHP than Drew would?
2005-06-07 18:48:40
40.   Bob Timmermann
Actually there's only been one home run in the softball game tonight.

There usually aren't many walks. Batters reach more often on singles, errors or getting hit by pitch.

As for Drew, I have to think that he's a little banged up. He hasn't missed that many games so far. At least by JD Drew standards.

2005-06-07 18:52:45
41.   Bob Timmermann
The only Dodger tonight who has faced Nate Robertson is Jason Phillips. He's 0 for 3.

Ledee was 1 for 1 against him!

Curse our luck!

2005-06-07 18:53:34
42.   Midwest Blue
Newsday reports the Mets signed Graves.
2005-06-07 18:54:01
43.   regfairfield
I'm sad to say that he'll probably help the Mets.
2005-06-07 18:54:26
44.   Midwest Blue
BTW: Given the line-up, I'll have to take the under. Never liked Kool-Aid.
2005-06-07 18:55:22
45.   jasonungar05
I could not agree more Jon with your post about Choi.

maybe Drew isn't in cause he has a (.283 slugging percentage in 69 plate appearances against lefties this season)


I take the under.

2005-06-07 18:56:24
46.   Adam M
Thanks, Bob. All I know about women's softball I learned from sportcenter, which makes the WCWS look like "strikeout, strikeout, homer, homer, homer, strikeout..."
2005-06-07 19:05:42
47.   Jim Hitchcock
33 Line #9 : Jenny Agutter!
2005-06-07 19:06:02
48.   Bob Timmermann
They actually use a lot of one-run strategies in women's softball. Which makes some sense a lot of games end up 1-0.
2005-06-07 19:06:12
49.   Mark Linsey
Why are people taking the under now that lineups have come out? I'd wager most people here don't know enough about the Tigers to say whther this is a particularly good/bad lineup construction for them. Why would the fact that we have a bad lineup have a bearing on how long Thompson stays in? Granted it makes it less likely that our offense will run up a blowout and give Thompson a big margin to work with, but how often does that happen?

I guess we're all human and are react with optimism or pessimism depending on how the news has generally been...hence everyone picking the over when we got Hochevar.

Anyway, I'll take the over.

2005-06-07 19:08:43
50.   regfairfield
I'll go under. Thompson seems to have some control issues, thus throws a lot of pitches. I also doubt that he will be allowed to get a pitch count into the 90s.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-07 19:09:48
51.   Mark Linsey
I also suspect that JD might be sore, sick, or otherwise in need of a rest. Tracy has done strange things but nothing that would indicate he would needlessly sit Drew when he was hot.
2005-06-07 19:10:37
52.   Jim Hitchcock
The heck with it. If I want to think of him as Nuke, that's what I'm gonna do.
2005-06-07 19:10:45
53.   regfairfield
Other than, purely anectodetly, he seems to do this sort of thing all the time.

Vin just confirmed that Tracy decided to give him the day off.

2005-06-07 19:11:15
54.   Midwest Blue
For me there is not a direct correlation so much as a "feeling", as in "I have a feeling JT is approaching this game in a bad way and that feeling will carry over to Thompson". Scientific? No. But good enough for me to bet against JT tonight.
2005-06-07 19:12:14
55.   Linkmeister
Ledee on the DL? Grabowksi called up? One step closer to the all-Jayson/Jason outfield.
2005-06-07 19:12:44
56.   Midwest Blue
51 counteracted by 53 -- We are talking Jim Tracy.
2005-06-07 19:12:45
57.   Jim Hitchcock
Bet Steve is happy we don't have an all Ja(y)son outfield.
2005-06-07 19:12:51
58.   Steve
Grabowski's back!
2005-06-07 19:13:07
59.   Fearing Blue
I'll go under as well. He's gone 5 each of the last two, so I'm guessing 5 tonight.

Seems like tonight's game a LHP is as good a time as any to rest Drew, since he hasn't been hitting them too well this year.

2005-06-07 19:14:03
60.   overkill94
Stats to consider for the over/under:

Detroit - 28th in the majors in walks
22nd in majors in OPS

Doesn't mean it's not possible for Detroit to get to young Derek, but they don't exactly wear pitchers out like the dodgers do (first inning is a case in point).

Obviously I'm taking the over, put me down for 6 2/3

2005-06-07 19:14:43
61.   Jim Hitchcock
Sure took ya long enough, Steve...
2005-06-07 19:14:44
62.   Fearing Blue
#59: should read "tonight's game against a LHP..". Hey Jon, how's my feature request for grammar and spell checking for the board coming along?
2005-06-07 19:15:47
63.   Fearing Blue
That makes our 14th DL stint this year vs. 12 all of last year.
2005-06-07 19:15:53
Werth in right and Scrappy in center? Shouldn't it be the other way considering what Tracy has said about them in the past.
2005-06-07 19:17:10
To state the obvious, this would be as good of a game as any for Cesaer to break out of his slump.
2005-06-07 19:17:26
Or take pitches and walk. Either way works.
2005-06-07 19:18:01
67.   Mark Linsey
Yeah, we supposedly had "three centerfielders", and with only one in the game today you'd think he would be playing center. Although I don't really know much about Repko's defensive stats.
2005-06-07 19:21:47
68.   kngoworld
I never thought Werth could be a center fielder anyways.
2005-06-07 19:24:03
69.   overkill94
I'd have to think Repko's the better center fielder, he's got more speed and seemingly better instincts in general. Werth would make an adequate CF, but Repko's got him beat.
2005-06-07 19:25:11
70.   Fearing Blue
Repko is probably the better defensive outfielder of the two. He was ranked as the Best Defensive Outfielder in the Dodgers minor league system by Baseball America.
2005-06-07 19:25:19
71.   Mark Linsey
Kent continues to knock 'em in.
2005-06-07 19:30:52
72.   Midwest Blue
Is it me or does Robertson resemble the love-child of Jayson Werth and Jason Phillips?

I think Drew would have got hits off of Robertson.

2005-06-07 19:37:51
73.   regfairfield
It's like looking into a mirror.
2005-06-07 19:38:26
74.   Vic
Thanks for the out, Trammell!
2005-06-07 19:48:28
75.   scareduck
Edwin Jackson has now had two consecutive 8 ER games; three of his last four were this bad.
2005-06-07 19:49:45
76.   kngoworld
Should have traded Jackson when his value was highest.
2005-06-07 19:53:47
77.   kngoworld
"Derek Thompson in some trouble"
2005-06-07 19:55:48
78.   the OZ
The Royals are beating the Giants 5-1 in the third inning.

Get used to it, SF fans. Your team is going nowhere but backward for the next half-decade.

2005-06-07 19:56:13
79.   Mark Linsey
Well, that could have been a lot worse.
2005-06-07 19:57:26
80.   Jim Hitchcock
78 - Well, they still have the 49'ers.
2005-06-07 20:00:27
81.   Eric Enders
"What's the latest with your little brother, Eric?"

Alas, I think his baseball career may be over. He turned down an opportunity to play indy league ball this year to get on with his "real" career. He's working as a forest ranger intern in Massachusetts.

2005-06-07 20:02:03
82.   Midwest Blue
DT got real lucky to get out of that inning with only one run. But he's up to close to 50 pitches.
2005-06-07 20:03:21
83.   Jim Hitchcock
Is there any doubt that Vinnie is the most sincerely nice guy in the world?
2005-06-07 20:07:47
84.   the OZ
Sparky Anderson is on the booth with Vin right now. It's odd to hear a 'two-man' broadcast, but because it's Sparky, it's cool.

Sparky has been a longtime member at a private golf course near where I live. I had an opportunity to play a round there last year. We walked into the clubhouse to check in and Sparky was there, hanging out with the kid working the counter. I looked at him and did a kind of double-take. He could tell I was wondering 'is that Sparky Anderson?', so I just nodded and he nodded back. It was an interesting moment - I hadn't expected to bump into a famous ML manager that afternoon, for sure.

2005-06-07 20:09:19
85.   Adam M
Carlos Guillen, my own personal Russ Ortiz. For Dodger fans needing a frame of reference, take Tom Goodwin, and multiply by ~x100,000.


2005-06-07 20:14:36
86.   Adam M
and add just a whiff of Carlos Perez.
2005-06-07 20:15:06
87.   Vic
Scott Erickson warming up. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
2005-06-07 20:20:42
88.   regfairfield
So, we concede when we're down by one?

An interesting gambit, we'll see how it works out.

2005-06-07 20:21:17
89.   jasonungar05
vinny interviewing sparky anderson is great. he lives in Thousand Oaks (at least he used to for 25+ years and I grew up there.) Met him as he was active in the community, very nice guy. awesome guy.

"We never counted pitches, I never had a gun. a guy is throwing 95 and balls are flying in the upper deck. who cares, give me the guy who throws 70 and gets outs"

he started laughing.

2005-06-07 20:21:58
90.   regfairfield
Way to go, Phil.
2005-06-07 20:22:05
91.   Jim Hitchcock
Goggle Man!
2005-06-07 20:22:28
92.   joekings
This conversation between Vinnie and Sparky is great.
2005-06-07 20:23:50
93.   Midwest Blue
Robertson hits a HR.
2005-06-07 20:24:12
94.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
This is such a treat, Vin and Sparky in the booth together. It doesn't get any better than this.
2005-06-07 20:25:13
95.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Thanks Sparky,,,,its been special.
2005-06-07 20:27:35
96.   joekings
Minnesota just caught Arizona, tied at 5 going to the bottom of the 6th.
2005-06-07 20:28:46
97.   Christina
Ah...for once, just as I log on to catch the game, the Dodgers hit a home run. Nice change from the past few games when it seemed I would always come in just as the other guys had scored.

I'm so optimistic today that I'm not even worried about Erickson pitching a couple of innings...

2005-06-07 20:30:23
98.   the OZ
Royals lead the Giants 7-1 now in the 5th inning.
2005-06-07 20:31:43
99.   Jim Hitchcock
OUT at second.
2005-06-07 20:33:30
100.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Repko, with a cannon. Nice throw!!!!!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-07 20:33:33
101.   the OZ
What a throw...Guillen also looks like he came up lame. I think Repko would have had him anyway.
2005-06-07 20:34:29
102.   joekings
If the umpire had just called him out at second he would not have gotten injured.
2005-06-07 20:34:47
103.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Lets go Dodgers!!!!!!!!
2005-06-07 20:39:08
104.   Christina
Repko has quite the arm.

And I can't say enough how impressed I am with Thompson for stepping into the rotation and doing so well.

2005-06-07 20:40:43
105.   Jim Hitchcock
When Julian Tavares gives up a walk at DS will they play Frankenstein?
2005-06-07 20:41:39
106.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-07 20:43:20
107.   the OZ
Old Friend (and Foe) Matt Herges allowed a go-head HR to Torii Hunter in the 7th inning.
2005-06-07 20:43:43
108.   Steve
Why on earth would you send Repko there with Kent coming up? Stupid. Fortunately, it was ball four.
2005-06-07 20:44:07
109.   regfairfield
Because Tracy always sends the runner 3-2 one out.
2005-06-07 20:44:27
110.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-07 20:44:48
111.   Steve
He's more machine than man now.
2005-06-07 20:45:04
112.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Let's go Werthy!!!!!
2005-06-07 20:45:04
113.   Bob Timmermann
"Old Friend" Matt Herges gives up a home run to Torii Hunter and the Twins have come all the way back and lead the DBacks, 6-5 in the 7th.

Pads and Indians still scoreless.

2005-06-07 20:45:56
114.   Christina
Was that an intentional walk? Sportsline shows that three of the balls--the first, second, and fourth--were way outside the zone, but then there are two pitches in the middle of the zone and one that was a bit too low for a strike.
2005-06-07 20:46:19
115.   Johnson
#111 Steve

Darth Saenz. Beautiful, man.

2005-06-07 20:46:57
116.   Mark Linsey
Sweet. Now let's get that over.
2005-06-07 20:47:19
117.   jeongers
Olmedo is a FORCE.
2005-06-07 20:47:44
118.   Christina
I don't know how long Saenz can stay locked in like this, but I'm loving it.
2005-06-07 20:48:38
119.   bokonon42
Herges helps out again. 8-5 Twins.
2005-06-07 20:48:46
120.   joekings
Please tell me my eyes and ears are deceiving me and that's not erickson on the mound.
2005-06-07 20:48:52
121.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Not Erickson!!!Why has Thompson been pulled.
He can go 1 more. I know he's a young buck,,but come on.
2005-06-07 20:49:05
122.   Mark Linsey
Well, never mind about 116.

Michael Cuddyer homers for Minnesota and the Twins lead the D'Backs 8-5. Indians and Padres still tied at 0-0.

2005-06-07 20:49:07
123.   jeongers
Hmmm, didn't read the Vader references above. For the record, my comment on the force is not a Star Wars reference. I shall not weight you down by riding your coat tails.
2005-06-07 20:49:12
124.   Bob Timmermann
Fireman Erickson to the rescue!

You know the LA Times article about the game in 1995 didn't mention that Lasorda won his 1500th game on this day.

2005-06-07 20:49:23
125.   the OZ
Well, that didn't take long.
2005-06-07 20:49:30
126.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Erickson get greased!!!!
2005-06-07 20:49:31
127.   Jim Hitchcock
Cue Steve...
2005-06-07 20:49:33
128.   joekings
Seriously, did anyone NOT see that coming.
2005-06-07 20:49:43
129.   Steve
Please DFA Erickson. Please. Please. Please.
2005-06-07 20:49:55
130.   Mark Linsey
Well, Erickson doesn't waste any time.

JT must have bet on the under.

2005-06-07 20:50:09
131.   jasonungar05
12 HR in 42 innings for erickson. brutal.
2005-06-07 20:50:14
132.   regfairfield
Does anyone want to explain why Erickson is in the game right now?
2005-06-07 20:50:31
133.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Pull Erickson's sorry butt now,,,before he costs Thompson the W. Unbelievable.
2005-06-07 20:51:08
134.   Steve
This would be a fantastic time to see what the youngster can do. The pride of Osoria-land, or whenceever he comes from.
2005-06-07 20:51:40
135.   Johnson
Anybody here know Tonya Harding? I'm trying to find a guy to bash in Erickson's kneecaps.
2005-06-07 20:51:53
136.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Erickson, the trainer called go get some pants that fit,,,,,
2005-06-07 20:51:59
137.   the OZ
Over/under on number of batters that reach base before Erickson is pulled: 5
2005-06-07 20:52:02
138.   joekings
Where are Tracy's defenders??? I want to know how this can not be seen as a bad move by Tracy.
2005-06-07 20:52:04
139.   Christina
Anyone else think that if the Dodgers hadn't taken the lead at the bottom of the 5th, Tracy would have left Thompson in?
2005-06-07 20:52:38
140.   Steve
Osoria's warming up. You know, you could have just brought him in in the first place.
2005-06-07 20:52:41
141.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Bring in Osoria,,,quick,,,please get warm quick.
2005-06-07 20:52:45
142.   Bob Timmermann
Franquelis is from Santiago in the Dominican Republic according to his bio.
2005-06-07 20:53:18
143.   Mark Linsey
What were Osoria's stats in the minors anyway?
2005-06-07 20:53:19
144.   the OZ
Osoria is warming up in the pen. Erickson should never ever EVER be the only guy warming up. There needs to be an "Erickson Buddy System" where Erickson never enters the game without his 'buddy' ready to try and clean up his mess.
2005-06-07 20:53:24
145.   regfairfield
He's putting Erickson in a position to succeed. If he gives up one more run, he can pick up the win.
2005-06-07 20:53:41
146.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Hey Scottie,,pull your pants up a little higher,,,it might help you pitch better
2005-06-07 20:53:44
147.   Steve
It's like a loaded gun. It sits there harmless until someone picks it up and fires it.
2005-06-07 20:53:46
148.   Some Guy in San Diego
Seriously, is this the end of it for Erickson? He's just got nothing. I like Tracy, but this is a poor call.
2005-06-07 20:53:55
149.   overkill94
I'm not usually one to question Tracy, but jeeeez, how could he ever put Erickson in in a close game? There's a reason he's called the mop-up man. Can't we do the usual Sanchez for 2, Brazoban for 1, then Gagne for 1?
2005-06-07 20:54:48
150.   Steve
The good news is this may be the last time we ever see him.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-06-07 20:55:09
151.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Scottie, Lisa is calling you. Pull yourself out of the game if JT wont.
2005-06-07 20:55:32
152.   LAT
At this moment three of the worst pitchers in Dodger history throwing: Matt Herges (AZ), Terry Muholland (MN)and Scott Erickson (LA).
2005-06-07 20:55:47
153.   Chris H
When does Erickson get fined for not knowing how to wear his pants?
2005-06-07 20:55:47
154.   Christina
149 - Sanchez makes my stomach feel full of acid. I'd rather see what Osoria can do.
2005-06-07 20:55:59
155.   Some Guy in San Diego
#149... That's the same question in my mind. We went from Lowe to Gagne last night, everyone should be ready to go. Does someone want to say why that would be a bad idea?
2005-06-07 20:56:08
156.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-07 20:56:29
157.   regfairfield
I think someone just very audibly yelled "you suck Tracy, you suck Erickson!"

I like how he put Tracy first.

2005-06-07 20:56:30
158.   jeongers
Man, what utter suckiness.
2005-06-07 20:56:44
159.   the OZ
Looks like the 'under' - Erickson only allowed 3 consecutive hitter to reach before being pulled.
2005-06-07 20:56:45
160.   overkill94
Anybody else think this is a bad time to give a guy his major league debut? Again, where the hell is Sanchez?
2005-06-07 20:56:57
161.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Scottie here's a greyhound ticket,,,get the hell out of here. Go as far away from Chavez Ravine as possible.
2005-06-07 20:57:01
162.   Bob Timmermann
Surprisingly, only Herges is left though. The Twins just pinch hit for Mulholland. Herges is still in the game.
2005-06-07 20:57:17
163.   regfairfield
154 - Sanchez has been positively brutal as of late. I think he picked up a new pitch.
2005-06-07 20:57:19
164.   adg
OMG! I saw Ericson come in, then the ball leave; this may be too much.

Can we get out the pikes, torches et. al to run this guy out of town yet?

2005-06-07 20:57:35
165.   Some Guy in San Diego
Nice knowing you, Scott.
2005-06-07 20:57:53
166.   Steve
Not only do you have Sanchez, but you have the kid coming in right now, who could probably throw a scoreless inning against the bottom of the Tiger order.

And don't think DePo gets off the hook for this. If he leaves the loaded gun on the table, and his idiot brother picks it up and fires it, he's negligent, and he's liable.

2005-06-07 20:58:11
167.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
They need to strip Erickson's locker bare,,,burn his belongings,,,maybe he'll get the hint then.
2005-06-07 20:58:55
168.   Bob Timmermann
I think Erickson is still going to hang on until O Perez returns.
2005-06-07 20:59:10
169.   the OZ
Could have been worse - Walk, hit, HR instead of the other way around.
2005-06-07 20:59:25
170.   Jim Hitchcock
FAO Schwartz.
2005-06-07 20:59:37
171.   Mark Linsey
I'd like to echo the people calling for Duaner. It's tough to be worse than Erickson, but in a tight game with a man on base where we're leading by just one, is this really the time to test out Osoria for the first time? Sure I'd have him start the inning over Erickson but I'd go with Duaner here. Of course, in an ideal world we'd have Yhency coming in as a "smokejumper" here, but we can't wish for too much.
2005-06-07 20:59:47
172.   Bob Timmermann
Franquelis Osoria, career ERA 0.00!
2005-06-07 20:59:58
173.   regfairfield
If Erickson weren't in the league, Shawn Green would only have two home runs this year.
2005-06-07 21:00:15
174.   adg
It's incredible that there isn't another arm out there in LV that can be better than Ericson. What about that Pat something-or-other. Anyone but Leif.
2005-06-07 21:00:15
175.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Why is Erickson on this team,,,please tell me,,,,he's breathing up good oxygen other players could be breathing.
2005-06-07 21:00:15
176.   dzzrtRatt
Jim Tracy: Erickson-lover, Choi-phobic. Somebody slap him.
2005-06-07 21:00:16
177.   Steve
He can't stay. If he stays, Tracy uses him. It's Tuesday and the rules require three innings a week.
2005-06-07 21:00:25
178.   Some Guy in San Diego
I think I would take "The Flamingo" over Erickson.
I think I would take a flamingo over Scott Erickson. Jeez
2005-06-07 21:00:52
179.   joekings
I feel for Thompson. He deserved better.
2005-06-07 21:01:51
180.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Thanks Scott,,,you loser.
2005-06-07 21:01:57
181.   Steve
Poor DT. First Duaner stole it, then Tracy, oops I mean Erickson.

The guy who should have been in at the beginning of the inning was Osoria. This guy is an actual real live pitcher.

2005-06-07 21:02:01
182.   the OZ
Osoria's got a really good two-seam fastball - he got two outs on jam shots to Izturis.
2005-06-07 21:02:02
183.   Bob Timmermann
Poor Derek Thompson.

Loses his first chance at a win when Duaner can't control his glove.

Then he loses the next one because Scott Erickson still inhabits the Dodgers roster.

Franquelis Osoria, career ERA 0.00!

2005-06-07 21:02:04
184.   Some Guy in San Diego
Anybody watching on TV?? How's the kid look?
2005-06-07 21:02:42
185.   Fearing Blue
#171: Sanchez pitches the 7th inning, Brazoban pitches the 8th inning, and Gagne pitches the 9th inning. Tracy only allows himself to vary the formula once a month or so.
2005-06-07 21:02:57
186.   jeongers
Yeah, I don't understand why DePo doesn't get rid of Erickson and just bring up Schmoll or, well, ANYONE.

And the Tigers just tied the game even though Osoria makes quick work of the Tiger hitters (atleast according to Gameday).

2005-06-07 21:03:11
187.   adg
Go home. Go to bed. No holds for you. I also am feeling for the New Guy. Tracy decides to use the dregs of the bullpen to get through the inning.
2005-06-07 21:03:56
188.   Steve
Osoria = why was this guy in AAA the last month?
2005-06-07 21:04:05
189.   overkill94
If Erickson ever pitches another inning for the Dodgers I will be very disappointed. Give Mahomes or Rupe a chance to be the mop-up guy, at least we're not totally sure they suck yet.

Osoria looked good, threw strikes, unfortunately Ericksuck blew the win for D-Train.

Only 86 pitches with his spot coming up third in the lineup, gotta really question Tracy on this decision.

2005-06-07 21:04:14
190.   adg
Does Erickson get a W if we score a game-winning-run here?
2005-06-07 21:04:15
191.   Johnson
Scott Erickson: the man who falsified the theory that there is no subject on which 100% of Dodgers Thoughts posters could agree.
2005-06-07 21:04:17
192.   Bob Timmermann
Osoria also faced three mediocre hitters in Logan, Shelton, and Bus Stop.
2005-06-07 21:04:36
193.   adg
Probably not huh. Give it to Osoria?
2005-06-07 21:04:43
194.   regfairfield
I'm predicting a Carrara appearance next inning.
2005-06-07 21:05:04
195.   Bob Timmermann
Erickson cannot be the winning pitcher in any circumstance.
2005-06-07 21:05:04
196.   Mark Linsey
190- No, Osoria does. At least I would hope.
2005-06-07 21:05:31
197.   Fearing Blue
#192: Bus Stop is having a good season.
2005-06-07 21:05:46
198.   adg
Choi. Gets a shot?


2005-06-07 21:05:47
199.   Some Guy in San Diego
195... or ever again
2005-06-07 21:05:53
200.   overkill94
Actually, looks like the bum of the game is Osoria since he technically is charged with the blown save.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-06-07 21:06:03
201.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland gets the leadoff man on in the 9th.
2005-06-07 21:06:12
202.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Hey Scottie,,,I know a job for you,,,you can wash Gagne's Jockstrap after games. Maybe even carry his golf bags if your lucky.
2005-06-07 21:06:13
203.   Steve
Ummmm...isn't this at-bat what Oscar Robles is for?
2005-06-07 21:06:47
204.   Bob Timmermann
I still think of Bus Stop as being a weak-hitting catcher. Memories die hard.
2005-06-07 21:06:58
205.   regfairfield
Jim Tracy has more faith in Robles, you know that Steve.
2005-06-07 21:08:03
206.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Dodger Brass needs to give Robles and Erickson one way tickets back to Mexico.
2005-06-07 21:08:14
207.   Bob Timmermann
With two outs an no one on, Choi is a better choice because he can hit a home run, which is something I doubt Robles will do this year in the majors.
2005-06-07 21:08:49
208.   Mark Linsey
Padres and Indians 0-0 in the top of the ninth.

With a runner on first and no outs, at bat for the Indians is "Coco Crisp"

2005-06-07 21:09:18
209.   Bob Timmermann
Coco Crisp tries to bunt Grady Sizemore over and succeeds in striking out.
2005-06-07 21:09:29
210.   the OZ
Tracy saves Robles for when the game is on the line, with runners on base. Choi can't do any damage with 2 out and bases empty.
2005-06-07 21:09:32
211.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-07 21:09:33
212.   jeongers
Duaner in. Relatively happy with that decision.
2005-06-07 21:09:50
213.   joekings
This is unbelievable.
2005-06-07 21:09:59
214.   Steve
GP -- Good night Gracie.
2005-06-07 21:10:44
215.   the OZ
2005-06-07 21:10:48
216.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-07 21:10:53
217.   Mark
Scotty needs to hang them up, I think. Go upstairs and talk to Jack Morris about the 91 World Series, Scott, go relive better times...
2005-06-07 21:10:58
218.   Fearing Blue
Osoria is a 24 year-old the Dodgers signed in 1999. His stats in AAA this year were very good:

Osoria (AAA): 2.52 ERA; 39.1 IP; 44 H; 25 K; 7 BB; 2 HR (5.72 K/9, 3.57 K/BB, .46 HR/9)

From the Baseball America scouting report (he's ranked as our 27th overall prospect):

"Osoria doesn't throw as hard as Carvajal but shows the ability to command a nast sinker. Osoria has a sixth digit on his right hand, but doesn't use it to grip the ball."

2005-06-07 21:11:01
219.   joekings
This turned ugly in a hurry.
2005-06-07 21:11:08
220.   mountainmover
I'd say Sanchez does suck!
2005-06-07 21:11:09
221.   Chris H
Sanchez looks Erickson bad! What is going on?
2005-06-07 21:11:14
222.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-07 21:11:23
223.   jeongers
Um, never mind . . .
2005-06-07 21:11:24
224.   Fearing Blue
Maybe Duaner has been working out with Erickson in the bullpen?
2005-06-07 21:11:37
225.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland fails to score.

It's 0-0 going to the bottom of the 9th.

2005-06-07 21:12:02
226.   regfairfield
Can't fault Duaner for that last one, that was probably a ball that Young swung at.
2005-06-07 21:12:05
227.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Please,,,,make it stop.
2005-06-07 21:12:06
228.   Mark Linsey
Well, I guess I was wrong about wanting Sanchez in earlier.
2005-06-07 21:12:32
229.   LAT
Tony Clark 3run ph HR 8-8
2005-06-07 21:12:52
230.   jeongers
Never underestimate the mighty Tigers lineup.
2005-06-07 21:13:09
231.   Adam M
Sanchez was brutal all right...
2005-06-07 21:13:21
232.   Christina
This is why I didn't want to see Sanchez in.
2005-06-07 21:13:34
233.   Steve
Now is when you should be bringing Erickson in.

Why is he bunting?

2005-06-07 21:13:36
234.   Bob Timmermann
So the guy who reached over the fence to grab the ball gets kicked out, right? Do you think he had to pay for that seat or in someone else's nickel?

It's just baffling that people do that.


They're no damn good.

2005-06-07 21:13:39
235.   Adam M
Maybe Carlos Guillen's been Pipped...
2005-06-07 21:13:44
236.   Some Guy in San Diego
"Osoria has a sixth digit on his right hand, but doesn't use it to grip the ball."

Secret Weapon.

2005-06-07 21:14:25
237.   overkill94
Kill me, kill me now
2005-06-07 21:14:27
238.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Clark hit a 3-run homer off the Steroid King, Juan Rincon to tie it up at 8-8.
2005-06-07 21:14:28
239.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Please we need help,,,,somebody call Mike Fetters,,,,please we need help
2005-06-07 21:14:31
240.   Steve
The homerun to the shortstop was his "Worst Slider in the National League." It got worse from there.
2005-06-07 21:14:54
241.   bokonon42
Without regard to what Mr. Sanchez has gotten up to, the Dodgers really don't need 12 pitchers. They can dump Erickson and bring up Chen. Or Stanley.
2005-06-07 21:15:10
242.   adg
Seriously now. Bleeding pretty profusely.

Can we get a bandage or something.

2005-06-07 21:15:37
243.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Where's Mike Fetters,,,,we could use him
2005-06-07 21:16:14
244.   the OZ
236 -

He's the next Antonio Alfonseca.

Oh, and Cararra is warming in the bullpen to clean this mess up.

2005-06-07 21:16:20
245.   Christina
Knowing Osoria has a sixth digit is all I need to love him eternally. Heh.

Do we have anyone warming up in the BP? Yes, I know we really don't have anyone better unless we bring in Ghame Over or Game Over, and JT will never do that...but I've seen more than enough of Sanchez for tonight!

2005-06-07 21:16:42
246.   Some Guy in San Diego
Duaner... when you get to the dugout after this debacle... that's when you throw your glove...
2005-06-07 21:16:45
247.   Im So Blue
Carrara is up in the bullpen now.
2005-06-07 21:17:07
248.   jeongers
Wow, how quickly things turn. Like, I was feeling pretty good less than half an hour ago. Now, not so much.

Might as well leave him in there. No use using up other relievers, now. Except maybe Gio so he's not available tomorrrow.

2005-06-07 21:18:29
249.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Thanks Duaner,,,I'm going to bed,,,before my shoe goes thru the t.v.
2005-06-07 21:18:40
250.   jeongers
Give me six, Franquelis . . .
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-06-07 21:18:52
251.   Christina
Come on Gio, warm yet??
2005-06-07 21:19:25
252.   overkill94
Alright from now on it's Osoria in the 7th, Brazoban in the 8th, and Gagne in the 9th. Carrara and Sanchez are officially on my list.
2005-06-07 21:19:48
253.   regfairfield
There are times when you do the right thing and it doesn't work.

This is one of them.

2005-06-07 21:21:11
254.   dzzrtRatt
grasping at straws, but what's status of the Tigers' pen? Is Percival effective? Set up men any good?
2005-06-07 21:21:13
255.   regfairfield
Is Percival back?

If so, I still have full confidence we can win this game.

2005-06-07 21:21:40
256.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
The right thing was to leave Thompson in for 1 more inning.
2005-06-07 21:22:25
257.   jeongers
Three chances to score four. Doable. Let's go . . .
2005-06-07 21:22:36
258.   Bob Timmermann
It would seem to me that the more relievers you use in a game, the greater the chance that one of them is going to have a bad game.

Tracy's relievers went:
Joker (Erickson)
Ace (Osoria)
Joker (Sanchez)

2005-06-07 21:23:36
259.   regfairfield
All right, Farnsworth, good way to get things started.
2005-06-07 21:23:42
260.   overkill94
And the Arizona bullpen strikes again. Man, what a game Hunter is having tonight, 2 homers, a double, a single, a stolen base, and now hopefully scored the winning run.
2005-06-07 21:23:48
261.   joekings
Minnesota just took the lead in AZ.
2005-06-07 21:24:03
262.   Bob Timmermann
Minnesota back on top of Arizona 9-8 on an RBI single from Jacque Jones.
2005-06-07 21:25:20
263.   Bob Timmermann
Ok, then I will say that San Diego has Dave Roberts on second with 2 outs in the 9th with Burroughs facing Sauerbeck.
2005-06-07 21:26:52
264.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Come on Twins!!!!!!
2005-06-07 21:27:22
265.   Nagman
Shot by Burroughs was kinda close, huh, Bob?
2005-06-07 21:27:23
266.   the OZ
Gameday (and I) are confused:

"With Jacque Jones batting, Torii Hunter advances to 2nd on caught stealing error by Jose Valverde."

2005-06-07 21:27:52
267.   Bob Timmermann
Bonus frames in San Diego!
2005-06-07 21:28:36
268.   Christina
Taking Thompson out after the fifth was a mistake; pinch hitting for Osoria may have been another. It's kind of like when Fearing Blue and I were defending the decision to leave Lowe in rather than pinch hit for him a couple of games back. Granted, Osoria has not yet proven himself to be of Lowe's calber.

I tend to feel that when it's the middle innings, it's better to choose to keep the good pitching over the offensive opportunities. Then in the late innings, we have fewer chances to score, but excellent 8th and 9th inning relievers, so the scales should tilt at that point to maximizing offensive opportunities.

2005-06-07 21:28:37
269.   overkill94
Percival is back, but Urbina is still the closer for the time being. Farnsworth (as we are seeing) is pitching very well this year and Urbina has been lights out as well. Not sure who will pitch the 8th (probably Farnsworth again).
2005-06-07 21:28:55
270.   Bob Timmermann
Hunter was picked off and would have been out at second except Valverde made a bad throw.
2005-06-07 21:30:01
271.   Mark
Thompson leaving after 5 was the right call. He just didn't have the location anymore, and he's still developing. We don't want Tracy to turn into Dusty Baker and start nuking our kids' arms.

Where's Tom Martin when you need him? (Never thought you'd read that, did you?)

2005-06-07 21:30:07
272.   the OZ
270 - That's what I assumed, it just makes for an odd read.
2005-06-07 21:30:30
273.   regfairfield
Having this much faith in a guy who has pitched one inning in the majors is shear hindsight.

Bringing in Erickson was ridiculously stupid, but bringing in Sanchez most definately was not.

2005-06-07 21:30:32
274.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Like I said and others have said tonight,,,we were all cursing when Erickson came in and Thompson didn't.
2005-06-07 21:30:49
275.   Mark
Plus, I'm biased: I took the under.
2005-06-07 21:31:16
276.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Lets go Gio,,,lets see some of those balloon change ups high and out over the plate.
2005-06-07 21:31:26
277.   Steve
I don't think taking out Thompson was that bad. Bringing in Erickson was. Erickson should not be pitching except in the 16th Inning or in 10 run games. Osoria should have come in. He's unknown, but could he be worse than Erickson? I don't think that's possible.

Sanchez just blew up. Not much to be done about that. He just...blew up.

2005-06-07 21:32:02
278.   Christina
Perez takes all three strikes looking?!
2005-06-07 21:32:21
279.   Fearing Blue
#268: I think I would have pulled Thompson when Tracy did. He had walked way too many tight-ropes (6 Hs and 3 BBs in 5 IP) by that point, and was likely to get burned badly in short order. But, I would never bring in Erickson. I'd ask Kent to pitch before bringing in Erickson.
2005-06-07 21:32:53
280.   Bob Timmermann
2 outs in the 9th at the BOB. Runner on 1st with Glaus at bat facing Joe Nathan.
2005-06-07 21:33:19
281.   Steve
Carrara comes in and gets all the "regressing to the mean" outs.
2005-06-07 21:33:51
282.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Gio is done,,Erickson was done a long time ago, Robles needs to go back to Mexico.
2005-06-07 21:34:04
283.   Bob Timmermann
Twins win it, 9-8.
2005-06-07 21:34:58
284.   Midwest Blue
I like the buddy system idea. Erickson can only come in if someone (Osoria) was ready as soon as he let in a run. Why didn't we leave Osoria in for another inning?
2005-06-07 21:35:11
285.   the OZ
Giants lose, 8-1.
2005-06-07 21:35:43
286.   Christina
My problem is that I don't like Sanchez. Clearly he must have some good games, given that the posters here don't abhor him, but I've never personally seen him pitch one.

Maybe I'm the jinx and it's my fault Sanchez blew up?

2005-06-07 21:35:48
287.   Bob Timmermann

Are you getting paid a commission by the International Commission for the Increased Use of the Comma?

2005-06-07 21:36:44
288.   Bob Timmermann
1-2-3 by Cleveland in the top of the 10th.

Top of the order for San Diego coming up.

2005-06-07 21:37:58
289.   Fearing Blue
#286: Well, Sanchez had a good ERA last year, and his ERA was respectable before this outing. But, he certainly looked horrible tonight. Perhaps Osoria will turn out to be a better answer as the 7th inning guy. It's clearly not going to be Carrara or Erickson.
2005-06-07 21:38:17
290.   overkill94
I'm of the philosophy that you let your starting pitcher go as long as he can while still being effective. Since Derek was fairly shaky in the 5th I'd definitely have someone warming up and ready to go at the first sign of trouble, but since he was only at 86 pitches you have to let him try to stretch it out a little and save your bullpen if possible (especially since he was due up third in the bottom half).

As for Osoria, I was joking when I said he should be the new 7th inning guy, but he did look pretty good today and a 2.5 ERA in Vegas is quite impressive. Right now I'd like to see him in situations where we're either down by 2 or 3 or up by 4 or 5, semi-pressure but not overwhelming. He handled today's pressure well, but it's only one game.

2005-06-07 21:38:20
291.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
We'll let Duaner slide for tonight. For the most part he's done a decent job this year. Scottie, pull your pants up a little higher, give Gio and Robles a ride on the way out of town.
2005-06-07 21:38:23
292.   the OZ
old friend Alex Cora grounds out, going 0-4 against the Padres tonight, dropping his season average to a Beltre-esque .231
2005-06-07 21:38:58
293.   regfairfield
Sanchez problem, at least this year, is he dominates for a while, then decides one game to spotaneously blow up.

Sanchez, runs per appearance:

0 Runs: 20
1 Run: 4
2 Runs: 2
3 Runs: 1
4 Runs: 0

2005-06-07 21:39:13
294.   Jon Weisman
Vinny just called UUU "old friend."
2005-06-07 21:39:33
295.   Xeifrank
5.1% win expectancy starting the bottom of the 8th.
vr, Xei
2005-06-07 21:39:55
296.   regfairfield
And by 0 games where Sanchez has allowed four runs, I mean one.
2005-06-07 21:39:58
297.   Bob Timmermann
Actually Alex Cora is batting an Alex Cora-like .231

His lifetime batting average was .246 starting the year.

2005-06-07 21:40:06
298.   dzzrtRatt
If Ugie is the closer then apparently Trammel believes in two-inning saves.
2005-06-07 21:40:36
299.   Xeifrank
Unders win tonight as Thompson only goes 5 innings, 2/3 short of the line.
vr, Xei
2005-06-07 21:40:43
300.   Fearing Blue
#293: I wonder how different that distribution is from most relievers?
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2005-06-07 21:41:27
301.   regfairfield
That's a very good question.
2005-06-07 21:41:36
302.   Steve
Any Dodger bullpen management has to start with the concept that Erickson only comes in if a meteor hits the bullpen and he is the only survivor, and Jason Grabowski's arms have fallen off.

But putting in Sanchez is just what you do there. I don't see how you could have done anything different.

2005-06-07 21:41:59
303.   Xeifrank
Nice to see local boy Dmitri Young having a nice game.
vr, Xei
2005-06-07 21:42:26
304.   the OZ
297 -

Beltre's at .234 this season, which is Cora-esque. Cora must then also be 2005-Beltre-esque by definition.

2005-06-07 21:42:47
305.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I think Scott Erickson is wearing Dave Roberts pants.
2005-06-07 21:43:05
306.   the OZ
The transitive property of suckitude is what I'm trying to describe. I guess.
2005-06-07 21:43:43
307.   Mark
Another reason why Vin Scully is the greatest announcer ever. He manages to work in Dr. Strangelove into a game.
2005-06-07 21:44:09
308.   Christina
300 - and also, how many inherited runners Duaner left on base for the next reliever to let in...
2005-06-07 21:47:46
309.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Good hopefully with Gio pitching 2 tonight, we wont see him tomorrow.
2005-06-07 21:48:12
310.   Bob Timmermann
Going to the 11th in San Diego. Goose eggs abound.
2005-06-07 21:49:28
311.   Fearing Blue
Vin said Duaner Sanchez just had "one of those nights on the heels of one of those nights for Scott Erickson". Isn't that pretty much every night for Erickson?
2005-06-07 21:50:04
312.   regfairfield
308 - Duaner's WHIP is only 1.12, while his ERA is 4.53, so going by that, not many.
2005-06-07 21:53:01
313.   Fearing Blue
#302: This is one case where injuries really hurt us. Without Alvarez or Dessens in the bullpen, we don't have any pitcher who is a fit to bring in early in the game. I would rather have seen Carrara (or a dead monkey) in the 6th than Erickson, but Carrara hasn't exactly been pitching well, and he's usually a 1 inning guy.
2005-06-07 21:53:17
314.   Christina
312 - I must be the jinx then. Every. Single. Time. I've seen Sanchez, he's letting in runs and/or being yanked with RISP for the next reliever to try to bail Sanchez out as best he can.

Moving on, we still have one more chance. Let's go Blue!

2005-06-07 21:54:32
315.   Steve
Indians 2nd and 3rd one out in the 11th.
2005-06-07 21:54:44
316.   Mark
In other news, Jason Romano gets the DFA from the Reds.
2005-06-07 21:54:44
317.   Bob Timmermann
Sanchez has inherited 19 runners and let 8 score. He has left 6 when being relieved and 3 have scored.

2nd and 3rd for the Indians in the 11th with one out.

2005-06-07 21:55:27
318.   Xeifrank
Dodger win expectancy 1.7%
So you're saying there's a chance we win? Yes, I am.
vr, Xei
2005-06-07 21:55:29
319.   the OZ
Grady Sizemore doubles off Trevor Hoffman - go-ahead runs at 2nd and 3rd with one out. Coco Crisp batting.
2005-06-07 21:57:01
320.   Steve
Coco Crisp is soggy.
2005-06-07 21:57:12
321.   LAT
Coco strikes out
2005-06-07 21:57:16
322.   Fearing Blue
#313: Dessens pitched 3 innings tonight in Las Vegas. He gave up 2 runs (both earned) on 3 hits, a walk, and a homerun, with 2 strikeouts.
2005-06-07 21:57:37
323.   Xeifrank
Troy Percival was a 6th round draft pick in the 1990 crapshoot.
vr, Xei
2005-06-07 21:57:39
324.   Fearing Blue
#322: Typo. Should be 1 strikeout.
2005-06-07 21:57:42
325.   Bob Timmermann
Greene makes a bad throw and the Indians go up 1-0.
2005-06-07 21:57:49
326.   Mark
318- I call shenanigans. You're saying that approximately 1 out of every 65 games where the team is down by 4 runs, they come back and score 5 in the bottom of the ninth. I find that highly, highly irregular.
2005-06-07 21:57:55
327.   Steve
Indians score! E-3.
2005-06-07 21:58:00
328.   LAT
Clev 1-0 on error on K. Green
2005-06-07 21:58:29
329.   the OZ
1-0 Indians on a Khalil Greene error.
2005-06-07 21:59:08
330.   LAT
2-0 Clev
2005-06-07 21:59:22
331.   Steve
But Nevin shoulda had it.
2005-06-07 21:59:27
332.   Bob Timmermann
2-0 Cleveland.

They've had a bloop single, a real double, an error and another weak single.

2005-06-07 21:59:35
333.   Nagman
It's starting to look like today never happened in the NL West.
2005-06-07 21:59:42
334.   Xeifrank
wow, lots of Padre updates. Must be a boring Dodger game. :)

Grabowski, my all-star write in pick is up.
vr, Xei

2005-06-07 21:59:52
335.   Steve
And now the moment I've been waiting for all evening -- a Grabowski.
2005-06-07 21:59:55
336.   Fearing Blue
Hello old friend. We missed you. Please watch another called third strike for old time's sake.
2005-06-07 22:00:41
337.   Steve
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
2005-06-07 22:01:14
338.   Fearing Blue
Well, at least we have Weaver to look forward to for tomorrow night. I'll take the Under.
2005-06-07 22:01:30
339.   Xeifrank
Grabowski pinch hit instead of Drew? I guess it didn't really matter down by 4 in the 9th.
vr, Xei
2005-06-07 22:01:52
340.   jan10
FYI-Grabowski hit like .500 in Vegas, if they ever let him play here he could actually do something
2005-06-07 22:02:11
341.   Jon Weisman
Did the Tigers make the unconventional but sensible move of using their closer, Urbina, in the eighth inning against the tough part of the lineup, while using their setup man, Percival, in the ninth inning against the bottom part of the lineup? I had read that Percival was the setup guy until he got some innings in off the DL.
2005-06-07 22:03:09
342.   Steve
340 -- maybe we can take all that untapped potential and trade it for bullpen help -- like Dan Kolb.
2005-06-07 22:03:26
343.   Bob Timmermann
Jody Gerut got kicked out in San Diego.

Typical Stanford hothead.

2005-06-07 22:04:32
344.   jan10
not a bad idea
2005-06-07 22:05:03
345.   Xeifrank
341. That strategy worked for the Angels, use K-Rod in the 8th (their true closer) and Percival in the 9th. I think teams that have a better setup man than closer often have a more successful late inning bullpen. Rivera/Wetteland, K-Rod/Percival, M.Gonzalez/Joe Table etc...
vr, Xei
2005-06-07 22:05:48
346.   Bob Timmermann
I think the NL West has some bad pitching when Thom Brennaman told people at the end of the AZ game "Tune in tomorrow for the Arizona debut of Claudio Vargas!"
2005-06-07 22:09:09
347.   LAT
SD almost tied it. HR just went foul
2005-06-07 22:10:38
348.   Steve
All quiet on the NL Western Front.
2005-06-07 22:10:44
349.   Bob Timmermann
AL Central 5,
NL West 0
2005-06-07 22:11:09
350.   LAT
Indians win. Needless LA loss not as costly as it could have been
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2005-06-07 22:13:34
351.   Fearing Blue
Which reminds me that Baseball Prospectus Hit List rankings came out.

8. San Diego Padres
20. Los Angeles Dodgers
22. Arizona Diamondbacks
24. San Francisco Giants
29. Colorado Rockies

Ouch. Clearly they don't think much of our division.

2005-06-07 22:24:24
352.   Mark
This team has so much dead weight on it.

When Dessens comes back, DFA Erickson.
When Perez comes back, package him up and ship him.
When Alvarez comes back, DFA Carrara.
When Valentin comes back, package Choi and ship him.
When Bradley comes back, Robles goes back down (I know, but I couldn't find any place).
When Ledee comes back, DFA Grabowski.

I can't stand the unabashed mediocrity on this team. I just can't stand it. I feel like DePodesta is riding the fence between wanting to be a buyer or a seller at the All-Star Break. This team blows. Be a seller. Just start over.

2005-06-07 22:30:04
353.   Steve
Why not just DFA Erickson and use 24 players?
2005-06-07 22:42:37
354.   Jon Weisman
Be a seller? Isn't that decision a little premature? The Dodgers are one game out of the wild card lead. They could be leading the division in a week potentially.

They are a flawed team, but I think you really have to wrap your head around the fact that outside of St. Louis, pretty much everyone is flawed. Seriously.

And the minute Erickson is gone, the Dodgers become that much better.

2005-06-07 22:59:22
355.   dzzrtRatt
Our loss was irritating. San Diego's has to be deflating.
2005-06-07 23:05:26
356.   mrboma
Once again, JT's line-up made no sense tonight. The guy doesn't seem to have a clue how to make out a line-up. Combine that with his stupidity in handling pitchers, dumb/predictable base-running calls, and poor fielder positioning, and I don't know of any positive he brings to the team.

He is even boring to top it all off. A team really reflects the manager's personality, but Tracy doesn't seem to have one. At least last year we had LimaTime to pump the guys up in the dug-out. This year, I feel like I'm watching a bunch of guys just going through the motions. It's all so ho-hum.

I am almost to the point of rooting against the Dodgers so Depo can give Tracy the ax.

2005-06-07 23:29:33
357.   KilgoreTrout
I know I'm posting this about two hours late, but I'll offer the following defense for Tracy putting in Erickson:

Even with a twelve-man staff, I don't think there's room for a guy you can't trust to put in with a two-run lead in the sixth inning. If you're going to save a roster spot for a guy who'll only pitch when you're winning/losing by 8 runs, they might as well have one of us in that spot.

The experience this year with Erickson and Thompson just proves again what Bill James says: talent is not in short supply. If you're going to keep a pitcher with a 7+ ERA, there's dozens of minor leaguers who can do that. You don't have to waste your time with an "established major leaguer".

DePo has to DFA Erickson and replace him with a 24-year old no-name pitcher from the Dodgers minor-league system or somebody else's.

2005-06-07 23:31:07
358.   dzzrtRatt
Dump Tracy, but for whom? Who could we get now? And what does a mid-season firing say to a team that isn't in the cellar, or even playing below expectations? We're in the pennant race. Does the team get charged up by Tracy's firing, or do they cash it in?

Firing Tracy is a feel-good that will not deliver the expected results. Unless--unless there's a great manager available to replace him. In reading 10,000 posts on this topic, I've yet to see one solid suggestion.

2005-06-07 23:43:47
359.   Mark Linsey
357-I believe that argument, but isn't it normally applicable in a situation where we were paying Erickson a non-negligible salary and stand to save by bringing up the minor leaguer?

Granted in the current situation I would still DFA Erickson and bring up a minor leaguer, but I would do that because we have some talented minor leaguers and that minor leaguer has the potential to be BETTER. Based on how you describe it, Bill James is saying if you have to choose between Erickson and a minor leaguer just as bad as Erickson, go with the minor leaguer, and that makes sense but is generally only relevant during the offseason.

2005-06-07 23:47:54
360.   Mark Linsey
And let's not rag on Tracy's personality. His in-game decisions, sure, we can objectively say that they're lousy. But the one plus in Tracy's favor is that he has the respect of the players. "Chemistry" is generally overrated by the mainstream media in that unusually good chemistry probably doesn't win any ballgames, but unusually bad chemistry would almost certainly be a problem for this team, given the histories of Jeff Kent and Milton Bradley, among others. I think Tracy at least deserves some credit for holding that together.

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