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Muscle Imbalance
2005-06-09 08:54
by Jon Weisman

Let's take a moment to celebrate the contributions of Antonio Perez and Mike Edwards, who have combined to go 43 for 121 (.355) with a .431 on-base percentage for the Dodgers this season.

The only thing these fellas have been lacking offensively is home run power, part of the reason that the Dodgers are 98-pound weaklings from the left side of the team.

2005 MLB Home Runs
by SS, 3B and LF
Team SS 3B LF Total
Orioles 1712635
Blue Jays48719
Red Sox521219
Devil Rays27615
White Sox48012

The Dodgers have done as well as they have through their center-right leanings: 53 home runs from everyone else on the team, good for second in the majors behind Texas.

Comments (162)
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2005-06-09 09:32:57
1.   db1022
Is there anything in Perez's history that might suggest he can develop power, or are we looking at his optimal performance right now?
2005-06-09 09:37:09
2.   Jacob L
The fact that the Mariners are the only team behind us in this chart can only be described as irony. Much more ironic than rain on your wedding day (sorry).
2005-06-09 09:38:35
3.   db1022
Werth should move us up a few notches here, but I don't think anyone was anticipating us being well represented on this list.
2005-06-09 09:43:57
4.   Fearing Blue
Overall, he's much more of a doubles / triples hitter. Over his minor league career, he has 59 HRs and 137 2Bs/3Bs in 1959 ABs, or roughly 15 HRs and 305 2Bs/3Bs per 500 ABs. Last year was his breakout power season, where he hit 22 HRs and 30 2Bs/3Bs in 476 ABs for Las Vegas (of course, all disclaimers about Vegas apply). He's still only 25 years old, so the power is likely still developing. At his peak, he could very well hit 15-20 HRs / season, but 10-15 HRs is probably more likely. Good power production for a 2B, but a little weak for an everyday 3B.
2005-06-09 09:45:13
5.   Fearing Blue
#4: Typo alert. "305 2Bs/3Bs" should be "35 2Bs/3Bs".
2005-06-09 09:51:30
6.   ElysianPark62
Re: #2, it certainly is ironic, but we'd never read anything like that in the local papers, especially not the Times, which ignores how poorly Beltre is doing in Seattle. That piece a few weeks ago, comparing Dodger 3B this year to Beltre's stats of 2004, was a joke.

There is also the implication that if Beltre had stayed, he would be doing better here than he is now in Seattle.

I expect Perez to produce a few more HR's. I like his ability to handle pitches. I've seen some really good AB's where he's fouled off several balls and ended up on base. Good approach.

2005-06-09 09:52:18
7.   db1022
#4 - The uncommon power generated from 2B more than comepensates for the production from 3B, especially if Perez continues to be a .300 hitter with patience.

I'd think that Perez continues to be our 3B only through next year, at which point he slides to 2B after Kent's contract is up. 3B most likely goes to one of our 3 young'ns down below.

2005-06-09 09:52:55
8.   Fearing Blue
#3: Indeed, assuming Werth can start hitting some HRs :). Valentin should also help if and when he returns. Recent news is that his recovery is ahead of schedule and that he could begin on-field workouts by the end of the month.

2005-06-09 09:56:40
9.   Jon Weisman
Perez's splits: 1.028 OPS vs. lefties, .914 OPS vs. righties. He has gotten a walk/HBP nine times in 57 plate appearances vs. righties. It'll be interesting to see where he is when Valentin returns. Valentin, of course, was off to a hot start himself this year before tailing (and then getting hurt.)
2005-06-09 09:58:03
10.   Jon Weisman
We'll also have to see what Perez does on his next road trip. On the road this year, he is 15 for 26 with three walks and a home run. He'd better not let that average slip!
2005-06-09 09:58:14
11.   db1022
#8 - Werth is looking more comfortable by the day, so I'd expect him to returning to '04 form soon. Of course, '04 saw him hit .262 with mediocre walk rates and decent power, so maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up too high.

And what's Valentin's role assuming Perez stays sufficiently productive? If you platoon, Valentin gets the majority of the starts. I'd rather see that switched (Perez get 2/3 of the starts).

2005-06-09 09:58:55
12.   Fearing Blue
#6: Perez seems to be a "late count" hitter, averaging 3.98 pitches / PA over his MLB career. He works the count for a lot of BBs and HBPs (about 14% of his PAs), but he also strikes out quite a bit (about 22% of his PAs).
2005-06-09 10:04:46
13.   champion of choi
11-I too was wondering where Valentine fits upon his return. I don't like the idea of platooning Perez and Valentine.

I think it could stunt Perez's growth; similar to that of one H.S. Choi.

2005-06-09 10:04:57
14.   Bob Timmermann
Not germane to the discussion here, but David Vincent of SABR says that the most home runs allowed to a pitcher in a season is 5.

Bill Hands in 1968 and the famous Egyptian Healy in 1887.

Hands had three straight starts in 1968 where he gave up home runs to pitchers.

The career record for surrendering homers to pitchers is 15 by Pedro Ramos.

2005-06-09 10:06:34
15.   champion of choi
by the by, I do believe that Choi is starting to break from his slump.

I like the way he "inside-outed" the single left last night. he didn't try to do too much.

2005-06-09 10:11:18
16.   Fearing Blue
#11: The Dodgers most likely won't bring Valentin back until they're absolutely sure he's fully recovered (maybe early August). At that point he would push Robles off the team and probably start about half our games at 3B. Valentin's 3-year OPS vs. RHP is .838, which is higher than Perez's career minor league OPS of .815. While I do really like Perez, I expect him to settle a little bit under his career minor league numbers over time. Still, I wouldn't expect a straight platoon, because of lingering concerns over Valentin's knee. Also, each of them will likely get an extra start here and there, since Valentin can be used to rest Izturis and Perez can be used to rest Kent.
2005-06-09 10:12:23
17.   jasonungar05
regarding Werth: so I'd expect him to returning to '04 form soon. Of course, '04 saw him hit .262 with mediocre walk rates and decent power, so maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up too high


which was my argument in the offseason as a Choi supporter, was choi any worse last year than Werth? Yet Werth was a strength, and up and commer and Choi was a weakness.


I don't even know why I am a Choi supporter. I think it's just cause I am pissed off that he dosen't get as much of a chance and that more people don't support him. He hit the ball hard all 4 times last night.

2005-06-09 10:14:27
18.   Fearing Blue
#14: Wow. Weaver is definitely on track so far with 3. That may be the only record Dodgers pitching breaks this year, so I guess it's sort of something to look forward to.
2005-06-09 10:17:33
19.   Fearing Blue
#17: He just missed depositing that slow change-up / curveball into the right-field bleachers last night.
2005-06-09 10:18:21
20.   molokai
LA Times reports that Valentin could be ready by the All-Star game.

They also have a nice article on our 3rd round pick Pedroza from Cal State Fullerton on page 8.

Below is a little blurb from Rotowire regarding a Japanese pitcher:
According to the report, Padres director of international scouting Randy Smith and assistant GM Fred Uhlman traveled to Japan to see Matsuzaka last month. The Seibu Lions are expected to let Matsuzaka go through the posting process after this season, but the price may be too high for the Padres; look for the usual suspects (Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, maybe the Mariners) to top the bidding for Matsuzaka if they're interested. Seibu had promised Matsuzaka that they'd let him go after the 2004 season, but reneged on that deal after their team won the Japan Series (much the same way that Fukuoka backed out of a deal that would have allowed Tadahito Iguchi to cross the pond after the 2003 season). Matsuzaka, who'll turn 25 in September, is having a great year so far despite a misleading 4-7 record; he currently owns a 2.13 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP while leading the Pacific League in strikeouts (106), innings pitched (97), and complete games (9).

2005-06-09 10:22:04
21.   Bob Timmermann
Hands had a 2.89 ERA the year he gave up the 5 homers to pitchers.

Then again, it was 1968. Scott Erickson would have had an ERA under 3.

One thing that might help Weaver in reaching this mark would be the return to health of Mike Hampton. Then he has to hope he faces him when the Dodgers make their trip to Atlanta.

Weaver's next two starts will be in AL parks, so he will only get the chance to give up embarrassing home runs to Chris Widger or Julio Gotay.

2005-06-09 10:23:57
22.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I've really like what A. Perez has contributed thus far. As far as power numbers increasing, I'm not sure. But he is a gamer. I agree with #7, I think Perez slides over to second when Kent leaves. Perez doesn't exactly fill the prototypical size 3rd basemen.
2005-06-09 10:26:57
23.   Jon Weisman

From Studes at The Hardball Times today, describing his new stat: The Force (LD% times HR/OF) divided by G/F ratio):

"It turns out that this version of The Force is a reasonably good predictor of Isolated Power (with an R squared of .70) ... (of) players most likely to slug better the rest of the season, you will notice sabermetric favorite Hee Seop Choi at the tippy top:

2005-06-09 10:27:28
24.   Bob Timmermann
If Daisuke Matsuzaka still has his arm attached to his shoulder by the end of his career, I'll be surprised.

His coaches and managers send him out there to throw lots and lots and lots and lots of innings and lots of pitches.

He should sign with the Cubs. Dusty Baker would just love him!

2005-06-09 10:40:26
25.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
The way Dave Hansen( I mean Mikey Edwards is swinging the bat) he might have a warm cozy job with the dodgers for years to come, a la Dave Hansen.
2005-06-09 10:41:26
26.   JeffinTokyo
20. Molokai, Matsuzaki is the real deal. I would take him in a second.... if he passes the physical

He joined the Japanese majors straight out of high school. He has been the Lions' ace ever since. What surprises me is his durability. He first made his name by leading his high school to the national championships (in Japan the baseball championships are covered like the NCAA basketball tourney in the US, every game live on national TV).

In each of the 5 rounds in the finals, he pitched a complete game. Those games took place over a 2-week period. (Needless to say, Japanese high schools don't have pitch or inning limit rules.)

Since turning pro, his work load has actually declined. He typically pitches on 5 days rest. At the same time, he has a bunch of 130-and-up pitch counts (as is par for the course in Japan).

So, he may be a Roger Clemens-like overpowering workhouse or he could be a ticking Dr. Jobe patient time bomb.
Or he could be a combination of both. Either way, he is certainly worth taking a serious look at. My gut instinct is that he is a winner, who really knows how to pitch.

2005-06-09 10:46:35
27.   Fearing Blue
#20: I read the LA Times article as well, but the OC Register's estimate seemed a little more conservative. They suggested Valentin could begin on-field workouts in a few weeks. That makes it sound like he would still be a couple weeks from a minor league rehab assignment, and then a couple more weeks from the majors (~7 weeks total). I'm expecting end of July / beginning of August, with the thought that if it's any sooner, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
2005-06-09 10:46:42
28.   Bob Timmermann
But Matsuzaka is just 4-7. We all know that wins is the most important stat for any pitcher. Joe Morgan told me so.
2005-06-09 10:48:14
29.   Fearing Blue
#25: Or he may stop hitting, and we'll turn on him like we did on Grabowski :).
2005-06-09 10:50:40
30.   JeffinTokyo
If the Dodgers are so insistent on keeping 12 pitchers, why don't they get Brooks Kieschnick? At least he could do something useful between blowouts.
2005-06-09 10:51:38
31.   Steve
Did we like Grabowski at some point?
2005-06-09 10:54:14
32.   JeffinTokyo
Speaking of Brooks, I wonder if there is an unusually large number of Brooks and Boogs in the greater Baltimore area.
2005-06-09 11:03:07
33.   Linkmeister
Bob mentions the almost mythical 1968 "year of the pitcher." Has anyone ever fantasized about what Koufax would have had as an ERA that year had he not had to retire two years earlier? Gibson's was what, 1.32 or something?
2005-06-09 11:07:25
34.   molokai
# 25
I like Grabowski-not sure what you guys want for the 25th player on the team. He can play the of/1st/3b and in a real real pinch, he can catch. PH is a tough deal and few players are successful at it. Especially tough for a player with few major league at bats.
If a player had a lot of talent they wouldn't be the 5th outfielder. Take a look at what St. Louis runs out their off their bench or the Cubs or the Padres or the Giants, will you get my drift.
2005-06-09 11:09:58
35.   Jacob L
How about a "next-pitcher-to-go-yard-on-the-Weave" pool? I'll take Lima.
2005-06-09 11:10:25
36.   JeffinTokyo
Brooks Kieschnick, by the way, is a left handed hitter and righty batter. He is hitting .300 (.500 slugging %) in AAA or Red Rock with a 3.86 ERA (1.62 WHIP) as a pitcher. Neither his pitching nor his batting numbers excite, but there is no doubt that he would add more value to the Dodgers roster than their current 12th man.

In fact, Herb Washington, circa 2005, would be a roster upgrade over Erickson. Better yet, if teams still had the option to only have 24 players, that would be an upgrade.

2005-06-09 11:11:17
37.   molokai
# 33
Gibson - 1.12
Koufax would have had the indignity of posting a sub 1.00 ERA and not winning 10 games as the 68 team was lead by Len Gabrielson with 10 home runs for the season.
2005-06-09 11:11:54
38.   subclub
#34: Has Grabowski ever caught in a game? If so, what were the circumstances leading up to this?
2005-06-09 11:12:30
39.   JeffinTokyo
AAA or Red Rock > AAA for Red Rock
2005-06-09 11:13:32
40.   molokai
#36 - that 1.62 WHIP is very high for an ERA of 3.86. Are all of his inherited runners being stranded?
2005-06-09 11:16:43
41.   molokai
# 38
He was a minor league catcher for a while. He's hit 79 dingers in the minors so he toiled there for quite a while. Since Major League baseball took over the minor league stats it is hard to find the position numbers for minor leaguers anymore so I can't tell you the exact numbers. Werth would be the better choice since he caught as recently as 2002 in AAA.
2005-06-09 11:22:14
42.   Xeifrank
John Kruk says .OPS is crap! :)
Listening to Jim Rome show on the way to work this morning and Kruk was being interviewed. He said that the OPS stat is crap. His reasoning was this. Ichiro had some outrageous number of hits last year and didn't rank in the top 40 or 50 (cant remember which), and Ichiro was an MVP candidate. He said OPS doesn't measure how good a leadoff hitter who is, who gets lots of singles, can slap hit and steal bases. I probably would've crashed the car had I not been stopped at a light.
vr, Xei
2005-06-09 11:23:05
43.   JeffinTokyo
Can someone tell me about Justin Orenduff, a 22 YO right-handed starting pitcher at Vero Beach? In 11 starts he is 4-3 with a 2.53 ERA

Beyond those figures, he is putting up pretty overpowering numbers. In 53.1 INN, he's given up 33 hits, 25 BBs, and he has chalked up 73 Ks.

Is he considered a legit prospect?

2005-06-09 11:27:34
44.   Fearing Blue
#38: He caught a few games in Spring Training this year, with the thought that he would be the emergency catcher. Of course, that's also how he hurt his shoulder, so it may no longer be an option. He's only played 1.1 innings at 3B in the majors, so I wouldn't really qualify him as being able to play there. Basically, LF (mostly) and 1B (some) are the positions he can play without really hurting the team.
2005-06-09 11:30:59
45.   champion of choi
Can the double Grabowski principle last night (johnson's hr followed by Grab's blast) be viewed as 2 negatives equal a positive and as such, cancelled the principle for the time being???
2005-06-09 11:31:32
46.   Jonathan
Orenduff was the Dodger's 3rd pick in the 2004 draft (33rd overall) out of Virginia Commonwealth University.
2005-06-09 11:31:50
47.   Fearing Blue
#43: Yes, he is very legit. At 22, he's a little bit old for the league, because he was drafted out of college (Virginia Commonwealth University). He was our second draft pick last year, after Scott Elbert. Baseball America projected him as a middle of the rotation starter (i.e. behind a lot of our other prospects), but that could easily change if he continues to pitch like he has so far.
2005-06-09 11:32:50
48.   Fearing Blue
#46: My bad. He was our third pick, after Scott Elbert and Blake DeWitt.
2005-06-09 11:35:06
49.   JeffinTokyo
Last night's line in Las Vegas (where I will be for my grandma's 90th Birthday party next weekend)

Dessens 3.0 3 2 2 1 1 1 6.75

Not exactly lights out.

By the way, old friend Jose Flores is hitting .340 for the 51's.

2005-06-09 11:37:54
50.   champion of choi

45-What I meant was can dual Grabowski principles (one on each side) offset one another; so that the game may continue in a harmonious manner?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-09 11:37:59
51.   Fearing Blue
Wow. I hadn't realized that last year we had three picks (17, 28, & 33) higher than our first pick in this year's draft (40).
2005-06-09 11:39:23
52.   Xeifrank
45. I thought there were two Grabowski Principles last night too. Then a quick study of the principle said that the home run had to be by a national pitcher. I think that needs to be changed to any pitcher hitting a home run. I think giving up a home run to an AL pitcher is an even more extreme Grabowski principle than giving one up to an NL pitcher.
vr, Xei
2005-06-09 11:39:46
53.   Jonathan
Doing a quick search I found this Baseball America article recounting a college matchup of Orenduff and Padres prospect/5th starter Tim Stauffer.
Maybe we'll see that matchup again one of these days!
2005-06-09 11:40:42
54.   Fearing Blue
#49: Dessens is a useful long man in the bullpen who can occasionally start. He is unlikely to solve our 5th starter problem long term. Still, it will be nice to have him back, if only because it hastens Erickson's departure.
2005-06-09 11:40:56
55.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
#42 I was listening to Romy and Krukie also.
IMAO the whole time.
2005-06-09 11:41:12
56.   JeffinTokyo
Thanks Jonathan and Fearing Blue for the info on Orenduff.

With his K ratio, it seems that he is doing more than finessing his way through games. He must have good stuff. He might be one to watch.

Maybe with all the new draft choices coming in, he will move up to AA. He seems to be ready.

2005-06-09 11:46:54
57.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: Grabowski

I wouldn't ever say I was a Grabowski fan, but I do think he's got too much grief here. When he got regular playing time last year, he hit very well. His defense in LF is really, really bad, but perhaps that can improve. I seemed to remember a lot of his miscues coming on ill-considered dives for fly-balls, which is something that can be corrected with better coaching, and perhaps more experience. The problem is that he seems to have real problems with adjusting to pinch-hitting, which has been his primary role with the Dodgers, and which I think explains much of his poor performance early this season, and his dubious numbers from last year. However, with Ledee and Milton out, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he has an impressive offensive stretch in the near future, since he may now get regular playing time. The "Grabowski principle" may disappear in a week or so.

In sum, I don't see Grabowski as any worse than Repko, and perhaps even somewhat more valuable. Repko's great advantage, of course, is that he does play a great OF. If Grabowski ever figures out how to be a more effective pinch-hitter, which may come with time, he'd be a very useful piece as a 5th OF who swings a power left-handed bat off the bench. His personality doesn't seem especially winsome, but he does IMO hustle in the OF. The ill-considered dives last year were ill-considered, but not due to a lack of effort, and I still remember him once running into the LF scoreboard at full speed while trying to chase down a flyball.

He may end up being most valuable to the organization as a piece in a trade to an AL team that can give him regular playing time as a DH.


2005-06-09 11:47:20
58.   Steve
The Institute for Grabowski Studies is carefully considering the results of last night's game, attempting to determine whether last night disproved the GP rule, was an exception to the GP rule, or whether there is some kind of GP makeup effect.
2005-06-09 11:53:53
59.   CT Bum
As for Perez, I've been quite delighted with the production he's given us so far (how could you not), and I'm just hoping the eventual crash isn't too far (or hard).

Since I'm a UConn grad, I've been pulling for Grabowski. My Huskies don't have too many players in MLB, and have been pretty amazed at the grief he gets here too.

I think he's been OK. Certainly not great, but I don't see him costing us games (by either his play or the spot he occupies on the bench).

Just my 2 pennies...

2005-06-09 11:54:29
60.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I look forward to the day when Jim Rome will give DePo fawning interviews as the genius behind the coming Dodger dynasty.

I still remember the amusing interview where Rome had Gagne on, and spent much of his time eating crow for his notorious comment on Gagne during his early starter days.

That being said, I do actually think Rome can be very clever at times, but I just find him intolerable in large doses.


2005-06-09 11:55:56
61.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Isn't Grabowski actually from New Haven? I'm in New Haven as we speak.


2005-06-09 11:58:32
62.   Xeifrank
58. Steve, doesn't the GP state that giving up a homerun to a NL pitcher qualifies, but there is no mention of giving up a homerun to an AL pitcher. Therefore, perhaps Weaver sneaked through on a technicality last night and indeed did not invoke the GP. But perhaps the GP needs to include both NL and AL pitchers.
vr, Xei
2005-06-09 12:03:33
63.   JeffinTokyo
I have an idea for how the Dodgers can get the most out of their relationship with the Orix (ne Kintentsu) Buffaloes:

The Dodgers should stike some kind of an agreement where they can send some of their top prospects to Japan on a loan basis.

It is generally accepted that the Japanese leagues are somewhere between AAA and the majors, so the experience would be a pretty telling trial exam. Of course, pitchers would have to put on some sort of a pitch count limit.

It would be a lot like what top English Premiereship clubs do with their young players, loaning them out to lower division teams in England or to teams in lesser international leagues.

It would be a win-win-win situation too:

* Young players would make a lot more money in Japan than in AAA, and they would get a taste of a major league equivelant environment.

* The Dodgers would have a better gauge of a player's mettle after a year in Japan.

* The Buffs would get a player motivated to impress.

2005-06-09 12:03:51
64.   Kilgore Trout
57 - you mentioned Grabowski's defense.

While everybody is always getting on his case for his lack of offence, I think his batting can always improve. The way he plays the outfield, however, leads me to think that he will never field well.

Indeed, the best thing that could happen to him is to be traded to an American League team.

2005-06-09 12:04:16
65.   Steve
"When a pitcher does something hopelessly bad in a situation he should easily handle (e.g., giving up a hit to an opposing pitcher in a National League game, plunking the batter with bases loaded, or walking a struggling hitter), the Grabowski Principle says that pitcher must immediately be replaced."

It appears that the GP, as currently constituted, does not apply to interleague games, or even American League games. We'll have to ask Rob if this was an intentional formulation based on observation and history.

2005-06-09 12:10:55
66.   DougS
Re #26:
Jeff, I'm interested in the hows and whys of Japanese starting pitchers throwing so many pitches. What you say of Matsuzaka kind of fits with what we saw of Nomo and Ishii. Both threw a lot of pitches and went deep into the count as a matter of course. Drove a lot of us nuts, I know. Is that just less of a concern in Japan?
2005-06-09 12:17:43
67.   JeffinTokyo
This is a bit off topic, but in surfing the net yesterday I stumbled upon the fact that Philippes the Original is not the only LA establishment that claims to be the originator of the French Dip. Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet on 6th and Main claims that they created the first French Dip in 1908, 10 years before Philippe accidentally dropped the bun in the juice for Officer French.

I was shocked that as life time So Cal resident I had never heard of Cole's. I even used to work about 4 blocks away from the place. Of course I've been to Philippes countless times on the way to Dodger games, but with an upcoming trip home, I am intrigued by Cole's.

I need some enlightening here. I am not so concerned about the history. My taste buds don't care about which place actually invented the sandwich. I want to know if anyone here has been to Cole's. If so, how do their French Dips compare to old friend Philippes?

2005-06-09 12:17:56
68.   Jon Weisman
I don't think you want to ignore the spirit of the Grabowski Principle on a technicality. Rather, I would suggest the Institute for Grabowski Studies use this to examine the strength of the Grabowski Principle overall.

Perhaps you are allowed one GP violation from innings 1-3 ... or two in innings 1-3, one in innings 4-6, none in innings 7+ ... something like that.

2005-06-09 12:21:02
69.   subclub
regarding Grabowski's defense:

In the first Dodger game I ever went to (it was last year, I'm still pretty new to LA), Grabowski dove for a ball and ended up missing it by several feet. If I remember correctly, this ended up costing the Dodgers the game.

I was sitting in the left field pavillion and it seemed to me like he horribly misjudged the ball. Anecdotal evidence of course, but I haven't really seen anything since that would lead me to change my first impression.

2005-06-09 12:24:12
70.   JeffinTokyo
66. Doug, in Japan baseball the culture is somewhat milataristic. High school players all have buzz cuts, hazing is very prevelant, and fatigue is considered a sign of weakness. The feeling is that the harder players practice, the better they will play, and the more pitches they throw, the stronger they will be.

I guess that explains why Tommy Lasorda is so popular in Japan. It probably also explains why Dr. Jobe's gallery of ex patients on his office's wall has so many pictures of Japanese pitchers.

2005-06-09 12:28:30
71.   Im So Blue
For your lunchtime amusement, from the Daily Breeze:

Scott Erickson has lost his spot in the starting rotation, he's lost any command he had in the bullpen, but he hasn't lost his stiff upper lip.

Asked about the two rookies in the Dodgers starting rotation, Erickson sounded almost defiant.

"There's no doubt I should be starting," said the veteran who had started all but five of his 361 games before this season...

...if Erickson continues to struggle in a relief role, his Dodger days might be numbered.

2005-06-09 12:36:20
72.   FirstMohican
71 - I love how the title - "Erickson thinks he should be a starter" - points out that nobody else really thinks that.
2005-06-09 12:42:36
73.   JeffinTokyo
Es el Tiempo de Lima en San Franciso .
(It's Lima Time in SF.)
2005-06-09 12:47:50
74.   Jon Weisman
71 - I read that quote a number of times. If you read everything he said, I think it's possible he meant, "There's no doubt I should be starting - but I just haven't done the job." He goes on later to say that he's had his chances.

I admit he might have meant things as arrogantly and defiantly as the writer suggests, but it was a little ambiguous to me.

2005-06-09 12:55:00
75.   Jacob L
Jeff in Tokyo,

I've been to Coles about a million times, having worked 1 block away for a couple of years. I was originally sent there by the guy that does my alterations in the garment district.

Coles relative lack of noteriety is due to the neighborhood being somewhat unsavory (no man's land between the garment district and skid row.) That could change because it's also right in the middle of the fledgling loft revival.

Anyway, Coles is in fact the oldest continuously operating restaurant in LA. The dip is quite tasty, they have a full bar with some interesting imports on tap, and its got a great, if somewhat creepy, atmosphere.

As to whether it tops Phillipes, I'm not the one to say. I tend to order different things - turkey dip at Coles, lamb and blue cheese at Phillipe. Lets just say that with as with the following other great debates, I like them both:

NY pizza vs. chicago
Astair vs. Kelly
sauce vs. dry rub

I once also saw no reason to choose between Kobe and Shaq. "I like the both," I said. Now, I guess, I dislike them both.

2005-06-09 12:57:02
76.   Steve
74 -- I'd give him the benefit of the doubt if he hadn't been such a jerk in all his other interviews (poor me and the rotten defense behind me, I was throwing it where I wanted to and they got lucky, etc.) His continued presence on the roster is very close to a moral failing on DePodesta's part.

The Grabowski Principle, by definition, can't be limited to which inning the event occurs in. The practical reason for this is that it saves you another five innings of getting beat around like a pinata to find out that your pitcher sucks.

I'm not sure what to make of it. But I'm also not sure what to make of Weaver throwing a good game. I'm a little stunned today, in a "Thank God he did that, but how did he do it?" sort of way.

2005-06-09 12:57:27
77.   molokai
I was surprised that Orenduff wasn't moved up to AA when Thompson was brought up. He is a bit old for A ball so he better dominate. Much more impressed with what Elbert has done considering the age difference. Blake Dewitt has been a dissapointment until he hit for the cycle several days ago. Prospectus finished up their draft analysis and the bottom line was that college hitters are much more productive then high school hitters but that the difference between high school pitchers and college pitchers has become negligible. That is if I understood it all.

Did anyone catch the fact that the Dodger minor league pitcher of the month award was split between two pitchers that have never been discussed as prospects.

2005-06-09 12:59:45
78.   Jacob L
If the inference is that the reporter is trying to make Erickson look bad, and thus hasten his departure, well friend, that's the kind of journalistic activism I can get behind.
2005-06-09 13:01:44
79.   Steve
Pulitzers all around!
2005-06-09 13:03:17
80.   JeffinTokyo
Thanks Jacob. I will go to Cole's and check out their grub for sure (I also have to experience their great/somewhat creepy atmosphere). Yeah, the reason I heard of the place is from reading articles about the loft boom. The PE building itself (where Cole's is located) has become a loft.
2005-06-09 13:04:38
81.   DougS
Re: #70
Jeff, I had thought that might be the case, although I certainly defer to others in terms of understanding Japanese culture. I am still curious, though: Is it also more acceptable for a pitcher to go deep into the count in Japan? Ishii racked up a boatload of 3-ball counts, and so did Nomo when he was less than brilliant. Don't Japanese baseball people find that aggravating, just as we do?
2005-06-09 13:11:44
82.   JeffinTokyo
81. Doug, The games in Japan average more than 3.5 hours. Pitchers are taught to pitch to batters' strengths rather than to their own weaknesses. Nibbling is the key. (that is not so much the case for Matsuzaka, he throws lots of pitches because he strikes out a lot of batters and pitches lots of complete games).

And actually, there has been a backlash from the fans in the past few years. Ratings have gone way down. Part of it is from so many top players leaving Japan, but a big part of it is the lethargic nature of the games.

Things have begun to improve this year; they implemented interleague play for the first time, game times have decreased, bunting is down. The fact that two of the 12 managers are American may have somthing to do with the changes.

2005-06-09 13:13:39
83.   JeffinTokyo
In 82 when I said, "Pitchers are taught to pitch to batters' strengths rather than to their own weaknesses," I accidentally transposed two words. I think you can figure out which two.
2005-06-09 13:16:32
84.   Xeifrank
76. Steve, I think Weaver game up the dinger to the pitcher on purpose just to mess with you! :)
I still think you should close the technicality of NL/AL pitcher, and not give Weaver a GP due to the technicality. That is the only explanation for his solid pitching after serving up the dinger.
vr, Xei
2005-06-09 13:22:21
85.   Steve
84 -- As always, it's better when they win 3-1 while messing with me, than lose 8-4 while messing with me. I will suffer any indignity to celebrate victory.
2005-06-09 13:25:15
86.   JeffinTokyo
So far, Jose Lima has given up only 1 run in 3 innings. He pulled a bit of a Weaver, in that it was 1-nil after two batters, but since then he has settled down. Let's hope he keeps it up. The Royals currently trail Noah Lowry and the Giants 1-0.
2005-06-09 13:28:46
87.   DepoBall
Grab principle:
can't the phrase "...e.g., giving up a hit to an opposing pitcher in a National League game..." imply a game in a National League park? In which case pitchers of either league are hitters?
2005-06-09 13:31:56
88.   Christina
87 - that's how I read the GP.
2005-06-09 13:32:25
89.   JeffinTokyo
Have a good day all. I'm off to work soon. (It's already Friday morning here.)
2005-06-09 13:44:28
90.   natepurcell
re 77

actually, blake johnson is a prospect. he was our 2nd round pick out of HS last yr and he is only 19.

I agree, orenduff should be moved up. I hope they are more agressive with hochevar next year when he dominates the FSL. If orenduff can, someone like hochevar who has a superior fastball, superior slider, superior change, superior command and comparable poise and makeup will probably as well and deserves to be put on the fast track.

2005-06-09 13:44:59
91.   adg
Not to be too technical, but in the GP quote from Post 65 above is merely giving an example of what constitutes an infraction.

It therefore stands to reason that giving up a HR to any pitcher (not just NL ones like the example suggests) can be an infraction.

The key phrase is "hopelessly bad in a situation he should easily handle," which in no way invalidates infractions that occur by giving up dingers to AL pitchers in an interleague game. (Unless such pitcher is the 2nd coming of the Babe)

2005-06-09 13:48:19
92.   adg
Also doesn't e.g. mean Ergo, (therefore)? Could be the rule is also misconstructed gramatically?
2005-06-09 13:51:03
93.   DepoBall

Latin. exempli gratia (for example)

no google is like a frontal lobotomy

2005-06-09 13:52:22
94.   adg
My bad then. I went to wikipedia to get:

Ergo (eg.)
"Therefore" — used to show a logical conclusion. 'Therefore, Hence' See Cogito ergo sum.

2005-06-09 13:54:25
95.   adg
If I had just looked farther down I would have found the right definition.

Exempli gratia (e.g.)
Literally "for the sake of example", usually rendered in English as "for example." (An alternative interpretation of this abbreviation: "example given".)

2005-06-09 13:57:19
96.   Jacob L
Not to interrupt GrammarFest 05 here, but can we get the daggum Indians and Royals to stop squandering scoring chances here? Perhaps Alex Cora can do something astounding?
2005-06-09 14:00:53
97.   Jacob L
O.K., before anyone else says so, my use of the word "here" twice in one sentence is an obvious grammar violation.

So much for talkin baseball today.

2005-06-09 14:01:14
98.   Steve
New guidance re: The Grabowski Principle is forthcoming. I have realized two things after last night:

1) Nothing in baseball should be considered immutable. This was Plaschkean hubris on my part.

2) I am more comfortable with legal analogy than scientific analogy.

Stay tuned.

2005-06-09 14:03:31
99.   Bob Timmermann
Who is selling the t-shirts for GrammarFest '05? I want one!

My old cat has cancer of the sweat glands? Anyone here an expert on that type of cancer in cats? I doubt it, since the vet said that he rarely ever sees it.

Perhaps I need to send her to the Meow Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

2005-06-09 14:04:18
100.   Jacob L
Dreams of a K.C. sweep by the bay are fading fast.

Lima time, indeed.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-09 14:06:01
101.   the OZ
This has been rehashed to death, but:

Alex Cora!

Jose Lima!
8.39, 17HR, 27BB, 28K, 59 innings

Kaz Ishii!
5.14, 4 HR, 23BB, 20K, 42 innings

Guillermo (or Guerrmo, according to one 'website') Mota!
5.51, 1 HR, 8BB, 12K

Cora's line got me wondering about how bad the others were doing, so I couldn't resist checking. I can't claim DePodesta knows how to predict someone will play well, but he sure seems to know who's going to totally collapse.

2005-06-09 14:10:30
102.   the OZ
100: That reminds me of Lima's blurb in the 2005 BP book -

"One NL GM says Jose Lima 'can be effective given the right circumstances.' That's true, if you define those circumstances as (1) in a great pitchers' park (2) in front of a great defense (3) into a 40-mph headwind."

2005-06-09 14:14:50
103.   adg
Even keeping Encarnacion would not have changed much about our HR stats from LF. We might have moved up to 3rd from last.
2005-06-09 14:20:05
104.   Steve
New instructions have been issued re: the Grabowski Principle.
2005-06-09 14:21:15
105.   Christina
Bob - there are some links if you google for cat cancer of the sweat glands. But most of the information is extremely dense. I suggest trying some of the animal hospital links Google gives to get a phone number - maybe then you can call and get a vet who does have experience with such cases to go over this with you.
2005-06-09 14:28:51
106.   the OZ
We've overestimated the Noah Lowry/Scott Munter combo.

4-4, bottom 6 in SF

2005-06-09 14:31:22
107.   Jacob L
The Royals have rallies and the dream lives on at SBC. Now down to a battle of bullpens.
2005-06-09 14:32:01
108.   adg
And cleveland finally gets on the board.
2005-06-09 14:34:14
109.   Christina
7-4 Giants.
2005-06-09 14:37:04
110.   gvette
#99 GrammarFest 05 T-shirts? Thought I saw street vendors hawking GrammarPalooza 03 shirts outside Staples a couple of years ago, but I could be wrong.

Bob, there's a cat only vet. on Walnut in Pasadena. Maybe you should check with them.

#75 Coles- IIRC when Coles was built, it was in the middle of the then thriving Spring St. Financial district, and on the ground floor of the Pacific Electric building, home of the Red Cars. That it survived all of that, and what became the worst neighborhood in LA is amazing. Taix, near Dodger Stadium, has also claimed to be the oldest restaurant in LA as well.

Fledgling LA urban archaelogists should take care, based on the terrible accident that happened to two explorers trying to recover Brew 102 beer cans in downtown LA.

#71 Erickson should have been gone two weeks ago after his last start. He should consider his last couple of paychecks as the Dodgers' belated wedding gift to him and Lisa.

2005-06-09 14:38:46
111.   Jacob L
9-4 Giants. Um, do the Royals have anybody warming up?
2005-06-09 14:41:23
112.   Jacob L
The current Taix at Sunset and Park is not the original location. They may be older than Coles, but Coles' claim, I believe, has to do with continuous operation. Of course, the Pantry lost their original spot to the Harbor Fwy. ramps, and still did not close during the move.
2005-06-09 14:42:39
113.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks for the tips. I've actually been to various vets.

I think I will take my cat to a dermatologist next. The oncologist says her coat is bothering more than any cancer.

There are remarkably few veterinary dermatologists. But in the short-term, my cat is OK. Short-term as in "the next couple of months"

2005-06-09 14:45:02
114.   Christina
Oh, Bob. Let me guess, you painted your cat's fur blue. :)
2005-06-09 14:45:53
115.   regfairfield
Padres win 3-2 when Grady Sizemore is rung up on what was clearly a checked swing.
2005-06-09 14:47:44
116.   champion of choi
Did anyone catch Grabowski's interview last night on SCSR? He is a man of few words, indeed.

He seems to have the perpetual "deer-in-headlights/glazed look about him. He wasn't a very good interview.

Maybe if he had more of a scrap factor TM (similar to range factor but measures overall scrap-worthiness), we'd take better to him.

2005-06-09 14:49:45
117.   Bob Timmermann
My cat is actually tortoiseshell in appearance. Well, if she had enough hair left on her to have that look.

Woo hoo! LaTroy Hawkins time in San Francisco!

2005-06-09 14:51:36
118.   Jacob L
Can KC get off the mat again? The Giants are fortunate to get be at home. I don't know how we can face this juggernaut at their place.
2005-06-09 14:53:24
119.   Langhorne
Padres win 3-2, with three hits to Cleveland's nine. In San Francisco Jim Tracy is picking up some extra work managing the Royals for the day.
2005-06-09 14:53:38
120.   Christina
Come on Hawkins. Do what you were traded to do, blow the game. (I'm convinced that Dusty Baker convinced the Cubs to trade Hawkins in order to return the "favor" of being dumped by the Giants.)

Hawkins is my favorite Giant. Heh heh.

2005-06-09 14:55:54
121.   Bob Timmermann
Picking relievers for the Royals is not a pretty sight. It's a nightmare for Buddy Bell.

It would be like looking at the Dodger bullpen and all you would see were six different Scott Ericksons.

2005-06-09 14:56:16
122.   regfairfield
Hawkins already being booed in San Fransico.

At least Eric Byrnes has also looked horrible, so my fantasy trade isn't so bad.

2005-06-09 15:04:13
123.   Christina
Hawkins escapes, and the Nunez kid is being thrown out for another inning of slaughter.

Nuts, the Giants may just take this one.

2005-06-09 15:04:42
124.   Christina
Never mind, Nunez was just pulled. Not that, as Bob points out, this next guy is really any better...
2005-06-09 15:05:00
125.   Langhorne
Jose Lima - 5 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs.
Leo Nunez - 1 inning, 6 hits, 5 runs.

Actually, Nunez has done pretty well for a 21 year old. He seems Duaner-like in that he'll pitch well for several games and then collapse. Today was a collapse day.

2005-06-09 15:07:20
126.   Langhorne
Lima, on the other hand, has been out-Ericksoning Erickson.
2005-06-09 15:13:18
127.   regfairfield
Just listened to Krukow explain for two minutes what an asset Ellison's speed is, and how it means you get a runner in scoring position for free off of a walk.

Ellison proceeds to immediately get thrown out stealing. Merryment was had.

2005-06-09 15:16:19
128.   Woody
Sorry to get off the topic, but since we have a night without a game, all you younger folks out there, might want to check out Koufax's game 7 shutout over Jim Kaat in game 7 of the 1965 World Series.

I purchased it through last winter for $3.95 when I had some free time from freaking out over the Dodgers off-season dealings. I haven't actually had a chance to watch it until tonight (my wife is out of town at a prep school reunion in Andover, MA).

I was in my senior year of high school at the time and remember getting home (EST) for about the last half of the game. I paced around my room while I watched the game with butterflies in my stomach and fear in my heart, except that I almost always felt that Sandy would come through.

The way you will see it in "black and white" is the same way I saw it at the time.
It's a piece of Dodger history and one of the bravest performances I had the pleasure to see. Remember, Koufax was already suffering from severe elbow pain and was pitching on two days rest.


2005-06-09 15:24:48
129.   Bob Timmermann
I've seen that game on ESPN Classic. The things I take from watching that are:
1) Production values at baseball games were really bad in 1965
2) Ray Scott was incredibly boring compared to Vin Scully
3) I think it's one of the few intact telecasts of an entire Koufax game, but since he just threw his fastball, you don't get to see his legendary curve. And since I was born in December 1965, it's still legendary to me because I've never seen it.
2005-06-09 15:25:19
130.   Christina
For my money, the best announcer-jinxing is in Olympic gymnastics. I can't count the number of times I've heard "If she finishes this routine clean, the gold is hers" or "She never makes a mistake in this routine" followed by the gymnast promptly screwing up. "She's lost her chance at a medal now." It's just automatic, really.

In all fairness, two Olympics ago it was due to a vault bar that had been set too low. But then the announcers jinxed Elise Ray and Svetlana Khorkina during their next routines by talking about how they'd find out after they finished those that they were back in medal contention because they were going to be able to vault again. Naturally, Khorkina missed a bar hold, on her signature event, and fell on her face; Ray stepped out of bounds.

I was always annoyed with NBC for cutting to commercial just as the Olympic peeps reached Khorkina to explain the vault thing to her after she'd blown the bars routine. "The news reaches Khorkina..." intoned the announcer. (cut to commercial) She was known as "The Mad Stork" for very good reasons. Who cares if she would've been screaming in Russian--diva tantrums rock.

Back to baseball, Alou just pulled my buddy Hawkins. Damn.

2005-06-09 15:35:14
131.   Woody
Bob T.,

Hearing Vin's voice is always comforting and it amazes me that he is still with us in 2005.

I don't really remember Ray Scott, except a guy who used to annouce professional wrestling. I'm not sure it's the same person.

The production values were crappy, but to one who had never seen "color TV" in 1965 it was all we had. My first TV was "Howdy Doody" in 1952 or so.

The Gillette razor ads were big at the time in all sports, especially boxing. The Gillette "safety razor" was the "state of the art" and what I used to slash my face with from about ages 12-15.

My father had a 1963 Plymouth "Valiant" which I wrecked the first night I had my driver's license in September "65.

2005-06-09 15:47:17
132.   Jim Hitchcock
Anybody remember the game Fox broadcast against the Cubs a few years back? Each of the first few innings were broadcast using techniques of the different eras...starting with one camera high behind home plate...and Keith Olbermann kept changing hats.

Bob, hang in there with the's lucky to have such a good friend.

2005-06-09 15:48:06
133.   champion of choi
This is way off topic but did anyone hear Clint Barmes "new" explanation on how he sustained his broken collerbone.

He originally said he slipped carrying groceries but he has amended his story to slipped while carrying "deer meat."

apparently, he was trolling for deer with Todd Helton on an off day and slipped when he carried the deer meat to his residence.

I am sure the fact that he was on an atv all day had nothing to do with the injury. Sounds like Kent's, "I was washing my truck story a few years back."

2005-06-09 15:48:22
134.   molokai
The 65 World Series was shown to my 5th grade class during a field trip to a Coke factory in Virginia. They showed us the WS tape(reel to reel) during the lunch break. It was the 1st time I'd ever seen major league ball players. My family had just moved back from 3 years in Germany which is why I had never seen a baseball game on TV. Back then they only had German language TV so we never watched it. Best thing that ever happened in my life was not having a TV to watch during my early childhood.
Earlier this year I bought the DVD copy on Ebay. It was cool to rewatch it but Bob is right the production quality was crappy and they don't show enough of the ballgames to get a real sense of the moment.
2005-06-09 15:48:33
135.   Christina
Well, that was a kinda wacky end to the Giants/Royals game.
2005-06-09 15:49:01
136.   Bob Timmermann
Ray Scott was more famous as the play by play guy for the Packers. He also did some baseball for the Twins. He was very steady. Very unemotional. He wasn't bad. But he wasn't Vin.

And working by himself on TV, he just didn't add much when doing baseball.

But on football, if you hear him intoning, "First and 10 Packers, Starr calling the signals, hand off to Taylor, he gains five." It had sort of a "Voice of God" tone to it.

2005-06-09 15:58:34
137.   puerto de azul-92260
#133-Sounds fishy. I guess deer meat is slippery. Poor Barmes...befallen by such a terrible calamity.
2005-06-09 15:58:47
138.   the OZ
If the Giants go 16-8 over their next 24 games, they could be .500 by the All-Star break.
2005-06-09 16:06:32
139.   Steve
127 -- either last night or the night before, Ozzie Guillen called for a double steal with El Duque Hernandez standing on third base. Needless to say, it didn't work.
2005-06-09 16:11:29
140.   Christina
138 - let's not be all pessimistic. The Giants are fortunately still a bad team with a horrendous bullpen.
2005-06-09 16:33:06
141.   Linkmeister
Woody, we had a 1962 Valiant with the push-button transmission. We drove across country from LA to Washington DC in that thing (Mom, Dad, my 12-year-old self and my 2-year-old sister) in December 1962.
2005-06-09 16:39:32
142.   Langhorne
For those looking for something to fill the sports void this afternoon ESPN2 is showing competitive rope-jumping at the moment.
2005-06-09 16:44:12
143.   Landonkk
For those of you who HATE off days like I do - You can watch our AA Jacksonville Suns play Carolina @
2005-06-09 16:58:26
144.   Fearing Blue
#143: Sweet. Eric Stults is pitching tonight. Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch since I have a softball game, but I'd love to hear how he looked. He's been pitching well so far this year.
2005-06-09 17:09:54
145.   Bob Timmermann
I gave up on the Washington-Oakland game. The Nats are already up 4-0.

I'm moving along to Florida-Seattle.
The Mar..... are ahead.

2005-06-09 17:17:28
146.   the OZ
Here's something pretty useless:

The NL West teams and the 'unearned' portion of their total runs scored this season -

SD 23 282 8.1%
LA 21 286 7.7%
AZ 21 266 7.9%
SF 15 242 6.2%
CO 17 273 6.2%

I did something like this late last year when the Giants were closing the gap, because it seemed to me that they were getting really lucky. They actually weren't, scoring an unremarkable 8.1% of their runs on their opponents' errors. However, it was the Padres that were super-lucky, finishing the entire season scoring 77 unearned runs, or exactly 10% of their season total. 7% is about average.

2005-06-09 17:27:36
147.   Landonkk
RE: 143
OK, so I haven't been to any AA games, although I will be going to a Suns game next month, but watching the Suns game online one thing stands out - the Umire's are horrible. A Mudcat hit one out, but it bounced off the scoreboard back in play where Tydus Meadows played it like a double. No HR was awarded. Then in the bottom of the inning, Meadows legged out an infield single and was clearly (and I mean clearly) safe, but he was called out. Maybe it was a make up call, but two huge blown calls in one inning.

Stults is getting hit, but has been able to get out of some jams.

2005-06-09 17:34:53
148.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres are still the only team in the NL West with more runs scored than allowed.

The Dodgers are -2.

2005-06-09 17:52:10
149.   natepurcell
logan white was just on 710 talking about our draft, hochevar/boras and our current prospects.

can someone give a recap if they heard the full interview?

2005-06-09 18:34:51
150.   kegtron
Tex Ranger opening day starter Ryan Drese got DFA'd earlier today. Is he someone worth taking a look at?

.334 BAA, but his 3.41 ERA at Arlington is pretty good for that park, no?

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2005-06-09 19:12:39
151.   dzzrtRatt
Thanks LandonK (#143). I found your post about the Suns just in time to watch the bottom of the ninth. With the Suns losing 4-0 to the Mudcats, Joel Guzman came to the plate with two out. He took a couple of mighty swings, but he struck out to end the game.

Guzman, physically, looks like a cross between Adrian Beltre and Daryl Strawberry.

2005-06-09 19:35:36
152.   natepurcell
on the logan white interview on espn radio 710, he compared guzman to vlad.
2005-06-09 20:29:49
153.   Fearing Blue
Scott Elbert, our top pick from the 2004 draft, was pulled after only pitching 1 inning is his start tonight for Columbus. Does anyone have any ideas where to find out why?
2005-06-09 20:35:20
154.   Fearing Blue
#147: Thanks for the info Landonkk. I checked the boxscore and it looks like he's being hurt by the defense, though mostly his own. He's made 2 errors on the evening.
2005-06-09 21:06:48
155.   bill cox
Vero Beach lost a one hitter(Jonathon Figueroa and reliever) on a Matt Kemp error and a groundout.Figueroa is a prospect that was,was not and maybe will be again.
I hope Elbert isn't hurt.Stultz gave up a homer and made two errors so didn't pitch that poorly.I'd like to see him get a shot in the majors this year.
2005-06-09 21:16:31
156.   natepurcell
the columbus game had a rain delay after the first inning. so when play resumed, they just decided to not trot elbert out to the mound again after a lengthy delay.

also a reminder. luke hochevar will be pitching on ESPN 2 tomorrow at 1PM PT for the college regionals. hopefully u guys can tune in.

2005-06-09 21:16:58
157.   natepurcell

maybe jon can put a reminder up tomorrow morning. :)

2005-06-09 22:21:27
158.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, since there ain't no baseball tonight, think I'll go down to Broad Beach and watch the grunnion run. Hey, wha happened?
2005-06-10 02:18:47
159.   Improbable88
Earlier in the thread there was talk of a couple of restraunts with great french dips. I'm always looking for new places to eat before and after the game, and though Tommy's is a classic, I can only eat so much chili. Can anybody post the addresses of Cole's and Phillip's? Thanks!
2005-06-10 02:19:35
160.   Improbable88
an e-mail with the aforementioned would work too..thanks

2005-06-10 04:22:31
161.   Robert Tagorda
Here's one statistic worth noting:

Perez has 9 walks in 80 PAs; Beltre has 8 in 235.

2005-06-10 09:10:02
162.   everett
I haven't read a LA times article in about a month but i noticed this pretty decent human interest story about the sad numbers beltre is putting up in seattle...

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