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Ellen Pompeo
2005-06-09 22:27
by Jon Weisman

My latest freelance piece: a Variety feature on Ellen Pompeo, who plays the title character on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

The other day, Ellen Pompeo was talking about her fascination with a news feature in a magazine -- "the one with Angelina Jolie on the cover."

Pompeo did so during that peculiar moment in which a career has launched and all that's left is for the smoke to clear. Because soon will come the day when Pompeo reads another magazine with interest -- the one with her on the cover. ...

Subscription required, so I realize many of you won't see it - but maybe you'll at least be intrigued.

Update: Apparently you can read the article if you go through an ad first.

There will be two more articles next week.

2005-06-09 23:05:37
1.   dzzrtRatt
Congratulations Jon. I've never heard of Ellen Pompeo nor seen Grey's Anatomy (it was on against 'The L Word' and I'm far too enlightened to skip that show!), but your brief excerpt is well done.

Speaking of good articles, I think Steve Henson's short piece in tomorrow morning's Times about Edwin Jackson will generate a lot of comment. Whether it's good PR or Henson's insights, he's prepared the ground for what could be seen as a debacle for Jackson--demotion to the AA team. Henson's story makes it seem like this is the "cool class" that Jackson should have been in all along.

2005-06-09 23:31:05
2.   Bob Timmermann
I was able to read the article after watching an ad for Microsoft.

"Grey's Anatomy" is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I have a hard time believing its plotlines. But it has Sandra Oh in it, which is something in its favor.

2005-06-09 23:41:30
3.   Linkmeister
The Microsoft ad ain't very long, folks. But I'm not convinced we got the whole article after watching the ad, either. It seems awfully short for a feature, although I'm not familiar with Variety, so maybe that's their standard.

What say you, Jon?

2005-06-10 04:11:35
4.   Jim Hitchcock
SAndra Oh is terrific. If you ever get the chance, Bob, check out 'Double Happiness'.
2005-06-10 05:02:40
5.   CT Bum
Nice piece Jon!

I'm also a fan of Grey's Anatomy, and I din't think it's that much of a guilty's very well written, but I agree the plotlines are a bit outlandish.

I've wondered what happened to Boston Legal (which Grey replaced). I thought Grey was just taking a "spotlight" turn in the Sunday at 10 spot, but it looks like Legal's gone for good now.

2005-06-10 06:14:22
6.   Knuckles
Loved Ellen in Old School. There's a grl in my office who looks just like her and I just wanna- umm I'll stop talking now...
2005-06-10 06:49:33
7.   Humma Kavula
It's interesting that you compare Ellen Pompeo to Calista Flockhart -- when I was working on Moonlight Mile, Pompeo's claim to fame was being waifishly, perhaps dangerously, thin.

Haven't watched Grey's Anatomy -- has she... umm... put any meat on dem bones?

2005-06-10 07:37:06
8.   Jon Weisman
3 - short but sweet, I guess.

Sandra Oh was a recurring guest on the first show I ever wrote for, "If Not For You" (1995). I did punch-up writing for that show. The show was canceled after four episodes aired, so that I don't know if her work ever got on the air. But I think it was her first or second job after Double Happiness.

"If Not For You" was also one of Peter Krause's first jobs. Hank Azaria and Elizabeth McGovern were the leads.

2005-06-10 08:45:30
9.   everett
here's the link to the article by steve henson mentioned in comment #1

jon, great to see you finding more freelance work. it's good to remember that you're a good writer/journalist ... and not just a sports writer. those two things don't always go hand in hand...

2005-06-10 08:50:11
10.   Steve
Goofy place for this question, but does anyone have insight into why there isn't an announced starter for Sunday?
2005-06-10 09:10:31
11.   molokai
Elizabeth McGovern with the mesmerizing eyes or is that another McGovern?

I've never seen Grey's anatomy as the ad just seemed to suggest Doctor's screwing Doctor's and did not compell me to have a look see. Plus isn't it on the same time as Deadwood which is a must see for me. Deadwood has some of the greatest characters I've ever seen on TV.

2005-06-10 09:16:55
12.   scareduck
The ad was for a Microsoft product. Ick. I feel... unclean.
2005-06-10 09:21:31
13.   Colorado Blue

I too am a HUGE Deadwood fan... in fact, there are only 2 things I watch in a given week: any Dodger game and either Sopranos (which I'm tiring of), Six Feet Under (also am tiring of), or Deadwood (can't get enough); depending on which is in the current season.

Sorry to move OT.

I have all of Deadwood season I on DVD and season II on my DVR.

Anyway, the writing on Deadwood and the adherence to speaking as if it was really 1876 just blow me away... and I'm not talking about the cussing.

2005-06-10 09:27:32
14.   Rob M
I think Grey's Anatomy is on right after Deadwood (which is itself on hiatus anyways).

I used to live down the street from Ellen. I saw her almost every day in a park on our block that we all brought our dogs too. She's very sweet, though eccentric, the way many actors are. The Calista reference was kinda sly on your part, by way of suggesting that Ellen is shockingly thin without actually saying it. I always thought she looked a lot like Renee Zelwegger.

2005-06-10 09:27:36
15.   Jim Hitchcock
Rob, there are some things that soap just won't fix.
2005-06-10 09:27:56
16.   Xeifrank
Brad Penny's Over/Under tonight has now been set at 7 IPs.
vr, Xei
2005-06-10 09:38:48
17.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, that gives me all day to think about it! Oh, the heck with it...over.

Like Molokai says, Deadwood has some of the greatest characters ever...but Calamity Jane has got to be my favorite.

2005-06-10 09:45:53
18.   Colorado Blue
Over/Under vote: over
Favorite Deadwood character: "Sweggin'": nothing better than one of his "conversations" with "Chief"... except maybe one of his monologues during a you-know-what.
2005-06-10 09:47:07
19.   gvette
Grey's Anatomy is a favorite of my wife's, although it has everything to do with Patrick Dempsey, as opposed to Ms. Pompeo.
No offense to your interview subject,but I suspect that the demographic for that show would skew female just for that reason.

As a big fan of "Old School", it seemed that Ms. Pompeo's part was much the same as Karen Allen's in Animal House. It was supposed to add an "adult" counterbalance to the plot, but just made you look at your watch waiting for Will Ferrell (or Belushi in Animal House) to come back on the screen.

Anyone else see Tim Brown's incredibly sympathetic piece on Adrian Beltre in the Times today? At least it's the first step of the Times in actually acknowledging that Beltre is having a bad year.

2005-06-10 09:48:05
20.   jasonungar05
I have to chime in as Deadwood and the Dodgers are all I make sure to watch on TV anymore.

(Maybe CSI/Without a Trace and NCIS too)

My favorite is Al but that is an easy pick. I really like the Doc.

2005-06-10 10:21:58
21.   Bob Timmermann
I believe IFC has a rule that "Double Happiness" has to be shown at least six times a month.

I will forgive Sandra Oh for being on "Arliss". I thought she was headed for a very interesting creative pairing with Alexander Payne, but they didn't stay married very long.

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