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Beating a Dead Horse
2005-06-12 08:30
by Jon Weisman

Today's Game

* * *

Scott Erickson is now used like a Rule 5 acquisition - last guy on the staff, with no expectations that he will help this season. The only difference from the typical Rule 5 is Erickson's certain future.

In almost every close game the Dodgers play, we see the impact of having only five reserves, while Erickson languishes uselessly in the bullpen. The Dodgers already have three starting pitchers in Derek Lowe, Brad Penny and Jeff Weaver who will usually pitch at least six innings. As soon as two from the crew of true Rule 5 D.J. Houlton, fellow rookie Derek Thompson, and rehabilitating Elmer Dessens and Odalis Perez can make it a fivesome of six-inningsers, the Dodgers should get themselves back to an 11-man pitching staff and six-man bench as soon as possible. (Erickson, of course, should be long gone by this point.)

Supposedly, Houlton got the start over Thompson today to give the Dodgers the luxury of a second lefthander in the bullpen. But I suspect the nod to Houlton is no different than the nod that brought him to Los Angeles in the first place - a belief that he's really got the stuff. Otherwise, it would be odd to take Thompson out of the relative groove that he's been in during his first three starts.

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2005-06-12 09:13:34
1.   Ben P
If we go to the 11-man staff, who would be the extra bench player? An outfielder or an infielder? On another note, do we think the Oscar Robles experiment is working or do we need to bring up another backup SS instead?
2005-06-12 09:52:28
2.   brendan glynn

I'll be in the green dodger hat wearing the Team Depo shirt and ghame over shirt.. third row behind home plate. if I am not directly on camera, i'll walk into frame.

2005-06-12 09:52:28
3.   Louis in SF
I think the Oscar Robles experiment is going well, and we may see a bigger test if Cesar is down for any length of time. Muscle strain is supposedly minor. As far as going to the 11 man rotation, I think we all have been waiting for it, but it can't be done until all the pitching is there for a consistant length of time. Even when Wilson, Elmer, and Odalis return, I think Tracy will want to wait to see if everyone can stay healthy for more than two days. If all of that happens the Dodgers then need to find one more great pinch hitter....Since Seattle will be offically out of the race soon, what about bringing back Dave Hansen?
2005-06-12 09:54:23
4.   Fearing Blue
As well as a belief in Houlton's stuff, it may also be due to his relative efficiency. Houlton needed only 74 pitches to get through 5 1/3rd innings. Thompson has needed at least 86 pitches to get through just 5 innings in each of his three starts (95, 89, & 86 pitches). Houlton probably has the best chance to make it through the 6th inning, which as we've seen, puts our bullpen in a much better situation.
2005-06-12 09:55:25
5.   Fearing Blue
#2: Nice color coordination with the green hat and bright orange shirt :).
2005-06-12 09:59:13
6.   Fearing Blue
#3: I agree. For now, Robles is fine as a backup middle-infielder. If Robles doesn't work out we'll likely move on to Jose Flores who would fill the same role and has been hitting well in Las Vegas. Either of them would be stopgaps until Valentin hopefully returns in a month and a half.
2005-06-12 10:34:34
7.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

June 12, 2003

Finishing off their first series of regular season games in Detroit in franchise history, the second place Dodgers completed a sweep over their woeful Tigers with a 3-2 win at Comerica Park. Kaz Ishii won his sixth game while Eric Gagne earned his 24th save.

One of the weakest-hitting Dodger teams ever (especially compared to other teams in the same era) managed to score just three runs in each of the three games in Detroit, but that was good enough for a sweep. Fortunately, the Dodgers also had one of the best pitching staffs in the league. The Dodger pitchers ended up with a 3.16 ERA for the season, over half a run better than the next best staff, San Francisco.

The Dodgers scratched out their three runs in typical fashion on June 12. Down 1-0 in the second, left fielder Mike Kinkade got to second on an infield single compounded by a throwing error from Tigers third baseman Eric Munson. Third baseman Jolbert Cabrera singled in Kinkade. Second baseman Alex Cora singled in Cabrera.

The Tigers tied the game at 2-2 on a Craig Monroe home run in the third. But in the fifth, the Dodgers got a leadoff single from shortstop Cesar Izturis. Center fielder Dave Roberts laid down a sacrifice bunt to move Izturis over and catcher Paul Lo Duca singled him home.

Ishii was his typical self, striking out eight, but walking six. He was helped out by the Tigers' bad baserunning as they were caught stealing four times. The win kept the Dodgers four games behind the Giants in the NL West.

2003 would be a maddening year for Dodger fans as they saw an incredible team performance on the mound go to waste, as the offense could not support it at all. The Dodgers finished 85-77 and 15 ½ games behind the Giants.

Of course, the big story was the Cy Young award winning performance of Gagne, who converted all 55 of his save opportunities and had a 1.20 ERA. Gagne struck out 137 of the 306 batters he faced in 2003. He surrendered just two home runs all season, one to Todd Helton of Colorado and the other to Vladimir Guerrero of Montreal.

Hideo Nomo had his second straight solid season in his return to L.A., going 16-13 with a 3.09 ERA. Kevin Brown had a 2.39 ERA and went 14-9. Odalis Perez went 12-12 and 4.52 after a good 2002. And the setup men for Gagne were all tough. Paul Quantrill had a 1.75 ERA and Guillermo Mota had a 1.93 ERA. Reclamation project Wilson Alvarez came up at the end of the year and went 6-2 with a 2.37 ERA.

But the offense in 2003 was awful. Shawn Green, coming off seasons of 49 and 42 homers was slowed down by shoulder problems and hit just 19. Adrian Beltre led the team in homers with 23, but he batted .240 with an OBP of .290 and struck out 103 times while drawing just 37 walks. Lo Duca made the NL All-Star team, but slowed down with a heavy load of catching and batted .273 with just 7 home runs.

Some players expected to provide power were dismal failures. Fred McGriff came by to try to take a stab at hitting his 500th home run in Dodger Blue, but came up 9 short and hit just 13 in 86 games. Injuries limited outfielder Brian Jordan to 66 games. Daryle Ward was expected to provide power and in 52 games with the Dodgers had one extra-base hit, a double. 44-year old Rickey Henderson was even brought in to provide some spark at the top of the order, but age and injuries limited Henderson to just 30 games.

The Dodgers scored just 574 runs on the season, 52 fewer than the next worse team in the NL, New York. The Dodgers scored 17 fewer runs the Tigers, who finished 43-119. The Dodgers scored in double figures only three times all season.

And to top it off, the team was for sale. News Corp (aka Fox) wanted out.

Thanks to the and Retrosheet

2005-06-12 10:40:29
8.   Jon Weisman
Hey - 2003. I could have been a source for this one. Just for example:

2005-06-12 11:07:16
9.   bigcpa
The Tivo is set. Thanks for representing!

Has anyone seen anyone in either shirt yet at the yard? If anyone posted a sighting I missed it. Batch 2 of TEAM DEPO arrived today so by next week there will be around 60 of them walking the earth. Now I'm thinking about a World Champs edition that reads "He did it. We helped."

2005-06-12 11:07:24
10.   Brian Y
I think Robles has been decent thus far and definitely needs to perform better to keep his job on the roster over the coming months. I would like to see Saenz at 3B and Perez at SS today since Houlton seems like a flyball pitcher. But, we all know Tracy loves L/R match-ups so Robles will likely start at SS.
2005-06-12 11:12:10
11.   LAT
Brenden, what asile? I will be there as well (Asile 18). I have not seen anyone wearing the shirt but I'll be looking today. Hopefully you will stand out in organge against all of the presumably white or blue beach towels.
2005-06-12 11:13:52
12.   bigcpa
Jon- how about a first-hand account of the Choi HR last night? Vinny started pulling out Willie Stargell references and said it was 3 rows from the roof.
2005-06-12 11:20:03
13.   Bob Timmermann
Icaros and I thought the ball had gone completely out of the stadium from our perspective, but we were up in the blue along the third base line. When they put up a distance on it (458 ft.), I figured it had to still be in the park. They didn't show a replay in the stadium until the inning was over.

I believe the response that Icaros and I both had to Choi's homer was "Wow!" It was the longest home run I've ever seen at Dodger Stadium in person.

I will miss today's game. I have no couch to sit on while enjoying Dodgers game and I have come to the conclusion that many things can be bought online, but furniture shouldn't be one of them. Until someone develops a way for people to sit on something while using their computer.

2005-06-12 12:24:13
14.   Xeifrank
Over/Under for Houlton today is 5 2/3 IPs, place your virtual bets.
vr, Xei
2005-06-12 12:26:33
15.   GoBears
I made it to the game. Same general area as Bob and Icaros, apparently, and decked out in Team Depo. I'm now 0-4 on the season. Starting to think it's all my fault. I couldn't tell where Choi's blast landed until I saw it on replays when I got home. 3 rows from the top of the Pavillion.

Longest shot I've seen in person at DS was Piazza's roof-bouncing shot. It was just a fly ball, but it kept going up and up and up. Choi's looked that way too. Like gravity was turned off briefly.

2005-06-12 12:49:07
16.   bigcpa
Nice weekend for the farm:

Jacksonville 13, Carolina 0
Hanrahan 6ip, 0er, 5ip, 2bb
3HR (Young, Weber, Meadows)
8bb for Suns

Vero Beach 9, Brevard County 0
Laroche 2-4, HR #21 (grand slam)
RHP Justin Orenduff, 7ip, 0er, 8k, 0bb

2005-06-12 12:58:05
17.   Fearing Blue
#16: That makes 81 Ks in 60.1 innings for Orenduff and a 2.24 ERA.
2005-06-12 13:00:37
18.   Fearing Blue
#14: I'll take the over.
2005-06-12 13:04:57
19.   Marty
Gimme the over. We seem to do well in the daytime. Plus, if we will be staring at a Team Depo shirt all game, how can they lose?
2005-06-12 13:10:29
Under, but we still win. Its so much more exciting having our starting pitcher being a relatively unknown commodity. Itll be even more fun watching our young pitchers come up in the next couple of years. I say bring Edwin up, dont demote him. Just kidding, that would be selfish.
2005-06-12 13:11:02
21.   Marty
Just got a glimpse of the shirt...
2005-06-12 13:13:29
22.   Rob M
How about DJ's hook? Looks very nasty.
2005-06-12 13:13:33
23.   Christina
I'll take the over too. I'm in a very good mood after seeing the As up 11-4 today.
2005-06-12 13:13:55
24.   Dodgerkid
Which dork from this website is wearing that shirt?
2005-06-12 13:15:21
25.   Albert in Hong Kong
Houlton's pitches looking very nasty today.
2005-06-12 13:16:07
26.   Marty
See post #2 kid
2005-06-12 13:16:10
27.   Albert in Hong Kong
i haven't spotted brendan yet...?
2005-06-12 13:17:14
28.   Dodgerkid
I saw him get up and get a drink
2005-06-12 13:20:46
29.   Rob M
2005-06-12 13:20:57
30.   Albert in Hong Kong
Choi is ridiculous.
2005-06-12 13:21:14
31.   Rob M
What a rip - he just smoked it.
2005-06-12 13:21:53
32.   Christina
This may be blasphemy, but with Perez, Choi, and Saenz all hot right now, I'm sort of glad that Izzy is out, enabling JT to put all three of these guys in the line-up at once. And with Drew/Kent sandwiched in between Choi and Saenz, that's quite the five batters to have all in a row.

Of course, all five of them will now probably go 0-4 this game.

2005-06-12 13:22:21
33.   Christina
Or not!

Eel for all!

2005-06-12 13:24:58
34.   Rob M
As much as a I like Izzy, I do think he's a bit a weak link in that he is the one hitter in the lineup without a patient approach at the plate.
2005-06-12 13:31:59
35.   Rob M
This is looking bad.
2005-06-12 13:32:00
36.   Christina
I like Izzy greatly too, but baseball is a streaky game and I also believe in playing the hot hands. How often do you get Choi and Saenz and Perez all locked in at once? Izzy will heat up again at some point, but while he's cold...

And ugh to Houlton.

2005-06-12 13:34:36
37.   Christina
Anyone wondering if this is partly because we don't have Phillips catching today? I can't see the game and am following along on Sportsline, so I don't know exactly what's going wrong, but I would think a kid like Houlton would benefit from having the veteran calling his game. (Sorry Rose.)
2005-06-12 13:36:42
38.   regfairfield
I think the main issue is that Houlton just isn't very good.
2005-06-12 13:36:47
39.   Albert in Hong Kong
I'm sure if DJ were Erickson, he would blame JD and the defense for the game if this gets ugly.
2005-06-12 13:39:42
40.   Albert in Hong Kong
Ok guys, listen closely to this.
2005-06-12 13:39:50
41.   Dodgerkid
Who's that greasy curly haired hook nosed fellow sitting next to Vinny?
2005-06-12 13:40:41
42.   Christina
All things considered, I think we were lucky to escape with only 2 run scored.
2005-06-12 13:40:54
43.   Rob M
DJ's alright. He handled that little crisis pretty well. He gives up a lot of fly balls. If they start turning into HR's, then I'll be worried.
2005-06-12 13:44:34
44.   Christina
Cleveland goes up 1-0 on the Giants in the 3rd.
2005-06-12 13:52:13
45.   Fearing Blue
DJ did a great job striking out Morneau and Hunter with Ford sitting at 3rd.
2005-06-12 13:52:29
46.   Albert in Hong Kong
A good job of impressing the owner too.
2005-06-12 14:01:44
47.   Langhorne
Izzy would've had that.
2005-06-12 14:04:57
48.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Yes, Houlton. Way to squeeze out of another inning. Lets go Dodger Bats.
2005-06-12 14:07:24
49.   adg
Houlton will have the staffs best k/9 here in a little bit, if he doesn't have it already.
2005-06-12 14:07:47
50.   Marty
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-12 14:08:01
51.   jasonungar05
"choi has no power"
2005-06-12 14:08:06
52.   adg
2005-06-12 14:08:07
53.   Rob M
5 Homeruns in the series - he's officially scalding hot.
2005-06-12 14:08:11
54.   Linkmeister
2005-06-12 14:08:11
55.   Albert in Hong Kong
Choi does not hit far and he does not hit far often.
2005-06-12 14:08:21
56.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
My Big Korean Buddy.
2005-06-12 14:09:09
57.   Christina
Choi sucks. We should get rid of him.
2005-06-12 14:09:11
58.   champion of choi
2005-06-12 14:09:20
59.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-12 14:09:34
60.   Albert in Hong Kong
Sabermetric delight!
2005-06-12 14:09:42
61.   adg
What about feasting on Twins pitching? Must be they taste like eel.
2005-06-12 14:09:45
62.   Fearing Blue
I'd like to officially thank Brian Y for calling out HSC; it seems to have worked wonders.
2005-06-12 14:10:24
63.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
It's official, I'm picking up Choi in all my fantasy leagues.

Dodger Stadium is turning into a hitters haven.

2005-06-12 14:11:12
64.   adg
Bat-Girl might say that this is Bad Radke and not Rad Bradke we're seeing today.
2005-06-12 14:11:25
65.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Time for some SOJU shots, baby.
2005-06-12 14:12:42
66.   adg
Today is a great day to be sitting in the RF porch!
2005-06-12 14:12:50
67.   Marty
Lasorda apparently has been in the Twins booth during the homeruns. That must be painful for Twins fans.
2005-06-12 14:13:11
68.   Langhorne
Choi is five for ten in the series and all five hits are home runs. Not bad for a farm boy from Chun-Nam.
2005-06-12 14:13:48
69.   Nick Iyengar
I just tuned in -- wow! What has gotten into Hee-Seop?
2005-06-12 14:13:54
70.   Louis in SF
They are saying that Choi's blast today may have been longer than last night's shot!
2005-06-12 14:14:12
71.   Christina
Should we bet on whether the Twins will pitch to Choi any more this game? Or will it just be IBB from now on? Hee.
2005-06-12 14:14:44
72.   Brian Y
you are very welcome Fearing, I'm glad to have done my part.
2005-06-12 14:19:44
73.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Houlton, you STUD.
2005-06-12 14:21:23
74.   champion of choi
Choi's last 5 bombs have totalled 2100ft.

Someone said a few nights ago that he didn't hit the ball hard, ever!!!


2005-06-12 14:22:47
75.   Nick Iyengar
I know they've each only pitched a little bit, but I like D.J. better as the #5 than Thompson ... I could be wrong, but D.J. seems to have better "stuff," judging by his K numbers. In theory then, D.J. should be able to get away with more than Thompson can. Also, I believe Jon mentioned this earlier, but D.J. appears to have been somewhat more efficient, which eases the burden for the bullpen.
2005-06-12 14:23:25
76.   Christina
c of c, let's not beat up on Brian Y. He's been enormously gracious.

Now, Sam NYC, beat up on all you want. (interesting that he's been MIA these last few games...)

2005-06-12 14:23:49
77.   Albert in Hong Kong
He took back his comments. He is now a Choi faithful as I have, I apologize, only recently become.
2005-06-12 14:24:59
78.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
And in other news, Guillermo Mota gets lit up again.
2005-06-12 14:25:19
79.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-12 14:25:42
80.   Christina
Good to see the hypnosis on Grabs is still holding.
2005-06-12 14:26:24
81.   Nick Iyengar
Why is D.J. swinging the bat?
2005-06-12 14:26:57
82.   Nick Iyengar
This doesn't make much sense at all.
2005-06-12 14:27:17
83.   regfairfield
So, in one of the few times when bunting is a good idea, Houlton is allowed to swing away?

Please, enlighten me about this.

2005-06-12 14:27:50
84.   adg
Was that a Hit and Run on which Grabs stole 2nd?
2005-06-12 14:28:08
85.   Linkmeister
Wasn't Houlton a starter in the minors? He seems to like the role.
2005-06-12 14:28:48
86.   Albert in Hong Kong
Why did you run, Grabs, WHY??

Shades of Darin Erstad.

2005-06-12 14:29:02
87.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
JT, prefers to bunt with J.D. and Choi in those situations
2005-06-12 14:30:15
88.   Nick Iyengar
I liked that they sent Grabs there. As it was happening, I thought Ford would have to make a great throw to get him. I guess he did. Oh well, considering who we had at the plate that inning, to almost come up with a run is a moral victory.
2005-06-12 14:30:45
89.   Vishal
i don't get it. WHY are we sending the runner on that play? especially with the ridiculously hot choi coming up next?
2005-06-12 14:30:50
Has our third coach base been watching this series? Would you send him home knowing Barry Bonds is up next?
2005-06-12 14:31:51
91.   Vishal
dude, the ball was hit pretty hard and got to ford in a hurry. he had plenty of time to make the throw, and grabowski was out by a mile. there's no reason to send grabowski on that play, IMO.
2005-06-12 14:32:19
92.   Icaros
I really wish some other team would give Hoffman a managing job.
2005-06-12 14:32:53
93.   Christina
No kidding, even if the third base coach assumed Choi would be intentionally walked, Drew still follows Choi.

Maybe they thought the Twins' plan was to walk both Choi and Drew, juicing the bases for 0-for-2 Kent?

2005-06-12 14:33:00
94.   Albert in Hong Kong
Does that count as a home-run-saving 'catch'?
2005-06-12 14:33:12
95.   regfairfield
There's no such thing as an aggressive mistake.

At least, that's what John Kruk says.

Oh well, we didn't deserve to score any runs that inning anyway.

2005-06-12 14:33:30
Milton would have had that. And would have made it look easy too.
2005-06-12 14:35:11
97.   jasonungar05
milton would have had all of them.
2005-06-12 14:35:19
98.   adg
Is it me, or are the only pitches not hit ones that are outside the strike zone?

Seems like time to bring in releif...

2005-06-12 14:35:20
99.   Nick Iyengar
Grabowski was out by a couple of steps. Ford's accuracy was right on the money; if it had been just a little bit off, we probably score.
2005-06-12 14:36:33
100.   KAYVMON
D.J. Houldini, wow us with your greatest escape.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-12 14:37:30
101.   Icaros
Having a hard time catching anything in the air today.
2005-06-12 14:37:31
102.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Rose you idiot!!!!!
2005-06-12 14:37:44
103.   Mark Linsey
Rose must have bet on the under.
2005-06-12 14:37:44
104.   Mark Linsey
Rose must have bet on the under.
2005-06-12 14:38:33
105.   KAYVMON
Vin, I know its tough. Thats why I dont play for the Dodgers. But, these plays should be made by major leaguers.
2005-06-12 14:39:40
106.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Thanks again Rose.
2005-06-12 14:40:43
107.   Albert in Hong Kong
At least a few of us could have caught it with our bare hands.
2005-06-12 14:42:10
108.   Mark Linsey
2005-06-12 14:42:36
109.   Icaros
I could have caught it with my bear hands, and they're really furry with sharp claws.
2005-06-12 14:45:03
110.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-12 14:45:38
111.   Mark Linsey
Overs win! Houldini indeed. Now let's get him the win.
2005-06-12 14:45:41
112.   regfairfield
D.J. Houlton is quickly taking Kaz Ishii's title of luckiest man in the world.
2005-06-12 14:45:42
113.   Langhorne
I love Jeff Kent.
2005-06-12 14:45:43
114.   Icaros
Goodness...I can't take anymore of these popups.
2005-06-12 14:45:49
115.   Jim Hitchcock
Realize it was Castro and Radke coming up again, but kudos to Tracy for leaving DJ in.
2005-06-12 14:45:58
116.   untitled instrumental demo
You don't need to paint the corners w/ Radke...just throw that bender over the plate
2005-06-12 14:47:11
117.   Albert in Hong Kong
These lively boys make up such great names for the players. This blog is great.
2005-06-12 14:47:20
118.   Icaros
112 - I'd say he's been pretty unlucky today.
2005-06-12 14:47:52
119.   Albert in Hong Kong

D.J.'s been more unlucky than lucky.

2005-06-12 14:48:20
120.   Nick Iyengar
Nice outing for D.J. I missed the beginning of the game, but it seems like he's been a bit undercut by the defense today. Drew almost (and should have) made that catch in center, Rose dropped the pop-up, and Choi lost the last one. Apparently Drew missed another catch earlier in the game?
2005-06-12 14:48:39
121.   Jim Hitchcock
Hoo boy Choi.
2005-06-12 14:48:41
122.   Linkmeister
Oh I don't believe it.
2005-06-12 14:48:42
123.   Albert in Hong Kong
2005-06-12 14:48:48
124.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
My Big Korean Slugger!!!!!AARRGGHHHGGHH
2005-06-12 14:48:48
125.   Rob M
oh. my. god.
2005-06-12 14:48:50
126.   adg
Sweet Mother Of Mercy!
2005-06-12 14:48:50
127.   Marty
Thanks Glenn for sending Grabs...
2005-06-12 14:48:54
128.   Nick Iyengar
Unbelievable. I just do not believe it.
2005-06-12 14:49:06
129.   regfairfield
What the hell?

I love Choi, but, this is just ridiculous.

2005-06-12 14:49:18
130.   Langhorne
2005-06-12 14:49:19
131.   Dodgerkid
What are we going to do to get Saenz at bats after this?
2005-06-12 14:49:36
132.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-12 14:49:59
133.   Icaros
I'd love to see HSC get a chance with men on base, but I guess aggressive baserunning is more important.
2005-06-12 14:50:59
134.   Linkmeister
Every single Dodger run has been the result of a solo home run. Weird.
2005-06-12 14:51:01
135.   bokonon42
130- You just wrote the LA Times's headline for tomorrow morning. lol
2005-06-12 14:51:02
136.   Nick Iyengar
Yeah, sending Grabby looks worse now. Shoot. Still, what were the odds that Choi was going to go for the trifecta?

Anyway, I'd say Choi is in "the zone" right about now. Let's try to get someone on next time he's up.

2005-06-12 14:51:25
137.   Albert in Hong Kong
Of course, after this game, Depodesta will trade Choi for a 40-HR, .300 type guy while he's hot.
2005-06-12 14:51:51
138.   Christina

I cannot believe that they did not walk Choi.

2005-06-12 14:52:35
139.   Icaros
Steiner with another false alarm.
2005-06-12 14:53:43
140.   Albert in Hong Kong
Hopefully, Gardenhire is stupid enough to keep Radke in until the 8th or 9th and give Choi another chance with a first-pitch fastball.
2005-06-12 14:53:43
141.   Icaros
Cozy one-run lead for Sanchez to urinate all over...
2005-06-12 14:54:09
142.   Nagman
#134, last night as well, right? 7 runs on 7 HR's. Actually, going back to Fri. nights walk off, the last 8 runs have come from solo shots.
2005-06-12 14:54:10
143.   Jim Hitchcock
Boy, it's Werth's time to send one.
2005-06-12 14:56:22
144.   Jim Hitchcock
139 - That seems to be a hallmark of Steiners. He does a very bad call of high fly balls. Glad I don't have to listen to him.
2005-06-12 14:56:51
145.   regfairfield
No, you did not just do that Tracy.

Why? Giovanni pitched yesterday, Duaner didn't. All Giovanni has to do is pitch well in one situation to get his game ruining job back?


2005-06-12 14:56:53
146.   Albert in Hong Kong
Why is Carrara pitching?
2005-06-12 14:57:24
147.   Dodgerkid
Maybe Tracy forgot the names of the other relievers.
2005-06-12 14:58:01
148.   Mark Linsey
Well, it just said that Carrara is tied for 2nd in the NL for relief wins.

Maybe he's trying for first!

2005-06-12 14:58:17
149.   Albert in Hong Kong
I will be very VERY angry if this game does not result in a win. It would be such a disgrace to Hee Chops Soy and the Houldini magic.
2005-06-12 14:59:36
150.   champion of choi
I think this was Choi's official coming out party...

I think he will be starting from here on out

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-06-12 15:00:18
151.   Christina
I clicked on Choi's player page on Sportsline.

Their Fantasy Analysis:
"Choi is 0-for-18 in his past six games. He's a decent option in NL-only leagues, but still isn't a quality option in most mixed leagues.
(Updated 05/31/2005)."

Right after that is a link to an article that requires VIP access, so I can't read it, but the headline is: "1B Hee-Seop Choi can't hit..."


2005-06-12 15:00:31
152.   Nick Iyengar
Carrara not close with those last two pitches. Ugh...where's Duaner?
2005-06-12 15:00:33
153.   regfairfield
I'm thinking fly out here, followed by a Morneau home run.
2005-06-12 15:01:32
154.   Dodgerkid
Rotoworld has been going crazy over the benching of Choi. Christina you should read them for better analysis.
2005-06-12 15:02:08
155.   Dodgerkid
Thank god Carrara's gone.
2005-06-12 15:02:56
156.   Mark Linsey
2005-06-12 15:03:47
157.   Langhorne
Choi has doubled his home run output for the season in this series. The Twins pitchers will be seeing eel in their sleep.
2005-06-12 15:04:00
158.   Nick Iyengar
Another popup! Jeez, that was nerve-wracking.
2005-06-12 15:04:03
159.   KAYVMON
Way to take charge Kent.
2005-06-12 15:04:09
160.   Christina
154 - ah, but I prefer looking for amusingly wrong analysis.
2005-06-12 15:04:24
161.   Icaros
Yeah, I made a snide comment about Duaner in #141, but I don't see how he could not be brought in to start the inning.

Is it not clear that Gio should be relegated to Erickson's role (and Erickson should be executed)?

2005-06-12 15:04:30
162.   Mark Linsey
eh...more like snacktime.
2005-06-12 15:04:28
163.   champion of choi
No. Please not Duaner Gas-can-chez
2005-06-12 15:05:11
164.   Nagman
So a method to the madness? JT planned on the need for Wunsch, saving Duaner for post-Wunsch.
2005-06-12 15:05:49
165.   Icaros
I think Tracy likes to be on TV, just like his mentor.
2005-06-12 15:06:49
166.   Nagman
Duaner got a haircut.
2005-06-12 15:08:26
167.   Christina
Sanchez is in? Shit. (closing Sportsline, hopefully not too late...)
2005-06-12 15:09:08
168.   Icaros
What would Steve do if Grabowski hit another HR to lead off the inning?
2005-06-12 15:10:21
169.   Icaros
That four-letter-word made my eyes burn, Christina.
2005-06-12 15:10:58
170.   Rob M
Radke's staying in?
2005-06-12 15:13:01
171.   Dodgerkid
Puerto Rico is in the US.
2005-06-12 15:14:35
172.   Steve
Memo to Steve:

I will never take another Sunday afternoon nap.



2005-06-12 15:15:17
173.   Mark Linsey
Terry Mullholland is warming up. I guess with Ghame and Game over coming in Minnesota has given up on this game.
2005-06-12 15:17:14
174.   Christina
Is Sanchez done? Can I turn on Sportsline again?
2005-06-12 15:17:28
175.   Icaros
Repko does the impossible.
2005-06-12 15:17:33
176.   Albert in Hong Kong
Wow, we could see you-know-who in this inning.
2005-06-12 15:20:02
177.   champion of choi
I think we found a true leadoff hitter in Perez.

Izturis to #2

Choi to #5

2005-06-12 15:20:59
178.   Marty
2005-06-12 15:21:08
179.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-12 15:21:38
180.   Icaros
Edwards to pinch-hit for Choi?
2005-06-12 15:21:45
181.   djt
C'mon, Ron, leave in Radke!
2005-06-12 15:23:13
182.   Albert in Hong Kong
Saw the team-depo shirt
2005-06-12 15:23:18
183.   regfairfield
2005-06-12 15:23:32
184.   Mark Linsey
So I really wasn't expecting to see Hee Seop hit a 4th one, but I guess Gardenhire wants to see him do it, so we'll see if Hee can.
2005-06-12 15:24:26
185.   Christina
I think Radke would take himself out even if his manager didn't.

As it is, he's already going to be spending tonight in a fetal position, whimpering "Choi" over and over.

2005-06-12 15:24:26
186.   untitled instrumental demo
Gardenhire has brass. That's all I'm gonna say about that.
2005-06-12 15:24:59
187.   Albert in Hong Kong
Geez, can you just make a good strike, Mull?
2005-06-12 15:26:01
188.   Marty
Oh well. It had to end sometime.
2005-06-12 15:26:19
189.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-06-12 15:27:40
190.   Mark Linsey
Well darn.

On the plus side, if he did do it then it wouldn't be in a save situation anymore, so JT might have brought in Erickson to close out the game.

Time to get the job done for Choi and DJ now.

2005-06-12 15:28:12
191.   Christina
Gardenhire was determined to get Choi's average for the series down to a mere .500. Now the Twins can hold their heads up high!

Or, you know, not so much.

2005-06-12 15:28:57
192.   Linkmeister
Yeah, I thought I saw a Team DePo shirt too. Over the left-field dugout?
2005-06-12 15:31:17
193.   bokonon42
Otsuka just IBBd Timo Perez to load the bases. One out, White Sox down by one, Juan Uribe at the plate.
2005-06-12 15:33:49
194.   regfairfield
Otsuka walks Uribe. 5-5, Iguchi at the plate.
2005-06-12 15:33:50
195.   bokonon42
Otsuka walked in a run.
2005-06-12 15:33:58
196.   Nick Iyengar
White Sox have scored 2 in the 8th to tie the Dads at 5 apiece. They have the bases loaded with one out, too.
2005-06-12 15:35:04
197.   Dodgerkid
Anyone remember the Duff Beer commercial where two guys spray some protesting feminists with beer and they become hot chicks wearing bikinis? I think Coors has been remaking that commercial today.
2005-06-12 15:37:01
198.   bokonon42
Padres get out of the inning, but the game is tied. As is the Snakes-Royals game.
2005-06-12 15:37:33
199.   Nick Iyengar
white sox leave the bases loaded. 5-5, bottom 8 in san diego.
2005-06-12 15:38:01
200.   Icaros
And the Giants lose...again.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-06-12 15:39:31
201.   bokonon42
Hey! They killed the hippy-dippy video distortion thing on Gagne's entrance. How will people know that it's cool?
2005-06-12 15:41:57
202.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
FSN WEST 2 were getting too many complaints about it, so they canned it.
2005-06-12 15:42:43
203.   Rob M
Jeez Shannon - that wasn't close to you. Right over the plate.
2005-06-12 15:43:11
204.   Langhorne
Nice acting job. Shannon thinks he's Jimmy.
2005-06-12 15:44:46
205.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Lew Ford is about to crap his pants.
2005-06-12 15:45:52
206.   Steve
The ultimate in Screw Plaschke games!
2005-06-12 15:50:02
207.   Langhorne
I'm sure the Times story tomorrow will say that the Dodgers won only their second series in 40 years against the Twins.
2005-06-12 15:57:36
208.   al bundy
Does anybody know, and we all know how important this is, do the dodgers have chemistry and heart? Has the LA Times done any recent research on this empirical question?
2005-06-12 15:57:50
209.   bokonon42
Bases are full of White Sox, again, down at Petco. Still tied, 2 out, top of the ninth, and here comes Jermaine Dye.
2005-06-12 15:57:51
210.   Linkmeister
So did anyone else see what appeared to be a
Team DePo shirt besides me and Albert (that's the Pacific contingent)?
2005-06-12 15:59:03
211.   Mark
210- Read post #2.
2005-06-12 15:59:56
212.   Fearing Blue
Kuo, a former top prospect, is back to starting games for Vero Beach. He threw a gem today: 5 IP; 1 H; 1 BB; 0 R/ER; 8 K. They played two in Vero Beach today. The Dodgers won the first one 10-0 and the second one 9-1.
2005-06-12 16:00:23
213.   regfairfield
Bases loaded, score tied at five, 2 out, Hoffman facing Jermaine Dye.
2005-06-12 16:00:42
214.   Linkmeister
No, I know where bigcpa said he'd be; what I'm asking is if anyone else saw the shirt?

It would be amusing if DePodesta saw it on the tape.

2005-06-12 16:02:14
215.   Steve
208 -- Choi just delivered about half a mile of heart and soul over the last three days. Though Joe Morgan probably liked his bunt better.
2005-06-12 16:02:21
216.   Marty
Baseball tonight just showed Beltre pulling up with a bad hamstring
2005-06-12 16:08:18
217.   Louis in SF
Choi just interviewed with A. Martinez, guy is really trying to improve his english, hope he gets more time and the Saenz, Perez platoon at 3rd, with certain times when Saenz plays first is the way to go..go WHite Sox
2005-06-12 16:11:23
218.   Christina
217 - best of all, if Choi's being interviewed, that means Radke didn't wait for him in the tunnel after the game with a pipe. ;)
2005-06-12 16:18:22
219.   Fearing Blue
Three run homerun by Aaron Rowand! White Sox now up 8-5 with one out in the top of the 10th.
2005-06-12 16:18:32
220.   bokonon42
Kansas City takes a one run lead in AZ. Chi Sox get three in the top of the 10th on Aaron Rowand's homer.
2005-06-12 16:19:32
221.   Fearing Blue
And the Royals scored one in the top of the 10th to make it 2-1 heading into the bottom of the 10th against the Diamondbacks.
2005-06-12 16:20:38
222.   al bundy
SD's about to lose. AZ looks set to lose also. Wow, a perfect day on the scoreboard (not forgetting the Giants, of course)!
2005-06-12 16:21:41
223.   al bundy
darnit, stop posting moments ahead of me! :)
2005-06-12 16:23:23
224.   Mark Linsey
Craig Counsell ties it for AZ with a homer to right.
2005-06-12 16:28:44
225.   Fearing Blue
Game over. White Sox win.
2005-06-12 16:32:33
226.   al bundy
I may be due some blame for jinking it earlier but I'm pretty confident the Royals are going to pull this one out.
2005-06-12 16:32:48
227.   Mark Linsey
Brian Bruney comes in to pitch for the Snakes in the top of the 11th even though Relief Pitcher Lance Cormier was allowed to hit in the 10th (Cormier has an OPS of .500, which I guess is good for a relief pitcher, but the snakes left two potential PH on the bench, including Alex Cintron, who apparently has an OPS of 1.086 in June. Admittedly, I don't follow D'Backs news so perhaps he is injured.)

In any case, graded on a curve JT doesn't seem as bad.

2005-06-12 16:33:04
228.   Christina
Baseball Tonight just did a nice short feature on Choi's HRs. Talked a bit about his history with various teams and attributed his current success to getting playing time (hear that, JT?). They also showed all of his homers from the gamewinning walkoff to his last one today and the strikeout at the end.

I rewound my Tivo and rewatched the homers again, and one thing I really enjoyed was watching the reaction of the fans behind home plate. First homer today, they're happy but don't think much of it. Second homer, a "Hey, he did it again!" kind of celebration. Third homer, total amazed jubilation. His final AB, fans are openly rubbing their hands together and rooting for him to make it 4 for 4. A little disappointed when he doesn't, but still happy for and with him, because who can argue with his performance today?

I really enjoyed watching Choi's swing - it looks terrific, very smooth, fast and powerful, and he's so locked in right now. I hope the Dodgers are treating him to dinner tonight or something.

2005-06-12 16:34:11
229.   Mark Linsey
Two quick hits off of Bruney and the Royals have runners at the corners with no outs.
2005-06-12 16:43:38
230.   al bundy
Something interesting about the seating arrangements in Arizona...only women in tight, skimpy tops can sit behind home plate? They're in a cage, too.
2005-06-12 16:44:27
231.   dzzrtRatt
Christina, I saw the Baseball Tonight focus on Choi too. Did you notice the bizarre comment they repeated twice that, until now, Choi was "known mostly for his defense."

What??? I mean...WHAT??? They pay these guys to host a show with the word "baseball" in the title, and they get away with saying things like that?

I'm beginning to think HSC is the most misunderstood player in the game. I don't mind seeing him out there at first base, but JT Snow or Darin Erstad he ain't. What Choi is, was and will be is a fearsome power hitter with great plate discipline, who is still adjusting to major league hitting. He has had long slumps, including the entire second half of last season, but that's part of his growing process. If there's been any reason for him to stay in the lineup during these slumps, it's been his matchless ability to draw walks; not his defense!

Dang, the stupidity of these guys. ESPN should just fire all of them.

2005-06-12 16:46:18
232.   LAT
Was at the game today. What a performance. The place went crazy with Choimania. As he was coming home after number 3, every person in the stadium was on thier feet chanting "Hee Sop Choi!" We figured four was a lock when "old friend" Terry Mulhuland came in. The only thing like it in recent memory was Cora's 18 pitch AB ending in HR.

Could see Brendan sitting in the Dugout Club. Hope the shirt got lot of air time because his seats were pretty much the most expensive in DS. I'm just green with envy.

2005-06-12 16:47:44
233.   Fearing Blue
Dessens pitched well today in his rehab start for Las Vegas: 4 IP; 1 H; 0 BB; 0 R/ER; 5 K. Next weekend (Fri./Sat.) we have 2 unallocated starts against CHA to be divided between Houlton, Dessens, and Thompson. My guess is that Houlton locked up one of those two with his performance tonight. If the Dodgers decide to give Dessens the other start, they might send Thompson to AAA instead of DFA'ing Erickson. That is, they may want to ensure that Thompson continues to pitch every 5 days to maintain his stamina in case of future emergencies. Nonetheless, Erickson should still be next on the chopping block when Perez or Alvarez return.
2005-06-12 16:49:59
234.   LAT
Shawn Green just doubled to open the bottom of the 11th.
2005-06-12 16:50:46
235.   Icaros
Man, depending on KC's pen for help is painful.
2005-06-12 16:52:47
236.   Fearing Blue
Sadly, Edwin Jackson imploded again today. He relieved Dessens and pitched 3 innings, giving up 6 runs (all earned) on 5 hits and 7 walks, while striking out 2. They need to find a way to move him to Jacksonville soon. Whether it's confidence or stuff, he clearly needs a change of scenery.
2005-06-12 16:53:03
237.   Icaros
If I could take any one pitcher from the NL West to join LA it would be Brandon Webb, without question.
2005-06-12 16:54:39
238.   Icaros
Yes, Jackson needs to return to city named after him.
2005-06-12 16:55:13
239.   joekings
AZ just tied the game again.
2005-06-12 16:55:50
240.   LAT
Baseball tonight says AZ just tied it in bottom 11
2005-06-12 16:55:57
241.   bokonon42
Two in a row, Al Bundy.
2005-06-12 16:55:58
242.   Fearing Blue
RBI triple for McCracken. Tie game with McCracken on 3rd and 2 out.
2005-06-12 16:56:46
243.   bokonon42
An IBB to Counsel has to be a Grabowski Principle.
2005-06-12 16:57:52
244.   Icaros
A two-strike triple to .206-hitting McCracken. KC is the worst.
2005-06-12 16:59:16
245.   Icaros
KC is so bad Shawn Green has managed to make his lousy stats look decent over the course of this series alone.
2005-06-12 17:00:02
246.   Fearing Blue
#237: Jake Peavy?
2005-06-12 17:00:03
247.   Mark Linsey
237-Webb over Peavy?
2005-06-12 17:00:35
248.   Nick Iyengar
Houlton's 8 K's today got me thinking...has any other Dodger pitcher recorded 8 K in a game this year? I think I remember Lowe having 7 once...
2005-06-12 17:03:55
249.   Fearing Blue
#248: Only once. Weaver got 8 Ks in 6.2 IP against CIN on 5/8. Both Weaver and Lowe have recorded 7 Ks multiple times.
2005-06-12 17:06:28
250.   Icaros
Yes, I think I'd take Webb over Peavy. He's put up his numbers in Arizona. Peavy pitches in Yellowstone.

They're both great, though.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-06-12 17:09:42
251.   bokonon42
Mike Sweeney bunting. Buddy Bell is off my Christmas card list.
2005-06-12 17:14:23
252.   Langhorne
Royals pitcher Jensen gave up the lead in the 11th and 12th innings. Does he get tagged with two blown saves?
2005-06-12 17:16:48
253.   bokonon42
Anybody have Extra Innings? The AZ-KC gameday feed is hung up.
2005-06-12 17:16:50
254.   al bundy
And KC is really trying hard to close out this game.

3rd time's a charm!

2005-06-12 17:20:08
255.   Icaros
I also like Webb's extreme ground ball tendencies. I think he'll be more successful than Peavy when they get older.

Peavy may not be as great when he gets some age on that arm.

2005-06-12 17:21:33
256.   al bundy
That was one of the funniest stolen bases ever. On ball 4 to the batter but with the runner on 1st running, the AZ catcher threw to second anyway but neither Counsell nor Clayton covered, and the ball skipped into CF. Runner takes 3rd.
2005-06-12 17:23:25
257.   Steve
instead of DFA'ing Erickson

That's, like, profanity.

2005-06-12 17:23:38
258.   al bundy
Now it's a 6 run 12th inning for the Royals. And since it's nearing 1:30 am here in the UK, I'm headed to bed. I'm going to trust the KC bullpen can hold onto a 6 run lead.
2005-06-12 17:25:39
259.   Icaros
I'm going to trust the KC bullpen can hold onto a 6 run lead.

You'd think that, but I wouldn't bet too much on it.

2005-06-12 17:25:52
260.   LAT
#253 AZ game not on Extra Innings.
2005-06-12 17:27:20
261.   Langhorne
Jensen hit for himself in the top of the 12th. If they leave him in and he can close it out he'll have two blown saves and a win in the same game. Wacky.
2005-06-12 17:28:42
262.   Vic
Anyone watching Cubs-Sox game? Sometimes I submit myself to the torture that is Joe Morgan color commentary in the hope that he'll provide some hilariously obtuse nuggets. I was rewarded with this, following Kevin Youkilis' (hitting third today) home run:

"That's what you need your number three hitter to do -- not walk."

2005-06-12 17:30:40
263.   Christina
Awwww, ESPN just named Choi one of Sunday's stars (Roy Oswalt and the Nationals being the others).

Glad to hear KC took the lead, since the game feed appears permanently stuck. In fact, I think it's even gone back in time a little.

2005-06-12 17:33:41
264.   Nick Iyengar
Whoa -- Gamecast says Matt Herges is now playing for Arizona. What happened?
2005-06-12 17:39:19
265.   LAT
#263 Christina, and I just thought it was me.
2005-06-12 17:39:44
266.   LAT
Nick SF released him about a week ago
2005-06-12 17:44:54
267.   Fearing Blue
#257: I was wondering how long until you caught that, Steve. I don't agree with the reasoning, I'm just throwing it out there because it might happen.
2005-06-12 17:46:44
268.   Fearing Blue
The game in AZ is over and the D-backs lost 9-4. They picked up one more run on a solo shot by Tony Clark.
2005-06-12 17:56:47
269.   Fearing Blue
We now have sole ownership of 2nd place in the NL West. Here are the division and wild card standings.

NL West:
SND 36-27 -
LAD 33-29 2.5
ARZ 33-31 3.5
SFN 25-36 10
COL 21-40 14

PHI 36-38 -
CHN 33-27 1
LAD 33-29 2
FLA 31-29 3
ARZ 33-31 3
ATL 32-30 3

It's amazing what a good week and a half can do. In the last 10 games since getting swept by the Cubs and falling to .500 (26 -26), the Dodgers are 7 - 3. The Padres are 3 - 7 over the same period, cutting their lead from 6 1/2 to 2 1/2.

2005-06-12 18:08:09
270.   Steve
267 -- The problem with it is that I suddenly got a sickening feeling in my stomach and realized that is exactly what's going to happen. I hate DePodesta with the white hot heat of 1,000 suns.
2005-06-12 18:12:59
271.   Christina
Considering what the NL West is like, I think the difference will be one team having one more winning streak than the other. Since the Dodgers started off with the first winning streak, I like our chances.

Honestly, I worry more about whether several of our streaky players will get hot at the right time or whether we'll limp into the playoffs, in which case we might as well not have made the playoffs at all for all the good it'll do us. We really need to have at least three of our guys hot at once to have a chance of making it deep into the postseason.

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