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The Dodgers Say Hi
2005-06-14 12:25
by Jon Weisman is hosting a web chat Thursday with team scouting director Logan White, and Dodgers director of public relations Josh Rawitch e-mailed specifically to invite Dodger Thoughts readers to participate.

"I know that the people that visit your site are among the most knowledgeable Dodger fans out there," Rawitch said. "We'd certainly welcome their questions about our incoming draft class or any of the guys Logan has drafted over the last few years, so feel free to log on at 2 p.m. to ask him any questions you might have."

Rawitch also pointed out that Internet support has helped lift shortstop Cesar Izturis into first place in the National League All-Star voting at shortstop, creating the possibility of a Dodger double-play combo in the midsummer spectacle. Jeff Kent has a comfortable lead at second base, while Izturis leads St. Louis' David Eckstein by 11,560 votes. Nomar Garciaparra and Clint Barmes, in third and fourth place, are injured.

2005-06-14 12:49:53
1.   untitled instrumental demo
Except Cesar no longer deserves to start. That honor should go to Felipe Lopez. I still would like to see Cesar make the team and play a few innings and make some ridiculously impossible play so people will know who the best defensive SS in the game is...
2005-06-14 13:08:08
2.   molokai
Felipe Lopez deserves to start because he had a hot month???? He's failed 4 tries as a big league SS. Let him do something for a full year, the All-Star game isn't about one hot spurt in a career of crappiness.
2005-06-14 13:12:06
3.   Bob Timmermann
Is Felipe Lopez scrappy like Eckstein? I doubt it.
2005-06-14 13:14:30
4.   Bob Timmermann
When I was looking at the VORP for shorststops in the NL, I was suprised at how bad Royce Clayton and Cristian Guzman really were.
2005-06-14 13:15:19
5.   FirstMohican
Re 2 - See Offerman
2005-06-14 13:15:39
6.   GoBears
the All-Star game isn't about one hot spurt in a career of crappiness

I agree that it shouldn't be, Molokai, but it often is. There are also very good, even great, players who never make the squad because they're slow starters. Tim Salmon comes to mind. If voters and managers would at least consider how players have done since the previous A-S game, Salmon would have made a bunch of them.

For this reason, and others, I find the A-S game completely without merit. I don't care who gets in and I don't watch it. In fact, with all other major sports in the off-season, and baseball suspended for the midsummer snoozefest, it's just about the worst week in sports all year. Feh.

2005-06-14 13:37:55
7.   Bob Timmermann
Felipe Lopez isn't in the top 5 and I doubt that there will be any groundswell of support for him.

The Reds aren't campaigning on his behalf.

2005-06-14 13:42:08
8.   Spageticus
Cesar's got 'em, other guys don't.

I'm still expecting a fruit basket or summer sausage for all the voting I did for him.

2005-06-14 14:15:47
9.   Bob Timmermann
But as for other All-Star campaigns, the DBacks are mounting a campaign for Craig Counsell and Tony Clark. And Clark is a write-in. At first base. Apparently, Derek Lee is just an illusion.
2005-06-14 14:17:23
10.   regfairfield
Is anyone else not able to get into this chat?
2005-06-14 14:20:19
11.   regfairfield
Never mind the fact that it says Thursday, and not Tuesday.
2005-06-14 14:23:31
12.   franklin
Please overlook your general disdain for the All-Star game and comment on the validity of following statement...

A player should merit all-start consideration based on his 2nd half performance of the prior season and 1st half performance of the current season, not just the stats from the current season.

2005-06-14 14:24:22
13.   franklin
2005-06-14 14:40:19
14.   Bob Timmermann
The All-Star game has no "right" way to choose its starters. It's just an exhibition game. Some players obviously enjoy the honor a lot, especially the first time, but after a while you get players who complain about having to go, like Ken Griffey did. (The All-Star gods have gotten their vengeance on him.)

I remember when I was at my freshman orientation for UCLA. It took place over the All-Star break in 198(fourth digit classified). I had no access to a TV, so I missed the game.

Life went on.

The best way to get over the All-Star game is to go to one. The 1980 All-Star game at Dodger Stadium was really boring in my opinion. I will sit down one day with my nephew and tell him that I got to see Ed Farmer pitch!

As for the ASG I missed, let's just say it wasn't Atlee Hammaker's finest hour.

2005-06-14 14:45:12
15.   Jon Weisman
Hi - To reduce browser refreshing, I'm moving the open chat to the newest thread up top (unless you want to comment on this specific post).
2005-06-14 14:52:39
16.   Landonkk
Todays lineup prediction:

SS Izzy
1B Choi
CF Drew
2B Kent
3B Perez
DH Saenz
RF Werth
LF Grabowski
C Phillips

I know I'll be off somewhere in the 5-7 spots.

2005-06-14 15:24:52
17.   everett
Question for Logan White...

ala Andy LaRoche who's tearing up the minors, who of our lower draft picks do we have the highest hopes for? (related question) Who might we offer a (relatively) large signing bonus for coming straight out of high school instead of going to college?

2005-06-14 15:28:26
18.   Jon Weisman
Everett - you don't ask the questions here - you have to go to
2005-06-14 15:29:47
19.   everett
my second question in #17 probably shouldn't be so exclusive to high schoolers ... LaRoche wasn't a high schooler even ...
2005-06-14 15:30:11
20.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I voted for Izzy 450 times, using various emails. And will continue to vote and have my friends vote. We will see Dodger Blue at SS and 2B. WoW!!!!

Felipe Lopez can watch a real SS at home on his couch.

2005-06-14 15:32:30
21.   everett

#18 ... oh didn't realize that ...

on a related topic ... i don't know if I'll join it live ... so if someone doesn't feel too embarassed to ask the question for me please do :).

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