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Fresh Start for the Pitching Staff ... Except for Gagne
2005-06-14 14:41
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Update: Eric Gagne is apparently headed back to the disabled list, according to ESPN Radio and

"It's the same situation he was dealing with in Spring Training," manager Jim Tracy said. "He said he felt burning there."

An MRI performed by Dr. Steven Joyce, the Royals' team physician, revealed that Gagne has a second-degree sprain of the ulnar collateral ligament. ...

Tracy said Gagne on Sunday had the best fastball he has seen from his premier closer since Gagne was activated. But after that outing against Minnesota, Gagne complained of the burning sensation in his elbow.

* * *

Heading into the All-Star break with 16 games in 16 days and 26 games in 27 days, here are the Dodger pitch counts for the month:

Date/Pitches 6/1 6/2 6/3 6/4 6/5 6/6 6/7 6/86/96/106/116/126/13Total2005 ERA
*with AAA Las Vegas

Tonight you're mine, completely
You pitch your ball so sweetly
Tonight, the light of love is in your strikes
But will you be rested tomorrow?

One question that also interests me is ... what should the ratio of pitches between Gagne and a starter be.

A starter will likely throw from 450-600 pitches in a month. Gagne might throw around 200. Even considering Gagne has fewer days rest between outings, does that make sense? I obviously don't expect Gagne to throw 500 pitches in a month, but what should the expectation be?

Update 2: Well, it was a good question when I wrote it.

* * *

A Dodger fan in Royals territory, Lance Yoder, writes in:

My whole family is thrilled to be able to watch the Dodgers right here in the city where we live. To give you some perspective, I've probably attended close to 75 Dodgers games in my lifetime, but every time involved either a stay in a hotel (St. Louis, Cincinnati) or a 8-hour round trip from my childhood home in Iowa City to Wrigley Field to see the Dodgers. ...

If you haven't been following the Royals, they are playing by far their best baseball in more than two years. They've won 8 of 12 since Buddy Bell was named manager, with a sweep of the Yankees, winning one of three against Texas, and winning two of three at San Francisco and at Arizona. ...

On a less objective note, the Royals seem to be playing with a bit more of the proverbial "fire" than they were previously. Of course, the talk radio shows here in KC don't recognize that teams tend to look like they are "hustling" and "playing with intensity" when they ball is flying over the wall and into the gaps, but the team does seem to play with a sense of urgency that wasn't there prior to Buddy Bell arriving. I have no idea if that's his doing or merely good timing. ...

The Royals will have some players Dodgers fans have heard of (Mike Sweeney, Matt Stairs, Terence Long, Jose Lima) and lots of others most people have never seen play (Mark Teahen, Ruben Gotay, Angel Berroa, David DeJesus, Matt Diaz, Shawn Costa, Zack Greinke, Runelvys Hernandez, J.P. Howell, John Buck). For those who haven't seen Kauffman Stadium, the Royals have done a great job of converting it from the Astro-Turf racetrack of the 1980s into a grass playing surface. The sight lines are all good, the fountains in the outfield are unique and they Royals do a good job making the stadium experience worthwhile. ...

The weather is going to be in the low 80s, high-70s with no rain, and I get to enjoy Dodgers baseball with my wife, kids and extended family and still sleep in my own bed after every game, so it's going to be a great series no matter what.

It didn't even occur to me until this moment to look to see if we would have Lima Time in this series. Sure enough, Jose Lima and his 8.16 ERA, winless since his playoff shutout of the Cardinals in Dodger Stadium, is scheduled to take the mound Wednesday.

Comments (290)
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2005-06-14 14:46:49
1.   Bob Timmermann
Charlie Steiner pointed out Sunday that Jose Lima's ERA is the same as the area code for most of Kansas City.

Scott Erickson is on his way to building up his ERA to Inland Empire area code levels.

2005-06-14 14:53:59
2.   Landonkk
Copied from last thread :

Todays lineup prediction:

SS Izzy
1B Choi
CF Drew
2B Kent
3B Perez
DH Saenz
RF Werth
LF Grabowski
C Phillips

I know I'll be off somewhere in the 5-7 spots.

2005-06-14 14:55:03
3.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

June 14, 1910

With the top two teams in the NL, New York and Chicago, playing at the Polo Grounds, it was likely a small crowd that made its way to Washington Park in Brooklyn to watch the hometown hero, lefthander Nap Rucker, shut out the St. Louis Cardinals 2-0. Brooklyn improved to 21-26 for the 1910 season but was already in sixth place, 10 games out of first and headed nowhere.

Brooklyn got rolling in the first when Zack Wheat, in his first full season in the majors drew a walk. A wild pitch by Cardinals starter Johnny Lush moved Wheat to second and John Hummel singled home Wheat. Brooklyn scored its other run in the fourth on a fielder's choice that plated center fielder Bill Davidson.

Channeling managers of the future, Cardinal player manager Roger Bresnahan decided to use three right-handed pinch hitters in the 8th and 9th against the southpaw Rucker, but nothing worked. Rucker gave up only seven hits and struck out five.

Rucker threw six shutouts in 1910 to tie for the National League lead and was one of the few bright spots in a dreary season in Brooklyn. Rucker went 17-18 and 2.58. George Bell had a 2.64 ERA, but went 10-27. On June 8, Brooklyn manager Bill Dahlen used a young pitcher named Frank Schneiberg for one inning. In that inning, Schneiberg gave up five hits, four walks and seven runs. It was his only major league appearance and Schneiberg went into the history books with a career ERA of 63.00.

Even by Deadball Era standards, Brooklyn had a bad offense. They scored just 497 runs, second worst in the NL, two more than last place Boston. Brooklyn went 64-90 and finished in sixth, 40 games behind pennant winning Chicago.

Wheat was the hope for the Dodgers future. In his first full season, Wheat played in every game (156 thanks to ties) and batted .284 with 36 doubles and 15 triples. Wheat had 172 hits, third most in the National League. Wheat would finish his Brooklyn career with 2804 hits and a .317 batting average. Wheat was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1959.

Brooklyn still had the problem that its principal catcher was Bill Bergen, who batted .161 with an OBP of .180 in 89 games. Bergen's backup, Tex Erwin, batted .188, so the options for manager Dahlen weren't plentiful.

1910 was Dahlen's first year at the helm of the Dodgers. Dahlen was pretty much done as an active player when he took over the team, although did pinch hit three times in the 1910 season and played one game in the field in 1911 and ended up playing in 21 different seasons and picked up 2,457 hits.

Thanks to the NY Times, and Retrosheet

2005-06-14 14:56:27
4.   Faramond
Ick. The pitch count numbers on the four primary relievers should be reversed. Brazoban and Gagne should have around 130 pitches each, and Sanchez and Carrara should have about 90 pitches each.
2005-06-14 14:56:51
5.   Jon Weisman
I'd be surprised if Perez batted between Kent and Saenz.
2005-06-14 14:58:39
6.   db1022
Pasted from an earlier thread, but I wanted to get the group's reaction:

As Izturis continues his inevitable regression to .280-dom, with a walk every third Tuesday, may I nominate Antonio Perez as our new leadoff hitter? He seems to work the count well, and has better walk rates than Izturis. Not sure if that's small sample sizes, or if he's always been somewhat patient.

2005-06-14 14:59:52
7.   Linkmeister
Completely useless observation: it's always seemed to me the Royals' uniforms more closely resemble the Dodgers' than any other team in either league.
2005-06-14 15:00:11
8.   everett
Looking at the last two series that KC has played (against division rivals no less) they've been winning their games with the offense... averaging 7.8 runs per game...

Jun 7 at San Francisco W 8-1
Jun 8 at San Francisco W 4-1
Jun 9 at San Francisco L 7-9
Jun 10 at Arizona L 11-12
Jun 11 at Arizona W 8-5
Jun 12 at Arizona W 9-4

How'd YOU like to score 11 and lose a game?! sheesh.

2005-06-14 15:00:30
9.   adg
If Erickson manages to get tagged for 11 runs without an out he'll have an ERA of 949, or South Orange County.
2005-06-14 15:01:00
10.   Jon Weisman
Faramond - you actually made me think of another question that's been on my mind. See update above.
2005-06-14 15:03:25
11.   Jon Weisman
#6 - Pending Perez's own performance over the long haul, you may so nominate. I've always, frankly, liked the idea of Bradley as the leadoff hitter, though I fear he'd get picked off a lot.
2005-06-14 15:04:45
12.   Bob Timmermann
In KC's 12-11 loss, the Royals were down 11-3 and rallied to tie the game in the 9th against a ragged AZ bullpen.
2005-06-14 15:11:41
13.   Jon Weisman
Faramond's name (#4) reminds me of the commercial for the funeral home that ran on WKRP in Cincinnati: "Ferryman's"

I know from past experience that there are enough WKRP fans reading that it's good for me to share this important fact.

2005-06-14 15:16:54
14.   everett
Bob, this (#8) is what you get for free from me... bad analysis... I'm also applying for an ESPN analyst position... mind if I use you as a reference?... :)
2005-06-14 15:19:39
15.   Vishal
apparently izturis is now poised for an all expenses paid trip to detroit:

2005-06-14 15:20:10
16.   Bob Timmermann
Actually I was watching that particular Royals-DBacks game because it was so weird. It was strangely compelling. That was the game Buddy Bell left his starter, Zack Greinke, in to give up 11 runs in 4 1/3 IP. And Greinke hit a home run.

And my archenemy Russ Ortiz was denied a win.

2005-06-14 15:22:54
17.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I will always have great memories of 'Lima Time' at the Ravine. Thanks Jose for bringing the energy that you brought us last year. And special thanks for bringing us a playoff victory.

But on Wednesday, look for to getting lit up by our Dodgers.

2005-06-14 15:23:11
18.   Jacob L
As I've mentioned before, I usually throw an All Star Game party where I serve the regional junk food of the host city. Brats for Milwaukee, Chicago dogs, etc.

Question, as we get closer to July - What in the heck do they eat in Detroit?

2005-06-14 15:28:30
19.   Bob Timmermann
Detroit has no signature dish, but its Greek restaurants get written about a lot.
2005-06-14 15:29:34
20.   Jon Weisman
18 -

"my dust"?

2005-06-14 15:30:11
21.   Jacob L
Ah, Bob, you're the best. Some baseball baklava, perhaps? A Mid-Summer souvlaki?
2005-06-14 15:30:12
22.   Jacob L
Ah, Bob, you're the best. Some baseball baklava, perhaps? A Mid-Summer souvlaki?
2005-06-14 15:30:26
23.   brendan glynn
espn radio is reporting that eric gagne had an MRI today and he has a second degree sprain in his elbow. same injury as this spring. he felt a burning sensation and had the MRI.
2005-06-14 15:33:17
24.   jasonungar05
yeah, just heard that too. damnit.
2005-06-14 15:34:17
25.   brendan glynn
burning sensation in his elbow,(warding off any jokes)
2005-06-14 15:34:29
26.   Bob Timmermann
Detroit is also the home to Little Caesar's Pizza if you want something Dodger-themed. But you might want to see how much you like your guests. The only place I've eaten Little Caesar's Pizza is at Comerica Park, which is the first place I ever saw a game that was cancelled by rain. I learned that when they saw "Severe thunderstorm warning" that you don't take that lightly. Most of the power in the city of Detroit went out and I had to drive back to my motel out by the Detroit airport with few streetlights on. Turns out a tornado touched down by the airport.

In 2006 you will need to find a signature dish for Pittsburgh.

2005-06-14 15:36:32
27.   brendan glynn
Hey, Eric Enders, how about another round of Ghame Over T-shirts. strike while the iron is hot. just not going to be Gagne's year.
2005-06-14 15:36:35
28.   Jon Weisman
Bob, sometime I can tell you my story about getting a flat tire on my way home from a hurricaned-out game at Camden Yards.

Oh, well, I guess that was the story.

2005-06-14 15:36:38
29.   Jacob L
That would be the perogi, would it not?

Shouldn't San Diego be getting a ASG soon?

2005-06-14 15:39:37
30.   everett

if gagne is hurt...this really sucks...

inexplicably I feel like throwing a bunch of innings at Osoria just to see what he's made of... Brazoban version 2.0 anyone?

2005-06-14 15:43:09
31.   Icaros
I experienced a long rain delay (didn't stay for the game to resume) at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (now the parking lot of Turner Field).

Pretty uneventful, but I did get to try Dippin' Dots ice cream years before it made its way out west (must've traveled via covered wagon).

Looks like the Ghame Over shirts are back in style, but where has Eric even been lately? I imagine him sleeping for the past month in preparation for another all-nighter or twelve.

2005-06-14 15:43:11
32.   Bob Timmermann
Pitching is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery pain
Bound by a closer's desire
Gagne fell into a ring of fire

Eric fell into a burning ring of fire
He went down, down, down
But his velocity wouldn't get much higher
And it burns
The ring of fire
The ring of fire

2005-06-14 15:44:52
33.   Jon Weisman
Re: Gagne

How many lives will that be for Erickson?

2005-06-14 15:46:43
34.   Jacob L
All season long, we've been one healthy pitcher away from deep-sixing Erickson. Basically, he's the devil.
2005-06-14 15:46:49
35.   Vishal

oh, bob

2005-06-14 15:47:29
36.   Bob Timmermann
It was shorter than the Danny Kaye song, wasn't it?
2005-06-14 15:50:22
37.   Jon Weisman
Gagne story confirmation - see update up top.

No one liked my Carole King?

2005-06-14 15:54:30
38.   Bob Timmermann
The Carole King got lost underneath the chart when I read it.
2005-06-14 15:54:57
39.   Icaros
I was going to compliment that song parody, Jon, but I didn't want to sound like I was kissing up for increased DT status.
2005-06-14 15:56:08
40.   Bob Timmermann
NL West Expected closer roll call:

Hoffman -- "Here"
Gagne? Gagne? Gagne?
Lyon? Lyon? Lyon?
Benitez? Benitez? Benitez?
Tsao? Tsao? Tsao? Tsao?

2005-06-14 16:00:10
41.   the OZ

Points to consider:

(1) Injuries to pitchers opened a roster spot for Scott Erickson this Spring
(2) Scott Erickson cannot hold a roster spot based on his pitching merits alone, and crowds of angry fans call for his DFA or outright release
(3) Whenever a pitcher comes off the DL, another one seems to get hurt, and
(4) Erickson remains on the roster as a result...

Coincidence, or a nefarious plot by Mr. Erickson to perpetually injure good pitchers, thereby protecting his own job?

Another argument for an immediate DFA - he won't be able to secretly injure the other pitchers anymore and we'll finally get healthy!

2005-06-14 16:01:56
42.   Jacob L
Of course Hoffman has missed huge chunks of seasons in the past as well. And the Rockies are a great example of the age old question, "Can you have a closer if you never have leads?" If a closer falls in Denver does it make a sound?
2005-06-14 16:08:47
43.   Jonathan
Who gets called up in Gagne's absence?

Is Dessens ready yet or does he need another rehab appearance? Schmoll hasn't been so hot. There isn't anyone else on the 40-man that isn't injured or stinking up the minors.

2005-06-14 16:10:14
44.   Steve
Scott Erickson Roll Call:



Gagne re-injured


Hell Freezes Over


Dies in a horrible car accident


Reanimated as a Flesh-Eating Zombie bent on world domination


24 ERA


The End of the World


2005-06-14 16:14:48
45.   Blue Crew
In regards to the Gagne injury.

I know the bullpen has been doing a good job, when Danny Graves was available, I thought we should have considered picking him up. I thought this since Gagne had already been hurt. With that said, I have no idea what Graves was to be paid.

Was I the only one thinking this? Was a stupid thought?


2005-06-14 16:20:14
46.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Please don't get me started on Erickson, when I here that name, my blood pressure goes through the roof. I will bag on Erickson like there's no tomorrow. Jon, you can vouch for me on that one.LOL
2005-06-14 16:21:50
47.   Steve
And for all it matters, since we all know this injury will really mean a boatload of innings for the stinking, festering, decomposing, bloated bullpen corpses of Carrara and Erickson, I agree with comment #30. No time like the present for Mr. Six Fingers.
2005-06-14 16:21:51
48.   Colorado Blue
A quote from Jon's update link on Gagne:
Tracy, who sprained his right elbow in his final spring outing and spent the first 35 games on the disabled list, was 8-for-8 in save opportunities. But his velocity had been down.

Whew! And I was worried we didn't have a back up for JT in the closer's role... good thing we have Gagne.

2005-06-14 16:24:29
49.   Icaros
No time like the present for Mr. Six Fingers.

When did they get Alfonseca?

2005-06-14 16:25:23
50.   Landonkk
Our DL is getting out if hand. Shall we start the discussion of the Dodger medical staff once again?

How long can we keep pace with these injuries we keep having to endure?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-14 16:27:42
51.   Jon Weisman
48 - LOL.
2005-06-14 16:28:17
52.   Landonkk

Dont ask me why I never seem to take advantage of the 'Preview comment before saving' option.

2005-06-14 16:28:57
53.   the OZ
As good as Gagne is, it's better to lose a reliever than a solid SP.

My fear is that we'll start losing games in the 6th and 7th innings again because of the front-end bullpen dilution that gets created when Braz and Sanchez automatically are held over until the 8th and 9th inning.

Cararra's settled down a bit, but that doesn't make me feel any more confident in the pitchers JT will be using in tough 6th/7th inning situations.

2005-06-14 16:30:16
54.   Icaros
To get some bullpen help, maybe we could trade LaEdwin Jackson and LaChuck Tiffany to SF for Troy Hawkins.
2005-06-14 16:33:26
55.   Jon Weisman
Lineups are out. I had a feeling Perez might bat ninth in a teamup with Izturis at No. 1.

Saenz is fifth at DH, Grabowski seventh in LF.

2005-06-14 16:36:22
56.   Marty
In 2006 you will need to find a signature dish for Pittsburgh.

Bob, my father was from the Pittsburgh area and one of his favorite meals was scrapple. Don't know if qualifies as a regional food though...

2005-06-14 16:37:58
57.   Fearing Blue
As far as reliever usage, here is what I've garnered from external observation of "The Book".

1) A reliever can be used for 1 inning (< 20 pitches) up to 3 days in a row (2 days in a row if they are an injury risk) before needing a day off.
2) A reliever can be used for 2 innings (20 - 40 pitches) every other day.
3) A reliever can be used for 3 innings (40 - 60 pitches), but then requires 2 days of rest.
4) A reliever can be used for 4 innings (60 - 80 pitches), but then requires 3 days of rest.
5) A reliever can be used for 5+ innings (80 - 100 pitches), but then requires a full 4 days of rest.

So, assuming there's any reasoning at all associated with "The Book", then a strict pitch count may not be a good measure. An effective measure would likely combine pitch counts per appearance with the frequency of appearances.

Baseball Prospectus has a system of allocating Pitcher Abuse points to starters:

The system is based on pitches thrown in each appearance as opposed to total pitches thrown. It would be great to see them do a similar thing for relievers.

2005-06-14 16:38:08
58.   Jacob L
I guess there's no chance of Weaver allowing a home run to the pitcher tonight. I'll have to pocket my "Runelvys has left the building" joke.
2005-06-14 16:38:48
59.   Landonkk
RE #2, #5

You were right Jon. Perez moves to 9, everybody else up one slot.

2005-06-14 16:39:31
60.   ElysianPark62
Scott Erickson gets a reprieve. Life is just too unfair sometimes. It's bad enough losing Gagne. Now we likely have to continue watching Erickson's sulking, excuse-making mug in Blue.

On the local ESPN radio station, they're reporting several sources in the Dodger organization fear Gagne's season could be over.

2005-06-14 16:40:50
61.   Fearing Blue
#55: Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. Having Perez in the 9th spot makes sense since he's setting the table for the top of the lineup.
2005-06-14 16:41:29
Dont know the over/under, but Ill blindly say over and we lose as Tracy, with Gagne back on the DL, finds a justification to leave Weaver in too long.
2005-06-14 16:46:31
63.   heato
Regarding the bullpen situation, why not give Brower a try? He has had success in the bullpen, and he certainly will not be as bad as Erickson. He won't cost much if he clears waivers. If he doesn't work out and the Dodgers are paying him a pro-rated league minimum salary, they are not out that much money. Plus, it would be sweet to have an ex-Giant do well for us after they cut him.
2005-06-14 16:47:19
64.   Fearing Blue
#60: Not only this season. Next season could be impacted as well. A recurrence of an elbow ligament sprain for a pitcher who has already undergone one Tommy John surgery is very bad. He may shortly join the list of Dodgers top pitching prospects who have had two Tommy John surgeries (Darren Dreifort and Hong-chih Kuo being the others).

I'm now even more frustrated that the Dodgers let Gagne pitch when his knee was sprained and it was clearly affecting his mechanics.

2005-06-14 16:51:48
65.   dzzrtRatt
Gagne's injury is not a reprieve for Erickson. I just haven't figured out the appropriate punishment for him yet.

Paul DePodesta

2005-06-14 16:52:55
66.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I predict we will see Scottie Poo twice in this series. He will make an appearance in a few hours in the 5th or 6th. Give up 3 earned runs and record 1 out.
2005-06-14 16:54:02
67.   Vic
Nah, he'll pitch two scoreless innings (58 pitches), just to gain himself another maddening reprieve.
2005-06-14 16:54:53
68.   Marty
This injury info comes out the same day I read an article about how confident Gagne and Tracy are about him regaining his velocity. I'm thinking now, he may have been trying too hard to crank it up and re-injured himself that way.
2005-06-14 17:03:57
69.   Steve
Memo to Paul DePodesta:

Dear Paul,

I don't believe you.



P.S. Stop tying up tons of money on pitchers. To borrow from Madeline Kahn, pitchers should be like husbands. "Soft, strong, and disposable."

2005-06-14 17:09:46
70.   brendan glynn

It is sad to say but I don't believe anything the dodgers say about anything anymore, tracy or the players or the medical staff. The truth is usually the opposite of what they say. it is getting to be too much of coincidence.

I haven't got the time for examples but everyone knows what they are. Up is down, day is night.

2005-06-14 17:12:25
71.   Vishal

choi choi choi choi choi

2005-06-14 17:12:35
72.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Dave Roberts says to stop wearing the pants he wore last year. Go find a pair of pants that fit. Thank You, Bruce Bochy
2005-06-14 17:12:53
73.   Jacob L
Well, that oughta make everyone feel better.
2005-06-14 17:12:53
74.   dzzrtRatt
Dear Steve,

Would you believe that I signed Lisa Guerrero to a 3-year deal to host Hollywood Stars Night?


Paul DePodesta

2005-06-14 17:13:06
75.   Identity Crisis
2005-06-14 17:13:09
76.   Bob Timmermann
Choi needs another to tie the record for most homers in four straight games.
2005-06-14 17:13:50
77.   Fearing Blue
Gagne going on the DL would make 15 DL stints this year vs. 12 all of last year. Our pitching has been hit especially hard:

Here's how many days each of our pitchers has spent on the DL:

Brad Penny - 19 days (1 stint)
Odalis Perez - 31+ days (1 stint)
Eric Gagne - 40+ days (assuming 2 stints)
Wilson Alvarez - 43+ days (2 stints)
Elmer Dessens - 52+ days (1 stint)

For a total of 185 DL days and counting over 72 days of the season, averaging 2.6 pitching DL days / day. It looks like the average is going to go up before it comes down.

I did not include Darren Dreifort, since he was not expected to contribute this season.

2005-06-14 17:14:25
78.   Marty
seven hits, seven homers.
2005-06-14 17:15:58
79.   Marty
Looks like Werth lost the beard. I almost didn't recognize him.
2005-06-14 17:17:10
80.   Jon Weisman
Man. Choi. Man.

What's the record for consecutive solo homers?

2005-06-14 17:18:19
81.   dzzrtRatt
Choi needs to stop hitting home runs at the expense of doubles. Or that's what I thought I heard Lyons say.
2005-06-14 17:18:39
82.   Marty
One of them was a two-run shot. Perhaps the first?
2005-06-14 17:19:08
83.   Marty
81. 7 homeruns. 7 rallies killed.
2005-06-14 17:19:28
84.   Langhorne
Slidin' Olmedo Saenz!
2005-06-14 17:20:58
85.   the OZ
80 -

I dunno. When's the last time a power hitter batted #2 behind a leadoff hitter that was totally unable to reach base?

Perhaps a small lineup change is in order for our hero so he can drive in more runs during this hot streak. May it never end.

2005-06-14 17:21:10
86.   Marty
Jon, when you were sick, was it a respiratory thing? Because I've been knocked flat with one for the last 4 days.
2005-06-14 17:22:57
87.   joekings
That didn't take long.
2005-06-14 17:23:04
88.   Marty
Well, Weaver seems on tonight...
2005-06-14 17:23:39
89.   Jon Weisman
Started with sore throat, then became cold, cough and flu. Cough was in my chest. Twice almost went for antibiotics, but it finally went away after two miserable weeks. Lost about six or seven pounds.
2005-06-14 17:24:17
90.   scareduck
That must be the old straightball.
2005-06-14 17:25:31
91.   Steve
Can't believe extending Weaver was even discussed in polite company.
2005-06-14 17:25:32
92.   Nagman
Weaver's just getting it out of the way early. He seems to have figured that part out.
2005-06-14 17:25:43
93.   Marty
Hmmm. I've got everything but the fever. Fortunately, the congestion seems to be breaking up today.
2005-06-14 17:25:50
94.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that the most consecutive homers hit without a runner on is a little longer than six. Remember the first one in Choi's hot streak, Izturis was on.
2005-06-14 17:26:30
95.   Bob Timmermann
David DeJesus is also a good player, so it's not Grabowski Principle time.
2005-06-14 17:26:41
96.   Vishal
who will finish the season with a bigger home run total, choi or weaver?
2005-06-14 17:27:20
97.   champion of choi
FSN just showed Sweeny charging Weaver when Weaver was on the Tigers. Weaver literally ran away from him like a little girl and then got completely body slammed by Sweeny.

Weaver is no tough guy. I just didn't know he was such a pu*!!!

2005-06-14 17:28:32
98.   Steve
No, this game is still governed by the Weaver Principle. "Pitch counts don't matter when Jeff Weaver is on the mound."
2005-06-14 17:28:53
99.   scareduck
88: on what?
2005-06-14 17:29:08
100.   Dodgerkid
As long as we score seven runs today, we should win.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-14 17:29:46
101.   Humma Kavula
David Wells has a no-hitter going through five innings. In fact, he's also not walked anybody -- he hit Sean Casey in the 4th.
2005-06-14 17:29:55
102.   Nick Iyengar
Another bad 1st inning for Weaver, but if the pattern holds, we might see 5 or 6 innings from him now.
2005-06-14 17:30:10
103.   overkill94
I assume Weaver will go on to throw 6 more perfect innings tonight, that's his MO it seems. How many times will choi get to hit today? He needs to get up at least two more times for us to win 3-2.
2005-06-14 17:30:24
104.   Jim Hitchcock
"Bob, my father was from the Pittsburgh area and one of his favorite meals was scrapple."

Funny, just reordered the book `Centenniel' yesterday, Marty. That where I first heard of scrapple. Isn't it similiar to blood sausage?

2005-06-14 17:33:05
105.   brendan glynn

did you see how skinny weaver was? he looks fat now in comaprison to then. Sweeny was charging a teen age boy.
I'd have run too. sweeny probably had 80 pounds on him.

2005-06-14 17:33:58
106.   champion of choi
Nothing like an injury to Gagne to take the steam of a nice series win over the Twins.
2005-06-14 17:34:08
107.   Jacob L
Don't know if MLB did this on purpose, but this week's interleague matchups have a lot of World Series rematches, Yankees-Pirates, Reds-Red Sox, Mets-A's, Padres-Tigers.

Just a random observation. Resume game comments, please.

2005-06-14 17:34:36
108.   Langhorne

Yeah, Izzy has only gotten on base 98 times this year.

2005-06-14 17:35:14
109.   champion of choi
#105-lol. i agree. he was a buck-forty soaking wet. he still got pulverised to be embarrassing
2005-06-14 17:37:50
110.   joekings
Izzy just guaranteed another solo shot for Choi.
2005-06-14 17:38:28
111.   adg
With all this Choi Solo Homerun talk, I think I finally figured out what SF would have felt like if Bonds was batting leadoff.
2005-06-14 17:39:41
112.   Marty
Jim, I refused to eat it as a kid. I think it's ground pork and cornmeal. It seems you can add anything else to it you want.
2005-06-14 17:39:46
113.   the OZ
108 -

Right. And 4 times in his last 34 plate appearances, which was the point because Cesar's sluimp unfortunately coincides with Choi's hot streak, resulting in a lot of solo home runs.

2005-06-14 17:40:20
114.   brendan glynn
Lowe just said "Hopefully we can continue to ride the Big Korean" I like that nickname. straight forward. The Big Korean leads off so another solo HR


my favorite part was weaver not turning around when he had to know sweeny was charging. people had to be yelling. he was saying 'Damn, i don't want to turn around and see that."

2005-06-14 17:42:16
115.   CT Bum
Boy talk about a roller coaster...

As is coming up I check DT and see Eric is headed back to the DL D'oh!

The stream starts and I see we're already up 1-0 from yet another dinger by Choi! Woo Hoo!

DeJesus up with a man on....2-1, D'oh!

Yikes...this might be a long night.

2005-06-14 17:46:26
116.   Dodgerkid
Productive out reference!! YAY!!!!!
2005-06-14 17:46:56
117.   Jim Hitchcock
13 HR's and only 29 RBI's. Life is just not fair.
2005-06-14 17:47:00
118.   Bob Timmermann
I still haven't turned up the record for most consecutive home runs hit with no one on base, but I have found out that former Dodger Ken Brett (and former a lot of other places) holds the record for most career homers with all being solo: 10.
2005-06-14 17:48:14
119.   CT Bum
2005-06-14 17:48:35
120.   Jon Weisman
Home run derby.

How far did Choi's second AB fly go?

2005-06-14 17:49:00
121.   db1022
Yahoo's description of Choi's last out:

Last Play: H. Choi lined out to deep center

How'd it look? Is this guy locked in or what?

2005-06-14 17:49:22
122.   Fearing Blue
Distribution of homeruns allowed this year by Weaver based on how many total the hitter has this season:

01 HR: 3 (Milton 6/08, Schmidt 6/24, Johnson 7/08)
02 HR: 0
03 HR: 2 (Snyder 6/29, DeJesus 7/14)
04 HR: 0
05 HR: 0
06 HR: 2 (Hawpe 5/22, Matheny 6/24)
07 HR: 2 (LaRoche 6/13, Easley 6/18)
08 HR: 1 (Feliz 5/12)
09 HR: 0
10 HR: 1 (Cabrera 6/18)
11 HR: 1 (Griffey Jr. 6/08)
12 HR: 0
13 HR: 1 (Delgado 6/18)
14 HR: 0
15 HR: 0
16 HR: 1 (Lee 7/03)

It appears to lean towards hitters without much power.

2005-06-14 17:49:53
123.   Jim Hitchcock
Med. center field. Guessing 330 -340 feet.
2005-06-14 17:50:21
124.   db1022
#122 - He's challenging the hitters he should be challenging at least. That's something.
2005-06-14 17:51:28
125.   Jim Hitchcock
121 - Oops. Short term memory on the blink. WHAM. O.K., that's better.
2005-06-14 17:53:21
126.   Fearing Blue
#112: Even stranger, you eat it with syrup. My father-in-law eats it and I tried some. Definitely not a good party dish.
2005-06-14 17:53:32
127.   Vishal
choi hit it really hard, but it just wasn't deep enough. it was a line drive fly.
2005-06-14 17:53:57
128.   bokonon42
123- I would have guessed it was deeper than that. They were playing him deep, and I don't think the CF was more than 20-30 feet from the wall, which is 410' in KC, right?
2005-06-14 17:54:23
129.   Bob Timmermann
This is what I found for scrapple:
"Scrapple is boiled, ground leftover pieces of pig, together with cornmeal and spices, usually served with a spicy tomato catsup"

It does sound like something my father would have liked.

2005-06-14 17:54:48
130.   Fearing Blue
I'm taking the Over and saying Weaver goes 7 innings tonight. He's locked in with 5 Ks in 3 innings.
2005-06-14 17:55:15
131.   mrboma
This will sound crazy if nobody remembers these commercials, but here goes. Does anyone remember the old Adee plumbing commercials where the voiceover asks something like, "What plumming company will send a truck out 24 hours a day?" and then the old plummer would reply in a sing-songy, "Adee do!"?

Well, every time I watch a game with my wife, she has to say J.D. Drew's name in that same sing-songy way. Who just hit that solo homerun? J.D. Drew.

2005-06-14 17:55:36
132.   Fearing Blue
#128: I think you're right bokon. I would have guessed 375' - 390'.
2005-06-14 17:58:22
133.   mrboma
Werth looks better with the trimmed facial hair.
2005-06-14 17:59:41
134.   db1022
#131 - What about

Announcer: "Need a plumber - call Jack Stefanovich!"

Plumber: "It's Stefan, Jack Stefan"

Announcer: "Clogged drain? - call Jack Stefinski"

Plumber (more annoyed): "Stefan, Jaaaack Stefan"

and so on and on. Loved that one.

2005-06-14 18:00:13
135.   alex 7
The Robles Principle it is.
2005-06-14 18:01:11
136.   Jim Hitchcock
I have no idea why scrapple with syrup reminds me of when I was twelve and we flew to Israel. Were staying at the Tel Aviv Hilton...went down for breakfast and saw a huge mound of gefilte fish.

Me: Yum!
Mom: Yum!
Sister: Yum!
Dad: Think I'l have some cornflakes.

Dad finished his breakfast.

2005-06-14 18:01:40
137.   alex 7
kinda like this no-rally killing pitcher spot up AL thing. blasphemous?
2005-06-14 18:03:02
138.   brendan glynn
any way cesar can get on for choi. please
2005-06-14 18:04:05
139.   mrboma
#137- Yes, blasphemous. But I do like having Choi and Saenz both in the line-up at the same time.
2005-06-14 18:04:06
140.   brendan glynn
2005-06-14 18:04:08
141.   the OZ
122 -

It's also possible to conclude that Weaver has allowed more HRs to guys without much power because the population of those players is greater than Dunn-Lee-Cabrera-[Choi]-types.

Certainly, though, the 3 HRs to pitchers is weird and wrong.

2005-06-14 18:04:57
142.   Slipstream
if someone (i.e., Izturis) would ever get on base for Choi just think how much damage he could do.
2005-06-14 18:05:02
143.   alex 7
dang it, wanted to hear jaws music in the background as choi stepped up to the plate with the bags juiced.
2005-06-14 18:05:26
144.   Bob Timmermann
Runelvys is going to runel out of gys soon enough.

Ooh, Royals bullpen..... Mmmm.....

2005-06-14 18:06:16
145.   the OZ
Do you prefer the Royals bullpen with syrup or spicy catsup, Bob?
2005-06-14 18:06:18
146.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Arghhhh... We seem generally dreadful this year with RISP. And our hottest hitter will once again come to the plate with no one on base.

A. Perez swinging at the first pitch was also irritating.


2005-06-14 18:06:52
147.   Marty
Scrapple makes you scrappy!
2005-06-14 18:06:56
148.   alex 7
I'm preparing for the outcry here tomorrow when Tracy puts Grabowski in the 2 hole and drops Choi to 5th.
2005-06-14 18:08:29
149.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Argghhhh--Weaver almost gave up another dinger. We also got a break on that bounce, or Sweeney would have had a triple.


2005-06-14 18:08:47
150.   alex 7
tracy's thinking bunt right here.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-06-14 18:10:40
151.   Bob Timmermann
I've never had scrapple and I think I'm going to keep it this way.

Then again, I'm going to Japan in a couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to eating natto that week. Love that natto.

2005-06-14 18:11:50
152.   mrboma
148- I like Drew batting 2, Kent 3, Choi 4. Drew walks too much for a #3, plus you can split up the lefties that way. I might even be tempted to bat Bradley 1 when he comes back and drop Izzy to 8.
2005-06-14 18:12:24
153.   Marty
I'll bite. What is natto?
2005-06-14 18:12:27
154.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Well, that walk works out if we can get a GIDP.

Please, please, pleas GIDP....


2005-06-14 18:13:33
155.   Steve
Why don't we just bat Weaver second and get it over with in June?
2005-06-14 18:13:49
156.   Bob Timmermann
Soy beans that have been steamed, fermented, and mashed until they have a glutinous texture and a strong cheese-like flavor. Popular condiment in Japan. Often served at breakfast over rice or mixed with chives, mustard, and soy sauce.
2005-06-14 18:14:36
157.   Jim Hitchcock
Knowing Bob it's probably octopus fried in cornmeal. In effect, hushpussies.
2005-06-14 18:15:15
158.   mrboma
Someone needs to teach Werth how to catch and throw more quickly. Ichiro is great at it. Get deep, catch the ball as you come forward and immediately snap the throw after just a single step.
2005-06-14 18:15:59
159.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Who-hoo!!!! GIDP!!!


2005-06-14 18:16:12
160.   Marty
Hmm. I'll have to try it. It's funny. Chinese and Korean food are two of my favorite cuisines. Yet, I rarely eat Japanese food.
2005-06-14 18:17:03
161.   Bob Timmermann
The octopus in cornmeal is takkoyaki. That's really good too. There sort of like octopus dumplings. They are especially good if they come with extra tentacles.
2005-06-14 18:17:58
162.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: lineups, someone around here suggested A. Perez as lead-off man, with Izzy at the 2-hole and Choi at 5. That's my preferred lineup, with Bradley at 6, Werth at 7, and Phillips at 8.


2005-06-14 18:17:58
163.   mrboma
To see what Natto is go to and scroll down to #6. ( I hope posting the url is ok... different boards have different etiquette and I haven't learned the rules here yet)
2005-06-14 18:18:21
164.   Bob Timmermann
Japanese food has the advantage that if you don't like it, they give you really small portions anyway.

Most Japanese, both in Japan and Japanese-Americans here, go out for Chinese food when they want to have a big meal.

2005-06-14 18:19:57
165.   Linkmeister
Failing natto, you could always try poi:

Based on past performance, URLs are fine, but shrinking them via TinyURL helps, because the long ones overlay the right sidebar.

2005-06-14 18:21:37
166.   mrboma
Ok... here is the tiny URL version:

Again, Natto is Vol 6, near the bottom of the page.

2005-06-14 18:22:20
167.   Bob Timmermann
If you're trying Japanese food for the first time, go with someone who likes it. You can order something middle of the road like teriyaki or tempura and have your companion order some sushi or sashimi. Then you can try a piece to see if you like it.

You have to go to a Japanese market to find natto.

2005-06-14 18:23:17
168.   Jim Hitchcock
Have tried poi. Didn't like the look of it, didn't like the taste of it.
2005-06-14 18:25:10
169.   Linkmeister
Jim, I live here and I don't like it. It has about the same consistency of the natto that Bob was talking about, which made me think of it.
2005-06-14 18:25:49
170.   Marty
Oh, I've had some Japanese food, teriyaki and tempura as you mentioned. It's just not one of first types of food that comes to mind when I go out to eat. I had a girlfriend from the Hubei region of China that introduced me to great Chinese food. It doesn't hurt to live in the San Gabriel Valley where the food is almost as good as it is in China (according to her).
2005-06-14 18:26:14
171.   bokonon42
This is very low, and I'm a petty, petty man, but how often is a chance like this going to come up?

161- Uh, don't you mean "they're sort of like octopus. . ."?

2005-06-14 18:26:26
172.   Marty
Jim, try vegemite. If you can stand that, you are better man than me.
2005-06-14 18:27:33
173.   mrboma
The only Japanese I have had is Benihana, and just the steak or chicken. The wife loves the shrimp.
2005-06-14 18:28:07
174.   Bob Timmermann
There, their, and they're are my most common errors when typing quickly.

You could probably find more.

2005-06-14 18:29:58
175.   Jim Hitchcock
I'll add vegemit to my list of things never to hummus.
2005-06-14 18:30:15
176.   Vishal
my favorite kind of japanese food is shabu shabu. god that stuff is so good.
2005-06-14 18:30:15
177.   Bob Timmermann
Bus Stop homers to give the Bengals a 2-1 lead over the Friars.
2005-06-14 18:31:02
178.   Vishal
hummus is extremely tasty, jim.
2005-06-14 18:31:58
179.   scareduck
Straightball, I hit it very well.
2005-06-14 18:32:54
180.   Marty
Hummus is wonderful stuff. Just need pita bread mmm...
2005-06-14 18:33:38
181.   mrboma
Defense would be so much better if Bradley weren't hurt. Werth is almost painful for me to watch out there.
2005-06-14 18:34:26
182.   CT Bum
Are you kidding me? First MLB HR!

Could the problem be Weaver gets too ballsy with "low power" hitters and challenges them when he should continue to nibble as he does with more feared hitters?

2005-06-14 18:34:29
183.   Identity Crisis
For some reason whenever I hear Hummus...I think of Seinfeld...weird
2005-06-14 18:35:33
184.   overkill94
I like a fine piece of salmon filleted in...wait a minute, isn't there a baseball game going on?

Stupid Shane Costa, he couldn't hit a homer off me when I faced him in high school but he can hit one off Weaver? Yeah, that's about right.

2005-06-14 18:36:23
185.   Steve
The problem is that Weaver Sucks. I don't think there is any reason to overthink this problem.

There is a new corollary being tested by the way. Pouty Weaver Face + 2 strike count + grooved pitch = Home run.

2005-06-14 18:36:56
186.   Bob Timmermann
Shawn Green keeps on going, homers again. DBacks lead the Pale Hose 6-3.
2005-06-14 18:37:28
187.   Jim Hitchcock
Hmmm, looks like you're right, Vishal.
2005-06-14 18:41:45
188.   scareduck
184: Tim Salmon's still on the DL. Filleted? How much worse could it be?
2005-06-14 18:46:28
189.   Linkmeister
Could be Randy (Small-mouth) Bass, scareduck.
2005-06-14 18:47:35
190.   Vishal
did anyone else think it was funny earlier in the game when steiner was talking to lowe, and jason phillips hit a deep fly ball, and lowe thought said it looked like a homer, and steiner gave him a hard time? i mean, steiner of all people shouldn't be chiding anyone for mistaking a deep fly ball for a home run.
2005-06-14 18:47:56
191.   Vishal
oh, did you just try some, jim?
2005-06-14 18:49:45
192.   mrboma
Relief pitching... yum!
2005-06-14 18:50:46
193.   mountainmover
The last 4 games have proved what I have been saying: Choi would hit 40 HR in the AL! This may be something not lost on DePodesta and Beene! Zito anyone?
2005-06-14 18:51:18
194.   Jim Hitchcock
No, I googled it. It does look delicious. For some reason, I had always thought of it as a bland Irish dish :)
2005-06-14 18:51:25
195.   adg
I think Choi is getting tired of doing all the damage in solo shots and is holding out for some runners before getting any more hits.

Therefore it would behoove Perez and / or Izzy to get on base for the Big Korean!

2005-06-14 18:52:54
196.   Vic
Apparently today was the day for the Demon of Pitching Injuries Past to surface -- Josh Beckett left the Marlins game with a blister on his right middle finger.
2005-06-14 18:52:55
197.   Steve
How about Hee Seop Choi for Eric Milton?
2005-06-14 18:53:35
198.   dzzrtRatt
Lyons: "I like home runs, but..."

Only an insane person would start a sentence that way.

2005-06-14 18:56:15
199.   Linkmeister
Hummus = Irish? Maybe you're thinking of the Scottish haggis (sheep stomach).
2005-06-14 18:56:31
200.   mrboma
Keep Choi. But how about Jim Tracy for a bat boy and Gatorade cooler?
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2005-06-14 18:57:03
201.   Bob Timmermann
*Lyons: "I like home runs, but..."

Only an insane person would start a sentence that way. *

You're thinking that Steve Lyons is sane?

2005-06-14 18:57:03
202.   Jim Hitchcock
That's it exactly, Link.
2005-06-14 18:58:45
203.   Vishal
haha, perhaps you were mixing up hummus with the scottish dish haggis, which is actually very similar to the aforementioned "scrapple"
2005-06-14 19:00:12
204.   Vishal
darn, link beat me to it.
2005-06-14 19:02:02
205.   the OZ
7th inning for JAX:

Russel Martin has a HR and a BB.
Loney has 2 singles.
Guzman has a double.

Vero wins 4-3.

LaRoche had 2 BBs and a SF
Abreu had three hits.
Pilkington pitched well: 7IP 5H 1R 1BB 5K

Catfish lost.

Elbert pitched - 5IP 5H 5ER 3BB 4K 1HR.

2005-06-14 19:02:47
206.   Linkmeister
Take note, Vishal. It don't happen often. ;)
2005-06-14 19:05:13
207.   Marty
So, I'm guessing Tracy lets Weaver start the eighth?
2005-06-14 19:11:44
208.   adg
This is why it sucks to have the rest of your lineup hitting righty (exception: Grabs).

Shouldn't Werth and Choi be swapped?

2005-06-14 19:15:03
209.   mrboma
#208- That's why I say Drew 2, Kent 3, Choi 4. Drew walks too much to be a good #3 in my opinion, and you split up the lefties.
2005-06-14 19:16:27
210.   Jim Hitchcock
It's really kind of cool seeing a John Deere banner at a ballpark.
2005-06-14 19:17:08
211.   Marty
Very professional HBP.
2005-06-14 19:17:26
212.   adg
Run for Saenz!
2005-06-14 19:17:42
213.   Marty
Jim, I was thinking the same thing. Certainly something you'll never see at Dodger Stadium.
2005-06-14 19:17:54
214.   brendan glynn
sorry Old Maid but we needed that. come on werth.
2005-06-14 19:18:09
215.   adg
I thougth so.
2005-06-14 19:18:33
216.   brendan glynn
211 Funny
2005-06-14 19:18:50
217.   Marty
We need Werth to finally do something here.
2005-06-14 19:19:22
218.   Fearing Blue
#141: Ok. Here is a revised table. The first column is the hitter's # of HRs on the season. The second column is the overall %-age of HRs hit by hitters with that # of HRs. The second column is Weaver's %-age of HRs hit by hitters with that # of HRs. The third colum is the cumulative %-age of HRs hit by hitters with that # of HRs or less. The fourth column is the Weaver's %-age of HRs hit by hitters with # of HRs or less.

01 HR: 03.7%; 26.7%; 03.7%; 26.7%
02 HR: 05.5%; 00.0%; 09.2%; 26.7%
03 HR: 06.9%; 13.3%; 16.1%; 40.0%
04 HR: 07.5%; 00.0%; 23.6%; 40.0%
05 HR: 08.8%; 00.0%; 32.4%; 40.0%
06 HR: 08.7%; 13.3%; 41.4%; 53.3%
07 HR: 09.1%; 13.3%; 50.2%; 66.7%
08 HR: 07.9%; 06.7%; 58.1%; 73.3%
09 HR: 04.7%; 00.0%; 62.8%; 73.3%
10 HR: 07.3%; 06.7%; 70.1%; 80.0%

To hitters with very little power, Weaver is doing much worse than league average. Weaver has allowed 40.0% of his HRs to hitters who have 3 or less HRs on the season, whereas only 16.1% of HRs in the majors have been hit by hitters with 3 HRs or less. For hitters who have hit 6 HRs or more, Weaver's numbers start to match up pretty closely with the league.

2005-06-14 19:19:43
219.   brendan glynn
werth is just setting him up
2005-06-14 19:19:56
220.   brendan glynn
or not
2005-06-14 19:21:53
221.   the OZ
The Padres score 2 unearned runs to tie that Tigers, 3-3.

All three of the Padres' runs are unearned.

2005-06-14 19:21:57
222.   Steve
I'll stick with the Grabowski Principle.
2005-06-14 19:22:03
223.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow. Burgos was turned it up.
2005-06-14 19:23:01
224.   Jim Hitchcock
"...just turned it up."
2005-06-14 19:23:54
225.   Bob Timmermann
Ambiorix throws pretty hard for a guy who's named Ambiorix.
2005-06-14 19:24:41
226.   Landonkk
Well.. not pretty tonight. Out of synch with our sticks all night and we swung at a lot of bad balls. Werth is starting to hurt us, but I guess that can be blamed on Milt's injury. If we can't take 2 of 3 from KC, this is going to be a very, very long road trip.
2005-06-14 19:25:59
227.   the OZ
Derrek Lee is doing his best Andy LaRoche impression, going 4-5 with a HR, his 18th, and a couple doubles. He's hitting .386.


2005-06-14 19:31:46
228.   joekings
Detroit's winning again, unfortunately so is AZ.
2005-06-14 19:33:23
229.   Jim Hitchcock
Ambiorix would have to be a Cajun name, right?
2005-06-14 19:35:08
230.   Fearing Blue
That was sweet. Sweeney tipped his hat to Sanchez after the strikeout.
2005-06-14 19:35:38
231.   Bob Timmermann
Ambiorix was the name of a leader of a Belgian tribe that fought against Julius Caesar. He lost.

There is a city in Belgium named after him.

Go figure.

2005-06-14 19:36:27
232.   LAT
Sanchez gets strikeout--that means Christina is out to dinner.
2005-06-14 19:37:36
233.   Bob Timmermann
Actually there is no city called Ambiorix. Just a statue of him in a city called Tongeren.

Makes sense that a kid from the DR would be named after an ancient Belgian warrior.

2005-06-14 19:38:11
234.   joekings
Do you run for Phillips here?
2005-06-14 19:38:45
235.   joekings
The answer is yes, now the question is will Tracy send him.
2005-06-14 19:38:57
236.   Bob Timmermann
Since it's a DH game, you can do that.
2005-06-14 19:39:03
237.   Vishal
the answer is yes.

choi may get a shot with the game on the line.

2005-06-14 19:39:34
238.   joekings
Ahhh the sacrifice is in play.
2005-06-14 19:40:24
239.   Steve
Nice free out for the worst closer in the majors.
2005-06-14 19:40:30
240.   joekings
Now Perez has to swing but with two strikes.
2005-06-14 19:41:05
241.   Linkmeister
Werth and Sanchez both trimmed hair and beards; could that have had an impact on this game?
2005-06-14 19:41:47
242.   Jim Hitchcock
I am certainly feeling geographically challenged today
2005-06-14 19:42:00
243.   LAT
"Now Jason Phillips has a lot of attributes but one of them is not running." -- Charlie Stiner

That is the understatement of the night. If the Dodgers sew up the division I would pay a buck to see Phillips play center field in one of those meanningless games.

2005-06-14 19:42:01
244.   Steve
What an idiot.
2005-06-14 19:43:37
245.   Vishal
looked safe to me...
2005-06-14 19:43:41
246.   joekings
Oh good lord, tell me I just didn't see that.
2005-06-14 19:43:44
247.   Steve
That's two outs gone. This is horrific.
2005-06-14 19:44:06
248.   Vishal
okay, nevermind. saw the replay.
2005-06-14 19:44:22
249.   LAT
Why Why Why. Stiner suggested that was Izzy's call.
2005-06-14 19:44:35
250.   joekings
Maybe Choi will bunt too.
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2005-06-14 19:44:42
251.   the OZ
I'm not sure Choi can hit a 98-mph pitch. Here's hoping.
2005-06-14 19:45:47
252.   Steve
Again, part of the manager's job is to teach people when it is appropriate to bunt and when it is not.

I haven't cast one vote for Izturis and I'm not going to start now.

2005-06-14 19:47:45
253.   brendan glynn
You'd think the royals have never won a game before.
2005-06-14 19:48:04
254.   joekings
2005-06-14 19:48:08
255.   Vishal
2005-06-14 19:48:26
256.   Linkmeister
What the heck is it with this pitching staff and the gopher balls?
2005-06-14 19:48:44
257.   Steve
I'm going right now to cast 25 All-Star votes for David Eckstein.
2005-06-14 19:48:59
258.   Vishal
just to clear things up for steve, it wasn't a sac bunt. izturis was trying to bunt for a base hit.
2005-06-14 19:49:08
259.   joekings
And I can't even be mad at Weaver, oh wait yeah I can.
2005-06-14 19:49:15
260.   Bob Timmermann
No joy in Mudville, the Mighty Choi has grounded out.
2005-06-14 19:49:31
261.   Fearing Blue
Very frustrating game.

Dodgers LOB = 9, Royals LOB = 3.

2005-06-14 19:51:33
262.   Bob Timmermann
This could have been the result of Sunday's game.
2005-06-14 19:55:41
263.   LAT
What I hate about Weaver is that he gives up the winning bomb to Shane Costas, a guy with 16 at bats, one extra base hit and no HR. Apparently if you can't hit water falling out of a boat, come see Jeff Weaver and he'll get you healthy in a hurry. The guy has a brain fart every game. Its money that he will do something stupid.
2005-06-14 19:59:03
264.   Fearing Blue
#263: We need to win games where our starting pitcher goes 7 innings and only gives up 3 runs. Yeah, it sucks that he gave up homeruns to DeJesus and Costas, but whether it's Shane Costas or Mike Sweeney, it doesn't change the outcome.
2005-06-14 19:59:52
265.   Landonkk
Not a good night on the ol' campaign trail for Izzy.
2005-06-14 20:00:25
266.   joekings
I'm right there with you LAT, if Sweeney beats us, oh well, but a guy who had no homeruns and another who only has had one, how can you let those guys beat you???
2005-06-14 20:01:03
267.   Bob Timmermann
Sometimes the offense needs to score a few runs too.
Weaver pitched pretty well.

Costa was not exactly hitting like Enzo Hernandez before he got called up.

2005-06-14 20:02:09
268.   the OZ
Good news:

Detroit has put the Padres far down, 8-3 in the 8th.

2005-06-14 20:03:06
269.   Spageticus
I'm heading up to tomorrow and Thursday's games, so hopefully we'll get a better outcome. It's the only time I'll get to see the Bums this year, unless they meet the Cards for a postseason series, so I'm pretty stoked.

It should be fun. I used to play with Mark Teahen in Little League for his dad. I'll have to see if he remembers the dude who had a better OBP than he did. Probably not.

2005-06-14 20:03:40
270.   Fearing Blue
Odd. The Dodgers last 10 runs have all come on solo shots.

Friday - Choi (1)
Saturday - Kent, Choi, Grabowski (3)
Sunday - Choi x3, Drew (4)
Tuesday - Choi, Drew (2)

2005-06-14 20:05:51
271.   Steve
269 -- I hope you enjoy all the bunting excitement.
2005-06-14 20:13:01
272.   LAT
#270 I knw we have a much better offense now but all these solo shots are reminesent of 2003. Bob didn't we lead the league in solo HRs or break some kind of solo record then.
2005-06-14 20:26:15
273.   Fearing Blue
#272: I was thinking the same thing, but it looks like we're just regressing toward the mean. We're now 8th in the league in %-age of homeruns with runners on, at 43.8%. If we didn't have this string of solo shots, we would be 2nd in the league at 50.8%. The Giants are currently on top at 50.9%, the Padres are 2nd to last at 39.7%, and the Rockies are last at 35.6%. To round out the division, the Diamondbacks are 10th at 41.1%.
2005-06-14 20:27:44
274.   Fearing Blue
At least the Padres lost.
2005-06-14 20:37:39
275.   joekings
At least we didn't have to use Gagne.
2005-06-14 20:44:57
276.   Bob Timmermann
Isn't the rash of solo home runs attributed more to not drawing many walks recently?
2005-06-14 20:45:59
277.   LAT
This was probably mentioned earlier but if it wasn't:

Shawn Green named NL Player of the week. Green led the league with 28 total bases and five doubles, and was tied for the lead with 12 hits, nine runs scored and 12 RBIs. Green went 12-for-29 (.414), with a .966 slugging percentage and .406 on-base percentage. He recorded five multi-hit games in the last seven, including one multi-homer game. He went yard aagin tonight.

2005-06-14 20:56:51
278.   Bob Timmermann
I've complained about that choice in as many fora as I could find.

The people who run the message board for the Greater Altoona Chess Club told me they didn't care.

2005-06-14 21:36:59
279.   Marty
OK, on another forum, I've found two places in L.A. that serve fried scrapple and eggs. One is Doughboys on third, a little east of Fairfax. The other is Paty's in N. Hollywood
10001 Riverside Drive
North Hollywood,

If I'm feeling better later this week I'll try one of them.

2005-06-14 22:13:49
280.   Bob Timmermann
You better be feeling really good if you want to eat scrapple.

Jose Lima in tomorrow's LA Times:

He (Lima) offered an unsolicited tribute to second baseman Alex Cora, also cast off by the Dodgers and now a part-time player for the Cleveland Indians: "He's the best second baseman in Major League Baseball, by far. He might not hit for average, but he's the best defensive second baseman. You will never find a combination like Cora and [shortstop Cesar] Izturis in any league."

Cora is such a good second baseman that he's played all of 12 games there.

2005-06-14 22:32:11
281.   Aug C
Goshdarnit, I jinxed Gagne by asking about his velocity two nights ago on this blog.

Does this mean more Scott Erickson? Please come back soon, Elmer.

2005-06-15 00:14:10
282.   Dodgerkid
this just in, Gagne out for season. Will need tommy john surgery. news at eleven. Should have traded him when his value was higher.
2005-06-15 01:08:54
283.   bokonon42
Only the L.A. Times is running with the Tommy John theory.

There isn't anything new in the story; it just declares that a second degree sprain (which we already knew) could require surgery. So, don't throw yourself off a building yet.

2005-06-15 06:54:08
284.   kcboomer
Haven't seen anything official on Gagne. Even ESPN is just reporting a burning sensation in his UCL.

For those of you who haven't been to Royals Stadium, it is one of the best parks in the bigs. It and Dodger Stadium are two of the middle-aged stadiums that have really stood the test of time.

2005-06-15 07:32:36
285.   Bob Timmermann
There are no good Johnny Cash songs about Tommy John surgeries.
2005-06-15 07:56:15
286.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
If we leave that many people on base and score only 2 runs against the Royals we are in trouble. R. Hernandez is a garbage pitcher. I love how the Royals play by play men were sucking him off. Matter of fact he is a horrible pitcher, yet our only runs come off 2 solo shots.

I still have love for LIMA, but we had better light him up tonight.

2005-06-15 08:01:51
287.   db1022
#282 - I knew we should've swapped him for Johnny Damon in 2001. Dammit!
2005-06-15 08:06:42
288.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I love MLB extra innings!
2005-06-15 08:43:51
289.   bokonon42
285-It wasn't really his song, but he did win a grammy for singing it, right?

I hurt myself today,
To see if I could still pitch.
I focus on the pain,
And that's a real b&*$@.
The surgeon tears a hole,
The old familiar scar.
Wraps a tendon through the bone,
am I still an all-star?

2005-06-15 08:47:01
290.   Bob Timmermann
The video for "Hurt" won a Grammy, but I don't believe Cash did.

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